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  1. mde2001

    Hosting Contests

    There's no problem at all with you hosting a contest of some sort, required that it doesn't require people to go and sign up to other websites/ forums or anything like that. We're all in favour of people starting their own initiatives, so the only question is whether people would participate, and the only way to find out about that is by giving it a go. So just try to make sure your contest is fun and something that people might enjoy even if you weren't going to give them anything in return and I'm sure you'll get some people involved!
  2. mde2001

    [Resolved] Corey's Silver Ring

    I've fixed the silver ring thing for you. I also don't think the mega stone is dependent on the location in the bag, given that you need to be holding the stone to use it anyway, so as long as you can still give it the pokemon I think you should be fine. Game.rxdata
  3. mde2001

    [Resolved] Azurine Island bug

    Oh, I just noticed you asked me to do this yesterday! Sorry for the delay. It should be fixed now. Game.rxdata
  4. You should be able to claim you prize now. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  5. mde2001

    Get off my Lawn

    Welcome back!!! Even if you're probably not here for long. I'm glad to hear life isn't treating you too badly! Unfortunately Arkhi, Rose and Tacos are all mostly gone, but hopefully you'll be able to summon back. For people reading this thread who are too new to recognise Jeri, he was a very important mod man as well all the other stuff he listed (although I suppose that was the arguing with Dan bit). A lot of the policies and rules you know and love were shaped by his work! Enjoy your return!!!
  6. Hi there. NoMethodErrors are usually caused by save file corruption. You can only fix this using back up saves. For instructions on how to use them, check out this guide
  7. Okay, they should be there now. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata Edit: Ninja'd but Walpurgis, but i suppose now you get choices?
  8. Your game isn't bugged, you're in the wrong building. Try walking down and one of the buildings on the left (past the herb shop) will have a lady standing in it, who will say "admittance is for tenants only, therefore go right in" or something like that. Then you'll be able to use the lift to go down.
  9. mde2001

    stuck at the water treatment centre

    The bug won't be gone by updating, although its a good idea to avoid more bugs. One of us can fix this for you if you upload your save file though. For instructions on how to do that, look here.
  10. Here you are. Replace your file with this one and you should be able to move. Game.rxdata
  11. I'm not entirely sure if you've encountered a bug or if you're just doing something wrong from the description you've given. Maybe upload a screenshot of exactly where you are and we'll be more sure. The problem will definitely be easiest to fix by giving us your save file though. You could technically download a copy of RPGMaker, get a copy of the games PBS files yourself and learn how to use debug mode properly, but that's probably more effort than its worth for this. There's no need to be concerned about uploading a copy of your save, as you'll still have a copy on your computer, and there's no risk of us deleting anything/ ruining it in anyway, as even if we did, you'd be able to use a copy that's still on your computer, or redownload the one you've uploaded and nothing would have changed in your game.
  12. mde2001


    Zephyr is entirely correct that it is now a time based thing. Before the site update, there was a class in between that was time based, and you needed a minimum number of posts as well as said time to become a veteran but we removed that. So once you've been around for a bit longer, you'll receive it automatically.
  13. mde2001

    Reborn 17.1 Lag

    There generally isn't a lot we can do about lag, and you've tried a lot of the things we'd recommend. In terms of overworld lag, the main thing to do is make sure that as few programs are running as possible, as reborn seems to need a disproportionate amount of power to run with less lag. If battles are really laggy, you might want to try disabling attack animations, which you can do in the game menu under options.
  14. mde2001

    Guilty Pleasures

    I'm also jumping on the eating too much unhealthy food bandwagon.
  15. mde2001

    Taking a Break From This Game

    Once the full game is released it'll be completely open to mods, so there will almost certainly be a reborn easier mode, for people who mostly want to enjoy the story! I completely understand the frustration of getting stuck on certain fights though. There were times when I felt like giving up might be easier! If you're really into the story you could try looking for a let's play, but those do come with the side effect of somewhat annoying commentary in most cases, which might detract from the experience.