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  1. Is there somewhere I can read the full story for rejuvenation? I've played through all of v12 but the story is pretty convoluted to me. Is there a summary to catch me up on all that has happened so far?
  2. I have used a lot of different starters in many playthroughs. I was hard pressed to find a worse starter than froakie. - He has a terrible level up movepool - Mediocre stats and lack of power - Bad matchups early game - Dead weight until move relearner, when he finally becomes somewhat useful - Lack of synergy with available team members and terrains
  3. The game is supposed to feel like real life and deals with complex themes. No time to sit and mourn, gotta grind and get the rest of your friends out of trouble.
  4. How are terrain altering abilities being handled in V13? Any of those abilities pretty much invalidate most gym leader strategy with no setup required.
  5. This isnt smogon. In rejuvenation in-game plays out way different than competitive. Otherwise you would see people spamming toxapex and skarmory to get through battles. Your examples make no sense: Volcarona is mystery egg, evolves at lvl 60, has no coverage moves, and gets anhihilated by the plethora of lycanrocs/other rock coverage moves throughout in game. Greninja, again, has no coverage moves, absolutre garbage lvl up movepool and does nothing until mid-late game, and can never sweep a team due to lack of boosts. How are you getting ice beam on greninja? There is no tm for it. Salamence? How the did you get that? Blaziken doesnt have moxie, so it cant sweep with impunity like gyara. Although this mon is broken Gyara should be made available at the same time you mention all those super powerful megas come out. So maybe like 15+ badges?
  6. What did you start the rock mono with? Theres no rock types until you beat the garbador in the sewers. As for fire mono, it's very viable. You get a ton of variety before the first 2 gyms. Edit: let me check what you can do against val Farm pascho berries to lower damage of water moves, so you can take at least 1 hit. You can set up tailwind with Talonflame/oricorio and then just smash through most of her frail team. This is going to be hard, but i think its possible to win. Talonflame: Galewings acrobatics nuke Flareon: guts boosted facade Houndoom: Boosted thunderfang + destiny bond Rapidash: megahorn + hypnosis Blaziken: highjumpkick Also you can breed fennikin to get psychic terrain, and then fuck up val while thats up.
  7. Keep Gyarados out until end game. No opponents can deal with Moxie + DD + 540bst + good lvl up movepool Gyara can 6-0 too many teams with 0 team support
  8. You can get minior in chapter 6. You can access it on phasial cave after getting surf, and returning to gearan via Augustus
  9. Rampardos could use his Crest to set up rock polish and then try to sweep, but still ends up disappointing. This Crest just sucks. F tier
  10. Terrain setting abilities are going to be game breaking. So many strategies that can be used
  11. I heard Reborn E19 is going to have different difficulty modes, which I am super happy about. Does anyone know how hard the hard mode is going to be? Is it reborn Redux lvl? Rejuvenation intense mode? Memeborn lvl?
  12. Any idea of the release date for the new update?
  13. Its only game, why you heff to be mad?
  14. Is Dynamax going to be in the game in V13? That might ruin it for me. It's such an obnoxious mechanic. The game just becomes playing around Dynamax, while making every other strategy useless.
  15. I get a script error if i try fighting the vileplume in safari zone. Im trying to get to the wimpod. How do I fix that? UPDATE: I was missing battlers on my v12 download. fixed now
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