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  1. time to dismantle major religion, one wrench swing at a time! it's iconoclasts!

  2. mfw i missed your streams again sigh

    1. Amethyst


      there was again tonight !!!  its ok... someday......

  3. Ehh Ame.. That's what happen when you playing with ball of wool? 😄 



    Better make yourself a wool sweater cause winter is coming 😉 

    1. Amethyst


      oh my ghod this is so cute wtf i hope untagle tho


      ill make my self a sweater the opposite of that unravel song

  4. If U seek Ame ~



    1. Amethyst


      the unfortunate part is i urironically love this song

  5. im a hit up some vikings or something. not sure yet. it'll probbaly involve fighting. like a little bit? 
    come watch me play jotun!

  6. this evening we're streaming iconoclasts! i have no idea what this is. send help. 

  7. Amethyst

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    wait NO NOOO IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD H OW COULD THIS HAPPEN listen it's you all know the truth it's 8/10 in our hearts ok ok ok. l-listen i like murkrow!! it's just.. not gonna-- hold on we can talk about this......... NO. its for him sake.... we all know he better than that but he gotta look cool in front of his peers dont bust his cover, yo uh wait what just happened ? -- thanks for holding them over ali, cuz im slow af but we in this, i actually tried to do hoenn like the day after but then i got started and accidentally deleted the wholle thing so kfgbfkghjfgg but its ok we made it hoenn been officially added into first post, i disagree with ali on a solid bout of points but thats ok alternate opions are legal in this realm
  8. when store NPCs suddenly go rogue dungeon crawling-- it's a day in the life of moonlighter:


  9. This Sylveon have to be a Naughty nature 😂






    1. CrossImpact
    2. Amethyst


      such a good sylveon tho, 10/10

      the buzzwole should open wide
      (and then sylveon should go find something else because yikes no buzzwole thanks )

  10. So, what do you think of Roserade?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ShadeStrider


      This Roserade knows Extrasensory. Do you know the only way It could have learned that move?

    3. Amethyst


      debug mode .

    4. ShadeStrider


      Well, I guess that's one way. Not exactly... Legal. But it works.

  11. streaming nier automata (branch C) this evening! explosions guaranteed; skill not. 


    1. DreamblitzX


      damn another story game that I don't wanna watch because I wanna play it ='(

  12. Look Ame, little Budew can melt Cyrus heart!



    Yea, I was also thonking what is wrong here (no answer yet) ^^


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Amethyst


      but cyrus cant melt budew heart 😕

      he is only being deceived by it.

      pray for him 🙏

    3. Hycrox


      i know of something that can melt budew's heart



    4. Amethyst
  13. streaming LiEat tonight, a game about a lil dragon who, defying all titular expectations, eats lies! drop by ok?

  14. Amethyst

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    already planning on it! i realized how missable most of those were just the other day
  15. this time will be a little different. we have the usual e19 scoreboard up, but after that there will be a second (much more significant) board for post-game. I'm still ironing out post-game's features exactly (also will be open to some suggestions) but I'm not turning my attention to that until the game's main story is completed. also... i may take somewhat of a break between the two to get something else going... y'all know? but that's not for a while yet. one thing at a time, darlings. one fraction of a percentage at a time.