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  1. So since my Redux run is now over, I figured it's time to submit my team (episode 8 singles).
  2. Hello! So far, I've had a lot of fun with your mod! I just beat LC with the Stakataka, and one of the trainers wanted to give me something as a reward. However, as he's about to, this happens: Unfortunately, I'm stuck in this position forever. I've attached my save file to this post. If you could take a look at it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Game.rxdata
  3. Before we get started on this, I'd like to first say if you somehow haven't already, please do yourselves a favor and play Pokemon Reborn and Rejuvenation first. I don't know how you'd possibly find this before playing these amazing games, but just in case you have, you can download Reborn here and Rejuvenation here. With that being said... ...have you ever wanted to add some spice to your fighting mono? Have you ever wanted to play as another character? Perhaps you're a fan of Rejuvenation? Or maybe you're just an asshole, like me. Either way, if you've answered yes to any of these questions, then I've got the perfect custom sprite pack for you! This, my friends, is the Texen Reborn pack! A graphics hack based on the one and only Texen Raider! Some things have changed, including some music, Pokemon sprites, and even character sprites! However, one thing's for certain: the region is not ready for Texen's divine brilliance. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10DptxzqN3TUJievUBRUzAuoAY1THv5h4 How to apply the graphics mod: 1) Download all of the files from the link above. 2) Drag and drop the contents inside each folder into their respective places. If it asks if you want to replace the old file with the new one, answer "yes." Special Thanks: 1) Amethyst and the Reborn team for creating an amazing game in Pokemon Reborn 2) Jan and the Rejuvenation team for not only creating an equally amazing game, but giving us Texen. 3) Ny, for helping create the Texen back sprite, as well as help polishing other sprites (you'll see which ones...) 4) Uberle for gifting me the awesome custom Infernape sprite. With that being said, enjoy!
  4. I remember I used to post a lot of play throughs. I've been doing one very recently of Reborn, and it's been the most fun I've had in a very long time. When I'm done with it, I'm going to do it again, and post it to the forums. As such, this new run shall be coming soon!





  5. Because I see fan fictions are allowed, I decided to share mine with all of you. Enjoy!
  6. The Lord Texen has truly blessed us on this day. Amen.
  7. So I have two teams. First Squad Intense Squad
  8. No, he's clearly super cereal. Anyway, with that out of the way, here's my trash idea... Purugly Crest: +18 Attack, +12 Def, Guts
  9. This one's easy for me. Sobble Squad, rise up!
  10. They're a team that evades taxes. Their leader is an admin named Yoshi.
  11. As a guy who picks the water type a lot, I'm so happy Sobble looks so awesome!
  12. Awesome! Now we just need the side episode of Our Lord and Savior Texen.
  13. Let's give it a shot. Name: Sergei Pokémon: Beartic Gender: Male Type: Ice Ability: Slush Rush Personality: Timid, Reclusive, Quiet Moveset: Icicle Crash, Superpower, Aqua Jet, Slash Font Color: White Theme: This Spirituality: Inuit influence Story: Sergei grew up north with a tribe of Beartic. The Pokemon of that region keep to themselves, preferring the cold weather. However, over the ocean, one can see the warm shores of Abstract. This captivated Sergei, who wanted to explore the sunny regions. The elders of the tribe didn't appreciate that, however, shunning him at a young age. This had a major impact on the Cubchoo, turning him into a reclusive bear. Despite this isolation, Sergei continued to push himself, training under harsh conditions. Eventually, he evolved into Beartic, abandoning the tribe that shunned him. He made the long trip across the ocean towards the sunnier beaches of Abstract, expecting a warm (pun intended) welcome. However, upon arrival, the Pokemon of that area shunned him, as well, never seeing an ice type up close before. Now, Sergei wanders Abstract alone, looking for any source of companionship. Details: Because he spent many days alone, Sergei doesn't know how to talk to... well, anyone. He often stays silent, preferring to listen rather than speak up. Because of this, Sergei has a hard time communicating with anyone. While preferring to avoid violence, he's also easily provoked.
  14. As it's my favorite Pokemon, I always name each Swampert I own Achilles. It's a strong and powerful warrior with one crippling weakness in grass (a true Achilles heal if there ever was one). In addition, if you've seen Mega Swampert, you know it's heels are weak AF.
  15. I feel like Amber is designed to be the character you're supposed to hate. As such, I've never actually had a problem with her. I like her fight, as well. Funny you mention wishing to fight her alone, because I believe in early versions, that used to be a thing. You would have a choice between who you think is the strongest. If you chose Melia, you would fight with her. If you chose Amber, you would fight against both by yourself. My problem with this is that this decision would affect relationship points. I don't know if they'll mean anything eventually, but if it did, that wouldn't be fair to people who wanted to fight both by themselves. I, too, would like it if we fought both by themselves, but for me, I'm ultimately okay with fighting with Melia. After all, her mons make a great meat shield.
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