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  1. considering you like watching Nuzlockers fail

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  3. Don't know you, but I saw your thread and I felt so relate able to your story I felt compelled to click on your profile and here I am. I hope your walk of life is bearable, hang in there man and I know this will sound really odd but I would like to message you sometime and share our experiences. Have a fantastic birthday!

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  6. Happy birthday Jess!! I hope all your wishes come true you're a lovely lady ❤️

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    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    @Caz Keep up the good job! Real life comes first, just see this as a pleasant hobby and do it at the pace that suits you! Besides, if it was possible for me to do a clean Bug monorun in your game, then it will be piece of cake for you to complete this eventually!
  9. LOL, or they'll develop a fierce rivalry, since Hidenka likes Venam very much! Remember how much fun she had in Venam's Gym, with puzzle and gathering Toxic Spikes Regardless, I apologise for taking a short hiatus from this run, it will return soon.
  10. Hey, I just saw this tonight! I've been away from the forum for a while... Thanks! I'm glad you like the character development! Yeah, I didn't know Sheridan Village would turn into such a big arc initially, but here we are! Hidenka and her inventions...
  11. Thanks! I'm glad you did! Technically not, well, Melia can, and Aelita only understands their body language, cause she is like the Fighting type sensei, and a Zen master (well, Mistress )! But, if something is important to comprehend, then Gundham does the translation, as the Ultimate Breeder, and expert of animals/pokemon! The Eldest now, so many years of wisdom, so she probably has some abilities...
  12. Gundham keeps surging through Aevium! But is everything going smoothly? 

    Join the fun, in another chapter of this custom Rejuvenation run! Chapter 14: Shattered psyche!

  13. CHAPTER 14: Shattered psyche With Aelita running behind Keta, I decide to follow as well... I descend from the stairs next to the Sheridan Village's waterfall and I find the Eldest again... Eldest: "Yin... Follow Yang, I beseech you. Only together, you can save us. Behind the waterfall. Into the heart of the mountain." Gundham: "I will call upon every ancient spirit to assist us. No need to wor-" San-D, the Patrat: "My abyssal scepter vibrates... I can sense the corruption inside the mountain... Something is abnormal..." Jum-P, the Quilava: "We don't have time to waste, edgelords! Cut the pompous declarations and let's get crackin-" Gundham: "W... wait a second... San-D is glowing!" And within seconds.... San-D, the Watchog: "Oh, you shall face the brilliance of the Mistress of Gyarados and Tamer of the Sea before you, Heathens!" The young Patrat had evolved! And the Watchog that emerged was still wearing the same tribal outfit as it was when I met it, when it was a tiny Patrat. San-D, the Watchog: "I shall scout for danger with my scepter. I will lead the way, Boss.", she said confidently. After that, the Eldest gave me her blessings, which felt weird... A demon accepting blessings, it made my skin itch a bit. Jum-P, the Quilava: "Rubbish! Your skin itches because we haven't had a bath in like 4 days, we keep running everywhere and doing stuff!" Gundham: "Hush up, abominable pest! We have more pressing issues to deal with!" Hidenka, the Nidorina: "Furthermore, we still haven't established what is causing your liking for Water, Jum-P. Or to what extent Water contact would be harmful to you...." Jum-P, the Quilava: "Meh... Whatever, let's go at last! Even though I prefer staying here, next to this waterfall..." With that, we entered the Carotos Mountain... But right as we stepped in, we saw Aelita, who looked stunned... Aelita: "How... This is... A volcano? Carotos mountain's interior was supposed to be a haven for pokemon... Not like th-" Jum-P, the Quilava: "GOD FUCKING DAMN IT BOSS, I DIDN'T SIGN FOR THIS, IT'S SCORCHING HOT IN HERE! fUCK THIS SHIT, I'M OUT!", shouted Jum-P while bouncing up and down as if he was being forced to step onto blazing hot coals... We ran behind him, together with Aelita and found Jum-P next to the waterfall, sighing in relief. Jum-P, the Quilava: "Ahhhhh... Cool... The tiny droplets, the humidity... This is Heaven..." Hidenka, the Nidorina: "Sir, after running some DNA tests on some hair I collected from Jum-P's tail, I deduct that his Water liking stems from his genes... Additionally, his body appears significantly weakened when he isn't properly hydrated..." Gaidoku, the Nidorino *staring at Hidenka in awe*: "I don't understand a word she says, but she is amazing!" Maga-Z, the Pachirisu: "NOT NOW, LOVESTRUCK! So, what did hidenka say?" Kairi Hime, the Bibarel: "In short, we gotta keep Jum-P cool and hydrated." Gundham: "OK, OK, Kairi Hime, you will be using Water Gun aiming high, above the head of Jum-P. MILDLY! We wanna keep him cool, not make him faint!" Kairi Hime, the Bibarel: "I'm on it, Gundham!" Gundham: "And you, Mizumi, will use your tail as a fan to keep his body cool!" Mizumi, the Buizel: "Ya' got it, Boss! Anything for my sparring mate!" Mizumi and Kairi Hime did as I instructed them too, creating a tiny fountain over Jum-P's head, with a fan constantly blowing air on his face. The small droplets were fizzing, evaporating right after they fell on Jum-P's flames, and he seemed to be more cheerful immediately. Jum-P, the Quilava: "Let's go wreck house, guyz! I'm on fire! Or on water! Well doesn't matter, let's go destroy 'em!" Aelita heard Jum-P and smiled... Aelita: "So... Does that mean that you will help me, Gundham? Even without knowing me?" Gundham: "Well... We have to let destiny guide us. Not define us, but show us the way... And sometimes, we have to change it. Even if it means messing with lowly humans, like Team Xen..." Aelita promised to heal our Pokemon whenever that is necessary with her Revival Herbs and Medicine. She already shows signs of a capable Sensei, even with being so young... Soon, as we advanced through the fiery Carotos Mountain, a robotic slithering tentacle emerged from the ground, and grabbed Aelita's ankle. Aelita: "Urgh.... Leave... Me Alone... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CREEPY THING?!" Bun, the Lopunny: "HAIIIIIII-YAHHHHHHHH!" Bun had used a full-power Return on the tentacle, reducing it to a mere pillar of irregular shaped metal pieces. Aelita: "Heh... Thanks, Bun! Looks like your ankle has fully healed!", Aelita said, petting Bun's ears gently. Gundham: "What was this infernal abomination though?..." Right when I said that, in front of an elevator, a... "weird"-shaped machine, emerged and introduced itself to us, as SEC. "Security Enforcer Component, placed under the authority of subject: Madelis". Jum-P, the Quilava: "It was d1Cc shap-" Kairi Hime *closing Jum-P's mouth with her flat, beavery tail*: "WE WILL GET WARNING POINTS, CONTROL YOURSELF!" SEC asked for our Team Xen identification cards, confirming our theories. Team Xen is behind all this... But, since we didn't have any Team Xen IDs, we had to battle SEC... Erimakuma, the Minccino *tucked frightened in my scarf*: "M.... Madeli.... Madelis....", Erimakuma stuttered, her entire body was trembling... Erimakuma, the Minccino: "E... evil Crimsonhaired Woman... No..." Poor thing was frightened to death... As relaxed as she seemed to be since the moment we arrived in Sheridan Village, now she was the exact opposite... San-D, my Watchog hugged her, still tucked in my scarf... San-D, the Watchog: "Relax, little one, nobody can hurt you anymore." Gundham: "Plus, my scarf, the ancient Tanaka artifact, is infused with strong magic. The spirits of a thousand generations of Tanakas are shielding you, young one!", I said confidently, laughing, trying to reassure her... But then, SEC battled us... and sent in a Shadow Salandit... As we battled it, defeating it quite easily, we noticed a dark aura emitting from its body, and reaching like a long, ethereal snake towards Erimakuma... Hidenka pulled my sleeve, in a hurry... Hidenka, the Nidorina: "Sir... Fast... Get Erimakuma out of this place! I thought that her symptoms were indicative of strong PTSD... But apparently, they aren't... It is her incomplete shadowfication. The process is resumed. It got re-initiated by the trauma, enhanced by the close contact with other shadow Pokemon... She isn't safe here!" Aelita: "Hawlucha, take her to the Eldest, fast!" Mizumi, the Buizel: "No. I'll take her out. You all are needed here to fight. San-D's scepter practically holds back the shadow force. She creates a barrier, and I go out and run to find the Eldest... Besides, Sir... I was the first one who saw her in Melia's room..." Hidenka, the Nidorina: "It could work... The shadow waves are practically electromagnetic forces that resonate with the victim's electrical signals that travel through the neurons... A Barrier would significantly weaken those... Buying us time." Apparently, San-D had watched a bit too much Lord of the Rings while she was resting at the Gearen pokmon Center and performed a gloriously majestic "you shall not pass" spell on the dark ethereal snakes that attempted to seize Erimakuma. Mizumi held her shaking body in his arms, always tucked in my crimson scarf, running out of the Cave, as we advanced to the elevator, praying that Erimakuma will be OK... Aelita: "Gundham...", Aelita said, noticing how worried I was as the elevator was taking us deeper into the Mountain, deeper into Team Xen's base... She touched my hand, and stared at me, I was blinking my eyes at an uncontrollable pace, my eyelids shoving away the tears... Gundham: "She will be fine. Demons don't die. We have to keep going.", I said, while my efforts of trying to smile proved to be fruitless... For quite some time, I was empty-minded, battling Team Xen grunts alongside Aelita, who was actually doing most of the work... Good thing that San-D had given commands before again, and she acted as a trainer many times... Because my psyche had taken a huge blow. I had failed to protect another friend of mine. A tiny, helpless creature I promised to take care of... Erimakuma... What had they done to her... Part 17: Carotos Volcano Maze With the mood being quite gloomy, we will conclude this chapter. And we will continue very soon (tomorrow probably), to see what Team Xen is capable of doing... And hopefully, we will encounter Keta again. The mystery unfolds... Till the next chapter, leave your comments below everyone! And enjoy! The team members so far:
  14. That looks good so far. Giving chances to underdogs. I'd also suggest getting a Dustox and a Wormadam-Ground (especially with Ground Hidden Power type). Now that Wormadam learns Quiver Dance by level-up, it can do wonders.