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  1. hi so those of you who were here during E15/E16's development periods might remember the status thread from way back then one bit of feedback i heard with the new dev blog during E17 is it felt badsville to have a place to actually discuss development status updates since it was always cross-post or i mean where do you even talk about my throwaway taglines on the side widget nowhere, that's where well now here, that's where pretend that was really clever with the shifting space, it was definitely intentional, thanks and those of you who remember the status thread probably remember the fundamental problem with it-- that the actual discussions of the status updates was thrown offtrack and clouded out primarily by people contributing little more than a two word line about their excitement. mods had some fun corralling those ones. but that's not the worst thing. rather than saying 'dont do thing' im more of a fan of saying 'heres a place where it's fine to do thing' and although it's prooooobably still not exactly a good post if that's all you have to contribute, you know, do what you gotta do. but maybe try to have some actual discussion too, if you can find it in your heart of hearts. anyway, 4% hype or whatever. category rundown for the episode coming later idk
  2. Did something happen to your save file and you can't progress anymore! If your game is frozen or stuck, post it here and one of our saintly helpers will surely fix you up in a few days! It's easy! Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  3. hey guys! i know things are just getting started for this, but we're trying to do some kind of cultural festival gig for the summer social ... anyone wanna host some kind of event during the party? i know there's a lot of other people in the community who play and aren't in the club so it could be a good way to rope some of them in! i'm willing to do like a mystery gift or something for whoever wins if we do like a tournament, althouuuugh i can only cover NA :c what do y'all think?
  4. Amethyst

    Summer Social event

    hey y'all! despite it being a little dwindling in here, you guys are still one of the more active clubs... i was wondering if any of y'all might want to host some kind of event for the summer social ! we want to get at least a few clubs participating, and fire emblem certainly is popular... ...as for what the event would be, that's the toughie, huh? i don't suppose there's anything in particular going on in FEH is there? alternatively maybe it could be something involving roms/hacks/randomizers to get some people to play together? first and foremost though does anyone have interest in making something like this happen?
  5. hey guys! as notably the most popular club on the forum, i wanted to invite you all to do some kind of event for/during the summer social! i don't know if there's anything you guys had talked about for that, but maybe it could be like a wonder trade event or offering requests for users or some other kind of egg swap like at the winter party? if anyone is interested, let's see what we can make happen for the event! i'd really like to get some various clubs in on it and it would be great for this place to represent too!

    ITT ame talks about motivation, achieving your goals, and infanticide. 

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      I low-key expected Amethyst to shout "DO IT! JUST DO IT!" at the end of the video

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      homie if i gotta i ain' afraid to

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    The Life Sentence

    In a city like Reborn... crime never sleeps. And so can't we. It was a one of those summer nights when the sun set and forgot to take its swelter on with it. We was stewin' in the Main st office and the boys was all pinchin' their bridges tryna stamp out the stench of squalor that wafted up to badger us as if we coulda done something about it. I was consultin' the local desk fan when this broad strolls up to my desk, slams a fistful of documents down onto it, and looks me dead in the eyes. She says, "We need a lifetime warning point cap on Reborn." I look up. Her eyes is something fierce. Heavy. The lady means business. I didn't wanna give her none. I roll my cigar 'tween my finger tips and let dip into the ashtray. And you know what I said? I said That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. But nowadays, I look back on that night, when I couldn't tell which was stuffier-- the air or that dame. And I think, Damn, Reborn could really use a lifetime warning point cap. -- This is another post about the community's health and discipline. If that's not interesting to you, skip to the end for the TL;DR. When I talk about a "Lifetime warning point cap," what I mean is a significant change from the current warning/consequence system where warnings can count to a ban no matter how old they are. Right now, a user gets banned from the community if they reach 10 Warning Points at once. This has been a staple since the system was introduced. However, as any of you who have gotten a warning probably know, warning points fall off after a certain amount of time. This was a part of the system that was designed to let those users who would learn from their past mistakes and warnings fully recover from them provided they were on good behavior for such and such time. While this is a very forgiving system and I stand by its benefits, the truth is that unfortunately not every user is responsive to change or guidance, and the current warning structure is pretty notably inefficient at dealing with those cases. For people who's behavior does not improve, we tend to see one of two things happening: The user acquires some warning points but then leaves for an extended period of time on their own, coming back months later after the points have expired only to repeat the same thing The user hits the 7 WP threshold where they are mute and post-moderated for an extended period of time, but this inability to publicly comment prevents them from ever acquiring the last few points it would take for them to get banned, meaning the behavior repeats once the mute time (and thereby previous points) wear off. That second point in particular means that in most situations, unless a user is either a dickwad in DMs, or does enough dickly things in a short enough period of time that they jump straight from 6-10, it's almost theoretically impossible for a user to be banned under the current system. Indeed, the number of users who have ever reached 10 points to be banned can probably be counted on one's fingers. We've been going back and forth on the point of what to do about the effective inability to ban users for some time now. It's not that we have any particular desire to go off banning folks, but being able to do so at least in practical theory is a useful tool for us to keep the community tidy and kind. One of the solutions we have continually arrived at has been a rule that if a person acquires a certain number of points, expired or not, throughout their lifetime on Reborn, then they could be banned. This would mean that even if somebody is away or muted for long enough that all of their points fall off, we would still have a way to hold them accountable. For a long time I, and some others were against this kind of system because it put those who made positive changes to their behavior in some kind of jeopardy, or otherwise discouraged making those changes. However, after updating to a more stringent mute policy earlier this year, I've been really encouraged by the positive effects I've seen in the community following them, and I wanted to take action to make sure that these positive changes could last. So, the change is basically this: Whereas a user currently needs 10 active warning points to be banned, in the future a user will need to have gotten 10 non-etiquette warning points at any time in their account's history in order to be banned. Now I'll talk about that "non-etiquette" distinction. Most of the warnings we give out are just etiquette violations. That includes stuff like double posting, posting in the wrong section, off-topic posting, etc. This is normal keep-the-forum-organized stuff that most people, especially those not used to forums, sometimes forget. We aren't tryna hammer anyone for those, and we're also not trying to be too heavy-handed as a community. So, effective as of this post, all normal etiquette warnings have been changed to 0 points*. Further, past and future etiquette warnings will not contribute to the lifetime cap. In other words, you can't get banned for double posting or whatever. * The repeat offense variations, for after someone has already been asked to mind their posts and questions, do still have a 1 point value attached to it as previous. This means you can still get muted if you continue to do things like bump threads a lot or post irrelevant things in topics. However, even the repeat offense warnings don't contribute to the lifetime cap-- that is solely for temporary consequences. In other words, the only things that will contribute to the lifetime cap are things that fall in the realm of actually disrespecting others others or compromising the site's integrity as a community. For a full list of which warnings count as etiquette or otherwise, please see this updated warning list thread. For those of you with pasts more rocky than you might prefer, you might be wondering if you'll suddenly be banned because of how many warnings you have in the past. The answer is a solid no. This lifetime warning policy is manually considered, and we will only consider the total lifetime volume of warnings when an individual acquires a new non-etiquette warning point (also effective after this post.) This means that even if you have like, 83 old expired points right now, if you never get another one, then you're fine. please don't get another one. In the end, this change is only likely to expect a small handful of users, but I hope that it enables us to keep this a friendly and welcoming community far into the future. -- TL;DR: Users are now banned when reaching 10 lifetime non-etiquette warning points instead of 10 current warning points Etiquette warnings have been disarmed to 0 points No accounts will be considered for bans regardless of how many points they have, until another warning is received after this post. Thanks for listening. I always hope everyone can stay around for a long time and enjoy the site!
  8. Amethyst

    Favourite generation graphics?

    the Gen 3 style graphics are likely popular with fangames just cuz that's what's natively included with Pokemon Essentials I tend to appreciate the newest game's improved graphics a lot because the full 3d models of each Pokemon open doors for them to do a lot more with them. But more importantly, when I was a wee tyke and Pokemon Red and Blue was the hottest new thing, I really wanted some kind of fully immersive 3d Pokemon game. That sort of thing was impossibly far off from the 4-bit era of red and blue where colours didnt even exist yet, but now we're always getting closer and closer and that makes me pretty happy. As far as more traditional graphics go, I felt that PMD2 was pretty crisp. One thing I'm surprised by is that gen 4 is leading right now because I pretty distinctly dislike their graphical style. the pseudo-3d thing just makes everything look rough, the colours are bland, and almost everything looks like jelly or some kind of rounded down toy model set. These are very impression-based opinions... I'm sure that's far from actually the case, but that's the feeling I've always had of it. For fangames in particular it's awkward too because the changing 3d perspective makes it difficult to properly/cleanly rip graphics from it... 1x is great and all but at the point that you have to clean everything up like that, just make a custom 1x tileset imo.
  9. Amethyst

    Mew available according to pokedex

    what is this vitriol mega ray and hoopa aren't in any wild encounters, unlike mew, and even if they were, like, the dude found a cool thing, let him be excited !!! still a no though one has to cheat to see mew in their dex in the first place
  10. Amethyst

    [E17] Minor Errors

    This thread is for the collection of Minor Errors in E17. If you think you have a Minor Error, run down this quick list: If you do indeed have a minor error, please post it here. Keep the following in mind as you do: Thank you for taking the time to help keep us clean and organized!
  11. Amethyst

    Pokemon Reborn - Budew!

    it knows what it did that summer. ripped out my heart and stepped on it i gave it everything and it gave me nothing and sought me out to stamp its stubby misery right in my face so now two play at that game.
  12. Amethyst

    Pokemon Reborn - Budew!

    i refuse.
  13. Whats UP LADIES GENTZ AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL ALIENS we have EMOJIS on the forum now and if you dont think that i'm gonna spam these emojis at every chance i get then honey you've got a big storm comin' let's have a run down of the new features on the orum-- moji 4ever the search feature has been upgraded to not suck like before! i haven't fully explored the details yet but see for yourselves! reports can now be automatically hidden band together to defeat those nasty bots !!! but a brand new invisible captcha should make it so there's even fewer of those bots than ever before in the first place :ok_hand: announcements can now be dismissed at any time with a single click tell me to shut up apparently only 75 emoji are allowed in a post. i suppose i have been told to shut up. that's no fun. i'll see if i can fix that later. the forums have a new option to filter by tags. i don't really know why we didn't have this in the first place, but, you know, now we do. member cover photos can now be clicked on to see the full image twitch.tv now has embed support okay! please emote responsibly and enjoy the new update! hopefully some other things are looking more stable as well, but only time can tell~ :clock12: :open_mouth: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
  14. Amethyst

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    i summon saiya, in face up attack mode.
  15. Amethyst

    Pokemon Reborn - Budew!

    this very well may be the single worst thing i have ever had the dishonour of seeing posted on this, or any other site. the moment you clicked "submit reply," 51% shigeru miyamoto's capillaries committed spontaneous mass suicide gamefreak co's stock plummeted in what can only be assumed to be a dramatic interpretation of the US' 2008 financial recession somewhere, somehow, a 101% accuracy attack missed a target with -6 evasion. a budew, i'd wager. of all the horrors the internet has ever known, this, above rick astley and the plague of loss memes, above the likes of meatspin and lemon party, and certainly above the cthulian intranet mind control regime of 872 who's existence has been so thoroughly erased from history books that most humans don't believe such technology even existed back then despite the incident having resulted in the complete destruction of several world powers such as atlantis, lemuria and xanadu and the complete alteration of the human body to suddenly need to defecate in additional to the already miserable curse of urination, this is the worst thing that has ever happened. please rethink your life choices.
  16. Amethyst

    issue with reborn and rejuvenation, please help

    normally the save files would be saved in separate places like users/yourusername/saved games/pokemon reborn/game.rxdata and users/yourusername/saved games/pokemon rejuvenation/game.rxdata for whatever reason, both games are looking for the same place on your computer. it may not be possible to get your old rejuv save file back now, but this is a solvable problem. first, try creating the directories i listed above. then see if the games will properly make individual save files in their own locations. if that still fails, then you can still play separately, it'll just be a bit tedious. find wherever your game.rxdata file is located and just rename it to switch in and out the proper file for the game you want to play-- i.e if you want to play reborn then make sure your reborn save file is titled game.rxdata and the other one is titled something else such as game-rejuvenation.rxdata, and visa versa. edit: or just do what she said. that's cool too.
  17. Amethyst

    Scrolling the text to read abilities and moves

    this should be fixed if you just install the game's fonts, since that also formats that text size to fit these windows correctly there's a folder in the game download called fonts so you can either drag them into control panel/fonts or just double click them and hit install
  18. new spotlight video~ this time a cute story of love and regret, To the Moon


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      One of my favorite RPG Maker games. (Besides Reborn)


  19. Amethyst

    Guilty Pleasures

    was totally going to make a thread like this after a certain talk today and then i come and find sirius beat me to it, what is this psychicism, smh........ well, mine has to be that i really like being touched by others, like even just casually or platonically. it kind of sounds weird to say it or dwell on it, but after not really interacting with anyone IRL for so long, it just feels nice. often when it happens i just freeze up cuz i don't want it to stop but i also don't want to show i like it cuz lol that would be a little ;;; and i also always try to respect personal space so it's not something that would happen much anyway well at least not until past couple months, but still. enduring pattern.
  20. Amethyst

    Get off my Lawn

    hi welcome back jerbear!!!!!!! it's good to see you again for a few days!!!!!! oh hey super neat, i was trying out intermittent fasting like a year or two a ago and it was neat! i had been reconsidering it earlier today in fact, do you think it's made a noticeable difference for you? i only got away from it because i accepted that schedules are satan and i ain' about that time-sensitive lyfe
  21. Amethyst

    Happy to see the new 'train ticket' intro!

    set both to be safe the reason that happened is actually because of a bug resetting those variables from dismounting tauros's's's so it's still being set right at the start... it just gets overwritten
  22. Amethyst

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    i'm not dead on the outside
  23. uggggggggggggggh hi so it's been too long and there's a million reasons why updates haven't been consistent lately, from me going out of the country to my laptop being balls to coming back into a stressathon and fgjhlklklk so not much has happened, and it's possible there won't be much new development to report for a while longer yet, tl;dr still working on story stuff, and i actually don't want to update the scoreboard % for that until i finish because how to properly divide a scene, it's iffy. and also i had suddenly decided to add a handful of new maps and expand the episode's story a bit. anyway i can't really talk about storystuff cuz spoilers, but speaking of spoilers, i'll give you pinkest screenshot from the new content of 18: this is from the area i was eventing during march. that eventing is all done and it was a doozy, i ended up having to change the puzzle a handful of times and remove some elements from it because of the risk of lag and of players getting stuck. so that feels bad. but we made it. that was the hardest thing in the episode so the rest is just a matter of finding the time and focus i've so desperately lacked lately to actually do it which is not a chance my home life has recently afforded me but we've got some other past stuff i can share. i've been updating a few past things recently, such as the railnet puzzle. i was reviewing it last week and talking about the original concept for it-- that you would just ride the train under there through a collapsed wall to break out after connecting the track, rather than all this hand-wave "digital signal" junk. the reason i hadn't done that in the first place was because of not having a good way to animate the train moving around corners on the rails (you'll notice even in the scrapyard, trains never turn corners) so it didn't work with the puzzle concept. however, since E17 we now have plenty of train and train-interior accessories, so i realized that i could return to this original concept by having the player stay inside the train while it moves. so the core railnet puzzle is the same but the context and outcome of it is now different-- much better, and as originally intended. i guess the player learns how to hijack trains from charlotte or something. i also went back and touched up some other things recently, such as all of serra's graphics, and especially the mug. i'll post that here on before/after: yikes, by the way. how did i ever allow that old one. one last thing to post today since doing sidequests previously. this one goes out to all the folk still around from showdown and PO: because showdown may be dead, but clarice never will be. that's all i've got for today. hang tight through my inconsistency, everyone~
  24. can totally still add anything like that but i think more people than not were happy to see wynaut go
  25. me too dude @ eric text formatting button is restored, just had to remove other stuff to fit it again, wasn't actually sure how used it was but good to know now