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  1. help

    i cant tell you where to find it in rejuv, but i can tell you that you'll be happier before you do. save yourself while you still can.
  2. please please please its ok it can wait until after you your stardew valley becomes a stardid valley my schedules open mostly please
  3. UOdb2hU.png

    is this a selfy of you during your edgy rebellious teen phase?

  4. Server restarted; thank you for waiting!
  5. it's confusing but we can fix this! bi- = every two X. semi- = twice per x. bam bam done. idk how you've been merging updates but this is (more or less) confined to three maps or so so it shouldn't be too bad for you The Amplifiled Rock is a lot more thematic than Terrain Extender, and also more useful since it applies to Gravity + TR, so we'll be keeping it.
  6. Amethyst is now a noble!! :D 

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  7. hello! check that out! bi-weekly! what a concept! so my mapping is done, y'all. a glance to the right will show you that mapping on the whole is only at 85% but that remaining 15% is being taken care of by the generous mappers i introduced last time. they're so sweet. in my last post i mentioned i still had one more area to do-- and it is done. it was done in a 24 hour frenzy of motivation while listening to Melodrama on loop probably about fifty gabillion times. and it is great. its also gonna have a few hundred passability errors details. on the whole i really like how the new areas in E17 have come out. i hope you will all have as much fun exploring them as i did making them!* *this does not include the desert. although it had its moments, it was often not very fun to make. please have more fun exploring it than i did making it. please. also i would like to never see a sand tile again, js. anyway! we move into eventing next, but first we're making a pit-stop in the past. now that the desert map is done, i'll be redoing the intro. from day 1, i had wanted to show the player riding in through the desert on the train to grandview station, but as it turns out it's a little bit difficult to do that when you don't have a desert map to ride in on. therefore i'd planned for a long time to add that in when i did finally get tourmaline mapped. while i'm at it, i'm actually changing the intro completely (up to the point of station explosion). since it's literally the first part of the game and wouldn't be a spoiler, i will probably make and post a video of it when it is finished. the intro is not being accounted for in the eventing % though; it will be in the Misc Updates section, and is in fact the main item there. more soon. <3
  8. *more waves at screen from dunkin wifi*

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  9. Sorry, those rumors are bogus. I've never heard of Pokemon Reborn in my life. e17 won't take nearly as long as 16. i knew from day 1 that E16 would take for bloody ever cuz of city rebuild. it is an outlier and should not be counted. if either E17 or 18 take that long please lynch me. 19... could be painful due to post game '-'
  10. ohhhh yeahhh no that was 50% because the other 50% was probably for sidequest areas like the spring, but in most cases things like, the leftovers quest would be 5 or the klefki thing would be 5, etc deffo not 50 separate ones, yikearoni and cheese im not going to put anything story-necessary in sidequests, but it is an extra bonus that can be used to reward people so i like to use that.
  11. ... in the form of a trusty Ice Cream Sand Witch coming around to aid the Reborn community with her spellbinding sweetness. As one of the most active and most positive members for a long time, we feel that she's certainly earned the spot, and with the community always growing, there are certainly spots to be earned. Please give her a warm welcome (but not too warm! we don't want her to melt) and congratulations! All of the mods work hard to keep the community running clean and clear and I'm sure she'll do great along side them. For her first magic act* she'll be making some discord channels disappear! It's been announced on the discord server already but the PSO2, BotW, SuMo, SU and Redemption channels will all be merged/rotated out as necessary to keep our channel list clean and relevant. Those channels could make a reappearance when new content makes them relevant again, but for now they're the stars of the vanishing act. Additionally, the void has been marked as a NSFW for Discord's purposes meaning users now have to click an agreement in order to see it. Despite this, please remember that the actual rules of what's allowed in the void have not changed. It is an area that permits r7 content unlike other public channels but it is still not for posting outright porn. Tread in your glorious filth with caution. *ICSW may not actually be responsible for these but she's still a witch so like, pretend or something, ne? Until next time!
  12. haHA foiled again!!! ....just kidding, that's totally fair but i saw this topic by chance. tagging me in topics you guys want me to see is probably the best way to get my attention in the forum though. i dont spend as much time browsing these days. so side quests. firstly, ICSW is right, things like the shiny charm will not be permanently missabale, you'll just get them early. A lot of the early game sidequests have become the same way as of E16. police quest used to be the only way to get growlithe and it was missable after a point but now you can find them in the wild. the reward is still there in getting things early + more game content, but it doesn't have long term consequences to not do it. this is what i shoot for for sidequests. also what 50???? in E16??? no way. is there a list????? man i made the stuff and i'd struggle to believe it's that many ok so as for if i want a player to see it all or not-- sure. that'd be great. but i know many people dont care, and many people do care but cant be arsed to comb the gameworld to find everything, and many people who do care and do comb the gameworld still won't find everything. ....but that's not a bad thing, right? speaking as a player some of the things in games that have fascinated me the most haven't existed at all have been the things that are ridiculously esoteric or hard to find or that you'd think "there's no way this is going to lead to anything" but then it does lead to something and it's like woahh... so a lot of times when i'm thinking about what i want the player to experience i end up exploring those "there's no way" things and building on them to reward the players who do go out of their way to explore, or try different things, etc. i enjoy hearing about players who've spent hundreds hours on this game and then are reading and they're like "there's a what in chrysolia forest" because you know their world view just got shaken and they gonna be on their toes again for a while. in E16's case a lot of the sidequests were made with the intent of making sure there'd be enough to explore and discover in the new city to potentially last through the rest of the game in the early game it was about making the city feel lively in E17 it's about rewarding exploration and also somethings were just draw onto the map to begin with so i had to relaize them l o l but idk like different sidequests serve different purposes and im trying to leave options open to players while making sure that it feels like there's plenty to do also worth noting i dont generally think in terms of "at the end of the current episode"-- im looking more at how people will play through the game as a full. i imagine some people will do everything and others will strategize and find out what they need to do to get the things they want and go for it-- also why i've been packing multiple rewards into sidequests more and more lately so that the same game content can be valuable to more different players and not just whoever happens to want to use mega camerupt this is a very rambling post and sorry for that that's just where my mind is that rigght now but hopefully it can answer a ffew questions about how im looking at things
  13. The older development content should still be there at least for the people who want to read it but I don't think pushing out old things is so bad. Most people coming here will be looking to see the latest updates every time, and older development will be less and less relevant as time passes.
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  15. Let's bring this dev blog back to life. Remember when I was doing daily updates in the clusterfuck threads? Well, I've got the those going on elsewhere still, but that doesn't mean I need to keep you guys in the dark too. From now on my plan will be to collect and summarize the updates from there in weekly or semi-weekly posts here. This is suppose to be a dev blog after all, not just an announcement zone, so no point in keeping it hush hush for weeks at a time. That said, I actually do have an announcement today. Some number of weeks ago back in the droll march through Tourmaline's development, I realized that the mapping side of things has been reliably taking approximately way too fucking long. So I decided to get some help on it. I asked a couple of friends to take up some loose ends on the desert map, allowing me to go work on other areas in the mean time. And after clearing their trial by fire in Cliff Hell (seriously. you don't even know) I'm officially announcing them as part of the team. Please say hello to @JazzyFur and @Sazane! They'll be the project's new mappers and will allow me to move through making areas much quicker. With the desert finished per example already, they'll be starting on some of the other yet-unfinished-areas in E17 while I charge ahead to eventing and other horizons. They've already saved me a huge amount of time on Tourmaline, and I'm sure they'll continue to be invaluable. As for other goings-on, the only area I have left to map is one that I've been looking forward to for a long time, but I'll keep the details of that to myself for now... Just know that we are ever-quickening and closing into progress here. ^^