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  1. That's a bit disappointing, I also hope it will get a bit more attention in the future. Thanks!
  2. When you defeat the puppet master in the first round all of our friends tell us they believe in us (except Huey because he's having a crisis, fair enough). I'm curious if the scene plays out any different if you have negative/no friendship points with the characters? I have no plans to get a bad ending myself and don't feel like being mean to any characters, but I did watch a videos of people locking themselves in the worst ending but never saw a video what happens after. I have read that the story pretty much plays out the same after that but it be weird if they all had the same dialogue with no slight alterations if we have no friendship points with them. If someone could tell me or has a video that be appreciated.
  3. You either have to go back a few save files before you picked up the tm or use debug mode to get it back
  4. If you want to do it yourself you have to get as little karma points as possible, in the negative even. I recommend not doing any of the sidequests or help center quests with the exception of the hidden library quests for later events. (As well as one help quest in sashilla village) These are the most important options to get the bad ending, but there are more I can't remember. I would recommend checking out the relationship guide, there is also a part in the guide that tells you how to get the bad end in more detail.
  5. It's not available. It's not a location guide but there is a full walkthrough with all info on whats available including pokemon
  6. I guess you can use debug mode maybe, but I don't know how that works. Otherwise there isn't anything you can do. Or you have to go back to before you started the platinum route and do all your things again.
  7. You weren't suppose to leave. You have to go back some savefiles to where you didn't leave Axis High. You can't fly there ever I guess?
  8. You can get aevium litwick either in the axis high/saki's gym or mystery egg.
  9. route 4, I think it's only day. You can see it flying around.
  10. If I'm correct you can only get the togepi line from mystery egg as for the disks you should check the item guide from the top of my head I know you can get the poison memory from venam's father in the wispy tower. Ghost memory from fighting spector, ground memory in safari zone (you need purify to get it) and the rock memory in the ruined city here is the guide, check by type and general items:
  11. You don't. I didn't have to at least.
  12. Game_4.rxdata Here you go. I put you exactly at the part where you need to continue, you just have to interact with the machine you're in front of. (I saved it as game 4 so it wouldn't overwrite my own data, you just need to remove the _4)
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