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  1. in both of those cases they were being butts. erick was being a butt so i made him a dumb street rat. edge was also being a butt so i also made him a dumb street rat and gave him a dunsparce to troll him. unfortunately dunsparce gets rollout very early. that kind of back fired. he no longer has a dunsparce. but yes, The Savage is a Real Event That Actually Happened basically as it's described by that NPC. He was a real person-- once a mod here too before he went off the deep end. I decided to include that story because in addition to being a true story, it reinforces Shade's character a lot. This is unlike other references such as Mysidia, or the mention of a Neku bombing things up (old member Geo roleplayed bomb threats a lot) which were removed because they were too esoteric-- they were nice for the increasingly small percentage of people who knew about those things, but to anyone else they were just noise and did not add to the game. Many of the trainers, especially around Opal Bridge and the Grand Hall, however, were submitted by members-- if not all of them. I stopped filling those requests because there were just. Too. Many. Now I have that as part of my Patreon as mentioned before because that's a manageable amount and a small way of saying 'thanks' to the people who are letting me keep working on this. <3
  2. Fresh footage up of CIMA: The Enemy, a GBA RPG ft 14 settlers trapped in a labyrinth that breeds and eats hope.

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    2. Amethyst

      Amethyst dare you ruin philis like this..........

    3. Felix-
    4. Amethyst
  3. Okily Dokily! 

    1. Amethyst
    2. Jericho


      Because you visited my stream the other day and called by a filthy Hanzo Main. :C

    3. Amethyst


      you know.

      that's fair.

      i accept this penance.

  4. mazel tov

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      we've been married for months

      but ty anyway~

    3. Felix-


      time is completely irrelevant to the majority of my actions including congratulations and up to the distortion of space.

    4. Amethyst


      ok u rite, same too

  5. hi my name is ame and my character preferences are probably going to get me killed someday
  6. Hey, Ame! I sent a PM for you!

  7. thanks! also thanks to you flamerz, it's an obscure glitch that is only caused by very deliberate boulder hackery but it's good that it doesn't crash anyway, dipped some exp for you
  8. HI! I'm your new visitor!

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      Yeah. I'm new to this site!

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      o. well, welcome! i'd suggest making an intro thread in the Grand Hall forum so that you can introduce yourself to everyone and get in on this here community shindig. i hope you'll stick around!

    4. TheShinyMew
  9. you're not wrong; the flowers are basically a forced overworld-dig. i think we fixed this for dig, but probably not the flowerdig. @Marcello it's fakedig in the scripts; is that lacking your fix from dig?
  10. i still like mismagius a lot! she just doesn't make the top 10 for me anymore. tastes change.
  11. ohhh it neat 10- Cinccino 9- Mimikyu 8- Whimsicott 7- Espeon 6- Umbreon 5- Primarina 4- Lopunny 3- A-Ninetales 2- Gardevoir 1- Sylveon
  12. i cry erry time.
  13. can one of the new trainers say

    "I love two things, star and bucks like omg"

    and then she has a staryu and a sawsbuck?

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    2. Godot
    3. Jericho


      There should be a new Normal Type pokemon, 100% Female, named 'Baesic'

    4. Felix-


      Nah, just make that a new trainer class, found only in starmiebucks and the nightclub

  14. at you with the ADD VGV, this time we're looking at Hyper Light Drifter

  15. i'm amazed by how vibrant this place has become. thanks, everyone, for being a part of it. 

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      Thank you for creating it ^^

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