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  1. nononononoNONONONON stopstop dont do this nononono

  2. Did something happen to your save file and you can't progress anymore! If your game is frozen or stuck, post it here and one of our saintly helpers will surely fix you up in a few days! It's easy! Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  3.  you mean we just gonna overlook that gaping flaw???? nonono stop that

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    2. FairFamily



      Pretty sure the showers where in the dorm room. So yeah. My best explenation is that they meant that from the moments she was in he dorm are during nighttime but not all the night time.

    3. Amethyst


      the truth bullet has lied to me............i feel so betrayed.............................

    4. keyblade336
  4. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    but he wouldn't really want to... ^~^ ..r...r-right??
  5. i mean they're basically the same pokemon anyway im not going to exclude a form because it would make other forms irrelevant. there's plenty of other examples of that anyhow. i would however exclude a form because it's based directly on a character that does not exist in reborn.
  6. being only from a gamefreak event is heckin' dumb imo duskroc deserves a chance...................................
  7. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    this is an old story, but when i started this incarnation of the site it was meant to be very temporary. BW was announced but not out yet, and so i put up with the intent of running the league and just tiding people over only until the new games came out. that would've only been like a number of month period back in 2010. it was never meant to go this far thank you all so much for being here and being a part of this with me through everything <3
  8. she solemnly swears she's up to some gay shit.

    and good on her for it.

  9. yes please dragonair so pretty dragonite is ok but its not pretty orange barney give me this i need it
  10. E17 Redone Intro

    Seems to still be there... for me it is? Is it not working for others?
  11. So we've had this going on in the ace forum for a while, and it has been 50+ pages of famously successful And I see no problem with bringing a public version out to play. It really isn't a terribly lofty topic, just a little place for your feels. For example (I remembered the one that I had forgotten earlier!) >that feel when finding fresh water in your daily life actually becomes a concern ^ true story
  12. hi! i'll get right to the point since you already have an idea of what's up from the topic title. after various discussions of how we should handle things like Ace Membership and the EXP system, we've decided to put of them to rest. Since it was created, the EXP system never really lived up to its potential. a lot of that is on us as staff for not more actively rewarding participation but it's possible the system was impractical in the first place. further complicating this is the fact that the plug in we were using to support this system broke as of the site update a few months ago, making it even more inconvenient. we've talked about many ways to revise the EXP system, but in the end, nothing was agreed upon as being effective enough without unreasonably higher amounts of both staff and member participation. as for the ace system, while we did explore alternatives to earning it since the proverbial doors have been closed last december, the conclusion we arrived at was that the status was no longer necessary. the original goal of the ace forum and membership was to create a sense of subcommunity for veteran users in a site that has been quickly growing for a long time. other incentives, like showdown quirks, beta testing, and whatever else there was, were added later to give it more purpose. at this point, we have decided we use little by letting it go, since our need for subcommunity can be better met by a new feature. in essence, it is being replaced with something for all users. the keen user may already know just what that is from pecking around profiles and such on the site-- that's clubs! clubs are a new feature recently added to our software which allows forums to make their own groups, invite other users, schedule acitvities, and post topics to their own create forum areas. it's pretty nifty! there are several different types of clubs: public clubs can be accessed by anyone without joining, open clubs are visible and can be joined by anyone closed clubs can only be explored by members, and members must be approved by the leader and private clubs which are totally hidden except by joining through invitation with these new features, we're happy to turn control over your subcommunities and groups over to you all, and we're interested to see how you can use them! users will have free opportunity to create private clubs, but for all other types we will ask for promised participation of at least five total members. just like in anime! now you can live your japanese high school dreams through here. wait, that's just me?? al-all right... many of you, especially current Aces may be wondering what is going to be happening with beta testing if ace is going away. be not afeared-- current aces will be able to keep their testing status for future episodes as we will be moving beta activity to its own club. we will have a set number of slots which will probably increase with each episode. all existing aces will be the original club members, but only those who participate will remain for future tests. we will also accept applications from other users to occupy any free slots, however the application process is TBA. as a final note, please be advised that these changes will take effect after the Episode 17 beta, meaning nothing will be changing for the time being! clubs will be set to full access at the same time EXP and Ace membership is retired, which is with E17's community release. At that time the Ace member group will be removed, and its priveleges will be freely distributed to Member and Veteran users. That means more ability to do stuff for you guys! Since it is no longer relevant to EXP, the daily reputation caps will also be greatly boosted so you can freely rep each other away! If you have any questions about these upcoming changes, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, we'll see you with the community release in a few weeks!
  13. [E16] Azumarill base stats (error, not bug)

    fufufufu... soon my fairies shall rise... -- wait i guess that actually makes it weaker, huh. damnit. fixed for community release, ty
  14. [E16] Minor Errors

    cut-off post for beta
  15. [E16] Minor Errors

    This thread is for the collection of Minor Errors in E16, previously called Typos and Tile Errors. If you think you have a Minor Error, run down this quick list: If you do indeed have a minor error, please post it here. Keep the following in mind as you do: Thank you for taking the time to help keep us clean and organized!
  16. wishful thinking begins...

  17. is it a tell or is it bad writing??? find out next time~~~~~ 

    1. Alistair


      maybe iz a tell due to bad writing???

  18. Wallpaper Problem?

    it really only takes a second, no problem at all
  19. Wallpaper Problem?

    Fixed! I just had the file miss-named. Sorry for that!
  20. luna pokemon nicknames bug?

    This is intended. It used to work like you're intending but many people found that very frustrating, since they wouldn't know what to send out against her until they learned her team.
  21. nice of you to... drop in.

  22. Post-games

    before anything, please be assured that this topic is not about, and not likely to affect Reborn's post-game. much of that is already written as necessitated. whatever is said here, i've got 50 bajillion legendaries to account for because gamefreak won't fucking stop making them and some reason so there's really no getting around that. but this is not about that. my answer to the question is a definite 'no.' i can barely be counted upon to finish a game most of the time, let alone go above and beyond the call of duty black ops edition for post games. and if i do finish a game, even if it's a game i really enjoyed, i just. i do not care. i cannot care. even if i am having so much fun playing the main game and i think yeah, i'm gonna do all the post-game stuff!!! i just lose all motivation to play when i beat the main storyline. (it is especially silly when i sometimes stop playing games outright because i dont want them to be over yet because i was enjoying them so much. this is what post-game is for. still, she does not care.) cuz for me it's all about the story. that's my focus with games, i suppose. no story no life but i don't know if this is just me or if this is actually a more common sentiment. so. poll. do you care? or are there certain things that make you care? does it depend on the game? tell me your secrets.