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  1. @Chase For the villagers I did the following: Kliff - Mage: He's been super helpful since the second mage you get is in the middle of part three (well your first) so if you don't make one of your units a'll be very, very sorry. When he learns Excalibur, he becomes super, super good. Faye - Peg Knight: Gonna say I regretted this as Claire who is literally the same level as Fae has better Pegasus stats (which doesn't say much since Pegs are bad in this game). I'd definitely say go Cleric as she's gonna be your only Psychic users until like halfway through Part 4 on Alm's route. Peg Fae is okay at the start then just turns into straight bad. Not sure anything else is good for her. Gray: He was a mercenary and honestly, that's the best class for him as he's fast af and strong. His only downside are that his defenses are a little low. As a Dread Fighter Equipped with a Hexing Shield, attacks from mages with 20-30 attack (he has 8 res) did about 6 damage. That's not a tiny amount. Alm's path only has a couple super good swords and Alm is your only other sword user in your army so this is a given. Gray's great as a merc. Tobin: A guide said Tobin sucks so make him an Archer. Mine is now a Bow Knight but with a Steel Bow, Tobin has been my bloody rock in Act 4 (especially with some of those hell fights). Yeah he's bad at the beginning but once skills come into play his high skill will make it so that he rarely ever misses (Once I upgraded Python's Iron Bow to the max the two work well hand in hand for chip damage). He's a good Steel Bow user and two Archers isn't a bad thing. Make sure you level both him and Python or you will suffer down the line from some nasty surprises. Also minor spoilers: As for them as characters, Faye though is kind of meh. I love how her crit face is so creepy it works (nobody is that happy to kill). I like her design, but her focus only being Alm's lover is what kills her. The Alm and Faye's A support is good as Alm straight up rejects her. I don't know if the game will build off of this, but it would be good for the story if they showed her getting over it. Alm didn't even beat around the bush. Silque's support does show a bit about her as she really doesn't care about anyone other than Alm at the start. In the end, the two become friends due to Faye revealing she is a bit lonely (which instead of asking to talk about Alm, she wants to learn more about Silque). The sad part is, this is all we really have of her character unlike most of the cast where you can learn more about them. Kind of sucks since it would be nice to learn more (yes, I'm aware there are two more supports). But to sum Faye in a nutshell, she's not a poorly written character, but she's only an okay unit and lacks depth needed for her character to work. That combination just makes her pretty shallow which in return makes her not very likeable. She wasn't part of the original cast so I'm not going to be too harsh on her as it's very possible she was pushed in at the end. I just wish she could've been an archer. She would've made a pretty good archer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now that I've gotten very far into the game (Part 4 of 6), I can judge it a little bit more. This won't be a pro and cons but mostly a collection of my thoughts: I'll start with the story since it's one of the smallest. The main story is really good. There's very little that's going to surprise you so don't expect major plot twists, but what it does do it does very well. The voice acting really helps flesh out the characters better and makes them sound more alive and my god does it really make things interesting. Scene's are very interesting to watch and I'll admit the party members being part of the story really helps make it far more interesting (it's basically Tellius, but better). And yes, party members can and will die in classic mode (some will retreat if they are needed for major plot points in the story), but most of them have death quotes. Maybe I should go into the character involvement a bit more as it's not every character, but I want you to remember this is a huge cast. On Alm's side: Clive, Gray, Tobin, Lukas, and Claire are featured quite a bit (this is forced stuff and not optional). On Celica's side: Mae, Booey, and Saber appear quite a bit, but I know Kamui, Leon, and Valibar have a couple scenes. I can't remember every little detail off the top of my head, but yeah characters appear quite a bit so I assume if they die their lines are just removed (I don't know what happens to the peg sisters though when you get Est. And yes, they can die as well). But in general, scenes are just rarely the lord talking with their adviser and one other important character to progress the plot. The characters are what make this game so full of life. Now going more into characters, you can learn more about them other than supports this time around. In fact being able to talk to them are basically Alm's supports with people more or less. When you got to a village or similar areas you can talk with party members and often it is interesting dialogue where they talk about...almost anything (it changes the further you progress into the game). You can learn why Lukas joined the army, Python's sass, and such. This is the meat of their backstory is at. Then we get into supports. They are in a sense, better than the bulk of Fate's supports, but overall weaker than most of the series. Basically it's more or less them talking a bit on the battlefield about something. Nothing stood out, but some of them were pretty good (Lu's and Delthea's were entertaining). In fact some of the requirements to unlock further convos is talking to them in a village. It works, but it's not the best. Tellius games did something similar and in fact, the design was eerily similar. I think what tops this all off is the little things characters do. Death quotes and level ups are always entertaining to see how they react (in fact when they only gain a little stat growth their reactions are priceless. My favorite is when they level up luck they talk about being lucky). There's so much more but it's just better to experience it for yourself. Oh yeah, the voice acting is pretty good as well (better than fates). We've come a long way from PoR. A very long way. Oh and a certain character will attack Alm and only Alm if he's in range which is a cool mechanic. Okay now to talk about Gameplay and oh boy where to begin: Let's talk about that map design. Oi, I'll just say that Gaiden has some of the most sadistic ideas for maps such as a building where you are outside, but it's blocked by a mountain and the only way to get inside is through two very narrow pathways on either side. While maps are bleh, they are better than Awakening's since reinforcements aren't as BS as that game and you do have a couple of objectives to complete during a map. You have a lot more to play with so I wouldn't say maps are very boring, but the design is interesting. But in a nutshell: Alm's are big open field and Celica's are hazard hell. There are a lot of gem maps though. Only map I really despise is to whoever the fucker though making an archer desert map was a good idea. Now with bad maps designs and grinding you'd think the game would have horrible balance issues. Honestly on Hard Mode, Echoes is tough, but easier than Conquest Hard mode by a landslide. I'll admit Echoes is not a cakewalk game and there will be points where you wonder how in the world you are going to beat this. Mila's Time Turner is an ungodly gift and what makes the game really fun to play. So in a sense, you could say Echoes is very difficult or the easiest FE game to date due to this mechanic. Hard mode feels pretty natural to me if you're wondering as the only big thing is that enemies are a bit tanky. I do want to talk about the weapon system now. While I miss the weapon triangle, this game really doesn't need a weapon triangle to work. Skills and supports more or less make up for the difference a triangle would make. But you know how Fates did the infinite use thing. Echoes does that, but instead of being a huge bloody mess, Echoes feels more natural. Basically you can only hold one weapon at a time or a shield (which I use a combination of both), but weapons work by basically adding might to your attack (you can attack without a weapon), but more importantly, your speed is deduced by the weight of the weapon. The speed thing I'm a big fan of as it's just like good old FE mechanics of Weight and con, but simplified. It's simple to remember and works well since fast characters won't be affected as much and get more power whereas middle ground units want to use weaker weapons for less speed deduction. Now there's magic. I'll be honest, I think the magic system works fantastically here and kicks Fate's but hard. Magic is very overpowered, but the HP thing is not that big of a deal once you get the hang of it. Once you get two healers, you'll never have to worry about mages running out of HP. Dying is a different story. It works and it works very well once you get to act 3. I love this system and I would definitely be okay with them bringing this back in future fe games. Though on the flip side, it is a little OP since rings can heal psychic damage off. I may or may not have been abusing this with Genny. Now for some gripes I have: Premotions are kind of weird as in you generally just want to premote units ASAP. In the long run, not doing 20/20/20 will make it so that you probably won't max units out, but you level up so little that 7/10/20 more or less will take the whole game to achieve. It's a confusing mechanic that I still don't understand very well, but you don't get to be too powerful so it works out. BExp is also super nice since Exp is in such a shortage, but I wish characters could level up through it instead of it being a waste. Losing 10 points in Exp in a low Exp gain game is a big deal. Enemies also popping out from the boss section to charge at you on the overworld is also kind of annoying as well. But free silver coins and exp. Then there's Mila's Time Gear...or whatever it's called. The mechanics itself is fantastic as if you make a bad more or bad play you can undo it. Unless of course Alm or Celica die. But by the time I reached Act 4, I have 10 uses of this thing and imo that's way too much. If they bring this mechanic back (which they really should), I'd like it to be reduced to 3. In dungeons though, you will meet some very, very strong foes so you will want to use these wisely. It's the battle save feature but done just right. Speaking of Dungeons, I love them in Echoes. They are pretty short except the Fear Mountain one which is pretty long, and I'm so glad you heal up after every battle. So far the fatigue system barely affected me, but I slightly understand the decision, but eh, don't worry about it too much. As long as you don't overuse a character, you're usually fine. Easily the best part of Echoes despite maps being more or less open areas. But battles can be very scary when you have a limited amount of time gear uses and enemies can gang up on you. I'm not sure how I feel about the dual lords mechanic though. On one hand, it works, but on the other, enemies can move to attack the other lord if you aren't careful. If they decide to do another Radiant Dawn designed game which you have 3 armies later, I'd prefer something like this, but eh, one army seems to be IS's strongsuit. The item scarcity is my favorite thing as it makes you think about who gets what weapon in battle instead of loading everyone up on a Steel/Silver, Iron, and Dual ranged weapon and maybe a healing item just in case. And then there's towns. I was upset at first when they got rid of the ability to walk around in towns. With the slightly awkward movement in dungeons, I kind of understand that decision, but I prefer this new system where you use a menu to choose actions. Picture professor layton but a little more simplified. It's sadly way too much fun when the first thing you want to do is visit a new area and hunt for stuff. It's a lot of fun and the sidequests kind of add to it. Sidequests are kind of meh, but some rewards are fantastic. And I have...32,679 renown. How in the hell did I get that much? Anyways, it's a little side dish and there are a couple ones where you get weapons. Trust me, you want to get weapons. I almost forgot about weapon forging. I kind of understand the DLC now, but eh...don't bother forging weapons until Act 4 when you have a ton of silver ones. The only weapons I forged were an Iron Lance (Deliverer for Clive) and Iron Bow (Cobra for Python). Oh and forging a Dark Sword into a Brave Sword. Forging earlier is a waste of silver coins since you can max it from the base weapon. As for gold coins...Alm has two and Celica has one which these are used for forging special weapons like the Royal Sword or Gold Dagger. If you want to max all weapons though, you'll need the DLC as you get pitiful amounts from defeating enemies (20 silver). But now that I got a feel for the game, I can talk about the DLC. Here's my judgement on it: Only invest 20 bucks in the Prologue DLC and Cipher units, but skip the rest. The fourth tier dungeons I can't judge right now but if they are very well designed dungeons they might be worth it. As for the first two sets of DLC...the dungeon ones might be worth it if your into that, but the other 4 are definitely not worth it. Exp is not that hard to gain and the Silver and Gold coins aren't that big of a deal unless you want to max characters out (which there is zero reason to). Prologue ones I can recommend since characters are very well written I doubt they'd have very bad story maps for them. As for the Cipher, that's pretty much just for the free units.
  2. So I haven't finished act one yet, but I can at least give my thoughts in regards to the whole differences between Gaiden and Echoes (even though I haven't played Gaiden I've seen bits and pieces of it). So here's kind of my initial first impression review: The game is a gem, but it is certainly not made for everyone. I really, really, really like Echoes and you can see they did a really good job and put a lot of love into this remake. More than Shadow Dragon imo. So vets and fans of Gaiden you definitely want to pick this one up and give it a try. It's pretty much Gaiden but more fleshed out in both story and graphics (and hell of a lot better UI). This game was aimed at fans of Gaiden and you can tell. Now let's get into a little more detail: Pros: The story is solid especially coming off of Fates which even the most hardcore fans of fates can't defend that story. It's interesting and the VA makes the story all the more involving. They went all out on the VA with even minor NPCs having voices. It really helps bring out a charm and get more into the characters. I love the other characters being involved though as it's so much more entertaining than watch the lord talk about the conflict and go through the conflict. Faye, on the other hand, is a really shallow character, but hey extra unit. The gameplay itself just works. It's very odd, but I kind of like it. It requires you to rely on terrain a lot more even at the start (I'm playing on hard mode), but even your crappy characters can easily get experience if you know how to play. Yeah, yeah Gaiden's maps are flat, but you have to think about your every move so it helps balance it out. Dungeon exploring is also a hell of a lot of fun (a little clunky, but walking around in an FE game is rare). And magic is perfectly fine with the HP cost and trust me, you will use magic. Oh, I forgot to mention the AI. The AI is very, very smart. If an enemy is dying and there's a healing tile nearby, they'll run to the tile instead of attacking. Only found one odd quirk but definitely pay attention on the soldier maps or you may get into trouble (haven't had to use the time turner yet, but I had one close call. Love that thing though). Cons: Gaiden's (It's Echoes, but they are the same game at the core) gameplay is going to turn certain people off very fast. Your units aren't unstoppable monsters who can easily defeat someone using the weapon triangle. You rarely are even able to ORKO a unit with Alm or Lukas (both whom are very strong). That feeling of being really weak might turn players off. Terrain is the bigger deal. Get ready to miss a number of attacks just due to terrain as you go from 90 to 60 if an enemy is on a tree. I'm also aware how Echoes is going to be a ton of flat pieces of land. If that's your reason for not trying Gaiden yet you loved Awakening or Birthright (even if you thought they were okay same applies) give Echoes a try. Yeah maps are lackluster, but you got a lot of toys to play with. So far Act 1's maps aren't very boring especially with a few dangerous enemies who will give you hell (that bloody shield mercenary). Echoes is also a perfect replica of Gaiden only fixing the UI (which has that classic feel still which imo is mixed feelings), adding a ton of story narrative to it, and a whole bunch of bells and whistles (and a hard mode difficulty, but not lunatic). While I could complain about stamina, I haven't had an issue so far. That might be for the full review. Oh and one other gripe: You have to hit end turn to end your turn (instead of moving all units automatically sets you into enemy phase). I understand the decision, is a minor nitpick. Closing Thoughts: I'll admit there was a lot in this game that turned me off when it was first announced, but all that doubt has cleared away and I'm really enjoying Echoes. Of the 5 games for the 3ds, Echoes is easily my favorite and I haven't even gotten that far into it. Do I think the Awakening or Fates fanbase will like this game? Absolutely not. It is almost the exact opposite of those games and will feel very different to the point people used to the super powerful units will be a little lost (Alm is very, very strong though, but the other villagers not so much). Supports are fine and is better than the GBA since you can see them and figure out who to support. Do I recommend giving Echoes a shot: oh absolutely. I didn't understand why people loved Gaiden so much until I started playing Echoes and it all kind of clicked. I'm very impressed with what I've seen and despite being a very, very flawed game, I'm having fun. It's an 8/10 game, but it's still fire emblem to the core.
  3. @Chase They can as it is literally Lucina. Like there is no reason to back up Camilla or Tharja as those two are much, much smaller compared to Lucina in retrospect (Literally she is female marth in the sense).
  4. @Chase Where do I begin? The idea isn't too bad except for two major issues I see: Ardent Sacrifice and the HP +3 seal. Ardent Sac is kind of counter productive to her idea as QR needs her HP pretty high (QR2 more or less requires 80% and you're now at 75%). If you want to go bait mage, Reposition or Swap will work wonders for her. Hell, those two skills can make a godawful unit into a very useful one. I can't recommend any other Support skill since want her to be offensive. The other gripe I have is the HP seal. It's not that giving anyone more HP is a bad thing but...this seal is easily the best one of the pack and by quite a margin. Felicia's low HP...doesn't make very much, if any, use out of it as she's gonna die to a single physical attack anyways. With your style, Attack +1 is the best one to give her as then she can actually do damage before debuffing once in a while.
  5. I think we lost but damn did we give the popular vote a run for their money. Once Tharja passes Robin it is over as their are too little votes for the times 3.
  6. She is pretty good tbh, but...we're going through the whole removing daily orbs thing again. I know IS is not going to read this, but look...they're losing money removing those since instead of having a chance for a 5 star, you basically have no chance since you could easily burn 60 orbs without a 5 star. 40 it is almost guaranteed with 6 percent. I'm going to be use the 20 orb bonus on Celica banner, but...I really recommend saving your orbs until they release daily again or a banner you really, really want something since you only get 20 free orbs a banner. I don't particularly need anything so I'm just summoning with hopes of at least getting good skill fodder. As for the whole Wrathful staff, I'd it makes mages okay for attacking, but give it to Elise if you have her. It has its uses, but I doubt we are going to see much of healers in arena for various reasons. Genny is okay, Boer is too slow, Mae is alright and useful if you don't have a good Linde, and Celica is great but loses to Tharja in usefulness. Personally if I get Celica I will use her. She fights just how I like them.
  7. @Sheep Fair enough. Genealogy of the Holy War is one of the games on my very long list of backlog I'd need to play. Speaking of that, we still need Sigurd along with Leif and Micaiah to have the full set of lords in heroes. I'm hoping after that they star putting in 3-4 star hero draws in. @Combat Imo it's going to really come down to your build whether or not -HP Nino is going to be of any use. If you are able to one shot Ryoma and Ike (and Xander) you should be safe. I mean I generally just use Takumi to one shot her, but dear god Fury + Spur/Rally Defense Ninos are a pain to take down as they can live stuff. Just did a calc with Fury and Desperation and once she gets her HP down, she only loses to Henry and Sanaki if she has a spur speed and spur attack on her (cough *Eirika* cough). But if you have a good supporter, Fury 3 (did life and death calcs and those aren't so great), Desperation, and whatever for the C Skill (Keep Hone Attack probably), she should a pretty good nuke and still work. Obviously, she's going to die to pretty much any attack but Fury lets her ORKO basically everything except Sanaki and Henry more or less (there's a few others but you get the idea). Though I do recommend holding off until you use all the upcoming orbs heading our way since you'll never know what you'll roll. But all I'm saying is that you can work with this. @Chase Imo, it would probably be easier to balance this all out if the winner of a round gets and orb and the loser gets 1k feathers. Freeriders would want to go for the orbs, but people who care about feathers would be aiming for the loser characters anyways to max out their points so you can aim for 3k feathers and no orbs, 3 orbs and no feathers, 2 orbs and 1k feathers, and so on. While it wouldn't really change anything at all, losers would at least get something out of picking who they want.
  8. Julia's in Merric's situation right now, but she could possibly pass Tharja, but not likely. 100 mil really isn't that much, but it's gonna be the problem of passing her. Still I'm surprised how close it is. Also @Hukuna the Undying Ike is the second most broken character in the series right behind Ryoma. Only thing that separates the two is Ryoma's insane Crit rate (I think it's believed he has a hidden 30% rate) and vantage.
  9. So this is a long, long, long overdue topic I should have created a while back. This little gem series is one of my favorites and I was bound to make it eventually. And for the sake of people who haven't played any of the games, I'll try to avoid as many spoilers as possible here though if any discussion goes on regarding certain topics I can answer, but spoiler tags likely will be used. And for the sake of anyone who wants the full experience, it'd probably be best to avoid looking at most threads regarding this stuff even though the big spoilers are more or less the lore of the game. So what exactly are these games? Falcolm originally made a different series made after the dragon slayer games called the legend of heroes that took place on the same continent, however, they were spaced far apart iirc and didn't sell over that well (the battle system was also kind of clunky). I believe that continent takes place in the same world as the trails series, however, there isn't really any evidence. Here's how to summarize the series in a nutshell: It's basically an imagining of the world if the industrial revolution happened in the 1300-1400s (and iirc it takes place in 1400s). Obviously there are going to be some fantasy elements to make this happen (orbal technology aka the magic that made it happen), but it is very scary how realistic some of this stuff is if technology advanced that far in that short amount of time. The continent that this game series takes place on is called Zemuria which consists of 2 major power countries called the Erebonia Empire and the Calvard Republic. There are also two bordering nations called Crossbell State and the Liberl Kingdom. There are a few other places, but these are the 4 major countries and you'll hear quite a bit about them in every game of the series. Each arc focuses on a single country to deepen the lore even more, but trust me that you will know a lot about Erebonia, Calvard, and Liberl by the time you finish the skies series. I could tell you about them, but the fun is learning about each place and forming an opinion of them on your own. While each nation is their own power, there are two powers not bound to any nation and move freely across them all: the Septian Church and Bracers. The Septian Church is this world's version of the Catholic church and any history nerd could recall the church had a lot of power in the olden days. They aren't as powerful here, but their main role is to handle ancient and sacred relics as well as spread the word and love of Aidios (the god of this world). I don't recall there being any other religions off the top of my head. Bracers are a little bit different as their job is to more or less help those in need. They fulfill requests for the common man such as getting a cat from a tree up to stuff like taking down high rank assassins. While they have authority in any nations, they must abide by a code which focuses on civilians (which yes is a double edged sword at times). So yeah, that's just a quick glimpse of the world, but it's the little things that really make this series work imo. Nearly every character has a story and I mean every character. The shopkeeper in the first town in Skies has a love life problem which talking to him and his mother leads you to learn about more what's happening. My favorite has to be the student from Jenis Royal Academy being asked to dine with a suitor or the lady obsessed with cats in Rolent. Xseed, the people who translate it, are huge, huge fans of the series which, unlike the original legend of heroes series, do a very, very good job (so good that persona 5 used many of the voice actors from Cold Steel). They also threw in a lot of fun little things like chest phrases (instead of saying the chest is empty) and silly things like naming the birds. Yes, they gave birds names. So now then you are probably asking: where do I begin? This is going to be very hard to answer as it really depends but here's the order the games take place from what I remember: Act 1: [Redacted] (If you play the games you know exactly what that would say) -Trails in the Sky 1 -Trails in the Sky 2 -Trails in the Sky 3 Act 2: [Redacted] (Again, you probably have a good idea when you play Skies) -Trails of Cold Steel -Zero no Kiseki (currently untranslated) -Trails of Cold Steel II -Ao no Kiseki (same as Zero) -Trails of Cold Steel III (not released in Japan yet) (Act 3 will likely take place in the Calvard Republic but we haven't gotten that far yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you care about story and don't want to be spoiled anywhere, play skies, wait a year or two for the crossbell games (you can play Cold Steel I and half of CSII) then move on to Cold Steel as they all build off of the previous entry. You don't have to play a previous game, but it helps understand the games better and skies does a very, very good job introducing the series where Cold Steel (which I played first) overwhelmed me a littler. The original Sky (ie Skies 1) is very outdated graphics wise as well as a clunky battle system, horrible party availability, and so on, but Skies SC fixes a lot of that (it takes time to get used to the orbment system). It goes on sale for 9.99 on steam (2nd in 19.99 on sale iirc but 3rd just released) so if you like the lore and plot you'll get a taste of it at a cheap price. My personal recommendation to get into the series is Cold Steel. The plot, story, characters, etc are nowhere near as good as Skies, but the graphics are a bit more pleasing and combat is fast paced and a lot easier to learn. Cold Steel spoils very, very little of everything else in the series (like one event that happens in Crossbell), but nothing on skies iirc. It's coming to steam in June (it's on PS3 right now) and if you have a decent computer, it should be able to run it and I recommend that one over the PS3 version. It has its own issues, but you don't have to worry about quartz combinations. Cold Steel is my favorite after Skies 3rd. Though CSII spoils more or less Skies plotline even if it is brief. Now there is something I have to tell you about Skies 3rd: it's the black sheep of the series. Each arc (well nation arcs) consist of two games the first being part one and the buildup and the second finishing the story. 3rd is kind of its own thing with its main focus adding a lot of depth to the Liberl characters and giving you information on critical events and facts to give you a better understanding of the world. Pretty much though it's to tie up all the loose ends so if you want to skip it, someone like me or anyone else who played the game could give you the info when you need it or are curious about it. I haven't finished it, but I'm at the finale and it's easily my favorite, but you have to play Skies 1 & 2 to fully enjoy it. Also: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whew, that is a bloody long and I tried to condense it as much as possible. I wanted to avoid spoiling anything since not a lot of people have played the games. Feel free to ask me anything regarding this series and while I'm not an expert, I have a pretty good understanding of the basic lore and have beaten all the English released games. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to playing as a BA priest.
  10. Alright so since nobody chose Merric I doubt anyone is using any of my units. I'll probably be leading with Minerva if people want to add me to use (I'll be picking Julia or Sanaki ie whichever one wins). Robin vs Leo will be a good matchup if Merric vs Robin displayed anything. He was doomed from the beginning but hey 300 mil difference isn't that bad (but damn did it get close at points). Anyways as for the newly revealed units: Celica with Renewal will easily be one of the best mages if she has the right stats, but she wants to lure people to attack her, not go on the offensive. Definitely worth trying to go for her for the good setup alone. I can't really judge whether or not she'll be S-tier but yeah, I expect her to easily be really, really good. Booey on paper looks good but +6 def on a mage isn't bad's gonna grind down to stats for his tier. The problem isn't the idea, but the fact you rarely have all your units cluttered together to move (that also increases the chance of someone dying). If you're going to use Booey, I'd say Fury is going to be better on him. Defense is nice, but from using hector (with that 40 def) it's nice, but doesn't make you as invincible as you think (as Magic attacks are more threatening). Judging him from first glance, I'd say he has around 30 defense. He needs for to bulk attacks which his skill works, but doesn't at the same time. Mae is gonna be more or less infantry Reinhardt. Death Blow, Desperation, Threaten Res will work very well for her. I really doubt she's going to be game breaking but another good blue make is always welcome. She's got stiff competition though when you think about it. Reinhardt and Robbin are the biggest due to being pretty common. Then there's Fae Genny. While that staff skill is really, really good, the biggest issue with staff users is the B skill slot which is their most important being Live to Serve, Wings of Mercy, or even Renewal. Point is that healers pretty much want Live to Serve as their B skill since their priority is healing (as greys aren't really good damage dealers other than like 4). Now if you really want to know what healers are competing against, it is not against being offensive as they'll always lose (pain is still a great staff skill due to the 10 damage chip), but they are competing against dancers which due to how short maps are will always outclass healers. Live to serve rarely is ever useful and Wings of Mercy is the best staff skill, but hard to give so this skill is well worth inheriting, but due to it likely being as hard to get as close counter (which is required for offensive staff user), yeah...staffs rarely are going to get used.
  11. Anna has res and Ursula has a choice of either bunch of beefy 40s plus or a 4 star level 30 Anna who do you think Ursula is going to gun for? For the ninjas I just did the Hector strategy (seriously, he takes no damage so there was no reason not to use him). Anna could ORKO Ursula as well and it is very, very easy to level her up if you've been grinding her once in a while. Only takes a full bar of stamina to move her from 2 star to 4 star level 30 more or less. Seriously if you have someone who can safely KO both Ninjas at range, then all you need to do is have either pivot or repositon (both with armors) and they could go ham on them. If you don't have Hector, a Shuriken breaker user plus a healer plus a tanky sword (Zephiel) unit and Anna should suffice. And it's the hard mode, not lunatic you have to beat (though honestly I probably could do it with Anna on Lunatic as I wouldn't have to worry about her DYING from an attack). Ursula probably was the hardest GHB solely due to the lack of SI since SI makes the game so, so much easier.
  12. So for the Ursula GHB, I got all the orbs except for that one bloody orb where you have to kill Ursula with Ursula. This is much, much easier said then done as I've taken so many attempts with my biggest problem being trying to kill her without ursula dying. I may try to do the Lunatic chapter featuring Ursula instead (which you can substitute with), but here me out on this insane strat with the only thing I'm missing is Reposition on Merric which he has 140 SP, but just hear me out: So step one is to have Merric and Ike In the spots adjacent to where the Ninjas attack, but have Hector either walk down to the bottom ninja spot (or someone could reposition), but I need to make sure Ike is in the top right corner of the map. When the first Ninja Dies, I reposition Hector all the way up into the top right corner and the other ninja will attack him. The tricky part is what the Sword cavalier does as I need him to keep pulling Ursula back with Draw Back unless Ursula is in range of Merric and he is not. If that turn somehow doesn't go wrong, Merric needs to hit Ursula once before Ursula can come in and finish Ursula off. Next, Hector needs to Smite Ike down so that he can block/move Ursula to safety as he can easily finish the other two guys off himself...cause he's Ike. And yes, this is all for one bloody orb, but I think I got it once Merric learns Reposition (since he has no skills on him right now) as in all my attempts, it was the bloody sword calv and Ursula who gave me trouble. This GHB is a hell of a lot easier with Hector and my good comrades, but geeze is it a pain in the ass. I don't recommend attempting the GHB for the Ursula orb and just face her in the Lunatic chapter because it's a wide open area and you can safely lose her and units there. (I may do that as well).
  13. ............Er....what? Alright since I know nothing was touched there I'll try explaining it to you: the rock smash valves never disappear and either lower the lava level or make a wild Marcargo appear (except at the bottom where Torkoal is). When you release lava from an upper floor, it'll drop down to the next level in which you'll need to keep dropping it until it hits the very, very bottom level. If this was just confusion on how it works, hopefully that'll explain it better, but...if it is something entirely different I would like a more thorough explanation on what exactly is happening, upload your save file, and perhaps I could take a look and see what is happening. Oh! I thought of something else. If you are talking about the valves to the left of the lava pit, those aren't the ones you are looking for. Try going down to the lower level and trying it there and it should work.
  14. I'll put it this way: it is much, much easier to score higher in the arena now for some odd reason. I don't know what they changed, but I got 4,321 as a score and max defense already from two people and it hasn't even been a day. (I got a year's worth of Duel Crests to deplete so I do it on the first day) As for the maps themselves, they aren't all that exciting as it's more of just the same when it comes to the arena. Matches also felt way more balanced as I didn't have to deal with the BS 10 plus levels wings of Mercy Azura (but every match had her). The defense tiles are very, very helpful though, but you still gotta deal with fighting the same teams over and over again and the meta doubtfully is going to change. My favorite so far is the desert with a lake in the middle. It also seems like all the old maps are completely gone (thank the lord as I hated two of them in particular).
  15. (Looks at poll) I see though Jan's cryptic mind and obviously the one that gives nothing would be one given that it's the right answer. So if you pick the first choice, you answered correctly, but your reward is nothing. If you pick something else, you are wrong and since you didn't answer correctly you don't get a prize. Either a brilliant tactic or...he put no thought into this when creating that question. Should he have worded it Pick one of the following, this would be an entirely different discussion.