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  1. If this was Pre-Nerf Charlotte(where you had that whole BS of Energy Ball Typhlo) then I would agree. However, I find her a tad overhyped
  2. My Tier List for the Difficulty of Gym Leader in Reborn based on my experience with the game. This was pretty difficult as certain team compositions/ Pokemon can blow up any leaders with ease.. People will also naturally have different experiences based on their own playthroughs. However, I tried to take into account their overall team composition, available pokemon and resources, etc. Notes .Amaria is based on Reshiram Singles Route Battle .Corey is based on Police Found Route .Despite his suicide and not giving the player a bagde, I do count Corey .Cal is not included .I found Hardy and Serra really polarzing. Without Rain and or Nature Power they are brutal, but once you have those respective things they become super easy
  3. What hurts Serp the most behind level 62 Leaf Storm is honestly it being a starter mon, so it becomes a pain to breed it to get Glare.
  4. Do you believe Greninja to be worse than both Incen and Prim?
  5. My Tier List for the overall efficiency and viability of the Starter Pokemon in Reborn(In Game) The only controversial picks I could see here are .Empoleon-This mon really really relies on TM's and Move Tutor moves to be good, which Reborn is very stingy with. .Serp-Using this mon without Leaf Storm is such a drag, and you can't even abuse Coil on it if you have Contrary
  6. I have a Grubbin now thanks to wonder trade, but I would greatly appreciate Tediursa. I am EST as well so see you at noon Turns out the Tediursa bug did not appear on my save, so the trade is unnecessary
  7. Did you put spaces between the True and Jayhawk, because they have no spaces
  8. I am looking for .Tediursa(The Tediursa sidequest is still bugged I believe) .Grubbin Name:TrueJayhawk
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