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13.5 Status Discussion Thread


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Can someone help me?
In Terajuma I am stuck on the part where we need to find Nim, like.. Where dahell is she?!


Nevermind, found her.. It was in a area I didn't knew you could go since it was well-hidden as a travel point from another map..

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7 hours ago, MDM1 Beans said:

Does anyone know when the unreal time password actually starts to work? I entered it at the start of the game and it didn't work so I submitted a bug report but they said it wasn't a bug, it's intended. I'm now midway through Chapter 2 and it still doesn't work.


Unlike Reborn's unreal time you don't manually change it. It simply speeds up the day/night cycle and makes it so that its not tied to your PCs clock anymore. So it could very likely a few hours ahead and you didn't notice it.

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It's been years since I last posted since a lot has changed. I wanted to say how much fun I had playing V13.5 after the events of V13 despite how incredibly difficult some of the battles were. Back when I gave a long list of pokemon crest ideas, someone pointed out how a lot of crest ideas I had were for pokemon I didn't have but I had them prior to those recommendations. In short, even on normal difficulty it's a great thing to have a lot of pokemon to choose from, otherwise I might be stuck in several parts of the game.


Namely the battle vs Spacea and Tiempa, that battle vs Spacea was the most difficult battle I could have ever imagined. Spacea forcing your pokemon to fight alongside them upon depleting one healthbar was so rough but I was lucky to have an alolan ninetails with freeze-dry and pokemon able to make the most out of the weakness of Spacea's ability. For those who don't know, if the pokemon Spacea forces to fight by her side faints because of Surf, that pokemon returns to your party unable to battle, if the pokemon that fights alongside her has fainted due to field effects or weather like hail or from an attack your pokemon used in this 1v2 scenario, the defeated pokemon alongside her returns to your party with full hp. I wonder if this battle rivals or even surpasses the difficulty of battles in pokemon kaizo games.

It is still satisfying to win this battle, challenges are one thing I miss in the latest pokemon games which is one of reasons why I like Pokemon Rejuvenation so much. This game has come a long way in the last 6 years and I look forward to what is coming up in the next versions.

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