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  1. that freaking ferrothorn was a nightmare for things like this i always have 1 or 2 Pokemon with status moves on the team but you didn't lose anyone so that's good Team Meteor didn't have the PULSE technology till ZEL so yeah it can't be that long ago Flora build what? Ahhh Jan just can't stop making his characters good at basically everything
  2. You should start streaming then the big money AND that Nord VPN sponsorship will come Maybe Ren was retconned out of existence and that's why we don't see him anymore i wish we had a game where we can actually use our Pokemon for something else beside battle
  3. Real M.I.B. would make this run even more fun but best girl Looker is ok too You a good boy? Didn't you just kill a help center clerk? Oww Crawli is alive? And the rangers too? Well at least they're reformed now....that's kinda good Dynamax is stupid and shows how out of ideas the folks making the main games are you never finished a Final Fantasy game? Heresy! Burn the heretic! Where is my pitchfork? But seriously at least try the FF7 remake, it's pretty good.
  4. I almost thought i would have to make an account on the Nuzlocke forums to continue watching you suffer, glad everything is resolved Back to main plot i guess then? This side quest was good (too bad Dylan will probably die horribly in the future for DARING to hit a woman not once but twice) What about Reborn? Now that the entire thing is out will you continue that playthrough? I decided to start over (again) as some quests/areas are different now.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  6. Oh i don't like the taste of alcohol too so i just avoid it (last time i got drunk i was 16) i find it too bitter. Sooo is that bed overcompensating for something or do you expect to have a harem by endgame?
  7. Finally you got some (non Pokemon) friends, I'm happy for you even if one of them is basically a terminator and the other is a criminal Never been in that semi-dream state but i had several cases of sleep paralysis which was kinda scary the first time I was basically addicted to Pokemon as a kid, my mother had to take away my Game Boy because i wouldn't stop playing
  8. A.I. are cool man and sooner or later will rule the world so just accept it and join us (cue in The Master from Fallout) Not missing Melia at all...can we finish the game without meeting her again? Chiller is a sensible Pokemon that does everything he can to help you on your quest towards world domination and when you become a bloodthirsty dictator you'll need a reliable minion like him
  9. Oh hey it's the 7th street ripoff i wondered when we'll see something like it...not enough drugs imo You really should grind a little or we'll see many more deaths in the near future Hmm Macross has a point didn't like every ship/train/car you've been on crash or got damaged somehow? Except the fast travel dude....yeah maybe stay away from complex machinery? ....after seeing what's outside your room i'm beginning to think you're trapped in the Silent Hill nightmare world and i'm not very familiar with the games so good luck? Modern art is fine (if we consider videogames to be part of it) but i agree abstract "art" is utter garbage (figuratively and in some cases literally)
  10. "Parents" my ass, people like that should have their parental rights terminated, i for example don't want kids but if for some reason i end up having one in the future i'll obviously raise him/her myself, like if raising one is too much responsibility for you why have one in the first place? That's why i stay as far away from twitter as possible it's a worse cesspool than a Nurgle Daemon World Why not feed Zira some of those goons that kidnapped the kids? They probably won't appear again so you won't have to rewrite anything and she clearly needs the protein win-win?
  11. Ouch....R.I.P. Flounder 5 yours is really a cursed bloodline Poor Gradius....you know it's your fault right Sean? If only he had Bug Buzz Espeon would be dead meat R.I.P. Killotine....ahhh i hate Fairy Pokemon and Chocolate Cake is the best dessert no matter what Sean says Ouch Hakon too...just when you started to use him regularly...the evolution seems fine to me (i'm more offended by what they did to Scyther) This chapter was indeed brutal (Killotine was one of my favorites) but at least you got an Ice Stone! ehm too soon for humor i think .....but but hating Melia is like one of the key aspects of this run! Did Veronica bite you? Are you infected?
  12. Who is that awesome narrator fella and why is he always right? German is like my least favorite language (of the ones i know of) i skipped every German class i could at school so i remember nothing except a few words (same for French actually) Can't wait to see what ending your run will have, will it mention all the major characters? May i suggest throwing Melia in the volcano and seeing if she survives Hmmm that foreshadow at the end....doesn't look good
  13. don't you worry people, Saphira will probably have a "very fair" field effect where ice heals her Pokemon instead of damaging them
  14. Heh if it were a younger (and more involved on this site) version of me we would exchange so many words you and i (if someone didn't lock the discussion) where i would dissect your replies and explain precisely why in my (oh so humble) opinion everyone (and that means everyone) is entitled to their point of view (yes even if you disagree with them) sadly I'm not....sooo I'll reply just to this one (and end it at that): Ahem ok....what you're implying is let's damage a somewhat important part of the backstory (along with consistency) for...what? Monoruns? For you maybe it's fine, maybe you like Reborn for other aspects, the main reason I like it is for the story so yes it kinda irks me....buuut i still have faith in the developers (even if the Starlight Demo was a huge disappointment) so I'll reserve judgement till the release, Ame said it's not as bad as i think it is and i believe that.
  15. Personally i never found the early game boring (and i restarted many MANY times) i just hope the changes add to the experience and not lessen it (the visual overhaul is nice though). The "low availability" of Pokemon in the beginning is pretty much consistent with the story no? Why change that? Or did someone whine about their favorite mon not being there? Anyway it'll seem strange hearing many NPC complaining about Pokemon leaving when you'll have so many of them running around. As for the new character...as someone already said did we really need more? Wouldn't it be better to expand on the existing ones? Some of them don't get enough screen time as is...but then again without knowing their personality i can't yet make a judgement...the previous point still stands though but maybe I'll change my mind we'll see.
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