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  1. I'm probably going to regret suggesting this but what about an umbreon crest that gives it evasion for 2 turns as soon as it enters , I hope you don't try that, I was kidding. I really like Lycanroc but I feel like he could use a crest. Pangoro, Malamar and Walrein should have crests too because they're pretty underrated pokemon. Lycanroc might have to get 3 (1 per form). Lycanroc-Dusk's crest should have the rage effect of increasing it's attack whenever he gets attacked (just like the anime whenever Ash's one got dirty) Walrein's crest would set up hail for 5 turns upon entry, giving it recovery with ice body Malamar could get it's speed decreased for each time you attack it with dark/ghost/bug type moves (it's rattled but lowering it's speed works with Malamar's contrary ability) Pangoro should have a better resistance to fairy type moves in the same way Leafeon had a better resistance to 2 of it's weaknesses
  2. The fact that there was so much work that needed to be put into making the whole program run faster worries me, imagining having a project like that in a programming class would make me lose my mind. I hope I don't have this kind of project in the near future, doing something on a much smaller scale already made me reluctant to learn more about programming but this is fucking OD. TLDR: I'm praying my next few years don't include projects that require A+ programming skills like this because I'm not up for it
  3. I think it goes without saying how thankful we are for all of these improvements in the below average code that andracass spent so fucking long improving, no wonder speeding up the game would slow it down so much, I didn't realize how inefficient the code was until I checked some of these optimization posts. I hardly know any programming yet even I can tell that strings are so long that if there's a better way to program a function, I'd do it rather than make the program run 20-25% longer. I really wish I could play the latest Reborn update or Desolation right now but I'm experiencing some technical difficulties. Good luck with the rest andracass, imagine how much better these kind of games will be with the enhanced program you've been working on
  4. Don't worry, I'm in no rush especially when I have other games to play and other series to watch
  5. I can't wait for the linux version to come out, I can play 2 versions of reborn being my legit save file and my sandbox save file without mixing them up
  6. you said it yourself, this is version 1.0. Also aster's sprite should be between Amaria and the first double battle of the experience that makes me reluctant to go through ep18 again (Cain and Shelly) for those who accepted Blake's offer
  7. For some reason, there are so many time when the game freezes and doesn't let me do anything other than saving progress. Now I'm totally stuck unless I patch V12 not to mention I was really looking forward to this part.
  8. So much for V12, hackers win again.
  9. You read my mind. That's the hunch I have for now given that we have two unidentifiable characters who know so much about Aevium and those who live in the region not to mention like Erin said the first inhabitants of Aevium came from Miera so who'd know the region better than them
  10. Of course! Why didn't I think of that? That mysterious figure did seem to know an awful amount of info about the protagonist's repressed memories that rendered them unconcious and I for one still suspect that the two mysterious figures we've seen so far could have ties with the two known individuals who were a part of the incident in Miera aka that conniving red haired girl that toyed with Keta/Kenneth's life and the surfboard guy who also sees the protagonist as they enter Valor mountain
  11. I had a hunch that V12 might be released this Friday and I could be right. Either way, I'm looking forward to V12 and I'm willing to wait
  12. haven't we had enough after the gauntlet of insanity in the glass workshop
  13. I hate to ask, but are alpha and beta part of V12 or potential sidegames like where love lies? After all, Jan said it himself (I vaguely remember that if where love lies was successful then he might consider making other games like that) Edit: The reason for the sudden questions is that I wasn't on this topic when alpha and beta became a part of development
  14. I hate to ask, but when is the estimated date for the community release for V12?
  15. I'm not gonna lie, my hype when I played V10 was so high between the story, the sprite changes and the battles. I can't say that hype gets that high on a regular basis
  16. If there's one thing I noticed about rejuvenation it's that every new update "showcases" a new theme used mainly in the latest version (V9 "feeling lonely", V10 "the theme that's played in S&M when Plumeria apologizes to Lillie", V11 "mini boss" and "hope for everyone"). One thing I'd say is that the devs shouldn't hold back on the mystery dungeon music. Ever since more themes from mystery dungeon have been used in the game I feel like it has better synergy with the location where it's being used
  17. Since I started playing rejuvenation, I noticed that it's so full of pokemon mystery dungeon music. I don't know about everyone, but I really like those themes
  18. I know that there are many theories about Crescent being the MC actual mother. I feel like that theory is more plausible than her being the puppet master, sure they both have psychic powers but which psychic pokemon user doesn't have those powers: (Nim, Lavender, Cosmia, Comet, Crescent, Puppet Master...). not to mention I don't see how this theory can be correct since Crescent plans to turn people into stone in GDC and she seems to have an eye out for Axis high students which implies that she holds something against Axis high. At the very least, Crescent and the Puppet Master could have some kind of alliance but I don't believe they're the same character.
  19. Let's just agree on one thing, whether any of us think that Reborn or Rejuvenation will release an updated version this summer (June to August) or later, we're all willing to wait knowing that the devs do their best to make the next version amazing. Many of us will wait for a really good updated version of these games and it's really all that we can do, so let's just accept the fact that we have to wait and that the updates will be worth the wait.
  20. Chances are that rejuvenation will be done before reborn, I'm just so excited to finally see what happens in the next updates since I want answers to some questions. Not to mention I haven't played reborn since august because that gauntlet was dreadful. Is it so wrong to be optimistic? I never said I was waiting impatiently, I was just hoping either game would be updated before the end of this summer
  21. I know your pain, I try to get a glaceon but the ice rock in evergreen cave is bugged therefore I can't obtain a glaceon. I have to wait after the story in V12 to ev train and evolve my eevee into a glaceon to assemble my eeveelution squad. I'm more excited than usual for this summer since both rejuvenation and reborn could be finished around July (best case scenario). I hope testing won't take too long
  22. This is a personal request but any chance someone has the title screen music of rejuvenation back in version 5, it's the same theme played in Marianette's gym back then. Unfortunately, I can't get a hold of that theme so I'd appreciate it if someone posted it so I can download it.
  23. Well we're 100% positive it's near Goldenleaf town due to the golden trees, it's either the place where the narcissa sidequest takes place or it's near wispy ruins. That screenshot brings back vivid memories of how awesome the aesthetics of Titania's gym were the first time I played ep17.
  24. Great artwork Vince! While we're on the topic of the mysterious black box, just what is it for? Chances are that it's a key but for what is the question. We have no leads or info about it other than the fact that it was in Nancy's possesion before her death; similar to how Isha said we gave off an odd feeling which was probably because of the one who appears to be sealed within the protagonist, no leads at the time but now we could make logical assumptions. Btw, this has nothing to do the thread but I hope I don't get anymore warning points since I had to wait 4 months for the previous one to expire. Like Florin said "Patience is a virtue". sigh
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