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  1. That's not how IVs work. The difference between a pokemon with 0 IVs in speed and 31 IVs in speed is exactly 31 at lvl 100. You probably soft reset or catch 5-10 of each pokemon on your team to get decent IVs. That should take 5 mins tops. You should end up with 15 IVs in each stat on average. So that stat difference between a perfect IV pokemon will be miniscule for the majority of the game.
  2. I don't mind IV's. If you pick your strategy well, they become irrelevant. If you are really nitpicky, you can spend hours grinding up a pokemon if you wish. Usually in a playthrough like this, you will have 12-20 pokemon on your squad trained up to handle any event. Get creative, dont just grind.
  3. I think the difficulty is fine the way it is Theres 3 modes. Free switching between modes is just stupid. You already have multiple opportunities to figure out what you can handle throughout the game
  4. QOL updates are important for previous content, or it would look like shit in comparison to the new content. Super excited for V13. All the new content + Gen 8 + split story. This is going to be mental.
  5. I wonder how level up movepools will be affected in V13. Most of the Gen8 movepools are bare bones, and lacking without TMs or RMs whatever you call them
  6. Radomus: Mega-evolves wife and sends her into battle
  7. Grass types are heavily boosted in forest field. You should be able to muscle past his pokemon with boosted stab grass attacks. Also growth sharply increases att and spatt in this field.
  8. Moxie litleo should be able to sweep with takedown doing insane damage after a boost
  9. Hustle combee has higher damage output and better speed than unown, especially if it isn't hidden power psychic
  10. Can you explain it to me. like when was it revealed that he married Narcissa (I forget the name, but I thought her husband's name was something else). Also when was his relationship with Nymeria explained. Who is marrienette?
  11. I tried using quiver dance mothim, but it's bad typing and only special attacks are hidden power and confusion early. Outclassed by wormadam as a quiver dancer, which is not saying much. The others have some potential, but I never heard of anyone actually using them.
  12. Relicanth in rock mono was useful Obscene physical bulk. Good damage from rock head, head smash. Can set up rain for kabutops or others. Anyone use farfetch, mothim, rapidash, ledian, furret, stantler, delcatty, tropics, watchdog?
  13. Can someone explain the Indriad family clusterf*** ? I didnt understand how u came to your conclusion from v12
  14. Try cherubi to use sunny day Then use sleep powder and growth with victreebel or gloom Probably can sweep
  15. This is my first playthrough of Desolation. I saw all the bug types early and I picked venipede starter, so I decided bug monotype Little did i know, the first 2 gyms were going to destroy me. Whatever, I just beat the 2nd gym. I'm guessing hardest part is over.
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