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    Congrats, you lovely kuudere :) 


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    2. Paul25


      Blue colour is realiable for :eyes:p

      Another new known staff.

      Omg feels xD

      Congrats on your appointment to a staff. Enjoy with your duties. 

    3. seki108


      Congrats on the upgrade.  May you help carry on Njab's legacy of file fixing.......maybe with less number counting disruption though.

    4. walpurgis


      wait, can I disrupt the numbers?

      I guess I'll start visiting that thread every once in a while.

  2. Why does everyone flee from me...

    First of all, thank you everyone. Knowing I can talk to people really means a lot. And I do have recognised the traits of myself I don't like/that affect me negatively and try to change them. One is I tend to look on the shady side of things. I get upset that I don't have many friends and I don't get grateful for having at least one-two friends for life. Second is that I bash myself too hard about being perfect on things and then, I stop enjoy stuff I like do, just because I'm not perfect/I realise someone is better than me. I know I will have more days that will feel dark and hopeless, but I assure you all that I won't stop fighting, even if my depression shows its face again (it has shown signs of re-emerging). So, a misty eyed "thank you" to all who actually bothered to send me a nice message :')
  3. I would say this on your thread, but I can't really contribute anything there that hasn't been said already, and I have less experience in this sort of thing.


    If the bonds were so easily broken, I don't think they were that strong, to begin with. But don't let this bring you down (yes, this is coming from me. the guy who ranted about valentines day in a depressing manner just a few days ago). There are people out there who really care for you. your BFF's for example. and I know that there are more.


    "Companionship is decently common. True Friendship a rarity."

    1. Sayia


      It is not that we are losing our friends with time.. It's just with age that we realize who deserves to be called.

    2. Wolfox


      and if nothing else I have this:

      help me get out alive a few times

  4. Being a perfectionist ruins my attempts to have fun in any hobbies I try.

    I bash myself too hard for not being perfect at it and it isn't enjoyable anymore...

    I hate me sometimes.

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    2. Dragoknight


      You shouldn't be so hard on yourself when it comes to these kinds of things. Sure you might not be the best when it comes to certain things, but if it's something your really passionate about, just think of as being able to prove the world just how much better you can get at things! You're capable of greatness if you put your mind to it!

      And if you ever do get overly pissed at yourself for fucking something up, just remember to take a breather and if you have the time, cry in a pillow to relieve yourself of stress.

      Please don't hate yourself for anything.

    3. Zarc




      I like you :) 



      ( yeah sometime this simple sentence can make you feel a bit better ).



      Like others said , don't be so hard about yourself ! Yeah i remember , both of us had a little contestation , but at the end it allow us to be more closer than before ( i think ? ). 

    4. PESH1


      I feel we impose unreasonable expectations on whatever we try, and we aim for perfection in all our attempts. I strongly feel that striving for continuous improvement is more rewarding than striving for perfection. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, you're pursuing a hobby to take a break from your daily academic life and the hobby must be enjoyable to recharge yourself. 

  5. Hurt and Heal: XY Megas

    Mega Venusaur: 15 Mega Charizard X: 16 Mega Charizard Y: 25 Mega Alakazam: 18 Mega Gengar: 23 Mega Kangaskhan: 18 Mega Pinsir: 24 Mega Aerodactyl: 26 Mega Mewtwo Y: 10 Mega Ampharos: 13 Mega Scizor: 18 Mega Heracross: 22 Mega Houndoom: 23 Mega Tyranitar: 21 Mega Mawile: 26 Mega Aggron: 24 Mega Manectric: 23 Mega Banette: 16 Mega Absol: 12 Mega Lucario: 8 Mega Abomasnow: 19
  6. Hurt and Heal: ORAS Mega's.

    Mega Beedrill: 25 Mega Pidgeot: 26 Mega Slowbro: 20 Mega Steelix: 18 Mega Sceptile: 24 Mega Swampert: 21 Mega Sableye: 18 Mega Sharpedo: 20 Mega Camerupt: 22 Mega Altaria: 23 Mega Glalie: 20 Mega Salamence: 14 Mega Metagross: 8 Mega Latios: 18 Mega Latias: 18 Mega Rayquaza: 3 Mega Lopunny: 18 Mega Gallade: 24 Mega Audino: 10 Mega Diancie: 20
  7. Hurt and Heal: Ultra Beasts

    Nihilego: 0 Poipole: 13 Naganadel: 10 Stakataka: 10
  8. Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 26 Adrienn: 12 Amaria: 16 Aya: 24 Charlotte: 15 Ciel: 19 Corey: 5 Florinia: 29 Hardy: 30 Julia: 23 Kiki: 21 Luna: 20 Noel: 17 Samson: 22 Saphira:19 Serra: 7 Shade: 30 Shelly: 29 Anna: 19 DJ Arclight: 16 Cal: 26 Laura: 24 Taka: 8 ZEL: 19
  9. Okay... so... uh... Well, let's start from the beginning. I'm not always the 24/7 cheerful, upbeat, chirpy person(na) that I show on the forums. Yes, I get excited, I like joking around and stuff, but honestly, I don't really like myself. And I am quite fed up with myself. I will warn you that my mind is now as messed up as it gets, so I don't even know if everything I will say will make any sense. Throughout my life I went into elementary, middle, highschool, university and I'm now doing a PhD. I've met numerous people, made friends and... enemies. But mostly friends. Or, so I thought. Because I realised that "friend" is a term you can't "waste" on anyone easily. Because, a friend will not just stop being a friend randomly, right? In the end of elementary school, I lost some of my friends due to rearrangement of students in classes, but I survived. New friends, new happy times. Till bullying happened in the second year of middle school. Because being the top student of the school for 8 years in a row was obviously a crime. Liking sports meant that you could "accidentally" get your wrist broken during a football game. Not being a nerd despite being a top student wasn't tolerable. So, elimination process was on. They broke my hand, but not my spirit. I kept playing basketball and being one of the best players of the class, among both guys and girls. And I did that while still wearing my cast. Cause fuck danger. Then, highschool happened. First love, first troubles, and old friends remained. But they started vanishing slowly. I don't know if I hurt anyone. I hope I didn't. I certainly didn't do anything bad, none that I understood of. I just... had to keep calling friends to stay in touch. Again, again, again. But, you can't keep a friendship on your own. I might be selfish. But, if the other person never shows appreciation and will to commit, then it is dead already. Friendship, it is. Highschool ended, I got cheated on by my (only) serious relationship I ever had. I forgave. I didn't forget. But I truthfully forgave. To be treated like shit again. And got told that the person I loved was "fed up and needed some time" right after our first holidays together. I offered it, then it was all good. Till the moment I was made to choose among my BFF and my love. Had it been genuine love, that person wouldn't have put me in such a place. I chose my BFF. It's the only decision I will never regret. Apart from the fact that love is blind. And I kinda fell in love with my BFF. And I buried it deep down, because it was destined to fail. And I kinda killed myself every time I saw her in another relationship. But the sexual preference thing is brutal. So, it passed. And feelings still exist, but feel like a distant memory, and not of heartache anymore. And we still hold each other when one needs to cry, so, I'd not change this for anything else. She's one of the few things I'm not questioning my choices about. But my highschool friends vanished. See, my ex love was like a cancer. Grew on everything I held dear, and ruined it. And I was friendless. Just one BFF and many remnants of friendships... Scattered, like our fates. Then, it was university. I met people, again! We had fun. Helped each other studying, went to the movies, played video games, had sleepovers... Holidays together... Then, the GF of a friend cheated on him with another guy of the fellowship. And, of course, one after the other stranded away. Only a guy kept in touch with me. My second best friend nowadays. Studying abroad. Like I used to, till I failed my PhD abroad too. And dropped it to return to Greece. And, I was again without friends. So, why is everyone leaving me? It hurts me when I sink in my bed at nights, crying to myself, knowing how alone and scared I will be when (God forbid) my parents pass... And I swear, it isn't another one case of the "I have the idiot magnet and only attract jerks". I am always honest, considerate and even putting others above myself, if I really care for them... I just wonder... If I am the mistake. Because it seems strange that everyone leaves and not looking back, with few exceptions... I have my flaws, like everyone, but, I do try to control them... I get angered easily at myself if I don't perform at the best of my ability and criticise myself extremely harsh. My flaws are mostly self-destructive though, like the one I just mentioned... I don't get it... And now I struggle to create new friendships again. But I don't know if I have the strength to try it again... Again, I'm sorry for wasting your time. Too many random thoughts, without coherence. It's just... I don't let others see me cry mostly. And I have nobody to talk to. Nobody I can relate to. My parents will be reasonable and try to lighten up my mood. My BFF will console me... And I will just wear my happy mask and battle through another day... Wondering why does everyone flee from me...
  10. Wow,you think?! I just figured that, what almost every run misses is giving some personality to the Pokemon! We have casual runs that describe battles and follow the plot, we have runs that have an interesting background story of the character, but nobody ever had actually tried to put some depth and character development into the actual protagonists of these games: the 'mons themselves! So, that's what I'll keep doing... I'm glad you like it, it's pretty much the best compliment I've had about this run so far Really?! I used to love RPs, but I tend to avoid participating, since I don't have much time (cause work/studies) to invest and get myself properly involved... So, I don't want to participate every now and then, out of fear I might ruin the fun for casual roleplayers...
  11. Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Burn baby. To a crisp. Cain: 27 Adrienn: 12 Amaria: 17 Aya: 23 Charlotte: 17 Ciel: 19 Corey: 5 Florinia: 29 Hardy: 29 Julia: 22 Kiki: 21 Luna: 20 Noel: 19 Samson: 22 Saphira: 21 Serra: 9 Shade: 30 Shelly: 28 Anna: 19 DJ Arclight: 16 Cal: 26 Laura: 24 Taka: 9 ZEL: 19
  12. Hurt and Heal: XY Megas

    Eliminate ASAP the stupid, unnecessary Megas that were given to OP 'mons. Mega Venusaur: 15 Mega Charizard X: 19 Mega Charizard Y: 24 Mega Alakazam: 18 Mega Gengar: 23 Mega Kangaskhan: 18 Mega Pinsir: 23 Mega Aerodactyl: 24 Mega Mewtwo Y: 14 Mega Ampharos: 13 Mega Scizor: 18 Mega Heracross: 22 Mega Houndoom: 23 Mega Tyranitar: 21 Mega Mawile: 27 Mega Aggron: 24 Mega Manectric: 23 Mega Banette: 16 Mega Absol: 14 Mega Lucario: 11 Mega Abomasnow: 18
  13. Hurt and Heal: Ultra Beasts

    I claim the kill. My first kill ever in hurt/heal games. Never a support again. Nihilego: 10 Kartana : 0 Poipole: 9 Naganadel: 12 Stakataka: 11
  14. Hurt and Heal: ORAS Mega's.

    Let's murder this crime of a creation fast and move on to the actual Megas. You know, the ones that need a Mega Stone... Mega Beedrill: 23 Mega Pidgeot: 24 Mega Slowbro: 20 Mega Steelix: 18 Mega Sceptile: 23 Mega Swampert: 21 Mega Sableye: 18 Mega Sharpedo: 20 Mega Camerupt: 21 Mega Altaria: 22 Mega Glalie:20 Mega Salamence: 16 Mega Metagross: 12 Mega Latios: 18 Mega Latias: 18 Mega Rayquaza: 10 Mega Lopunny: 18 Mega Gallade: 23 Mega Audino: 14 Mega Diancie: 21
  15. Reborn characters Hurt/Heal (post E17)

    Cain: 27 Adrienn: 12 Amaria: 17 Aya: 23 Charlotte: 19 Ciel: 19 Corey: 7 Florinia: 30 Hardy: 30 Julia: 24 Kiki: 21 Luna: 20 Noel: 19 Samson: 21 Saphira: 19 Serra: 9 Shade: 30 Shelly: 30 Anna: 19 DJ Arclight: 16 Cal: 27 Laura: 24 Taka: 10 ZEL: 18