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  1. Is my soul clean Ame?

    1. Amethyst


      probably not, no. you're around here after all. 

    2. goldenchimchar


      Well, I've never killed anyone so...

  2. Nice Profile Picture!

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    2. Hycrox


      Memes are clean


      therefore my soul is clean now

    3. Another Retired Shipper
    4. ProjectIceman
  3. The server should be fixed now-- please let us know if you have any more issues. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. Pokemon Reborn's online server has been restarted and should now be functioning normally again!

    1. Kunikunatu


      yay! thanks!

  5. It isn't, but the answer's pretty much the same with that. I can keep it in mind. Does that exist in main series games now? I don't recall it and i'm not 100% sure how it would work
  6. In the progress bar stands ???% Ai updates? Is that bug or don't you know how far AI has progressed?

    1. Marcello


      AI is weird in that because of how expansive it is every time we make progress we have more ideas that could slow things down and everything needs to be just right to click into place. It's one of those things where nothing will work until the last minute and then everything works.

      Also exams so I've not been working on it as much as I'd like lately. But yeah, the ??? is purposeful.

    2. FairFamily


      Ty for the answer.

    3. Amethyst


      progress is just a social construct

  7. i hate permissions

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    2. Maelstrom


      Well sure, we all hate things that don't work out right... but what can you do about them?

    3. Amethyst


      nuke them from orbit

    4. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      No No ame, you are FAR too soft and lenient, you have to become the God/Goddess of Existance and erase what you hate from time and space so it never EVER existed or shall ever exist

  8. After receiving and reassessing a rather resilient romp of recommendations to retain a region on the forum for rousing refrain, Reborn's reconsidered a room for more remarkable recitation. But rather than reaffirm a rhetorical rally (which regrettably refuses rationality and reconciliation in favor of refutation and rivalry) we realized that we could reroute the request into a relatively rewarding rendition where residents are reassured and recompensed for rethinking their ramblings, be they resentments or reflections, for whoever's receptive. And so we relay Rant & Rapport, an area relegated to under General Discussion, where refugees of reality's reign can release and receive replies of relief and recommendation. Remember, in Rant & Rapport, respect rules the roost. Resistance may be reflexive, but retain reverence regardless, as R&R remains a place of revitalization and rebalance. (tl;dR it's a subform in general discussion for venting and emotional support) Remain regal, Reborn, and always reinforce reason and recovery!
  9. I want as many as possible. The font thing is a theory we looked into previously but testing same messages across different fonts actually has not proven that to be true :c
  10. i appreciate the last couple posts before for bringing it back to the thread since i don't think anyone was looking to get hung up on a detail like that :x anyway, it's this has always been a pleasure of mine, but it's always a little craycray to me that it's come to mean so many different things to many people. and i always enjoy hearing about them. i'm very glad that it was able to be a part of something to bring you back. <3 life gets better once you have autonomy. hang in there!! when you're an adult no one will tell you you cant just chill and play games all day. ...on a day off at least. ;;
  11. It won't be a priority but I'll note it down in case we have extra time for it.
  12. I finally got to reply to you! I don't have internet still, but don't worry, I just know we'll be able to talk again soon. 


    I miss you, Amu! Be comfy!

  13. Don't mind me. Just looking at your profile picture. Why does it look like you are staring at my soul? Lol

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    2. Amethyst


      your soul is a soft orange cream colour

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      If she could see through peoples' shoes, she could stare into their soles.

    4. ProjectIceman
  14. [13:13:31] ~AmethystBlack: don't let the bibs bite



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    2. Another Retired Shipper

      Another Retired Shipper

      I didn't know that bibs can use bite


    3. Amethyst


      I think it's pretty self-evident. ^~^

    4. Another Retired Shipper
  15. wait there are people who do milk first?? why???? it'll splash..... -2