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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. You're still alive? Damn...the curse didn't work after all (it's probably the same gypsy you went to) but really i hope you recover fast (purely for my amusement of course) and try not to fall doing "heroic" stuff anymore Now it's time to register to the game and see my character die a gruesome (and hopefully epic) death
  3. Stealing is wrong...but not in a RPG game! I literally steal everything not nailed down in every RPG i play and yes Tyrantrum is way better than Aurorus (and i'm not saying this just because i like Dragon Pokemon and dinosaurus) Now i (partially) understand why Saki is the way she is, growing up in that city would drive anyone crazy. Oh Karen, you know she is probably the only NPC in this game i actually like (some others i can tolerate but that's about it) i think she's a well written character (unlike most of the cast) with her own clear (even if insane) goals and motivation...sooo when is the wedding? Anime is Art! and the "plot" is a very important part of it, i would even dare say it's integral to the understanding and development of the story...ahem moving on 30 Pokemon already died on this run? That's a lot more than i thought (probably because half of them didn't stay on the team long enough for me to notice but still) and take care of Rose i remember ragequitting my Pokemon Black run after i lost my main to a random double battle, it was not pretty. Aha a slavery joke in 2019...you are a brave man
  4. Phew Chiller survived but how DID he survive? I always thought Vanilluxe as not very strong defensively, anyway that was waaaay too close, RIP Damocles your silence was worth more than a 1000 words. All in all this Gym battle was not very difficult (or you made it seem that way) and yes we'll probably never see Erick again as this game focuses too much on some "really important" characters (to the detriment of others) So Angie is back and more edgy than ever...meh i've seen worse
  5. That slap was good even if she forgave them instantly Did you really misclick? Or was it to get the "good ending"? If there is such a thing in this game Sometimes this game amazes me at how inconsiderate it can be towards the protagonist, it's her Garbodor she should be the one to fight it, instead she basically orders you to do it and you don't even get a "thanks Sean" afterward. 16 whole chapters without the stupid duo? Is it Christmas already? Or will those chapters be one sentence long?
  6. Googles that block smell....still not the strangest thing in this game Whoa that thing is tanky...just like the sewer Swalot from another game i know Wasn't Zet..Mel the only one able to open the rifts? Sniff sniff i smell another retcon! Ok how the hell did Saki get 3 stars? While i wasn't looking or something?
  7. Amber gave you her number? When did that....wait there are phones in this region? The sea shanty was great (a Pokemon game where you're a pirate would be actually cool) but how did you convince Orlando to participate? Is Karrina the first person not falling over themselves to "accomodate" Melia? I think she is...heh but she immediately recieved a kick to the face for it also nice theory about her (if only this game did less retcons)
  8. Yyes yes...after all these years of sacrifice and research we finally found it! The Mythical Next Part of the Legendary Quest to find sense in Rejuvenation....glad to have you back i though you were on vacation or something (btw two images are missing for me as well) Can't you see it Sean Madame X (aka Melia from the future) is the one who will save everyone so actually you're the "bad guy" of the story....wait...that actually makes kinda sense and it's probably why you don't "feel" like a protagonist! (and not because Jan is a Melia fanboy) Paladin? By the extremely rational and not at all flawed alingment system in DnD you're clearly a Blackguard So you're not actually immortal? Madame X was saving you the whole time? She could be lying because if not then why did she try to kill you (herself and by proxy)? Arrhg with all this time travel and superpowers nonsense it's getting more confusing by the minute and more importantly why is all this stuff in a POKEMON game?
  9. Very good i will be using these for my next mono run
  10. Don't worry Sean sooner or later you'll get a good Superpower (though immortality is not bad either) For how long was Kanon training again? Sending a Dragon against a Gardevoir...ha and he called them stupid Why didn't you try to save Maria? Let's be honest we both knew Venam would fail
  11. Don't worry about the book Sean you can just add pages like i do OH NO! The obviously evil Pokemon who hired us to do evil betrayed our trust! What a plot twist! The sad thing is your protagonist CAN in fact talk but only when the plot demands it, which is total bs because you can't mute a character only when it's convenient just like you can't assume what said character will say in a given situation (referring to "where is Melia") well just like always in this game bad writing strikes again (btw it's unlikely but if i ever meet the writers behind season 8 of GoT i'm going to punch them in their smug face) You couldn't resist arrest because Jan used Petrificus Totalus on you (while laughing maniacly) we just missed it that's all Soooo seconds after his wife died Vitus went insane and started (i'm assuming) to sacrifice his daughter to the elder gods Arceus if he was so unstable to need just one push why we didn't see any sign of it?
  12. The more this game goes on the less sense it makes, most of the people in this region must be brain dead to get where we are now. I think Madame X is actually Melia from a different timeline where you don't exist (because every time travel plot cliche demands it) Advanced Calculus at 5? Pfff pathetic have they seen what Melia can do? Ahh summer holidays the only good thing about school...i miss them, now summer is the busiest time of the year for me so i only get winter to rest.
  13. Venam will remember that but do nothing about it just like in the Telltale games.... Are you sure you're not becoming Meliasexual yourself? That "cute" comment may be a first sign of infection...don't worry though i have my flamethrower ready...just in case This is Pokemon Sean of course a magical time traveling badge counts (unlike in another game we are familiar with) Oh they didn't fight i'm disappointed but maybe later? What? Everyone knows that a Mage or a Mage/Fighter hybrid mops the floor with a single class Fighter (especially at higher levels) that said i too usually stick to one class (mostly melee)
  14. 3 years already? I still remember the young Sean strolling trough Reborn with his sanity still (partially) intact then came Snakewood and as a final blow Rejuvenation...what would you say to the old you now? Really? They need Melia to work to maintain the entire town? How? I don't even....don't get me wrong i'm glad she won't be around (only for a short time i'm sure) but that's just ridiculous So that poor Max clone is Venam? Shouldn't she look more like Chloe? Way to subvert my expectations It's not a chained Goddess but Lady Death is more fitting as you're immortal (and already have 1 stone):
  15. This Kanon fella seems like one of the stupidest characters in the entire game (that includes gems such as Veronica) Are we sure that diary was from Kanon and not Jan? Too many "Melia is perfect" entries...very suspect. Great job Sean! You blended in completely with this society...you'll continue to talk like that for the rest of the "time adventure" right? I think this game would benefit from a narrator (a snarky/sarcastic one) Don't laught Sean she used the Hyperbolic TIme Chamber to get stronger once she can do it again, to be at your level she'll probably get out as a 90 year old lady though.
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