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  1. @Axel553 I'm seeing Doomdummy which is kind of weird as A) only Jirachi learns Doom Desire (which is the move's external name, but no Pokemon should use it) and B. I'd need to know if anything revolving around Jirachi or debugger was involved. I've never seen that error happen before so redownloading the game may resolve it if you are not meddling with the move listed above. @Yune This isn't like a Solaris thing where beating him may or may not be part of the perfect ending. Beating ??? then and there is going to affect a future scene, but it's not something even in E17, but something will change a bit before the finale stuff. (I don't know how Ame is going to be doing everything, but I have a pretty good idea and have a few plans). @DreamblitzX I'm not going to worry about the bike then, but Tauros sprites are an entire separate entity so they are not associated with the original sprites like the bike sprite. My guess is that the scripts are set to revert the image back somewhere in the scripts, but I'd need actual bike sprites to really work on it and fix that wacky error. As for the Aya's hideout thing, I'm probably not going to bother fixing it since Reborn should have that error fixed (if not already) in E17. As for actual progress since the last post, this image summarizes what I've done: Next week is my last week of classes for the summer so I'll be able to get back to work on Hardcore once that is over. I gotta get back to working on that homework otherwise I'd make a longer post.
  2. I'm about to save you a ton of work here, but this is actually probably at the scale of Reborn Hardcore CoM levels as it requires editing and basically redoing all events (ie switch all the varaibles to new variables and reset them. It's not hard to do but a lot of tedious work. As for the whole level scaling and not being able to catch shadow Pokemon, those are probably best done using scripts. An enemies Pokemon levels could be scaled based on badges so that the enemy levels would be level=baseLevel+NumBadges*5. That's not exact, but you get the idea. As for Shadow Pokemon, quite a number of ways to block it, but make sure you don't accidentally turn it back on when it's not supposed to. For me personally, I'd rather start a brand new game over trying to relive certain events after they happened, but if you're willing to put all the effort into commiting to this I'd say go for it.
  3. Level 40-45 is kind of the point where the weaker megas can start being implemented. Heracross itself really isn't as strong as you think as iirc, physical bug moves aren't boosted in the forest field so hera gets...basically no advantages. Breloom itself is a double edged sword as on one hand it is nasty with a Bullet Seed Technician combo, but on the other hand, it leaves Keta kind of vulnerable (anyone who even suggest Effect Spore on it should go back to battling 101. It's basically 50-50 (yeah, yeah say 60, but 10% is not that much) which has a 25% chance of getting the type of status you want. That's a 12.5% gamble to really hinder Breloom, a really frail Pokemon). I do have about 5 different methods I could go about designing Keta, but I do know Medicham likely will be Revenant Keta's Ace while Lucario will remain normal Keta's ace as I feel Medicham is very symbolic of what the spirit represents and a perfect close to his chapter. One will fight aggressively while the other will be more calm and collected and focus on synergy. After all, theme is going to be considered a bit when designing leader teams (and I have debated whether or not to give their mons nicknames to follow this).
  4. @Chase This is going to be one of those agree to disagree as no matter how you put it, Fates storyline doesn't get into its politics enough to justify any actions or for not doing certain actions. Corrin was a child not fit or trained for war pushed into the battlefield and made some terrible errors. However very little consequences came out of them. While Corrin let them whole army go, Micaiah basically only let the head of the opposing army get away to honor his friend's sacrifice which ended up being a terrible, terrible mistake leading to a whole bunch of deaths that could've been prevented (and sets off a bunch of events further into Radiant Dawn). That leads to a whole different mess called a blood pact. But the bigger issue I had with Corrin is that he trusted Azura more than he trusted his own family. He deceived his family as he believed Azura and her way of thinking (which I keep saying that Azura being Anakos or evil would've made Conquests plot a lot better because you gotta admit, that'd be a pretty clever plan to weaken both Hoshido and Nohr seeing how gullible Corrin is). @Hukuna the Undying The best way to describe Sanaki is a loli in charge of a very, very powerful nation. I'm actually rather surprised by her voice as I always pictured her having a deeper voice than normal given how she acts mature far beyond her actual age (that and it wouldn't phase me if she spoke like that to seem older). She's not a very good unit in Radiant Dawn, but she kind of works like she does in heroes being slow but a nuke...ish. And as for Honerable Mentions: Takumi: My second favorite Archer and that Fujin Yumi is so cool looking Micaiah: Yes, I like Micaiah despite what she does and how terrible of a unit she is. She has a few good lines such as calling out Soothe for praising Ike so much Ike: You think he's strong in Heroes. They nerfed him in heroes pretty hard. He's an amazing unit and sometimes has some blunt but funny lines in the mix. Reinhardt: The blue man saved my butt so many times in heroes that I have to make note of him. Volke: He's my favorite thief especially after taking on 4 dragons by himself Titania: She's my favorite Jeigan (followed by Gunter) and I used her in both Tellius games Caeda: She was in my list before iirc, but I still like mentioning her. The Black Knight: (Yes he's a playable character. There's also a map dedicated to him slaughtering the enemies) Gatrie: You put a dress on anything and he'll start flirting with it Illyana: Honestly, I really just liked her design Mae: That voice actor in Echoes just did such a good job I could probably keep going on and on, but I'll stop there.
  5. 10. Eirika: This is probably the only female lord that's going to show up on this list since well...Micaiah is alright (but RD's story is something else), and almost always the lord is male (no Ephiriam does not count for this). What makes Eirika an interesting unit is that she starts out basically losing everything and having to keep on fighting from that point forth. Sure she made one really, really dumb choice in her storyline, but hey, she's a fun unit to use all around and I'm glad she made it into heroes pretty early. 9. Oscar: Oh boy this character. In the Tellius game there are three brothers. Oscar is the eldest of the three who served as a knight in the Crimean Army. According to Kiernan and I believe Titania as well, he was quite skilled so his sudden leave left quite the impact on Kiernan whom kept training to get stronger and stronger. Oscar stepped down from being a knight so that he could take care of his brothers which in Radiant Dawn you find out that he had to do this due to Rolf's mom leaving them which led to their bedridden father passing away shortly. Due to this change of lifestyle he began taking care of chores and learned how to cook quite well which he tries teaching Tanith. He is a calm and rational fellow and one of the better calvs in the Tellius series. 8. Camus: I'll admit that my first impressive of Camus was a calv with that very impressive lance with dual range. I think it's what comes after Shadow Dragon that makes him an interesting character. Unlike other Camus characters, he does not exactly die in his story which leads to his appearance in Gaiden where he lost his memories. Not really my favorite, but due to him being one of my favorite to use in Heroes he gets to make the list this time. 7. Minerva: Of all the wyverns in the series there's only one unit who tops her in my favorite. She's one of my favorite units to use in heroes and in Shadow Dragon, but what really made me like her is that it shows her being an incompetent queen in FE12. Most of the time in the series we see a ruler take the throne and become great or fantastic. Minerva ends by having her kingdom join with Marth's. Also when your brother murders your father and pretty much caused this whole mess, it does stuff to you. 6. Clive: If Echoes did one character right, it was this guy's character. He's a terrible unit, but that's just what makes him so much more real. The reason he stepped down and made Alm the leader of the deliverance was due to his lack of faith in himself. But what made him make the cut is simply that scene if you let Mathilda die. He just...loses it and it's so justifiable. Also hurts because I let Mathilda die in the final battle (which leads to his death shortly after). This guy really just has a hard life and also made Alm a much stronger character. 5. Shinon: Everyone claims Takumi is the best bow user, but they have yet to meet this guy. He's what I'd call Takumi's ancestor as he is rude, hates laguz, but damn is he good with a bow. You know he's good when Mangs, a guy who absolutely despises them, admits to him being good. Other than being a monster, I do think it's interesting how he's the one who taught Rolf how to wield a bow and shines the light on his soft side. 4. Delthea: If I could, I'd probably place Delthea and Lu in the same spot as I like both exactly the same, but since one is much, much better than the other, the better unit wins. Delthea is on of my favorites to use simply because she nukes the field along with that Lu vs Delthea sass. Seriously, that support is one of my favorites simply because it ties in with Lu no really having any friends until Alm agreed to be his friend. 3. Haar: I'd never forget the legend. He has a hilarious personality, interesting backstory, and a broken unit made even more broken in Radiant Dawn. You don't understand him until you play the games because he's the one guy who once you recruit is pretty much all you'll ever need. Best Wyvern Rider. 2. Alm: I'll admit it: Alm is my favorite lord. A lot of people like Ike due to him vs the Black Knight settup and the fact he looks cool. Alm is probably the first lord who felt actually human. It's so refreshing to see after the whole Robin and Corrin stuff with those...terrible death scenes. When Alm learns that he just killed his father, that just had to hurt. I also really like the Clive vs Alm ideals where Alm doesn't listen to reason, but his heart to do what is right. He's also one of my best units in that game with his Falchion (still not as cool as Marth's) 1. Elincia: I'll admit I still love a lot of the Tellius cast, but she takes the cake when it comes to royals for me. She was the OG Pegasus with staffs and her own signature brave sword (please IS do not screw her up in heroes). She had to go through a lot (Ike would know since he did half the work) just to take the throne. She's also what I'd consider Conquest Corrin done right. She had to make hard choices due to the shaking control of Crimea as people were not pleased with her decision to work with Laguz. This led to a small war which was resolved rather quickly, but that defense chapter is one of my favorites especially with Elincia finishing it off. She also had a scene where she laid down her weapon, risking her life, to try to obtain peace without violence which didn't end so well. Conquest Corrin pretty much thought peace would be achieved by beating people up and letting them run away.
  6. QR3 is not worth the effort getting. Unless you want to promote and sack a 5 star subaki (which isn't hard to do, but you could premote a unit who doesn't need it instead) since your other two options are Klein (who is your DB sack) and Leo (who is 5 star only), but all 3 need it at 5 star. But that 10% though just is not worth the amount of effort plus Subaki comes with Swap and well Swap isn't too bad of a skill (I prefer reposition tbh) But Tobin oh dear Tobin. At least Masked Lucina is redeemable with x2 SP on the weekends (she's my next little project), but Tobin is just...bad. There's like a massive pool of good sword units (Xander, Zephiel, Masked Lucina were all f2p) who are way more useful than he is. Seriously, Zephiel kept killing everything while I was training Boey. As for Oboro, I never really used her, but merging a unit onto another one gives them all their skills (I did this to Lyn and Ryoma when I summoned better ones of those two). Speaking of Lyn, I've been using one in the Tempest and she's god-like. Boey, Robin (M), Genny, and Lyn pretty much get to the end with not problems at all. Though Celica is know what to fight as she pretty much kills robin.
  7. Huk kind of summarized what I would've said. It really sucks as in Shadow Dragon she is one of if not the best units in the games. One could argue that she's more important than Marth in Marth's story. But dear lord did FE Heroes screw her over (and yes, she's a really, really well like character). Eliwood at least got his Durandal while Caeda...didn't get her Wind Spear (which being effective against fliers would've made her really good and useful, but not broken or even close due to her low attack). Yes, the wind spear is a unique weapon for her that basically made her a monster since it was a lance rapier. Only reason I'm even bothering to train her is simply due to her being my favorite Peg in the series. The girl basically turned so many enemies against their country in so many ways (including flirting with the enemy). Her art is amazing, but that unit certainly doesn't do her justice. But yeah I'd recommend Palla over Caeda sadly. Also it's pronounced Sheeda (that was how her name was originally spelled).
  8. @Chase I know you talk about Mathilda, but honestly, having really good res and kind of bad defense don't really help a calv. Actually rereading it...that skill is really really good for a tanky Zephiel...or Tobin. I haven't really tested her out yet, but she's an interesting character but I doubt she's an anti-horse emblem factor ('cause Camus still has Granny's Shield) Delthea, on the other hand, is so freaking good. She at base is a pretty good unit with good speed (unless you're me and have -speed) and has a really, really high attack stat. Her res is solid leaving her only weakness being her pitiful defense which is a double edged sword with all the close counter units. That's not what makes her good even though those are good stats. Her ability gives certain units +6 attack plus a +4 attack if they are within 2 spaces which they almost always will be. I've been training her up and she just basically killed every mage unit so far (and Armor) in one round. interesting. I got a -atk, but that doesn't matter as his damage comes from his skills and 30 defense is not something to scoff at. He's interesting but I don't think he'll really stick out all that much since he has a lot to compete with. I also finally got Boey leveled up so hopefully I can make it to 40k this time, but school comes work so if I don't oh well. I really like Boey even if he's not really too good. After this, I've got Mae, Chrom, Mathilda, Delthea, Caeda (hey, I need a support flier), and Leon all to train up. Yes, the RNG really, really blessed me this time. I'm tempted to try for Sonya, but I think my luck has run dry so I'll be saving my orbs again. As for heroes I've picked up and really like since my list: Katarina: This is probably one of my new top five favorite units. Sure you can say the Owl tome is bad one her, but hell, she's the only reason I even was able to get past the bloody Alm & Celica Infernal mode. With Swift Sparrow she's really, really fast and strong so she's my go to when I have to face any bulky none blue units (especially mages) Camus: If you haven't trained this Grand hero up, train him. Easily my most used lance use simply due to mobility and the weapon. I use Darting Blow (well when you don't have death blow or fury, you make due with what you have) and he works really well combined with QR attacking twice in battle. He's also a tad bit tanky and can take non res hits pretty well. Celica: While I like Celica, her nuking powers kind of rusted once Katarina took her spotlight (she's good, but Renewal and careful positioning are required). I still like her and use her, but other than the cool battle animation (despite her +spd/-atk IVs) she mostly is a trophy unit. Great for the squad assault crew since I have a lot of units now. Ninian: Oh Ninian...oh shi...I realized with Delthea's help she may actually become good. You see, Ninian is a decent dancer who with Triangle adept can take a hit, but she's really frail and doesn't dish out much damage. I still like her way over Olivia though, but usually I have a healer on the team for those chain challenges. Robin: IT FINALLY HAPPENED! While not new, I finally 5-star'd him and he's honestly on par with my Reinhardt with TAdept. Genny: She's not very good, but she's really good at what she does which is heal and hit the enemy hard for 20-30 damage. If I train any other units up I'll give my opinnions on them then as I do have quite a number of 5 stars (and another 20k feathers coming around)
  9. Dang, you guys really, really filled up the list. Aya's event with Corey and Shelly's Kricketot (obtained by rejecting the Kricketot from the lady) are the two special events so no need to worry about those. I know Aya's second hidden mon is going to change, but I do want to confirm two errors in the system: -Fern is missing his Rhyperior post the Maison fight -Victoria is missing Mienshao and Togekiss (supposed to be recieved once you escape Devon Corp) I'll eventually upload a map patch with an event to add these Pokemon in (likely I'll use OG Commander in HCHQ) to fix this little error.
  10. @Revolver I think it's very poorly explained, but Karina would only be unable to battle if she ran out of Pokemon. The other gang leader acts like he beat her, but uhh...somebody is lying and judging by Karina's rep, I'd definitely she it as being her (which her being evil would actually make a lot of sense). Maybe if we ever return to Gearen City I could give better judgement on this scene. Honestly, Rejuv really hasn't offered that much of a challenge as most of it's challenge is using fully evolved Pokemon (I'll admit I did this for HC, but mostly so that player's Pokemon level up faster). First time I played Reborn and even Rejuv I got bodied a lot (though I was playing on V4 intense mode) As for the others, I'll get to Keta real quick. But now: Chapter 11: Hello disappointment, my old frield Probably are going to guess what's going to happen but let's get onto the story: Oh wait...I actually do have something to talk about beforehand. I remember a little discussion about me being too hard on Zetta, but should I explain this. A really good ideal that I even stand to is that in a video game you should show, teach, then test something. Basically really early in the game you are showing how the game works with its mechanics (usually up until the first gym leader though first strong opponent is required). Players kind of are going to go their own way as they know very little about your game and are just starting to get used to the mechanics. Venam's Seviper should be weakened a little bit, but Rejuv just an okay job at this. Post Venam is where you are teaching players how to play the game. Bosses should be harder to where players have to think, but not too hard. Those he picked it up should breeze through this section as they already got the hang of this. This stage is where players are forced to learn how the game works otherwise they'll fail. The last stage is to test. Testing players is basically removing the hand guiding them and letting them put what they learned to use to achieve victory. I know in Reborn this happens around post-Florinia as Florinia herself is teaching you to prepare for leaders with that demon Cradily. So what does this have to do with Zetta? That fight is either you just let Venam do all the work or you grind up to be able to survive hits from stuff. Zetta has a Play Rough Persian and that's all his team more or less was for me because the other mons were not designed well or weren't a well built core. Now if Venam had a weaker team maybe it'd be different, but she leads with an Eviolite Whirlpede who's the master of stalling. With that in mind, the Galvantula was the real battle, but since you can get softlocked out of it, I'm surprised Zetta isn't more well built since beating him may hard-lock you out. This is early in the game so such a design...causes problems (unless you don't have to beat Gal...which should be a thing then since this is so early in the game). But that's kind of my point...stuff like this shouldn't be done so early in the game and if they are, they have to be done very, very carefully and very, very well made. Rant over. (Well you are on his lawn. Old people don't like you being on their lawn.) (Hi, I'm commander and....I WANT TO TOUCH THE FLUFFY BIRDS!) (No birds, don't fly away from me) (I mean...I'll just raid his house for Rupees if he doesn't help me) (...This...definitely sounds like the guy I know. Yep, it's gotta be him) (Heh. You couldn't stop me even if you tried. Many have. None have succeeded as I keep going down rabbit holes) (FINALLY! Somebody who doesn't make fun of my name. I can already smell the start of a beautiful friendship). And now we break walk into the leader's home: (...We're you literally standing there for the last few days for me? Well...I guess that's your new favorite hobby now) (Well after weird and overdramatic monologues) (COREY! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?'re not Corey? You're not fooling me this time "Keta") If you haven't figured out, I have been alluding to Corey as Keta literally acts like him and honestly is just Corey reincarnated. The only literal difference besides the appearance, gym leader type, and hair is that one hates the world and the other just hates himself. It's kind of why Keta is slightly willing to help you, but uhh...let's continue: (...Master Jenkel, I will make you proud showing you the man I've become) And...this isn't the master bedroom (I knew a guy just like you. He took a fall and then became all smileys) Probably cut some of the convo out, but I doubt it was anything important... (No...KOS-MOS...) (Anyone who even knows that name I'd salute. One that shouldn't be forgotten but has been) (Keta, I'm going to let you finish, but that phrase should go to the girl dumb enough to make a wrong turn and somehow get killed and eaten by Pokemon despite having Pokemon on her and unlimited healing items) You know, this whole you're not strong enough cliche was meh at first, but at this point it has literally been beaten to the ground. Seriously, I could name like 15 different protagonists where strength wasn't what drove their characters or even factored into how they won. What bothers me even more is that this is a bloody sensei and teacher and pretty much kicks a dead horse even more into the ground. Seriously, no sensei mumbo jumbo now? Like when it makes sense? Also sick of Melia talk but you know that (That's a great Ren impression there) (Wow...master sensei just swore) Nevermind, I take back everything I just said. The one character who actually understands me. (...Would not taking a month to update be a possible change?) (She's one bitch of a book) (I know someone like that. She's my blue haired waifu.) (For some people it's all they have) (....Pass) (I'm sorry, but your hair is so distracting. I just want to...touch it) (This is the second biggest lie the game has made) Okay just going to cut in and say JAN MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Can they or can they not talk? (Just like the real Amethyst) (Just like the real Amethyst) (Not like the real Amethyst) (...I thought that was a minable rock) (...That sounds like a black man's drug) (I would, but I forget where I lost them at. Poor guy must be lonely out there) (Yes master sensei Corey) I'm not going to lie...this is actually a change that was worse than the original. You see in the original, the guy was like "I'm not going to fight you until you go to Amethyst Grotto" which correlated with the story since he shunned everyone away and it was very realistic. Now it's like "Sucks to be you, but here's how I can help you." He's just...way too helpful. Here's the thing...none of this was needed. Even though the item was added, this all could've been explained in Amethyst Cave AND completely removed a certain annoying section of the game as I'm already sick of traveling through Amethyst Cave from doing all the sidequests. As for what we have though, it's pretty good and works so there's that. Wish he acted a bit more like a Sensei though. But before we do that... (We need to get revenge on a certain someone) (Oh this is going to be feel so, so good) (Gotta love that field effect boost( (And here starts the real battle) (And boy did I have a plan to get rid of it) (You have no idea how good that felt) (And I rely too much on Sonicboom it seems) (Actually I think it was Charge Beam) (*Ahem* Feel the sting of the swordmaster's blade) Actually I think Loewe got one shotted from the looks of it (And this is why Walter is on the team) (And you can probably figure out what happened here) And this is what I had to grind my team up to just to beat this girl (Surprisingly, I only lost half the team) imo, she's really easy except for the bloody Lyanroc which is a freaking nuke on the field as it hits hard combined with its boosted electric rock attack and the fact it is as fast as lightning. Nothing really stood out other than that though. And then we travel down to the grotto to meet... (How did you get here before me?) (But I don't even have a twitter) I actually kind of miss the old grotto design, but I'm not going to complain (And by that logic, I'm not Commander) ( do fit the bill for Corey) (Oh look something Keta has that I don't) (I mean...doesn't every video game character have a tragic past?) (If living in a quiet village where the worst thing to happen is a girl bugging you daily is hell, then I'd offer my soul to the devil himself from where we stand) (He does realize Rare Candies have the same effect? No need for dramatics) (I could think of worse places to be banished to) (...Hold on...) Just look up there for a moment. This new Keta is displaying emotions where the old one did not. If you had no emotions, you will not feel anything towards your dead wife nor would you care the fate of a dead girl or the player themselves. Devoiding myself from emotions more or less just made me kind of hate the world. That's a whole different topic though. Just wanted to point that little fact out. (I mean...I'd send someone down here to get them out of my house) (No, I'm pretty sure he just wanted me to leave him alone) (Me? Special? I mean what's so special about being the protag meant to save the world from dangers?) (Well...he was part of Meteor so...that's not so surprising) (Your a ghost and he's a grumpy old man. There's nothing scary about that) Y'know this is a minor nitpick, but I don't really see the point of the ghost telling us Keta is part of Team Xen. Yeah it makes sense, but it could've been saved for a little surprise. (OH BOY SIDEQUESTS!) (....So you want me to do something I was going to do anyways) (That's nice...but I do get a badge out of it, right?) I skipped some stuff, but uhh...I still like the old conversation a little bit better from memory although this wasn't that much different from it. Just a little writing rule, but when it comes to info dumping, remove anything that either is implied or explained along the way. Info dumping is bad although sometimes required. Shorter you make scenes the better as well since players like doing more than reading. (Did anyone actually think this would work?) Seriously though, why is this part even here? All this basically does is make the player fight even mover wild Pokemon and add some time just to read this message only to force them to walk all the way back and then back to Sheridan. ( bitch) (Thank you for stating what we've known for the past god knows how long) Now...battle time: (I mean it's Pokemon. Fans basically ooze over it) (I do that already) (...I'd need to go to the PC box and get my real team then) And now we get into an intense... (Maybe not so intense) (Seriously, wtf is with those levels. HIS LEVELS ARE LOWER THAN ZETTAS) (Probably just venoshocked him or something) (This is uhhh...disappointing) (I had Boomy Explode as I didn't want that thing healing up) (Okay that thing was kind of challenging...but not really) (You are far, far from being a good Ike) (...And I feel bad now) (And probably no self esteem either) (.......I'm having a strange case of deja vu) (Oh HECK NO! I'm not following for that twice) Yeah...Keta's mons were a little underleveled. The sad part is that THIS was supposed to be the big gym battle of this section (especially due to the fight to come getting nerfed even harder). I mean...the removal of Hawlucha was a good move, but there's quite a bit that needs work on making this an interesting fight as all his mons desides Medicham, Pignite, and Lucario...well half his mons were pure fighting type. No real coverage for his type's weaknesses and pretty much a hyper offensive team. Biggest complaint has to be with the levels. With the Sidequests, having his team be around 25-28 would make a little more sense as those quests were level crazy and gave a ton of experience. 25 is also a good mid-cap since this is about the mid-way point in this section. But kind of sad considering the other two times I fought him it was complete hell. But what's done is done and we're moving on. But bleh if I ever do a Rejuv "Hardcore" this fight would get a complete revamp.
  11. The most gimmicky fight I designed had absolutely nothing to do with a field even so saying you like gimmicks over raw power when you design teams to fight...with raw power is a little...contradictory. Field effects in a nutshell let a certain type hit harder and take less damage. And I mean the hardest fights in Reborn and the ones people remember are the fights where fields work with the Pokemon instead of teams designed for that field. Reg Reborn's Corey, HC Julia, and Charlotte. Florinia is the best example of a team designed to for that specific field and her only really good Pokemon is Maractus due to that. In other words, use the gimmick, but don't rely on it. As for Keta, I uhh...don't know how the forest field works (I assume the same as in Reg Reborn) so I guess I'd do something like this: That's all the sample team leader designs I'm willing to do right now as I haven't seen the adjusted new teams for gen vii. I do know Revenant Keta got nerfed hard which saddens me. I'd have to think how to approach that one.
  12. I'm not sure if anyone has written this anywhere but "Gender can define a character, but gender does not define characters." That's simply saying a character is not who they are due to their gender. But if someone really wanted to spout that out me, then I'd simply say, "I guess every protag must be a teenage boy." But I really wouldn't worry that much about it. Usually I care more about how well done a cast is over something silly like there not being enough guys.
  13. Sorry to unintentionally advertise my own run, but uhhh...if the game was so flawless, what have I spent the last I don't know 12 logs posting? But uhh we're not here to talk about Rejuv's faults in story (or Reborn's) but uhh as someone with writing experience for a long while, Reborn's story is much better WRITTEN and DESIGNED than Rejuv's. That isn't an opinion, but a fact as it stands right now. Of course this is also like comparing FF7 to Xenogears so let's not get too into it. As for battles, I can at least tell you the problem with Reborn's battles. They rely too much on their gimmicks to win or do strategy. While it is a very unique concept to use field effects and all their crazy, if not ingenious, designs, but that's not everything that goes into a battle. That just my thoughts, but Rejuv is a whole different kind of mess. But if you guys really want team ideas or how to team design I suppose I can at least give you how I'd revamp Venam: On a different note, I'm really disappointed in the designs for the Keta fight you made. You literally just slapped him with what's considered some of the best fighting types (Hawlucha is literally a staple for high level fighting monos in team design) and called it a day. The Hitmons, Sawk and Throh, Gallade, and Hariyama all thrive here with the ability to easily adjust their difficulty. Poliwrath is also another interesting choice if you don't have ideas. And heck, Crabominable is a thing. Yes, I would use Crabominable on Keta's team.
  14. I'm actually impressed someone figured out one of the bigger secrets that I actually didn't think anyone would find out about. That's one of the few I didn't expect anyone to find or discover. Anyways, I'm going to correct one simple thing on it since's nothing major, but a small requirement: I think Aya's other hidden mon is the hardest to find, but uhh...nothing is as hard to figure out beyond that. Just requires a bit of thinking.
  15. @DemICE If I wanted to give my honest opinion based on MY skill level, all of these battles are easy as hell given I have a very, very weak team which only one was even evolved at that point. We're a little less than 10% into what would be the full game and that's what is thrown so early in the game. You have to slowly increase the difficulty otherwise you'll end up hitting a wall where the game becomes incredibly easy for spiking the game's difficulty. As for the whole feeling like a god. It's Pokemon so you can't exactly design for that as the system is made to be cheesed. Yes, some fights should be made hard and may take a lot of attempts, but Zetta even says he's weak so him being a disappointment wouldn't be all that surprising (and he trained all those mons in a short amount of time). Normal mode needs to have restrictions. Hard mode does need some, but it's a lot more lenient since the playerbase has a certain level of skill and expects stuff like that more. And...I don't have a good intro pic...actually (I should name you Sonata and change Rockruff's name to Artica. It's just too perfect) Chapter 10: Sidequests aka I'M SO DONE WITH THIS CAVE (Is it me or does that lady's cane look like an arrow. Maybe it's to get her point across) (No shit. Why do you think it's called a village?) Looking at it now, I really don't like the whole period thing. I know it's for emphasis, but meh, I'd probably just separate them all out through text boxes with one word only if you know what I'm saying. (That's a sad village. A very sad village if that's all you have.) (Are you sure it isn't because you're talking shit about it at the front gate?) (If that philosophy were true, the whole region would've been doomed a long time ago) (Well the old lady at least is making sense here...unlike most of the cast) (Nevermind, she's completely senile) Seriously, I love how she says it's happened a lot and then states that she has only seen it happen once. That's a 70 years time span at the very least. If the village was 350 years old, it'd only happen 5 times by that logic. That's not that many. It's a minor nitpick, but yeah, it's one that's easy to avoid. "This has happened many a times in the village's history. In fact something like this happened right around when I was your age." Seriously, it's not that hard. (We can't say the same about her husband) (Well since they aren't going to move for a while, does anyone want to tell me how her hair defies physics?) (Being constipated, I can't tell you how true this is) (I think she's left-handed) (I think she missed the entire point of the conversation) (She uhh...didn't look like a ninja. Oh wait. Wrong game) (She's aware a month has passed. We must take her in for questioning) (Don't worry, the cave did that for me. And it did a fine job of it) So honestly, I really liked that conversation. It wasn't the best thing...OMG! Those tiles above the flowers are really bothering me now. You can't just splat square tiles anywhere. Anyways, it was decent and kind of gave an impression of the town. But man do I love the redesigns of the Elder and Aelita. Those look really, really well done especially the elder who has a cane. She has a bloody cane. How many fan-games have this amazing technology? But now we must move forward into the game. (That word. She said the T-word. Don't ever say the T-word in front of me). And then I had to play some MGS trying to avoid trainers while looking for the healing center. This was one heck of a challenger as I did not want to go back through that cave. (You have no idea how happy I was to see this) (This is also a terrible trade. Cleffa>>>>Igglybuff any day) And then we begin the long session of sidequests which is what this whole chapter is all about. And while I didn't show it, I began working on the Library sidequest. (I'm not sure whether or not to feel bad or feel jelly of them) (I mean...I spent too long looking for it the first time to stop now) (Oh no....oh god no...not him) (Someone please just...please don't make me do this) There's not really much here tbh as it's just talking about the Hidden Library which was built by the ancients. I'll get more into it later. (...You have an acne problem?) ( can fly! Please teach professor master sensei) (Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today) (Funny because it's true) (Funny because it's true) (And you just got owned! Ain't no one allowed to talk shit to the Prof and get away with it) (Congratulations, you're now nuttier than the professor) (You could just throw him into the pond. I hear there's a Carvanha in it) (This is also the sign Jan has been around Ame for too long) So Jenkel what do you have to say about all the events that transpired? (Spoken like a true gentleman) And then we go to the pond south of here...and it doesn't work so Karen begins, if you ever marry a woman, make sure they are softspoken. Your blood pressure will thank you. (Not to worry. One day my career as a professional model will kick off. Nobody has hair as fabulous as this) (...MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN!) (If you're so worried about your looks, why did you summon the rain?) No seriously, it wasn't raining when I first got to this scene. (Thank you bridge for saving me from this drama. You the real MVP) Y'know I really don't like Karen and not in the good way such as with Fern who you are designed to hate. She's basically just Nim if Nim weren't funny or interesting. She's just some bipolar girl with some crazy powers. (I'm still wondering how those candels still have wax) (It's just like you. Small and hard to get through) (...I think the librarian is a deceased member of Team Skull. That would explain the mess of books) And then Ms. Psychic Powers gets to the treasure first (Come to my domain Reborn and then we'll see who's crying) (It's those bloody meds. They screw with your body) (...Jenkel, this woman is all yours. She's like a perfect match) (...I'm laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside right now) (...Something tells me that this is a very, very bad thing) (...You hand me my own mortal nemesis. I despise you now) (...Nevermind, you're alright. Just stay far, far away from me) But yeah...she's strange, but sadly she's a hell of a lot better written than most of the main story cast right now. I'm pretty sure she's supposed to have those violent urges simply due to the fact she's all jacked up with power. I also theorize she's the one who murdered her own parents which could be due to abuse since well she had special powers. Combine those together and her character makes sense. Anyways, the mega ring tease never bothered me at all since the Mega Ring really is a tool players should get very, very late into the game. But I always really liked this quest simply because of the book reward. What disappoints me is that the library and the gearen city library really don't have anything interesting to read. Missed opportunity there. Missed opportunity. ('s not so great) And then there's this quest: (So are we just going to ignore the guy on the bottom left?) (You can imagine my reaction to this) And let's just say that the first attempt did not end well. (I mean...what else is going to be on a loading dock? Traps?) (And you can see pretty much Electrode made this fight super easy) (Like really, really easy) (And Gauis literally evolved right after evolving \o/) Yeah...that fight was...easily the worst one so far. I'm a firm believer of weaker Pokemon with interesting and well designed movesets over strong Pokemon with crappy or levelup movesets. In HC, this fight is going to be completely redone. There's no synergy and it's just stupidly strong Pokemon with crappy movesets. And advice for people making fangames, spend the extra hour when designing important trainers as it'll make the game more interesting. Seriously, ticks me off when someone uses SOLELY high levels as a means of difficulty or challenge. The Kecleon Quest was next and this sums it up: (I was dragged to the very pits of it. Thankfully there was a ladder to escape) (And then there's this little girl) (Something tells me I'm going to regret this) (The old version of you didn't need a square to battle) (Nor did she play unfairly) And what happened in that battle was more or less this thing: (Just picture a clean sweep from this demon) I'm actually going to cut this post short since the next part is a story segment and it'll lead all the way from here to the Keta gym battle. As for these sidequests, they were actually kind of meh compared to the old quests. I loved the old Carvanha quest and have no idea why it was removed. Novae herself is so inferior to Adrienn it isn't even funny. She's literally high levels with meh mons and that insanely good Lyanroc who gets a boost from the field effect taking care of its water weakness. The only real solution is to grind a geodude since well very little at those low levels will survive. Library and Kecleon were good, but that's about it. Sorry to skip the Kec quest but when you literally have to worry about dodging Kecloen while escaping, it is near impossible to get pics of it.