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  1. Pokemon Memeborn: Suffering, the game. What is this?: So earlier this year, I messed around with Reborn and made a little hard mode mod for a friend who wanted a bigger challenge and had already played through Reborn: Hardcore and or Redux. I didn't get to finish it then however due to exams I had to study for. Last month they asked me to finish it, and so I did, as well as making a bunch of other changes to the game. The name Memeborn was a joke name that just stuck, alternative name was: Azery's Torture Pack. But that's just rambling. They eventually convinced me to share it to the general public out of an interest in seeing how others would find it, so I eventually budged and prepared for that. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x1vz7s52xj91uiq/Memeborn.rar/file Features: This is primarily a hard mode mod of Reborn, much akin to hardcore. On top of harder battles for bosses, Meteor Grunts, Orderlies and Cultists, some Pokemon availabillity, TM locations, some Pokemon movesets and item locations were moved around. Have at it! Credits and Special Thanks to: DemICE: Specific: Feskik: - testing the mod and giving feedback on stuff. Commander: - Making Hardcore/Redux and directly inspiring me to make this. Reborn's Dev Team: Making this wonderful game that I've enjoyed enough to make a mod out of!
  2. not Azery

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    To note the 0 IVs statement was due to me last having dl'd the game in the community release, and in that+beta their IVs were actually set to 0 from what I remember. What I will completely agree with is that the Exp Curve is garbage. I've played through the last couple runs trying to minimise grinding period and most of the time i'm enterring Neo-Reborn in my low 60s. I don't like grinding at all so I often just don't bother and use debug to level my Pokemon up to the appropriate level, saves me a lot of time really. The issue comes from Agate Circus I feel, since Indra is super RNG reliant depending on the team you end up with and frankly I don't think having to reset to get a good option to do the already mind-numbingly boring task of grinding up levels is a good system. Those are just my two cents on that matter however. For the more broad appeal aspect the game should aim for, I do feel the current difficulty is just right. I personally liked it being tougher back in the Alpha incarnation and quite enjoyed the challenge but I'm also quite the addict to that type of stuff, not everyone is. At the same time however this is meant to be a surprising and brutal part of the game and that shouldn't change at all.
  3. not Azery

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Right, this mega ring tangent's gone on for quite some time now so I feel it should move out of the dev thread. Feel free to make a topic about it and discuss it there though.
  4. not Azery

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    Frankly it's gotten ludicrously nerfed since I played in Alpha and even then I thought it was manageable and a lot easier than some fights earlier in the game. Frankly Shelly/Cain are the HARDEST of the 3. Luna is a joke. Serra and Radomus are MASSIVE jokes. Meanwhile Shelly's Webs alongside their hard hitting Pokemon can leave a massive dent in even the strongest of teams usually. Meanwhile most of Luna's team while good is rather frail and Radomus/Serra have like 0 IVs on most of their Pokemon which alongside the lower levels really kicks them hard given they miss out on a LOT of speed tiers and KO's. Frankly I'd go as far as to say they're quite easy as fights taken seperately. People just mess up with preserving things or having a bad lead, which is kind of the point. That's literally the point though? Luna takes you on to weaken your team while Bennett drops you the few Full Restores he has on hand to allow you to keep your team healthy. It makes no sense for you to get fully healed as that would completely irrelevantize Luna's spot in the gauntlet. Them overshadowing Hardy/Solaris is also the point. Solaris is one of the strongest if not the strongest trainer outside of the Elite Four(Not including Lin and the Player) but at this point that just means he's just another obstacle. There's nothing really special about him and that reflects in his team which is just made out of strong Pokemon with offensive synergy and the fact that he never actually uses a field; Superheated was a coincidence by location. It's just a normal fight, which is a huge breath of fresh air to for once have a fair fight,Hardy is bloody mono rock lol, obviously he'd be overshadowed. All things considered it's quite a bit easier than I'd have liked but that's OK, you gotta try and appease everyone and the current gauntlet does that fine.
  5. >Doesn't mind grinding on Audino trainers for up to an hour. >>Complains about regular trainers being boring with the Exp All. What's the difference between spam Pokemon that KO's stuff easily on regular trainers and Audino grinding? Practically nothing except one is actually productive in terms of story progression. Most regular trainers aren't meant to challenge you or be interesting as much as be sources of experience so you can progress through the story cleanly. There is no actual issue in this, especially given that Reborn and Rejuvenation actively encourage the use of multiple Pokemon in a rotation. Reborn falls somewhat flat in that regard however given that the sources of exp through the story itself is frankly quite low from personal experience(I've run through with 0 grinding several times and come up severely underleveled.) Meanwhile the Exp All allows for this and more(Defensive Pokemon like Dusclops or Toxapex very often have low damage output and take forever to level up, so for those that LIKE those Pokemon, it's a massive turn off from using them) as well as keeping a regular team on track at all times without having to spend more time than that given to you by the story itself, which prevents you from becoming disengaged with the story for that reason. You did not pioneer this system. Stop trying to take credit for something you never did. A hard level cap is nothing new, it's been done in rom hacks several times, Suzerain properly introduced it to RMXP and all you did was copy that system, - incompetently I might add - into Hardcore. I'm sorry but what? Barring the 18 gym leaders thing and field effects(neither of which are THAT innovative much as just extending something the main line games/anime did further) a lot of Reborn's features were already found in other fangames. Full dex? Classic Fangame feature. Online? Scripts for this date back to before Reborn was even well known whatsoever and far before it added them. IV/EV Checking? Around since 2013. And then there's blatant lies such as; "It rarely tells you where to go only giving hints on where the story will happen." when the game very much outright tells you where to go. Victoria straight up tells you to go to the Obsidia Ward, Florinia does the same with Onyx and Jasper, Taka with Beryl, Fern with North Obsidia and so fucking on and forth, making up facts like this just makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about, which really, you don't. Seriously. The sidequests are more vague but surprise surprise, there's sidequests in most rpgs, and acting like there aren't several places you can explore on your own time without story involvement in Rejuvenation is just outright wrong. It doesn't take much to see that you're heavily clouded by nostalgia and making up facts to support your argument. And here's some more making up facts. I had a look at Aelita's Normal team on that fight in V10: Yup. Best movesets. Leftovers on everything. Super annoying for a guy with very few fighting weaknesses on his active team, who was pretty much several levels over her solely because he didn't want to deal with the difficulty anymore. Frankly if you're going to criticise the game, please actually just stick to points where you have actual facts to back up your points instead of making things up to make it seem like you're not just bad at Pokemon. I would overlook this as just another really bad joke but when there's several people in this community that do the Arts in University/College or whatnot, one of which is a member of our Dev team I might add, this comes off as just in bad taste and borderline disrespectful.
  6. not Azery

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    I feel his complaints are moreso levied at the fact that the Chess Field doesn't have much to it. What with Radomus being built up as a genius and a master of chess, he probably expected layers upon layers of strategies being pulled on top of Radomus' signature Trick Room and was a bit disappointed that there wasn't more to it. He isn't wrong either. The Chess Field was one of the first fields added to the game and lacks a lot of the character the newer ones have.
  7. not Azery

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Reminder to stop going offtopic in here, extended tangents like this aren't really necessary.
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  9. not Azery

    Rank the worst puzzle this game has

    I don't mind route 2. nowadays. back in E12, it used to be quite a bit longer, laggier and a lot more annoying lmfao. Kinda like all non route 1 puzzles, route 1 is more of a maze than a puzzle tho so, shrug.
  10. not Azery

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    >artist says its just some bonus art several times >>people still thinking it's indicative of actual v11 content
  11. not Azery

    Grounding Reborn [General & Specific Teams]

    Hippo+Exca solos the game. It's a brainless combination. Flygon, Mamoswine, Nidoking and one of the Water/Grounds for anti Water and you've got practically a god team already lol. By late game I'd replace Flygon with Garchomp due to Flygon's damage output being wayy too low even after boosts though.
  12. not Azery

    Pokemon you wish did not evolve

    Popplio and Fennekin.
  13. not Azery

    (OOC + Signups) Pokemon Dark White

    reserving to post soon tm
  14. not Azery

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    not really. remind yourself what Eve's description of PULSE2 is and you'll see what is going on.
  15. not Azery

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Radomus is assured, his team literally folds over to Decidueye + Krookodile + Scyther, it's not even funny. Luna's team sucks and again, loses to Scyther+Krookodile+Rhydon, Fern could have easily just outplayed. Not to mention that levels are a thing for the player only, it's a gameplay mechanic, not something to be taken seriously outside of battles.