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  1. Indeed, I can't see who could represent the Beyond better than Anna, certainly not Connal. In the same way, Arclight could not be related to the Faith as well as Elias. Even the Pain for Blake would make few sense. Also, I thought Groudon could be found in the Tanzan Depths.
  2. Agreed, I don't see a classic E4 fight either. Maybe a possibility to heal your team and access to a pc between the fights ? This theory is pushed a little bit far IMO, but sounds pretty seducing. Blake could have his Ametrine snowy mountain field replacing Heather's mountain one, Bennett could fight on the same flower garden field as Laura, but I guess the starlight arena is a bit unadapted for Fern ? If this theory is confirmed and Arclight is actually part of the elite in the ideal, then I see Connal more than Fern, fighting on the same field in the true. Which would make :
  3. Thinking that such a brillant girl is gonna finish with a jerk like Bennett hurts me.
  4. Yes those posts deserve to be quoted, I already read them and the statements are very relevant. Maybe Shade's ace was changed not to outshadow Sirius ? I guess the only two characters who share the same ace are currently Solaris and Terra ? Or maybe it is because Ame wanted to give a spot to a highly iconic 7g mon as Mimikyu ? That is true about the glass factory gauntlet. I thought it was possible that some mons have been lent to each other to diversify the teams, for example the Luna's Bisharp to Radomus. I even suspected Radomus' Clef to belong to Noel and Luna's Got
  5. Yeah sorry if I have been repetitive with the statements already made in the past, I tried to put the accent on things that I didn't read yet, and develop my thoughts about theories where people seem to be unanimous generally, then explain why I have a different point of view on some of these questions. For example the point was more saying that Heather would not have Salamance as a Mega, than saying that Heather will have a Salamence, which what is pretty obvious to everybody. 1- You are totally right to underline it. For that reason, Mega Charizard X makes even more sense.
  6. Hello everyone ! Considering how good Pokémon Reborn is, waiting for E19 always remains a bit harsh in a sense, so I think the best way to make the time less long is trying to figure out what is gonna happen in the ultimate episode, considering all the elements we already have in our side. So here are my thought and predictions about E19, your return would be gladly appreciated, even more if you don't agree with some points I submit. I will try to bring my own approach and not to be redundant with what have been said already in previous threads. Obviously, this thread will conta
  7. Regieleki : Allows the user to hit any Ground type Pokémon neutrally with Electric moves. Regidrago : Allows the user to hit any Fairy type Pokémon neutrally with Dragon moves.
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