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  1. Dragonite, M-Zard X, 100%. I see two others pseudos at least, Kommo-o and Goodra (Hydreigon being held by Lin, Mence by Heather and Chomp by Terra and Solaris). For the rest I see a majority of physical attackers, as Dragon Claw is the last remaining Dragon TM we are sure that she will gift us with it when we beat her, which means a bunch of Dragon Claw users in her team. Goodra as a special mon seems enough, so I'd say Haxorus and Tyrantrum, maybe a possibility of a Druddigon.
  2. Hope Treecko will be available in V13 outside of the Gearen's lab.
  3. Yup, only three remaining after her.
  4. It is after the 10th, Corey and Ki² being included.
  5. There will be four members, 100%. Reborn isn't Rejuv.
  6. I did it as well, are you sure you don't talk about the Ho-Oh sidequest ? There are two pathways initially locked before defeating the Champion, I already managed to unlock the one for Ho-Oh, but those three scientists still stand in front of the other way.
  7. I did it (only once, as you can't do it twice), and I also defeated that strong guy in the Aurora Den, I think there is another requirement. I also noticed they both share a name beginning by X-, maybe that is a hint ?
  8. Also in the Victory Road there is a path where the access is denied by three scientists (not the Ho-Oh one, the other one), do you know if there is a way to unlock it ?
  9. As I thought... And do you think we could hope any update for the postgame in the future ? The game is great but the postgame is poor unfortunately. I would love to have access to the Dragon guy's tower and the Ice girl's house, could make a great sidequest for catching the Tapus, before a great rematch at the Mt Zodiac.
  10. Those cardinals are arguably the dopest Elite 4 I ever fought. Do you know if there is a way to rematch the League ? Doesn't seem so unfortunately, which makes me absolutely gutted.
  11. Taka, Radomus, Blake (Ice and Water are respectively my first and second favorite types), Saphira (love her as much as I hate Titania), Charlotte. Belrose Power.
  12. I literally use to save my game in front of that cursed barrier each time I end to play it, just want to call Julia and make her going boom all around that frustrating stop.
  13. Voted Lin, Sirius, Amaria, Titania, Cain and Adrienn.
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