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  1. According to one of the dev blogs, there will be at least 2 pokemons of each type available before gym 1 in E19. I'm def doing Rock monotype for final E19. What do you guys think the 2 Rock types are going to be.
  2. Yo chill homie. Don't make the game too easy
  3. How will v13.5 content be handled in v14? Like will u play through the content spread throughout a bunch of chapters, or just do all quests after ch15 main story?
  4. Ppl really complaining about more content?? Dafuk
  5. Ayyy let's gooo. Super excited to see updated early game. Mainly in terms of graphic design. Even though early game was my favorite part already. Good thing you added another Team meteor member. It honestly felt like we just face taka+zel like 4 times in a row in the early game.
  6. What's the worst thing Fern has done vs the worst thing Blake, Taka, Cal have done. Easy choice, Fern hasn't done much. Besides using his words, he hasn't done anything. He may be an asshole, but as an actual threat to people in reborn region? Pretty much harmless
  7. Forget pseudo-legendaries I'm using the OG boys that got me this far
  8. Does this require 2 separate downloads ? I have no clue about this software
  9. QOL updates are important for previous content, or it would look like shit in comparison to the new content. Super excited for V13. All the new content + Gen 8 + split story. This is going to be mental.
  10. Radomus: Mega-evolves wife and sends her into battle
  11. Hustle combee has higher damage output and better speed than unown, especially if it isn't hidden power psychic
  12. I tried using quiver dance mothim, but it's bad typing and only special attacks are hidden power and confusion early. Outclassed by wormadam as a quiver dancer, which is not saying much. The others have some potential, but I never heard of anyone actually using them.
  13. Relicanth in rock mono was useful Obscene physical bulk. Good damage from rock head, head smash. Can set up rain for kabutops or others. Anyone use farfetch, mothim, rapidash, ledian, furret, stantler, delcatty, tropics, watchdog?
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