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  1. Nope Micky
  2. Happy birthday, wishing you many happy returns.
  3. No. Civics (as in, the machinery of the state) and history can be explained with reasonable objectivity or impartiality, but not current politics. That's something every individual has to learn (or choose not to learn) on their own initiative, and form their own, unique opinions. To teach current politics in school is to place in the teachers, and in those who design the syllabus, power to plant their own political opinions or agendas into the minds of children. Not saying that doesn't happen already in many parts of the world, whether blatantly or covertly, but it's something to avoid in an ideal state. Do you think religious education should be permitted, or even enforced by the state in its primary and secondary educational institutions?
  4. Give me that jetpack, it's mine Lugruf
  5. @Xiri got his ass whupped. Beautiful justice.
  6. Metal parts are here Spine?
  7. Is this restricted to novels? Any particular genre? If not, and if it's about my general taste in books:
  8. Nope Spine
  9. Nope Roadkill Beaver?
  10. 4/10 I don't know the character, I'm personally not too interested in anime style art, chibification never appealed to me as an artist and the general image seems low-res, at least on mobile, which is what I'm on. I like the general attitude, though it's not my cup of coffee.
  11. One does not simply predict my behaviour. Surprise, you fools! Cobalt?
  12. Nope Fish
  13. Tempy, Godot's puns are a classic. Sure, they're old (and he repeats them a little because he's old too), but old is gold. Great to know Godot's ancient history; now do Mael next. My previous nomination for Commander also stands, btw. Also Temp sucks, Kitty pls come back (jk)
  14. Don't bother Spine
  15. Dark chocolate, if it's at least 70% cocoa and of a good single-source grade (preferably Trinitario, they started growing a custom grade over here in south India, chocolatiering has become the newest plantation fad here. I've sampled the grades from two states, they're good, I like the ones that use a bit of sea salt in them) I'm a determined coffee and chocolate snob, and I take them very seriously, like an art form. I dislike milk chocolate and white chocolate, since I have a low tolerance for sweet stuff and it gets clawing very fast. I appreciate the bitterness of dark chocolates and black coffees. Coffee + dark chocolate is a match made in heaven, js. I'll ask the same question: do you love chocolate?