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  1. It even gets priority by Prankster. You will love Whimsicott. Good job so far! Keep going, fellow monorunner!
  2. Jess

    Move Relearner won't teach old move...

    It is a bug that keeps dragging on... I felt it on my skin on previous runs of mine when I accidentally made my Masquerain forget Hydro Pump that I had bred on it... Bulbapedia says...
  3. Jess

    Joltic Help

    You're welcome!
  4. Jess

    Joltic Help

    This is the area for Dewpidder now (North Aventurine woods net place, right?)... Joltik has been moved before Julia, replacing the wingull/panpour event... It's in a house in Peridot at thunderstorm nights (I think), at 50-50 chances with Grubbin.
  5. Jess

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon! ~CLOSED~

    Hmmmm Sawsbuck and Vivillon.
  6. I WANT TO LEAVE MORE THAN 1 REP POINTS UNDER THIS ONE BUT I CAN'T! Thank you berry much, it's truly an amazing piece of art!!! If I was living in the Pokemon world, I can't think of a pic depicting me better than this! I'll spread the word for you, kind artist, among all my friends!
  7. Jess

    Possible Idea/Question for a future Update...

    RIP Hone Claws Durant... Too soon...
  8. @Xanthous Oh wow, your work is great! If only I was half as talented... Now, my request would be a bit more specific... May I have a pic of a female bugcatcher riding a Sawsbuck with a Vivillon flying around? If no humans still, then add a Deerling! Or anything in that context! I'd be eternally grateful!
  9. That Castform is amazing. It carried hard many battles. Very underrated Pokemon, it's great for in-game runs.
  10. I am sorry, I just noticed this reply! Sadly, I forgot about Whismur and it was gone when I remembered about it... Gomenasai, Azery, I just saw this reply! Yup, I thought I could as well post the progress here and try to boost Sawsbuck's popularity! I hope you'll enjoy the vids! I considered using Delcatty, I really did, but... Those stats... Are atrocious. And Persian is a much better user of Fake Out than Delcatty, so I decided to go with Persian as a feline team member... Also, I felt the despair of trying to level up a Slakoth enough to get Play Rough. It was bad. Truant Slakoth is highly annoying to train regardless of how good Slaking is and how many times she saved the day! I hope you'll enjoy the run, fellow Normal type lover!
  11. CHAPTER 3: PULSEs, revelations and Buzzes... So, after defeating Florinia it was time to access the plant infested Jasper and Beryl Wards. First, in Jasper, we met and defeated Taka, a young Team Meteor admin who was weirdly helpful. The battle versus Taka was easy. His Exeggcute defeated O'Malley, my Meowth because he missed Screech (of course he did), but Meteo the Castform took care of business by setting up Sunny Day and defeating Exeggcute, Chatot and PULSE Tangrowth. The Rainbow-boosted Weather Ball under sun of Castform nearly OHKO'ed PULSE Tangrowth, which was a surprise. How can a Castform hit THAT DAMN HARD?! After clearing Malchous Forest and Jasper Ward from the evil flora, we access Beryl Ward and Rhodocrine Jungle. Fern leaves us in Nuzleaf cage cuz he is an ass, and of course I didn't give in to his demand, so Taka's Chatot frees me. And then, we release all police officers as well, before advancing to face ZEL and Taka in a double battle! The double battle was a bit harder than the single battles vs ZEL and Taka of the past. But still a first try win. Alpenliebe, the Lopunny his extremely hard early game. He took easily care of Glaceon, Espeon, Chatot and dealt decent damage to Umbreon before going down. O'Malley the Meowth (what a surprise) kept missing Screech, and went down without doing anything at all. Well, used Fake Out. He can't miss that! Aviator, the Tranquill was also useful, getting straight Air Cutter criticals and OHKO'ing Exeggcute and dealing decent damage to Umbreon and PULSE Tangrowth, which went down to the combined efforts of Vivaldi, my Deerling and Meteo, my Castform who used again the broken AF rainbow-charged Weather Ball under sun. After the battle Police uncovers the mysterious Meteor agent, who is Corey, Poison type Gym leader and Heather's father (pink-haired mischievous girl we met at Malchous forest)! VS TAKA & ZEL/TAKA 6. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Cleaning up the PULSE Tangrowths So, now we had to go confront Corey at his Gym... And... It wasn't easy at first... As you all can see... Ahem... Oh, by the way, while battling weird hallucinating policemen O'Malley evolved into Persian! Hope this improves Screech's accuracy! VS COREY The team I ultimately used to face Corey was: 7. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Trying to face Corey! Obviously, the approach wasn't going to work, even though I got really close, but Vivaldi couldn't 1v1 Crobat (no surprises here). Plus, I was a bit annoyed. I decided I had to get rid of the Corrosive Mist. Messiah, the Pidgeotto was the lucky (?) one who would sacrifice herself to perform this task, by using Gust. Then, Alpenliebe the Lopunny came in, holding his Telluric Seed. Telluric Seed in Corrosive Field gives +1 in Attack and applies Baneful Bunker to the seed holder, which is neat. Also, I took the time to slay a gazillion Noibats and Bellsprouts/Pidoves/Tranquills to EV train Alpenliebe in Attack and Speed. So, eh... this happened! 8. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Sweeping Corey! After Corey gets defeated though, Heather announces she abandons the family roof, Corey's depression removes his sanity altogether and he commits suicide by jumping off Beryl Bridge onto Lapis Ward, and the Grand Staircase explodes (ty Team Meteor), while Fern gives shameless "natural selection" speeches... Ugh. So, I go to Lapis Ward, meet Shelly (again, after saving that Kricketot from depression) and Victoria staring at Corey's body, till Shade, an entity who is the Ghost type Gym Leaders gathers Corey's remnants and departs. Meteor Grunts spill the beans, Victoria follows them and gets captured under the Grand Staircase, I rescue her from her captors (Aster and Eclipse) and have a nice chat with Solaris, the leader of Team Meteor, who tells stuff about Arceus' sealed meteor below Reborn City. Perfect. After that aimless trouble, we return to Shelly's Gym. At least we gathered intel, while getting captured. OH, I FORGOT! I also joined Magma Gang. Outsiders all the way, Magma>Aqua. VS ASTER/ECLIPSE 9. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Gangs and blown up staircases! After all this action, Shelly is still shaken by witnessing a suicide live, the more so because the victim was her BFF's (Heather's) father. So, Victoria suggests we seek psychiatric help for Shelly. And we access Dr. Connal's Orphanage (after defeating Team Aqua on behalf of Team Magma and raiding Mrs. Craudburry's house. OOF I hate that wretched old lady)! Anna says we glow (I like her already ), her bro Noel is indifferent and Charlotte is a firey fierce arsonist, with terrible soul scars. After defeating Orderly John (the true antagonist of the game xD), Anna assures me that Dr. Connal isn't the person that would help Shelly and advises me to leave, which I readily do, creeped out by the atmosphere. Anna gives us a nice piece of advice to pass to Shelly though, which snaps Shelly back to reality straight away! So, it is my third badge time. NOPE! It is Victoria's time first... VS SHELLY (COCOON BADGE) (BONUS: VS VICTORIA) By the way, I caught a Dunsparce and named him "Your Grace", for obvious reasons! I have plans! Anyways, Victoria was relatively easy. Your Grace, the Dunsparce and Aviator, the Tranquill took care of her Pancham, while O'Malley, the Persian finished off her Kirlia and Pikachu, clutching the fight. Meteo, the Castform destroyed her Torracat with a Rain-boosted Weather Ball. So, it was time to face Shelly... That is, of course, after solving the bookcase puzzle. UGH! I start to sound more and more like Heather. Probably this will make Shelly like me more !!! The team I used vs Shelly was the following (we had some lovely evolutions, so, brace yourselves! ) : 10. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Gym Battle vs Shelly [3rd (Cocoon) Badge] The plan to defeat Shelly was not to let her set up Rain, because this would make her Anorith extremely fast, and quite scary for most of my Pokemon (especially my Unfezant). So, I started with Your Grace, the Dunsparce and O'Malley, the Persian. O'Malley used Fake Out on Illumise, the Prankster Rain Dancer, and Your Grace used Body Slame, Paralysing Illumise (thank you Serene Grace). In the next turn, Illumise couldn't move due to Paralysis and she was taken out. Good riddance! After this, the battle had ups and downs, Anorith scored a double KO vs my Persian and Dunsparce, while Masquerain (thanks to Struggle Bug Sp.Attack debuffs) tanked a Power Gem by Persian. After than, Aviator the Unfezant and Meteo the Castform were sent in. Meteo set up Sunny Day, while Aviator did great damage to both Anorith and Masquerain with Air Cutter. Also, Aviator dodged Anorith's Rock Slide, but sadly Meteo in its Fire form got destroyed by Rock Slide (mainly) and Struggle Bug... So, I sent in Alpenliebe, my Lopunny. Alpenliebe's Jump Kick finishes off Anorith, and Aviator's critical Air Cutter leaves Masquerain in red (after Shelly used Hyper Potion on it). Yanmega though comes in... Shelly swaps Masquerai for Araquanid, and Alpenliebe's Electric Gem-boosted Thunder Punch gets Yanmega to 1/3 of its HP. But damn, Yanmega aka Heather gets a critical Ancient Power on my Aviator, KO'ing my Unfezant... But battle isn't done yet! I send in Vivaldi, my newly evolved Sawsbuck! Yanmega gets a Speed Boost, but weather is Sunny, and Vivaldi has Chlorophyll! Vivaldi outspeeds Yanmega and KO'es it with Take Down! And Alpenliebe's Thunder Punch deals 2/3s of Araquanid's HP. Araquanid sets up Rain (too late for rain, my deer, pun intended) and then, Shelly sends in Masquerain and Intimidates my physical attackers (grrrrrr, she is seriously good). She then swaps Araquanid for Volbeat. However, even with their Attack crippled, Vivaldi and Alpenliebe holds their own and overpower/outsustain the already weakened Volbeat, Masquerain and Araquanid. The badge is mine! Cocoon Badge and the TM for Struggle Bug. No Normal/Bug types exist though. So, this TM will be highly useless in this run... Next thing to do is to go to Grand Hall and let Ame know that Poison Leader is deceased, to inform the replacement leader... But this chapter is already very long! We'll continue next time. Till then, enjoy everyone!
  12. Jess

    Can we please show some love for Delphox?

    I will agree with Wolfox. Showing appreciation to a 'mon doesn't come from showing our dislike to others.
  13. Well, if that was the case, then 'mons with Protean would be a problem to classify too. A 'mon's type is defined by the type it has outside of battle. Castform is eligible only for Normal monotype, the rest is the result of its Ability, hence not taken under consideration.
  14. Thank you! Yup, Castform is underrated. It offers Water, Fire and Ice type coverage and weather control. And, running a Chlorophyll Deerling/Sawsbuck, Vivaldi, Meteo is very useful to outspeed stuff and check threats that would destroy me otherwise.
  15. CHAPTER 2: I don't like Reborn's flora! Fern included... In the continuation of the Reborn endeavors, we access Obsidia after Victoria tells us to and Florinia lets us do so. We roam around, watch the evil plants, uncover the fake Daycare duo and defeat them, move to the sewers (after proving to Victoria we are strong enough), and meet Amaria who saves a Popplio with some assistance by Cain's Alolan Grimer. We have a rematch with Cain and ultimately end up in Obsidia Park to stop ZEL and PULSE Tangrowth #1. Victoria was quite easy. Fury the Rattata handled Ralts, Goofy the Bibarel took care of Torracat and O'Malley the Meowth eliminated Pichu. The Scrafty gang was taken care by Goofy, Fury, Vivaldi the Deerling and Messiah the Pidgeotto. Cain was also not an issue to defeat. Bibarel defeated Popplio, Fury, who is now a Raticate, defeated Alolan Grimer and weakened Nidorino, and Vivaldi finished off Nidorino and defeated Cubone easily. PULSE Tangrowth was easy. 3 Screech'es by Meowth, then defeated by Goofy's Headbutt and Vivaldi's Take Down. VS VICTORIA, CAIN AND PULSE TANGROWTH #1 4. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Obsidia Slums and PULSE Tangrowth! After this is over, we head North, to Onyx Ward and the Onyx Trainers School (aka OTS). Fern is being a douche and locks us out, so we battle the entire building to get access to the Gym, plus, he makes us take an exam. This is unforgivable. Regardless, we defeat him as well, and face Florinia successfully, mostly thanks to our newest team mmber, Meteo the Castform, which proves itself to be quite strong, surprisingly! Also, I traded in some mons I had in my other savefiles, which were shiny and were never used. Among them, a shiny Buneary and a shiny Pidove. The Buneary had Thunder Punch and Ice Punch as egg moves. I let it have them, since full friendship Retturn would (probably) hit about equally hard early on vs neutral opponents. Call me a cheat, I will take it! Besides, this Lopunny swept Fern, so cheating vs Fern is incredibly pleasing. VS FLORINIA (CANOPY BADGE) (BONUS: VS FERN) The squad that faced Florinia was: 5. Pokemon Reborn Normal Monotype: Gym Battle vs Florinia [2nd (Canopy) Badge] Meteo took advantage of the fact that, in the Desert field the Sun lasts for 8 turns and set up Sunny Day. Weather Ball OHKO'ed all of Florinia's Pokemon apart from Cradily (Maractus, Ferroseed, Breloom, Cacnea, Cottonee), but Sunny Day expired, since Florinia used smartly Cottonee's Protect two times. Hence, Meteo set up Hail and used Weather Ball again to face Cradily. However, Cradily had time to Stockpile up and Weather Ball couldn't do more than Super Potions/Recover was healing. When all PP of Weather Ball were used, I just sent in O'Malley, the Meowth and Screech'ed Cradily twice, before going down to Smackdowns. Finally, Vivaldi the Deerling finished off Cradily with two consecutive Double Kicks. Second Badge earned, the Canopy Badge, and the TM for Nature Power, which will be a great asset for Vivaldi in the future. After this, in the next chapter we will head to Japser and Beryl Wards to defeat even more PULSE Tangrowths. Till then, have fun everyone!