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  1. Breeding a roggenrola in 7th street only works if you received the stolen Pokemon at the time when their original trainer was listed as you, if the roggenrola was received during a more recent episode this will not work. Someone may come along and trade you one or you can ask in Online Play section of the forums there if someone will trade you a roggenrola that can be used for this quest.
  2. do you not have any pokemon that can learn fly with you? i would assume you have the HM and should be able to fly out of that predicament
  3. Happy Birthday Drakyle, i hope you will have fun 😉🍰

  4. fairly certain that only works if the age of your file is old enough that it was before the O.T of the trainers were given to the traded pokemon instead of your OT
  5. We really can't help you if we don't know what your team is and what else you have available, knowing any items and the current abilities can be useful too but not required (abilities more useful to know than items), also which and where are you fighting Sirius at?
  6. i was suggesting ya name is the entire paragraph that is in the spoiler box
  7. Hi there (name in spoiler) quite a long and mouthful of a name you got there, think i'll just stick to calling you Hapu muuuuch shorter.
  8. That is why i said 'if nowhere else' as in to say if a miracle carries them that far.
  9. If nowhere else, it will be the Glass Gauntlet that awakens the nuzlocke dreamer from their dream of doing a full nuzlocke of Reborn blind.
  10. Ok so firstly Adrienn is not a He nor a She, they are Non Binary not important advice wise but now onto the advice: Adrienn as far as Gym Leaders go isn't as difficult as most and Steel types tend to be of a massive advantage against Adrienn not only because of the type advantage but because xe mainly will want to focus on utilizing Dazzling Gleam in that double battle, Earthquake and Psychic moves tend to be one of xyr only real countermeasures to their weaknesses they have up their sleeve, if you couple Steel types with Levitate or just strong defense steel types with someone with intimidate at your side for the physical attacking mons like Granbull you can make easy work of Adrienn's team, recommended ya take out the physical attackers with Earthquake first or rush to take out the ones that have Telepathy as this means xyr own pokemon will be hit by xyr earthquakes, coupled with your reserved poison types either by using poison gas (which if the mist is around will probably change the field iirc) to poison Adrienn's team (with exception of Mawile, better to hope it gets hit by Earthquakes if possible poison types out early will likely force this one out sooner or just using poison attacks to bombard and pick off the vulnerable members of Adrienn's team. a Pokemon like Bronzong with Levitate could work for an effective steel type though im trying to remember if you have access to it. (you can catch Bronzong at Route 3)
  11. give it to a pokemon to hold then take it off them it will put itself in the right pocket
  12. but what about my question of: 'Anything?'
  13. Anything? Alright i asked it : P That said which Pokemon type would you say is your favorite and why as well as which one is your least favorite or you hate and why?
  14. Move the glass you are looking at down, the glass on ya left then should be pulled to where you are standing in the picture and then you can lift the glass blocking ya way, if im picturing it right you should then have a path to the ball
  15. Although i dint think you can get one of Arclight anymore, there is one that is a hidden item you can get it can be found in the same room you will witness Lin summon a rock thing (it basically looks like that Relic Shrine from Pokemon Colliseum and XD GoD) in the underwater part of
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