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  1. Here you are. You should be back in the magnezone room now. Game.rxdata
  2. Here you are. Game.rxdata
  3. Download the file I gave you and replace the one that you uploaded in the place where you initially found it. Then it should work for you.
  4. Here you are Game.rxdata
  5. Unless if you have a custom one there will be a strict progression based on post count. This changes quite a lot early on through things like youngster and fisherman, but by the time you get to high post counts it will stay pretty similar.
  6. Here you are. You should have waterfall in your bag now. Game.rxdata
  7. Here you are Game.rxdata
  8. Earthquake does not have an animation in essentials. Even in Reborn, it currently does not have one programmed in but they will change next episode. So don't worry- this isn't a bug. Eventually there will be one though.
  9. I only just realised I had never seen a picture of Godot before... I had a completely different image in my head so it is nice to get corrected! Godot is a great auth member so its great to get to learn a bit more about him
  10. My libraries don't do games. They have books, movies and sometimes a tiny bit of music. Video shops covered game rentals until they all closed down due to no-one wanting to physically rent a movie anymore.
  11. Well... that's certainly an odd experience. Probably just someone who is on drugs or mentally disturbed. Or maybe just a useless old racist person... Either way hopefully he'll never enter your life again.
  12. It was decided that there shouldn't be one this time, as a lot of the posts in it didn't contribute much. However we still have a development blog where you can keep up with what's going on in the development process.
  13. Go to C:\users\[your username here]\Saved Games and see if there is a pokemon reborn folder. If there is, paste the game.rxdata file in there. If there isn't- start a new game and save once, then the folder should be created and a new game.rxdata file will be made as well. Replace the new one with your old one and you should be good.
  14. There's nothing I can do without the game.rxdata file. Here are instructions on how to find it. Is it not there when you look or something?
  15. Yeah, this is a glitch that has been happening a fair bit recently. Upload your save file and I'll fix it for you. Instructions on how to do that are here