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  1. Maqqy

    Rate My Team V2

    All are pretty solid for the gym battle. Use the mons that are airborne or have the ability Levitate because they are immune to Aya’s hazard attacks. Gliscor will be your ace for the battle.
  2. Your theory is spot on. It has 98% of being correct in my opinion. In regards to the Laura/Bennett issue iirc someone in the forums have theorized that whoever we face from both might depend solely on the choices we make on the game. As you know there are already two branched paths in E17, so maybe those two different branches might lead to whomever we face on that Elite Four spot. Be it Laura and Bennett, it doesn’t matter because that Flower Garden field is as threatening as it’s beautiful.
  3. This would be my take on your team: Must have(s) are Blaziken, Ampharos, Mamoswine and Pelipper. With those four, you have a broken mon, a rain setter, a terrain setter and a solid, bulky and powerful unique typing with Ground/Ice. Remaining two I suggest Banette and Florges. Reasons apply for coverage (Ghost and Fairy type with Florges also functioning as a grass type). Banette can also be your early mega with great moves like Shadow Sneak and Destiny Bond. Also it’s ability Prankster, is nonetheless useful.
  4. Maqqy

    New Shiny Icons for Gens 1-6

    Hello @TheInsurgent Flygon's sprite seems to be missing bud.
  5. Maqqy

    New Shiny Icons for Gens 1-6

    Good job!! They all look amazing :)
  6.   ........ I need an explanation





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      Why can i see Bibs on the picture ? 

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      E18 looking kind of promising now...


      @Zarc Bibs made this 👀

  7. Maqqy

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    @xXDelokXx Alakazam is your best bet for the battle. Try to keep it alive (as it is very frail) and spam Calm Mind to get that extra boost for firepower. If you have some, give your mons Synthetic Seeds. Like Terrawr, it can vastly help you in this battle and turn your mons to ??? type as well. To combat the ridiculous bulkiness of her mons, attack them with status moves. Will-o-wisp, Toxic, Leech Seed are all very helpful.
  8. Maqqy

    Brand new team from before

    Rotom-heat and Vikavolt are both strong so it all depends on the coverage type you need, be it may a bug type or a fire type. Though for an electric type, Magnezone is the best mon of all. If you go with Rotom-Heat, Fairy or a Psychic type would be fitting for the last lot. Gardevoir, Sylveon, Ribombee, Clefable etc. are all good choices. If it's with Vikavolt, go for a Fire type for the last member. Arcanine is one of the most versatile out there. Can also be a fighting type coverage which you lack, having access to the OP move Close Combat.
  9. Maqqy

    Impossible Terra fight

    It was the addition of seeds that made this fight the torture of hell that it is. Best way to fight Terra is to change the terrain, have mons with Blizzard and Psychic, mons with stellar Sp. Defense and with bulky Grass types.
  10. Maqqy

    [SPOILER] Gen 7 Pokemon Locations

    Jangmo-o is located atop of Teknite Mountain who is currently unavailable as of E17, with Rock Climb being required to capture it.
  11. tu_eres_mi_inspiracion_by_andres2610-dbr

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      the most ambitious crossover in history

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  12. Going to try something different this time 👀





  13. Maqqy

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    I would be really stoked if Hardy came last but that's probably not going to happen since Saphira's gym is right next to the Victory Road plus, Saphira's field might be more OP than the his field (if it is the rocky field). Hardy really is one of the trainers I'm very excited to battle because being one of the last two gym leaders, it basically means that he has something worth waiting for and that says a lot coming from a Rock type leader. Next thing you know he could be a triple battle, since that was his specialty in the league (but idk because Pokemon Essentials doesn't contain the code needed for triple battles so he would most likely be a double battle).
  14. Maqqy

    Start a new playthrough on rejuvenation

    I recommend Meditite. Pure Power High Jump Kick will definitely take you to places.