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  1. Have ya tried utilizing Tailwind to try tear apart some of the mons that offer considerable threat as early/swiftly as you can by setting the field for your pokemon to have a better chance of landing their hits first on those dangerous mons?
  2. @Jason GraceAnyone referring to me by any name that isn't a nickname of my forum name, or my forum name itself, i would like to request be spoken to as i find it very disrespectful that my chosen name is being ignored when i have made it clear i do not like it, i already said i dont like it and Newt continued it i would like this noted, When i call people nicknames i stop immediately if they express discomfort at the names or i am told so by someone else about it i expect this courtesy returned and so far i have been denied this, I find it disgusting that people would disrespect me to such an extent.
  3. and i swear if you start calling me names, im gonna start making complaints this is getting ridiculous beyond the game itself, Tell me why the fuck im being bandwagoned.
  4. How would i talk to someone im not in a group with, a showmance either who has been SHOT
  5. Stop calling me blake, that is not my name, i have a name, i will be addressed by my name and i am feeling incredibly disrespected you refuse to address me by name when i have made it clear i am not comfortable with it.
  6. Start explaining, Alaris is pissing me off with his stupidity and i dont appreciate being bandwagoned without being explained to why, if i knew why i could try make sense of things but i dont and that is incredibly frustrating especially since i have had to explain things repeatedly.
  7. No one in the game has that name, what are you trying to even accomplish? in fact why am i even talking to you, im not getting any sense out of you.
  8. I would very much like to know what exactly i don't know about that is making you do this stupid shit.
  9. you know damn well what my name is so start talking sense Alaris, i'm getting sick of these stupid antics.
  10. also @Candyhow very odd of you to jump right back on my ass after i already spoke to you about this here, seems like you just looking for some excuse to try get me lynched in all honesty not to mention shooting Kiet not sure why, Newt is a bit wild, i can understand him but you, There is so little reason for you to vote me again, you aren't even part of his group. Sorry but this is wayyy too shady
  11. i am so confused, @Newti didnt get a gun, hell i wouldn't be able to i explained this shit already, i have Veteran Mafioso, i would be IMMUNE to visits, the first two in fact, every fucking night. If i was mafia this would be common knowledge and they wouldn't bother visiting me, how many times do i have to explain this?
  12. that....that i didn't expect...wow, well played Kitty Kiet...well fucking played.
  13. I can't help but feel Lykos will flip town, i just dont get a scummy feeling from him.
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