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  1. GenEric


    old topic but you become a veteran by being a member for a year im gonna lock this so it doesnt derail or sth
  2. alaris and amber werent lying i stabbed them with my 5 inch dong blade also lykos was right there is a cult only one mafia remains if i die
  3. well if im going to die do u want me to give u a tip?
  4. if you guys wanna lynch me then u better change your mind its better to lynch someone who actually dies from it and im getting cult leader/member vibes from lykos so [eliminate] lykos sorry andrea ;((
  5. great u guys are actually bandwagoning me and i only see this right before school ill start defending myself about 8 hours later so like dont kill me just yet
  6. GenEric

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    all hope is lost give up
  7. Found a forum with the same design



  8. not a lot of ppl are online yet so i guess we will wait for the others to say what they think is there a watcher in this game?
  9. [eliminate] jace I gotta vote before I slep so I dont get killed for nothing
  10. lets kill jace and let him win https://youtu.be/9BJT7e1FjqY
  11. lover? what do u mean a cupid?
  12. since alaris is stabbed now i wonder if he can cough up some info to give us a lead @Alaris?
  13. the poisoner delays the kill right? rip u served us well i think
  14. is jace a treestump? a banana tree stump hehe
  15. GenEric

    Michel Joins the Squad!

    yay now i can post more bara porn without ppl side eyeing me