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  1. Yeah and TM26 Earthquake seems like a very fair and adequate reward for the last badge. Mega Mightyena seems more like Amelia-copyrighted, so I’d rather go for Mega Sableye in Damon’s case, Zard X for Atlas, a way better mon than Turtonator. Dragon’s Den field seems pretty obvious for him when you put two and two together, Hendrick might fight on Holy Field. Harder to say for Damon, either the Darkness Field, another brand new field, Dark Crystal Cavern or Short Circuit field if I have to take a guess. I also expect a brand new field, like Mushroom Stuff Arena, against Delica. No idea for the last three gym leaders, maybe Desert for Kairo if he is actually Ground, Vera either Holy Field if not for Hendrick or another new field, Ava there are so much fields that boost Grass moves, Forest field seems to be the most logical, Grassy Field is out of question, that would be the third time we fight on for a badge.
  2. Speaking of Azura, if it's the same pattern as Reborn that means each Elite 4 member will have 4 mons from Type 1 and 3 mons from Type 2, meaning they have one mon from both types in their team. In Azura's case it's Ice and Rock, meaning her only option left is Aurorus. So here is my assumption: Azura will be fought on Inverse Field, and I don't see any way I could be wrong on this one. Sure the Snowy Mountain is still an option, boosting both Ice and Rock moves, but Aurorus is way too weak to be part of an E4 member team, barring on the Inverse Field precisely, no need to add that both Ice and Rock types are incredibly powerful on this field, especially Aurorus. And the funniest thing in all of that, the only fight in Reborn main game held on the Inverse Field is against an Ice type specialist, who uses an... Aurorus. And the only Inverse Field fight in Rejuv is against the Rock type gym leader, who also has an Aurorus obviously. Which is a thing I'm very hyped for, I love this field, pretty tricky but so much interesting, and feel like it is not highlighted enough in Reborn-like games, deserves way more love instead of this awful and dreadful Glitch Field.
  3. I'm pretty sure one of them will use Dark types, maybe it comes out of nowhere but somehow I feel like it's already set and done. For Delia Fairy or Psychic would fit the light mushroom stuff themed Astraciel well, but those are already taken, so I guess I'd pick Dark for what would be closer to the theme but now that I think about it Bug and Poison would go pretty nicely along Astraciel as well, plus those types aren't represented in the Elite 4. And for Kairo if not Dark I have a strong intuition for Ground, a pretty solid type and not represented in the Elite 4 either.
  4. Yeah that rings a bell, I remember something like this but not sure at all what exactly, maybe he mentioned her in the prison but you are definitely right, she probably is the next gym leader, followed by the others three in that order. Honestly Vera in 11 is pretty fine, both Reborn and Rejuv have a Dragon user as the ultimate gym leader, would be nice to break that loop.
  5. Speaking of Jarred I really hope he is gonna be the actual Water gym leader fought for an actual badge, I know he isn't gym leader anymore but what about Tristan then? If the story makes Tristan fight us for a badge then why not Jarred? The only thing is that it is pretty unusual to fight a gym leader before the gym battle against him in games like Reborn/Rejuv/Deso, I believe the only precedent with these games is Saki from Rejuv, and the format was not serious at all, here we already have a pretty solid 6v6 fight with a favorable field for Jarred. 4 gym leaders to go, we already know Ava is from Darkroot the next town after Astraciel, so I assume we will fight her in E8 for the tenth badge and the Astraciel leader for the ninth. We have heard in the boat about some gym leader from the League island, named Kairo or something like this don't remember exactly, since he is so close to the league he might be number 12 or at least number 11. Obviously we have heard about the Dragon gym leader Vera during the Aderyn arc, but I don't remember if her town is ever mentioned, does she come from Astraciel or not? Rationally a Dragon gym leader is meant to be the last one so I assume no, likely either 11 or 12 like that Kairo guy. Which would mean that the Astraciel gym leader has been either not mentioned yet or I simply don't remember him, and since I'm pretty confident that Jarred will not be the Astraciel leader that would not let him the spot for the last gym leader unfortunately. But whatever, all I ask for E7 is more Jarred and even more, still more, always more.
  6. Actually now that I think about it just as Luri said I believe Ava gives us the Venusaurite if we have enough relationship points with her at some point? That might be a hint meaning I was mistaken.
  7. I could make the assumption that Ava's ace will be Mega Meganium. Why? -We see her several times fighting with her Cradily and Meganium. -Meganium may not be as bad as many say, especially with a favorable field, it still looks a bit underwhelming for a late game gym leader, a Mega would help in that sense. -Thanks to Jarred the greatest character of all times we know that the greatest pokemon of all times Feraligatr has a Mega in Desolation, so I assume Meganium and Typlosion might have one as well.
  8. Anyone knows if there is a way to get Toxtricity low key form? Looks like whatever Toxel's nature is, it will always evolve into the other form.
  9. I had to look after a backup save to take back my Weezing, learn it Destiny Bond and then go back and rekt Camerupt, Clawitzer (with the help of a Sash for this one) and most of all Swalot. I had literally no way to pass Swalot without it.
  10. Feraligatr is underrrated as hell. It struggles a bit early game without being a total deadweight either but it is really good late game when you can learn it physical Water moves. With Life Orb, DD/Agility, Ice Punch, Crunch, Liquidation it is able to sweep many battles. With Icium-Z and the right support including SR it destroys Saphira 6-0, I think there is ONLY ONE mon better than it against her, being Mega-Altaria. My boy Feraligatr is a solid A tier.
  11. To be honest this one gave me big Insurgence vibes.
  12. -Aerodactyl -Volcarona -M-Sableye (no Mega against El) -Metagross (Mega against El) -Primeape -Feraligatr (signature mon)
  13. My favorite is Majesty (as well as Saphira being one of my favorite characters) but I think Obsidia Old is by far the most iconic of the whole game. This is the definition of Reborn.
  14. Same, but only from a distant look. And them I'm delighted when I can finally include some mons in my team like Grimmsnarl in Rejuvenation.
  15. I expect Rejuv V13.5 to arrive few times later than the others two. Same probably for Deso, not sure. The last main game I played was Ultra Moon, and while unlike many others I really enjoyed this game, this is now very unlikely to me playing a future GF game one day.
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