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  1. I don’t remember those dialogues but you might be right, he could run off from Team Meteor, thinking Lin will be mad after the events in Glass Workstation.
  2. Since Ame is wondering to which side of the team will the new member be loyal, the old or the new? I assume a Team Meteor split on the same model as Team Plasma's is a very plausible outcome, Solaris being N and Lin being Ghetsis. Which would give us something like : Olschool Meteor: Solaris, Taka (only in Zekrom's obviously, I wouldn't be surprised either is he also dies in this path), El, maybe Simon or Aster or even Bennett? Neo Meteor: Lin, Sirius, Sigmund, Terra, Zero, Blake, Fern. Solaris could also stay in the neo Meteor in Zekrom's, letting the olschool Meteor's lead to Taka. I think Cal, Lumi and Eve are definitely done with all that shit.
  3. Basically her Hydreigon must fight under pulse2.
  4. Hope so, would be hype to fight her on the Desert Field.
  5. I think it will, because it's impossible to believe that we won't fight her on the New World Field. That might happen for a very short time at least.
  6. Maybe it could be her New World being blown up around her, with the light coming back?
  7. Speaking of that, weird that Sigmund survives a Hyper Beam from Saphira's Dragonite at the Belrose Mansion. It is not a great special attacker but still, a damn Dragonite.
  8. Around 1024? 1024 is already a very accurate number. It is also 2^10 basically, maybe that means switches are coded on 9 bits or something?
  9. Rather than the champion's room I'm pretty sure she will fight us at the summit of Citae Astrae Aerie, after obtaining the four keys by beating each Elite 4 member at Charous Mountain, and opening the final door.
  10. Sirius is more evil than her. She is just more powerful, more intelligent, more dangerous then.
  11. I can feel the hype coming in the air tonight! Oh Lord!
  12. Her story is directly inspired by Anakin Skywalker's.
  13. She blames the MC all along for her own mistakes, definitely I don't like her.
  14. I think it's Titania's fault if Fern is the asshole we all know. She traumatized Florinia somehow (we should learn more about it in E19), and as a result we have Flobot, with a complete lack of affection towards her brother. Remember one of the first scenes when Fern was not full evil yet? "Permission for you to be life-endangeringly reckless: Granted." These are some brutal words, even more when they come from your own sister. I hate Titania, really.
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