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  1. Amethyst

    [E18] Minor Errors

    This thread is for errors in the game; the forum spambots are annoying but for that just use the report post function please~ Marker post
  2. Amethyst

    [Fixed] E18c Ally Inactivity

    It's an issue with Hi Jump Kick specifically used by allies. Has already been fixed, ty for the thorougness tho~
  3. Hey amethyst, I was wondering about how to download episode 18 of pokemon reborn so that way I can continue the damn story, but episode 18 is not on the download page. Is it not public yet, or is there another place where I can download it from? Cuz I have no clue what to do.

    1. Zargerth


      DL links are on the first page, first post


    2. Baezel


      Thank you kind sir. I appreciate this very much.

  4. Hi Amethyst, loving your game ever since episode 16... um got something you might wanna fix in episode 18... I mean it's nice that Ivysaur is easy mode but it does hinder grinding...hahaha, thanks for reborn best pokemon game ever looking forward to episode 19!!! :]

    whoops bug.PNG

    1. DreamblitzX


      Don't worry, this should be fixed for the public release coming soon haha

    2. AceyJustaNotherSubstitute


      awesome 😜 thanks for replying!

  5. Amethyst

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    megas are in your heart. but not mine. sometimes. jolteon is too pointy to get a bonus point. also i dont have foresight. that move weak aff bruhh 2nd gen added to the first post thanks for being patient everyone i may be capricious but i feel determined to give every pokemon the proper cuddle assessment it deserves
  6. until she gets bored or distracted Bulbasaur- soft determined boy bulb makes ok pillow but kinda smells woodsy 6/10 Ivysaur- like bulba but cant use bulb as pillow anymore cuz dont wanna hurt bud but it smells better 4/10 Venusaur- wont fit in bed but probably could sleep on top, awkward to bend around stem, bark would be rough, flower aroma is soothing tho 5/10 but the other 5/10 that wasn't used in bulbasaur's 5/10 Charmander- a good boy open to cuddles but gotta be careful about tail, 3-7/10 depending on how much you move around Charmeleon- charmander but anglier still prone to burning and gets made easily 2/10 Charizard- can hold in front and is big enough to safely put tail far away to not burn stuff 6/10 Squirtle- bundle sized but hard shell not too comfy 5/10 Wartortle- squirtly but not as bundle sized but also fluffy tail and ears so its ok 6/10 Blastoise- too heavy for most beds, could sleep on top of it somehow but shell is hard probably want pillow and be care of angle 3/10 Caterpie- friendly snugglebug but so small it cuddles you more than you cuddle it please dont crush it 3/10 Metapod- pointyboi don't interact but could be held easily i guess 2/10 Butterfree- emotionally available for cuddles but be careful with the things, maybe some solid motivational face-rubbing at most 3/10 Weedle- not only its it liable to be crushed but it will also kill you if you touch it wrong 0/10 Kakuna- metapod but less pointy so that's good but awkward shape to hold so that's bad also did you know the shell heats up a lot ??? i didnt shell trap where 1/10 Beedrill- regrets waiting to happen, by the way have you ever touched a wasp i mean like a real one because even the non-stinger parts hurt to touch i had wasps in my pants a few times and let me tell you i dont recommend the experience -4/10 Pidgey- small birb can be cuddle but too small so must be careful 3/10 Pidgeotto- bigstronk enough to hold now but becareful of claws ok 5/10 Pidgeot- claws more withdrawn now ready for cuddling 7/10 Rattata- maybe runs on your shoulder and nuzzles your or something but too small to cuddle properly 2/10 Raticate- now big and fluffy enough for good cuddling tail's a little weird, but pokedex says no matter what if you touch its whiskers itll bite you so uh maybe dont 3/10 Spearow- less soft pidgey 2/10 Fearow- awkward shape to hold, talons, what is its neck doin, get poked by beak, 1/10 Ekans- slliterboi coils up or wraps itself around things to sleep, excellent snuggle companion if it's not squisho'd, lovs tha heat 8/10 Arbok- ekans but stronger, in fact too strong couldn't get out from in it if you really needed to buy still a good boi 7/10 Pikachu- easy carry size, proper cuddling demonstrated in anime time and time again, but lil small, must be careful for static 7/10 Raichu- pikachu but bigger and softer, should be series mascot instead of piachu 8/10 Bonus: A-Raichu- even softer boi, no sharp edges, probably smells good too since its made out of pancakes, 9/10 Sandshrew-firm but easy size, no danger of hurting it, might be dirty from digging tho, balling up is ok too 5/10 Bonus: A-Sandshrew- cant roll up any more but likes to cling, mayb a lil cold but shell is actually steel not ice so ok 6/10 Sandslash- evolutionary adaptations make cuddling dangerous, do not attempt, but friendly anyway so 2/10 Bonus: A-Sandslash- even pointier and bigger points cool to touch tho 1/10 in winter 3/10 in summer Nidoran-f- cute but covered in points, even single prick can be fatal says dex, better not risk, 2/10 Nidorina- now can tuck its barbs away to avoid hurting friends, lady is ready for cuddling 7/10 Nidoqueen- unclear if barbs still disappear but none on front, could probably give great hugs but also many scales 6/10 Nidoran-m- less fatal but more pointy than female, 3/10 Nidorino- no mention of hiding points, also they very hard, many sharp, not as cute as first stage, 1/10 Nidoking- destructo-hugs, no points on front so more wokrable than pre-evos tho, maybe less armor than nidoqueen? 6/10 Clefairy- delightful star child literally made for cuddling 9/10 Clefable- still made for cuddling but careful of wings, they look sturdy tho. has really sensitive hearing so if you fall asleep and snore it'll hate you 8/10 Vulpix- soft warm bundle of joy depends on love to grow right must be cuddled amply, but careful for tangling the tail 9/10 Bonus: A-Vulpix- incredibly cute pokemon moving at adorably fast temperatures, cooler to touch but less prone to tangling 9/10 Ninetales- many soft precious warm tale smart girl understand speech perf can have relaxing heart-to-heart chats mid cuddle nine tails means nine times the cuddle 13/10 Bonus: A-Ninetales- calm elegant freind not as warm as original form but that's ok because it's really just that pretty so still worth 13.2/10 Jigglypuff- soft puffball is ideal form for cuddling, maybe the best thing it can be used for tbh, size and roundness is a little awkward to hold, will draw on you if you sleep 7/10 10/10 if you have insomnia Wigglytuff- squishy balloon friend puffs up as much as you want pokedex even says feels great to hold in your arms ideal cuddling companion 10/10 Zubat- small delicate bat friend cant cuddle well but does need warmth, tuck it under your jacket during the day 2/10 Golbat- you could fall into its mouth its so big 0/10 Oddish- its two inches tall not really but how you gonna cuddle this thing 3/10 Gloom- too lost in its own stench to care about cuddling, also smells really bad, dont cuddle this or you will smell bad too and be sticky ew 1/10 Vileplume- would be ok to cuddle but releases pollen everywhere, horrible allergy attacks and you'll be covered in the stuff yikes bro 3/10 Paras- dying mushbug probably need some support and love but how to cuddle without hurting it or knocking the mushrooms off idk 2/10 Parasect- literal zombie, it's already dead, would you cuddle a mushroom animating a corpse? no. 0/10 Venonat- looks cute but hair is stiff and coated in poison, maybe try once but never again 3/10 Venomoth- covered in poison that causes paralysis, cute bug but better not 2/10 Diglett- bro what ???/10 Dugtrio- bros what (???/10)x3 Meowth- literal housecat, curls up into a cute, alola form loves attention, no drawbacks sighted beyond size 7/10 Persian- very smooth coat, huggable size, temperamental though may not stick around for cuddles long 7/10 Psyduck- hold it to keep it out of trouble and ease its pain; be disappointed when it causes trouble anyway, 6/10 Golduck- looks like it could be given a hearty squeeze and be okay with it, careful for claws (?is that what theyare) 7/10 Mankey- fuzzy boy looks good and gets lonely cuz it chases others off being mad, but it might get mad, idk 5/10 Primeape- still fluffybut has problems. might sleep-chase you by default cuz angry when sleep. risky 4/10 Growlithe- wonderful cuddlepup loyal and friendly 9/10 Arcanine- wonderful cuddlepup in BIG flavor, very warm fluff sleep against it or on it hug it while riding many versatile options 11/10 Poliwag- delicate waterbean, cant do much even walk sometimes, probably not good on land for much but cuddling but be careful, 4/10 Poliwhirl- soft and bulky but skin is always wet/oily, weird, probably not good for you 2/10 Poliwrath- literally made of muscle, probably still wet too ummm some people might be into that but 2/10 Abra- excellent sleeper 18 hours a day also hey where did your abra go too bad dude its gone now 3/10 Kadabra- doesnt seem like cuddle type, also causes headaches when nearby, just like your mom 1/10 Alakazam- literal supercomputer. would you use a computer for cuddling ??? maybe. 2/10 Machop- young muscle man needs love and support too but what is its skins texture ???? 5/10 Machoke- https://pics.me.me/sleeping-with-your-pikachu-cute-sleeping-with-your-machoke-weird-6573970.png machoke just wants to cuddle 7/10 Machamp- despite me supporting machoke, Ride Pokemon Machamp was incredibly awkward and i hope to never relive that experience, 2/10 unless you just really like muscle or something Bellsprout- probably can't hurt it no matter what unless you sit on its face or something but it barely has a body, how to cuddle ?? 2/10 Weepinbell- how do you hold this pokemon? pokedex says it oozesa protective fluid which is better than the alternative but also weird. at least it's trying? 4/10 Victreebel- if james' is any indication, 0/10. unless you're into vore. Tentacool- 99% water. 1% poison. just go swimming. 1/10 Tentacruel- I guess you could be wrapped up in its tentacles if you really trusted it or something. trying to stay innocent here. it's like a flexible blanket? 3/10 Geodude- it's a rock. arm-sized rock, granted, but please do not cuddle rocks. it will not end well for you. 1/10 Graveler- jagged rock. it's even more inconvenient than geodude. 0/10 Golem- smooth rock. that's better. this is the direct want to go. unfortunately, it is still a rock. 2/10 Pontya- young horse friend. we all know the fire stops burning people it likes. but can you cuddle a horse?? seems like fair challenge 5/10 Rapidash- google says you can cuddle horses. MLP fandom rejoice. but it's probably more like a hug/nuzzle. i'll give it to you though, 6/10 Slowpoke- probably would not notice you cuddling it until you were done. did it mind? probably not. good pillow. 7/10 Slowbro- bigger but now there's a giant Turbann in the way, seems point, maybe be careful but could hug it, 4/10 Magnemite- shocks when touching, also naturally defies gravity, seems like maybe have a hard time keeping it in place for little reward, 2/10 Magneton- easier to grab and hold to keep from floating off. it apparnetly dries moisture out so you might get thirsty. have a water bottle on hand to make this a solid 3/10. Farfetch'd- small leek bird can be held if the smell of leek doesn't bother you. 5/10 if you like leeks. Doduo- doesn't have much going forward, probably good hugs for compensation. doesn't have arms so it can't hug back though. 4/10 Dodrio- apparently thinks too much and goes comatose, maybe ok to cuddle while comatose if it likes that, could be nice for it to wake up to, otherwise could be scattered, 4/10 Seel- prefers to be cold rather than warm, cuddles might make it uncomfortable. cute even if one-sided, 6/10 Dewgong- has evolved into ideal cuddle friend, energetic in cold but doesn't seem to hate heat, also storing heat in itself so its probably very warm, 8/10 Grimer- hm. no. 0/10 Muk- "hm, no" but bigger. 0/10 Shellder- you can hold it but if it falls asleep it leaves its tongue out. it's just tongue and shell. why would you want that? 1/10 Cloyster- please do not cuddle this unless you like getting stabbed, 0/10 Gastly- can you even cuddle it? its made of gas. poison gas even. you probably shouldn't cuddle it 0/10 Haunter- pretty sure this one is tangible. jokester seems like he wouldn't mind a good hug now and then. might dematerialize and let you fall into an awkward position. 4/10 Gengar- wants companioship but steals heat. should probably stop stealing heat if it wants companionship. good for holding but then where is its mouth gonna be??? weird. 4/10 Onix- ekans made of geodude, only plus its big enough to just lay on i guess, 3/10 Drowzee- https://static1.fjcdn.com/comments/Mei+isnt+fat+or+chubby+you+piece+of+_5a7b3cd6a3b23b7447f437338ff1d80e.png 0/10 Hypno- will lick your dreams, please stay away 2/10 Krabby- will pinch and foam all over you, 1/10 Kingler- too hard and clawy for cuddling, could maybe give it a solid firm handshake if you were wearing a boxing glove though. or just hold the outside. yeah, do that. 2/10 Voltorb- technically cuddlable but static and explosions are high risk 3/10 Electrode- like voltorb but harder to get your arms around. at least it has a good smile. 2/10. Exeggcute- please do not cuddle a pile of eggs. that is weird. you don't get a score; they're eggs. Exeggutor- bark is probably pretty rough, seems sturdy but a head might fall off, not pleasant to wake up to, 4/10 Bonus: A-Exeggutor- ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Cubone- please cuddle cubone, it is very lonely and needs companionship and nurturing, bone is rough but that's a small price to pay for what it needs, 8/10 Marowak- still cuddlable and more sturdy, but less needy for it, so it's ok if you let it go a little bit. still, make sure it feels supported at all times. 6/10 Hitmonlee- seems ok. probably flexible enough to accomodate most positions. worst case maybe a little sweaty from training. 7/10. pokemon sweat, right? some of them? Hitmonchan- less accomodating shape, boxing gloves likely to get in the way. still a good boy but maybe give him space, 5/10 Lickitung- cute but the tongue is a HUGE problem. probably doesn't recoil when sleeping or cuddling, and makes things sticky and not good for your skin. tragic 3/10 Koffing- easy to hold and light, and the gass isn't fatal, but it does reek, cause sickness, and explodes. so maybe like, don't. 2/10 Weezing- more awkward shape, can't even hold it anymore :C 1/10 Rhyhorn- rockyboi isn't a good shape to cuddle in any kind of comfort, not his fault but jsut doesnt' work out, 3/10 points for trying Rhydon- rockyboi evolves into shape that can probably be hugged. he's going places. 6/10 Chansey- ideal cuddling shape, maybe a little tough to get your arms around tho, chansey understands and will bee your friend and support your cuddling endeavors anyway, 8/10 Tangela- surprisingly good, open to cuddles, tangel lives on within it. but if you have long hair or loose jewelry it's risky, gets tangeled in it. 7/10 if you have short hair. Kangaskhan- better from a distance, being too close to the Lad will make momma nervous. she's protective though, supports cuddling in theory just not with her, 3/10 Horsea- pocket seahorse very cute fits snuggly in your arms when held, not great out of water but it doesn't need to be, just cute, strong boy will be ok 7/10 Seadra- seahorse no longer pocket :c spines will poke you if held in arms and also poison. seadra is cool but evolution is tragedy for cuddle potential, 2/10 Goldeen- small, awkward out of water, beware of horn. but it would be ok with being cuddled. might even like it. on a good day. baka. 4/10 Seaking- all of goldnee's problems but with a bigger fish-to-horn ratio. this is an improvement. 5/10 Staryu- easily holdable, maybe difficult to express appreciation for it, but trust it does ok. not super soft though. probably gets heavy. 76 lbs oof. 4/10 Starmie- mayybe good to lean on at best. cant even be picked up anymore :C 176 lbs YIKES. but how would you even hold it. idk. 2/10 Mr.Mime- if you upset it it'll slap you. also, why would you cuddle this. don't trust this pokemon. 1/10 Scyther- hmmm body seems hard and sharp, probably would be risky, but i think it might appreciate it if it found a way. at the least give him a pat on the head for a solid day's work, 2/10 for good faith. Jynx- probably gets a higher score than anyone wants to admit. so i'll do us a favor and not. Electabuzz- static a risk but good sturdy fuzz body, probably great hugability. 7/10 Magmar- body temperature is 2200 degrees do NOT touch this pokemon 0/10 Pinsir- even if its body weren't probably some gross exoskeleton texture... the horns.... the mouth....... no...... 1/10 Tauros- ok. good for a solid nuzzle or two if close and calm. could probably fall asleep on or against it. 6/10 Magikarp- cold, scaley, flopflopflopflopflop, 1/10 Gyarados- cant fit in a bed but could be ok to fall asleep on top of, especially if in water. like a portable water bed. but circular. tubular. totally tubular dude. 4/10 Lapras- loves humans, loves holding them on shell, very soft pokemon, would nuzzle, shell has convenient handles, big enough for comfy room, can hold onto neck, great versatile cuddle design for a water type, 8/10 Ditto- how well do YOU cuddle? Eevee- literally incarnation of cute cuddliness. anyone who disagrees has no heart or is secretly a reptile. 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 Vaporeon- one of the best water types to cuddle, great size for portability, pillowing or snuggles. might dissolve into water as a prank but it's too cute to be mad at or take points off for it. strong friend. 11/10 Jolteon- though no fault of its own, regrettably the worst eevee, both in general and for cuddling, fur is to pointy to cuddle, is prone to shocking... poor thing deserves support and strong cuddle efforts anyway, 7/10 Flareon- the BEST eevee for cuddling. a lover before a fighter. Incredibly amounts of fluff, very warm fur little joy bundle absolutely deserves to be cuddled every second it wants to, will be your best friend in winter and also all other times, must be appreciated and loved even if it has a bad movepool, reigning cuddle champion, uncontested cuddleability, off the charts the likes of which have never been seen before, civilizations have been raised and broken on the cuddle capability of this pokemon, flareon is to be feared respected and loved at all times 29/10 Porygon- would you cuddle data? i'd cuddle data. i'd also cuddle flareon. this pokemon is next to flareon so it gets an extra point. but it has angles so it needs it. 6/10 Omanyte- looks innocuous enough. you probably would not an die from to cuddle it. probably. 5/10 Omastar- spiky friend might do you a die when to cuddle. also has some weird tentacle thing that you might not be into. or might. i won't judge. 3/10 Kabuto- no part of this pokemon will be enjoy able to cuddle. 2/10. only gets extra point because it's not kabutops Kabutops- no part of this pokemon will be enjoyable to cuddle, and also it will probably cut you on most of them. 1/10. Aerodactly- isnt its stoone skin rough?? i think it's rough. durable though. and big. sometimes. you could probably ride it but that's it, also has some points, claws, etc, 2/10 tops, -1 for poiny mega abrhaam l,incoln stones Snorlax- sleep on its tummy, ez game ez life, but be prepared to run if it rolls over, 7/10 Articuno- one of the MOSt cuddlable legendaries, big wings of cool protection are massive gains, fluffy chest iss trong asset, she is beauty in grace, and does a gentle balled up snzzzz use her tail as a blanket 8/10 Zapdos- electric types are determined to be made of pain zapdos is no exception, be careful 3/10 Moltres- would be very good if flames didn't hurt human skin, so must be very careful, might secretly want cuddles so we give it an extra point, 5/10 Dratini- sheds a lot so that's no good but when not shedding very soft, super adorable dragon noodle, please keep it close to you at ALL times. 8/10 Dragonair- extremely cuddlable, not as sheddy as dratini, with the extra flexibility and body to maximize cuddling surface area, exemplar among dragon types 10/10 Dragonite- soft round friend still maintans strong cuddling roots but wings sometimes get in the way. still gives fantastic hugs. 7.5/10 Mewtwo- physically cuddle-capable, angsty boy might need it but would never admit to it we'll say 0/10 for his ego but we know the truth. Mew- mewtwo wishes he could cuddle like this pokemon, light pixie cat won't stick around long enough to cuddle but it's quality over quantity babes 8/10 ##################################### Chikorita- little cuddle bean, vastly underrated pokemon maybe not a strong fighter but it is a STRONG partner! 8/100 Bayleef- MEDIUM cuddle bean, vastly underrated pokemon maybe not a stronf fighter but still mows you over with affection did you see ash's bayleef that boi cosplayyin' a bowling pin 7/10 losing point only cuz its smell makes people P E P P Y which menas you probably dont wanna cuddle you probably wanna run around and make some duumbtrick boi cosplay a bowling pin Meganium- fianlly meganium is the BEST at somet hing she is very cuddle big soft good smelling and the scent makes you refresh and calm emotions it is LITERALLY built for the purpose of cuddling fuck the haters meganium rule supreme pizz;a Cyndaquil- ok so youre an arm sized mouse that also firey when spook so like 7/10 for the handy sized mouse thing but -2 because like if a pot lid drops or something like i accidentally just did splashing vinegar everywhere oops then it'll be spook and it'll be third degree burna ndyore gonna need to put that vingear to work so 4/10 for how much vinegar on open wound stings Quilava- more inctrol cynda seems like it'd be a good shoulder buddy like a ferrit or a peacock that never leaves your shoulder but instead of spreading feathers it srreads fire or maybe both if you have a weird quilava 7/10 Typhlosion- he's an angry boy with angry fire, but when he's not angry he looks like he's at an ideal huggingable height, but he seems like the kinda guy who'd be like mommmm not in public so 5/10 Totodile- https://rewatchingpokemonblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/11/27-e1510669141408.jpg?w=640 he do a bite 2/10 Croconaw- HE DO A BITE but more control these time and has a better surface-area-to-spike ration so better to hug ifyou're careful so be careful 4/10 Feraligator- mostly deosnt seem given to cuddling but his name always reminds of me of fergalicous and fergie look like the kinda bitch who'd give a mean cuddle so 5/10 (*editors note i have no idea what fergie actually looks like nor do i know anything about her outside of the term 'fergalicious' ) Sentret- STRONG BOY ! is made of SOFT ! TAIL. the etail is a scarf. or pillow if you were suddenly horizontal. the sentret is like an airplane pillow. it flies if you throw it. 7/10 and lands with a -poosh- Furret- stoatly is a fun word to say. but it's not a stoat it's a ferret. but stoat's a fun word to say. and ferets are a tedium anyway, i had a feret once as a kid or technically two ferets so i guess i had a ferret twice at once as a kid but the problem is they always run around and steal stuff so like great for cuddling but hold your keys close and don't drift off, 6/10 also one of my ferret's names was cassadnra @andracass are you my ferret but she's probably dead now how long do you think ferrets live let's find out 6-10 years according to googl enad that was in 2003 so even if she was a young ferret which i she probably was not she would already be dead by now but idrk cuz it wasn't actually my ferret and i gott kickedo ut f that house anyway @andracassare you dead by now anyway 5/10 -1 point for being dead by now but actually i only just looked at the pokedex entries and apparently mom curls around young for sleep so really cuddle is survival mechanism that's a solid 8/10 from me bro but watch your keys it's liek a furryy klefki Hoothoot- cuddle package of owl , but when held in the arms the dangling foot is a little awkward, or feet i guess technically it has two but only uses one at any given time much like some politicans 7/10 Noctowl- big and floofy and 10/10 because ama will be very cross with me if i say anything bada bout a bird pokemon again Ledyba- little useless bug is cute and bite sized and needs to be a warm if you see a non-warm ledyba please do it an cuddle immediately 7/10it just cant offer much in return much like some politicians Ledian- little useless bug grew up and is now not-quite-big-but-not-as-little useless bug and it's not as cool so it doesnt need cuddles but like it can give them to you just you know if you want, it's not like it matters to it or anything but if you happent o want cuddles and its around or something you know maybe hit it up also it leaves a dust on you that gives you good luck so like this is the lucky ledian of cuddles if you touch this pokemon good things will happen to you but only if you post "love me lucky ledian of cuddles" in this topic 9/10 Spinarak- would oyu cuddle a spider? i would not cuddle a spider. in fact i would do a lot of things to not have to cuddle a spider. did you know that the average human cuddles 8 spiders each year in their lifetime? me neither. 1/8 Ariados- the spider is bigger but you still dont want to cuddle it. its horn is also bigger, you don't want to cuddle that either, but if you had to cuddle the spider, you might cuddle the horn to avoid having to cuddle the spider for longer. 2/10 Crobat- homie loved you so much he traded out his legs for wings so he can fly while he fly but that mean he can never do a sit so you gotta hold him tight so he don't gotta sit but it's cool cuz he's your brobat no cromo 8/10 evolve to cuddle you Chinchou- he seem soft and a little out of it, you could probabyl carry him around out of water so he dont have to flop, maybe makes a good pillow depending on sensitivty, i think he 7/10 Lanturn- even bigger softer and squishierwhich seems like a net gain but he's too big to carry around now it'd be awkward so maybe scoot on a bed wotih him or something and it'll be good idk, 6/10 but 9/10 if you need a nightlight Pichu- young one is still learning but NEEDS love and support and also has a lot of patient karma wrapped up from how mean everyone in the smash community is to it so please cuddle and it jsut bear with the shocks thanks 7/10 Cleffa- miniclefairy, great for kids but ultimately not as good as clefairy for anything else unless you are a kid, 6/10 Igglybuff- TOO round but VERY soft marshmallow body and also i've never wanted to sleep on marshamllows more why dont they make mattresses out of marshmallows or igglybuffs? 7/10 Togepi- literally fed by kindness and joy , if you don't cuddle or at least hold your togepi compassionately it WILL starve and die 9/10 for its own sake pay no attention to the egg shells Togetic- already evolved to love you and go from needing to be cuddled to just being really great to cuddle because it LOVES you so much , soft body and durable wings and will float in mid air anyway so you can never drop it even if you're heartless but it prefers kindheartedness anyway and what kind of cuddles aren't kindhearted 10/10 Natu- would rather hop on you than cuddle also has a killer stare too small to do much with 3/10 imo Xatu- it sees the past and future but not the present so it knows wheren you're going to cuddle it but not when you are cuddling it which makes for a rather one-sided show but at least it's bigger, 4/10 Mareep- YOURE A SHEEP. but it also do a shocky when touched so as fluffy as it iscannot be practically cuddled im sorry mareep 3/10 Flaaffy- what mareep should have been but started balding trying ot get there, it can contain its shocks now and its tail lights p if too charged so you at least have a warning, it's working on it keep it up sweety 7/10 Ampharos- he lose fluff but he big and soft and no more accidental shocky, trust him and he will protect you, 8/10 BUT 10/10 when the fluff comes back in mega Bellossom- gloom that statted into cuddling instead of battles, elegant friend will show you how cuddling is really done, if only it were bigger 7/10 Marill- portable life vest edition just hold onto it and itll all be ok, also works out of water, 7/10 Azumarill- can make air baloons so if it's balloonishness isn't good enough for you it got you covered, just wants you to be happy, has the girth to make it happen, frenly bunny rabbit /10 Sudowoodo- insert treehugger pun here, would be great at cuddling as long as you gently carress it and tell it its a good tree, 4/10 Politoed- he is secretly judgng you. look at his face. LOOK AT IT. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/a/a4/186Politoed.png/250px-186Politoed.png but he could be ucddled if you're fine with that and probably secretly wants to be 6/10 Hoppip- ltierally only good for cuddling, will blow away if you don't cuddle it so please hold it tight, but might blow away anyway so if you wake up and your hoppip is gone dont say i didnt warn you, 6/10 Skiploom- hoppip but less likely to blow away, also will measure your body temperature with disturbing dilligence, great for if you think you have a fever, 7/10 Jumpluff- the main body looks a little less soft but its developed cotton tufts to help, those are probably very soft but you'll wak eu p in a puddle of spores so maybe 6/10 Aipom- mediocre cuddles but GREAT high-5's, 5/10 Sunkern- only for children who can't be trusted with anything else, 3/10 Sunflora- loves the sun more than you, all or nothing depending on light, you have about a one hour window at sunrise/suunset at which poin thtis pokemon is a clean 7/10 but at all other times its a 2 Yanma- wings go crunch, could maybe land on your head or something but that's not really cuddling, 2/10 Wooper- SEEMS like a wonderful cuddle buddy, great body for it, super smooth and strong, football head prevents it from slipping through your ARMS but its covered in poison so like sucks bro why you gotta be like that 4/10 poison occasionally worth it Quagsire- very happy friend that does not give a shit about anything whatsoever. you can literally do anything to this pokemon and it will not mind, cuddle it however you like, you never have to worry about its comfort. no poison but it's still kinda cool/wet so if that doesn't bother you it's 10/10 otherwise maybe like a good 7 Espeon- l-listen espeon did nothing wrong,, i like the pokemon, a lot even, i just. have some issues with it, ......... stilla cute eevee so 10/10 for anyone who's not me Umbreon- glows at night so it might keep you up, sweat is poison so be careful if it's really warm, but it's really really cute and sturdy so don't let these things get in the way, 12/10 be brave Murkrow- NOT a cuddler, will flap away from you and then go nest in your hair and peck at your head 2/10 its still cute Slowking- turbann not as inconvenient as slow brow, nore as pointy, but he still hasnb't gotten pants. if that's ok with you.......... 7/10 Misdreavus- adorable bite-sized ghosty, great for cuddling as long as you DO NOT FALL ASLEEP with thi spokemon you WILL regret it at least three times, 8/10 Unown- its mostly eye so you'd probably hurt it. also its a letter. better go cuddle a dictionary instead. eat alphabet soup to make it scream. 1/10. might grant all your wishes but is it REALLY the unown you're cuddling then Wobbuffett- the uncooked tofu among meats of cuddling, it's there , you can use it, but there's nothing nothing interesting about it. maybe have to add spices in the forum extracuddular environmental obstacles. 4/10 Girafarig- responsible fellow, good for hugs from the front. not worth cuddling becauset he back will find a way to bite you, 4/10 Pineco- stop cuddling this shit (looking at you brock) 1/10 Forretress- you may now cuddle the pokemon, just gotta dodge a few knobs, but still not soft, 3/10 Dunsparce- a surprisingly good pillow, but not much use for anything else, much like some politicians. 4/10 Gligar- loves hugs, unfortunately loves them on your face, also poisonous, really awkward and needs to learn manners beore can be considered, much like some politicians. 2/10 Steelix- you can now lay on its head and it wont hurt you as much, has some nifty handlebars too, looking good, not a soft space by any m eans but might be good during summer whne blankets are made of fire , 3/10 Snubbull- w-who said you could c-c-c-cuddle me, b-baka!! it's not like i w-want your affection or anything...!!!! 6/10 Granbull- DONT judge this pokemon by its looks , she is STRONG and sENSITIVE and she will ABSOLUTELY cuddle you aLL day long and be GREAT at it GRANBULL DESERVES LOVE 9/10 face is still pointy Qwilfish- non-massochists dont interact -0/10 Scizor- unlike scyther it's not as pointy or fragile, steel isn't cozy but it smooth and strong. you can do whatever to this pokemon and its cool with it. but if you cuddle too much itll brag to all its friends about it and that's weird bro. 4/10 Shuckle- rnot very comfortable because it probably thinks hididng in its shell is the same as cuddling, much like some hikkikomori 3/10 Heracross- you dont cuddle heracross heracross cuddles YOU 8/10 some crazy good hugs Sneasel- pfft........ sneasle doesn't need cuddless.............. nothing personnel, kid........................................ (might snuggle if you tell no one) 3/10 Teddiursa- totally happy to cuddle but will try to get sweets out of it, if youre ok giving them to it then he an 8/10 Ursaring- very protective, big fluffy body, hard to go wrong, but he snores, LOUD, 8/10 Slugma- https://i.4pcdn.org/tg/1523134289945.gif 0/10 Magcargo- has developed some spots where you could maybe touch it witghout burnign your entire slefoff, but idk for sure, you try first 0.1/10 Swinub- covered in fur, so probably, ok, but do you know what s in side that fur ??????????? do you know where its been ???????????????????? no. you dont. 4/10 Piloswine- again, probably fine, but looks like a pile of dirt, it's fluff and warm, and a good size now, but i always get the feeling that if this pokemon fell over it wouldn't be able to get back up. would you? 6/10, bonus point for basically having pillow in the name Corsola- great friends, they're a little rough to hold or lay with because of how pointy they're heads are, but it wont leave lasting damage, and its heart is in the right place, so let's give it a 7/10 for the corsola's , ok? is that okay everyone? Remoraid- seems respectable at first but offers little inr eturn and will cling to you like a mantine, much like some hikkikomori/ 2/10 Octillery- surprisingly great, it's flexible, big, only drools ink on you occasionally, bt it likes hanging out in tight, constructed areas, a person with a tight sleep grip will make this pokemon happy, 7/10 Delibird- mixed bag-- no pun intended. it wont let go of its food so you gotta work around that, but if you dont mind eating in bed you'll always have a snack! 5/10 Mantine- use it as a blanket, nothign will go wrong, trust me i'm an expert, 6/10 Skarmory- its like sleeping with a bird made of swords. very risky. but also very badass. 7/10 but only for the very brave Houndour- 's a puppy. ok? you know what you do with puppies? you cuddle them. ok? we clear? we good? 7/10 Houndoom- it's. a. puppy. okay? you know what you do with puppies. you cuddle them. okay? we clear? we good? 8/10 because you even felt the need to ask. Kingdra- makes up for lost cuddle time as a seadra by becoming smooth friend again, now available for full body cuddling, much like some hikkikomori. 8/10 Phanpy- smooth, pure boy, he is great for cuddle, so sturdy you can't hurt him, 7/10 happy innocent and will always be that w-- Donphan- no longer smooth, pure or boy. no longer great for cuddle. he bumps all over. you can't hurt him and his hurns might hurt you. 2/10 Porygon2- angles are a social construct. the ideal porygon-cuddling form, it is impossible to hurt yourself on this pokemon unless you really try. and even then, who knows. go ahead. find out for yourself. i dare you. 7/10 still awkward shape Stantler- will hypnotize you into cuddling it. and never leaving. that's not kosher, brosher. 2/10 Smeargle- great for cuddles when it's exhausted its artistic inspriation, but will probably still get paint on you. 4/10 but 7/10 if you really just don't give a shit Tyrogue- too busy to training to cuddle until he's too exhausted. bumpy boi. idk just wait. 3/10 Hitmontop- listen, one of y'alls gonna have to be upside down. and it's gonna be weird. 2/10. Smoochum- no coddlles until it learns boundaries and consent 3/10 Elekid- decent cuddlebean shape but becareful around it because touching the wrong part will shock you. man,e lectric types just aren't good at this, huh. 5/10 Magby- body temp is already 1100 degrees. nope nope nope not unless you want to literally melt. 0/10 Miltank- will cuddel you and kick the ass of anybody who judges you for cuddling it. strong and beefy-- uh... non-literally, this time... i hope. she will look out for you always. 9/10 Blissey- miltank, but softer. and eggs instead of milk. either way vegans are displeased. 10/10 Raikou- finally, an electric type that can control when it shocks. cats are good, maybe doesnt stay in one place for long, 7/10 Entei- it IS papa. fluffy cloud dog will steal anyone you want to be happy. fall asleep on it sback or against it. you know what we do with puppies. papaies. it probably has a strong smell though, and the wings look sharp. 8/10 Suicune- pure soft friend, always feel a cool breeze when cuddling it, there are no unfriendly parts of this pokemon, fall asleep with it and you will wake up feeling better than eve rbefore, 10/10 Larvitar- what if a bean were actually a rock ??? 3/10 Pupitar- what are you going to do with this. it's hard in the front, pointed in the back, much like some politicians and hikkikomori 1/10 Tyranitar - not the cuddling type, but it will definitely hug you whenever you cry and then ask who did it and go beat them up.4/10 Lugia- really just wants the shit to stop. cuddle him, he;sg ood and soft and needs compaionship that won't kill each other, 8/10 Ho-oh- extremely soft but plays hard to get. you aren't allowed to touch it. but then you might wake up with it on top of you. mixed messages much honey? 4/10 Celebi- a great wonderful happy snugglebugfriend. rub cheeks and hold it hug it use it as a pillow whatever it's good for it, great pals, also the second you blink you'll be 20 years in the past but who cares about that, just keep cuddling!!!! 10/10 but the 10/10 from like ten bullet points ago ok thanks for coming to my ted talk i'll do next gen if i feel like it ever
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    [E18] Minor Errors

    marker post
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    2. Amethyst


      cuz i could.
      i can also get the E16 one up there, just need to make a few changes of it. it'd probably have to go over the green color option though because 6 backgrounds is the limit the skin is equipped for

      Could do like Red- 17

      Green- 16

      Purple- This one

      blue- ???????????????????

    3. Sennaton


      hey, I was wondering how to set up a server for online mode, wouldn't want to waste your resouces by using your servers XD

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      oops wrong space


  9. Amethyst

    Text problems in ep18

    It sounds like your X input got stuck on loop, which can rarely with any key. Usually restarting your computer fixes it.
  10. Amethyst

    E18 train station bug

    Could you provide a screenshot, please? Which station were you going to? Also, do you need your save file cleared?
  11. Amethyst

    [Resolved]Fomantis/Lurantis Gender Ratio

    Fomantis's gender ratio is correctly Female 50% Pansage's gender ratio is correctly Female 12.5% of the time. gl swamp
  12. Amethyst

    [Fixed] Lopunny Can't learn Power-Up Punch

    moving this to fatal errors; it is one. how could i have let this happen........
  13. Amethyst

    Field Glitch

    Just to be sure, was this on E18?
  14. Amethyst

    Inactivity from my own Pokemon

    Just to be sure, this was on E18? We had taken a pass at fixing this for it.
  15. Amethyst

    E18 Community Release EQ Animation

    E19. There are a lot of unfinished animations and EQ in particular has been on the back burner for quite a while.