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  1. Yay you named a tier after me :D and the best one too
  2. completely unrelated to this thread but nice username lol
  3. would recommend this guide if you get stuck on anything
  4. Save file 1: Save file 2: Never got the chance to use all of them but they were considered for save file 1 and 2 and I might train them up in the future for both save files
  5. I did 2 runs of this game so I will just post my 2 teams if thats ok? If not just only count the first one I posted First Run: 2nd Run:
  6. Tbh I know it will never happen but I really hope Alain and Iris beat their opponents they both are overrated as fuck. Holy shit I never realized until now all the characters in this game are magical anime girls how could I be so blind? Also Beedrillite isn't the game yet soo, maybe in v14 however long that is. Wow you have some weird ability to sense when something bad is going to happen this game. "Probably has some other sinister purpose" Yeah that's about spot on. You know the whole Timpea and Spacia thing has me wondering, did Arceus never create the creation trio or do the creation trio like turning into magical anime girls, and when the postgame happens will you catch Timpea and Spacia, this whole thing is really weird.
  7. An ev trained Greninja with a positive speed nature and max ivs shouldn't be able to out run zard or electivire while paralyzed, unless your zard had a minus speed nature, no evs in speed, and only 3 ivs in speed assuming it was the same level
  8. When did he say that? I think if he wanted a sequel I think he would just add a very short post game that shows how our actions have affected the world or something.
  9. Z..

    TM Sludge Bomb

    In the item guide it says, but im not sure where that is or how to get to it I have went through pretty much the entire are of the desert " Tourmaline Desert: Northeast- Swamp"
  10. Think that gym is going to be reserved for the unown dimension twins (forgot their names) aka melia siblings.
  11. Matchup moth aka Volcarona you get it really late though so if you want something good early game as well I would say Squirtle since shell smash is just insane move to have early game
  12. Think ash or leon is going to win they are stacked as hell Jan is such a big fan of Pokemon Emerald he turned half his fangame into it lol. I have a weird feeling that ever since Erin was introduced she became Jan favorite character and dethroned Melia how else does she get special sprite animations that not even Melia gets, she even has some of Melia power as well, but I could be completely wrong wouldn't be the first time. Nugearan is a genius name. Melia made a minor spelling mistake kill her and absorb her power and be the main character (I would say again but that would imply you were the main character at one point) Your preferred way to die is oddly specific Tbh Texan was better then Keta cause he wasn't ready to sell out his people, but yeah I still hate him more then Keta. Since when did you have a meteor deflecting racket on you at all times? Man you are so lucky that sometimes these characters can't hear you Derogatory Pawnch sounds like something straight out of Mob Psycho even has the narrator commentating it Ceasar it makes sense cause Jan owns Rejuvenation like how "Janastasia" will soon own rejuv co. "Is the position cursed" Haha you have no idea.
  13. Silvally: You have freed from that Pokeball, thank you I shall fight alongside you till the day I die Sean: Kewl get back in the Pokeball That Phione will probably be decently useful later on when you can get the Phione crest in like V13 I think? Also I like your idea of making Phione evolve into Manaphy even if the game never does you can create some random whacky side quest and get it that way, your run has already deviated so far from the original time line. where the fuck did you get that samurott yandre pic
  14. Always love how you and your pokemon are in an intense battle and then you just start having a random rant or conversation about something while everyone just waits, they are very polite to wait. Also I don't think there ever was a co-leader of bladestar, played all the way through v13 and still found no sign of this supposed second leader.
  15. also random sidenote are you going to be doing anything about the where love lies sidegame or just skipping that?
  16. Why did the devs put smack down tm this late in the game? Do they just hate fun and won't let use any cool shit until like 14th badge? I totally approve anime team rocket, team xen Well if you are a psychopath its a good thing Pokemon is distracting you.
  17. I know fully expect you Zira to write that sorry card. It really makes you wonder how the police would work in the pokemon world since if some random criminal is stronger then them what can they do? Maybe the gym leaders, e4, champions would have to help or something or be apart of the police. Pretty sure they are still conscious in there, there is quite a bit of evidence from the anime and even the manga to support that. How do ghost types even get sick or go into comma in the pokemon world aren't they already dead?
  18. Z..

    Gift Box?

    What is this and how do you open it?
  19. I have 17 badges already
  20. How do you get this item in Rhodochrine Jungle?
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