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  1. If you still need help dm me on discord @ leo1798
  2. Some good news at least, I got my replacement model in the mail yesterday and I swapped in my old motherboard and all of my data and settings were still in-tact, minus my saved fingerprints. Very happy because I was too lazy to back everything up beforehand.
  3. The amount of time, energy, and effort that has gone into this game is very apparent, and I'm glad that Beta testing isn't being rushed because it just means that we'll get a more polished product
  4. So I broke the screen on my Huawei Mate SE, and being that I repair PC's and Laptops for family and friends, and that I've repaired phones in the past from about 3 generations prior, I figured that I could handle a simple screen replacement. I was wrong. The online tutorials were very poor, out of focus, and largely lacking directions. I was doing pretty good, however, until I had to remove the battery (You have to remove the entire phone assembly to reach the screen and frame). The battery was taped in, so as I was cutting the tape, I slipped and punctured the battery. It started shooting out sparks and erupting internally. Thankfully, I stayed calm and made sure it didn't catch anything on fire. I took it outside and placed it on my front porch to cool off in the freezing air. Once it cooled down, I took some photos of the damage and bagged it up to dispose of at a later date. So I guess I learned that most modern phones aren't really meant to be repaired. Looks like I'm buying a new phone (Same model, pretty cheap), but I did salvage the motherboard so I should be able to slot it in and still have my data. Photo below.
  5. I'll take box three slots 1 and 30 please. username: leo1798 I'll wait in requests for a while, just message me or something to let me know when you're ready
  6. It was an April Fool's joke, but this will be making a legitimate return at some point.
  7. Mrs. Craudbarry simply because she's bourgeoisie scum who gets what she deserves, nothing wrong with her writing
  8. I'm unsure at what point Madame X even went to the past, so it could have been far earlier or later given that her attitude was entirely different at Blacksteeple versus throughout time travel. Additionally, she may have intentionally let Melia get away as part of fulfilling the prophecy as she obviously could not have kept her chained up for some reason, which is why she went to live with Jenner in the first place.
  9. Just one minor thing: But great idea, your notes are far more comprehensive than mine. I have some from the new side-game if you'd like to add those characters.
  10. So I was wondering, Gen 8 may have an entirely different battle system that may not be able to be replicated through RPG maker (or it may, the lack of ambition with the last few games shows that they're happy with the way things are). Because of this, new Pokemon may not be able to be translated into the older format in terms of stats, moves, etc. So would future games just have to predict what these new mons' stats would be? Or would we just be happy with mons through gen 7? I personally think that they have plenty now and I could live with no further additions, but what do you think? If you're making a fan game that will update to gen 8 when it comes out, what would you do?
  11. I absolutely loved this game, great work Jan!!! For any future projects, the character I'd be most curious about when the time comes would be Crescent. Thanks for all of your efforts!
  12. I was wondering if it is possible to acquire an old amber fossil through mining in V10? I know the graphic is in the game, but I am unsure if this is an item you can actually acquire. Before I waste anymore time mining, I was wondering if anybody would happen to know?
  13. I'm glad to see this was solved, but let's just talk about how confusing all of these notes are as I scribed all of the ones I found down and then found out this was just a revamp of an old area so I couldn't get anything out of it: There are so many overlapping sequences and numbers there and I have no idea what went on when developing this. Unless it's designed to fry your brain like the Shelly's library in Reborn.
  14. Wait, you did the entire episode without saving? And I'm sorry, there's nothing you can do but reset to your last save. Especially with a new release you should save frequently. Sorry.
  15. Well, I uncovered a number of bugs, some seem to have already been reported, some not, but I'll list them all to be thorough (SPOILERS): Gamebreaking: Tile Errors: Battle Errors: Misc. Errors:
  16. After all of this anticipation I will truly experience some rejuvenation when the new version finally gets released.
  17. Hi everyone! I picked up spriting this week and I decided to do the entire Torterra line through all 4 seasons. Thank you to those on the Discord for giving me feedback and advice. Here are some of my favorites, but you can find the entire collection in the attached zip file. Autumn Turtwig: Spring Grotle Summer Torterra: Winter Torterra: Torterra Through The Seasons.zip
  18. I think the type match-ups are a little unfair because it's all based on random chance of who gets matched up with who, but otherwise great idea.
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