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  1. Lord Drakyle

    Aqua gang applications bug

    give me a sec ill fix it for ya, the trouble is caused by giving them applications before being told by Archer or Maxwell to do so as it ends up skipping a variable point that should have been added. EDIT: fixed. Game.rxdata
  2. Lord Drakyle

    Ground Gym Leader team i made

    Some of the moves chosen originally are because they can be used with the field effect or help me maintain a chosen field, i lead Camerupt with Gastrodon to defend Gastrodon from Grass types while handling the Ice types and being safe from water types, also point taken on Nature Power and i also have an idea of a replacement move that isn't any listed move you gave, a defensive Claydol could definitely be better but i would prefer opting for something other than Toxic, such as Flash, Gliscor might get pulled out for Nidoqueen or Palossand, would prefer to avoid dropping the attack stat on Claydol. There is something i would like to test but it requires a double battle to test it not to mention i want to make some form of weakness a challenger can take advantage of, that being by changing the field to Factory Field it restricts my options if they can keep it that way by the time i need to send in a pokemon. ill edit the document with the new team line up. Thank you for the advice. (also if ya wondering about the 'legality' of a Claydol with Flash, it could learn it in Gen 6 and since Reborn until very recent episodes didnt have USUM content (flash being transfer only is USUM) it's should still be legal since it could be obtained if taught before USUM updates.)
  3. Lord Drakyle

    Ground Gym Leader team i made

    Yep, Muddy Water and Surf pick up electricity and gastrodon can absorb the water too if used by anyone else
  4. Lord Drakyle

    Preparing For Serra, Looking For An Ice Stone!

    Lord Drakyle :P
  5. Lord Drakyle

    Preparing For Serra, Looking For An Ice Stone!

    Simply use your poke gear, register a online name to use go into trade and then decide of us two who sends the request and who enters the waiting room
  6. Toss out peach, It's daisy's time in the light as for who to bring in, it's an easy choice....Taka and his Chatot.
  7. Lord Drakyle

    Preparing For Serra, Looking For An Ice Stone!

    Becomes Mirror Shot and i thought most pokemon can learn Nature Power, Mirror Shot on the field has it's effect chance guranteed, will never miss, has x2 power and obviously has super effective damage on them. Even if not with stab, a pokemon with good potential SP Atk will do great with it, If you want a good option, i would pick Camerupt, Magcargo or Torkoal to learn Nature Power as their fire typing will resist ice attacks and they can all use nature power with fair sp atk
  8. Lord Drakyle

    Preparing For Serra, Looking For An Ice Stone!

    I can give you an Ice Stone, oh and by the way, nature Power will be a friend to you in that gym battle, trust me.
  9. Lord Drakyle

    Ground Gym Leader team i made

    So this is a ground type team utilizing the Short-Circuit Field in Double Battle Format, i got bored a while back and made it, wondering what thoughts people have on it (or if they were bored enough and wanted to battle it) and if there is anything they think could be changed to make it better, keep in mind i would ask for reasons why you feel these are better suited and to understand this you would need to understand the field chosen which is because along with the team used the idea is to make certain moves that are likely to be used in double battles pick up electricity while also being able to use them myself without risking hurting my own Pokemon, basically making it harder to fight with water attack on two at once. anyone without further ado, the team: So What do you think for a Double Format using the field Short-Circuit, think it's got good potential or needs serious re-thinking? Keep in mind i had no idea if this is the right place for this, it's hard to tell for sure where this would go but i mean it seems like a fitting spot?
  10. Lord Drakyle

    super rod event

    Was you able to find Simon in the glass factory?
  11. Lord Drakyle

    A theory about Lin

    I thought she said Lying becomes Sirius whatever that means and "To create something from nothing would take an act of God"
  12. Lord Drakyle

    It´s possible to find Gible??

    There is no 'destroying it' as far as i know of but catching Gible requires you to put pokesnax in the food basins and then drop down into the room from above using the sinkholes used to enter the room but requires the sinkhole that would land you behind gible
  13. Get rid of Ike put in Lilligant, can toss razor leafs that do light ranged damage, uses a Leaf Blade attack for close combat, it's final smash is a solar beam (or solar blade) and it could rely on string shot for trying to recover from falling or to pull someone towards itself.
  14. Lord Drakyle

    Bulbasaur hunt

    best to take it the online section as i dont got any of them on me
  15. Lord Drakyle

    Bulbasaur hunt

    Sorry but far as we know, Bubbasaur only appears wild on renewed Azurine Island, though by the end of the episode you will be able to pay for the renovations to it.