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  1. Create a UB! (Potential Spoilers.)

    Bibsodus, aka UB - SQUADELA Type: Normal Ability: Beebs Boost HP: 73 Attack: 109 Defense: 89 Sp. Attack: 109 Sp. Defense: 89 Speed: 101 Total: 570 Height: 6.9 m Weight: 420 kg GOD BLESS Praise
  2. Happy birthday, scrub. May your Hydro Pumps land and your hits be critical, and wishing you all the very best in everything you do. Have a great year ahead!
  3. the true lord is the magnet lord. all else are pretenders. praise magnezone.
  4. Fashion per reigon

    Kanto: drudge Johhto: 3kimono5me Hoenn: 7.8/10 (also the land of 1000 midriffs) Sinnoh: scarves, coats and dopey spacesuits Unova: everything from PETA crusaders to ninja-pirate-terrorists Kalos: hon hon hon baguette fashion Alola: tropics are an excuse for gaudy rags
  5. Reborn's Top 5 Least Favorite Pokemon

    Read: "situational advantages" My example was just that: an illustration to show that a Rock typing is at least infinitesimally beneficial to and more natural for Dugtrio, even in chance cases. I do not imply that Dugtrio of any kind be actively contemplated from a defensive standpoint, because that is an even more absurd idea to entertain than Lucky Punch Chansey. And smogon's current ban of arena trap is irrelevant to my point about its essentiality for Dugtrio. Before Alolan Dugtrio, though, my least favourite Pokémon was Wormadam, specifically Wormadam-trash. It occupied the slot that Alolan Dugtrio now does, of the worst, most pointless, hideous and disgraceful Steel type Pokémon. But it was at least capable of doing something (ie, be a defensive stealth rocker), and now that it has been replaced by an even worse candidate, and also because its newfound access to Quiver Dance gives it some better use, I'm willing to forgive it.
  6. Reborn's Top 5 Least Favorite Pokemon

    Oh joy. There are several Pokémon that I dislike, either because they are ugly, aesthetically or functionally, or because they are boring from a competitive perspective, or simply because their existence is somehow deficient in logic. But the worst of the worst are:
  7. Suggest an Avatar!

    Whenever I try to pick a different avatar, I end up feeling dissatisfied with it within a few days, and invariably gravitate back to the Iron Giant. Somehow this one seems to fit perfectly, but I still keep feeling peckish or curious at times. Multiple brains are better than one, so I'll ask you guys to pick something that you feel would be appropriate for me to use.
  8. Rate the avatar above you!

  9. Predict the Next Person to Post

    I showed up once. That ought to leave me in the clear for the next three or so months. Uh Nick, because wynaut.
  10. Rate the avatar above you!

    6/10 I am not sure what type of Eeveelution that's supposed to be. Something about the face and those seemingly out-of-place crystals is ??? but otherwise I suppose it's okay.
  11. Predict the Next Person to Post

    SURPRISE VIRI IS A SURPRISE I don't even think I know anyone here Uh Hmm Azery?
  12. Happy Birthday, Viri!

    I knew you'd put in either that or wormadam. I hope you trip on an ice cube and get covered in boo-boos, you weenie.
  13. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  14. Short answer: Yes, it's fairly vital Long answer: There's three quintessential things that make a fakemon game: the Fakemon themselves, the plot, and the game mechanics. For the moment, I will concern myself only with the fakemon aspect. The Mons have to fulfil the following criteria: 1. Their designs must be wholesome: To feel and act like natural Pokémon, they must be designed so that they look like them. Their designs must be neither too crude not too overdesigned. Many fakemon games go awry here because the fundamental reason behind the appeal of Pokémon as a franchise is the appearance of the mons: how cute, cool or intriguing they are, and how they look to the eye. That is what makes the casual observer sit up and take notice about your project; the majority of them pick a fakemon game (and there are many of them, so you have a lot of competition to contend with) based on how the Mons look and feel like, what vibes they give off and how that appeals to them. A crude or overstuffed design is counterintuitive to that objective. Graphics are therefore very important, as are the names that you give to them. 2. They must be balanced: This is another common mistake that many fakemon games run into: making every Mon awesome and powerful won't cut it (The "If everything is broken, then nothing is" logic doesn't translate well in practice) and neither will making every Mon weak or bland. A game where you can overlevel one Pokémon (your starter, or some dragon type or something) and sweep through everything is terribly boring. No natural Pokémon game is full of blaziken and garchomps; the bibarels and butterflies are equally essential. A well balanced roster is such that every Mon has some viable role to play at every stage in the game. Diversity should be encouraged and no idea or concept (however much you may like it) should be overpowered. Artificially restricting level caps is not a quick-fix solution to an OP roster either, as it only makes it frustrating to break through. 3. There must be a good vibe to them: It's fairly standard to make things based on established themes. Some things are hard to change, like the essential route 1 rodent, bird and bug. But in general, fakemon can unleash creativity like no other avenue in Pokémon. You can and should do more than just take an animal base, slap a different colour and an elemental affiliation onto it and call it a Pokémon. But that again depends on what kind of theme you have going: if your world is a naturalistic one, having animal-based Mons is fine. If you're going for the bizarre, then you can have more abstract themes (much like what Ultrabeasts do.) So there you have it, in a nutshell. I speak with the experience of having worked on a fangame project with our own fakemon. Graphics and appearances are an essential part of making a game that people will be interested in; not the only important thing, certainly, but undoubtedly one of them. If you're not skilled at making your own designs, I would suggest to you to enlist the help of an artist, or take on a creative partner in some form. I'd advocate against compromise on design or statistical quality, though, and advise caution as you proceed.