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  1. Oh, that could be an annoyance, but if Dragonite comes after I set up the cave field that's not gonna be a big deal at all. And I guess this is very likely to happen, because Dragonite is Saphira's ace, and aces usually come very late in the battle.
  2. With some speed investment and thanks to Chlorophyll (which is the main point about Custap Berry Onix with Sunny Day) I thinks that's gonna be quite enough. If it's not and if the Scarf is available at this point I can always give it, but I don't think it's gonna be necessary with the Sun and Timid nature. And it has 55 not 45. Also if you plan to use a prankster Whimsicott don't forget your access to a priority Dragon Pulse with Nature Power, which should hit even more than Moonblast.
  3. I have no idea atm but I already know how am I gonna blast Saphira with my team. First a suicide lead, let's say Custap Berry Onix, with Stealth Rocks and Sunny Day (SR being here in order to break her Dragonite's ability), then I send my Exeggutor which should sweep with Nature Power into a field boosted Dragon Pulse, at +1 with the seed. Honestly I don't see anything else than an AV Goodra to stop it, maybe Noivern would have a chance to outspeed it ? And even if Exeggutor is not enough, I have stuff like Will o Wisp and Memento Weezing, Will o Wisp and Snarl M-Sableye to ease the setup of my Feraligatr. Only 2 Dragon Dance and it is at +4 under the Dragon's Den. Then I can revenge kill with the Icium-Z to transform the field into a cave and remove the Ice nerf, and sweep like a bastard clicking on Ice Punch. And even if both Exeggutor and FeraliGOATr are not enough (which is highly unlikely), I still have my Aerodactyl which will outspeed everything and benefit from a field boosted Rock Slide with the cave, to clean up. I am convinced Saphira stands no chance against my team whatever she has.
  4. Incineroar is a very reliable way to get rid of it, if I can drop my advice.
  5. True, I mentioned a single battle for Elias but your point is 100% fair, after all Rado was also fought in double. I add Mega-Audino has an ability made for doubles. Nature Power into Judgment is even more threatening than Hyper Voice for Drampa, exception being made if it holds a plate. But yeah you are definitely right. About the Trick Room, about Oranguru, and about the distribution being fine for Laura and El in double.
  6. I don’t think so, but this is not off-topic by any means. That’s an interesting point, but I’d tend to say it would not be possible. To be honest I didn’t think to that either until I read a comment about it on another thread, but when you think about it I think you don’t take lots of risks saying that the Crobat is 100% granted in her team.
  7. Rn it's still possible to do the Lost Camp post V12, but this will likely be patched out in a later version. The hidden library quest also becomes missable after a certain point, and while a warning would help in some cases, the player does have a good amount of time to do these quests from the time they become available, so on the other hand it could be seen as repercussion for ignoring the quest for too long. Which means the hidden library sidequest will never be available at some point in any incoming update if you missed it at the wrong time I guess ? Too bad.
  8. In details in Normal difficulty, only Aggron and Corviknight are able to touch Shedinja without the seed in Saki's team. All you have to do is lead on Shedinja with the Synthetic Seed to force her Aggron to switch, then spam Will o Wisp and Heal Block until Saki sends out her Corviknight. Watch out not to attack Bastiodon which would kill you with its crest. The problem is, Corviknight is quicker than Shedinja and you lose the pp stall because you can't Heal Block it to death with Roost. Not a big deal, Will o Wisp turn 1 while it makes Bulk Up, then switch out on something which can get rid of it while it makes another Bulk Up. I used Salazzle and two Flamethrowers while its Brave Bird was unable to kill and that was done. With Corviknight out, your Shedinja is safe without a seed until Aggron and you can send it back to blast a speechless M-Metagross and Duraludon (Dig makes it very fast). So basically, all you need is Shedinja, something which can handle Corviknight and something which can handle Aggron. Shedinja is the ultimate hack to beat Saki and her glitch field, just like it is against Amaria in Reborn.
  9. Ice Punch Orb is more reliable than Ice Fang Crest IMO. Sure the priority of the first move is good and stuff, but it works bad if you want to setup with Dragon Dance or Agility. The best quality of Feraligatr for me is being an excellent late-game cleaner, I feel like the right way to use it is this one.
  10. Life orb everyday. The Ferali crest looks kinda useless.
  11. Np, always a pleasure to help someone who intends to play my favorite mon.
  12. As long as I remember these Audino have Simple Beam, which changes your talent into Simple. Are you sure that additional effects didn't poped after getting Simpled ?
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