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  1. nononononoNONONONON stopstop dont do this nononono

  2. Sorree for being out so long busy. Am back nao. *wavewavewave*

    1. Amethyst


      it's okay! welcome back! hope everything's all right

    2. Sweet Power Baby

      Sweet Power Baby

      I did reply to you, btw. You can see it when you have tiem.


  3.  you mean we just gonna overlook that gaping flaw???? nonono stop that

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    2. FairFamily



      Pretty sure the showers where in the dorm room. So yeah. My best explenation is that they meant that from the moments she was in he dorm are during nighttime but not all the night time.

    3. Amethyst


      the truth bullet has lied to me............i feel so betrayed.............................

    4. keyblade336
  4. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    but he wouldn't really want to... ^~^ ..r...r-right??
  5. i mean they're basically the same pokemon anyway im not going to exclude a form because it would make other forms irrelevant. there's plenty of other examples of that anyhow. i would however exclude a form because it's based directly on a character that does not exist in reborn.
  6. being only from a gamefreak event is heckin' dumb imo duskroc deserves a chance...................................
  7. Pokemon Reborn 30000 Members

    this is an old story, but when i started this incarnation of the site it was meant to be very temporary. BW was announced but not out yet, and so i put up with the intent of running the league and just tiding people over only until the new games came out. that would've only been like a number of month period back in 2010. it was never meant to go this far thank you all so much for being here and being a part of this with me through everything <3
  8. she solemnly swears she's up to some gay shit.

    and good on her for it.

  9. yes please dragonair so pretty dragonite is ok but its not pretty orange barney give me this i need it
  10. E17 Redone Intro

    Seems to still be there... for me it is? Is it not working for others?
  11. [E16] Azumarill base stats (error, not bug)

    fufufufu... soon my fairies shall rise... -- wait i guess that actually makes it weaker, huh. damnit. fixed for community release, ty
  12. [E16] Minor Errors

    cut-off post for beta
  13. wishful thinking begins...