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  2. If it makes you all feel better, apparently, I'm really bad at my own mod. 5 attempts on Aster & Eclipse and 3 on Singles Julia aka the easy fight...with a team of level 20s.

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      bro , Aster and Eclipse were very hard for me aswell on redux ahaha. And for Julia i choosed the master mod ( 3rd option ) , and after 15 tries i managed to beat her ( i had a drillbur... ) 

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  3. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

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      Happy birthday. Thanks a lot for Redux. Enjoy your life to the fullest. A quote can go this way "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm possible"

  4. What would you want in Fire Emblem Switch?

    The first thing I really, really want to point out is that they have been trying to budget way too many things so I'm actually rooting for the following to be cut back: Support Convos: I actually want these to be harder to achieve and cut down a lot. No child units either UNLESS it's an FE4 scenario or a transfer data for a sequel, but not in the scale they do it. The point of Supports is to learn about the characters or give interesting perspectives so I feel they should focus on that and even a funny support is okay. Just quality over quantity because most of Fates supports are bad. Pair-ups: I prefer unit placement being vital over figuring out who goes well with who in dense stances. Fates did an okay job, but I prefer the chess style of moving units on a map and making a bad move costing me. It was a good change, but I think Rescue style is the way to go and keep it that way. The really confusing Weapon Triangles and Weapon Effects from fates: I never want to see weapons that decrease my stats ever again The treehouse/base thingy: Online play is nice, but not at the cost for making a poorly made game or cutting into why we play Fire Emblem in the first place The drunken boulders from PoR and RD: One does not comprehend how these boulders move Things I want to see make a return: PoR/RD's Base: This is imo one of the best features in any game as it removes a bunch of gripes I have from older games. You can buy weapons in there, manage the inventory, sell inventory, do support conversation, add normal conversations like Echoes did, and easily add new features or twists. It's a simple system that works very well. Which leads me into my next topic: Linear map system: You know how Conquest you go from map to map. I want that style to return. Arena Abusing is fine if people complain and I wouldn't be against the Tower From Sacred Stones returning, but I REALLY would rather it be map to map with no other way to train units. Gaiden Chapters: Basically these are chapters that can only be unlocked by completing a certain task on the map. I loved how these worked and missing them isn't a big thing it does benefit you often as well...usually you get a unit out of it. Sometimes Lore. Sometimes good items. Tactician Rank: I'm not really a fan, but I know a lot of people love this and it encourages replayability. Terrain Levels: For non RD players, this is basically Echoes's terrain affects except it's only factored on if you are above or below the enemy as maps have different levels which can be climbed by anyone but Calvaliers. This feature really helped make more use out of what normally would be worthless units like Armors and some infantry and really shines in defense chapters. Shields and Rings Equipment: Echoes did this really well with how you could only equip one. Path of Radiance actually used a similar where units could equip stuff which factored into their growths/Iote's Shield. I really think this should be expanded on if not become a staple Weapon Durability and Con: They keep trying to move away from it, but it's a simple system that works well. It's good ground work to try and add cool features and twists. Ability to Command "Green" Units: I'd love to see a big battle where you can order non playable allies around and even stay out of the battle or move to a certain destination. Bonus Exp: This is my favorite system as you can grind weak units up to play catch up to the other characters or abuse it to maximize stats. It gives incentives to do better on maps or play them faster for greater rewards. Archers and Healers Being able to hit at close combat: Let those healers wack people with their staffs again Now let's talk about the new stuff I'd want to see from FE Switch: More incentives to play Classic Mode: If you've ever played PoR, you actually know that the final boss has a second form if you play on higher difficulties. I would like to see some changes happen in the game if you go into classic mode as a "reward" for playing a harder version of the game. I'm not picky but I honestly wouldn't ever play Classic mode if it weren't forced in the older game, but now I can't do without it. I'd just like a little push to convince people to try it is all and join in on the fun. Casual mode SHOULD stay as it's a gateway for weaker players. A Skill Points tree/costs: I'll admit I really like the skill system introduced in Fates overall. Personal Skills I feel should be a staple as it makes characters that much more unique. This idea is just a way to substitute the Secondary Seals and keep characters within their respective class (aka the 20/20 only level ups). There's a lot of options but the point is making a way for characters be able to learn skills through Scrolls and such which better Skills would cost more, but some classes are locked out of skills. Adding MP to the game: I get it, IS doesn't want to add weapon durability back. Echoes really brought up a very cool concept: Skills at the Cost of HP. Take that concept but make it so that it costs MP which is harder to recover (or next to impossible). Make more use of the graphics and engines: Fates did a lot of things wrong, but one thing they didn't is display what they can do with their gimmicks. I want them to take those resources and instead throw big surprises for us when we least expect it. Maybe when a certain turn count happens, a flood of water whooses in and blocks half the map splitting your army up if you aren't careful. We've seen plenty of map changes in the past, so I'd love surprises like that which aren't dragon veins and a bit more logical. Ship battles: I know people said a pirate FE would be boring but I actually think you could do some interesting things with it. Imagine the lord being able to command his ship. The said ship actually has HP and if it loses all it's HP, Game Over. The goal of ship battles is to sink ships much stronger than yours by board and infiltrating them. Your lord could give orders and even order the ship to move to be able to board or get away from another ship. It's be a hard mechanic to implement but if they did it well, I'd be all for it as it's make ship battle less sitting duck maps with fliers only have super solid mobility. Mirage Sessions: Bringing back old FE units is not something new in the newer games. It'd be interesting to see Summoners be able to summon them under certain conditions (both you and the enemy) and these Mirages have a set number of turns before they disappear. Totally not an excuse for them to make more FE Amiibo A revamped Laguz system: I loved the idea of the Laguz mechanic but what hurt it so much is how little Exp they gained. It'd be so interesting to see them attempt that again but in a way exp is easy to gain for them but they don't overpower Beorcs. New types of Map Missions: I'd love for them to try new map objections beyond even escape and defense chapters. You could do a few things such as stealing an item from a boss who is insanely strong then escaping or a surprise change in map objectives (RD did do those for one really good chapter which tied into the plot). One such example could be a Ryoma/Xander situation, but your goal is to prolong the fight to distract the guards while your allies sneak by to kill the real boss.
  5. Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][Demo Released]

    I guess I really should update this. I've been doing bug testing now and it has been smooth sailing. There's only been about I want to say 5 critical errors which most were very easy to correct as a lot of it was mostly missing a single letter in the code. I also discovered a game breaking error with the Party System I never noticed before (if you run around as Fero recruiting members it could wipe his team...possibly). I've gone from the beginning of the game all the way up until right before visiting Obsidia Ward. The only thing big to note is that while I have been rewriting and trying to fix errors with text, that is my lowest priority still. I have my gripes with the intro but it works and does its job well enough. I know there were a few punctuation errors but those are so hard to find to go back and change compared to a spelling error or typo. Once I run through up until Florinia, I definitely will be able to get a release, but there's still things in the swamp that could be done and added. That alone could push this back until April if I wanted to hammer it all out. Everything is starting to wrap up though so don't worry about a "Oh this isn't going to get a release until March" statement. There will be a release. There's just two things on the table that I'm not sure will be in there. The first is Create-your-own trainer (mostly because I want applications in PBS format to shave off hours of work on this nightmare) and the other is that new feature.
  6. Okay, we're in a real awkward situation right now. Normally when someone goes silent for 3-6 months, we can naturally assume that they are no longer working on the project or are on a very long hiatus. Going on a hiatus can lead to the cancellation of a project as these fan-games are a massive and draining amount of work. We've recieved no updates since that message which a simple "it's still being worked on" is important to state once in a while. Anyways, I'm not saying to cease all discussion here, but try to keep speculation talk to a minimum. The only thing I really want to avoid telling people is "Hey, the next version of Desolation is coming soon" and in reality it's actually discontinued without anyone even knowing. I'm also stating this for another big reason: At the end of the month, I will be updating the fan-game directory and if I don't see any responses from Caz or proof he is still working on it, Desolation will be placed in the status unknown. That warning does spread out to anyone else who has been completely silent 4-6 months.
  7. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Well to actually add to this, Ame actually hinted to the Titania gym battle back in E15 or E16 announcing Dragon's Den. If you look back at the post, you'll see a line teased there that's found reading the signs in Titania's gym.
  8. Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][Demo Released]

    So now it's time for your weekly update and yes I work on Redux weekly. Anyways, I legit forgot how much text I put in each episode as the total is like 100 or so lines which rewriting them takes a while. For the sake of getting this Episode out sooner, I'm skipping the books in HCHQ (even though it's RHQ technically). I have about 4 events left (2 are very short and the other I may actually already did) before I go into test running stages. I am toning down a few things in the dialogue. Johnathan is a little tamer, but no worry he is still the same guy you know and love. I suppose I can at least show an example: I can't say when, but I can definitely say I should be able to get the E2 version out in February so long as things are kind of smooth sailing.
  9. Are opponents EV-trained?

    Sigh...okay give me a minute to explain this as it's not an easy question: All Pokemon have EVs on them bar Shade's Mimikyu who only has 3 HP EVs and 0 in everything else. How it works is the EV amount is the level times 1.5 so anyone who doesn't have fixed EVs will auto generate those EVs until it's like 80 something. Then specific EVs are placed onto Pokemon as Starting with Serra aces recieved adjusted EVs (like 252/252/4 most of the time). Charlotte is the first leader to have all her mons like this and following that bosses outside of leaders start using EV spreads on their aces and second strongest mon. So yes, all leaders have EVs on their Pokemon. It's just the higher up leaders have them more adjusted to "perform" better or be stronger.
  10. So...I didn't get invited into the Beta testing. While my internet connection is bad and fails have the time, I have concrete proof that it was submitted so don't tell me I never sent one. That means this beta test was stacked. Stacked so that people who'd make them look bad didn't get in. I demand a recast of participants to deal with this fake news. #Commander2k20 #FakeNews #Janisacrook #MakeRejuvGreatAgain #Ididntactuallyturninanapplicationbutdidthistomakepeoplewhodidntgetinfeelbetter #MoselyDaBest #BadXenbre
  11. Given I planned the original design, I doubt it, but it definitely is possible to make it toggle, but tedious af to make all those checks.
  12. Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][Demo Released]

    So just another update. Progress takes me a lot longer as I cut 35-40 hours a week on this mod to 8-20 hours a week. I'm still getting stuff done as the synopsis is done up until E2 (minus conditional statements but those are easy) and the bulk of E1's dialogue edits is almost done. And by dialogue edits, I mostly mean Johnathan's stuff. Seriously, I had no idea how many lines I even made to the point I underestimated how long it was going to take. Hopefully things will look cleaner but...that's not my focus.
  13. Things HoshiDOES that Nohr doesn't.

    I think the biggest problem with these two nations is the fact that the lore and politics got kind of thrown out the window. It's really sad that it was making them so hard to overall compare but here's just a few things Hoshido does have over Nohr: 1. Takumi is one of the best archers of only one time with RD Shinon being his only true rival 2. Ryoma's Sword looks freaking amazing 3. They have Azama 4. There is a more diverse group of races/tribes to look at and analyze 5. While I prefer the classic class system, it was interesting seeing the new classes and their overall performance I do think thieves should keep debuffing knives in future installments 6. The fact you can hear Road Taken 7. The samurai sword drawing swoosh noise 8. A storyline that didn't make you facepalm I can't really think of anything else off the top of my head.
  14. Every time you respond to this status, a Budew dies.


    Only you can save our Budews.

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  15. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    Amaria was nerfed hard as she doesn't even have a good team (or mons she used which were major threats...cough Ludicolo...cough) with the intention of avoiding Amaria from outclassing Saphira or Hardy. Now let's talk about Hardy and Rock types. I think Hardy is going to go for a Trick Room doubles team as most rocks are very slow and Lunatone and Solrock were his aces (which got a buff in Gen VII). I don't really see an HO singles style as that'd be way too predictable and Adrienn and Titania have been real curveballs in fights doing very unexpected strats. I don't think he'll be that difficult because well it's Rock types and no field gives the buff of hell like Fairy Tale did to Steel (aka no bulk buff which he needs). Saphira though will not be using a Pseudo team spam. She used a couple interesting teams and strats so I imagine, given Ame, she'll have a team more in the ballpark of that over trying to be a sweeper team (since Dragonite is near invincible alone). I'm predicting both will be pretty cool and interesting, but not particularly hard since we've got way too much in the player's arsenal and not even a huge level gap can really make a large number of their pool even viable.