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  1. Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E4 Released]

    @Zargerth This is an accurate description of what me looking at the scripts looks like: I'd honestly say that knowing a basic level of Ruby (or any type of language) will get you very, very far with scripting knowledge as it'll let you read and understand what's going on. In terms of field effects, those things are very map friendly as you can basically just have an event clock in an override to change the field to any other field (just remembering to change it back is the hard part). Flower field is a tad trickier if you wanted it to start on stage 5 as that does require some modding knowledge. Weather USED to be that simple since it kept the old system to serve as an override. Now it's a tad more complicated.
  2. Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E4 Released]

    >Says he's done with Redux inevitably I SWEAR TO GOD SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME BECAUSE I CAN NEVER BLOODY FOLLOW THROUGH WITH SOMETHING I SAY! So let's just make the story very simple. I said I don't like Pokemon, but then I remembered why I started making Hardcore originally. I'm one of the few battle designers I actually like. That's not trying to be a narcissist but a sad truth. Most people I feel design more towards a competitive styled design making sure mons are super strong or super well built. I'm more of a fan of Ame's design and ideology of using gimmicks to make for a cool or crazy fight over a difficult one. I was going to make this a surprise but uhh...that's probably not a good idea due to what I announced. This is a new release which contains edits to the fights from post Florinia all the way up to Shelly. Now Corey has a Mastery fight but he has certain conditions you need to fulfill to be able to challenge it (blame how the event is structured): And there are two things I want to warn about: 1. Some fights were tinkered more than others. I kept Hardcore as the base game only making modifications to those fights. So if a team remains unchanged or most of the same mons. I set a criteria for these fights and if they match what I'm looking for I accept and pass them for the official release. I do feel the fights might err on the too hard side this go around but I'll let people judge that. 2. Shelly no longer has Perma Rain. I was planning on including it for the Master fight, but due to how the Weather scripts were changed, I am unable to figure out how to enable that feature. I have a few ideas, but I wouldn't mind getting help to create a new weather override system to use. So does this mean Redux is back in business? Not exactly. If I feel like doing them or continuing it, I'll work on more fights and get to releasing them but that could be a random amount of time ranging from a week to three months for one leader alone. I'll try to get one done once in a while, but it's going to be pure random chance. Also, I'm dropping all additional additions not in the Hardcore E16 version except the synopsis and Master fights just to cut back on time it takes to get this done. I'll include all the older content in the final version of Redux, but I'm not going to continue or finish it. No point in discluding content that is already made imo though CoM does pose a problem. Anyways, here's the link for anyone still interested: Link
  3. Pokémon Clockwork

    So I've tried this game out for a little bit but I'll be blunt when I see a random fan-game come up out of nowhere I usually just going to assume it's going to be bad or very low quality. It's usually a good assumption as the person making it is very inexperienced or doesn't have the talents to really even make a game. Don't take it personally I just wasn't expecting much but from the pics of the game, it was just enough to get me to try it. I also noticed some of the mon changes but they all seemed fair and reasonable to the point I'm not going to question or judge the decisions. Within the first few minutes, something happened that I haven't seen in any fan-game opening. I was actually wowed by it. It's such a charming intro in its own sense though I actually feel the inclusion of dialogue takes a little bit away from that charm. And I wasn't even able to break the game either which is another test of quality. It's not perfect with little problems here and there, but I actually was impressed by everything I've seen so far because the game is doing what I feel the Reborn games forgot: let itself be a Pokemon game first, an RPG second. It's simple and sweet, but there's a big concern with that. I like this game and it's polished enough that I recommend people on the fence reading my comment at least give it a try before judging it. My concern is that this isn't my cup of tea for tastes. DO NOT make any changes purely due to what I say just as a warning. So one thing I really liked about the intro and first town is that it didn't overstay its welcome. It just got in there, did its thing, and then we move on past the hometown. Even if you dislike parts (or a certain character) its done and over with quickly to the point you don't get too hung up or distracted by it. It did what I wanted Rejuv to do: cut the pointless fluff or overly explanations. This makes the game more engaging overall and easier to get into. It is way too early to judge or say this is one way or another but the dialogue is written fine, but the progression of characters feels rather shallow. If you are aiming for more towards a Pokemon styled game, you have a good balance. It just makes all the characters usually forgettable only remembered by their tropes which is fancy for personality traits that stick out. I'm the type of guy who'd play a game with horrible game mechanics so long as the story is very good. I'm afraid the story is going to be a bit too overly simplistic for my tastes to the point I dislike the game. I love the aesthetic of this game as well as the music choice and it'd kill me to dislike purely for one single element. I'll tread on further though before passing a final judgment of if this game is suited to me or not. There is one suggestion I would like to make and it's a very simple one. So during the battle I noticed that the enemy had a green HP box thing (no idea what it's properly called but I think it's still called HP bar or status bar) and the other one is red. I think both look great graphics wise but I feel like the colors are very jarring. For a moment I thought that the bar changed graphics based on typing (which honestly would be complete overkill in graphics) but that isn't the case. I just feel like picking one color for both sides would look better. Now if those colors actually represent something (like evil team would have a different color) then you can completely ignore this then, but this is kind of a minor complaint and not a deal breaker.
  4. Today I learned Pokemon Red and Blue was the 19th most expensive game(s) ever made.

    1. DemICE


      meanwhile  1mb size rom

  5. I guess I'll help you guys giving you my thoughts on some free to play characters starting with everyone's favorite: swords Zephiel (King of Bern/ Fire Emblem Binding Blade) Black Knight (Sinister General/Path of Radiance) Arden (Strong and Tough/Genealogy of the Holy War) Joshua (Tempest King/Sacred Stones) Marissa (Crimson Flash/Sacred Stones) Masked Marth (Enigmatic Blade/Awakening) Tobin (The Worthless Clueless One/Shadows of Valentia) Navarre (Scarlet Sword/Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem) Lloyd (White Wolf/Blazing Blade) Xander (Paragon Knight/Fates) Alfonse (Prince of Askr/Heroes) Ike (Vanguard Legend/Radiant Dawn) I'll eventually upload pics of what my heroes look like for these guys, but I need to finish training Tobin and Navarre first. Maybe I'll eventually do the f2p mages.
  6. Help with RPG Edit

    This is a big pile of confusion but I can at least tell you what I know: A) The error your trying to solve is not a PBS error as PBS errors have pretty straightforward error messages B.) You had to have touched the scripts to receive a no method error message C) I have 0 idea what you are using so I can't explain the New Game Error D) I have no idea what base system you used (essentials, Reborn, etc) E) What exactly were you doing and trying to do as you did run Debug mode.
  7. Unfamiliar with Game Download Code

    I'm not sure how Amazon's system works but from what I read it goes to Amazon's library system which you play it off of. I'm assuming it's like steam so you'd probably need to download whatever thing Amazon uses to play it.
  8. Is there any way...?

    This is a tricky question for me to honestly answer as I don't know how WLL is structured. In theory, it should be very possible to migrate Pokemon from one game to another. Pokemon teams and Boxes are structured the same way so it should technically be possible to transfer them with some miscellaneous coding added to read and write that specified data. The other solution I know is to take the concept of HC's old party system and make copies of the Pokemon (they won't be the real ones) to add to the original game. I'm sure there are other solutions that could be used with this idea but nothing easy or a catch all mod could do as it requires knowledge of how this stuff works. The simplified version is this though: Not without a specialized means of doing it.
  9. COGA: It gets better later... Hello everyone and I'm sure you're surprised to see me still doing these after what feels like a six month hiatus. I actually have been thinking about four different topics I wanted to discuss such as a top 10 list of feedback/criticism that people need to stop doing. I'll probably still do that or break it down into a few articles as it reflects my experiences and what I've seen succeed and not. This was a possible runner-up on that list because it's a case by case situation, but I've been saying and complaining about this again and again in Pokemon Rejuvenation yet I haven't had too much time to elaborate on it more. I'm not actually going to be talking about fan-games as much since this actually is a huge issue people overlook. And with that out of the way, I want you all to watch this intro if you haven't already as it's actually the primary focus of the topic: I can already feel my nostalgia vibes going off just from listening to that song once again. I'd strongly recommend at least trying the game out as it's really surprising how much people overlook it purely because it's not Chrono Trigger. But we're not here to talk purely about what Chrono Cross is but what it did right. I can't think of a good example off the top of my head, but sometimes in a discussion between friends or communities you'll here someone talk about how they didn't enjoy the game so far. Often times you'll hear someone who had a similar experience say they agree/disagree and add the saying "it gets better". Often times this is a means to urge the player to continue on knowing that they'll enjoy the game more later when in reality it is a subjective term. It's also pretty much true for most storylines since a story is designed to build up to a climax. So what am I getting on about? I'm merely saying that the climax and ending might not be all that important in the long run. We have certain famed games such as Mother 3 and supposedly Tales of Vesperia (from what I've heard) that have pretty butchered endings and I probably could name quite a large number that felt rushed such as Fire Emblem Awakening's. These games I just listed are really highly regarded and are among some of the best video games in their respective series. I feel a lot of my favorite games don't always have all that good second halves or finales yet they still remain high on the list. I'm not saying all games do this, but you start to notice a pattern. These games I listed all have a few thing in common: a strong beginning, a likable main protagonist, and a hook. I'll cover these all individually but you do not necessarily have to have all three to be successful. If you actually have all three of these very early in a story, you are absolutely golden and probably better than I am and quite a number of people. These are not easy topics to nail but once you get them then it's rather easy to build off of them though that does grind down to your audience because people don't all think the same. [work on this] The element I see most people struggle on is actually the strong beginning. If I see an opening that starts out with a future event/dream sequence displayed before jumping back into the present, you better pray you know what you're doing because I'm probably going to be throwing something at you. People who do that generally don't know what makes a good intro a good intro. It's a simple idea that a future event will keep the player motivated to continue or find out, but generally, I feel it just dampens some really good moments as time is your greatest enemy. The longer something pans out without additional buildup, the worse the payout is. The other thing I see which is a general pet peeve is what's called the Opening Scroll. Not very many modern games do it but reading through 10-20 minutes of pure text is a good way to ruin any mood. It's rarely needed even unless you're doing a recap (which in that case it should be an optional read). I know it's for the purpose of setting up the scene but...shouldn't the graphics be able to do the same thing? I guess what I'm saying here is please don't do these unless you want to see me go on a very, very long rant. I've labeled things of what not to do, but I haven't exactly told you what makes an intro strong or not. Before you can make an intro strong, it has to be good first. The most successful method I learned is to use this ideology: assume people aren't idiots. You may laugh now, but you'll quickly realize that quite a few developers do insult your intelligence. I want to emphasize that as it's important when taking a baby step approach to introducing the world. Start by focusing on introducing the main protagonist using scenes that have him pretty involved to get a good feel for him. That should expand then to his hometown to get a feel for that and even a bit of an idea how the world functions. It should only be enough so that a player can move forward, but rewarding for those who move around an experiment. You don't need to tell a player everything and slow implementation lets them retain more and even learn by doing. Don't bog the game down with tutorials either and I'd argue people should read an in-game manual for 5 minutes rather than 20 minutes of explanation (I did relearn a kind of complex system in 5 minutes). While that does go more towards a gameplay perspective, it is very, very important in regards to story as well. So if that's good, how do you make it strong? Three words: presentation, presentation, and presentation. It's as simple as it sounds. A good pacing goes a very long ways but it's what you do with that pacing that makes it great. I gotta think for a minute of a good example for this. I suppose Fire Emblem Awakening.........if we remove the future event scene before it...is a good place to start. The scene opens up to Chrom looking at Robin teasing him that "There's better places to sleep then the ground" before pulling him up. It then dives into Frederic questioning how trustable this strange character is "having no memory" keenly because Chrom is royalty, but this info is not mentioned anywhere at the time. A bandit attack is happening and they all rush in to save the day. It's a pretty well executed scene that makes you want to beat some baddies up with your new allies. It's really the dialogue and actions that make it a strong scene. And if you see anyone say something otherwise like needing a unique concept or action, please tell them that all you need is good pacing and good presentation. It's that simple. And now we move onto everyone's favorite main idiot we call a protagonist. I want to clear one thing up before I start on this: it's okay for your main protagonist to do idiotic things, but it's not okay to make them an idiot. Basically, don't make them do something for convenience sake. Now how to make a likable protagonist is to put yourself into the game because everybody loves themselves...what? That's called a Mary Sue. Then why the heck do silent protags exist? The problem with silent protags is that while they aren't unlikable I can't really say they are likable. I'm referring to custom avatar ones and not someone like Mario who is defined by their silence and their actions speak for their words. These empty husks 9 times out of 10 hurt more than help a game and can even completely ruin a game plot. But for the sake of not turning this article about silent protags, I will be omitting all of them from being a factor of likable or not. So what does a character have to be to be likable. I'm also going to omit voice acting from this factor, but believe me a VA can help swing a character one way or another despite other factors in play. My own definition is simply "a character who the reader/player can get emotionally attached to." One of the first factors is a good design. If a character looks really good, it often makes them a pretty likable character even if the character is overall bland. Some writers would argue that it's about humanizing the character to make them relatable which I do feel is a useful tool. I personally feel it's more important to make them understandable. I often emphasize motives as it often is the driving force for them doing things. A fallacy I see with a lot of RPGs is that the main protagonist is generally a nice guy who may or may not be a ding-dong. The reason behind this is that the nice guy trope usually is a character most people like and is harder to dislike. Most really well liked protags fit this description. Them also being a ding-dong is a good back door method to lore dump information so that the player is able to get an understanding of it as well. It is a very overused cliche since it worked so well to the point people may roll their eyes when they see it. But there is one advantage to using that generic option over a silent protag. I'll let you figure that out since it's pretty self explanatory. Okay, okay I'll at least explain some of it. Having a character talk allows for narration and smoother transition of events in a conversation and it's easier to implement elements into the story such as backstory and explain motives. But I can't exactly tell you how to design a good protagonist since it revolves around a full cast of characters. If you hand me a plot outline, I'll actually end up asking a number of questions about the characters and even ask for "what would they do" situations even if they are not there. I said already that characters being understandable is important, but that is because they are what we are shown. A plot is only as good and engaging as the characters who act in it. Fire Emblem Awakening is once again a good example to use here. There's so many things wrong with the game and it becomes nonsense but the first half of the game is very enjoyable just due to how the characters act and clash such as the bear meat scene. It wouldn't work quite well if one of the characters weren't like they were since it has good chemistry with the main protagonist(s). The fact that Robin is so hungry they don't care what their eating just adds to the humor. However, there's actually one small situation where a silent protag can be done well and actually be likable. I listed Mother 3 on the list for one very good reason as the player controlled character is silent (even if they talk later). How do you make someone who isn't someone likable? You need to understand what makes a talking protagonist likable which I said is being understandable. So how do you do that with someone who doesn't speak. You need to have a mastery over show, don't tell. There's better ones in this game but this is a good near spoiler free one if you haven't seen it: The Wes Dance is a famed scene for being hilarious but just take a moment and study Duster. You get a lot of knowledge about his character and probably could piece together a lot of what happened before this moment and Duster and Wes's relationship and what he's feeling right now. You probably could tell me quite a number of things about Duster. Now how about Vero from Pokemon Reborn? That's the thing. You've spent roughly 60 hours with one character and you probably know less about them than a character you met for 30 seconds. Silent Protags aren't a bad thing and I will not turn away a game for having them. Silent Protags is a difficult style of writing to perform well as it requires knowledge of how immersion works to do them well. One day I will cover it fully, but for the sake of simplicity, a good protagonist is determined by how well it's done and not how. And now we get to what I feel is the most important of the three: the hook. I know in writing most English teachers teach you that a hook is one of the first two sentences in a paper. I'm going to change that definition a little bit. A hook in a video game to me is simply some element that pushes you to keep playing or even get you to play it. People don't pick up and play Call of Duty due to a good story, but some people play an RPG purely due to its story. We're going to stick with RPGs in general to keep this simple though. I'm going to start with the most simple and most successful methods I've noticed: the music and art style. Most openings to games give you this and often the covers have a very unique look to them. These usually aren't deal-breakers, but when done really well, they can win you over. Chrono Cross and Xenoblade are two games I actually tried just after listening to one song each. For Xenoblade it was Unfinished Battle, and for Chrono Cross it was Time's Scars. But since most game devs don't have budgets like SE and Monolith Soft, I should probably focus more on story. This is kind of a wide area, but the most important piece is that you need to catch the player's interest deeply by the 30% mark in the story. If anyone tells you the intro needs to be really good, they'd be lying. I've only seen a small handful of games with openings I really liked. FFVII was one of those. I'm going to call that the first hour because the first hour usually is a deep slog. Unless you are Pokemon Sun and Moon where that first hour is actually 5 hours and takes up a fourth of the game. That's a different problem though. It's the point from there to what we used to call the Disc 1 final boss that matters. Best way to put it is that I should be given a good reason to be sinking a lot of time into it. I could make a list, but I'm going to focus on the one thing that is not a good hook. If a game has a very good plot point in this segment, don't expect it to be a hook. Tales of Symphonia has a lot of good plot points in the game, but honestly the story really didn't hook me in all that much. It's a good game worth, but I could care less for the overall story. Persona 3 is another example of having a good plot point but it really isn't what people talk about (hell if you even remember the early parts of Persona 3). So please don't expect a single plot point moment to instantly hook players in. That plot point should be more designed for a "Wow!" factor which requires buildup which you can't really do effectively unless your buildup is good. Story is also the hardest part to hook players into since it's actually not always that important. The best way to hook players into a game is usually making a good combination of elements shine or be presented well. One good example would to have a scene in the story which is a critical driving force for a character have well executed dialogue, good movement/direction, and a song that really sets the mood. It usually would make a player go "Wow, this game just go serious" and wonder where the story will continue from there. This is one really long list of how to do this right and it varies from different genres within the RPG category. Solid gameplay could make a player want to continue even if the story is lackluster. Unique ideas and concepts go a long way such as Xenoblade's concept of traveling on a titan and the classic line "if you see it, you can go there." The best rule of thumb is to take what you accel at and go full blast with it as that often really helps make a game more enjoyable. Finally I get to talk about Chrono Cross which honestly is one of those games which people have split opinions about. Like you have people who say it's a great game as well as people who say it's terrible and both have very valid reasons for stating that. To me though, this game honestly makes me question what makes a game good or bad. The characters are all more or less forgettable bar a few due to character bloat, there's the silent protag, and the story is mostly jammed into 3 npcs right before the final boss. The combat system also isn't the best. These are things that would make me outright say a game is bad. But it's not and I definitely recommend picking this game up and at least trying it. Damn shame that people dislike it expecting Chrono Trigger. I'll start with the intro. There's only two things to really talk about in it, but those two things are very famous. The first would be Time's Scar, the theme of the opening. First time I heard that theme, I was just enthralled and left in wonder what this game was about, but man did it feel motivating when the tune changed halfway. I also love the tropical feel of it which is the general world design of the game. There's also the book with the poem at the start. It's actually symbolic to Radical Dreamers (damn shame we didn't get an official version of that) which had a book whenever you had a game over which reflected on your choices and actions. When you finish the game, the poem makes a lot more sense as many of your choices affect people bringing both pain and happiness. So what makes Chrono Cross quite the game to talk about is the concept of parallel worlds and the butterfly effect. You explore this and see two completely different worlds due to one event. It's a mess with lots of issues but there's also many diamonds in the rough moments due to this. Most of this happens when bringing characters related to or that character's other world version with you. Also there are dogs who eat and kill each other to regain HP. The game's soundtrack though is what makes this game good. There's a couple moments in particular where this is very apparent and made the moment. One of my favorite has to be "People Imprisoned by Destiny." The music just speaks entirely for the battle to the point you don't even needs words. There's also the normal boss theme which really motivates you when fighting bosses. The game also throws a good old sucker punch first boss which is memorable and makes you wonder what will be thrown at you next. I really haven't spent much time talking about Chrono Cross but I named a few things that kept my interests into the guy and why I kept playing it. That game is a beautiful mess which is a total hit or miss with people. It isn't the best, but I certainly wouldn't say it's boring and some pretty cool concepts. It's also kind of funny looking at how it's more important to have a very good first half or even quarter of a game over a great ending because it doesn't matter how good an ending is if players aren't feeling compelled to reach it. I do feel the term "it gets better" can be used when describing characters or specific plot elements, but rarely is it a good reason to convince someone to continue playing as if they aren't enjoying it now, that pessimistic feeling will continue later. I'll try making these a more frequent thing than they were before, but I can't promise you how frequent it'll be. I feel a good topic for me to make next is what I feel a perfect game is at least in my book.
  10. Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E4 Released]

    This is something that I'm sure a lot of people probably could see coming but I want to clear some things up and make sure you have an understanding of where I am and why I am doing this. I'm discontinuing working on any moding or anything game making wise almost indefinitely. That means Redux is done and over with. I cancelled Hardcore mostly due to burnout and the workload, but stopping entirely is something a little bit different. I have basically no more passion towards this mod and working and finishing it would be pretty much a hallow experience compared to Hardcore and everything in E2. I'd cut corners in fights and remove all not needed content putting only as little effort as possible just to get it done and over with. Some people would be happy with just that, but not me. I did something like this before and it was absolutely detrimental to me in the long wrong and pretty much lost all motivation on a certain passion I had. So yeah...I'd rather back away now on this over drive myself permanently away from this community. And it doesn't bother me that people around here probably would rather have a finished Redux over me. That's perfectly reasonable as a game will be around here forever, but not always a person. I have a spine so feel free to spout hate toward me and my decisions if it'll make you feel better because I probably deserve it giving you people a false promise in the long run. So why do I feel no motivation towards this project. The first reason is that I needed help. Working alone has it's ups and downs but it's a self fulfilling prophecy of failure in the long run. Solo developing means working by yourself with next to no means of communication. I'm one of the few people who actually could go weeks without talking to a single person (probably 2 max though) but not as much as I used to. Working with people is more than just cutting the work down. Yes you'll both do stuff to solo at some points but having someone to communicate with is key motivation to continue. In fact, I think Reborn only made it this far purely due to that with it's episodic releases. So I've kind of have been asking for two years for help and pretty much didn't get it. People weren't even willing to do simple tasks which I understand since it's work with 0 payout more or less. This isn't anything new and we've already all known about this because I complained about it all the time. Consider this what would've saved the mod instead of letting it die out. If it weren't for the vocal fans of this mod, it would've died much sooner so I thank you guys for helping me at least get it this far since it probably would've never even existed without it. We also known that the mechanics changed. Gen VII was a really big motivation killer since it meant redoing the game and pretty much all of my work. The thing about Hardcore is that I kept building off of the previous versions keeping the core of the fights the same with some small fine tuning. That's 100s of hours down the drain. With Gen VIII coming out sooner or later, we're going to go through the song and dance again and at this point I'm just more or less done with the Pokemon series (I'm surprised at this mixed responses of fans with Gen VII, but it's probably like that every gen) that I've been holding off of work until I can see what Reborn's final product looks like. Gen VIII and how Reborn is handling itself makes me now wary to even do anything because it could honestly just be me wasting my time and having to redo a lot of stuff again. This isn't new either, but it's actually a big reason why things started getting delayed and why I wasn't working on the mod at all for the past two months. So what exactly is different to make me certain of my decision this time? It's more or less I'm getting older and the overall Reborn population is getting younger and shifting towards younger aged user habits. There are some places in this community that are still like they were in the older days where a lot of the older vets hang around including myself which is half the reason I'm still even around, but I've started becoming more and more distant with the casual crowd. In fact, this was one of the few ways I still was even involved with them for so long as it was a connection and discussion point. I loved talking about Hardcore and I still don't mind, but in the back of my mind it's still agonizing the thought that I'll never be motivated to work on this project (I try to avoid the conversation a lot due to this). I'm not going to point fingers or blame people, but I really dislike what the main community has become. It turns me off to the point I even muted certain channels I frequented so I don't even get distracted and annoyed by it. When the community that was the reason you even wanted to convince yourself to work hard and motivated yourself to working on this mod turns into the thing you dread the most, it pretty much makes you not want to do anything with the mod in the first place. Now before everyone goes all crazy making rumors, I don't hate this place. If I did, I'd be gone by now. I wouldn't make a post saying good-bye or explaining. I'd just leave not saying anything. I just dislilke how a certain part of the community has changed into which was the reason behind how Hardcore was successful and able to be completed compared to now. I'll still be around, and I'll still be making posts and such so don't worry there. Also, I'm not an elitist hating on this change saying it should go back. Reborn growing is a good thing and it should be the way the majority wants it. I just don't want to be a part of it because I honestly dislike a lot of the things younger people do. As for any possibility for Redux being complete, we'd have to hit the final episode/version of Reborn without a C&D, no Gen VIII content, and I still have to have time and interest to work on modding. If I do, I'd possibly make a version but it'd be a one and done type deal. That's a lot of ifs so please don't get your hopes up. I'm saying it's possible but not likely. Also just as a last little bit of advice: if you can battle, you can make Hardcore. I started out with near 0 experience and I didn't even have a framework or even the subcommunity you guys now have. So if you guys really want that hard mode of Reborn, I'm sure one of you fans could build it if you really wanted to. Otherwise, you can accept that there'll never be a hard mode mod for Reborn just like I have.
  11. HI!


    Has Pokemon Reborn Redux ever been fully released?

  12. Follower Pokemon for E17

    Your firewall/antivirus might be affecting the download. You may want to temporarily turn it off then try downloading it before turning it back on.
  13. A) This is not a question about your save as your save doesn't correlate to performance so handing it to someone else is more or less futile B.) You will experience lag in this game due to RPGmakers Limits and Ame's tendency to push the limits to the max with the sheer amount of event tiles she makes C) Your computer performance preferences have an impact on the game as something such as power saver will make it lag while max performance it would run fine D) Something could have downloaded incorrectly or something causing a few hangups on the game leading to lag I can't explain your lag problem but 9 times out of 10 it has something to do with your PC itself and not the game. What exactly is the problem I can't really tell but try running a steam game like uhhh...I'm sure there's a free one on Humble or the First Episode of Life is Strange (which is free iirc). If those experience heavy lag problems you know its your PC and not the game. I myself usually look at Task Manager to monitor performance. If all of those pass just fine, then I'd try redownloading the game.
  14. Debug Mode for V.10?

    You likely ended up removing too much of the code which is why the menu option doesn't appear. To access debug mode through a simple menu you'd need to remove the flag for the menu screen as the flag makes the option invisible. That's all I'm going to say as I'm not a big fan of people cheating in their games so teaching people how to cheat would be counter productive on my part.
  15. Reborn Quiz

    It was in the E15 discussion thread where Ame said she subconsciously added a character into the game that reminded her of an old neighbor she had before moving. I don't think she was sketchy or anything...just grouchy.