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  1. Not bored of that; my showdown alt's still green. Spine
  2. Yanmega
  3. Micky Also I got bored of the deer.
  4. Lucario
  5. ...?...!
  6. Banned for your disappointing lack of moustaches
  7. Temp
  8. π/10 Decent enough, as anime-ish avatars go, but I don't generally like anime-ish avatars. Probably because I don't usually know what they are, and also probably because in that situation they all look much the same.
  9. Banned for not giving me a reason enough to ban you in any other way.
  10. Already rated/10 The flaws with that image did not change since the last time I saw it.
  11. Banned for having an Undertalesque avatar
  12. Wishing you a great year ahead, Michael. Many happy returns.
  13. I've neglected forums for a long while. That's not likely to change, but I do feel that I needn't altogether abandon my threads. Morning sun in a street near my place.
  14. Banned for being a n00ble