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The Terribly Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation: Part 3 Finale: Remember, I Wuv You (05/12/23)

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Alright fellas and...fellattes(That one sounds wrong)


Here are my replies to your replies!

The Terribly Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation will be going on a break for an unknown amount of time but I'll still be skulking around if you need me.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!



On 12/5/2023 at 2:50 AM, Lspaceship said:

If this is the last update you make to TTNPR, then I thank you for doing what you have. WHile I may not have been the most vocal commentor, I have enjoyed reading the project up to and including this update. And I get the frustration with .Karma files all but requiring you to replay the entire game due to the shennanigans, having lost a years-old save file myself.


Selfishly, I hope you continue and/or restart the run, because I enjoy reading it and your other works, but in the end, it's up to you if you want to or not. So, if this is the last time you update this run, it's been a good one, and I toast to a good ending. If not, then I toast to it's glorious return or rebirth.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, man! Thanks for reading all this time!
It's a bloody big pain in the arse, isn't it? 

Oh well there for certain won't be a restart of the run, I've come too far for that.
I'll just restart the game, copy over all my current Pokemon dead&alive, play up to this point and we'll just pretend nothing ever happened! 
That is of course, if I actually want to. I have SOME good ideas for joke and whatnot but I'll need to see how I feel after a break.
Hahaha I can just imagine you raising a glass and having to stand there with it until I come back with a new chapter.


Gentleman Jaggi:

On 12/5/2023 at 5:28 PM, Gentleman Jaggi said:

Honestly, I'd fully understand if you couldn't be arsed to contine this thing with how irritating the game can be, and I haven't even seen all that more recent stuff that's apparently even worse.

I fell off the game back after V11 or 12 I think, the one where you get yeeted off to the desert because plot and since then your nuzlocke has been the only thing that's prevented Rejuv from being banished to the dark recesses of my memory. Why do you torment me such

I do hope you'll continue with some sort of project since you're a funny guy, good luck for whatever your next endeavors will be!

It's a good game mechanically and has a lot of neat features...but the story really needs to be trimmed down and the stakes reduced.
Like we went from saving our kidnapped mother to ALL OF REALITY being at risk now. Bit too much of a jump there.
Ah yeah I remember that scene. You get kidnapped because the only rendition of you Bladestar has is a fucking crayon drawing. Morons.
I needed to spread the suffering so it's not all condensed on me, with this Nuzlocke I spread the taint to others lessening my own burden.
IIIIIII might. I've got some ideas of what I could do (Maybe actually finish Rising Ruby) but for now? I dunno.
I'm doing a Soul-Link with Pikafan over on the Nuzlocke Forums. The main running theme of my part is genital trauma!


On 12/5/2023 at 6:52 PM, SoulN7 said:
On 12/5/2023 at 1:25 AM, DerogatoryTrainer said:


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Ah yes. Right on time as I close up shop.
Alas, I feel for Jan on this one.
I wouldn't like my creations lusted after by rogues like myself.

So anyway the 4 chapter long sex scene should be up in a few days.



Unfortunatelly, when a character is published on Internet, it remains on it for the eternity. Ask this to the old Overwatch developers...they have created monsters. Especially the feminine ones.

Ain't that the truth. Glad all my OCs I made as a child are safe in a notepad or on my textbooks somewhere.
Haha they really should have known better in 2015. Even I, who's never played Overwatch could tell what was going to happen.
Personally, my favourite is the big buff Russian gal.


On 12/5/2023 at 6:52 PM, SoulN7 said:

Other than that, I understand why people would be mad for the ruined old files' situation. Especially when older and, sometimes, fun mechanics were removed and you can't return to them.

It IS still possible to bring them forward but the amount of stuff I'd have to correct is a pain in the ass. Not sure if it's a bigger pain in the ass than starting a new file though. Were there any? To me it seems like a lot of fun mechanics got ADDED and I unfortunately played most of the game without them...

On 12/5/2023 at 6:52 PM, SoulN7 said:

And about the critics for the future.... since I'm a sort of "game theorist", I'm patient and have hopes for the future instead, but...at the same time, I don't want Rejuv to become that meta.

If this is truly the end for your works on Rejuv, good luck for your other endeavors!

Well good on you for it. I myself just don't see how they could tie this thing together satisfyingly.
SOME Meta is okay for like jokes but it actually being integral to the story is a huge bummer.
I'm not wholly convinced of quitting juuuust yet. But some comments I've seen have people too intimidated by it's size (lol) to actually read damn thing. And it's only going to get worse should I continue.


On 12/5/2023 at 6:52 PM, SoulN7 said:

Oh, right, about Melotta in some posts ago:

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I can say it's a retcon? I saw so many retcons on previous retcons between just two updates. Meloetta was added as a mention in the main story back in the first time we travelled to the past.

Ah jesus more of those. Great.
Are we going to find out that Anathea is actually the Meloetta gijinka now? Was EVERYONE in the past secretly a fucking legendary Pokemon?!



On 12/5/2023 at 7:04 PM, Z.. said:

And do you mind telling me why we're back focusing on this nonsense during the finale chapter?

Yeah this whole Madelis section is all pointless.
She's fine filling POKEMON children with lava but a widdle sick girl with a made-up magic disease is her road to redemption?
Fuck off.



There was something stupid about him being the Dragonborn despite getting his Salamence killed, right?

Yeah pretty sure that whole thing was never brought up again, poor dude just got lied too.

Everyone abuses Kanon. That is his role in the story.


Because 90% of characters in this region ARE girls.

90% of the important characters are, yes.

Well there's no real need to make the distinction.
The NPCs don't matter after all.

On 12/5/2023 at 7:04 PM, Z.. said:



"I'm going to be conveniently interrupted so nobody else can call out what a horrendously idiotic idea this was."

Or because the writers didn't want her to say it out loud so she never realizes how stupid she is.

I think it's more because the writers have no fucking idea what to write that could justify such stupidity.

Especially her not bringing her damn Pokemon. OR even losing to Nim who's not even that good with them.
But if that were the case, that'd probably be the ONLY point in the game where being good at Pokemon had an impact on the plot.



If so, please shoot yourself in the stomach with this Melia-fingerprint covered gun and send me the stream link so I can watch you die slowly for your comedic crimes against humanity.

Why is her fingerprints on it

Last chapter, I handed her a gun, remember?
Was saving it for much later in the Nuzlocke but people would have definitely forgotten about it by then/I wasn't sure if we're even going to get there.




N-no, I succeeded!

It's the game that failed me.

Actually true for once, apparently having max revives as your sole food lets Giratina never faint. The real question left is where did Geara get all those max revives from.

Yeah exactly! Can't buy those things anywhere!
Unless that fucker has all the Department Store stickers or something!?



(Is it just me or does this attack seem really easy to dodge?)

(Just walk two steps to the left or right.)

Not to mention the long setup time
Yeah, it's really a shame everyone in the region loves the sound of their own voice so much.
Otherwise we'd have less stoning victims.



Bit of an underreaction there, Melia.

Thought you'd be like "*GASP*! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" or "No...Nim did this? But...why?"

Seems to me her sheer rage is overcoming any other emotion

Doesn't even seem like something she should be even mad about though.
Like I wouldn't be feeling mad if I was her, I'd be more shocked/confused than anything.
And really, learning Nim was behind it should have been a relief since it just proved that the stoning process can be reversed.



This game CONSTANTLY defies basic logic and human understanding so there's almost a 100% chance my reasonable deduction will instead be some nonsensical shit like: "Vitus was actually an evil AI that Jan himself sealed in a video game file and the only way to defeat it and save the world was to make a fan-game and have thousands of people beat him over and over again until every remnant of Vitus is destroyed".

Funny you mention evil AI
2019 Sean was a prophet.



Almost everyone in your gang is a freakshow as well
Yeah, okay.
Hard to believe Venam is our normie representation, huh?






Not as bad as Ren though, poor guy got it the roughest out of all the important characters literally just dips for pretty much the entirety of the mid game
All I know is some Xen apologiser who USED to go by that name!


Huh...explains why you could never do that spirit sensing stuff.

But...a new power?

What the fuck could that be?

Good question, I never played any of the revamped content in v13.5 so maybe they changed something but I am pretty sure those new powers are not brought up again. 
Yeah might have been a V10 only thing before all the massive rewrites.
I wonder if Aelita can summon Regirock now?



Have there actually been any Shadow Pokémon this whole season?

Yeah shadow pokemon became irrelevant really fast specifically after your stealing device gets fried too, meaning the whole trip to Akuwa and getting captured was totally pointless. Hahahahaha (kill me).

Killing you would free you of this torture.
And none are allowed to escape Jan's clutches.
It was mentioned by someone that destroying Sheridan's Xen HQ bases in the mountain and the wetlands dried up Xen's supply of Shadow Pokemon but I don't buy that. The Wetland base was being packed up and moved elsewhere. I think Jan either forgot or moved onto those PRISM POKEMON things. Whatever they are.

On 12/5/2023 at 7:04 PM, Z.. said:

Ok have fun being shoved to the backlines like most of our allies. Honestly the only useful ones will be Crescent and Player Character and Melia will probably get a seat in the frontlines too not cause she is useful but cause MC power.

Honestly, I doubt even I'll be useful for anything other than "Hey, Sean? Could you risk your Pokemon in this battle so we can defeat the enemy with our superpowers? K, thaaaanks!"
At least Aelita might be able to karate kick someone really hard.

On 12/5/2023 at 7:04 PM, Z.. said:




Except masters 8 but I guess that wasn't a thing when you wrote that. Also you live on a Island archipelago like Alola where Ash won.
It was not. Kudos to him for going out with a bang though. I enjoyed seeing his old team in that dream section before Pikachu stood up.
It's also a double double joke because I, the real Sean live on an island too.



Shit, I thought Blaziken was your favourite?


I am glad I am not the only one who thought Blaziken was her ace and starter

I know, right? It fits her style way better than a goddamn Lucador.

That's adorable



She would probably be happy to hear that
It IS the nicest thing I've ever said about her.


And doesn't "pan" meaning "all" in Latin or something?

So she's attracted to EVERYTHING?





And that is somehow still the least craziest thing in this game

Oh by FAR.

This might be your best edit yet. Its that or

Hahaha thank you very much!

I'm only upset that you can't really see the neckbeard I gave her!
Ahhhh that was a good title joke.




I'll be honest with you, gang.

I DON'T like where this game is heading story-wise.

Enough that it's really killing off any interest I have in continuing to play it.

Ever since V13 released I've grown a LOT less enthused about this game and it's story.

I think something must have happened to Jan after V12 was released and he went insane (Or he played way too much Deltarune/Persona 5/Danganronpa which is basically the same thing) because that's the best way I can describe what a genuine mess the game's plot becomes after that point.


Honestly fair. I don't feel like playing the new revamped content myself for how crazy everything has been, half of the stuff just feels so unnecessary like was their really any real purpose in making the mother of the orphanage a grafuan with magic power, so I totally get just not feeling up to playing this game. Better to stop now then forcefully drag your feet through the mud and have the your own mental health and content suffer greatly because of it. The only reason I am still going through this game is because the gameplay is still fun and I like being able to use so many Pokemon can pretty much recreate my dream team across all regions with how long this game is and how much content it has.
God that was so annoying to learn. Jan just has to shove Garufaggotry into every aspect of EVERY fucking character.
Couldn't just be a nice sick woman doing her best nooooooo magic fucking underground woman dying because she's allergic to sunlight or some shit.
The gameplay is still pretty good I'll happily admit, it's got regional forms, Crests and other good QoL improvements to it.



While you do get dialogue options to select in later versions, the fucking character you play as actually makes plans and schemes that you, the player, have no fucking clue about.

Yeah the player character might as well be an actual character with some personality and not a bit of a blank slate, cause it doesn't really feel like a character that you are.

Why do we even getting to name them at this point?
The best way to do a blank slate protagonist is have people ask backstory questions throughout the story with multiple choice answers so you can build it yourself. Like when Taka asked about the Reborn player's parents. Which surprised the hell out of me because I think that's the first and only personal question a Reborn character asks about your past before the train crash.


Either I continue on from here into V11, 12 and 13 or I start over in a more modern version to stay up-to-date with the new mechanics, Crests, Regional Pokémon (with the downside being dealing with the ever-worsening story and ever increasing character bloat that absolutely did not need to exist.)

Yeah I think you should just do the latter and maybe write some quick thoughts on the new stuff and continue on from there. This could also be a good time to start playing on the current version of 13.5 since your screenshots corrupted. Or just quit.
Such a wide variety of choices.
And only ONE of them requires no effort.
I might even just wait until V14 for the NEXT big overhaul where everything looks completely fucking different yet again to start replaying.



Wait, what?
I thought the curse was gone!?
Dammit, did Zolt and Nova die for NOTHING!?

Also I never said the curse was gone, truth is idk. I only got some info on this quest from another member on this forums, when it comes to v13.5 I pretty much only played the new story and didn't really touch the new revamped stuff for reasons I have already listed.
Aaaaaagghhh god...such a pain in the ass...



On 12/5/2023 at 8:04 PM, YinYang9705 said:

yeah jans constant updates to the game kinda fucks over old savefiles and makes people who dont replay lose out on a lot of content, its been kinda an issue for a while but hopefully its done after v13.5

It was V13 when it got REALLY bad, I could shrug off a lot of the past stuff but the much bigger changes are hard to deal with.
Not hopefully.
It HAS TO BE done.



On 12/5/2023 at 8:04 PM, YinYang9705 said:

as for you continuing the run, well thats entirely up to you, hopefully you find the energy to continue it but if not well the past 8 years was a fun ride regardless and the end of a version is a pretty good place to end it as a nice time capsule of what the game was like if nothing else

All the love I've gotten from people who want it to keep going has helped with that for sure. 
Jesus, it's almost been 8 years, hasn't it? With Gaunt disappearing (hope he's okay) I think you're my oldest commenter that's still around, YinYang. So thanks for sticking with me for so long.


On 12/9/2023 at 1:53 AM, Bluedude said:

Man I’m gonna miss reading this run, I’ve been here watching this thing go on for years, ever since high-school, now I’m in college getting close to graduating and going out into the real world, but you shouldn’t have to keep playing this game if you’re not enjoying it.  

My advice?
But hey, don't despair I might come back to it as soon as late next year if the inspiration strikes me. I've still got plenty of jokes to tell.

On 12/9/2023 at 1:53 AM, Bluedude said:

Yeah the plot has gotten crazy since V13, even more crazy than before. I think one of the issues that plagues the story and the stories of a lot of these fan-games is that the writers think bigger stakes means the story will be more impactful. It did at one point in time but so much media these days from movies to tv shows (Namely Marvel) has really made the end of all reality not the important or outstanding anymore. 

I could deal with crazy but unfun crazy? That's a whole other story.
Haha yeah, doesn't the plot of V13 basically make Aevium the most important place in existence now? Like hit the brakes a LITTLE, Jan.
Multiverses becoming very popular was also a major hit to writing. People are fucking obsessed with that shit and it's so dull.

On 12/9/2023 at 1:53 AM, Bluedude said:

Guess it’s from how overdone it is and how the end of all multiverses is not as comprehensible as something as small like some old detective trying to find out who the killer is in a small town. Vastly different stakes but the Murder Mystery story can get more care from the audience. 

Very true. What's the saying again? A single death is a tragedy but a million is a statistic?
I will say however, if the story just stuck to the destruction of Aevium or even the entire world, I'd be invested.

But all this shit about different timelines was unneeded and lowers the stakes immensely.
Like who cares what we do now? Why bother stopping Team Xen? Another timeline can do it.

On 12/9/2023 at 1:53 AM, Bluedude said:

I just hope the game doesn’t keep adding more and more mysterious and powerful characters that apparently have control of reality since the days of the cosmos existing.

And they will all be women.
Because Jan is based and appealing to my specific fetish of dominating divine women.
Thanks, Jan!


On 12/9/2023 at 6:55 PM, VMeemes said:

Then there's the fact that in .karma files it drops the plot point that the updates that Rejuv goes through are canon. Because in the new 13.5 update there's a new character, that if you answer his questions correctly will tell you that he's an anomaly and that the world 'resets' itself every time there's an update. Example? He mentions places that existed in the version your playing in but no longer exist in the new update.


So Sean (the character) has been timeline/dimension hopping the whole time and its only brought up at the end game of .karma files.

Are you telling me that Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are now basically different fucking timelines?
Or they would be if I don't forcefully make them the "Derogatory Timeline"?
But pretending I didn't, what the hell happens to the timelines I tumble from?
WHY was I skipping from timelines!?!? I didn't INTEND t-


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On 12/30/2023 at 9:52 PM, DerogatoryTrainer said:


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Well good on you for it. I myself just don't see how they could tie this thing together satisfyingly.
SOME Meta is okay for like jokes but it actually being integral to the story is a huge bummer.
I'm not wholly convinced of quitting juuuust yet. But some comments I've seen have people too intimidated by it's size (lol) to actually read damn thing. And it's only going to get worse should I continue.


Yeah... many things happened between V12, V13 and V13.5, so I understand why someone would be intimidated by those comments and thinking to not continue to read them.

Like I said, I hope that Meta won't take completely of Rejuv, because I think one of the best traits of the game was the story immersion, but, if this is Rejuv's path with the plot... I'm patient enough, though, so I have no clear judgement about something not finished. 



Meloetta being Vitus's wife all along would be...something. (it's not real, for now...I hope)


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On 12/30/2023 at 3:52 PM, DerogatoryTrainer said:

Yeah, okay.
Hard to believe Venam is our normie representation, huh?

That's terrifying, there is definitely something deeply wrong in the Avieum region.



I might even just wait until V14 for the NEXT big overhaul where everything looks completely fucking different yet again to start replaying.

I heard from someone that they said the devs aren't doing anymore revamps although I am not 100% sure about it.

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