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  1. Cass if u had a superpower which whould it be?
  2. i personally use the dusknoir crest but im thinking of using the torterra, cofagrigus and spiritomb ones to edit dusknoir gets technician so its hella stronk
  3. inktalegaster


    banned for griefing your enemys minecraft base by placing trees all around it [6 august happened 2 days ago}
  4. its not the place i need sadly where do i start the new hidden library quest
  5. why did jan glitch and the total be came the dutch word for it totaal
  6. on ya ep 17 in a nutshell it wasnt fun for me it was finding the unfindable i realised after 1 hour the room gets disco she's in
  7. what im sure of its gonna have al lot to do with aelita
  8. i have become the very addicted to energy drinks
  9. i hope its in 7 days cause i cant download it otherwise
  10. he are become the fairy boi, but how are he do it
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