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  1. So I found a new option called Clubs in my profile

    This currently doesn't do anything for you. It is currently something that we're playing around with that I can't really go into more detail about, but if/ when it is ready for everyone to use you'll get an announcement about it!
  2. Happy Birthday, ICSW

    Happy Birthday ICSW!!! You're such a dedicated member of the community and I couldn't be more impressed with your work as an auth member so far! You're doing a brilliant job! Have an incredible day! You deserve it!
  3. Added it for you. Game.rxdata
  4. [Resolved]Another Waterfall Unobtainable Problem

    Here you are. Replace your game.rxdata file with this one and you'll have waterfall. Game.rxdata
  5. [Resolved]Another Waterfall Unobtainable Problem

    You need to attach your savefile for us to help. You can find instructions on where to find it here
  6. rejuvi

    Try making a new one labelled Pokemon Rejvenation and see if that fixes it.
  7. Do you wear shoes and/or socks indoors?

    Socks in winter or any other time that its cold. Barefoot the rest of the time. Never really shoes indoors though (although my family doesn't have one of those houses where you have to take them off at the door so if I want to I can).
  8. rejuvi

    Okay, this is all pretty odd. What exactly do you mean by connected? Maybe try going to your saved games folder (instructions on how to find it here). There should be a folder there for both Reborn and Rejuvenation. If there isn't you could try creating one called Pokemon Rejuvenation and moving your rejuvenation save data into that but I'm not sure if that would work to be honest.
  9. What? REBORN is evolving!

    Congrats to you both! I'm sure you'll both do great things for Discord! And hey, if school ever decides it wants to stop taking up my entire life I'm looking forward to doing some good authing with both of you
  10. [Resolved]Odd freeze at Agate Circus

    Please upload your save file and I can probably fix it. Instructions here
  11. JERIICHOO :)

    Happy Birthday Jeri!!! You were such an amazingly dedicated member of the auth team and a real mentor to me. From the moment I started to become at all relevant to the community you supported me, and I really appreciate that. Have an amazing day!
  12. [Resolved]Waterfall Bug

    Yeah, for some reason Waterfall often seems to be missed. I've added it into your inventory. Game.rxdata
  13. I have annexed the grand hall and turned it into my personal dominion. Everyone who works there now works for me. On a more serious note, I would probably also go with one of the rooms at Apophyll, as an isolated school sounds good to me.
  14. [Resolved]Need a New Exp Share

    Okay it should be in your inventory now. Game.rxdata
  15. Okay I've fixed it for you. As well as downloading the file and replacing your old one with the one I've attached, also download the map file and put it into the data folder of your game download (replacing the existing one of the same name). The glitch you encountered means that you'll walk two spaces to the right every time you enter the grand hall, but in the new map I've made those tiles passable, so it won't freeze your game every time you enter. Game.rxdata Map038.rxdata