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  1. sylveon~ a-vulpix~~ lopunny~~~ ...basically most of my top favorite pokemon which probably says something about what i value tbh.
  2. The only tiles that have certain field effects tied to them are Water tiles (the scripts ask, is the player surfing? put them on water surface) and the Grimey puddles in the Water Treatment Center. In the case of the you should just change the Terrain Tag in the database. The one that makes them Murkwater is a high number, so 0 would be fine. All other Field Effects are defined by the BattleBack in metadata.txt good luck!
  3. It should be up to date, I just miss things. Errors, like said. I'll fix Rapidash, thank you. (Dewgong was already marked as wild after all)
  4. Online server is back up! Sorry for the issues!

  5. third and final part of sunset over imdahl-- let's save everyone ^~^

  6. Sewing the Seeds

    With Pokemon Sun and Moon, Gamefreak introduced an innocuous one-time-use hold item set called Seeds which would slightly boost the stats of the user when held in a certain terrain. The collective response surmounted to something along the lines of "oh, neat" and they were never regarded again. And yet, hold items that activate on terrain have some pretty big implications for a game like Reborn, in which you'll fight on field effects more often than not. As such, the new seed items have gotten a bit of a facelift. Like in Sun and Moon there are still only four seed items, but instead of being one for each field, all 37 of our field effects have been categorized into one of four types: Elemental Magical Telluric Synthetic And the seeds have followed suit! Rather than seed items just working on one specific type of field, they'll activate on any field of their type. More than that, every seed+field combination produces, not only a stat boost, but a unique effect. Not all seeds are created equal! Some are fairly tame, but others heal you, or boost lots of stats in return for damaging you, or can change your type completely! Which Seed does what on which field is covered in your Field Notes app, so make sure to collect and check those to know what you're packin'. They say knowledge is power, but so is opportunism! I invite you to play around and use them to the best of your abilities. Your opponents certainly will be too, after all.
  7. she's my Mistake. i hear doing nothing is a strong suit of mine. ^^

    1. Amethyst


      especially. sometimes it's all we have. ^~^

    2. Commander


      Oh hey it's JubyPhoenic. I knew I recognized that voice.

  9. i'm really not sure, but i'm thinking maybe ame? idk, what do you guys think (this is a cool topic tho. nice job.)
  10. when ame gets tired of walking and adds a run button to the game she's playing her own damn self

    1. Wolfox Glace

      Wolfox Glace

      Not sure if doing more or less

    2. WujiKyurem


      When nostalgia alone doesn't stop a game from annoying the crap out of you

  11. Starting up on a new game, Sunset Over Imdahl, an old RM classic story with hand-drawn graphics. Come see!

    1. Felix-


      I remember spying this when trucking through RPGMaker games and seeing what came really highly recommended, never saw a reason to play it tho.

    2. Nagisa_Hideyoshi


      I heard of Standstill Girl being one of most popular RPGMaker games and wished I could play it. Only if I could find where to download it though.

  12. ah yes. this topic was exactly what i expected it to be. good. she is a girl from higurashi, but insane? you are really so cruel... and after how hard she worked??
  13. I'm gonna watch your 5000 year long Okami LP once I finish Nappy and Shady's Soul Links. XP Love you!

    1. Amethyst


      ah yes, i remember all those millennia ago when i first started that.... who am i kidding i can't even remember two days ago, let alone 5000 years. still, that's great! <3

  14. hi i have a message for you please watch thanks

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    2. Amethyst


      you're welcome.

      although i think the dab has been memed more.

    3. Melody


      ...idk if that's how you should be looking at the situation.

      I'd rather not see a gemstone based meme tyvm.

    4. Felix-


      hey steven universe memes are aight

  15. Q: what's the difference between ravioli and this site?
    A: one of them is only mostly functional and the other one doesn't actually exist

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    2. Knight of Argentum

      Knight of Argentum

      according to ame:

      ravioli is the root of all evil in the world

    3. Felix-


      i mean @Pyon Pyon Kyuu!~ IS the evil overlord of reborn

    4. Pyon Pyon Kyuu!~

      Pyon Pyon Kyuu!~

      I need to officially change my name to Ravioli. It's what I'm using in fighting games and I kind of like it better than Pyon :v