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  1. ...... Whoever implemented that Geara and Zetta double battle in intense mode, I’m about to hunt you down.

    1. Wolfox


      It was most likely Azery

    2. not Azery

      not Azery

      Guilty as charged. Your suffering is my sustenance.

    3. Maqqy


      You’re about to catch these hands Azery.

  2. A lot has really changed and for the better too. Some events made more sense that the past ones and gave light to questionable actions of the characters. Plus it keeps improving on graphics aesthetically. It's really worth it to start over whenever a new version comes out.
  3. Congrats! I also have Dusk Lycanroc and Mawile too
  4. Fighting types are very useful against her. I used her tactic against her by giving my Medicham an elemental seed to outspeed her Mamoswine.
  5. One word of advice, never battle Crawli on intense mode. I'm still alive but barely breathing btw

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Wolfox


      I guess I could say they really Bug you?

    3. seki108


      Is the V11 fight any different than the V9 in intense mode?  

    4. Maqqy


      @seki108 Yes it is. Most battles are. So far, one gym leader changed their ace.

  6. Rejuvenation really is a long a$$ game but all the new V11 updates made it worthwhile to start over. ❤️ this game so much.



  7. Maqqy

    When did you start playing?

    Started with V9. Gen 7 implemenation got me hooked and fell in love right after with the whole thing.
  8. Maqqy

    You're a Banette for one day. What do you do?

    I’m going to drink and have a snack on top of Mt. Pyre till Phoebe comes and catches me and we’ll go hula dancing together.
  9. Happy happy new year!! 🎊 First year of 2019 with my first ever avi here in the forums would you look at that.



  10. Pokemon Ethereal Gates rose from the dead just in time for 2019 😢

    1. Wolfox


      almost like that was planned

    2. Maqqy


      It was a good plan. Plus! The game was completely revamped I’m so excited.

    3. Wolfox
  11. Finished playing Celeste. FINALLY. This takes the crown from cuphead being the most frustrating game ever made smh. But I loved it!





    Yessssssss ya'll can see that. I really didn't bother lmao but I'm still proud with just finishing it!............. please don't laugh at me


    Time to play Rejuv V11!! Though I'm still  going to wait for the updated music packs so I'm in no rush 😁

  12. I just started a new run for V11 and I stg this game just gets prettier and prettier in every version and the new music....... I am scalped.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎁






  14. Angie got her own theme she really is THAT binch.
  15. I’M READY TO FIGHT Merry Christmas to Rejuv gang!! Thank you for this wonderful gift