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  1. Question about Water Shuriken.

    Water Shuriken becoming Special does not only refer to Greninja. It is also a buff to Accelgor, which I will accept with great pleasure! Priority Water coverage multihit special move (to break Sturdies) on a greatly fast special attacking Bug? Hell yeah!
  2. I'm gonna be that guy and assume that in ep 17 you're gonna hunt for either an Araquanid or a Golisopod. Might I ask which one?

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    2. Azeria


      They do different things tbh.

    3. Wolfox


      true, yet the thing Araquanid does tends to have a bit more use, especially on a bug mono. Water Bubble makes the neutral fire into a resistance while also buffing all water type moves to 200%. Wait... Ame wouldn't be evil enough so someday add a Water-type Pulse mon with Water Bubble... right?

    4. DreamblitzX


      Did someone say Pulse Clawitzer? though that feels like it should keep mega launcher.

  3. Choose my Type for my Reborn MonoType Run

    This topic is bugging me. No pun intended. Or maybe there is a pun?
  4. Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Use Fake Out on Illumise with a Liepard and set the field on fire with a Skuntank knowing Flame Burst. You can breed Flame Burst on a Stunky via a Growlithe or Simisear. Hope it works
  5. Meet me! I despise Blaziken. I adore Torchik and Combusken, but Blaziken was a huge disappointment to me... It looks terribadtastic, as Julia would say. Good luck in your run (even though you won't need luck for a canon Pokemon game run ) Have fun!
  6. Let's be honest here, Phanpys became extinct. I've been searching for 3 hours, in daytime, not a single one.
  7. I get the point of other wild encounters being more rare than others. But with all due respect to Rejuvention devs... WHY THE HELL IS PHANPY MORE ELUSIVE THAN FUCKING ARTICUNO IN GOLDENLEAF TOWN????

  8. Yes please. Dragonair is elegant, mystical and powerful looking. Dragonite is cute, like a kindergarten Barney guardian. This would be optional. But if they are so keen on keeping the Barney cute-gentle element, they could go for something like this.
  9. @eurinome Irrelevant, but, as a Greek I can't not admire the names and theme of your teams! Great work there with muses, charites etc.
  10. And Berry Emporium in Rejuvenation isn't selling Aspear Berries, while selling all the others that cure status conditions. Cause why not spend a century trying to Thief Aspear Berries from Crawbrawlers in Route 2 to face Angie's stupid Cold Truth freezing hacks? It's not like I have other things to do with my life.

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    2. Awesome_One


      Congrats! :D I had to use Magcargo and Houndoom in that battle for me. Magcargo was used to melt the arena and Houndoom was to DESTROY MOST OF HER DAMN ANNOYING ASS TEAM! O.o Sorry... It literally took me a day and a half to beat her.

    3. Jess


      I had to soft reset a couple times because she got lucky crits and OHKO'ed my Lopunny and Bibarel two times in a row, but it proved to be quite easy. Was lucky with the flinch hacks though :) 

    4. Awesome_One


      Lucky. Btw, not gonna spil anything but I'm gonna guess that in like an hour or 2, get ready for some SHIT to go down. Still can't comprehend it. Haha.

  11. Lord Helix shall rule the land. And the seas. And the skies.
  12. @HUEnd I see... Well, I talk to everyone anyways, and still got no info on Venam's Kiss and Gale Strike. Some info maybe are given, but it would be nice to know exactly what I'm going up against. @DreamblitzX That's a good idea, even though it is a bit troublesome to do... Also, I had the Debug menu installed, but it was causing some errors. e.g the Future Sight not working bug, which is fixed in the latest Rejuvenation patch, was coming up again when I installed debug menu. So, I got rid of it
  13. So, while playing in Rejuv. I noticed that, concept of special moves used only by Gym leaders is cool and all, but we know nothing about them! For example, Cold Truth. Base Power? Additional effects? Crit ratio? So, is there a .txt file or something that has all of them and their details? If not, can anyone who knows that stuff just write them here, in the following posts, for future reference?
  14. Z ring and the Mega ring

    Honest promise to myself that I won't use either Mega Ring or Z Ring. Z moves are ruining the game in my opinion and I am just not a fan of mega evolution.