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  1. While it is true that none of us could be aware of that, it can only seem reasonable to me that with two opposing Third Party roles in play, one of them would transform in a way that would be beneficial to town, and another would transform in a way that would be beneficial to our blackened comrades. With that and the obvious connections in mind, I do not think that our friends are wrong to be cautious of the role. I am sorry but I am afraid cannot comprehend your logic in saying this. It may be ghastly to consider, but there are plenty of ways that you could perish independent of Akane's actions. Especially since the scenarios proposed by Miss Eviora account for scenarios in which you are both protected by Akane and in which you are suspended out to dry by her. This, too, seems to me to be misguided. Miss Eviora's initial comments regarding Monokuma were based primarily out of a since-corrected misunderstanding, and her stance therein since accomplishes much the same effect of verifying the transformations that have been left shrouded in so much mystery. More importantly, we are all aware that characters do not know their own secondary abilities, so does it not stand up to a reason that Monokuma and Usami would likewise be unaware of the effects of their transformations? Therefore it could arguably be beneficial for those roles to want to reveal their own transformations to know what was coming. Of course, it would not change what course of actions they would be required to take, but nevertheless... I do not believe there is cause to suspect Miss Eviora based on this reasoning! That must have been me that you were thinking of. I have had the feeling that it might have been more enjoyable this way. In my old country, I was required to play every game the same way-- as myself, and as the figure they wished me to be. Now that I have an opportunity to do otherwise, I feel it would be a dearly missed opportunity to not try and enjoy the time I can spend with you all to the fullest by messing up a round a little bit and taking on a different role or two.
  2. i'll take it as a compliment! though i could never be kyouko either. i don't even have a fraction of her observational ability. i couldn't observe my way out of a paper bag. one time went to an observatory, but i never saw it. i hope you will continue to enjoy the series though~ even if the anime is wildly inferior
  3. It is hard to overstate just how 'in this' I am! Nevertheless, let us all do our bests so that we may collectively attack some ass, as they say, as a team! With everyone's support, I hope that we may all have a very fulfilling springtime of youth!
  4. Amethyst


    that's really too bad for everyone involved.
  5. Because Gale is clearly objectively the better choice! Not that either of them are worthwhile... Katniss should find herself a cute girl instead!!
  6. Ohhh, so two have come forward now! Very bold of you to lie, knowing the eyes, ears, and cilia of Ccoa are here! But to honor bravery for bravery's sake, I commend you for confessing your wrongs! Only the time for repentance is left! Avow yourselves to Ccoa and all shall be forgiven~ I mean, you'll still be lynched! But at least you'd be forgiven. [Unvote Drago] [Eliminate Jelly] If I've done my counting right, then this should tie it up. Over to you, Mayor!
  7. Peeta is... cute? He's not though!!!!! No male reprobate could ever be even a fraction of anything remotely considered cute! But, uh, hi?
  8. Oh, you want to know about me? I'm flattered! Well, I like long walks on the eternal sandbar before the void, the feeling you get when you could have sworn you saw something out of the corner of your eye but when you look nothing is there, and you! Allllso what happened to leaving enough roles unclaimed to keep roles like the vigilante and doctor safe? Though it might help to narrow it down, don't you think that would be risky?
  9. Ahahaha~ Given the way things are looking, I'll just toss this one on in here! [Eliminate] Dragoknight I agree that Jelly's gonna be next in that hot seat trying to cover unless he claims real quick! In fact, if we lynch Drago and he flips cult, I'd strongly recommend our friendly neighborhood vigilante give Jelly a visit! Ccoa steered them right once, and so shall He again~ Buuut even if we find two of the cult today and tonight that way, I'm concerned if they were able to convert someone and make them apprentice... Ah well, better to aim and shoot for the leader, so it would take at least two nights for them to have a second second life! So says the Book of Ccoa, 5:18 Also... while I'm thinking of it, I'd like to double up on Cass's previous threat. I feel like we've done some decent work to win here, and I don't want to suddenly have to jump sides just cuz of a crazy little convert. I could never accept any cult or guidance accept my one true and darling love, Ccoa! Even if I were converted, I would only spend all my days lusting after His soft embrace once more! Once you feel the cold of his fluorite claws, the warmth of his shriveling feathers, and the electric tingle of his taragon breath, there's really just no going back... The Carbon Monoxide Membership Plan truly is the best~... So yepyepyep, if I get converted I'll also just say the leaders out of spite
  10. It would be interesting if one of those visits had been a cult recruit though, wouldn't it? Wouldn't it? Does anyone who's already claimed want to verify that they visited him? Did anyone actually visit him? The divine revelations imparted unto me by Ccoa compel me to look further into this... partly for lack of anything else. Of course, our pretty black kitty is dead... Which is unforgivable, might I add! None should hurt the patron saints of Ccoa! To whoever hurt that cat, one day one thousand black cats shall descend upon you and replace their intestines with your own! Such is the ritual... Buuuuuut the point is if it were a black cat visit we wouldn't necessarily know. Still, wouldn't that be convenient? Can anyone verify?
  11. I will not stand for this slander against Ccoa! But where Gods exist, so must heathens, and there are bigger fishen to freshen and fry up right now! @Black Swordsman Could you recast your vote for Amber in the correct format please? Juuuuust to make sure it gets counted. You'll need to use the brackets and all that like the others. I wouldn't want yours to be missed cuz our highest of hosts didn't see the different format for it!
  12. Ccoa smiles upon as we work together so earnestly! Buuuuut there's been a minor miscount! Have faith in Ccoa and He shall reward you! Pray three times daily at breakfast, lunch, and the witching hour and He may even upgrade you to a Carbon Membership Plan! Anyway, 8-7. This makes it 8-8! This is 7-9! And this is 8-8 again, not 9-8! But I'm starting to feel like these votes are a bit unstable! It would be unfortunate if we tied it up just for Amber to jump back and have Newt be the only one executed. Orrrr, for a blue cultist to suddenly switch from Newt to Amber so only Amber is executed. Given that you've already been suspected as Blue, Yahyahyahyahen, alongside this miscount that could be potentially viewed as duplicitous, I suggest that you not change your vote anymore today or it might give folks the wrong idea! Nevertheless, thank you and thank you all for helping out in the name of our great savior Ccoa~
  13. Ahahaha~ It sounds to me like we're all in good faith and understanding as to Newt's status here! I, too, am proud that we could all come together under His guidance! Let us take stock of our devotions-- though if our most humble and helpful host would like to count for himself and confirm, I would be much obliged, because I am not certain I haven't missed something: I find the suggestion of trying for tying the votes to be most agreeable! But let's not forget that Mr. Mayor's power allows his vote to count as 2 instead of 1, so tying will be difficult when we don't know who that is, or if the mayor has already been converted! Thus, through His wisdom, I propose that we strive to arrange the votes so that Newt has exactly one more vote than Amber does, and let us hope that the Mayor will be in Amber's category. This way, if the Mayor does have his power, both will be executed! And if the Mayor has lost his extra vote, we will still lynch the surefire cultist Newt as most of us have accepted in our hearts of hearts to do! As it is right now, assuming no new votes come in, that would mean that three kind souls would need to switch their votes from Newt to Amber. No more please! And I personally think that @Newt should be one of those three so he doesn't try and pull a fast one at the end. If you'd like to make sure Amber goes down with you, I'll ask you to comply nicely~ Remember, Ccoa is always watching your every action! From the moment you wake to brush your teeth, to the second you close your eyes and drift off to sleep thinking of His warmth and the ever-flowing pleasure one gets from resting against His bosom. Ccoa truly knows all~
  14. And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Veritable proof that the word of Ccoa is always true! I am honored to have been able to deliver it to you, but I humbly request that all thanks go to Him. I personally believe this settles the matter of whether our most Newtish of friends is a Cop or a Spy, since were he the latter he wouldn't have known the alignment. Not to mention most of what he's posted lately has been an awful lot of ad hominem and not a whole lot of anything else. Thus, with all of His grace, [Eliminate] Newt
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