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  1. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  2. Have you tried pressing F1 and making sure that the BGM box is ticked as well as the SE one?
  3. Question About Profile Feed

    Are you talking about a status feed? If so, you can either do that through the bar on the side of the main forum index (where it says "what's on your mind" Similarly, if you navigate to your profile (by either clicking on your profile picture on your name, there should be a box at the top that says "write a public message on your own feed"
  4. Hi there. This thread is for reborn. For rejuvenation issues you can post in this thread Can you be more specific about your issue? Are there any error messages popping up or is the screen just black? Also, have you been able to play before or has it never worked for you?
  5. Un-Stuck Me: Post your Frozen Files here

    Hi there. This thread is for reborn only. Please post your rejuvenation related issues in this thread.
  6. [Resolved] Can't Find Blake in Ametrine City

    Here you are. He should be there now. Game.rxdata
  7. There's not a whole lot we can do about script hanging stuff. On your end, the way to reduce them happening it by closing down any programs you have running in the background to reduce lag. If that doesn't work, I've attached this file in which I've skipped the ZEL battle, however that obviously isn't an ideal solution as it means you don't get to experience the dialogue or battle yourself. Game.rxdata
  8. I've moved it over to the mod market as I agree it probably fits better there. Fantastic work on the texture pack by the way! It looks great.
  9. Happy Birthday, Viri!

    Happy Birthday Viri!!! We haven't spoken in ages due to my being almost non-existent on the server/ discord, but it was always fun having discussions with you in the past! Have an incredible day!
  10. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  11. Happy Birthday Marcello

    Happy Birthday Marcello! Let's see if I can give you a whole bunch of irritating to fix bugs once the pre-alpha starts as a delayed birthday present! Have a great day!
  12. Fan-game Directory

    I've moved regal from the status unknown into the discontinued category as I have no intention of continuing it.
  13. [Resolved] Missing Waterfall TM

    Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  14. Supervised tests.

    There are currently eight of us working on the dev team. There's Ame who obviously is in charge of everything and does most things. Marcello is the main scripter so he writes and fixes code for the game. Jan does a bit of everything and anything. Jasper and Kanaya help out with mapping. Then Smeargletail and I work on attack animations. Inuki also does attack animations, but he does some other stuff as well. These people all work on the game itself, as the website has its own team of staff. Ame and I are the devs who are also involved with forum moderation/ administration. Anyway, in terms of the dev test for this episode, there will be 10 people involved, as our two other forum administrators (Dan and Ikaru) who have done a lot of work on the game in the past and continue to help out all the time are also involved in the pre-alpha.
  15. It's almost TIME.

    It pretty much is due to the testing process. Once the episode is done, Ame will watch someone play through the entire episode to make sure there aren't any huge bugs. Then the rest of the dev team will test for a week to get the major issues out of the way. This will be followed by alpha testing for another week. where Ame's patrons will play and hopefully get rid of any other major bugs that we missed in the pre-alpha stage. After that the beta test opens up for our forum Ace members for a week who should polish off the rest of the small issues. At that point the Community release is released, which is when you get to play it because you have a forum account. This is in 3 weeks at the earliest. After that the public release comes out which is when anyone can play it, even without an account on the forums.