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  1. Idea for postgame (USUM spoiler)

    I'm sorry but that whole segment was just purely for fanservice and nostalgia by GF just to try and sell their game which it totally worked. But other than that whole load of nonsense which any sane writer or developer would not dare touch, it really adds nothing exciting or interesting to Reborn. These villains have their own game with their own "climatic" boss fights. I'd rather that time be better spent on stuff that's exciting and new rather than trying to ripoff of GF directly. Someone should add this to the archive of stuff suggested by fans the moment a new Pokemon game comes out and does that.
  2. 2000-2003 was when I was really into youtube (and google video. Who here actually remembers that or the fact youtube had a star rating?) Gotta keep the classics alive. It's not really keeping a schedule but more like "Oh, I have free time. I could play [Insert Game Here], work on the outline for a rewrite of one of my old pieces, or get to work on this Rejuv run." I tend to rotate them but it's usually just a whim. This isn't like 2016 where things got really, really bad. If people think I'm cranky and mean now, you should've seen me a year ago at this time. Yes, this is actually "Nice" Commander (and not very stressed). As for how harsh I am with comments and remarks, I've been like that since 2004. Maybe I'll get into that story one of these days. (Which relates to many of the unusual things I do when I give feedback). As for Ren and the community, I think it's more that people are way too quick to judge his character. Old Ren was bad so people aren't willing to move on and accept that Ren might be a good character. Think of it more as a community influence rather than the game. So many people are gonna be offended by this, but so many people are closed minded so doubtfully anything I say will really change people's overall opinion on anything. LoZ Wind Waker is easily one of the best examples of this. So many people bashed on the game simply due to the change of art style. Look where we are now with BotW. I can usually excuse a bad part of a game when judging an overall game because people do make mistakes and bad decisions, but there's just so much about the story that's just dull and...forgettable (or unforgetable in a bad way) that it just leads to issue after issue piling up (leading to a dog pile). I'm sure if Jan started from scratch on a new game, it'd be significantly better or at least fix more of what I'm complaining about. So far it's an enjoyable game, but nothing I'd really hold a torch to or reference for. I'll get more into that at the end of this segment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 26: This is a very late Halloween gift, but alas I hope you enjoy it anyways Btw here's a pic of the team because most of y'all probably forgot what I had (I know I did): Not really something I'm complaining about in Rejuv specifically but moreso Pokemon in general is that levels end up being heavily lopsided due to how the experience and battle systems work as it's by individual Pokemon. I understand what they were trying to do with the Exp share thing but that doesn't work without a cap. If you have something like HC's level limiter, the newer exp share system actually would work great and just cut some fluff that we call grinding. For Marianette I had to really kind due to that Bewear but the only time I really did grinding in this segment actually was to evolve Loewe. He really needed it. Also as another rule of thumb, I don't ever used Inverse candies. It's a waste of good exp that could have been used on a different Pokemon. Just wanted to clear that up about my playstyle and why things look the way there are. Also, this episode did get delayed due to the Beta of E17. There was also something else that I was tinkering with to get working and I'm debating whether or not to reveal a bit of it early. You'll see what I'm talking about later. I hate being secretive about it, but I don't want to make false promises then not be able to showcase it. Just know that this thingy also takes up my time too. Oh yeah, COGA's probably are going to be discontinued so that I don't juggle three things at once (this run is going to temporarily slow down until around winter break where I'll try to update). I probably said this stuff, but may as well say it again so that people know that I'm not dead, just slower than a turtle relay race. (As a president with an epic voice once said "Change [moment of pause] is good") (It's terrible. I hate when I get pennies back and wonder where I lost them at. Making me lose my moolah.) Fun fact: I have accumulated in a coin bag $45 worth of change for like the past 8 years. It pretty much just sat there too. Not as bad as my grandpa's ex/not ex girlfriend who had over 20 years worth of nickles and pennies worth $50. Nickles and pennies. Let that sink in. (Probably on how much money they spent on a pizza just to tip the guy) (Ye because we be broke) Oh yeah, I'm planning on getting Yo-kai watch thinking about money. I'm not really digging the whole USUM thing which will be the first mainline games I skipped since Crystal. Yes, I bought a version of each new game of the series until this one. Gen V is where I really started loosing interest in the series...I'm really on a train ride of derailment today. I'm not a big fan of GF and their design choices lately, okay? (Jokes on them...they don't have either of those now) Was gonna make a joke about that with me...but I probably used it somewhere. Seriously, I wouldn't want to be friends with a single resident in this place other than Ren. While you could say Narcissa is nice, she's also a bit stuck-up and snobbish. We'll get into her character analysis soon. (SHE SHOULD NOT LOCK THE OPEN DOOR! (RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!)) No folks I am not drunk right now, this is just how I normally am. (I thought this was supposed to be a motivation speech, not the main antagonist giving an overview of their plan before a climatic battle.) That actually reminds me of something that Reborn does better than Rejuv. Rejuv has the villains give a speech to really explain stuff to the point it's a bit nonsense. Reborn is actually really good at balancing that as most of the against the player cut down the chase to the battle. There are some exception like ZEL in Obisidia (who needs to explain some vital info and the player isn't a threat at the time) and Solaris Underneath the Stairs (you weren't a threat to him either). I'm not pointing Jan specifically out on this but so many games do that I feel like it's a nice thing to point out. Great piece of advice to avoid it is that you didn't write the segment right if the villain has to explain everything, not just the scene. (Maybe we should have let Ren face her) Can someone tell me what happens if you say yes to Ren? I assume he just says he knows he'll lose anyways and walks away. Though if he said he had to go back and heal his pokemon, that'd probably be one of the biggest dick moves the player could do to him. I ain't seeing how that pans out after dealing with the damn frog. (Brave probably isn't the best way to describe me, but 'tis a play so I will play the Gallant Knight of Bel Air) You thought I was done offending people but we are just getting started. (Yo dawg, we gonna slam down some beats of honor) Before you say anything, do you know what Will Smith playing a knight sounds like? I didn't think so. (Oh snap! They didn't tell me I'd appear without a costume. Uh...I do kind of blend in so the probably won't recognize a white haired man...wearing a fancy coat...and white boots. If they light torches, I'm getting the heck out of town. Also if I win, I'm getting the heck out of town) (Ah yes, they wish to see our duel of funk) I'm sorry, but now I'm picturing that instead of a gym battle, we determine the fate of the town with a dance off. I'm actually picturing the Pokemon dancing off against each other even. Narcissa probably would beat me, but my team would cream her's in a dance battle. All of mine have legs...most of hers don't. (I'm just going to smile and look pretty pretending not to be pretending I'm Will Smith) (If I lose, does that mean I can actually progress the plot forward) (Didn't...I already do that beating Geara and Ren...and my gambling buddy. We go to the club every Tuesday now) And now you're going to have to let me remember all the details because it's been a few months since I did this. I would take notes, but...I'm busy not trying to lose to even think about that (I wish making a battle log wasn't a pain in the ass with essentials...or maybe I'm doing it wrong) (So the sprite is new and I'm not sure how I feel about this one...mixed feelings here) (That thing hurts like hell) So what took me by surprise was Gengar actually having Sludge Wave. I know I switched out from Joker who set up a light screen...and tanked a hit, but it was either at Gengar or some other time. Ratigan was hit hard by a crit sludge wave but I was able to do some damage with a retaliate sucker punch here. She then switched out to Mimikyu when it was in the red. (This is why Loewe is the best) I think I sacked Pangoro here so that he'd break the disguise. Ratigan served a more important purpose with Sucker Punch. Not sure who knocked it down into the mid HP but it wasn't Loewe. Loewe finished it off with Razor Shell. (Gotta work that sword hand). This is where I used Ratigan to Sucker Punch to knock Chandelure down into the killing range where Walter knocked it out with an accelorock. He then took down Gengar with the same move knocking two more Pokemon out. I don't really remember Rotom all that much so I'm guessing SEC just spammed Flame burst or something to KO it. Kind of did some scary damage there. Loewe managed to take Spiritomb (the one Pokemon it would have been nice to have Pangoro alive for) down with Razor Shell as it lowered its defense. Now this is where my brilliant plan went into play. So I used Loewe's turn to heal Joker up. It went south when Ghostly wail proc'd a def up on Loewe meaning Walter didn't do that much damage. I sent in Joker to set up Light Screen and he managed to get some hits in (I think he also did serious damage to gengar but it's hard to remember this battle other than the Sludge Wave crit nearly screwed me over). I then sent out walter who got one rock slide that didn't do much damage before dying. I then had SEC who dealt the finish blow. Yeah that Missmagius hurts but Joker let her live thanks to light screen. Sorry it's a jumbled mess but it was my first attempt and I wasn't expecting to win and it came out as a surprise. I honestly think this battle was just right unlike Marianette. All of the mons were threatening but nothing was too threatening to overwhelm the fight. You could make a comment how I had two dark types, but they really didn't do all that much (I could've easily won without them). Kind of funny how Joker who I thought would be worthless turned out to be very important in that battle. Light Screen saved my ass from taking so much damage as it kind of negates the field boost. And moving on... (You mean I can finally move on from this game...YES \o/) Yeah we aren't even close to being done concluding this chapter. Just a warning. (...I think you mean the world of memes, scumbags, and Taco Bell) What? I really want some Taco Bell. It's the only "Mexican" food I can eat without a burning sensation later. (I wouldn't say missed is the best word to put their) (Oh the real kicker is about to come up) (And it's everyone's favorite random NPC) (It's Pokemon. Even the best trainers can get swept by a Magikarp) (I deserve the credit for that win because you haxed me) (THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ANYWAYS BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO BLOODY DO) This line of dialogue right here is why I hate the Goldenwood Villagers. They aren't being disrespectful, they are committing bloody terrorism on the region at this point. There's just too much emphasis on them being so violent. If you want to see a game that does Goldenwood right, D Block from Xenogears is a good example. It's such a unique place that's both a prison and a community. It really nails the feeling of being a prisoner and helpless even. Trails of Cold Steel's entire story runs on a conflict but that is very political and rather hard to explain in a paragraph. I think FFIX also does something similar but that's heavy spoiler territory. The thing is that most of these relate to politics, not to strategy...Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem runs on this concept which you could point out any game (Tellius is the...I already explained this...man my memeory is bad today). I think we get the bloody point at this point. (And cue the real kicker) (I'm just gonna let Narcy handle this for a minute) (Gotta love how Narcy is acting) (And there it is. This is the rant we've all been waiting for) Yes, literally a bunch of kids are acting all edgy and commit crimes due to an incident they never even saw or experienced. It's kind of like teenagers today hating banks simply because the great depression happened. That girl also has to be 14-18 years old so the events of the tower likely happened 16+ years ago. Probably 18. Yes, they have been like this for 18 years straight. Sure maybe if it happened a year or two ago I'd let it slide, but 18 years the league has been letting this stuff slide putting young trainer in a very dangerous situation. The big issue is that all residents act like this other than Ren (and Narcissa to a degree). One single person was not okay with this in an 18 year time period. I did kind of avoid a what I would do here, but I kind of have the answer now. Instead of making the NPCs violent, I'd focus on making them cold hearted and rude as a forefront over violent. However if you talk to some NPCs again, you'd notice a pattern that the NPCs are facing an internal conflict. They believe it's right to push others away and keep them out of the village as they are bound to be hurt by them again (or pressured to acting mean due to peer pressure) but they know doing so is wrong and really hurting the outsiders. For example the lady who hurts your Pokemon, talking to her afterwards makes her feel bad as you're still being nice to her and she gives you a hyper potion. The girl who did something bad to the guy who liked her could have a second set of dialogue (talking to her a second time) saying something like "He was a very sweet boy who even gave me a nice bouquet of roses. Did he really deserve...getting that?" You'd think it'd take a long time to implement something like that, but it's actually not that hard. I think it's actually more important than what is said in the story and impacts it more. Tell me which you think is more interesting: a town full of people cruel to outsiders due to an incident a long time ago or a town full of people cold and cruel to outsiders, knowing it it wrong and even questioning it, but keep doing so simply because of it being the norm and how the city runs. Everything else about this storyline would be exactly the same with the latter, but this scene right here would change a bit. Let's continue on a bit before I explain the key difference. (Well she is a big part of the problem with this section) (Let me just get a dictionary out for a minute) Xenophobic: fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign. Yes. It's fine for some people like Sariah to exist but everybody acting like that to an extreme degree is a little over the top. (Meanwhile, Commander is singing Shake it Off in his head) If I was in that situation I totally would sing that song exiting the stage while doing this: (Who wants to bet she doesn't even know one of their names) (That's not how vengeance works) I'm sorry but how do you do positive vengeance. Oh well let's worry about that later. (As a wise monkey once said "The past can hurt, but you can either run from it or learn from it") (I'm starting to understand why Sirius wanted to build a new world now) (Congratulations, you have promoted yourself to second worst character in the series) (And...oh god is this going to be a Friendship is magic episode) (Irony of a foreigner telling a citizen to GTFO) (She's the Knuckles of Rejuvenation) (You threw a man in jail for no reason and no trial...even if he kind of deserved it after the whole Part 3 segment) (And the other great thing about this segment) (Yes, the irony in here is this) I really do wish the town concept was expanded upon over simply being treated as a hivemind that feels the same. More on that at the end of this segment (They'd probably just ignore you or say "Go away!") (Pretty sure deserved and desired are two different thoughts. What they desire is getting a gym badge and getting the hell out. What they deserve is a hello or something for visiting) (Working at a customer service desk in a nutshell) (Remember folks, this is a process that's been going on for 18 years) (And we're almost done...nope no we're not) (I'm pretty sure this was mentioned earlier. Oh well) (...This would be that moment when Commander would give her a funny look. That's just a weird thing to say even for someone like me for a spooky based town) Oh yeah I do get to bring up Reborn again. I don't think it's really all that well done but Reborn does have history and lore placed into the game in North Obsidia but trainers do comment on how the ward communities work and function such as Peridot's train tracks separating two groups. It's kind of a hit or miss with RPGs as some do it and others just make towns serve as stopping points. Unova is the most interesting Pokemon region imo, but Johto has the best lore and community. Lot of things are overlooked from Johto. (Now this is going into Cheese City) (I liked it up until the ending. Gotta love when an ending ruins a game) (Well at least 18 or so years) (Well we did have a nail biting finish with that battle) (Also, I'm sad those aren't cardboard cutout trees but what can you do) Oh yeah I never mentioned this little nice touch but you are supposed to use flash to purify the field which is symbolic of purifying the town in the process. (The one thing Aelita is good at: acting.) I kind of wish the acting trait was brought back and used more as it is an interesting detail about Aelita and the fact she can learn lines fast. (She was surprisingly good at it whether or not it was improv) (YES! LET'S FINALLY GET OUT OF HERE!) (Seriously, why couldn't they just build a gate behind the gym or something? It'd make everyone's lives a lot easier.) Skipping Aelita's dialogue as it's pointless to bring up. (You know some people think Giratina is the devil of Pokemon so...that's kind of morbid having a statue of it.) (And it's badge time) (I misread that as Phangasm Badge. Interpret that however you want) (And now it's talk time) I'll explain why a town facing moral conflicts if much more interesting over what we have now even though the story does not change at all. Instead of being something that is forced upon them, it is more like a final push to change things for the better. It gives this town a feeling that they have a conscience. It's not really about being realistic because well what we have here is realistic but explained and presented poorly. That change makes it feel like a happy ending to this segment rather than a simple "get over yourselves" thing. Sure some dialogue would be altered (I'd probably have Narcissa ask Sariah if she really enjoys hurting people and seeing them suffer. I'd actually then have Sariah leave saying that there's somebody she needs to find and apologize right away). And this wouldn't hurt Ren's character, in fact, I think it would greatly help him and see that maybe the way he's handling this is wrong (as their are other people like him). Just my thoughts. The main storyline is overall fine, but it just has to do with the residents of this town that hurts it. It's appalling that Jan did so many changes really improving the main story and it still gets dragged down by a consistent problem. It even hurts a little bit. But now we need to move on. Oh god I realize what this part is... (Ze time flees me like ze babies who brought me here only to make me suffer.) (Ze logic of ze place ez bananzas with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Ez fitting place for king of darkness, but like it Zi don't) (Damn ze babies and crazy bitch. Damn zem all.) (To be crushed by ze babies ez worse zan ze place I am trapped) (When Zi make ze entrance of epicness, Zi will make ze babies wish zey went crying to big mama instead of messing with ze Great Geara) (What ez zis. Zat sound ez familiar, but it makes me want to zee crushing of baby Seels) (Zese people. Zey are cray cray with zer logic.) (Zese people. I think I know zem.) (Zits ze professor and uhh...ze one guy with za mohawk zoo ez zuper important. Zi think zih name zis Carl) (Zis crazy bitch dragged me in zere) (How did ze two of you get in zere. Oh...Zi think Zi understand. Ze two of you zar in a relationzip. Throw ze worry fists away az I will not speak words to ze boss. Zhe would kill me if I spoke of such nonsense.) (But ze two of zu should not hide for zo long. It zis too long zat we worried you abandoned us. But ze boss will be happy to know zu are alive and well) (Ze boss also mention zu went off ze grid. Zat ez and amazing trick) I have no idea where I'm going with this but zat ez how zi roll. (Zi do not want to know what zat means) (Well az long az you're happy, ze Geara ez happy) (Wait so zu went into zis place without knowing of a way out. Your are dumber than ze scientist with za plans of stupidity.) (Zi have a crazy idea. Zu zee, zi have zis giant chicken god of doom thingy zat can travel between dimensions. Maybe ze can do that do another world where ze can zen warp us back to ze world we love. Zhy are zu looking at me with ze face of disappointing glares. Fine. Zhen we zar stuck zer for centuries of boredom) (Zhi am not going to zay anything else az zu will just zay it is the work of toddler with brain spazzes) (We wait for ze miracle of ze gods to come to us) (Zi have concluded zat all zientist are people with ze brain power of za mankey) (Zi wonder how long it took you to make zat conclusion) (Zat ez rude. Geara ez fun person to be around and ez ze bestest of animals who party) (Zi am offended and zi demand an apology preferably with a gift.) (Zi zee how zit ez. Zu two are mad zat I crashed zur romantic night. Zat's okay, Geara forgives zu). I don't even question where my mind goes with this moments. But sorry if this caps aren't up to par because bloody hell is this section full of flat dialogue. You know when a character says something that gives you goosebumps or you can't get out of your head both good or bad, none of that has really been present in this chapter. I also just feel I'm out of it today and I have no idea why. Sometimes it happens and you just gotta keep moving forward. Still not as bad as the SEC segments. (Now zat we cleared ze air, what should we do now? Sitting like dog ez not a thing zi like doing.) (Ze chicken god ez ze best az ze brought za woman to ze festival of sausages) (zhough ze ez crazy, but zi cannot be picky in a world like zis) (Hello, little girl. Do zu want to a secret?) I'm picturing this becoming canon because bloody hell it works out way too well here: And that's what my team looked like after Narcissa. Yes, it takes that long before you can look at your team. I was a tad overleveled but mostly because Walter was an Exp hog. Can't help it because he's pretty good. (I love how that rope is still there.) (And now we get to more fun with Commander) (We could have avoided this entire situation if Ren told us how to get through here. Literally, that's all he needed to do) (And now I'm stuck with blockhead again. Something tells me she'll be the death of me.) (It is when you're at the bank) (And that actually makes sense. You should keep Aelita with you though) (Pretty sure we don't so far in the game. I don't really know and wouldn't surprise me if we didn't) And now I get to... (Don't interrupt me, women) ........... I don't have that image. This is the glorious moment that I have no idea what she said so we're going to assume it's not very important. (It took 4 months to actually get to this point. Little is an understatement.) (I kind of realized...how old is Narcissa? She has to be around 40-45 given the whole tower thing. 34 would be the youngest possible age she could be. She old.) Now I get to talk about Narcy. She's actually pretty decent as a support character with my only gripe being I wish she was a little deeper given her relation to Geara and Ren as she knew them for a very long time. In fact, she should be very familiar with a number of townsfolk in this place. As a support character, she doesn't overstay her welcome and I'd be okay if she completely disappeared from the story after that. The sad thing is that she stands out more as she has a bit of a personality, an actual interest in stuff, and has a bit of history other than the tragedy stuff. She was also a fresh change of pace being a voice of reason in a crowd of chaos. Now we get into one of my least favorite changes... (If you changed that N to a D, you'd fit the character to a T) (I know. I never though I'd make it this far.) (And I get to say this...) If you though my analysis was far-fetched, this kind of more or less confirms his state of being. It's sad as he's one of, if not the only, to actually keep to a consistency like this. (I'm kind of wondering if this would have been the same result even if Ren was the one to change the town) (Well you don't have anything you can really look forward to or go anywhere) (THIS BLOODY PART!) I'm going to let the scene play out to explain why I really understand this scene and it works well, but I really dislike it. (Oh joy how I have not missed you) (Ren no!) (Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.) (Stalking is the word you're looking for) (Has Crescent even made any movements in the game so far? Like walking movements. Seriously, I don't even remember.) (Like why the heck are you standing on a roof? Why do people like doing that? Seriously?) (I wouldn't follow a mysterious stranger I know nothing about, Ren. Bad idea.) This really, really doesn't affect this part so much, but bloody hell does it actually ruin a very interesting analysis meant for later on Ren. The problem with Crescent is mostly due to the fact she disowns any characters actions or feeling of accomplishment/development. She doesn't help build any characters up and more or less actually deconstructs them. Of every character in the game she's interacted with, name one character besides Ren who actually improved because of her. Ren is a slight exception because she actually set him up for the Melia death...which everyone more or less forgot and got over it. So the one thing to cover on Crescent is that well either she or that Gothitelle...I don't know how that stuff works gives her a way to basically steam roll anybody allowing her to basically be a mastermind/god here. I know I said this before but having a character who is nearly faultless doing so much for the story is just boring if not irritating. If she actually showed some more personality, I'd be a bit more for her character. For example, if she actually had a bit of humor or wasn't taking any characters seriously, she'd be a bit more interesting to watch and her actions would be a bit more forgiving. There's also the whole no rhyme or reason why she appears at certain moments and not at others where we're in just as much danger if not more. This problem then stacks up with Ren's character as since he kind of lost everything, he's a broken puppet that's very easy to play with. Instead of actually making some interesting choices which honestly I would be all for THAT event happening on his own terms, it really hinders his character and development so much as he's just...Crescent's toy. Imagine that scene with instead of Crescent, Ren caught a hold of a random grunt saying that they should have a little chat outside of the city with Crescent just merely watching. It'd make what he does a little less obvious and questioning his moral compass. Just my thoughts. As for the overall segment, I thought it was fine with a lot of little ups and downs, but still overall good. Sure I don't like certain things like how over the top extreme the villagers are, but the changes really brought out more to the characters for once. And yes it is okay for a character to start out boring or bland, but avoid doing it to too many. Margulius from Xenosaga, one of my favorite villains, I really disliked in the first game, but the second and especially the third game made me absolutely love him. I get that it's really hard to show emotions in an RPGmaker game, but I think Jan really should make more use out of the emotions system he implemented. Notice how a lot of RPGs use many of those effects throughout the story to express people's thoughts. But yeah, this is the overall minimum quality I tend to expect from a RPG (I'm picky, but can you blame me as they are so goddamn long). As for the next part, it might be a while as I was doing a bit of sidequesting (nothing too major or interesting right now), but I probably won't start working on it until late December or January as there's other stuff I need to get done. Have a nice day and thank y'all for reading. Oh yeah, I skipped this segment as well but I actually missed this until and had no idea you could access it that early: (The name's Commander. Got it memorized?)
  3. Does Reborn have a birthday?

    Reborn is actually older than that as it was a site called Poke Place when everything first started.
  4. 6 Non Legendary Left Out of Episode 17 Speculation

    I just want to clear this up a minute. There already was a 3rd dark material in the game, but it can only be obtained through the use of rock climb like a ton of content in the game. Seriously, there are so many rock climb walls in the game with some that can easily be missed. You'll have to play the game to find out whether or not this has changed or if we even get rock climb. Hydreigon is in a funky spot now as it's technically unobtainable as of E16 but can be obtained legally through online.
  5. I hear people like leaks. So I've come to deliver:



    1. seki108




    2. Filthy Casual

      Filthy Casual

      Here's my favorite spoiler...


      Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.


    3. Wolfox






  6. E17 release?

    It really has been delayed due to all the errors that have popped up. The Beta phase will eventually come though.
  7. I know more and more of them are becoming digitized, but do any of you guys read the manuals to video games? It doesn't matter if you played them beforehand or not. Generally, I kind of glance through and read about stuff like the characters and sometimes a mechanic I don't understand, but I've never touched any of the 3ds/Wii U ones (only paper). I actually remember Pokemon Blue and Yellow having a full length prologue in them even.
  8. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    I wasn't implying you all are like that, but one person can really dampen someone's experience and then there's the obvious thing that you represent the company when you enter the workforce. Sorry about the hell I caused because I really don't spend time trying to misinterpret the messages I'm saying. By that, I simply mean not noticing implied information. And please for the love of Arceus if anything I say offends anybody, either try to kindly say that you feel like I was saying something or want clarification or if you can't do it professionally, take it to a PM with me. I've dealt with numerous frustrated customers at my old job so whatever you say there won't bother me. I will then clarify it. I was probably a little bit flustered as it is frustrating seeing stuff you don't like. I'm usually a little wary seeing projects try to implement a whole bunch of stuff before getting a first release out because rarely are first releases any good. Reborn was pretty bad iirc, Rejuv was pretty bad, and Hardcore I'll admit was bloody awful (who remembers HC Terra with the Ice Punch Diggersby). Once we found a stable level, that's when we all started more and more stuff in because it's a lot of work getting the gameplay and experience just right. Even very successful companies have major issues building new gameplay systems. Legend of Heroes Skies First Chapter has horrible gameplay. The first three Final Fantasies are all very bad (well mostly II and III). Your first release likely will have a lot of jarring issues which is perfectly normal, but if you feel confident you can handle all you said and redoing stuff a few times, then by all means go for it. The less things you do now, the easier it is to fix is all I'm saying. Releasing a game is a scary thing because you have no idea what people are going to like if they like anything. But hey if you feel confident, then go for it. While I'm not a fan of the type chart changes, I'd only advise changing the uncommon ones like poison being super effective to normal and avoid stuff like making poison super effective to steel. Every year there's a new Pokemon game plus other people who make fan-games which can lead to the type chart being hard to follow. The type changes would need to be very involved and easy for players to read and access IN-GAME because it's something so easy to forget and can get frustrating. It could work, but tread carefully there. The rest of it I'm fine with and can understand some of the changes which can certainly turn boring Pokemon into fun and interesting new tools. Fakemon grind down to the artist skills. I'll admit the protag sprites are good and are something that perked my interest. On a side note, the type chart has been and always will be nonsensical for some things. I mean bugs being weak to rocks despite having hard shells, Dragons being weak to Dragons, and Water being resistant to Ice (when technically it's easily frozen). Sure you could argue those make sense, but then we get into Normal and Ghost being ineffective to each other. Ice and Fire should be super effective to each other if we applied logic. So I'll probably only judge changes on a gameplay standpoint rather than a logic standpoint. Someone should find the Awkward Zombie comic on it. I'm actually glad you were honest about the communication thing because not everyone would be (I'd probably lie using a cover that we were going to review it and look into changes because I don't like throwing people under the bus and rather be the one to take all the blame). I usually make an announcement 1-2 weeks after something has been created so that I can avoid false promises. You are you so do what you want and think is best for your group. I'm not excluding myself when I say this, but can we please keep this from slowly devolving into the equivalence of a hissy fit the next time any of us disagree on anything. I'm glad I did check back here because there were some good posts, but I am also keeping to my word of avoiding this entirely from now on. You are a good guy and I think we all know you are trying to make this game successful and I hope it is. It's nothing ill towards anyone, but for lack of a better phrase, I ain't putting up with that crap. I know when making that second post I was pissed off. Actually looking it, I'm dying of laughter because I really deviated from what I was originally going to say in that first post and it was kind of rude (I actually have no recollection of it). I also did poorly phrase the abilities as I meant the older abilities and not the new ones when talking about them being terrible. The point I was trying to make but was probably really tired and overwhelmed by the change list (that post is really overwhelming and should've been spread out to soak in slowly) was that because you understand it and enjoy it doesn't mean it will be in a form that players will enjoy learning which requires writing designed for players to experience and teach themselves (the era of manuals is long gone). Learning that much stuff and changes can be exhausting to the point of what was a fun game is really just a chore. The second post is about reworking that so it's what a player would find enjoyable and fun (making sure you balance everything...in terms of enjoyment not brokeness and unbrokeness and having an emphasis on what you want people to focus and talk about ie the spaghetti over trying to get people to enjoy things they probably don't care about ie the other foods to the point you force it upon them).
  9. Cliche is a very hard to use word due to the fact imagination comes from inspiration. A better word I should use is predictable as if I could tell you everything that'd happen in a scene without even seeing it, then it can be rather dull. Playing god is not this simple subject everybody makes it out to be (Xenoblade is closer, but only a couple games like Xenosaga really get it right) as it requires a lot of layers of character in very few words or actions. Why make a new world to rid of what? Why destroy the old one? How will this be accomplished? How will the world be maintained? If these questions cannot be answered, then it simply is a character driven by madness with little or no reason. That's a core problem with many "Comic book villains" as I'll call them. They aren't interesting and are a waste of breath. Now we jump back to legendaries which the hacking community really went the wrong way with them. Legendary Pokemon simply are stories of the past passed down about these Pokemon who are so rare that some don't believe they even exist. It's the equivalence to stuff like the Egyptian God Ra or the Sphinx. The Pokemon games are built and function around these stories which many of the crime groups underestimate their power (Mostly Archie and Maxwell in this category). I stand firm with this ideal which is why I don't really involve legends all that much. I know the revolution storyline I did mostly because I was asked to. Even then they weren't merely tools and were really involved. For fun challenges or post game stuff I'm fine with bosses having legends since it technically is post story and really doesn't matter as much. But the other misconception is putting the fact that Legends could mean more than powerful Pokemon. In the original 2 generations, legends and myths kind of were whether you wanted to believe it or not, but pointed towards being true. Mewtwo was made in a lab, the tower was burned down likely with Ho-Oh reviving the three dogs, and Lugia definitely had powerful wings, but the dex entry likely was exaggerated. So having trainers use legendaries in battle isn't the end of the world, but over the generations, GF has been upping the importance of their lore (then ruined it with Ultra Beasts which are just strong Pokemon who match legendaries in strength). ...I'll let the viewers decide whether or not that counts, but I really do keep to my word. I'm guessing you don't know what "the ripple effect" is. It's very similar to the "Butterfly Effect". When you take a stone and throw it into the pond, it creates ripples. These ripples do not stay in place but slowly spread out until they eventually vanish. This happens whenever you make a change in the story as it effects other parts of the story so if I changed one part, I would make sure it was coherent and fixed other parts to smooth it all out. I'm not really aiming for coherency here (I mean Geara is a French man with a Russian dialect), but just naming things that could have been done. You learn something new every day. And suddenly that made me think of Frencheara who make me think of this guy Something something moving on to the chapter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 25: The PhantRen of the Opera (What even is this? It looks like Rice and Spinach. I don't even get a drink) (Can I have what she's eating instead?) (I'd make a joke about Ilyana here but I don't even think anyone here knows who that even is) (Well she's a strong independent woman. You have to know these things when you live alone) (...And she was a wife as well) (...I completely forgot about this) I'm just going to say that this string of dialogue really is a nice touch that adds to Narcissa's character. (Yes. Yes it is.) Okay this is a good point to talk about something that I have kind of been hiding a bit. Chapters are obviously being delayed due to various reasons as I have school and I just started working. The biggest reason for the delay was that I got really, really sick a couple days to the point I kept passing out and sleeping which made me need to catch up on school work. I can't promise this won't be delayed for various reasons (and one some people may like and be happy about), but unless I say this run is canceled it will be ongoing. I am laying off of COGA's for the rest of the year though...which is two months. I'll leave those a surprise. Also if I feel a little grouchy, that's probably due to the fact that I still have this dang cough (and I'm stuck in a crappy hotel with very little lighting until February). I'm better now, but there's a lot of stressful things in the background. (Hello character who contributed nothing helpful to the plot so far) (Can it be canon that she was in a two month coma?) (She has no idea how long she's been out...isn't this the second time this happened?) I swear Aelita is the Yamcha of Rejuvenation. She does nothing but gets defeated easily. (Umm...I'm pretty sure your father wants to see you not almost die at this point) (I'm pretty sure he's thinking "why didn't I raise her better?" right now) (I actually really like this line as well) (The French aren't easy to defeat...or was that the Russians?) (...I want to like you, Aelita, but I just can't) (Can I have a team of Mosley, Nim, and Ren? I think we'd accomplish a lot more together) (The problem of why I am still playing this game?) (Oh boy, here comes the meeting room thingy) (...And this is new) (Pretty sure this is Jan's thought process when changing this) (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure in a nutshell) (Aelita...actually helping? That's new) (Hey Aelita, do you want this food? I swear I thought I saw it move just now.) (Hmmm...I'm interested) (I...can't remember if this was stated in the original or not.) (More good dialogue) (Well probably due to the fact foreigner's aren't welcome) (Seriously, this is good stuff) (No, we're making an anime) (...Something tells me years were spent making this) (Oh good, I can become a celebrity now. Also, I probably should start stabbing this food with a fork before it escapes into the wild) (Oh good, that's something I'm good at) (So basically a gym battle where I humiliate you in front of the entire town. I like this idea) (I know you're flattering me so I'll just go along with this....and it's working) (My thoughts on this exactly) (Yes, let's get the show on the road...though it probably won't top the French man himself. That was a show) (This food...it is speaking to me now) (Didn't you need to get home like two months ago?) (I'd like you to live too, Mosley) (Whelp good-bye best character in the game) ([Googles nomadic] did not know the word meant that...probably won't ever use it though) (I'm surprised she didn't ask what a normadic is) (Hey, why don't I get gifts? I did all the hard work) (Something tells me it will all be gone before she arrives home) (...Food solves all problems in the world. The more you know) (No Mosely, you're the best) (I probably won't see any of you for a long time...hopefully Aelita is included) (Yes, yes it must) Suddenly... (I'm boxed in here...get it...no need to get boxy on me now.) So I really, really liked this change in the game as it actually implements more of Narcissa's character into the actual game rather than just have her serve as an obstacle to progress. Her character is a lot more involved compared to a lot of characters who usually are just there and are interchangeable. That's actually an issue with big cast stories as often one is either forced to say something to be relevant or just blends into the background. This is one of the few times this really didn't happen and I though even Aelita was done just fine. I want more of these kinds of scenes because they are even interesting to reread to see what I forgot. And yes, I did just praise Rejuvenation on story. And yes, this kicks the hell out of the original idea of this section. And now a word from our sponsor... (I mean...he does make the game so that does count, right?) I just gave myself a mini heart attack as I accidentally closed out of this thread. Everything I okay though. (.....That exeggutor pic is the scariest thing I've seen so far this year) (Eh, she's probably like Shade...did you know Shade likes music?) (Supporting the strong independent woman idea I brought up) (Did she build this on an Indian Burial ground or something?) (Well duh. Field effects always make the stab of a leader stronger) (Even though they're hindered, Dark Types are still very useful here) (Seriously wish this had an epic animation because that is a cool name for a move) (And it sounds epic) (One of these days GF will make a sound type a real thing) (Or you could bring a normal type Pokemon...hint hint) (Flash is a good move. I'd demonstrate it, but I'd then be banned from Reborn) (So it'll basically be Keta's field...but I don't have Flash...because that takes effort) (Basically that's EZ mode, but we don't do EZ mode around here...except when dealing with Batman) (I did know this actually) If you want to know my favorite type, it's actually Psychic but I tend to use more fire types...and the only Psychic type in my top 10 is Alakazam. I loved spamming Psybeam in Pokemon Stadium as well. That and Psychic looked awesome in it. (I...forgot these were called Janograms...was that ever even mentioned in the game?) (But we're all dead on the inside) This is gonna be really random, but I really don't have a good place to put it. Something that keeps me playing this game or retry it is actually the community around it. It's always been very, very supportive of Jan especially when things go bad or hair is pulled (like certain leaders being laughably broken) it really has been fun looking at it and some of the things going on. I don't think Rejuv is superior to Reborn like some people believe, but I certainly can understand why people enjoy it more. And also, this run is way more popular than I even pictured it being and way more support than I imagined. That really does make spending a few hours one each chapter worth it and going through 100s of pictures again. (...even the potted plants are gold. I swear King Midas was your actual husband) (No, we still got a few screen caps to go before then) (I told you) (I also like this as it shows a bit of anxiety which a lot of people do have before they perform) (And...there's a voice I haven't heard in a long while) (Not as big of a plot twist as Link appearing in a Mario game. I salute you if you know which game that happened in) (No, I just went the other way around) I actually do like the nice touch of how they changed Goldenwood forest to reflect why the player couldn't go that way. (THAT IS NOT IRONY) (Making Ren eat his own words...+10 points for Narcissa) (Man I wish Ren was more involved in the story because he's more interesting than a lot of characters) (Well that's any dream of a Pokemon trainer so...it's understandable) (I probably would've wrote it like "After working so hard trying to rid the black of this town, you succumb to it." Same message though) (Damn, I wish I had images of the old version of this because the difference in quality is very, very visible) (But Narcissa saw through his clever disguise and she crushed Bruce Ren in-between her thighs) The references just keep getting older and older. I'm also probably going to have to call this the Silly Adventures of Commander through Aevium with a side of Rants. (Still think I like clever disguise over actions here) (I realized Jan likes doing a black border around his characters while I tried to avoid doing that with mine. Just an interesting observation) (Even Ren is in disbelief. It's like that moment when the hero says something the villain wasn't expecting...can't think of a good one off the top of my head) (...But there's more seats than people in this town...she's lying) (Oh, Narcissa you clever girl) (I just realized...how old is Narcissa? How old is Geara? And why do girls have gray hair in this town?) (Brains aren't really your strong suit, Ren.) (Playing Ren like a fiddle since Version 9) (I'm going to have to explain something really clever about this since this is a type of scene I've wrote before and why it's golden) (The ticket is a lie. If you haven't figured it out) (So we're racing each other...at least he isn't Barry or I'd lose instantly. That boy can run) (So a VIP ticket. Sound lit.) (It's so hard to keep quiet about what's happening) (I also realize this is a Black vs White situation. Gotta love how coincidental this situation really is) (Seriously, where the hell have scenes like this been in the game so far) (Except plot conveniences) (You realize all I care about is getting this snag machine fixed and y'all are just getting in the way of that) (It's no biggie. I do kind of want revenge for the fence thing. If he saw what I went through, he'd kick his own ass for me) (...That's not how conversion works. It's done by diving or multiplying by 10...I really have got to stop this) (It's funny how true this is right now) Seriously, I will get to this explanation at the end of this scene but that pic sums up what exactly just happened. (You realize I'm like the slowest protagonist you could ask for. It'd be a miracle if he doesn't beat me to it) (Again, this is going to take a paragraph to really explain but just looking back, I really did not appreciate this scene like I should have) (Eh, I'd flip those around honestly. It's a little more complicated than that) (Err...the only person who can fix someone is themselves. Outsiders can only help with it) Okay, so now I finally get to talk about Ren who in my honest opinion is one of the most underrated characters who got an absolute amazing rewrite here. So the old Ren was kind of an ass who was very self-centered and threw morals out the window. This new Ren is much, much more interesting and is honestly really kind of sad. So we can't write up Ren's entire backstory, but we do know he probably didn't have a very good childhood. He was different from everyone due to questioning the norms. This led to him leading a very isolated life which likely pushed him to running away. In fact, he probably was thinking he wasn't very good at anything. It's when he met Melia and Venam that really changed him. They were very different to the point he could really relate to them which he enjoyed their company. He now felt like he had a purpose and found his paradise. That paradise was completely crushed with the death of Melia. That's when he discovered his true purpose in life. He knew he was different and Melia and Venam helped build up his confidence to fulfill his purpose: changing his hometown. It was the only thing left he could save so it had to be him to save it. It's the only thing that could keep him going in life. That fixation slowly blinded his morals as he believed the player would remove his only purpose in life which is why he blocked them off. He never had any ill towards them or hated them. He was just desperate to keep doing the only thing he knew how to do. This then leads to this whole scene with Narcissa saying that he's blind to what he's doing. He's so fixated on trying to help Goldenwood that he blindly fell for Narcissa's trick which any person thinking would've figured it out. It didn't matter as all he was thinking about was fulfilling his purpose. It's the only thing he has left so he'd be willing to take any chances to save it. That's why he acted the way he did. Which leads back to the fact he's doing all of this because of the death of Melia. That was one of the very, very people he truly cared about and now they're just gone. This has a bigger impact on him over Venam as Venam had other people to go to (like her friends she lost) but Ren has nobody. Venam then pushed Ren away instead of trying to help him because he really needed help leaving Ren to fend for himself. So in a since, he's terrified and lonely with the only thing he knows how to do is change Goldenwood. It sounds like I'm circling, which I am. Ren is one of the few characters that actually has more layers than meets the eye. That makes him a much more interesting character to analyze. It also made me realize how much of a dick some characters were really being to him. Narcissa is understandable because she doesn't understand he's suffering through a huge loss (which he has bottled up inside of him). My only gripe is that I wish this was more explained rather than implied information because damn it makes Ren a 3 dimensional character since the events do develop him as a character. He's also probably one of the most consistent characters in the game. So something else I should mention.... I didn't capture any pics of the puzzle. Honestly, it's interesting. I don't exactly hate it, but...I can't really say I loved it. It's definitely one of the more unique gym puzzles for a game and probably my favorite idea for a puzzle from both Reborn and Rejuv, but the fact you have to redo the whole thing is kind of burdening and it's pretty long. It's kind of like that food that tastes weird so you eat another bite and can't stop eating it because of that taste. Better than the old gym puzzle (which this kind of is a remake of that). (I won't lie...the props are pretty cool) (If someone rewrote this as a musical, I'd love you forever) (I...just remembered something interesting) If you guys really like something like this, look into Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky. There's actually a play in the game which is really, really good. It's one of my favorite scenes in the game because it's a full on play and not just a scene. You rarely see that in RPGs. (Yeah, yeah we all know about FFVI who did the whole singing thing) (*Gasp* Is Bandit Keith making a guest star appearance?) (Nope, it's Sariah's sister) (I...always pictured Narcissa being a bit pessimistic or sarcastic. Even if it's acting, feels weird seeing her cheery) (Huh? I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a monologue. Would've been cool, but not expected in something like this) (If you wanted to make my jaw drop, write this in Shakespeare style.) (Close enough) (I feel like I'm missing a few pics but we get the general message) (The birds aren't as reliable as the trees. But the winds know all) (Okay, which one of you opened the thousand year door) (Or maybe Groudon is bothering civilians again) I really should make a list of games, movies, animes, and cartoons I referenced. Also while I'm working on this, I'll try thinking up RPGs that use plays/operas. (Are your hemorrhoids doing the Harlem Shake?) The first game in that series I referenced kind of had one, but also Chrono Trigger had two performances. (I kind of am slightly bother by how her crown isn't attached to her head. Minor complaint) Paper Mario and TTYD are pretty much plays especially the latter. (I told you Snoop Dog was the true villain here) Fire Emblem Fates does one as well (The tower of flames...my favorite Miitopia attack) Tomadachi Life doesn't count because it's not an RPG (RIP Snoop Dog. You brought happiness to many...I think) Avatar the Last Airbender had one for a recap episode...not an RPG though (Seriously, I love these cardboard cutouts) Pokemon XD had that whole Crabby and Juggler show (Oh ze horror. Ze zupid scientist ez dead) Pokemon B/W had the musical thing...not as cool as the movies though (RIP...I forget his...oh yeah it's Sirius) FFIX was amazing with those plays. There was even a sword fight minigame. Playing that on an emulator without a controller was interesting. (Did jan just make a rhyme? I have a feeling too much thought was put into this and I love it) Gold and Silver technically had the Kimono Girls (Become a strong independent woman?) That cuphead game had a boss who was basically a play (It was probably Melia's fault. Just guessing.) Trails of Cold Steel does have one as well. (Charlotte? Too soon?) (That's...a very sad life. A tower being your life's work and pride. Then again, the Eiffel Tower is literally just that minus the fire) A Hat in Time also has a boss in the form of a play...I will keep going as long as there are screen caps of this play (I forget if those were real moving fires or just paint) Mario Rappids also had that amazing boss level of one. Google it if you haven't seen it. (It's...organization XIII!) Funny thing about KHIII. I had zero interest in the game until I heard how it's much more like KHII. I saw some of the gameplay from 2.8 and I'm actually very interested in it now. Yeah, yeah, not part of the RPGs stuff but just wanted to mention that. Did I mention I loved playing KHII? That game was part of my childhood and I don't care if the story is bad or messy. Not a big fan of the side stuff...getting off topic now. Back to the game at hand. (I would die laughing if it was Crescent who did it and she saw this being insulted by who played her role) Eh, I ran out games to name off the top of my head. Twas a good try though. (Every time I see the word Judgement, I think about Kratos in the Symphonia anime bonuses) (That looks like a hex maniac) (She's scary) (Ze tower ez NO MOAR!) (And the beacon of hope is gone) (...I know it's not supposed to be funny but thinking about what happened it kind of is) (I...don't have much to say) (Mysterious figure...best villain in the game) (Again, mysterious figure for best villain) (Bye best villain of 2k17) (Reminds me a bit of Hades from Kid Icarus) (Ze woman ez crazy) Sorry, I can't help it but do Frenchera with anything Goldenwood involved. I swear it won't appear in the Blacksteeple segments...okay, I can't promise that. (Who are you and what have you done with Rejuv...to make it better?) (Geeze, this chick has a lot of lines) (I really want to see this play scripted in dialogue just to see how many lines rhyme) (...Kind of like Petalburg from Paper Mario...wait that's TTYD) (Businessmen in a nutshell) (...This isn't the plays fault but every time I see this I can't think how ridiculous it kind of is) (You know, the mysterious figure kind of was Grunty from Banjo Kazooie) (Ah the great Isolation Ordinance of 1992. Such a tragic day in Aevium) (So they are basically declaring they are their own country here) (That's...a very long time) (I don't know if this is part of the play or not, but it's cool) (Probably talking about Sirius...or Gregory) (Huh, makes since why she's mad at this time and spiteful) (And I really like this line) (...You've done a terrible job as leader) (Is it the pizza man?) (Aye! Finally we get to see Bandit...) (Run Bandit Keith, Run!) (Aelita is many things, but boring isn't one of them) (Aelita is actually doing something. That's a first) (Wait...I didn't know Aelita was a good actor. Apparently getting a lot of concussions does that) Yes, I will ride the concussion joke to the ends of the earth as it is a nonsensical cliche so many writers use. (Her values have no weight. Just take it from the expert) (I really can't help but smile every time I see a rhyme. It's not needed but is amusing seeing how much thought went into this) (This is also probably going to be the only highlight of Aelita) (By the way, I also learned that Aelita is very good at memorizing lines) (Y'know, for everything being gold, you'd think the pictures would be as well) (Either that or Aelita is the improv queen) (She also is more stubborn than a Snorlax on a bridge) (Girl fight \o/) (...........If the fate of the world weighed on Aelita, we'd be doomed) (Especially since she's a fighting type trainer facing a ghost type...but Scrappy is a thing) (Seriously, I want to know how much time Jan put into this whole idea alone) (Something tells me Jan may have been reading Shakespeare before doing this) (O_O I don't like this play anymore) (Aelita, you can take this one) (Aelita...you aren't helping) (Please tell me I don't have to kiss you at the end) (If that's true, either way I lose). So minus the plot convenience of Ren and Commander arriving at the same time here...we'll let this one slide because magic could make that easily happen or intentionally happen since the rules of this place aren't normal. Perhaps it was intentional by Narcissa even. (Mommy, that exeggutor is looking at me funny) (Remember that long talk I had, does Ren seem like a mindless character now?) (Only because the plot demands it) (Can't really be friends if I'm the one who abandoned you...technically by plot demands) (Ren wants to win by....DETERMINATION!) BTW if you guys had a hell of a time with Sableye, here's a solution for you: (Seriously, this bear is underrated. Pancha best bear) (Btw, I don't have any fairy type moves. Curses! Why can't Mr. Mime learn Moonblast) (Oh I have a lot to talk about with this one. A lot) Ratigan weakened it so that I could finish it off with priority. The rest of the battle was more or less walter...being Walter So interesting fact about Ren's Geninja: It's actually twice as strong as Luna's in HC. Luna is an opponent in the 60s while Ren is in the upper 30s. That in my opinion is an example of doing way too much for an opponent who isn't even the big boss. The other Pokemon are fine, but does he really need a Greninja with a Life Orb, Scald, and Gunk Shot? Literally, it can't get much stronger than that. (Now I get to something very interesting) (In one sense, someone could say he's snapping back into reality) (He's actually acknowledging our deeds as well) (And everything is starting to make sense) (Okay, it didn't change THAT much) (...And hanging a little girl wasn't enough to change it. That'd change any town.) (That Slowbro looks like it's eating Cotton Candy) (If you say yes, you basically watch as he shatters himself. If you say no, you basically rid him of his purpose in life. Neither option is really a good pic). I doubt it changes anything, but I did say no because he's being self-destructive to himself. (Yep. He already knew what I was going to say). Something I want to comment about before we see the rest is that basically everything he knows is completely stripped from him. This basically just leaves him as an empty corpse having nothing to fight for or any motives. This is what really separates Ren and Fern: (She's a gym leader. It's in the title to give me hell) (Foreshadowing much?) (This right here is him releasing some of his frustration on the player) (It's this line right here) Despite everything that has happened to him, he's willing to put the town's happiness over his own rooting for the player. He literally did everything to try and stop the player so that he could get something fulfilled or gain a sense of purpose, but even when that is stripped from him, by the one person who was there when it all happened, he still roots for them. He could easily have blamed the player for all that happened especially since he was there with Melia at the time. He doesn't though...he blames himself. He probably also clings to the player a bit since that's all he has. So now he basically walks out of there an empty shell. It really makes you go "What if Ren traveled with us?" instead of what happens. Yeah, I know what happens during Terajuma but I'll save that discussion later. It does lead into an upcoming scene, but we'll have to find out about that later. I know what you're thinking "Commander, why would you end right before the gym battle? There's not that much stuff left." There's almost 200 pics left. I'm not kidding. Anyways, I know people are first going to think that this is an offensive comment but this section doesn't deserve to be in Rejuvenation. If you've seen that 100s of times I've ranted on Rejuv's story, then this will click a lot more. There's really not a character here who does a bad job or I want to face palm by their actions...even Aelita manages to be a good character. You see the history of Ren and Narcissa and how she knows how Ren was and still kind of is. There's character depth. And the whole play scenario is very unique and very fun to relook at. Sure I could criticize the sense and flow of the actual play, but I think the effort there really eclipses any faults. Even without the play, the changes to Ren greatly improved him as a character. Sure I could be looking more into his character than there actually is, but it's one of the few I can actually do that. Keta was very inconsistent, Madelis has no personality, and Venam has 0 development. So yeah, this is basically me saying "This is what I'm looking for" since all I've been doing is just complaint after complaint. Which brings me back to characters. An occurring theme with Rejuv is that past events become very irrelevant instead of connected together. What even is the importance of the Shadow Xen Lab or Wispy Tower in the long run? I'm trying to think of...Alm. Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes is absolutely perfect. Something about Alm is that he's willing to take the risk of saving someone over taking the most successful route to victory. He does some really dumb things at the start being inexperienced (like attacking bandits that outnumber him) which this ideal clashes with one of the best written character in FE history, Clive. Just watch all the scenes line up at the end when Clive finally confesses he was wrong even admitting he'd let his fiance die if it meant success. Anyways if there's any old characters you'd like me to analyze deeper, I'm willing to do that next chapter except for Melia, Aelita, and Agent C(ooker).
  10. Shitposting

    Why? Why do I do this to myself every time?
  11. Verdant Tales: Symphonic Horizon

    I always wonder how you're even able to keep track of all of them because 50 is not a small number.
  12. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    First, you asked for criticisms which I said that you were trying to do too much which can overwhelm players. Field effects are very overwhelming when they are first experienced. Secondly, I never said this project would fail. If anyone here is closed minded, it would be you for calling out on things that were not said. I guess a better way of describing this is to use a plate of food. You can only fit so much on a plate and I'm the type of guy who like Spaghetti. Instead of just spaghetti, you offer the dish along with lasagna, bread sticks, texas toast, salad, and a slice of pizza. That sounds like a good idea until you realize I don't have that much spaghetti to eat which is what I wanted. You can't make that plate bigger so something has to be removed to fit that all in. There's a lot more depth to that analogy but I'm sure you guys probably could figure the rest out without me explaining. Now don't assume what I'm saying is because you said these things to me, but I would say this exact same phrase for anyone you said this to. I do not tolerate members of a team treating fans, critics, or even haters in the way that you just did. I would have given you one warning and if you did it again, I may consider kicking you out. You do not make personal claims on a player even if you despise them. That line is very disrespectful and I will never touch this game because of that line alone. It could be the best game ever, but if someone treats me like that, I wouldn't want to support it especially with accepting that kind of behavior. You can disagree with me which I have nothing against as I have my own opinions, but don't ever accuse anyone of false claims just due to something they said. Don't apologize either because you know damn better. Just take this as a lesson so that you avoid it in the future.
  13. Pokemon Empire: Official Game Thread

    So I have been watching this project slowly, but it's this idea that really, really has made me lose any interest in this project. If someone presented this to me, I'd go "what the hell" and ask that over half of it be removed. This is an example of people who have not been paying attention to the last 20 years of game franchises and their evolving gameplay. Now I have to give the bloody lecture on why you should be reluctant to changing Pokemon and not throw a lot of changes to it. Most people who will even acknowledge this game's existence are people who play Pokemon and more than likely are current players of those games. It works due to being a dumbed down RPG using many of the basic RPG elements with their own little twists allowing for a very heavy focus on customization. That's why every run is different. The design itself is not balanced, but small changes are made in each gen so that the series doesn't go stale (it hasn't changed enough since Gen VI came around) and some Pokemon can keep up with the slow power creep going on. Some Pokemon are made to be intentionally bad so that they are dropped early on (like the birds) or let the player feel the progression of strength as their weak Pokemon become a lot stronger. It also allows people to do special challenges or make use of different Pokemon like me who uses the "weaker" Pokemon to showcase their skills and knowledge. Though it is overall a very simple, easy-going RPG series which is why so many people are found of it. Small edits on Pokemon aren't THAT big of a deal (I know BlazeBlack does it) because it only effects a very small area of Pokemon. The type effectiveness changes is a very, very, very dumb idea. Raise your hand that before playing Reborn, you actually remember Gen I had Ice do neutral damage to ice or Poison and Fighting were super effective to each other (or something like that). In Gen VI, it was a big annoying relearning the type chart but that was made to implement fairy in to balance Dragon and Steel, much like Dark and Steel were made to help balance Psychic for Gen II. The difference here is that I have to remember two different type effectiveness charts at the same time which is so easy to get jumbled up. I'm sure GF would love to completely redo the type chart, but they don't because it'd turn off so many players who have grown attached to it. The new items and status changes I think are good additions, but then a whole bunch of old abilities and items now have new effects that need to be learned. Some abilities are really terrible, but vital spirit is useful if you know how to use it. Underrated ability, but certainly not the greatest. Not a fan of additional fakemon (especially to serve as a mid stage evolution), but that's not a can of worms. This is on top of field effects and all the other previously added stuff. So when a player picks up this game and starts to play it, they'll be expecting something that plays more or less like Pokemon (even Reborn does this when first introducing players to its world). Players who played Reborn had to learn and deal with the complex system that is field effects that has mixed opinions as it's an additional layer to the gameplay meant for opponents to have an advantage over the player. This game does that, plus changes how older Pokemon work and function, plus changes the super effective type chart, plus changes some status effects, plus changes some old items and abilities, plus is centered around a choice based storyline, plus has a side quest system that locks you out of certain side quests by joining the guild, plus has fakemon. I hope your writer knows what they're doing because that is a lot of stuff to slowly implement and teach the player the mechanics of. Don't get me wrong because there are some pretty good ideas that I know fans would enjoy, but it's just my personal belief you're trying to do too much here. It makes me wonder how this area is going to be quality checked along with all the other areas that need quality checked as well. Sometimes it's best to reevaluate the game and reexamine the original idea to make sure you aren't veering too far from it. After all, what you CAN do isn't what you SHOULD do.
  14. This is literally the same exact thing I think of, but if I had to go with an outfit, I'd go with 4 though. Too much detail on a tiny sprite does make it hard to depict what it is trying to show and that's the only outfit I could really pic out right away (though these pics are blown up much bigger than their actual size would be).
  15. Oi I already see a repeat of Onyx Trainer School of Hell incident all over again. What happened there was that trainers were so inflated and so strong that getting past one trainer took about 5 minutes instead of 1 minute to the point it was just plain annoying. I didn't have the level cap thing at the time either so I was fighting levels while testing it while dealing with Jolteon, Swellow, and that bloody Quagsire all 2-3 levels above the cap. Obviously that wasn't my doing but fixing it was "fun" and I really, really nerfed them hard and they still caused a lot of issues. This is a level above that. The issue here won't be apparent in the short run, but will be very, very apparent in the long run. The point of random trainers is that you can go through a chain of them at a time without needing to heal. Even in HC you could easily accomplish this despite the opponents having stronger than normal Pokemon. That is due to having a lot of leeway in the trainer difficulty sticking to default moves. Sometimes they're really good, but sometimes they're pure awful. Right now I see near cap difficulty for these trainers in Intense. It's not about them having perfect movesets, but having an item and their best stab more or less is their cap. So yeah...you'll see what'll happen when you get to the late game unless you want to play with inflation. Giving them movesets is absolutely fine but early game it's better to throw various weaker moves like Hypnosis (or Yawn) Shock Wave Dream Eater on Chimecho for variety. There already is a degrade in natural difficulty when Pokemon get to higher levels (the famous the hardest part is the start of the game situation) so it's better to hold back then making them really good. Dealing with the late game is a pain in the ass no matter what you do though. As for dropping the radmonized starter machine, I get removing the jackpot mons but...why remove the thing entirely as I really liked that concept.