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  1. Whenever I interact with the dude that wants me to find his four pokemon the end of the conversation ends like this and freezes the game. I tried answering with yes and no to see of that made any difference but alas. I'm in no rush, I can do this quest another time. Edit: updated to the new version and it works <3
  2. Oh and rename the file Game.rxdata, I had to change it to _4 to avoid it overwritting my files lol
  3. Game_4.rxdata Here. I saved right before a cutscene so when you open it up it as you start as well as Also there will be another chase
  4. I recommend teaching it charge beam (with serene grace it gets boosted odds to raise special attack) and echoed voice/round (You can teach it hyper voice later in the game) for stab. Blissey's got horrible attacking stats but decent special attack stats. I also recommend going to the move reminder for soft boiled. Once you get access to Ice Beam and Thunderbolt (which isn't until much later) I recommend teaching it those moves as well. Also zoom lens doesn't raise accuracy, wide lens does!
  5. I don't know if I have the heart to do the bad ending route sdklgdsjg Super excited!!!!!!!
  6. From what I understand not really. You do get 2+ friendship points with Cal if you fight him. (And from what I understand you can still fight him if you fight Victoria)
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