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  1. Okay so I rechecked again, I don't know what exectly how this happened since but it turns out it was under save 1. I don't under stand why that is the case since it was save 3 before. It might have happened when I got a new computer, but I'm not sure. It also may be the case that I wasn't paying close attention. Well anyway I guess problem the is solved, thanks for helping me.
  2. I'm 100% sure it's game 3. Yeah I don't know why, but after saving a specific amount of times it either stops making back-ups or delete some old files
  3. I renamed the file I wanted to load and I've tried to all my files and they all end up at the part I last saved (except my earliest file which is 5 minutes into the game)
  4. Well I wanted to go back to an earlier part in the game and you should be able to do that by changing the back-up files, but for whatever reason whenever I try to change it it doesn't work and it stays on the part where I last saved (in this case, pyrous mountain) no matter which file I change it to
  5. Yes I'm sure. I actually went ahead and changed it to the earliest file I had of save 3 (which is around 5 minutes into the game) and that one did work, but when I changed it to another file (two badges in) it went right back to where I currently am (at pyrous mountain)
  6. I really don't want to start over the game again, haha
  7. I'm having issues with my back up saves. Whenever I try to use another savefile it won't work, I'm not good at explaining things so I'll provide screenshots. I'm currently at this part of the game Here is my current save and back up files then I changed it to this... then when I open the game I am STILL at this part. I don't understand why this happened or what to do about it. I used both 'game' and 'game-z' and it's the same issue with both. At first I thought it was because I have a new computer and
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