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  1. Happy Birthday Etesian!!! You're a super helpful person around the forums and while I don't know you well I have a lot of respect for you. Have a great day!
  2. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  3. Yeah, there should be a folder for Rejuvenation in the saved games folder as well. Just make sure to distinguish the two files so you can put the each one in the right folder on the other end.
  4. I added the TMx for Waterfall into your file. Game.rxdata
  5. Here you go. Game.rxdata
  6. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  7. You can find the old versions here
  8. I'm pretty sure the only way to get it is via pickup which is super rare and i think need level 70+ but I could be wrong in which case anyone should feel free to correct me!
  9. You're completely right on all points here. Linking to youtube videos would only violate our advertising rule if said video was an ad for a product or payed service and we're well out of the spoiler lock so there will be no problems.
  10. Congrats on 1000 posts CG!!! Yeah you're right, we haven't chatted in a while mostly because I'm not on showdown quite as much recently especially around the times where you exist. Anyway, congratulations on 1000 and here's to many more!
  11. Okay the stuff should be going on in Blake's apartment now. Game.rxdata
  12. Okay they should be there now. Game.rxdata
  13. From worst to best 7. Gen 4 6. Gen 1 5. Gen 5 4. Gen 3 3. Gen 6 2. Gen 7 1. Gen 2
  14. See if you can quicksave with D, then upload your save file (instructions here) and I can fix it for you.