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  1. Lord Drakyle

    super rod

    You will be able to speak to Simon during the E18's story content if ya missed your chance at Tanzan, he will appear in the Glass Factory, it's up to you to find and speak to him in there, he SHOULD still be accessible even after the events are finished there though (Glass Factory).
  2. hey, are you online? ūüėĄ

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    2. Irides


      Thats really awesome...  :3 I wish I could do something for you in return 

    3. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      @Iridesdont worry about it, ill PM you when the Amaura is ready (ill likely just buy rare candies to level it up, got money to burn anyway.

    4. Irides


      Thank you ^__^ 

  3. have you tried using the poke gear at all to see if you can make it play any music? you can also check ya sound mixer to see if Reborn is muted and assuming enabled means ya pressed F1 and turned it on then not quite sure what else there could be to look at.
  4. Now it's only a suggestion, but go where?
  5. No problem! Please consider 8th street for all your trading needs, but remember....you never heard of us.
  6. Yep im free right now, names Lord Drakyle
  7. Absolutely fine with em Rimuru Tempest for i have already gotten all i need, there is nothing i would need.
  8. We can't see your team, we can't see their moves, their items, their abilities anything about them, there is very little help anyone can give you outside of common tips such as having a pokemon to take out Shelly's Illumise before it can setup the Rain Dance and setting the forest field on fire to really bring the pain
  9. You still here? i can provide both these things.
  10. Unfortunately no, there is no other way to get the Odd Keystone
  11. literally any alleyway should have poochyena or stunky
  12. Well now we got that all sorted, enjoy your mons, Larvesta comes with egg moves for ya and if ya ever need more trade mons, consider finding 8th Street, im sure it can hook you up? the entrance to it ya gotta find yaself though
  13. @Iridesneed you to re-send or re-wait because the trade screen froze (due to being outside of it when the trade started)
  14. waiting room if you want me to send the request, if you are gonna send it let me know (also was it really that quick? seems like normal time roughly for me though when ya racing up and down between two places using the longest route possible uninterrupted it does go fast XD)
  15. My login name is Lord Drakyle and how i do it so fast is i literally turn on super speed mode on the game (hit Alt) and then cycle around at lightning speed to get the eggs and with flame body to half the time, though it's possible to reduce the egg time with rpgmaker i wont use it unless absolutely need to.
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