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  1. Oh boy its that time again, time to see what the rejuv team has been up to in the past 2 years. I cant wait to play.
  2. WSGreen


    *deeply inhales* SCREEEEEEEEE- that was a hype trailer, you guys did an amazing job on it.
  3. MC and Aelita? so something about her?
  4. did you figure something out?
  5. i bet jans laughing knowing that the answer ir right in front of are faces and where looking in every other direction
  6. damn trying to figure this out but its stumping me, idk where to even began for hints.
  7. it looks promising, but ngl, im abit sad now (i was going to make a fangame called redemption)
  8. looks at the post and tapu lele looks like ep 19 is going to be fun
  9. would it be possible to make the alt form doc simpler? its hard to make heads or tails on what the new typings/abilities/moves each new form has.
  10. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  11. Dont fret to much over it man, good things come to those who wait. Also when you say no dlc for v13, do you mean no new pokemon from them or no move tutors?
  12. oh good i didnt miss a chance to add something else greninja crest-grants the effects of battle bond( no stats boosts, just the water shurdiken boost) delphox crest- harness the power of delpha, grants the type, ability, and stats of delpha these where last sec and im glad i got them in
  13. holy cow alot of ppl suggested some really good ones, heres my list (NVE=not very effective/E=effective) (* personal favs of mine) Cloyster - Stats cannot be lowered Electrode - all attacks use sp.atk stat and makes normal moves electric Seaking - boosts spd and atk by 50% Furret - Boosts sp.def by 50% and take half damage from pysical contacting moves* Unown - stats are doubled Shuckle - uses power trick and speed swap as soon as it enter the battle* Masqurain - Weaknesses apply as if bug/water, uses defog when it enters battle (before applying hazards) Wailord -
  14. so i downloaded this today and im having trouble randomizing the game. if i select either seeded or random for the randomizer option the mons aren't randomized. the randomized items work just fine tho.
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