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  1. I mean, at least we haven't reached 'make a spreadsheet' levels, though there's nothing stopping us from coming up with the craziest ending theories we can think of. Maybe it was about Aurora instead? Nova was spending all that time at the Mansion of Sad Lonely Children trying to assess which twin would be a better target, and figured if she stole Aurora's powers, Aurora might be vindictive enough to go after her, but Nova could always teleport away? Or you could be right, maybe she didn't want to hurt Shiv. Or maybe Darkrai did have some kind of scheme in mind. Following from that, if Nova had been able to steal all of Aurora's powers, would they have been gone permanently, do you think? Would they have still regenerated? Hell, if she'd taken Aurora's, would she have then gone for Shiv, to depower both twins? To me, the most likely answer would be that Darkrai wanted one fully powered Nova who was under his control and two depowered twins not under his control, but then Aurora woke up and he's been trying to frantically juggle things ever since. He wound up with one fully powered twin and one mildly powered twin under control and depowered Nova breaking free, so I guess he's doing pretty well if that is what was happening. Yeah, it's kinda weird that for how much Quackington has been built up, we've never talked to him, even though we were on the same ship and we bailed out his bar. That Psyduck owes us big time. (Or he's secretly the bad guy behind Darkrai.) Naturally, Garret tries to drive everything he can, just to spite people. See, Aurora and Darkrai are brilliant, but what about Shiv and Darkrai? For some reason I'm imagining them as the world's most vicious movie critics. Definitely both, and I bet Gym Leaders post memes incognito to mess with the other Leaders. (There's probably thousands about Garret and his hat.) For Darkrai you need a save file from BDSP on the same Switch. (If you have one from Sword or Shield, you can get Shaymin.) Otherwise, happy lassoing. That's definitely true. I wonder, does Shiv know Waldenhall somehow?
  2. Thank you, I appreciate it. It's been a very long month and change. Episode 7's going to be awesome. Looking back on how far we missed the mark with all our ideas... maybe not so much, but it might also wind up being hilarious. All of those seem like good choices. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I do think we should expect a split. In hindsight, I wonder why Nova went for Aurora and not Shiv? Was Aurora's room closer? Did she think Aurora would be easier to take from? Could she just not take Shiv's powers? Shiv trusted her more, so theoretically, he seems like a better target... Did she want/need Shiv's powers intact for some reason? Yeah, that's Waldenhall's punishment: imprisoned and subjected to Reeve's lectures about how awful he is, how little style he has and why he's an inferior scientist. Oh dear Lord, Jarred in your dreams... I can only imagine. A Quackington sim would be hilarious. Especially if all he says is 'Psyduck'. Executive decision: Garret is not allowed to pilot anything, be it a boat, a train, a car or a bicycle. They are the heroes and terrors of historians worldwide. I really want to see Shiv as the Stig now. He got banned from Alola, Kanto and Johto for his Slowpoke-terrifying, lmao. I hope we get to see in-universe Elite Four memes. Actually, in-universe memes about the Gym Leaders are probably equally hilarious. IDK if you played Legends Arceus, but when you try to catch Darkrai there, like 95% of the time he vanishes if you throw a ball at him, so I'm just imagining everyone throwing lassos and Darkrai vanishes every time. That's a good point, actually. As far as we know, the twins didn't have much to do with Waldenhall, but since he was part of Crescent and everyone haired off to Fairbale after him, Shiv/Darkrai might have got curious...
  3. I am so sorry for how long this took. It's been really hectic around here, and there was a death in my family recently, so a lot of things got sidelined and I'm trying to get back on top of things. It's been a lot. I mean, with these devs, never say never, lmao. And since we recently got confirmation that they're keeping on even without Doctor Caz at the helm, I think we're in for a fun ride no matter what happens. See, it's entirely possible that we've already had the major split- either with the 'side with Nova or Shiv' decision or the 'save Scarlett/let Scarlett die' decision. I know the repercussions from both haven't been enormously significant so far (aside from the obvious, in the latter's case), but they might come back to haunt us soon. Or things might get rewritten here and there to make them more significant. Yeah, I think the insinuation was that Aurora's regaining what Nova took from her? Or maybe Nova just has to keep shanking a twin for power every so often. Canon will probably clarify that for us eventually. We'll add 'desecrating historical sites' to Waldenhall's rap sheet. I'm sure Reeve would be horrified if he knew. I hope your brain didn't get Jarredsploded. The prospect is terrifying. Or Garret decided to take a short cut and it turns out the short cut didn't exist and whoops, we've crashed into Arcanius. Half of it is Darkrai saying things along the line of 'I'm an eternal being, I was actually alive at that time, don't question me' and Aurora saying 'You're a stagnant, unchanging being, let someone whose brain can actually withstand the idea of a new concept do the commenting'. The terrifying bits are when they actually agree. Shiv's going to turn into The Stig at this rate. Some say he only ever eats mangos, and he developed the ability to teleport by frightening baby Slowpoke. But all we know is... he's called Shiv. (In all seriousness, yes, I'm sure canon will tell us in time.) Atlas has his Fire Pokemon on hand to keep him from melting. Azura has a mon for using Icy Wind on her, though it often melts and she winds up getting rained on. Damien just stays inside with the air-con on, like a normal person. Grave-bothering, assistant dimensional researcher, unofficial member of the local law and order, attempted Darkrai-wrangler, and person who has to deal with the Gym Leaders when they're all arguing. Yeah, Perfection, Nova or Darkrai would be my guess. Maybe Cresselia, if we're right about her being significant.
  4. Sorry for the delay, it's been a very hectic week. I agree, there's definitely a lot of potential re: story splits. I do think the story will likely have multiple endings, but probably only four or five, like Rejuv- even if there's potential for like twenty endings, I doubt the devs would go with that. Honestly, Aurora's lucky that Nova's powers are waning/failing, or I wouldn't put it past Nova to use her powers to screw with Aurora's head just for the sake of it. I think the 'crime' part is pretty implicit with Lilith, LMAO. They love our tears. They taste like candy. Arson, desecration of historical objects/a historical site and offending historians worldwide. The bastard. I don't think my brain can handle the Jarred, but let me know how it goes for you. That's how E7 starts: the protagonist, Garret and Emily managed to get lost because Garret screwed up somehow. We immediately have to prevent them from strangling each other. I feel like the drafts would either be full of snarky notes where they're criticising each other's writing, or just full of arguments about the most minor details. And by God, if the devs don't tell us we'll make it up ourselves. I bet that one Elite Four who likes Fire-types (Damien?) likes to walk around outside in full regalia just to show how tough/immune he is, while Azura calls him a freak. *reluctantly adds 'grave-botherer' to my resume* There's always the possibility that Shiv's trying to get as much information possible while feeding the Foxes/Crescent/God knows who else disinformation. He seems like that kind of sneaky.
  5. Hmmm. Speaking of outcomes, I wonder, do you by any chance happen to recall any mention of how many endings Desolation might have? I know Rejuvenation will have four, and Reborn had the postgame split. Since (IIRC) Deso will only have ten episodes, maybe the devs might have mentioned it? It's true that people can survive a lot of stabbing, especially if Aurora didn't manage to hit anything vital. (Or for all we know, Nova had a mon using Heal Pulse on her somewhere.) But I actually really like your idea that Darkrai was somehow responsible. Not sure if it could actually heal Nova, but maybe it used some kind of illusion power on Aurora so she thought she stabbed/killed Nova, but didn't actually do it? I agree that Darkrai would get a bit miffed if one of its pawns shanked another, so it would have a vested interest in making sure that didn't happen. Those are fantastic ideas, but I'll add another one- maybe it's with Lilith, to get her on our side. If we prove we know enough about Perfection, it might convince her that we can be trusted/we're an ally that's worth sticking with. Somewhere, the devs are plotting which character to make us love before giving them a depressing fate (or making a new character entirely). They want us to suffer. True, the priests are absolutely a good potential source of information. And Waldenhall definitely needs to lay off on the arson of priceless historical sites, once was bad enough. (I would punch him myself for that, if I could.) Oh, God. Speaking of Jarred, today I discovered that not only did some mad lad make a dating sim of him ( , the same mad lad made a mod of Deso where everything is Jarred ( Maps are awesome. Everyone loves maps. I'd totally be down for a detailed Ayrith map. (Someone call Talon, lmao.) Darkrai winds up as Aurora's research assistant. They co-author numerous papers on the history of Ayrith. They make a surprisingly good, but utterly terrifying combination. Somewhere, Shiv is laughing at us for thinking we could understand him and his origins. I forgot about the League being on a volcano, actually. I thought it was a mountain? I'm going to have to comb over every tombstone in the game, aren't I... True... Aurora does seem like the most likely option there... or maybe Shiv's just playing the Foxes too?
  6. We salute you for your service. You are doing a great and valiant job. (I also love extra dialogue, I just feel this compulsion to make sure that the characters get as good a deal as possible.) Hmmm. I wonder, maybe Nova really is immortal... she and the twins are already Special, so maybe they're not entirely human? (Maybe this is when the X-Men all turn up, lmao.) Yeah, it does seem that the first insight was about the Dreamscape/Darkrai and the second is about Perfection. As to what the latter might be for... well, my best bet is another check, but as for what, I don't know. Maybe we'll have to prove a falsehood or show that we know more about Perfection than what someone else says? More brainwashing is certainly possible, given who we're dealing with... It would be pretty hilarious, though. Everyone just sits there looking awkwardly at each other, and then Ava finally says "I think we have a problem." The fandom's probably going to riot if Hardy gets a bad ending, especially after what happened to Tristan, lmao. I don't think the journal's author was outright lying, but I'm betting that they were embellishing or deliberately downplaying things. I imagine we'll eventually get some more accurate sources, whether it's from Lilith, Waldenhall, the priests or somewhere else, so that should be interesting. It's just going to be non-stop complaining from all of them afterwards, lol. God, I want there to be a reference to Majora at least once, kid or no kid. It'd just be funny. On that note, we haven't been shown a really extensive map of Ayrith yet, have we? Like, I know we've seen one that shows the major islands, but not the minor ones, right? So we don't know just how many islands there could be? I doubt that the player would accept Darkrai on their team, but I could see Shiv or Aurora doing so in order to lord it over Darkrai. A fabricated memory would be really interesting, especially since I could see multiple candidates: parents who wanted to get rid of them, parents who wanted to keep them safe, someone who knew what they could do and wanted to put them somewhere where they couldn't do too much damage... or maybe one of them brainwashed the other two and then themselves for some reason. It's possible, is all I'm saying. To me, 'Hydreilius' sounds like 'hydraulics', so... IDK, maybe waterworks? I mean, at least it gives him something to think about other than 'my life was a lie and this place sucks'? Now there's an idea... those tombstones really are food for thought. Hmmm... calling it 'Twin Negotiation' implies to me that both twins were involved, but I do see how that could work...
  7. I always feel too bad to actually do things like that- I felt like a massive douche letting Scarlett die just so I could see what the dialogue was like immediately after her death, and then going back and saving her. So... Nova makes a recovery? Here I thought Aurora straight up killed her... Yeah, it did surprise me that we were getting not just new insight, but also additions to the old one. I'm not really sure why we'd get new insight into a check we already did at this point, unless... IDK, Darkrai quizzes us again? We get brainwashed? Next episode, Scarlett starts a Society For People Who Tried To Sacrifice Themselves. It gets bigger and bigger as the episodes roll on. They have the most awkward meetings in history. (In all seriousness, I do agree about Scarlett.) On the one hand, it could be a tragic commentary about how sometimes, people who do bad things only did them because they didn't have a choice- they needed to help someone who wasn't getting help through the normal means, and at root, they're just like you and me. ...or the devs just wanted to kick us in the emotions a few times. *shrug* Yeah, that's a good point. Admittedly, there's a pretty high chance that whoever wrote the journal wasn't exactly a reliable narrator- they could have been embellishing, making stuff up, or leaving out stuff to make themselves look better. But assuming they *were* telling the truth, I think things are going to get very bad soon. (I will say, if the next part of the game has the player's journey suddenly derailed by a plague of horribly mutated and incredibly strong people and Pokemon, which they accidentally caused, it's going to be an incredibly novel experience.) Maybe we just need to lock Garret in a room with Rosetta and Aaron to watch over him. It's not like they're doing much at this point... The player is... Eden! And Majira! And Majira's secret kid, Majora (and their mask)! And Lilith's long-lost sister! And Amelia and Ava's secret cousin! And Kuiki, who went back in time to save himself! All at the same time! The protagonist's real secret weapon is the Big Sad Puppy Dog Eyes. Nobody can say no. Given the existence of Ruby, Bronze and Bountilia Islands, there's probably a surplus of tiny little islands that Legendaries could be hiding in. (Or, the Dreamscape, of course.) I don't know that we will obtain Darkrai... given that it's the big bad of the game, it seems more likely that we'll kill, banish or imprison it somewhere. We might get *a* Darkrai, but I don't think it'll be *the* Darkrai. As for your points: 1. Excellent point. I wonder, did Aurora or Shiv accidentally kill or banish their parents, like that one kid in the Twilight Zone? 2. Ooh, now there's a thought. Arcanius really does sound like it'll be full of plot. 3. Maybe... IDK, the Dreamscape Fragments are called that because they were literally dreamed up? They're not actually real, hence why they didn't work when collected? 4. See, I'm guessing that Darkrai was looking for dreamers the whole time, so once one developed/manifested/whatever, he'd yoink them into his clutches as soon as he could. 5. I don't recall that one, remind me? 6. That really would be good. Nice idea.
  8. Well, shit, I knew I forgot to do something. Sorry. Happy new year to everyone reading this. I agree, I feel like V7 is when they're really going to start hitting us with the consequences. (Speaking of consequences, I can't remember if I already asked or not, but do you have any idea what happens in V6 if you don't save Nova? I don't think anyone posted videos or anything like that.) It does feel like the Visinite Current thing is going to turn into a Big Thing, so if anyone's going to make a sacrifice, stupid or otherwise, that sounds like a likely place for it. We'll probably have to find another key item or something... or maybe touching the Perfection serum will have something to do with it? It lets us sense something we can use to talk someone down? Yeah, honestly, looking at the heroes, if you asked 'Which of these people would not sacrifice themselves', I feel like the only real answer would be the MC because if the MC dies, we don't have a game. (Well, at the very least, one can assume that they wouldn't stay dead.) But yeah, it does feel like morale will be gone if anyone sacrifices themself. Hell, even if someone only gets badly hurt and not dead, it'd be a blow to morale. I'm also hoping that Hardy and Zoroark don't die, mainly because I can see how this would be an incredibly tragic end to his story and he really doesn't deserve that. Oh, shit, I never thought of that- the player/Waldenhall being patient zero. For all we know, even if they're not, the player having had contact with the Perfection serum might have a similar effect. The only person it's had an effect on so far is Garret, so we should probably keep an eye on him in case weird stuff starts happening. Given how much they've been hinting at the player's past, I'm guessing some Big Revelations are incoming. True, we'll have to politely ask about it, I'm sure they'll share. /s I could definitely buy the other Swords of Justice being protectors of something, and I could also buy them turning up in future Ranger quests. Problem is that the beasts and birds seem like they'd be found in similar places- like, Raikou could absolutely show up in Visinite Current, but it seems like an equally good place to find Zapdos, you know? We call in the protagonist of Rejuvenation so we can borrow their Snag Machine. Everyone watches in amazed horror as Darkrai goes down to a single Poke Ball. No, no, it turns out that Serenity *was* Arceus all along. It's the equivalent of those fairy tales where someone gets given a secret test of character by a disguised fairy. Otherwise, the Regis turning up in the caves would be cool. I could see a Marshadow hiding in the Dreamscape too, seems like a good place for the little munchkin.
  9. Honestly, I will be very surprised if the devs don't try to torture us with Tristan at some point in the future. I mean, that's what fan favourites are for, right? I feel like we'd be most likely to see significant consequences for Scarlett in the next episode and onwards, because that's when we need all hands on deck, y'know? Without Scarlett, not only is the team down a member, but Connor doesn't have the stabilising influence, which means he's probably going to do something stupid. I agree that Lilith does definitely seem like the most obvious candidate because she's in the worst situation, but outside of the Darkrai Gang... hmmm. I can see Garret making a dumb/heroic sacrifice to save Eden, or Reeve making a dumb/heroic sacrifice to stop Waldenhall and redeem himself along the way. Or possibly Emily dying to destroy morale? Not sure. Otherwise, my other bet would be Hardy, either to redeem himself or because he's realised that his situation is so pointless that there's no point in continuing. That's actually a really, really good point: I can see Waldenhall, Amelia or someone else who knew about Perfection and had less scruples than Reeve intentionally distributing artificial Perfection or spreading word of how to attain it in order to get more test subjects, or to wreak havoc over Ayrith, or just to slow the protagonists down. It'd be like Pokerus: everyone would want it to make their Pokemon stronger, even if it wasn't proven to be safe. And if the potential effects of humans reaching Perfection were known, I bet a lot of people would take it in a flash. I suppose, since Lilith never attained Perfection with her Umbreon, there's no reason why it wouldn't stay Perfected if she died before it. If she had, then yeah, it might lose Perfection, but that's a whole other scenario... Oooh, protagonist-specific text, now there's an idea... Rejuvenation's been doing some great protagonist characterisation in the later episodes, I'd be hyped for some like it in Desolation. I'm not sure where else we might find legendaries in Desolation- at least, where we've seen so far. Any ideas? We'll have to add it to the very long personalised list of reasons to kick Darkrai's ass. It's getting really long at this point...
  10. Yeah, it's definitely a game that invites speculation, there's just so much to talk about. Honestly, given how popular Tristan is, I'd be surprised if that's the last we see of him, even if he does only get brought back as a nightmare. AFAIK, the fandom's basically adopted him as Desolation's resident poor little meow meow so I think we'll likely see *something* of him again. Future deaths is actually a really, really interesting topic to speculate on. So far (compared to Reborn and Rejuvenation at least) Desolation's actually been pretty conservative with the amount of characters that have been killed off, and it gives you the chance to save a couple. (Which actually leads to a really interesting question: I wonder if in future episodes, there'll be some situation or reveal that makes it so that letting Scarlett or Nova die might actually have been a good choice?) But if you look at it, the common factor is that they've all been working for Darkrai, either directly or indirectly, so it looks like the most likely victims are Nova, Lilith, Shiv, or the inevitable character who's been working for Darkrai the whole time and we never knew. Now that we mention it, getting to Darkroot finally is going to be really interesting for the sole reason that it's basically the closest thing the MC has to a hometown. Hopefully we'll find out more about the MC there, even if it's just 'how's the shrimp allergy going' or 'Is your least favourite colour still grey'. Actually, Darkrai pulling a 'do not adjust your TV set' to announce its takeover of the world would kind of be hilarious. (Especially if it turns out that it's just because Aurora always wanted to be a TV personality.) It would be kind of hilarious if the MC just wound up changing history by sheer accident. They fell on a time travel device, politely asked some angry-looking people to calm down and whoops, they just ended a war. Oh, we're definitely in for tough battles no matter what, but hopefully we'll get through them. And I'll be rooting for your success too. That's the next episode: everyone goes to Teila Resort to undergo rest, relaxation, spa treatments, and group therapy. They return to Ayrith with the whole group having received a total glow up. Dragon would be really cool too! And maybe we'll find Palkia and/or Dialga in the Grid sometime in the future. That's actually a really good question, and I don't know. (I would have happily adopted any of Tristan's mons, but the game had to kick us in the collective dick...)
  11. (Look at us, we've hit three pages, lmao) Oh, shit, that gauntlet is a fantastic idea. I mean, AFAIK there's nothing we can do to save Tristan, but I wouldn't be surprised if there winds up being more people we can save/let die at later points. Yeah, I could buy Booker turning up later on the other islands. (Although it would be very interesting if it turned out that Booker and Tristan were the same entity or something. IDK how that would work, it would just be cool.) That would also be hilarious. Team Anti-Assist exist to get kicked around. There is so much potential for awkward conversations in Desolation, it's hilarious. It's almost like the world is set up to only let the MC go to certain places... nah. Queer Eye For The Darkrai, coming to Cellia! Ryder is like a one-man slapstick show. He's a menace to society, it's hilarious. Yep, that's the one thing Booker and Aurora can agree on. Next episode has them teaming up to hunt Waldenhall down for crimes against books. Hmmm... well, we've already had time travel once in this game. Maybe the MC will accidentally turn out to be the trainer who ended the war? Sounds like they'd make a great distraction, though. (Well, 'great' in the sense of 'enormous'.) Yeah, if we face a gauntlet like that, I'm probably going to give up, there's only so much I can handle. Perfection Umbreon/Mega Mightyena were bad enough. Next episode: Connor gets therapy. The Grid field might give Psychic types a boost? Otherwise, I don't really know. Given the technology aspect, maybe Steel as well? Booker or Nova do sound like the most likely ideas, but there's just no way to tell. :(
  12. I'm not sure if the player could bring Tristan back... or at least, bring him back *properly*. Aurora and/or Shiv might have the power, but I don't know if they knew him well enough to get 100% Tristan and not, like 75% Tristan. The player has the memories, but not the power. Might need all three? (I definitely think we can expect to see Darkrai haunting us with Tristan and anyone else we lose in the future, though.) Does Booker have an Ayrith equivalent? Have we met him/heard about him? Did Darkrai make him up? I genuinely can't remember. Haha, instead of the Foxes it's Team Anti-Assist. No making life better for formerly-brainwashed villagers allowed! See, all of those are great ideas, but there's also room for the world's most awkward conversation about brothers. "My big bro's such a dork, he takes everything so seriously and he got mad at me for being late and he kept trying to date Rosetta even though she turned him down all the time." "...my brother ignored me for most of my life, and then after I left home and got into trouble, he threw me in here as a punishment. And then once I looked old enough that nobody would believe me if I said we were related, he let me out... but then he came back and threw me in here again." "...uh." Signs, tiny ponds that anyone older than three could step over, Psyducks with headaches, chairs, the world's thinnest trees... The Docks falling under Rosetta's purview does make sense, I guess. But the rest of Cellia certainly deserves to get spruced up. I'm just imagining Cedric falling into a state of despair at the fact that he probably got picked right out of school to go on this mission, he's been preparing for ages, this mission could make or break everything not just for him, but for Ayrith... and he wound up having to work with Ryder. (In another room, Ryder trips on his perfectly-tied shoelaces and knocks himself silly on a bench.) Honestly, I'd murder Waldenhall for torching the labs if I had a chance. That was *pure history* he burned. I barely remember anything about the wars in Ayrith, but it's possible that they could have been fighting over Perfection, or using Perfection. I mean, knowing what the PULSE mons did to Reborn, I bet a Perfected mon could do a hell of a lot of damage if it wanted. Oh, Lord, I hope that's not what we get. Some of the battles are already bad enough. Probably with a whole lot of fighting, honestly. I agree, Connor is probably never going to stop being a jerk, but everyone might be able to file a couple of the rough edges off him. Maybe. A Grid field... well, very purple. And starry. Not sure what the effects would be, though. Maybe the promise was to Booker or something?
  13. Well, now that you mention it, Tristan returning isn't actually out of the cards. After all, if Darkrai made him up in the first place, there's no reason why Darkrai can't bring him back. (Knowing Darkrai, Tristan will only get brought back to torment/torture/taunt the player.) Whether he'll get a fabulous new outfit in the process is entirely up to the devs. Oh God yes, Booker is that guy who leaves bitchy comments on everything the twins post and makes really sarcastic memes, while everyone else is like 'Hey, man, they're saving us, lay off them'. And I bet there's a whole bunch of people wondering why a guy as normal as Jarred refuses to wear clothes. Or we just help out like the Goldenwood renovations in Rejuvenation, where it was just 'catch mons to give to the person in charge, then fight off some elite Team Xen guys'. If he did get tossed into the Grid again, then there's a non-zero chance that next episode, we wind up dealing with Kuiki holding Eden hostage... or trying to... or Eden becomes his sidekick. Or maybe we just have to battle Kuiki to get to Eden. Yeah, I absolutely expect there to be a lot of comments about Kuiki from the villagers, next ep. Ledges, small fences, doors that aren't locked but that we can't open, tiny gaps that we should be able to jump over but can't, train tracks... God, yes. It seems kinda weird that the Docks, an industrial area with no Gym Leader, look better than two of the actual districts with resident Gym Leaders. Yep, the best reason to anticipate episode 7: name reveals! Oh, God, Ryder. Yeah, Ryder/Cedric is prime sitcom material. Next ep, the player, Ryder and Cedric wind up in an impromptu buddy-cop thing in their investigations. By the end of it, Cedric is wondering if it's legal to murder someone for incompetence. That is an excellent point and I will do my best not to push myself. (Also, I see what you did there re not rushing perfection. *rimshot*) Yeah, if anyone wants to give fan art of Perfection Legendaries a shot, I am right behind them. It would be kind of hilarious if Aurora decided to become an amateur historian and kept questioning Darkrai and the entity on things that happened hundreds of years ago. Then she finds out that Waldenhall burned down a building full of journals, books and other items from hundreds of years ago, many of which had survived intact (or mostly intact) and decides that she has to murder him because it's the only reasonable response. (And yes, more Aurora/Shiv sibling moments would be wonderful.) Perfected works fine, thank you :) And it would definitely be intriguing if Darkrai was somehow the ancestor or cause of the known Perfected Pokemon. That's a very intriguing thought... ...oh God, even if it can only bolster mons of the same type, can you imagine a battle against Perfection Darkrai and boosted Mega Mightyena? Actually, it begins with Reukra and co coming in all 'Hey, did somebody say Perfection, that's kind of our thing...?' The *least* the MC deserves at this point is all the cocktails they want. Even if it ends with the MC passed out in a corner and losing relationship points because they threw up on Ava's shoes. I agree that Scarlett probably won't be enough by herself. The best friends that Connor has are basically Scarlett, the MC and Ava... maybe all of them together (plus Emily, if she stops bullying him for five minutes) can do it? The lake guardians could be a possibility. Otherwise, the only other vaguely-associated mon I can think of would be Hoopa, but there's been no sign of Hoopa in the game yet. I don't believe it was, so it might come up later.
  14. Dark blue could work. Maybe green? He'd look nice in green, I think. Next episode, we're introduced to the Dreamscape's internet, where Shiv makes memes about how much it sucks to have cool reality warping powers when everyone else is stuck in permanent mediocrity, jk, it's awesome, and Aurora makes videos about why her campaign to take over the whole Dreamscape should succeed. Everyone else is posting memes about how boring the whole place is and there's nothing to do except have existential crises and worry about the imminent collapse of civilisation. In all seriousness, since we're going to be (well, I say we, I doubt the player is doing that much of the actual work) renovating the village, if Keegan/Kuiki does come up again, it'll likely be there. Like, it occurs to me that we're *assuming* that Kuiki's dead, but for all we know, the tombstone with his name on it was just Shiv being dramatic about how the brother he knew is dead, and Kuiki got shipped off somewhere (or maybe Shiv locked him somewhere in the Dreamscape). Not to mention, none of the villagers have a clue what happened to him, only that he vanished. For all they know, he could come back at any moment. So they may well have a lot to say about him. Being the protagonist sucks sometimes. They're subject to the most random hindrances. That's going to be my head canon too. Maybe in the good ending she teams up with Aaron to make Cellia North over entirely. I do hope we get an actual name for the Grand Rogue. And yeah, I think Desolation needs more sitcom moments. There's a lot of potential there. Those guys are going to have the weirdest conversations when they're looking at the village. "So is there a reason why all your houses have huge cracks in the floor that nobody bothered fixing?" "Yeah, the guy who was mind-controlling us didn't want us to have nice things." "OK, and why were you using fire as your light source in a cave with little ventilation?" "I think the oxygen deprivation helped him control us." "What about the town hall with a giant pit in the middle?" "Oh, our leader liked to kill everyone he couldn't mind control or didn't want to keep around by having them fight a Donphan unarmed." "What the actual fuck." I appreciate your faith in me. I'll do my best, though it might take a while. Hmmm, Perfection Lugia... now there's a thought. Actually, now that you mention it, I'm surprised there hasn't been a ton of speculative fan art about what various Perfection legendaries would look like. (Admittedly, it's easy for me to say that, since I can't draw.) See, the two of them teaming up and not liking it could also be hilarious, because then we could get scenes of Aurora and Shiv standing around awkwardly while Darkrai and the entity throw petulant jabs at each other about stuff that happened hundreds of years ago. After a while, Aurora leans over to Shiv and says 'Wow, and I thought overhearing Keegan yelling at you for ignoring him all the time was bad', and Shiv tells her to shut up. Maybe it's not that Perfection has an inherent link to Darkrai. Maybe it's that *the Fragment* has a link to Darkrai. Darkrai used to be Perfect (there has to be a better term for having achieved Perfection, this is clunky) and it isn't now. So maybe the Fragment is part of Darkrai, or used to be part of Darkrai? Maybe Waldenhall finds the Fragment and then he gets mutated into a half-human half-Darkrai abomination and then it turns out we were in Insurgence all along- Oooh, there is so much potential there... even if Umbreon can only buff other Psychic/Dark types, that'd be worth it. (Bring on the Malamar!) Or maybe, would a Perfection Pokemon buff other Perfection Pokemon? It's like that Rejuvenation (I can't remember if it was Reborn or Rejuvenation, one of them) where early in the game, you get offered a free trip to Hoenn and if you take it, you just get a game over screen telling you that the player spent the rest of their life relaxing while everyone else suffered. Here, the MC just nopes out to the new resort and gets a free tan and cocktails for defeating Kuiki. Actually, the question of how much Scarlett can do for him right now is a really good one, given that IIRC, at the end of E6 she's worried about him and he doesn't seem to be listening to her or anyone. And in the timeline where Scarlett dies, it could honestly go either way- maybe he decides to become a better person for her, maybe he doubles down on the douchery because of his pain and anger.
  15. Sorry for the wait, I completely lost track of the days. Next up is Darkrai and its pawns giving people makeovers. They teach Tristan how to wear colours that aren't brown. Reeve is the guest consultant. For all we know, Darkrai dreamed up the manor for its kids. Comes with free electricity, hot water and a library, but no internet or they'd just get distracted. God forbid Shiv find his purpose making memes on Rotomblr, or Aurora begin her life's work of making videos where she tears down scientific theories on MewTube. (I'd say something about Keegan, but nobody cares about Keegan, let's be real.) Ah, yes, the plight of our hero. We can take down terrorist gangs, overcome Darkrai's brainwashing, help hundreds of people all over Ayrith and teleport around the Dreamscape, but we can't get around some potted plants. It's such a tragedy. Yeah, those are all good ideas. Could be anything, but the construction material is a worthy thought. (Maybe Aurora's into construction and architecture on the side?) I really hope if we do get the team-up, that the devs make it like a sitcom road trip. It just seems like prime comedy material, especially if Sera comes along as well and she and the Grand Rogue spend the whole time bitching at each other about things from the old days. "You never apologised for drinking my coffee!" "Yeah, well, you never paid me back for lunch that one time!" I mean, now that you mention it, 'not intended for gladiatorial combat against a Donphan' is both accurate and extremely hilarious as a criterion. I can just imagine the poor villagers having to specify that to the baffled construction workers. Well, it's not chapter 4 that's the problem, it's the second interlude after it. As it turns out, awkward conversations that neither participant wants to have are not my forte. See, now I'm thinking about other Perfection Legendaries. I guess we're lucky that Teams Aqua and Magma didn't have access to Perfection- Origin Groudon and Kyogre were bad enough, I can only imagine what Perfection Groudon and Kyogre could do. That's a really good point, actually. I think a lot of us assumed that the mirror entity is Darkrai's trainer, but that doesn't mean they'll be best friends even if that is the case. Maybe the mirror entity will think Darkrai's a failure, or Darkrai will throw a tantrum and be like 'I don't need you, I can do it by myself' and storm off. Yeah, there's just so many possibilities for what the Fragment could be. I guess I assumed the game's icon was meant to be the thing around Darkrai's neck? But it also looks kind of like a crown. Maybe the Fragment looks like a crown? (The Fragment being part of a Perfection Pokemon's body would also be cool. I wonder if being around Lilith's Umbreon can make Pokemon stronger?) If it's a duel of illusions I can see the MC just walking away and going 'Nope.' That's how the plot ends, everyone realises that they were all Foxes and don't have anything to fight about, and then it's just a lot of awkward apologies. And hopefully he has Scarlett on hand to help de-douche him a bit. (God, he needs it.)
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