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  1. If You Could Make Your Own Mega Evolution Mk. II

    Oh looky here, has Old Man Viri started to make megamon sketches again?
  2. 410195324288630784.png

    Courtesy @Bazaro

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    2. Dorcas


      considering how much that gets thrown around, im honestly baffled you havent seen it at least five times already.


      then again it probably doesnt appear as much in the reborn discord since im not in there and bullying me is only fun when im there I suppose.

    3. Bazaro


      Nah, it's still fun to bully you when you aren't around too

    4. Dorcas


      I can only guess how that makes sense

  3. If You Could Make Your Own Mega Evolution Mk. II

    But what if: Mega Carnivine: Grass/Dark HP: 74 Atk: 135 (+35) Def: 107 (+35) SpA: 105 (+15) SpD: 107 (+35) Spe: 26 (-20) Ability: Strong Jaw New Moves: Psychic Fangs, Earth Power, Extrasensory, Wide Guard, Sucker Punch Omnomnom. It's still rather crappy outside of Trick Room, and probably won't ever see even the light of UU, but hey, something's better than nothing. STAB Strong Jaw Crunch can put a dent in most things, and access to Psychic Fangs and Earth Power adds decent coverage. Sucker Punch can help mitigate its terrible speed somewhat; at any rate, if Victreebel gets it, no reason why its fellow carnivorous plant shouldn't. Ironic that an insectivore is x4 weak to Bug attacks, especially U-Turn. That'll come to bite it in the back, har har.
  4. Rate the avatar above you!

    5/7 3sp00py5me
  5. Quotes 2.0

    "I hate quotations. Tell me what you know." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  6. Rate the avatar above you!

    -2.12/10 Camogear+bikini+gas mask do not make an ounce of sense. I don't like the general trend of anime art revolving around impractical exposure. I have no idea what the reference is, but I don't find it interesting at all. Get rekt, ody.
  7. 2017 Reborn Winter Party!

    What would these plebes do without a man of culture like you, @Hycrox
  8. 2017 Reborn Winter Party!

    I don't see a high-quality MS paint elf in the picture. -π/10
  9. u smel



    There, that constitutes my token forum presence. have a nice day!

    wouldn't it be n--


    1. Spineblade


      Viri, that's rude!

    2. Hycrox


      bibs is rude, so it's ok

    3. ZEL


      bibble a smely nerd

  10. Predict the Next Person to Post

    You know me, Spine. Surprise! Spine because I also don't know anyone else here, oops.
  11. Rate the avatar above you!

    7.8/10 too much sky
  12. Not one of you mentions anything from Indic mythology REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Strictly speaking, a large portion of our mythological characters are some or other incarnation or deity, so to name them here would not be accurate, as they are not merely creatures. I am partial to elephants, and our list of mythological elephants and elephantlike creatures is rich; Airavata, the white elephant with four tusks that is the mount of the god Indra and the literal seat of wisdom, the Ashtagajas or Eight World Elephants that each stands at one end of the universe in each of the eight dimensions/worlds, and so on. My favourite (non-deity) elephant motif, though: