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  1. [E17] Minor Errors

    This thread is for the collection of Minor Errors in E17. If you think you have a Minor Error, run down this quick list: If you do indeed have a minor error, please post it here. Keep the following in mind as you do: Thank you for taking the time to help keep us clean and organized!
  2. gosh that took a while!!! not just the episode-- that was almost a three month testing period! way too long!! but that's to be expected after some of the changes we've made. we've torn out most of the old AI and rebuilt it, although there's still a lot to do. gen 7 has been intravenously injected into the entire game, oh, and there's a giant fluffing desert now. but we here. we out here releasin' shit. Below is the list of notable changes (Field Effect changes will be in the Readme)! Please remember that the Spoiler Lock in this community will still be in effect until January. Your download links are in the usual place. It is also strongly advised all players with testing versions update as well. Enjoy! (only two left!!!) View full article
  3. hi so those of you who were here during E15/E16's development periods might remember the status thread from way back then one bit of feedback i heard with the new dev blog during E17 is it felt badsville to have a place to actually discuss development status updates since it was always cross-post or i mean where do you even talk about my throwaway taglines on the side widget nowhere, that's where well now here, that's where pretend that was really clever with the shifting space, it was definitely intentional, thanks and those of you who remember the status thread probably remember the fundamental problem with it-- that the actual discussions of the status updates was thrown offtrack and clouded out primarily by people contributing little more than a two word line about their excitement. mods had some fun corralling those ones. but that's not the worst thing. rather than saying 'dont do thing' im more of a fan of saying 'heres a place where it's fine to do thing' and although it's prooooobably still not exactly a good post if that's all you have to contribute, you know, do what you gotta do. but maybe try to have some actual discussion too, if you can find it in your heart of hearts. anyway, 4% hype or whatever. category rundown for the episode coming later idk
  4. What would you want in Fire Emblem Switch?

    wow did you actually write a post that i actually totally agree with???? armageddon confirmed, everyone brace yourselves ...even though i know "full VA + full army support" is totally impractical. it would be nice to dream... my main hope is that they kick RNG once and for all. i still hate gachas but i respect the bold move they made with Heroes in trying that out-- and I can't profess to be intimately familiar with heroes to say how well it has or hasn't worked at more extensive levels, but I've seen the game keeping people interested so I imagine it can't have been a total flop. also pls toggle auto-fast forward for battle animations without turning them off entirely thx
  5. Did something happen to your save file and you can't progress anymore! If your game is frozen or stuck, post it here and one of our saintly helpers will surely fix you up in a few days! It's easy! Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  6. X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    hi i suddenly remembered i'm looking for a new animator send help
  7. Ad-libbed Animator Applications

    i suppose i shy to post updates like this when i don't actually have anything new finished , but i really must not neglect, ne? so while i don't have any super spectacular news, here's a general update of what's going on USUM content is fully implemented except sprites, and i've done about half of those by now. the harder half, in fact. i've been spacing that out week by week so i don't go crazy. it hasn't worked. the first of four map areas for the episode is structured out and currently being completed bit by bit by kanaya. cliff hell is the real hell tbh. i'll have to do some finishing work on it but nothing i couldn't do in an evening. meanwhile i'm also working on the second of the the four areas. i really love the puzzle concept for this, but i'm a little bit concerned how it'll turn out in-game because how godfuck many events i have to use (as usual). the groundwork is laid for the puzzle (and that's always the hardest part) so i'm currently making graphics for this area and filling in the map. marcello has graduated from USUM content and is now picking up where i left off with the AI. we're starting with making some utility methods so that enemy trainers generally know when it'll be a good idea to change a field or player's ability for the sake of just getting rid of a good one. animations are a bit of a slow burn right now but they do, nonetheless, burn. about 60 animations remain to be completed for gens 1-6. more than 50 of those are already in some kind of progress. although gen 7 remains, and these last few animations may take a solid amount of time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel~ although you know what (hey ame, maybe actually mention the important thing here, duh-doy), now that i mention the animators we are actually looking to bring one more person to help out with finishing out the work. sooo this is absolutely not planned at all but if you are a person who might be interested in helping out then please shoot me one (1) PM and tell me some things: do you have any experience with: animating in general specifically pokemon essentials' animation editor graphics gale (just the program is fine, even if you're not a great spriter) sound editing what kind of time commitment can you make the project, per week? what other responsibilities do you have that might interfere? how are you with handling criticism and feedback? why do you want to work on the project? other details: experience is not necessary but will be strongly preferred since we're on the tail end of this. the actual time required is not set but varies based on the volume of animations being handled at a time. i'll typically expect something around five hours per week. the most important things for this are reliability and responsiveness to feedback. creativity and vision is never a bad thing either. even if you don't have RMXP or are not familiar with its animation editor, it's cool. we can teach you if selected. only one person will be chosen but i'll eventually respond to everyone who applies. also my base speed is like, 2 so pls under the stand if i'm a slow sweet i hope there's no flaws in this plan i just made, how about a cut off date? yeah, cut off date sounds good. cut off date is saturday. whatever date that is. 2/17. i'll take applications until then this has been yet another incredibly deliberate post by yours truly, thank you for reading and for anyone who may offer to help~
  8. So we've had this going on in the ace forum for a while, and it has been 50+ pages of famously successful And I see no problem with bringing a public version out to play. It really isn't a terribly lofty topic, just a little place for your feels. For example (I remembered the one that I had forgotten earlier!) >that feel when finding fresh water in your daily life actually becomes a concern ^ true story
  9. finally done with the series~ thanks to everyone who's watched!

    1. FairFamily


      Thank you for uploading these videos. It was really enjoyable.

  10. Suggest an Avatar!

    this is among the worst things i have ever been tagged in.
  11. what do you mean i wasnt supposed to kill myself.....

  12. B A D E N D

    1. Caimie


      I love danganronpa!! Going to be a fun watch :)


    2. FairFamily


      I'm surprised that a game this linear has a branching story. Especially since the mechanics punish trying to branch out. Seems like flawed design.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trQaiqzh5D8 truth is stranger than fiction... but substantially less existent.

  14. 'trapped like a rat' is an understatement for this situation. not to mention mean to rats.

  15. when ur bladder gets u busted

  16. do you want to load a previously saved class trial?

    1. Sayia


      I like the way you model your voice by pretending to be other characters ;)

    2. Amine Chankey3ft7
  17. having a conscience confirmed to make you boring as hecc.

    1. Josef


      "Having a conscience means you often get punished twice. By yourself and others. But not having a conscience means, that you already are punished even more." -Erhard Blanck

  18. dawn of the final day... literally no hours remain, oops.

  19. So, older users may be familiar with our warning and punishment system. For a refresher, here's what that looked like previously: Perhaps you see the inherent problem already-- most of these are still geared towards Showdown and Ace Membership, which have respectively fallen out of use and fallen out of existence. Therefore, effective as of the post, we have decided to update the warning point thresholds and consequences. The new list is as follows: These may seem quite a bit stricter, but it is worth noting that very few users ever get to even 3 warning points at a time even on the old system, so it is not likely to affect many people. In addition, we haven't been satisfied with some of the persistent negativity that has lingered in the community lately, and it is our hope that these changes will enable us to address those problems much more quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, we are also cutting the Advertising warning penalty from 4 points to 1. Previously that warning was intended to handle not only spambots, but users who would advertise other showdown servers on our own. Since showdown is no longer such a concern and that doesn't tend to happen on Discord, we no longer need such a steep toll on this warning, and will just handle spambots separately. This warning then becomes reserved for any users who links to a site with intent to require the user to pay, register or subscribe to their services, such as other forums, twitch streams, etc. In order to post these links users should check in with and get approval from a staff member first. That approval should be given to any user who shows a genuine intention or effort to contribute positively to the community, which in most cases means it will be allowed without much question. Checking in still important though. okay that's it for icky business and discipline stuff. please all have a nice day~
  20. all i want is for another perfectly pure and kind-hearted character to be irreparably tainted with despair. is that so bad?

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    2. DreamblitzX


      *adds salt to pure water*

    3. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      You seem so sure that water was truly pure though?

    4. Candy


      Ultra filtered deionized water? Me thinks it's very pure. But if it's about humans perhaps one needs corruptibility which is not a "pure" trait.

  21. slAIn

    you know that feeling when you finally pay of your mortgage and you finally know that not only is your home your own from then on but you don't have to worry about making the house payments each month anymore? of course you fucking don't because most baby boomers aren't even to that point yet and millennials barely even stand a goddamn chance at step 1 or for that matter affording their own apartment nor will we ever in our lifetimes the way things are currently going but that's the kind of feeling i have right now. sort of. i think about certain aspects of making games as taking on a "development debt". I could make the game from start to finish much quicker if i disregarded everything like animations or adding new gens or rebuilding the AI, but I choose to do those things to make the game better. in return, I accept a certain amount of development debt that must be worked out of before the game can be considered finished. and that's pretty stressful. it feels bad to not be able to put time towards making the kind of progress that i care about the most-- which is of course the main gameplay and story. so, although i still have a significant amount of debt to pay off in the form of finishing animations and the new gen, I'm happy to say that I can at least put the AI behind me. mostly. i mean i know it'll still take forever to test and debug and amend and yaddayadda but making fixes to something is much easier making something from scratch (or from the ashes of a previously ineffective AI system) and also i know that the AI is only planned and not actually implemented as of now buuuuuuuut thanks to the beautiful soul known as the cellist, that's all that i really have to worry about. which means i am freeeeeeeee from AI. except fixes and updates to E17's parts but again, who caressss about that i'll do it later. so! what's next? normally i would now turn my attention to the USUM sprites so that we can get our final new-gen debt all safely tucked away too. would feel good. i prioritized that last episode as well and there are really only a handful of sprites to handle this time, so that's nice too. alas, i am not going to do that yet. first, i will get started on the mapping. the first main area of E18 will take a bit of time on the other mapper's parts again, so I'd like to hurry and get it set, so I can pass it off to them and then, while everyone is occupied, I can take out the sprites. as you can see on the scoreboard i've already started that in fact, sooooooooooo really i just get to do part of the funner stuff a bit early... sweet stuff imo.
  22. slAIn

    no plans for such. i wouldn't want normal trainers to have legends anyway, cheapens their rarity so that was definitely meant to say first area of E18, whoops. but for 17 it was desert, yeah. like fuck are we re-doing that, no way if anything i'd probably just post them here or something cuz so few
  23. Modernizing the Warning System

    They'll only apply as new warnings come in.
  24. megaman vs monokuma, round one!

  25. Eeveelution Hurt/heal

    rest assured, no matter how awful my memory may be... this will not be forgotten.