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  1. riddlemeree


    oh my goodness, this is beautiful! amazing work!
  2. Also not on this list but my pick would be But if we're only counting 100% dead char's, it would be
  3. holy crap, thank you. i've had this internal thing of why i really disliked the romance between her and melia so much, but no way of properly explaining it, and this hits all the notes. i really doubt that this is what the relationship is meant to be based off of, but all of the events leading up to this basically consisted of melia berating venam and it just seemed like a cycle of venam playing catch-up specifically for her appeasement. i think the fact that we only see pretty small amounts of venam + melia's relationship before the actual events of the game is the biggest problem. all of the
  4. Pyroar Crest Increases Pyroar’s base Speed and Special Attack by 25%. Normal-type moves hit for neutral damage on all types (and maybe apply a 20% power buff like Normalize?) Pyroar really really suits Melia, but it sucks. I think something like this would help her in Double Battles especially. (Hyper Voice spam!) Arcanine Crest Halves the damage taken from physical attacks. Basically just Fur Coat. A lot of people forget about Arcanine’s defensive capabilities, and this + Intimidate would be a fun combination. Wynaut Crest Applies an auto
  5. Max friendship Eevee evolves into Sylveon, despite knowing no Fairy-type moves. This means you can't evolve your Eevee into an Espeon or Umbreon, no matter what.
  6. Leaving the Archives top room before reading the 6th diary entry teleports you into this door, and you're unable to move.
  7. First off, I'm so happy to hear that Caz is doing well, and I hope all of you enjoy being on the Deso team. It's very exciting that this project is continuing Secondly, god bless the speed-up button! And for the actual question--I'm really sorry but this is super specific--are you guys going to be using Ruby's redraw of the title screen? I remember seeing it on Tumblr and going like Was Ruby on the team at the time she made that?
  8. riddlemeree

    18.3 beta

    mkxp = reborn on linux reborn on linux = ubuntu linux on switch r-reborn on nintendo switch......
  9. If you’re using MKXP-Z, if you had any Unicode characters in the folder’s (or any folder the folder was in) name, stuff like hyphens, it would just not work. I don’t think this is a problemo with MKXP itself, so if you’re using that things should be fine.
  10. Hella nice. I've used the Uranium version of MKXP, and it can get a bit funky in regards to how you name the file. Are you going to have two downloads for Reborn, one being the "normal" one and the other MKXP?
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