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  1. [Resolved] Corey's Nidorina

    Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  2. Replace your file with this one and it should work. Game.rxdata
  3. I'm not sure what the file you uploaded it, but my computer doesn't think it is a rxdata file and therefore doesn't see it as a save file. Could you try reuploading it (if you need help with instructions for exactly what needs to be done look here)
  4. Game Latency

    Other than trying not to have too many open windows when playing, we can't do a heap about overworld lag. In battles, you could try disabling animations (you do this through the settings part of the menu) and things might speed up a bit. We've tried to cut down on lag through episode releases, but unfortunately the game still does just lag a lot in some areas as they're so large.
  5. If people need threads moved into a club, feel free to report them. That way everyone with the ability to move it gets notified and you'll get what you need done pretty quickly (please only do this for your own threads though)

    1. Amethyst


      oh, good idea! thanks for mentioning that!

  6. Argument that Reborn is Immoral?

    If Reborn was a main series pokemon game, released by Gamefreak, I would absolutely agree with your friend. In many ways Reborn is far more graphic and violent than any main series pokemon game, whether or not they discuss similarly dark themes (albeit more vaguely). However, the difference that your friend is missing is the fact that a game uses the same set of characters as a more child like scenario doesn't mean that it is targeted at the same group of people. All of our download pages and the website in general make it pretty clear that this is a game targeted towards teens/ adults due to its more mature themes. Additionally, even if they had missed this and just downloaded the game, the train bombing scene sets the tone immediately, without being too graphic or scarring itself (as compared to something like the Orphanage or Corey's story arc). For this reason I don't see how Reborn can be seen as immoral, as in the end pokemon themselves are just images and programmed stats and therefore nothing about them can be corrupted for that. The concern would come if the fact that we were using a franchise that has a younger audience would cause them to see things that were too confronting for their age, but I don't see that as a potential occurrence due to the reasons I outlined above. Everyone wants to experience pokemon in their own way, and your friend is perfectly entitled to not enjoy the game, as to some people pokemon is all about lighthearted fun. However, the fact that it isn't their cup of tea shouldn't automatically relegate it to a disgrace to pokemon that doesn't deserve to exist, as in the end if they don't play it it has absolutely no affect on their lives or their enjoyment of more uplifting games.
  7. 12/3 Community Update

    In terms of the beta, all ex ace members will be entitled to participate, but we're also planning on inviting some other members who have been consistently active and helpful with game related questions and problems, so it should be easier to get into the group now than it was for E17.
  8. Script is taking to long errors aren't necessarily caused by an individual pokemon, as they're often a side effect of lag. Try closing any other open things to reduce lag, and you might be able to get through it. If that doesn't work, I can look further into it, but usually closing everything else works for this kind of thing. I've also moved this over to the troubleshooting subforum as it fits better there.
  9. Just gonna hop on here

    Hi there Amphibi! Welcome to Reborn! First off, I'm not entirely sure of the answer to your question about cover photos, as I've never got around to using that feature myself and therefore don't know how big the image is supposed to be. If you're interested in RWBY and stuff like that, we have an anime subforum where I'm sure you'll be able to find some people to discuss your passion with. Similarly if you want to talk about competitive pokemon battles, the victory road subforum is the place for you. While you're here, it would be great if you could quickly check out the Community Rules so we don't have any problems. If you have any questions about any of them or the website, feel free to ask as I'm always happy to help. Enjoy your stay!
  10. Best Early Game Starters?

    Charmander is definitely the best in the early game because of dragon rage. Due to its fixed damage, you'll be able to knock out pretty much everything in the first part of the game with that move alone. Then it has some nice STAB moves to destroy Flobot with.
  11. is there a walkthrough besides sparsyle-0's?

    Unfortunately we don't really have a complete guide for the game in that level of detail. Sparsyle's guide is the best thing we've got in terms of detail, although Chubb's discontinued guide is a more updated version for the very early part of the game. After Sparsyle's guide finishes, Despair Syndrome got it mostly up to date in a much less detailed guide (look here) but even that isn't as detailed. Alternatively, there are quite a few playthroughs on Youtube, so you might be able to find a guide there if you look around a bit.
  12. I'm going to have to be super basic and go with dragons. They're just consistently cool when in books/ games/ movies and they have a lot more variety than lots of other creatures. Also moved this to general discussion, as the quality of conversation has been of a high enough quality to justify it being out of the wasteland.
  13. How do you this title thing?

    Welcome to Reborn Sheen! While I'm personally not someone who plays League of Legends or the Sims, there are plenty of people here who are fans (particularly of the former) so I'm sure you'll be able to find some people to discuss that with. Also, good luck on your quest to find the funds for USUM! While your here, it would be great if you could quickly check out the Community Rules that'd be great, as they should give a general guideline on how best to integrate into the forum. If you have any questions regarding the website feel free to shoot me a message and I'll do my best to get you what you need. Enjoy your time here!
  14. I've always stuck by Kiki being the hardest gym leader for me. Realistically, it isn't because she's actually that tough, but my first time playing through the game my team was really awful at that point and I was using an unpheasant with air slash to try to beat her. However, due to the field, every time unpheasant used that move its accuracy was lowered. Rather than being sensible and training a new pokemon, I persisted with the same strategy, meaning it took me about 60 battles to beat her. Easiest for me was probably Terra. I just had stuff that could beat all of her pokemon and I ended up not losing anything to her, which was a nice change given how awful I am at the game.