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  1. Check in the PBS if you see a file called town map. If not just download the attatched file and add it to the PBS folder. That should resolve that error. townmap.txt (Basically this thing is how labels on the map are made) Next time though, please describe the error a little bit more and give us more details as not everyone is used to reading error messages like I have. The message only give us insight where the problem is, not what the issue is. As for the discussion on "cheating" which I believe is still against rules, we've sort of run into a gray area as when the rule was made it was mostly for CE and how to add Pokemon in rather than PBS stuff which is also related to modding and game making. It should probably be readdressed given the new circumstances, but I don't see anything wrong with asking for help on error messages. But yes, using the PBS files to add Pokemon in should be labeled in the cheating category if your wondering.
  2. Hahahahaha Promoting to 5 star. That's a good one. Seriously, the badges aren't the problem with promoting the's the fact it requires 20,000 feathers in which you can basically get that in a month if you're really good and dedicated.
  3. Okay, okay, I think it's about enough time since I've done a teaser pic so I suppose I can reveal this (even though I technically revealed it a long while back). I've just been tinkering at it every few days to try and make it look better and...while it's not impressive (still need to work on that bloody hair) here's a quick glance at a certain lovable character and location that anyone who has played full through Hardcore will recognize: And everything up until right before Ciel (even though it's mostly me changing how the alternate fight works otherwise that's more or less done) is pretty much done. I was able to speed through these areas pretty quickly as there was only about 20 or so events and one of the huge ones (which took hours to make) was done beforehand. E15 shouldn't take long, but E16 on the other hand I still need to a large number of things as well as some miscellaneous stuff. Nothing difficult, but a lot of time consuming stuff.
  4. That sneaky bastard I'm kidding, I'm kidding as the hardcap thing is something that I intended for other people to use after working out all the kinks with the level limiter. Ifi anyone is worried about how a hardcap would affect the difficulty, it doesn't make it much easier, but more convenient than anything which is why I promote the concept. Anyways, it's never a bad thing to give people options though sometimes it is good to force push people to try something new. As for the difficulty levels, this is just some advice from designing stuff in HC that applies pretty universally: be careful how hard you make the early game. If you design it too brutally, then the rest of the game will be far too easy (which you will even hear this saying sometimes that "the hardest part of the game is the beginning" for certain games like FE: Radiant Dawn). Biggest factor in this is level pacing as high leveled battles are far more difficult to make challenging. I'm not trying to scare you, but moreso warn you now instead of way down the line as I really regret not having the first leader be in the level 12-15 range instead of 18-20 range.

    Excuse me while I cry in a corner as Hardcore has over 5,000

  6. Well I got everything up until Blake done in HC so...progress has been made (even though the bulk of it is Episode 16 areas).

  7. Eventually I'll try to work on kickstarting this section a little bit more as I'll try to be involved weekly (as you can probably tell due to my inactivity on the forums that I am pretty occupied right now). The problem is that there's not a lot of feedback and writers to help other writers ie more involvement and most of our expert writers are very tied up right now. If there's something you really want me to look at though, I'll be glad to but likely won't go through the whole thing (there is a project I do want to post to the creative writing forums just so that I can get feedback and hone my rusty writing skills before tackling a big project like in the olden days). I hate to bring up this system as it turned into a toxic mess in the old writing community I became a part of, but right now you may want to seek out individuals to read and give feedback on your works (which yes and no that does break the advertisement rule, but don't go spamming in the normal chats to go read so-and-so story). The polite thing to do is if a writer reads one of your works is to give some time to read one of theirs and give feedback (sincere feedback and not just fluff to make yourself look good). Though likely for months comments will only be in the single digits for chapters (which does not equal readers) so just bear with it and keep going. Well while I'm going all over the place with this, I've been in your shoes before and not getting feedback is frustrating and hard on motivation, probably one of the most brutal things someone could experience, but from someone who spent hours upon hours going from cringefest writer to something presentable, you have to see whether or not you are actually enjoying it (well the overall experience as there will be some things that you will hate no matter what but you have to do). If it's not enjoyable, then it's best to take a light break to clear your head then dive back in. The hardest part is starting to make a name for yourself and then that's where people start noticing.
  8. Like Ikaru my phone make images huge, but this is what the squad looks like after completing Lunatic mode (even though I used Light Shards or whatever they're called on the last chapter because JFC that is balls to the wall hard) Only other interesting thing that is missing is a 5-star Merrick I just got, but that's most of my useful units. And yes, Takumi is as broken to hell as people say. Except against mages. He usually dies to those if he doesn't double them. Awakening Tiki served the role of Magic General as she's a pretty good defense tank while Lin is surprisingly not terrible with res (given the rest of the squad sucks with Res), but damn is she a revenge killer if she live a bombardment (give her a dancer and two things are dying).
  9. So uhhh...I suppose I should update this. Right now progress is going to be a little bit slow due to me working on another project and trying to get it ready for a public announcement (which in return sucks up a lot of my free time). Once that gets rolling I should be able to get this done and wrap everything I need to up. But yes, I'm slowly working on this so don't worry as it will get done before episode 17 is up (otherwise I'd go cry in a hole). News is going to be slow as hell due to my focus shifting temporarily away from Hardcore. Worse comes to worse I'll make a version releasing all the alternate fights and CoM then slowly get everything else done if the other project takes up too much time (since only Samson and Adrienn are the only ones who truly need worked on right now).
  10. If it will make you feel better. I will lip sing and dance to "Single Ladies" in the background any time someone asks who your Valentine is.

  11. >Facing a leader who has 6 Pokemon two of which will almost always take a Pokemon down with them >Trying to win using only two Julia is more or less the tutorial boss when it comes to the gym leaders so while I could tell you what to do, you could...I don't know, search for some Pokemon to add to your team to use.
  12. >Has all red summons and hasn't had a 5 star summon in the last 3 sessions.

    Me: Please let me get marth or lucina

    (Gets Tiki)

    Me: GDI Game!

    1. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      I mean, it's no Luci(my favorite Fire Emblem Character overall btw) but it's still Tiki-wiki

  13. @LordWallace I really do appreciate the feedback and I have gotten some feedback from showdown/discord, but a hard physical message is much more useful to me (as it can be weeks to a month before I work or can touch something to the point stuff like that gets lost or forgotten). I won't say much else other than your comment about the money. I do throw some stuff in there to counter the money inflation (still a problem no matter what) but what I might be able to do is take the money formula and multiply is by half to cut all the money earned in half. That should temporarily solve the money gripe for the time being but even in E15 with no item I had about 200,000 Poke by Serra. So while I can't make the players feel like hobos easily, I might tinker around with how much players earn based on progress of the game. @MetrololAce Think of the party members as separate characters from the real ones (where you go to find them). In neo Reborn (when that section is released) you should be able to make more sense of it though I do plan on adding something in the area we've been to compensate for the party system changes. Don't worry about it too much though as it's more of a side thing then the main focus. @Paperblade probably a Reborn error. Lightningrod Goldeen is a cheese tactic done through Reborn so I'm not sure if the AI has been fixed there or it is merely the Electrike. There's very little point in tinkering with minor AI problems in the long wrong as either A) I waste my time as Reborn gets it done next episode B.) Another Problem arises in the AI making derpy moves C) Even if I do get it done properly, I have to redo it every single episode. When we get into the final episode, yeah I may do a couple minor things, but when I fix AI I generally focus on if there's a major issue (especially since Gen VII pretty makes 80% of what I'm doing almost pointless...almost). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So I did take a week off so that I could get a good look at what needs to be fixed and due to my schedule and things I have to get done...that might roll over into a second week. The full release should be done somewhere near the end of March (which I'll include the classic CoM run for the time being), but the Altered Path CoM option is going to take a while to set up. Anyways, here are some changes that will happen or I will look into for the full release: 1. Finding an editor to edit my grammar errors (while I could go back and check, having someone look over everything would help me...a tired set of eyes really isn't the most reliable thing) 2. Only the player will be able to challenge gym leaders (this is both a logic and balance fix, but...don't worry about grinding Party members as I have something centered around that). 3. Reviving the old weather system 4. Finding a way to reduce money earned (I may even use the old PBS file for trainers) I also noticed that the Alternate leaders have gotten a lot more attention compared to the original CoM release which honestly I feel is a good thing since it does take me a little bit to figure out how to differentiate (except Aya who I just couldn't think of much to do with her...maybe in E17/18). I really do hope that the other half of this mod is worth the wait.
  14. My ID: 459-153-2228 Btw here's my team: Lyn 5 star (Lv 18), Robin 4 star (Lv 17), Bartre 4 star (and level 5 XD), and Awakening Tiki (level 18)
  15. I just does Sharpedo even give birth to offspring?

    1. Felix-
    2. Sheep


      How does any pokemon? The only one's I've seen reproductive organs on are the plants.