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  1. 1. I feel like if we high-fived Jarred and got a flashback, it'd just break the protagonist's brain and lead to a bad ending. 2. Yeah, either there's some intentional fuckery going on, or Ayrith really, really needs some better management regarding its Elite Four and Gyms, especially since it seems like nobody bothered to find a replacement for Tristan for five years. I'd say 'this is why Ayrith needs an Ame or Amanda', but considering what happened to them both... maybe not. ...or maybe whoever was in charge of management got taken out as well, who knows? Replies ^4: 1. Connor definitely seems like he's either upset about something or just needs to chill the hell out already. I'm hoping we can call in Aaron, Rosetta and maybe Aderyn for help. (Or we could just throw Jarred at Waldenhall and see what happens). Of course, it'd also be the perfect time for Lilith to return and reveal that she and Nova were working together all along and unbeknownst even to their members, the Black Foxes and Crescent are two halves of the same organisation. /s (That being said, Lilith and Nova *did* seem pretty cozy in that one cutscene, though it might have just been solidarity between ex-Darkrai pawns.) 2. Wait, what Black Piece? I went back and checked the lab near Fairbale, but there was no Black Piece there, just a book. I feel like there's another possible explanation- maybe there's something they needed in the Canyon itself. After all, we never got any real reason as to why they went there, of all places. The new dev blog says that 'The history of the canyon is well storied... but despite that, there are still missing pieces of the puzzle, and a large mystery that only a small, unfortunate handful are privy to...' So I'll bet that the twins and Darkrai are in that handful. Regarding the possible Reeve/Waldenhall conversation, it's basically all but confirmed in-universe, but it hasn't really been openly said in the game: Reeve and Waldenhall obviously did a ton of research during their time working for the Council, but I don't know how many accounts of past attempts to make artificial Perfection even exist, let alone how many they found. Reeve says he studied what happens when both people and Pokemon reach Perfection artificially, and the way he and Waldenhall talked about it at the end confirmed it for me- they don't reference past accounts or anything, they talk about it like it happened in front of them. That is, I think Reeve and Waldenhall were experimenting not only on Pokemon, but on humans- and as we know, all their test subjects died. I'm guessing that the only part that those outside the Council know is that they experimented on Pokemon who died, otherwise they both would probably be in jail, and even if they escaped prison, I doubt Reeve would have become a Gym Leader. So I think the dialogue in question is from the following scenario: they tested on Pokemon who died, Waldenhall thinks he's got everything perfect for the test on humans, and Reeve is understandably wary. Now, regarding my Reeve theory, I agree that he's likely not an actual member. It especially makes sense when you recall that Waldenhall was suspecting that Reeve was keeping things from him; given that Lilith would have wanted as much information and people working on her Perfection research as possible, I doubt that she would have overlooked that Waldenhall had a very talented student. It seems obvious that Reeve wouldn't have agreed to join- especially since I really doubt that the Black Foxes care about whether or not anyone they test artificial Perfection on would die, as long as the cops didn't find out and it wasn't anybody likely to be missed- but yeah, I can see Lilith either blackmailing, buying or recruiting Reeve- but for herself, not for the Foxes. And Reeve mentioned that Arcanius has a long history with Perfection. We'll probably learn more about the people behind the ruins in Fairbale, too. I went back and reread that dialogue, and it made me think: it seems evident that the unknown speaker was either trying to save Darkrai or elevate it to Perfection artificially (or, save Darkrai from dying because it reached Perfection artificially). But now I'm wondering: the unknown speaker seemed to be lamenting an impossible situation. What if Darkrai reached Perfection because of that, but it combined with artificial Perfection and something went amiss? I don't know if that's even possible, but it's an intriguing thought. Maybe that's why Darkrai reached Perfection, but then lost it at some point. That's actually a really fascinating point, and it makes a lot of sense. When you consider that natural Perfection seems to come from impossible circumstances, I can see why people might think that Perfection is a divine gift. Waldenhall talks about the priests like they're nothing but fanatics, but I wonder, do they worship Perfection, or something like it?
  2. 1. It's never too late to come up with crazy theories. And yeah, now that I think about it, you're right- we really know nothing about Nova. Hopefully we'll learn more about her in future episodes. 2. Come to think of it, in the Cellia Library, there's an NPC who brings up that nobody seems to know anything about Shiv, and even says that it makes no sense considering that he's a champion, if not *the* champion. And you're right, despite knowing a bunch of Gym Leaders, nobody's ever mentioned the champion. Ava mentioned that the Elite Four never respond to her messages, but it's almost like there is no champion. Replies squared: 1. I agree that the situation does seem primed for a team-up with Crescent. At the end of the day, the good guys don't really have enough firepower for this (especially since there's at least two Gym Leaders who could be recruited into the fight but haven't been for some reason) and even after Garret wiped out like thirty Foxes by himself, they've got the numbers and between the Foxes and Darkrai, things are escalating rapidly. 2. It's off-topic, but the Chryseum Canyon thing feels a bit weird to me because it's coming in the seventh of ten episodes, but it feels like end-game territory. We've got all three bad guy teams in or heading for the same place at the same time, and the good guys are chasing them. IDK what's going to happen, but it feels like something's going to explode. ...come to think about it, what exactly were Darkrai and the twins doing for all of E6? I know it probably wasn't more than a few days, but were they really just twiddling their thumbs on top of the canyon, waiting for Darkrai to spontaneously re-attain Perfection? Or maybe... Tristan and Hendrick are the same person! *dun dun dun* He faked his death and ran off to be the Normal-type Elite Four guy, and then after the cruise ship happened, he was possessed by Darkrai and made to befriend us! ...yeah, probably not. Fuck it, maybe they were both Dittos. I went back and looked at the dev blog again, and here's what we're told about Artem: 'While being a significant part of Team Crescent, Artem is equally ambitious to his own causes, that is, his research on the Grid, a mysterious and poorly understood plane of existence outside of Ayrith, and Perfection, a state of being that is currently understood to be related to evolution. Prior to E6, Artem has been in the deeper regions of the Grid, researching the area and trying to better understand it.' So I'm guessing he's been wandering around the Grid, getting really sick of the colour purple for a few months, if he hasn't been rescuing lost children in the process. I agree that it's likely Reeve. It occurs to me that he could be talking about their Perfection experiments, saying that they can't fuck it up again. But given that their experiments ended with the test subjects dying, it seems an awfully callous way to talk about it, and Reeve doesn't seem that callous. Your idea that 'she' refers to Lilith did give me an idea, though. Here's what we know: -Reeve and Waldenhall worked together on Perfection for years, some time ago. -Their experiments had a 100% fatality rate. Reeve told the Council, which got them fired; Waldenhall saw this as an unforgivable betrayal. -Some years later, Reeve publicly hasn't touched Perfection in years, but privately, he has a lab in the nightclub he owns and is still carrying out research. -Despite presumably having not seen or talked to Waldenhall since they got fired (going by the dialogue in the end cutscene), Reeve was able to contact him and set up a meeting. -Garret says Reeve came from nothing and at one point was on the streets; I can't remember when, but I think at one point a Crescent grunt says Reeve spent some time on the wrong side of the law. -Despite that, Reeve somehow became the city's top fashion designer and Cellia East's Gym Leader. -Reeve says that he made the serum he and Waldenhall used in their experiments from energy he found below the city, but the Foxes were long gone. -Except, we know for a fact that the Foxes were still using their Undercity base up until the player stormed it. -We only get to East after Amelia pulled the Foxes out of Cellia and went to Arcanius, but nobody in East ever mentions having a problem with the Foxes, IIRC. And Reeve doesn't mention them as being a problem, just Crescent. So, here's my theory: I think that Reeve is either a Black Fox or that the Black Foxes have some kind of hold over him, probably the latter. It's possible that they've been funding his pursuits in exchange for his continued work on Perfection- I imagine they didn't tell him that Waldenhall was working for them as well, but given that Reeve managed to discover and make things that he kept secret from Waldenhall, I can see the Foxes wanting Reeve on their side. It's possible that they either stayed out of East or made sure not to make any problems in East so Reeve wouldn't have a reason to stomp them down. And it's possible that he made a connection with Lilith and that's how he got the energy from Umbreon- after all, he was just a researcher at the time, not an enemy, and that would have given Lilith a connection to Waldenhall for later. (It also supports my theory that Reeve is an alcoholic who drinks because of all the myriad fuckups in his past, one of which would be his ties to the Foxes.) I don't think that Reeve is actively working against the good guys- he may now be working for Lilith as a double agent- but he's definitely got more secrets that he hasn't told us. I actually like that theory a lot! It's true that there's some weird stuff going on with Arcanius- Chryseum's got some weird stuff as well, as I recall, and Astraciel Forest supposedly feels enchanted or sapient. We'll probably find out more in episode 7.
  3. OK... Reeve has to be wearing contacts, right? Like, that eye colour cannot be natural. If it is, what kind of divine being/mythical creature is represented in his parentage, and is it his mother or father?
  4. 1. I'd also considered Eden being older. I guess we could go for the crazy theories like 'Eden is actually Nova, she got aged up and then sent back in time', etc. 2. I went back and reread the dev blog posts (more on that a bit later), and I found this bit about the Elite Four: 'While only three members exist on the walls of buildings and promotions, a fourth exists purely by word of mouth... the fate of this other member, however, is unclear. ' So... is Hendrick a real person? Is he a fabrication? Was he made up to fill out the Elite Four? Is he a Ditto? Who knows? But I feel like that leads into another question: what the hell is going on with the Championship and the Elite Four? Like, we're told that Shiv is the Champion, but is he *still* the Champion? He doesn't seem to have any actual interest in being the Champion. Why is nobody trying to find out what the fuck is going on with the Elite Four, or whether Hendrick actually exists? Is this one of those cases like in Reborn, where people undertake the Gym Challenge all the time but nobody ever completes it because half the Leaders are travelling, absent, dead or just don't feel like doing their jobs? Has *nobody* reached the Elite Four lately? Other replies (to the replies, to the replies): 1. One thing that's bugged me about Crescent for a while is that we don't really have any idea what their goal is now. Before, their goal was explicitly to summon Darkrai and put everyone into the dream. After Blackview, they sort of just fell off the map. The team didn't collapse, they're still trying to do *something*, but we have no idea what their goals are now. They seem to have abandoned going after Darkrai, so what do they want? A guy in the lab on Bountilia Island was studying Perfection too- why is Crescent interested in it? What gives? 4. Yeah, I somehow doubt that Hardy's getting a happy ending. It feels like the only 'good' ending is his Zoroark ascending to Perfection, but I doubt Hardy would get there with it. It's a really irritating mystery, because Ava never actually tells us what she knows (and neither does anyone in Addenfall). I really hope we get to find out soon. Like I said up above, I went back and reread the dev blog, and I found a couple of weird bits of dialogue that don't seem to relate to anything else. The first says: %&*$&#$*#*# > It's time for you to return... I suspect I am almost out of time. %&*$&#$*#*# > Is that so? You wish for me to leave my work, despite my progress? I am closer than you think. %&*$&%&*$&#$*#*# > The grid can wait... with what they have discovered, it would seem that we are looking in the wrong direction. $$%%#%&*$&%&*$&#$*#*# > Meaning? %&*$&%&*$&#$*#*# > It's not what lies beneath that matters... but what HE has discovered above. $$%%#%&*$&%&*$&#$*#*# > Are his intentions so maleficent as you believe? Or is it simply the unknown that you fear? %&*$&%&*$&#$*#*# > We don't have time to find out. %&*$&%&*$&#$*#*# I'm going to guess that this is between Baron and Artem, and takes place before Artem came back from the Grid (aka Bountilia Island). But it leads to the obvious question- who is 'he', and what did he discover? Waldenhall and the Ruins? Shiv, having located the lab and wanting to find Nova? Who knows? The second is as follows: > Are you sure, really sure? We can't afford to mess this up again.> I have never been more so. This is our destiny, after all. > And can we control it? > Of course. Why would you ever doubt me?> Something that powerful can't come for free. At the very least, she taught me that.> I don't play with chance, not anymore. You have nothing to fear.> And if you're wrong?> Hmph... when have I ever been wrong? I have no idea who this is. The second speaker's arrogance and talking about destiny makes me think it could be Waldenhall, but I don't know who the first speaker would be. Waldenhall doesn't really consider anyone on his level- the only theory I can come up with is that the first speaker is Reeve and this took place back when he was Waldenhall's student, but then who is 'she'?
  5. Hey, if it helps, I completely forgot about this thread, so I'm just as late. First, a few comments on your comments: 1. I absolutely want to see Eden and Garret teaming up together. I guess there's also another question there- Waldenhall said something about Eden having some kind of Grid-related power, so what can she do? Can she teleport? Is it possible that she's already managed to escape? 3. It feels like there's some weird shit going on with the Elite Four. Azura used to make visits to Celeste City, but then she just stopped. Has she really abandoned her roots, or is someone or something stopping her from going back? Why is Hendrick the only member who doesn't specialise in two Types, and why has he vanished? And some replies to your replies: 1. Also, if you choose not to team up with Shiv against Baron at Bountilia Island, Baron says something about how 'knowing what you are, you two should hate each other'. So obviously Baron and Crescent know something about the player that we don't. And the player should be opposed to Shiv, which is interesting. 2. I suppose there's a third option: maybe Ava's sister wasn't Amelia, but they could be cousins or something who haven't seen each other in a while. Or, maybe Amelia had something to do with Ava's sister dying or disappearing. 3. Honestly, Jarred is so frigging bizarre that I think there's a fairly strong possibility that we're completely off the mark and whatever he is, we'll never guess. 4. I think you might be on the money with the theory that Lilith's Umbreon being sick is because Lilith didn't attain Perfection with it. As to why she didn't... no clue. And as to your questions... 1. I have a theory that since it's called 'Majira's Rest', Majira himself is behind those doors. He might be dead- IIRC, nobody seems to know where he is or what happened to him- so it could be a tomb, or maybe he's frozen in time or in an artificial coma or something. 2. Holy shit, I never even noticed that. Good question. I wonder if we'll get answers in the 'Dark Zone' in the Dreamscape? 3. The obvious answer would be that it's some kind of Perfection fuckup, but I have another theory. Assuming that the entity in the mirror is the same person who wrote all the diaries in the ruins, they wrote about having enemies who were looking for them and trying to stop them. It's possible that those enemies hunted them down, and either trapped them in the mirror or they bound themself to the mirror to escape them. 4. No clue, but the Waterscape is seriously weird and there's some very intriguing stuff going on there (for a dream, I mean). 5. I completely missed that all the gravestones are of people who were being manipulated by Darkrai, great catch. I'm not sure who 'Si--' is, honestly. Shiv said they were a friend, but that might have been a lie. 6. See 4. Although, it's possible that the entity can reach into the Dreamscape. I actually thought up one more question while I was writing this: what happened to the original Tristan, the one who died? From his grandfather's diaries, the only theory I have is a murder-suicide, but that feels way too dark even for Desolation.
  6. [Warning: this thread will be discussing major plot points and developments for E6 and I haven't spoilered them.] It's been a few months since E6's release, so I figured we could do with a thread to discuss certain plot points and where we think they might be heading in the future, as well as our own theories regarding the plot. I'll start off with a couple: 1: We know the Black Foxes threw Eden into the Grid, but I don't think she's there anymore. I think there's a fairly decent chance that Artem stumbled upon her in his travels and either brought her into Crescent or took her out of the Grid and left her somewhere safe. 2. The end cutscene seemed to be implying that the entity in the mirror is Darkrai's trainer. I'm not sure whether they're the same person who wrote all the journals in the underground base or not, but I do have a different theory: whoever and whatever they are, they were somehow stuck in/bound to the mirror, and they were specifically antagonising Waldenhall so he'd smash the mirror and free them. 3. The Elite Four are either part of the gangs (hell, maybe they've formed their own villain team) or are being held prisoner so they can't intervene. Aside from that, I have some questions to discuss/theorise about: 1. Who is the player, really? 2. Are Ava and Amelia sisters? If yes, why didn't they recognise each other on the cruise ship? If no, what's Amelia's connection to Darkroot? 3. What the hell is Jarred? 4. If Lilith's Umbreon obtained Perfection naturally, how come she wrote that it seems to always be sick and moody? In fact, why didn't Lilith attain Perfection alongside her Umbreon? 5. What will all the Pieces of the islands do when collected?
  7. Also, the exact same thing happened when I tried to start the storyline where Clarke becomes a Ranger yesterday.
  8. I don't know if it's different for Mac users, but I've looked and there doesn't seem to be a file called Game.rxdata on my Mac. And I'm pretty sure I did put the map file in the correct folder.
  9. I'm starting to think that I somehow really fucked something up, because I can't find anything called 'Game.rxdata'. I've found 'Game.exe' and 'Game.ini' but not rxdata.
  10. Sorry, I'm really not good with technology- how do I do that?
  11. I just tried it and it didn't work. And my save isn't older, is the thing- I downloaded the game after E6 came out, around the time patch 4 was released.
  12. I did that, I think. I downloaded the patch, but I don't know if I installed it correctly because I wasn't sure how to.
  13. Whenever I try to start the quest with Boss in Blackview, I get all the way through the dialogue and then the screen fills up with this box that starts with 'Exception: NoMethodError' and then has a whole list of stuff, like seven lines starting with 'Interpreter', and then 'Scene_Map' and 'Main' and '(eval)'. The game freezes and I have to restart it.
  14. Hi, I have two questions regarding the patches for Desolation. 1: I just downloaded the latest patch, but I don't know how to actually patch the game (I'm on a Mac). Can someone ELI5? 2: Does the latest patch include the stuff that previous patches had?
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