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The Terribly Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation: Part 3 Finale: Remember, I Wuv You (05/12/23)

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Aw...RIP Lovebird i could say the Itemfinder is not worth it but that would be a lie

That Kingdra was nasty if you didn't have Rose and (more importantly) Stun Spore it would've been gg

From all your adventures you should know by now to never touch something "eerie" and/or "creepy"

Yay for Rose learning Dragon Dance! Strangely enough i rarely use it on my Haxorus he either kills the opponent in one hit or doesn't have the time/constitution to set up

What is rule #1 in your handbook?


...i still think Fred was a good name for that Houndour




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i had reset so many times on that kingdra...  then again i didnt have a dragon .. and was playing on intense difficulty...

i bellieve lovebird's sacrifice and the end of a relationship was worth it for the infinite supply of almost free milk.  who cares about the itemfinder or the zubats tbh.  

Apparently Itemfinder will be the ultra-timid of the run.  Its a shame that those kinds of mons do not last long... except if she stays in the pc and is only used for item-finding ofc XD


I know deep down you can't wait to meet with that fabulous singer dude.

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Wait... why didn't I know about the glorious milk-giving Miltank when I was at this area in the game! Having some decent healing items would have made the battles I had trouble with SO much easier!

Well... I guess that's what I get for not exploring the northern part of route 3, I suppose I at least avoided the murder Kingdra he probably would have destroyed my team... Oh and sorry about Lovebird, may she rest in peace.

But on the bright side your sweet adorable baby murder dragon learned how to dance, so... congrats :)

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12 hours ago, DreamblitzX said:

So...... uh.......

Infinite money loop + rare candy (and ability capsule) shop.

would that break some kind of nuzlocke rule?


I think it would just cut down grinding time. (And end up with weaker Pokémon cuz no EVs )

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  • 4 weeks later...

That was perhaps the greatest version of "Hey There Delilah" I have ever seen, you sir deserve a Grammy.

Also is it weird that I was really happy to see Rorrim B? Pokemon Colosseum was one of my favorite games growing up and seeing a character inspired by Mirror B made me really nostalgic.

Oh and congrats on surviving a full year doing this nuzlocke, may many more follow! :D

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"anyone with a dark type is loser" says Sean while sending to fight a dark type that saved his hide multiple times...the only thing i can do is agree with you 100%

Poor Coffee i hope she evolves soon and gets to actually fight a little more

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Thing is, i can't help feeling like betting that Coffee will sooner or later die to a HjK miss


That aside, moomoo milk spam does balance a bit the nasty surprises this game pulls out of its ass all the time xD You can essentially pp-stall a mon out of its dangerous move if thats your only hope of survival.

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I think the 1st problem is who the hell would name their chastity in the 1st place


ah yes, paper mario the thousand year door references, the foundation of great game design >> 


damn, indriad is good at these sadistic choice thing

do you sacrifice a young gym leader in your lust for gym badges

or do you throw the fught and sacrifice yourself and three people who won't leave you alone to save her life

or would you take a third option and use indriad himself as the sacrifice, there bye averting what ever evil plans he had



apparently all blond normal using girls in this region have super powers

who knew 

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What? Indriad tried to betray you? But he seemed so trustworthy...what a plot twist.

One of the things i dislike about Pokemon games is the (mostly) linear progression i (for example) would've left them all to die and melted the bars with my own Poison type.

Coffee just decimated that Gym now she's an ability capsule away from becoming a real powerhouse.

Almost had a hearth attack seeing Rose one hit away from being dead i wouldn't take the risk and just sacrificed (to Arceus) IronFist.

Isn't the badge invalidated when the Gym Leader dies? Marianette is still alive in the past/future/whatever right? So her badge is 100% valid (time travel doesn't count...for some reason)

Now i know your weak point! Feather Dusters! If they managed to defeat you those maids could conquer the Pokemon world.

Is Protagonistiosus infectious? How did you get it?  



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So as i had feared before.. it indeed didnt have pure power ...  oh well.  seems she OHKOd things just fine even without it.  .... and even with an attack decreasing nature lol


pangoros are awesome :( dont belittle them like that 


..... i resetted more times than i could count vs intense Marianette ..  and this seemed so easy >.>


aaand you also missed an event Ralts(or gothita?) that you can get from that mansion.  Tho knowing you, you probably wouldn't  want the Ralts anyway xD



you will probably be happy to know that when rejuv gets updated to v9,  with gen 7 inside,  you will be able to get quiver dance on Mothball via heart scale ^^   among probably other awesome things in general

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If you had kept that Garufa book, you would've had a chance at getting a Gothita. But, considering your Reborn run, you probably didn't want another Athena (was that her name? I can't remember, sorry!).


Also, there was another bookcase that had a secret behind it that you missed~. A secret that alludes to a certain someone you'll have the unfortunace of meeting later in your run.

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Ah I see that you also suffer from protagonistiosus, it's nice to know that myself and many others won't suffer alone... but enough about uncontrollable video game protagonist diseases!

I'm beginning to suspect you're either some sort of Pokemon battling god, or I'm just not as good at Pokemon as I thought I was because Marionette destroyed me many times before I was able to beat her! Oh well, at least it was nice to see Coffee finally earn her place on the team.

Also I think Rose will be able to evolve soon. I can't remember the exact level, but it will be nice to see you use her without ending up on death's doorstep :)

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Soooo just a quick update.


Version 9 has changed a lot of the early game areas which I've already gone through in this Nuzlocke and apparently some story elements have changed as well.

For example I've apparently met a certain person before in this version when I know I haven't in the Nuzlocke run.

I've was thinking about restarting this run when I heard the news but ultimately I decided not to.

Mainly because of Rose.

Because I'm never going to get a jackpot starter in one try again


And I'm never going to get another Axew seeing as they were 'axewd' from the jackpot starter list. They put that shitty fighting dragon with the unpronounceable name instead. Disgraceful.

And there's the Yvetal fight to consider as well...

So I'll probably dedicate a chapter or two to reestablishing what happened in the story when the time comes.

Anyway thanks for reading, there'll be a new chapter either today or tomorrow


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thought you will go for rose the jangmoo, like an alternate reality or something ... a what if sean started on v9, like you get a stone that shows you your alternate self from another dimention getting jangmoo and playing to where you are and then you are like "that was weird, glad i have axew"

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