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  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV9oRnKUU34&amp;t=1s


    (mii) ♡

    you should be able to hear audio

  2. Hallo lovelies! It is nearly that time of year again! Those of you who have been with us long enough to earn your Veteran tags know we've had a long standing tradition (going on seven years!) of holding two community-wide discord parties. It's been a few years too many before this one since I've been more directly involved in their organization, so I'm happy to jump back in and make a splash. As many of you know from earlier this year, our annual summer party has been rebranded to the Summer Social event... and the feeling we were left with after that one was that it had gone over quite well. So, we're giving a similar treatment to the timing and planning of this one was well. Ergo, we'll be reintroducing the annual holiday party as the Reborn Winter Revel! The Winter Revel will be held on December 22nd this year, from 2pm to 1am EST, or 7p to 6am GMT +1. Grab your coffee! Or egg nog. Or whatever it is you hooligans drink. This year's Winter Revel marks new beginnings through return to old traditions! Back in the wee days of 2007, Reborn was just a very teeny offshoot community from a place called MonkeyProductions, a now humble site that would appear all but dead to the untrained eye, but one that has maintained a legacy of winter events for well over a decade. Several of our Main Events this year are direct calls to my favorite activities from that old nest. Read on for descriptions of each one! Main Events Members of the Year This one might seem self explanatory, but MP always has a zany twist on it. Sure, there is the boring, plain old Member of the Year... But you'll also be voting on numerous other categories like Meme of the Year, and determining just once and for all just who the Smelliest Auth of the Year truly is. There will be dozens of categories so the playing field is large, varied, and a little bit out of control. The categories will be announced on 12/15, and voting will be open to all users on 12/21! The results will be announced throughout the party, complete with banners for each winner so stay tuned even after the ballots are in! Resolution Buddy Pairing Okay, so New Years' Resolutions aren't for everyone, and neither is this event. Nevertheless, the new year is a new opportunity for growth, and for those of us seeking to improve ourselves, there's no sense in passing it up. Still, isn't it unfortunate how few people actually stick to their resolutions? Too often they just fall by the wayside forgotten for all time. So we're trying to fix that. In this new event, we'll be asking for everyone's resolutions well in advance, and come the party, each person will be partnered up with a new pal and the intent to help keep each other on track for each other's goals through out the coming year! We'll open call for resolutions and partners on 12/18, and announce the pairings at the party based on who has the most compatible goals to help each other out. From there on out, the work is up to you, but at worst you make a friend, and at best you make strides together! Secret Cyber Santa An old tradition of our own that's fallen by the wayside in favor of more casual exchanges in the last few years... The Secret Cyber Santa is a chance for users to offer whatever they can give over the internet that might bring a smile to the faces of others. This could be some spritework, a drawing, a song, or whatever else one can work out to transfer through solely digital methods! Gift cards and other monetary things are allowed for the generous, but this is not expected to be a primarily financially-based event so set your budgets and expectations accordingly. Participants will prepare their gifts or plans therefore and come to the event where they'll then be paired up person by person to trade their items. It's okay to hold off on making a drawing, for instance, until hearing what the person you receive at the party actually wants as one! Just be sure to make it in good time afterwards and be considerate to everyone else's thoughts and energy! Lie Alive Snowdown This one is a totally brand new tournament event based on the famous 2-truths-1-lie get-to-know-each-other game... but this time we're taking the classic icebreaker to a breakout single elimination tournament! Your knowledge of others or your total anonymity could be your greatest weapons. Can you sift through the confusion, find the solution, and lie your way to the top of the chain and emerge the sole solstice survivor? A prize awaits whoever makes it to the end! Winter Wondertrade Another recurring ruse from previous parties, we'll be encouraging a wondertrade tirade all day long from everyone in the community and out of it! We'll kick things off with a full set of custom moveset event Pokemon, so trade in to trade out and get those Pokemon circulating! With all non-legendary Pokemon and then some now in the game there's no telling what you might get! Super Secret Santa This one's another leaf out of MP's book. It's always been a tight-knit community, and part of that has been thanks to the trust and generosity they show to each other each year through this event. The chief difference between this and the Secret Cyber Santa is that this one is on full stakes! Participants will be expected to spend their own money (suggested price range no more than $25 USD or ~ £/€20) and must be willing to share their addresses with the event coordinator, and whomever happens to be selected as their Santa. Because of the more delicate logistics of this scenario, we will be putting some limits on this event: Due to shipping costs, only users in the US and the EU will be accepted. We will be running one ring of the game in each of those two locations. To reduce risk of dropped gifts, only Veteran users on the forum may participate. We will be capping the entries at around 15 players for each region. Unlike Secret Cyber Santa, this will be taking place largely before the party, and throughout the party we'll encourage everyone who took part to take pictures of what they've gotten and share who gave it to them! But that means the timing beforehand is pretty tricky: A sign up thread will be posted on 11/23. Sign ups will be open for 5 days only! In order to sign up, all participants will need to provide their address and a wishlist to the event coordinator! On 11/28, Santas and Secrets will be assigned. Please don't dally in getting the gifts! You'll get your target's wishlist too so knowing what to get should be no trouble! As a recommendation, please have your gifts sent out by 12/7! We'll encourage you to provide shipping receipts to us just so there's no confusion about whether something was actually sent or not. Then on the party day, we can all share what we got! Provided everything has shipped in time. If anyone ends up not receiving a gift for some unholy reason-- don't worry-- we'll cover you. No Santa left behind. Game Room Taboo A new addition to Reborn's party game's repertoire from a twist on an old, classic game! Players will be given a keyword as well as a handful of no-good words, and have to make the other players guess their keyword in a limited amount of time without tripping over the no-good ones! If you're not careful, we might just eliminate words altogether. We'll have two showings for this game, one for the EU crew, and one for the NA. Queen's Game The Reborn Party staple, best described as Truth or Dare without the Dare! King's Game is making a permanent retirement from our official party game line ups, but this one is here to stay for the winter season. It's been run for years, and everyone who's played it knows-- what happens in Queens' Game stays in Queens' Game. ...Unless you use it as an edge over your opponent in Lie Alive, but hey, that's on y'all. Super Smash Ultimate Tournament The much-awaited game is coming out just a couple precious weeks before then, and thanks to the go-getterness of a certain Go-dot, we'll be wasting no time kicking up a tournament right on it! Dust off your mains or fire up your new picks, these melee match-ups promise to provide a top tier brawl to the bitter end! And the usual... Mafia, Hunger Games, Cards against Humanity and BGO are all fair game for any user who wants to rally the forces of darkness to them, and we'll have that Ring-Jinglin' Music going all the live long way. All in all we're looking to serve up an evening you won't want to miss out on! Whether you stay for the whole shebang or just a few hours, come by and say hi, or get your holly jolly smack down spirit on! It's all coming together on December 22nd!
  3. can sans undertale be my fire emblem rep of choice? i dont think anyone i reallllllllly care about that much has any chance of being popular enough to make it in (i'd say camilla but lol wyverns in smash....) so i'll just back cass up for lyn.
  4. Amethyst

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    i refuse. but in a shocking turn of events ame will predict noobly
  5. Amethyst

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    what's up it's an ame here also wtf is the font doing ??? i guess we subscript now we also ame what up cass a winner cuz she the best cool solviera next ok
  6. what's up guys! bit of a late start but we've got our annual spooky halloween stream going, this year is Faust's Alptraum! we'll be going for a while, so come hang out! 

  7. Hey Amethyst, I sent you a PM. I used to be known as something entirely different. XX 

  8. hi my mom's in a coma or something. not really but like basically. let's go. save her or something idk what this game is but its probably spoopy,

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    2. Amethyst


      i didnt realize it would cut off like that, i'm sorry guys;; 

      i was just in a rush and that was the only thing i knew about the game so i copypasted that a few places without realizing the clip

      i am really sorry for worrying anyone, it wasn't my intention

    3. CrossImpact


      ...meanwhile questionmarks why one would think you would just casually say that about your mom in a stream announcement

    4. Candy


      No no, when you see this post on the forums main page, it cleverly cuts out the stuff that implies it's a stream lol so yah, it does the job of a click bait quite well 😂

  9. Hey Ame would it be possible in future updates of the game to have the option to create our own sprite for the game so when we start up a new game we have an option to use our custom sprites as well as the option to use the character sprites currently ingame?

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    2. Candy


      ^tru that. I wonder how Insurgence manage to have some degree of customization 🤔

    3. DreamblitzX


      They have a sort of generic 'base sprite' and then layer the hair/clothes/hat on top. was kinda buggy overall

    4. Amethyst


      the outfit system was included in essentials after we started developing the game so we didn't work with it out the gate like they did. that said, bugs are yikes and there are some other factors i think insurgence doesn't have like tauros. it's just... messy and impractical.

      but yeah, replacing the physical sprites is pretty much the way to go. like a personal mod.

  10. today we’re streaming detention! but geez, who’d have thought the teachers would let us film through that? what do you mean they’re probably dead or something?


    1. Amethyst


      this is such a jam, the end of it especially

  12. i dont remember what this game is but that's ok cuz neither does the protagonist. we're stream Alicemare!


  13. i've slept two hours, so obviously gotta stream, time to purify the world, we're playing OFF!


    1. DreamblitzX


      thanks for the fun strem