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  1. I noticed the reason behind the problem so I reuploaded the data for the map causing the glitch (look in the OP and it should be there). Just download that single file and drag and move that file into the data folder of where your game is and overwrite the old file. In a week or so, I'll take down and reupload the entire game with these fixes installed, but for the sake of not spending an hour and you having to download it again for 20 or so minutes, I try to upload these when possible. Please report if you are having trouble and don't be afraid to ask. (Also you can transfer your save to Reborn to progress worse comes to worse).
  2. Did you try talking to the service desk lady? If she's not there...I know what I did wrong. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a little update: there were two glitches discovered in the beta which I added the map files with fixes on them. Just download and replace them in the data folder. Trust me, they only take a second to download compared to taking down and reuploading (which I'll do when everything is going to work fine). Edit: And I found a third. This one is kind of bad compared to the others. I'm going to wait until either this saturday or next saturday and reupload the game with these fixes and hopefully fix some typos.
  3. If you really want to know how trainers will work, I will have both PBS trainer files open, scroll down both of them at the same time and transfer and change Pokemon by copy and pasting. Levels will be easy as well as I generally just add five levels. If Meteor grunt teamso change, I may just do a mix of old and new or maybe just new mons. Easier than fixing it in this version as both trainer classes and trainer names were changed for a lot of trainers. That took 20 minutes to fix and figure out. If that gets screwed up, the game is unplayable compared to having the wrong Pokemon. Not a big deal and a days worth of work at the most. As for the CoM, I figured a good compromise. Like in the original releases, I am going to release this in segments. E17 is going to be everything you see here, but with E17 areas added on. That is the first release. Then I will go back and edit all of the bosses one by one and give releases for updated chunks of the game like first release will be a gen VIi update up until Shade. As for the actual gauntlet, there is a mode which I refer to as classic mode. This itself is playable through the whole thing, but it is not what I would call completed in my eyes. Hell, I may even get that done before E17 is released and have no need to push it back until E18. I only need two things for help on. Someone to help design and quality check CoM fights, but I can get that done over time. I also need someone to make an interesting overworld graphic. While it is not needed, it would make for some very nice polishing. Only hint I will give on that is think about the trading card game.
  4. Fixed it, but I mean Adrienn. The game is done more or less other than minor errors. Altered path is basically...what I want it to be is more of a CoM gauntlet format except in league format. While different opponents would be there, that's not what makes it even more challenging. You cannot edit your Pokemon and possibly even rotate them, but instead of a fixed order, you could challenge them in order based on their tier. Let's say Julia, Florinia, and Shelly are Tier 1. You could face any of them right away. If you beat Julia, you could face Corey next, but if you beat Shelly, you could still only face Shade (ie you could only fight two above the current leader you haven't defeated). I haven't fully fleshed the idea out, but it's a fun challenge best saved for Gen VII as well...a lot of fights need implemented. -First and to put it bluntly, I needed help on this a long while ago for E16. Instead of getting the help I needed, it turned into me during even more work including spriting. The help I did get I am so thankful for. Like, the story of Hardcore in a nutshell all the work getting dumped on me. If this didn't burn me out, I don't think Gen VII will. As for why Gen VII will take a long time, that's my decision and my choice. CoM is mostly excluded from this, but let me get into how quality check goes for Hardcore: For every boss fight (but a huge emphasis on gym leaders): I look at all of my options to pick for a gym leader. For the canon leader (alts are generally not included in this), I look at mons and strategies they used and try to decide what is the most faithful team selection I could go with. Sometimes, I see multiple strategies so I often try to create both. This research comes from both the online league and mons Ame has given them in the past. After that, I design the team in which I go into testing. The first test I do is a damage test. If a Pokemon is not doing enough damage or doesn't serve its role well, it automatically gets replaced (or a stats buff for lategame leaders). After this, I then test to see how well the team can do against a variety of mons so that a single Pokemon cannot easily destroy them by exploiting their weaknesses. If they perform well enough, they pass. I also have to take the field gimmicks into consideration so often I have to read up on those as well when deciding or to pick. It really helps in picking Pokemon that are meant to surprise and throw players off (such as the early game Heliolisk). Admittedly, Gen VII shouldn't be too difficult to transition to, but the hard part is retesting all of those trainer fights (Random NPCs should take no more than an hour to transition to the new gen). I could see me just adding extra mons to the trainers instead of just replacing them since the level limiter is a thing. It'll take time, but I like team designing so it'll be very enjoyable even if it takes a long time. What would really help me and speed development up a lot is for the above checks to be done with the CoM Gauntlet. You can tell which fights I've done it on and which ones I haven't put as much effort. On the bright side, E17 of Hardcore will add very little to the table in terms of new content and be all about focusing on battles. All 6,000 Plus lines of battles. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh and about the PBS files since Reborn publicly released them. I'll do the same for the Hardcore files after a month has passed. My only rule is that you can't use them to make a hard mode mod (as well you'd be using my work and claiming it as your own), but other than that, yes, you are allowed to use it.
  5. Let's see: I have to remember as I played back in episode VII which was forever ago. Shelly (might have been a second attempt), Shade, "Noel" (my first attempt at him I lost a few times, but my old save I beat him first try), Radomus, Charlotte (the broken one everyone talks about) That's literally it. Now in my second run I beat almost everyone first try other than Kiki, Aya, and Noel. Except when I went back to face singles radomus on my old save. That...took a few tries.
  6. I probably don't even need to answer.
  7. Who here would like to make the assumption Jan is trolling us and that thing isn't catchable? Or in other words: IT'S A TRAP!
  8. Pretty much it was supposed to be a girl terrified of ghosts running away, but it was so vague it confused people which is why I decided to remove it...I think.
  9. Finally uploaded the full release of Hardcore. You can look at the post in the thread to find out more details.

  10. And after 72 years of waiting, I finally have finished (when Mediafire gets done) with making a fully function version of CoM E16. And as you've all been waiting for, here's the links which will be posted in the OP as well. Mega Mediafire Discord Channel (DL links are also located here) Here's the changelog: The rest of it is all basically new stuff that you've come to expect. Now about the discord channel. You know how everyone is wondering where the heck to you find the download link and page for hardcore. There's just no good place to put it so instead of figuring out which of the two pages of Hardcore is the correct one (the older one will have an out of date version), you can just link the channel and find the current version easily. It's also a way that I can go find and fix bugs easily since Showdown you can lose them over time, but discord I can go back a few days. That's pretty much all I plan on using it for (anyone can PM me if they want a mod dl link available there as well or for any suggestions) so feel free to keep using the Reborn channel to talk about Hardcore. Anything else...oh yeah. There are a few things I said I was going to get done (text editing, Altered Path, and that one thing I can't mention yet), but I haven't forgotten about those. I'm just saving them for later during my downtime. I also can't promise this version will ever go outside of Beta mostly due to E17 looming around the corner. If I get everything I want to done before then, I'll make it official, but no promises. That's enough from me. I'll let you guys enjoy this long overdue mod. Also mini shoutout to Albinoloon for helping me out with a certain sprite that looks amazing. If you don't know who that is, that's a spriter who is helping Zumi out with Xenogene. I didn't forget this time.
  11. If anything, it'd be for Camus as Lloyd is a Swordsmaster (and yet to be released). We won't have that for a while as the next few Grand Hero battles are Navarre, Zephiel, Xander, then Lloyd. Zephiel I might consider using as well, I believe he'll get weary fighter (and Hone Armors) though Xander while a little slow, does get range counter. Navarre is probably just going to be weaker Lon'qu, but Lloyd is a big mystery. I'm going to take a guess he's big thing will be a rune blade or wind sword.
  12. Please stop sending your staff waifus my way.


  13. I can't really go into too much detail about the drama as ultimately (and unintentionally) I was the final straw that broke the camels back causing a demise in the idea. People in the minority spoke out about something that many of us were against (and given I was like one of the only people who pieced the whole story after a boat load of confusion, you could see why the outside group misunderstood it). It was an interesting concept of a place where mods were at the same level as users and could discuss issues about Reborn. Only a couple users (not mods) could even step in to act so unless you REALLY pushed to break a certain rule, it wouldn't be held against you. Now why oh why would old Commander mention this thing especially given this probably knocked a year of his life off. Well it's because I honestly think we need to revive it. While we do have the site suggestion box, a lot of people (cough not me cough) prefer the real time discussions as well as only use discord/showdown. I just see it as a way Mods can communicate to the community since it was a good place for everyone to voice themselves. I don't want to be the one to take charge though due to my inconsistent activity (though I am around daily), but I'd definitely be willing to give a helping hand since I supported the original idea and I'd support someone trying to revive it. There are a certain few kinks that'd need to be worked out.
  14. Fie is best, I have decided this.

    1. Felix-


      Well, Fie and Gaius but that's a forbidden bromance.

    2. Commander


      That is not how you spell Towa.

  15. Pick up Awakening since fates pretty much just builds off of Awakening and it's system. Fates has three paths the brutal conquest one with great maps and sometimes borderline insane difficulty. Birthright is enemy reinforcements galore with meh mapiping. It is not bad but it is worth the 20 to get the second path. Revelations oh boy revelation. This is the worst game IS has ever created. Literally do not buy this path as it is bad. Grinding, bad map design, horrible unit placement, and a storyline a little bit better than conquests awful storyline. I still have not finished this path because it is just bleh. Awakening is really worth picking up as a lot of people got into the series because of it. Maps are mostly big open areas bit there are some diamonds in the rough in that games. Supports are amazing in that game though. Not Sacred Stones good, but still fun. The plot in this one imo starts out very solid then...kind of crumbles due to plot holes. Still enjoy this one partially due to nostalgia. Oh when you buy one path, you can buy the second one for 20 bucks through Dlc which is better than all of the Fates dlc but memories of foam. Unlike Awakening and it's all or none dlc, Fates you shouldn't bother with except for the free and maybe the memories and anna.