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  1. NOTE: I did NOT proof read this, I'll fix any spelling/grammar error later, maybe. Thoughts on the part where we learn about the MC's past? I didn't want to put that in the title because of spoilers. It was one of the most heart wrenching things I played. I only ever play as Axel so it might be different per character. So summing up everything that happened (Note, I can't remember every detail I only played through it once): I tried to summarize it best to my ability (and memory) If someone has all of Cresent's diary entry's (or just for Axel) that be cool.
  2. I started surfing and on that spot and I got stuck on that place. It's not frozen or anything I can still look other directions and use the menu but I can't move.
  3. Oh, yeah that'll won't work then. I didn't know there was a regional Misdreavus haha.
  4. I attempted to use a Leaf Stone for Misdreavus, but it didn't work. I attempted it on both of my save files (One where I already finished the main story and just another one). Is it really a leaf stone that's needed?
  5. I used Mega Mawile, it can one shot his Gengar with sucker punch thanks to it's ability. (Or maybe you can use a mega Absol since it also learns sucker punch and it's stab super effective.)
  6. Alright, I'm not that good at explaining my thoughts so I hope I make sense. Normal mode in v13 as a whole was made harder it feels like. Most battles were really hard, but not unbeatable. Tagging it as spoilers just in case
  7. In one of dev blog posts it was said that v13 and v13.5 would be divided in certain parts and if I'm correct it said that the ana quest would continue in v13, I looked all over for where to start the rest from where I left of but I don't know where to go, if anyone knows where I have to go that be great and maybe some other sidequests that are availabe now. Also quick question (spoilers) EDIT: Just read somewhere that the ana quest is gonna be in 13.5 instead, my bad! Still like to know about the other thing though hahaha
  8. Saki's battle is too hard for me (Im playing on normal) What is it with steel type gym's field effects making these battles so much harder then they need to be? I can't just change the field effect normally anymore (before this I always just changed to misty terrain to make my life easier, but it doesn't work the same way anymore). Anyway, I don't know what to do. Any advice? Edit: I forgot to say that I can't get past her first pokemon Edit: I did it!
  9. Rozetheeuwu


  10. Did you fight aya? I believe you have to battle her first and then you can continue the quest
  11. Some more fanart. It took awhile to make, but I'm glad with how it turned out :)
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