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  1. Oh come on maybe Flounder 5 is the lucky one and will survive....for at least 10 chapters or something If Mr. Mime was colorless it would be even more creepy i think Canonically the Reborn Sean lost his memory (on purpose) after "experiencing" the bullshit fight with Lin (1% lose rate according to the devs) and decided to start a new life in another region....yeah Self medication isn't the answer....murder on the other hand...
  2. ....yeah your brother's book....sure I've tried skateboarding once...fell, hurt myself and never tried again So it's 5 times now? Let's be honest most of your deaths were actually avoidable
  3. Aelita being a "bound demon" is an interesting development. i expected teen "problems" and we get this...let's see where it'll go I never got the appeal of Funco pops, why people buy that trash is beyond me. So the tournament arc is actually coming, it should be fun...good luck!
  4. Ah Leftovers, i remember fishing Grimers for hours to get 6 Black Sludge for my Reborn poison team but maybe you'll have more luck with the Munchlax That Gym battle was really good and if I'm not wrong (and i never am) Aelita is the only good teammate you had You're exited by stat decreases? You sick sick person I'm exited only by stat increases and nothing else Oh look another cryptic prophecy....cool i guess, the only good thing we got out of this is Aelita becoming a permanent Team Sean member? Gamefreak being absolutely lazy is one of the reasons i stopped playing main line games....like it's 2021 and they still don't have full move animations for the mons how lame is that?
  5. Happy birthday? I'm probably late but that's not unusual and remember the cake is the friends we made along the way....to the patisserie to buy the real cake. Aelita is back huh i thought i would be happier but she was gone for too long i think and i don't know if i like her new personality (still her replies to Zetta were pretty good) Imagine if the real Zetta suddenly decides to change sex then there really will be two Melias around...the horror Yes i can confirm you put up an heroic fight...too bad it wasn't long....and your death was...less heroic
  6. Into the World of Dreams! Wooooo....meh this game tried (almost) everything at this point, what's next? Hell? As for nightmares the Puppet Master is probably a Darkrai (or has one) 30? Forget obese these kids should be dead (unless they are just Unowns in disguise) still it was a funny scene What? Venam got turned to stone? Was this really meant as a sad moment? After all her screwups? Honestly I'm just sad it won't last because plot armor (the stone jokes were ok) I haven't cried in like 18 years (i think) "toxic masculinity" at it's best
  7. Wake up Sean! Your Pokemon, my comments, all the time and effort you spent writing this "run" none of it is real, you're currently in a hospital after experiencing what we call a Meliaout, a pretty serious condition but there is still hope, some claim that hypnotherapy works so in 3..2..1..wake up! And my favorite NPC in this whole region is back! I almost hope for Karen to go berserk and demolish half of the city. The Melia&friends group grows once more, at this rate by endgame you'll have like a hundred angsty teenagers following you. Don't blame Lavender for being stupid she's actually more intelligent than the average person in this godforsaken region. When will you finally let Zira have a snack? It's just Venam, who cares?
  8. Ehhh the art style of the first is better imo but the narrator is still there and who knows maybe the gameplay is good? I would be perfectly happy with more of the same but the devs had other plans it seems. What i like the most in your run is that you find and point out the various flaws and errors in the game (story, plotholes, exc...) with the rants about Meliasue and modern day social craziness a close second, of course the (sometimes bad) jokes are a plus....wait you give free drugs? Why wasn't i informed of this? Sean pokeabuse is bad you know that right? Especially on your Pokemon....about that have you ever seen an old Nuzlocke called Pokemon: Pitch Black? Kinda disturbing but very interesting.
  9. You're really fixated on the idea of conquering this region...but why? Isn't it kinda shitty? Everyone is basically a moron Your last Ground type died because of an accessory for Melia of all people...that must sting, Vahlen was cool though Why not grind a little just in case? At this rate your next fight with someone halfway decent might end badly...as The Ancestor said: remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
  10. Can't testify? Sean did you perhaps break her fingers as well? If not she can still write What I'm wondering is why Geara is higher on your list than Madam X So Madelis and Cassandra knew each other before the Xen stuff....interesting...maybe it's the same for the other admins as well
  11. The Rejuv League is even less organized than the Reborn one, does no one really wonder where are all the missing Gym Leaders? September 2018? Sometimes i forget how many years it's been...and will be....how many badges you're still missing? Okami....is it that game about a wolf spirit fighting demons? It's fine but the art style is not my thing and you really consider it a great RPG? Have you played some of the old ones like Planescape Torment?
  12. So many questions but very few answers this chapter...well most of the game is like this I wonder if you'll get your revenge this time or if they'll get away What? A normal love story? in this game? The world is going mad i tell you
  13. To form the new and improved Teen Titans you need not only orphans but superpowers too, where will you get those? And another girl with superpowers (at least somewhat justified this time) how many is it now? Some bonding time with your Pokemon is nice, Rose was especially cool (that Mawile is going to have an "accident" i feel) too bad i forgot half of them existed (not enough "screen time" i think)
  14. You don't like coffee? That beautiful dark slightly addictive beverage? I can't even begin to understand why...did a bag of coffee beans bully you at school? Or or maybe taken you hostage for 5 days? Or maybe you're one of those tea peasants? Either way this means war! But really why don't you like coffee? Piano Lady is back! It's been ages i hope we'll see her achieve her dream Why didn't you give Chiller to the girl? Maybe they would have become friends....or the city would get a beautiful ice sculpture, a win win situation in my humble opinion (btw melon is my favorite flavor) Exactly when did this become a kid's show? I distinctly remember several parts (most of them caused by you) not really suited for children
  15. Roll the Bibarel? I'm talking about Gustav Prophet and Caesar (he is dead right? Or I'm just tripping?) Don't worry about the tournament there's no way Jan would let the player win and i totally expected the registration limit to hit after Melia joined (so she can be your "rival" at the end of Victory Road) Someone who acknowledges your many victories against Team Xen? Feels kinda refreshing...i hope it ends well but she's probably a Xen admin in disguise
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