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  1. Are you using custom music? Because when I tried to use your file it crashed due to the fact I didn't have a certain piece of music which means I can't do anything.
  2. I'm pretty sure that's because is picked up an electric typing from the field which made it super effective because of the dragon and not very effective of the electric which rounded out to make it neutral.
  3. I like Sensu a lot, but baille is also pretty good. Pom Pom is okay and I can't stand Pa'u for some reason. Oricorio was always annoying to fight in Sun and Moon though...
  4. The files aren't always named after the area. For example the Obsidia Slums piece is called Atmosphere- Dark Crystal and should be in the reborn/ audio/ BGM folder This guide is currently being updated but it might be some help when it is done.
  5. We do realise that this subforum is slightly lacking in activity. The decision to change it from creative writing to creative works was partially an attempt to make it more active, but that hasn't changed it too much. I'm obviously not the authority on what could make the section more active, but to be honest we aren't that big on encouraging posting in one forum over another one. Most forum activity is decided based on interests and there just isn't a huge creative community here. However, posting good pieces of creative work and giving detailed feedback will earn people EXP so I guess that that's an incentive of sorts... Also whenever people post they should feel free to link to it in status updates and the main chat. Just don't spam links to your work (linking it a couple of times with a period of time between them isn't spamming). I will also say there is an idea we're floating around that might be another type of incentive but it isn't something we're discussing with the community yet.
  6. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  7. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  8. The E16 weather system is broken to a level where we can't fix it ourselves. Your best bet it probably looking at this select weather mod as it seems to be the only way to change the weather atm.
  9. Happy Birthday Commander! You're a super responsible community member who I've barely ever spoken to, but I respect you either way. Have a great day!
  10. I just realised I've been a mod for just over a year... that went quickly 

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    2. Simon


      I'm glad that you're on the team and congrats. 

    3. Marcello


      ew auth smell


      Congrats on the one year, time really does fly

    4. Maelstrom


      Sure, that's how it starts...

  11. The water should be lowered now. Game.rxdata
  12. Here you are. It should be in the right pocket now. Game.rxdata
  13. Here you are Game.rxdata
  14. Your save file has become corrupted and you'll need to fix it with back up saves. If you need instructions on that look here. This corruption shouldn't have anything to do with turning off the animations though.
  15. Well, it is time for the birthday of everyone's favourite jolteon, Sparky! You're a hardworking, generally upbeat guy and we all appreciate that about you. Have a fantastic day!