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  1. Pokemon Reborn Book Idea!

    The first chapter was a really good read, so good job there! I can't guarantee that I'd read all of it, but its certainly something that I'd at least flick through when I noticed it. For dialogue, you could try downloading RPGMaker and then opening reborn up in that, as it would allow you to see all of the text and copy and paste it, but the downside to that is you have to work out the exact order of events and where text comes from, so to be honest the way you're doing it at the moment is probably best.
  2. @March Hare Divergent As far as I'm aware the system of creating clubs still requires a certain number of members. That being said, I don't think that we're monitoring a certain level of activity is upheld. If there's enough support for that, we could certainly consider our options in that regard, but I'm not sure if we see there being enough harm in some emptier clubs to actively delete things or not.
  3. Okay I'm going to pin this thread for now alongside Tacos one, as I still think there's value to having it around as a reference, as there have been many discussions of glitches and so on in there. That said, this looks like a really impressively detailed guide that should be really helpful, so thanks and great job!
  4. Why not all fangames have those features?

    The first two are features of most fan games, as generally they are just pretty helpful. For some smaller games with more inexperienced devs they might not want to add scripts to do those things. I personally don't think that all pokemon need to be included in a fangame. For games a game the size of Reborn it makes sense, but for people who are going with the classic 8 gym formula, having to include so many pokemon would result in areas being overcrowded and the game being less balanced as people would have so many options. I'd personally much prefer to play a game where the dev have thought really carefully about what fits in where, both in terms of game progression and logic based on the area than one with random pokemon thrown everywhere to fit them all in. Fakemon are definitely a tricky one and often aren't done all that well, but I'd say the reason they're so common is that people want a chance to create their own experience. A lot of people grew up designing regions with a whole bunch of new characters, so getting to bring them to life is undoubtedly a chance that excites them. People need to be passionate about what they're making, and so if they find creating new pokemon fun, then its probably the right way to go for their project.
  5. [Resolved]Stuck at obsidida Salon

    That's not the folder you're looking for. If you need further instructions on how to locate the save file look here
  6. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day :) 

  7. Is discussing torrents allowed here?

    Its not necessarily a strict "you can't mention them at all thing," but under our piracy rules we ask that you don't distribute links to them on the main site/ server or actively inform people how to access/ use them. That being said, if people are involved in PM discussion about them, there isn't a lot we can do about it and we generally don't care.
  8. Of Witches and Staff

    Congratulations!!! I've been ridiculously impressed (and thankful) for your work in bug reporting in particular, as I haven't been helping out there with the frequency that I should and I realise that doing so much of the work with minimal support is quite difficult! Yet you've taken on the task with impressive dedication, and therefore your promotion was well deserved! So, welcome to the team once again!
  9. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    We have an entire subforum dedicated to Rejuvenation that can be found here. Don't worry though! The game is definitely still going though and there should be a new release somewhat soonish.
  10. It varies a bit, but everything relies on opening the game in debug mode. For the most basic things, its just opening up the game and holding down alt then moving them into a position where they aren't stuck anymore or going and manually doing something like lowering the water level in the WTC. Then for some things, you need to change game variables (the most common one example of something like this is fixing the Blake not appearing bug, in which variable 193 needs to be moved from 16 to 15). I've fallen a bit out of touch with some of the newer things (for example I generally leave Simon sidequest issues to Walpurgis and Njab, because I only ever worked out how to fix that once, and have forgotten since then), but generally you can work out the issue by looking at event triggers on maps. Sometimes people will have something completely knew which will require lots of playing around for sometimes upwards of an hour trying to work out what's wrong (although we haven't had anything like that for a quite a while), but generally its relatively intuitive.
  11. Get to know your fellow Members v2.0!

    Name/Known as: Michael Age: 16 Gender: Male Birthday: 22 February Location: Melbourne, Australia Height: I don't know tbh... Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Hazel Lives with: Parents and sister Pets: Nope Relationship status: Single Dream job: Teacher Currently playing: Nothing unfortunately Favourite Food: Various forms of curries and sausages Favourite Drink: Milk Favourite Color: Red Favourite kind of Music: Broadway showtunes Favourite Band: I don't really listen to bands Favourite Song: Anthem from Chess or She Used to be Mine from Waitress Favourite Game: Xenoblade 2 Favourite Genre of Game: RPG Favourite Hobbies: Acting, debating and model UN Favourite Movies: I don't have an overall favourite, but of things I've seen recently I liked the Greatest Showman the most Favourite Shows: West Wing, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Braindead and Parks and Rec
  12. That error is unfortunately a sign of save file corruption, which is something we can't fix. You should be able to use a backup save to fix it without losing much progress. You can find instructions on how to do this here. Once you've done that and everything is working there again, post that save file here and we should be able to fix your Corey Ring problem.
  13. pokemon starter

    They're all viable options, although less people would have played with popplio as it was only added recently, so people probably couldn't give you as much advice. Charmander makes the early game ridiculously easy because it has access to dragon rage which kills everything. Chimchar is just relatively solid throughout most of the game. Froakie might struggle early on due to typing (although its hidden ability helps in this regard) but its a pretty good team member throughout the game. So really, you can't go wrong with these choices, but they'll shine in really different areas.
  14. Club Visibility

    I have a lot of sympathy for this request as I have pretty similar browsing habits to you and therefore mostly forget to go into any clubs. That being said, it is somewhat difficult to add club functionality to the main forum index, as given that they require you to join, different things would have to show up for different people. So its possible that we could add a link to the general clubs page in a similar way to a subforum, but I doubt we could have the most recent post show up (except for possibly the most recent post in an open club). Edit: Looking back, this answer is not particularly coherently written, but hopefully it communicates the point well enough.
  15. Lin is actually a train confirmed... If you want a boring person explanation, that's currently the graphic for our in game test trainers, that are used for testing animations/ battle bugs and so on.