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  1. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  2. Sometimes you need to go a few backup saves back as they can corrupt too. However if that doesn't work there's nothing we can do.
  3. Oh it appears it had just autodeleted because a lot more stuff had been uploaded since then. Try this Game.rxdata
  4. It really just depends on whether Njab or I are around. Either of us will fix anything when we're online but if people happen to post at a time when neither of us are around then it can take a few hours. No-one should ever really be waiting for more than a day though.
  5. Okay here you are. Replace your file with this one and you'll have waterfall. Game.rxdata
  6. Upload your save file and I can add it in for you. For instructions on how to do this look here
  7. Welcome to the team ICSW!!! I have no doubt that you'll be a fantastic addition and you've completely earned your spot! I'm looking forward to working with you!
  8. Sorry to hear you've gone through so much! As much as it seems you didn't want to do the counselling, I'm sure the teachers were trying to help you, because by the sounds of things you really weren't okay in the first place. I completely understand that counselling can be scary, but it could have helped you a lot, because while all of us are always willing to talk with you, most of us have no qualification to do so. So even while you hated your school counselling, I'd recommend trying to find someone external to talk to, because you currently don't seem to be mentally well. Now that you're moving on from school, it would be best to find a way to try to start afresh, and given how pervasive your bad memories seem to be, talking to a trained psychologist about your problems would be the best course of action.
  9. Late, but happy birthday Hycrox!!! You're always a fun person to have around on the various servers! Have a great day!
  10. Happy Birthday Alex! We've never really been close but you're around so much I've seen quite a lot of you and you're always a nice person and make the community a better place! Have a great day!
  11. NoMethod Errors are unfortunately a sign that save data has been corrupted. Hopefully you have some back up saves which you can use to fix this losing only a little bit of progress. You can learn about how to use them here
  12. Happy Birthday Cool Girl! You're a super nice person and I always enjoy talking to you. Have a great day!
  13. Oh, I'm an idiot and accidently moved it in the first place. Moved it back and revoked the posting in wrong section warning thing. Sorry...
  14. Happy Birthday Inuki!!! You're always a great guy and super helpful with keeping spirits up in the dev team with your beautiful animation memes! You also are the reason why tween colour exists and that is super helpful too!!!! So have a great day! You deserve it.
  15. This thread is for reborn only. Please post rejuvenation save file issues in this thread.