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  1. DreamblitzX

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I think it's definitely too early to jump to conclusions, It's probably a mix of behind-the-scenes complications and time being scarce, similar to how he had all the content prerecorded for the friendsgiving break, but just didn't have time to edit it. He's doing this full game stream week this week so I imagine that's eating most of his video time (todays game took 9 hours), and if he was actually moving away from youtube/pokemon, we'd hear about it more in advance, and I'm pretty sure he'd at least have the commitment to finish the current series' Especially as, we know there's still prerecorded penta-op from the thanksgiving break, and the only reasons I can see preventing that from being uploaded would be lack of editing time, or computer issues. This video is kinda relevant again: Just chill for a while.
  2. DreamblitzX

    Volume 6

    I thought that too, but Ozpins return *was* after they left. but yea I don't think it's that likely
  3. DreamblitzX

    Volume 6

    So here's a crazy idea. What if Pyrrha gets reincarnated with a mission from the gods like Ozpin was...
  4. DreamblitzX

    Vivian’s questions

  5. DreamblitzX

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    Ah neat, I was curious about this after hearing a seeing a couple posts on it by some of the early testers, and was wondering when it would be public. I'll download it now and probably give it a shot after this Rejuv V11 intense run
  6. DreamblitzX

    [Not a bug]Charizard not Flying type

    The railnet uses the Cave Field, which the first effect of is that ground moves can hit flying/levitate pokemon, so there's you're answer.
  7. DreamblitzX

    [Not a bug]Charizard not Flying type

    There are several things that could have caused this. The terrain, Them having no guard, gravity being used etc.
  8. Any custom starter suggestions for a new Rejuv run? Ideally a duo that a friend can have the other half of

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    2. DreamblitzX


      I mean to be fair, you're a known gardevoir-lover, and they come to mind easily as a strong 'duo' so there was a good chance that would be your suggestion haha

    3. Wolfox


      true, but for the both of you to also have chosen it is a massive decrease from the chance. I was considering other, too. like Wurmple, a few Alolan's, Tyrougue and even Eevee

    4. DreamblitzX


      Yea Ninetales/A.Ninetales was another strong contender, and I'd considered Eevee but not mentioned it. the other one I was strongly considering was Weavile/Gliscor

  9. DreamblitzX

    Pokemon Psychologist won't Offer me his Services

    It requires 3 heart scales now, which he says in his initial dialogue but maybe not his general one. It increased because you can now choose the nature instead of it being random
  10. DreamblitzX

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    To be fair, they can be kinda hard to get the button press to register to catch them, so it's not an unreasonable assumption that you can't interact with them if you've tried and failed to
  11. DreamblitzX

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Nope they need the right OTs so it's pretty easy to screw it up. They can potentially get trades for them though, or if they get to that quest and a bunch of them no longer have the pokemon, I might see if I can get them a shared box file with copies of those mons to use.
  12. Happy Birthday Dream 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. DreamblitzX


      ❤️ thanks Lykos

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄

  13. DreamblitzX

    Pokemon Battle Error

    Are you still on the community release by any chance? That bug *should've* been fixed for E18 public. If not, there should be a patch for it by Marcello floating around here somewhere, but I can't find it right now sorry
  14. DreamblitzX

    Finding pokemon with good ivs

    For wild pokemon, you're basically stuck with complete randomness. You gotta breed for good IVs