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Gen 5 - Shiny Thread | Public Development


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Gen 5 time finally! We're actually... quite behind schedule now, and Gen 5 is a DOOZY. So I'll have to make a small change.


I'm lowering 4-6 days to 2-3. You don't have to complete a set in this amount of time. I just at least

want an update. If you're having trouble, I actually URGE you to post here so that everyone can

help! Don't be afraid to reach out to others when things aren't going your way. 




  • You may only claim 2 lines at max. Let's give others a chance to claim stuff. 
  • You must WAIT for me to approve your work BEFORE going onto others. 
  • If you do not update me on your work in 2-3 days, I will release your claim. 
  • Parenthesis indicate a specific look I want the shiny to have. 
  • If you take one Pokemon that has an entire line, I would expect you to do the whole thing, not just one. If you cannot do the whole line, please say so beforehand.
  • Please put your claim in Gold so that I won't miss it!


Things that may be required to work on this project

  • Basic knowledge of color usage
  • Basic knowledge of programs that can be used to edit sprites
  • Your creativity! 


Red = Claimed

Green = Completed

Yellow = In danger of reclaiming (Basically people who haven't updated in a few days.) 


You can get the sprite pack here.


----Gen 5-----


Victini - Felcatty
Snivy - Jmanultrax1
Servine - Jmanultrax1
Serperior - Jmanultrax1
Tepig - Bazaro
Pignite - Bazaro
Emboar - Bazaro
Oshawott - Korvpizza
Dewott -  Korvpizza
Samurott -  Korvpizza
Patrat - WSGreen
Watchog - WSGreen
Lillipup - Hycrox
Herdier - Hycrox
Stoutland - Hyrcrox
Purrloin - Amine elhedili
Liepard -  Amine elhedili
Pansage -  ycoder321
Simisage - ycoder321
Pansear - ycoder321
Simisear - ycoder321
Panpour - ycoder321
Simipour - ycoder321
Munna - Atticus
Musharna - Atticus
Pidove - bluedodobob
Tranquill - bluedodobob
Unfezant - bluedodobob
Blitzle - Bazaro
Zebstrika - Bazaro
Roggenrola - Korvpizza
Boldore - Korvpizza
Gigalith - Korvpizza
Woobat - Amine elhedili
Swoobat - Amine elhedili
Drilbur - Desaya
Excadrill - Desaya
Audino - Bazaro
Timburr - Atticus
Gurdurr - Atticus
Conkeldurr - Atticus
Tympole - bluedodobob
Palpitoad - bluedodobob
Seismitoad - bluedodobob
Throh - Trevore
Sawk - Trevore
Sewaddle - Alex
Swadloon - Alex
Leavanny - Alex
Venipede - Cyanna Cyril
Whirlipede - Cyanna Cyril
Scolipede - Cyanna Cyril
Cottonee - Felcatty
Whimsicott - Felcatty
Petilil - Korvpizza
Lilligant - Korvpizza
Basculin - Alex
Sandile - Kmk
Krokorok - KmK
Krookodile - KmK
Darumaka -  Zumi
Darmanitan - Zumi
Maractus - lius
Dwebble - Korvpizza
Crustle - Korvpizza
Scraggy  -  DreamblitzX
Scrafty -  DreamblitzX
Sigilyph - Bazaro
Yamask - MakaTorracat
Cofagrigus - MakaTorracat
Tirtouga - Desaya
Carracosta - Desaya
Archen - Felcatty
Archeops - Felcatty
Trubbish - Desaya
Garbodor - Desaya
Zorua - Hycrox
Zoroark - Hyrcox
Minccino - WSGreen
Cinccino - WSGreen
Gothita - Atticus
Gothorita - Atticus
Gothitelle - Atticus
Solosis - Anti_Hero
Duosion - Anti_Hero
Reuniclus - Anti_Hero
Ducklett - MakaTorracat
Swanna - MakaTorracat
Vanillite - DeathBoo
Vanillish - DeathBoo
Vanilluxe - DeathBoo
Deerling - Alex
Sawsbuck - Alex
Emolga - Kmk
Karrablast - DreamblitzX
Escavalier - DreamblitzX
Foongus - Korvpizza
Amoonguss - Korvpizza
Frillish - Felcatty
Jellicent - Felcatty
Alomomola - Siragon
Joltik - Jmanultrax1
Galvantula - Jmanultrax1
Ferroseed - Alex
Ferrothorn - Alex
Klink - Hycrox
Klang - Hycrox
Klinklang - Hycrox
Tynamo - DreamblitzX
Eelektrik - DreamblitzX
Eelektross - DreamblitzX
Elgyem - Alex
Beheeyem - Alex
Litwick - Zumi
Lampent - Zumi
Chandelure - Zumi
Axew - foznkr
Fraxure - foznkr
Haxorus - foznkr
Cubchoo - Coolgirl
Beartic - Coolgirl
Cryogonal - Alex
Shelmet - DreamblitzX
Accelgor - DreamblitzX
Stunfisk - Alex
Mienfoo - Anti_hero
Mienshao -Anti_hero
Druddigon - Alex
Golett - foznkr
Golurk - foznkr
Pawniard - DreamblitzX
Bisharp - DreamblitzX
Bouffalant - Alex
Rufflet - Atticus
Braviary - Atticus
Vullaby - Alex
Mandibuzz - Alex
Heatmor - Alex
Durant - luis
Deino - Alex
Zweilous - Alex
Hydreigon - Alex
Larvesta - Korvpizza
Volcarona - Korvpizza
Cobalion -  Atticus
Terrakion - Atticus
Virizion - Atticus
Tornadus - foznkr
Thundurus - foznkr
Reshiram - Desaya
Zekrom - Desaya
Landorus - foznkr
Kyurem - DreamblitzX
Keldeo - Atticus
Meloetta - Bluedodobob
Genesect - Hycrox


Togepi Contest


This... was a really hard decision. It came down to three people. Bazaro, Atticus and Might Gai. I couldn't choose, tbh. So I actually placed all three into a Random Number Generator. 


So here are the results:



What I find funny about this is that their submission on Togekiss has a theme of luck and gambling. 

...And they just happened to be #1. I call shenanigans. 




Congratulations to you, Atticus! 


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Aaaaa, I'm glad you liked it :^)


Btw, may I take the four musketeers? (Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo)? I mean... They count as one line don't they?

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Alright, gen 5! I already made a few sprites earlier today, as well as one line that I finished very long ago, but haven’t been able to show until now! Here is the Roggenrola line: (Which I made back in gen 2 I think.



And here is the Petilil line inspired by the lovely Lusamine!



If these are okay I would like to claim the Sewaddle and Larvesta lines.

Also, congratulations on winning the Togepi contest Atticus! (Anime meme incoming.)
EDIT: Alex claimed Leavanny, taking the Oshawott line instead.

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2 minutes ago, Jmanultrax1 said:

claiming Snivy and deino line

Alex already claimed Hydreigon; Dunno if they intended to claim the whole line (they probably did), but Hydreigon is certainly off-limits for now

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1 hour ago, Hycrox said:

Alex already claimed Hydreigon; Dunno if they intended to claim the whole line (they probably did), but Hydreigon is certainly off-limits for now

I fixed it right away. got here too late lol

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Just now, Jmanultrax1 said:

I fixed it right away. got here too late lol

is ok fren. Let's just see if we can reach the end of the page

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1 minute ago, Jmanultrax1 said:

I fixed it right away. got here too late lol

Sorry to burst your bubble again, but it seems you edited your post to claim Larvesta, I claimed it right before.

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Are the Crystal Gems
We'll always save the day
And if you think we can't
We'll always find a way


That's why the people of this world believe in...

10Upq5r.png4P24OPq.png  Garnet

XG6Vlzr.pngCjJ8Xxr.png  Amethyst

qHhWYH5.pngrdQAi7T.png  And Pearl

7bea624.pngI4NpoLS.png  And Steven!

U5am39q.pngXHir3q0.png  Also Stevonnie


I had them almost done so ye


4 minutes ago, Korvpizza said:

Also, congratulations on winning the Togepi contest Atticus! (Anime meme incoming.)


Thanks!!! i was so hasty on my first post that I forgot to congratulate @Bazaro and @Might Gai

Congratulations for making it to the top with me! I personally thought that mine wouldn't win but here we are... heh

btw bazaro i have no idea how to do this galaxy themed wing that you did with togekiss im kinda jelly not gonna lie

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I'll try my hand at Eelektross line I guess (most others I like are gone already) and I'll take Bisharp line too if it isn't gone.


Congrats to Atticus for Togekiss! I really like that design and how it matches Melia's colour scheme

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