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  1. Lord Drakyle

    Patch 4?

    ya mean the Odd Keystone? and it is very likely a patch is in progress
  2. Lord Drakyle

    Chess Mafia(Signups Open

    I'm in though to be more accurate about how chess works, The King can move in any direction but only one square not he can move to any square as this implies teleportation XD also never heard of Queen's imitating a 'tool'
  3. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    We will see wont we.
  4. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    Death by lynch or death by execution i dont mind either way, but dont think i wont be waiting for you in the graveyard hypurr.
  5. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    i actually told Kiet my role earlier than you are assuming explained my reasons for it as well as telling Kiet to keep that info on hand until it will serve the town the most benefit. Why kiet didnt execute me i don't know really though i guess they wanted the opportunity to interrogate me further? Not often such an opportunity presents itself
  6. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    I'm just gonna make one thing perfectly clear, i'm not the Godfather and my death would prove that for a fact that said if the 3rd party is an arsonist it raises the question of who we should be hunting right now them or the mafia?
  7. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    Out of curiosity did i miss some proof of the existance of an arsonist or something?
  8. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    anyone know what the spy was regarding the role? like what affilitation it is...would also be nice to know player count remaining
  9. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    annnnd there goes our only weapon keeping the mafia at bay and the only person the town could truly say was a trusted individual without compare, damned Jester
  10. I doubt it would be possible without intruding within the contents of the computer like malware would, looking at info without consent, basically you would likely need to be able to walk that same thin line i would think, unless it looked for folders in the saved games area named after games you inputted but still i don't think it's something that should be done vs something can be done
  11. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    i already heard enough [Guilty]
  12. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    Your contribution has been minimal if even existent and now you are trying to shrug off being called out that your story of being a Veteran is just the fault of Nano, which is enough reason for me to believe you aren't a vet and should not be trusted.
  13. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    contribution not conversation, when he talks he doesn't do anything to add to the discussion.
  14. Lord Drakyle

    Salem Reborn

    i actually raised my concerns with kiet about Bazaro's lack of contribution in whispers and have noticed this isn't how he normally is but it may be he is out of his usual element who knows i just wasn't ready to cast a vote on him until i was sure that it wasn't just me thinking that. I guess a vote on Baz is long overdue [Vote] Bazaro
  15. Lord Drakyle

    Mystery Egg

    it shouldn't take you too long at all just gotta beat Corey and if that Growlithe knows flame burst it should have no trouble ridding the field effect from Corey's Gym Battle which will likely make it infinitely easier