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  1. crawls out of my little hidey hole. hi i wrote fanfiction. please be nice i cry easily https://archiveofourown.org/works/34622878
  2. due to many changes, you'll have to redownload it completely as opposed to patching it ^^ the download link is here: https://www.rejuvenationgame.com/downloads
  3. paste the files into the data folder. you will see an option to replace them, so click yes ^^
  4. i don't think you can get a ralts as a starter if you're trying to get it from the random starter picker? you can debug it and change your starter pokemon to be a female ralts, however
  5. i don't believe you need to change its ability to evolve it into lycanroc midnight, just make sure you evolve it at night ^^ unsure if you can change it with an ability capsule, but it should work?
  6. im afraid once you've gotten to neo-gearen you can't do them ;; you have to start a new save
  7. please don't message the devs ^^ put it in here if you haven't already
  8. a bit later, you'll be able to mine rocks to get thick clubs, but it's a bit rng :)
  9. you can look in the field manual guide in the rejuv folder for this ^^ to change it into a dimensional field: - blast burn - inferno - lava plume - heat wave - eruption - flame burst - burn up to change it to an icy field: - purify if you try to melt it with fire moves, angie can very easily just make it back into her usual field. i recommend using mons that learn misty or psychic terrain, things like that.
  10. its not shiny by default, however, the shiny rate is 1/100 if it hasnt changed from v12
  11. WOO do i love to ramble about my hyperfixations. i have devoted an ungodly time about this game so i have a lot to say. SPOILERS FOR LIKE, EVERYTHING HAHA but especially do not read if you havent played the latest chapter
  12. i believe its take over 49 damage in wispy ruins without fainting?
  13. HI IM REVIVING THIS HOPE YOU DONT MIND the file size is too big for this site so heres the tumblr post LMAO https://peonabie.tumblr.com/post/657541453086621696/a-bit-of-style-practice-with-da-girl
  14. turn off fast forward and save scum like crazy (d key)! i also struggled with this but i got it eventually ahaha, all i can say is good luck
  15. you can probably get enough ap for everything that you want by the end of the newest chapter methinks?
  16. its at the ap shop at chrisola hotel after like... the 5th gym i think
  17. its... really not that bad? there's some lotads you can evolve if you get them to level 14, you can get a water-type starter, and you can catch a bidoof and evolve it at like... level 20? and there's a re-fightable trainer for you to grind on, iirc. and this is just off the top of my head mate, im sure there's other stuff
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