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  1. 11am GMT is 4:30 pm my time. That's preferable, tbh.
  2. A wild Viri appeared! . . . . The wild Viri fled! Micky?
  3. Practically all the Gen7 starters' final formes are weird. Primarina makes no anatomical or biological sense. It may be okay to glance at but once you start looking at it properly it just falls apart: what are those huge hands and narrow arms? What is its back and tail? Looks like it either has a broken spine or no spine at all, it's just a tubular rear body that abruptly ends in fish-fins. How does it even move? The thing ought to be in a wheelchair. And those random spikes/fins don't make sense either. Not to mention that the transition from Popplio was weird. Incineroar is just lazy. The name is lazy (pyroar much???) and the design is also lazy. Maybe it would've been creative if we didn't have an overabundance of humanoid fighter-style fire type starters already, to the point where it's boring to have yet another thing like that (since Charizard and Typhlosion, we've not had a fire starter that is actually just a non-humanoid animal.) Suddenly going from quadrupedal to bipedal doesn't work in general, much less the sudden transition from oversize house cat to a wrestler. And even then, Incineroar has odd proportions; the arms tapen down into too narrow wrists, which suddenly continue into huge, sausage-like fingers. Likewise the whole fire-belt thing is too over the top. The simple elegance that older Pokemon had is not present today in the overly detailed designs of recent Pokemon. The same goes for Decidueye. The idea is creative, and the ghost typing though bizarre is acceptable given what it's based on, but the design itself is really weird, particularly the wings. Trying to combine them with a bow and arrow from its bowtie is just too weird; it should be strangling itself every time it tried to fire an arrow/quill. Then we have how the wings themselves work; they can apparently fold up into a cape when resting, but they also have feathers at the wrist that act like fingers??? If you think about how the wing is actually constructed, and how they fold up, it makes you ask questions that have no intelligent explanation. That, and the fact that the transition from Dartrix makes very little sense (from a fussy, rich spoiled brat into Robin Hood???) make this the weirdest of the bunch. The Gen7 starters are not exactly excellent in competitive battle either; they're each somewhat of a letdown. Primarina hits hard but it is too physically frail and slow to do anything better than run a choice set and spam Hydro Pump/Moonblast, and lacks things like Wish or Calm Mind (which it ought to have gotten) that would let it be a bulky water. Incineroar is disappointingly slow, as well, especially given how fast its previous stage was, and lacks the good moves that it ought to get (Sucker Punch? Knock Off?) Maybe Tutors will help it out in the games to come, but it's still neither as strong nor as fast as it'd have liked to be. Decidueye is just confusingly sad. Why is it slow? Why is it specially bulky and mixed? Why isn't it like the new Sceptile, which is what its design idea inspired? So many questions. Ultimately, I'll say the Pokémon have had good ideas behind them, but fail to live up to that conception both in design and in usage.
  4. If you want me to be able to participate at all, it has to be 9 am GMT on Saturday; that translates to 2:30 PM on Saturday afternoon, which I might be able to manage. Any of the other times listed will be some ungodly hour in the night/early morning here.
  5. @Ice Cream Sand Witch I enjoyed our partnership; here's to an Encore in the future. Praise Magnets, and of course, it goes without saying that I hold you and your puns in high regard.
  6. I am going to include seats, benches, ottomans, swings/bowers, pedestals and stools or other furniture that is analogous to a chair in this count. The house has 39 total seats in various places; the grounds and appurtenant places have 14 more. I actually had to ask someone at home to count them all, since I'm in a different city at the moment. GDI, ICSW, why do you have this knack of asking strange, wonderfully engaging questions!
  7. 4 and its multiples. Specifically 16 and its multiples. I like symmetry and order. I believe the number 4 conforms to those characteristics: it is the first composite number, and the first perfect square (not counting 1). It is square, solid, even and geometrically and symmetrically wholesome, a composite 'building block'. 16 is a even better, the first perfect square of a perfect square.
  8. 6/10 amusing
  9. Don't lose more.
  10. Considering that these creatures existed at some point, it is not infeasible to suggest that scorpions and crustaceans such as lobsters did not share a not-too-distant link in the past. However, a lobster is fundamentally very different to a scorpion, and have little in common with them besides being arthropods. Though they may superficially appear similar, even their supposedly similar-looking anatomy is in fact different both in design and purpose. A lobster's pincers, legs, eyes, and sensory organs are all different from a scorpion's; they don't even eat, breathe or attack similarly. That said, a lobster is less of a mermaid to a scorpion than a Manatee is to a human, since they are not even members of the same class, if we assume that in your context a mermaid is defined as an aquatic or piscine hybrid of otherwise similar anatomical class as that of the subject. As an added note, it might also be argued that scorpions lack the cerebral functions necessary to have a theory of mind, and as such cannot think to attribute personality in another life form, much less ponder on what would be a mermaid to them, or indeed figure out any association another might have to itself in any non-linear manner, outside the associations of food, mates and danger. Indeed, it is debated that even most higher forms of life lack the ability to possess a theory of mind; that being the sole demesne of higher primates, elephants and possibly cetaceans. Also, while this is a scientific discussion, and it certainly has led to questions about the theory of mind (which I am open to discuss, by the way, if anyone would like to pick up on that tangent), I would request contributors to present more specific information to substantiate their hypothesis in general, and to abide by the guidelines of general logic in framing their suppositions.
  11. Happy birthday, Ark. Wishing you a great year ahead.
  12. I know nothing about Yu-Gi-Oh. Tell me what you will.
  13. It seems you have not watched/read 2001: A Space Odyssey, or you'd know HAL 9000. Anyway, 5/10. I see an elf. That's about it.
  14. I had expressed my views on that one earlier when I had seen the full picture; while I can't approve of that, this crop of just the face is fairly all right. Anime styles are not my cup of tea, but I could reasonably say this to be a 5.5/10.
  15. Wishing all of you a great year ahead. Happy birthday.