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  1. It's been a bit so here's an update. There not much that's to say is new except, like, one thing, sooooo I'll tell you how I have some things planned and how the sim works. Point system: You can get either positive or negative romance points with a characters, for some you can rarely get negative and for others there are a lot of chances to mess up. There is also a day counter, which is the points you get when you choose to hang out with a certain character for a day. There are 100 days (Will probably change it to less because a 100 is a bit much even for 23 characters) to hang out with everyone, after the 100th day, your points with everyone will be counted and you'll get the ending with the character with the most romance points with (Romance points and day count points will be added up with each other). If you have an equal amount of points with everyone, you'll get the platonic/friendship ending. If you have equal points with 2 or more character, but not everyone, you get a tiebreaker in which you have to choose which character you want. Ex: you have 15 points with Vic and Taka, both of them are the highest. At that point you'll get a scene playing out thinking about the time you spend with both of them and then you get to choose between them. Hang out sessions: Hang out sessions are the times you get to spend with certain characters. At the start of each day you can check where all characters are and choose who to spend time with. Sometimes you can hang out with just one character and sometimes multiple. Ex. Today Cal and Blake are at _____, Ace is at _____ Luna and Saphira are at _____, ect ect, and then you choose who to hang out with. If you hang out with 2 or more people, you get dialogue options which one character will like more than the other. Or you might split up to do some things, which will add a point with one character. Doing that will cause you to miss out on hanging out with the other characters, scenes you won't be able to see unless you replay the game/roll back a save and of course points. In the development section, there is a 'introduction' section. That would be day 1, or as I like to call it, the introduction day. It's because only on this day where you get to meet all the characters is one day. (The rest of the day you can only hang out with a certain amount of characters per day). You can at least get 1 point per character during this day. Difficulty with certain characters: Some characters are more difficult to get an ending with than others. With some you can get a lot of negative points while others it's almost impossible to get negative points. I figured depending on a character's mental state and just, current state of living, some characters would make it harder to get with you then others. I will eventually down the line make a point guide as well a tier list on which character is harder and which is easy. Although I can't talk which character is easier than others right now, I can tell you which character falls under hard,. That would be good ol' "Other" art: As seen at the development there is sprite art, backgrounds and gui art. Sounds simple enough, but what is 'other' art? A few things fall under other art: Main screen Credits screen Scenes The first two you probably understand what I mean, but I'm sure some might not know what I mean with scenes. While most of the time the game will simply have a bg with the sprites of the characters present on it, you will sometimes (sometimes depending on your choices) get just a full drawn image. Ex: The MC won't always be on a picture like this, unless it's a personal intimate moment like this^ Speaking of art, I'm not gonna make a promise, but I was thinking of making cute desktop bgs for each character? Kind of like the Victoria main screen place holder? Again, not promising anything, just a fun idea. Aaaaand that's it. Sorry I'm working at snail's pace. It is hard considering I've thrown myself into multiple projects at once AND I have low energy. I'll try to work on the game at least once a day, even if it's 15 minutes. Thank you and see you later <3 (I have read this reply 2 times I hope to GOD there is no grammar/spelling mistake)
  2. If you're post Adrienn (More specifically, post-devon corp) now then Arclight won't be available anymore until post-Titania.
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