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  1. Amethyst

    cryogonal can't learn solarbeam

    Sorry about that. Has been fixed for 19, thank you.
  2. Rejuvenation continues! We're on Route 2... also we kicked it up to Intense Mode!

  3. The Aevium adventure continues! We're taking off to Goldenleaf forest tonight! Come hang out!

  4. We're streaming Pokemon Rejuvenation! It's the start of a new adventure, so come join us live! 

  5. You can soft reset for most events to get different egg moves, but this wasn't about soft resetting; it's a genuine oversight that the second page didn't have egg moves, and a valid bug. Thanks for the report; fixed for 19.
  6. Cass and I will be streaming Rejuvenation soon! Here's our schedule for the first part of January.


  7. "I feel like... maybe I could sleep better if you're near by..." So why not keep him as close as your desktop? Taka's wallpaper is now available for download for most common resolutions and mobile! Click the banner above to go to his page and choose the one that suits you. Just don't leave him alone. You never know who might find him. Taka's art is brought to you by Houpo.
  8. we are up and running! come play with us on this server!! https://discord.gg/tnPQgzc
  9. For the first full fledged time, this years Winter Revel will be hosting a full array of the Member of the Year special awards! Unlike the Summer Social's Reborn Royalty, which focuses only on a few specific categories, the Member of the Year Awards are for all to participate and win. There are dozens of categories, which you'll have to read on below for. As of this topic's posting, nominations will be open for all categories! Nominations will stay open until late 12/20, and then voting will be open all day on 12/21! On 12/22 at the party, the winners will be announced, complete with tag banners for each user! In order to nominate a user, post in this topic mentioning who you're nominating, and for what category. You can nominate as many people as you want, and for as many categories as you want. Without further ado, this year's Member of the Year categories~ Member of the Year The big, the classic-- this is for the member who's made the biggest splash with the sharpest shine! Nominees: Arkhi Marcello Kyle Amethyst Jan Ikaru Wolfox Zarc Maelstrom Intsys IceCreamSandWitch Seki108 Sayia Alex Azery andracass whomst'd've'n't SilverHelio (Solviera) Walpurgis (Lía) RubyRed ZEL Starry Knight LykosHand Commander Luis Candy Q-Jei Rookie of the Year For the most upstart and standout member who arrived this year! Nominees: andracass Caimie BandorKitty Angelkitsune Comeback of the Year For the most beloved member who returned to us this year after a long absence! Nominees: Arkhi Lancer (Bibs) TwinAero Luis Jericho The Carmen Sandiego Award For the face since missing in action that we'd most want to see in the crowd once more! Nominees: Zephy Vinny Zarc Vinny Van Caz Avria Nyu Rosesong Will Pocky The Sugarpop Sunbeam Award For the member this year who's been sweeter than any candy store could hope to be! Nominees: Arkhi Mint Man (Kyle) Ruby Red Candy LykosHand Purplecicada (Nicki) Mu7e Vanitas Seki108 Marcello IceCreamSandWitch Walpurgis (Lía) Posty Sailboat The K-K-K-Kawaii Award For the super-cutest member who's been around this year! Nominees: Arkhi Mu7e IceCreamSandWitch Punkeev (Steffi) Amethyst SilverHelio/Solviera Walpurgis (Lía) andracass RubyRed Hycrox Angelkitsune Caimie Newt The Auspicious Auth Award For the most helpful staff member who's been around to help out this year! this is definitely not a thinly veiled performance review. Nominees: Azery Arkhi DreamBlitzX andracass Alex IceCreamSandWitch Walpurgis (Lía) mde2001 Ame The Smelliest Auth Award For the auth member who, regardless of conduct, most desperately needs to take a shower! Nominees: Walpurgis (Lía) Arkhi Alex Marcello Azery G'doots (Godot) Tacos Kyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo Ikaru Zumi DreamblitzX Alistair Swimming95 Blind Guardian (Dan) Memer of the Year For the member who's posted the freshest, most crispy clean memes this year! Nominees: Arkhi Hycrox Lancer (Bibs) Intsys Marcello Jelly LeoYT purplecicada (Nicki on discord) Meme of the Year Not to be confused with the above, for the member who is the freshest, most crispy clean meme this year! Nominees: Arkhi Lancer (Bibs) Amethyst The Profile Picture Perfection Award For the member who's had the best avatars around this year! Nominees: @Arkhi @seki108 @Zumi @Feskik but on discord @Zumi The Illest Aliases Award For the member who's had the best display and nicknames this year! Nominees: Arkhi Feskik Lancer (Bibs) Godot Wolfox MintMan (Kyle) Artist of the Year For the member with the most dazzling displays of visual vexation this year! Nominees: Arkhi Ruby Red Zumi jasmiinininja Arkiel Xanthous Roleplayer of the Year For the member with the most compelling characters and continuities! Nominees: Arkhi Swampellow Hackspeon Hakuna the Undying King Murdoc Lexi Archbishop of Banterbury For the member with the best banter on the block! Nominees: Arkhi Intsys Dark_Absol Godot Maelstrom CrossImpact Azery Biggest Grumpy of the Year For the >:(est member around this year! Nominees: Arkhi Joker Posty King Murdoc Jericho Blind Guardian (Dan) DerogatoryTrainer Jan The Pointedest Poindexter Award For the biggest NERD this year! Nominees: Arkhi Marcello DMBY andracass Marcello Marcello Marcello Jan Marcello Marcello Marcello Marcello Alex Marcello Marcello The Cain LaRue Award For excessive and unfettered flirtation on the community campus! Nominees: Arkhi Posty Felix Thundermaze Walpurgis (Lía) Alex Mintman (Kyle) The Terra Pierce Award For being s000 randum lol xD penguin Nominees: Arkhi Nyagisa Felix Cybershell12 Punkeev (Steffi) Hycrox's Mom The Shelly Citra Award For the member who most definitely needs a lot of hugs immediately. Nominees: Arkhi Bandorkitty MintMan (Kyle) zel Amethyst Jan Zarc ZEL Ice J-Awesome_One Tacos Blind Guardian (Dan) Inuki Ikaru Jan Zumi Soft Taco Bear Alex RubyRed Mu7e Everyone SilverHelio The Fern Sevilla Award For the member who most needs to stop. Nominees: Arkhi King Murdoc Budew Skeleton Kyle ShadeStrider Cybershell12 Walpurgis (Lía) Archeric Most Sarcastic Member For the member who tooootally always says exactly what they mean! Nominees: Arkhi DerogatoryTrainer Commander King Murdoc YinYang9705 (Yin) Most Likely to Become Auth For the most helpful member who should totally be on the team! this is definitely not a thinly-veiled screening process. Nominees: Arkhi Sardines Vanitas Commander Candy Lancer (Bibs) [Melia on discord] Lord Drakyle Sayia Most Likely to Become a Gym Leader For the member most likely to take the ranks when another gym leader inevitably dies or something! Nominees: Arkhi Pyrr Azery andracass LykosHand Candy Jericho DerogatoryTrainer Q-Jei Candy J-Awesome_One LeoYT Wolfox Most Likely to Take Over the World For the member most poised to overpower society as we know it! Nominees: Arkhi Dark Absol Wolfox Ironbound Dan Godot andracass Jan LeoYT DerogatoryTrainer Most Likely to Gain a New Mega Evolution For the member who's probably about to get banned to Ubers! Nominees: Arkhi Jess Commander Alistair Candy andracass Breloombot IceCreamSandWitch Posty seki108 Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult For the member you'd most quickly offer your soul to in a ritual of deepest darkness! Nominees: Arkhi Kuro Dragoknight Alistair DMBY Commander DerogatoryTrainer andracass Jan LeoYT Most Likely to be Added as a Smash Ultimate DLC Character For the member most likely to smash into battle! Nominees: Arkhi Godot Bibs Undertale RubyRed Maelstrom Inuki Most Likely to be Added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe For the member primed to kick the most ass and still rock the after-credits scene! Nominees: Arkhi Azery: but stuffed in a fridge Joker Maelstrom Most Likely to Have a Cameo in Detective Pikachu For the member who's going to have to suffer that awful Mr. Mime for us... or make up for it. Nominees: Arkhi IceCreamSandWitch Maelstrom Lancer (Bibs) [Melia on discord] Noivy Roo Cataline Most Likely to Die in the Last Episode of Reborn For the member you know would be beyond doomed were they in the game! Nominees: Arkhi Blind Guardian (Dan) Alistair Kamina Ikaru Tacos J-Awesome_One Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game For the member most likely to stumble their way into last place! Nominees: Arkhi Ikaru Shinyrio Tacos CrossImpact Sardines Most Likely to Have a Philosophical Debate With Themselves For the member most likely to be edited over a well-known Gollum scene! Nominees: Arkhi Chuckles Commander Ironbound Punkeev (Steffi) Chase ShadeStrider Member Least Likely to Understand the Next XKCD For the member who is just not going to get it... or probably even know what it is. Nominees: Arkhi Maelstrom what's xkcd CrossImpact Ramiru Most Likely to win This Award Award For the member who's most likely to win this award! Nominees: Arkhi Azery Posty Walpurgis (Lía) ZEL Alex Jess Q-Jei J-Awesome_One Felix Candy sdddf4 Lord Drakyle CodeCass Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up For the member who would never let you down, nor run around, nor desert you! Nominees: Arkhi Hycrox Jan Alistair Silverhelio Amethyst J-Awesome_One Most Likely to be Cancelled After Only One Season For the member who deserved better, or just really, really didn't. Nominees: Arkhi Commander Intsys SceptileSpy RossAndrews I-it's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything Award This member isn't tsundere or anything, b-baka!! Nominees: Arkhi Amethyst Ironbound Bandorkitty Azery ZEL Jan Cna't Spel Awrad Fro thh menber taht jsut dosnt kno hwo 2 wrods! Nominees: Arkhi Walpurgis (Lía) Plok Amethyst Plok Personthing Alex Wolfox Award Award Award award award award award award Nominees: Arkhi Alex Ice Walpurgis (Lía) J-Awesome_One Azery ur mum lol Jan Inuki Angelkitsune Nominations are now open! Get to it, and voting will be on Reborn's Discord server on 12/21!
  10. i played 4 but didn't really get into it because i super hate zombies and zombie related accessories but don't let me derail the thread now y'all
  11. i don't really have much to add here but i'm dropping into say that i'm really bad at knowing who things are and i totally thought leon kennedy referred to the former president of the united states and chris redfield was the protagonist of catcher in the rye and i was so confused
  12. This is Live! Join us here: https://discord.gg/tnPQgzc Hallo lovelies! It is nearly that time of year again! Those of you who have been with us long enough to earn your Veteran tags know we've had a long standing tradition (going on seven years!) of holding two community-wide discord parties. It's been a few years too many before this one since I've been more directly involved in their organization, so I'm happy to jump back in and make a splash. As many of you know from earlier this year, our annual summer party has been rebranded to the Summer Social event... and the feeling we were left with after that one was that it had gone over quite well. So, we're giving a similar treatment to the timing and planning of this one was well. Ergo, we'll be reintroducing the annual holiday party as the Reborn Winter Revel! The Winter Revel will be held on December 22nd this year, from 2pm to 1am EST, or 7p to 6am GMT +1. Grab your coffee! Or egg nog. Or whatever it is you hooligans drink. This year's Winter Revel marks new beginnings through return to old traditions! Back in the wee days of 2007, Reborn was just a very teeny offshoot community from a place called MonkeyProductions, a now humble site that would appear all but dead to the untrained eye, but one that has maintained a legacy of winter events for well over a decade. Several of our Main Events this year are direct calls to my favorite activities from that old nest. Read on for descriptions of each one! Main Events Members of the Year This one might seem self explanatory, but MP always has a zany twist on it. Sure, there is the boring, plain old Member of the Year... But you'll also be voting on numerous other categories like Meme of the Year, and determining just once and for all just who the Smelliest Auth of the Year truly is. There will be dozens of categories so the playing field is large, varied, and a little bit out of control. The categories will be announced on 12/15, and voting will be open to all users on 12/21! The results will be announced throughout the party, complete with banners for each winner so stay tuned even after the ballots are in! Resolution Buddy Pairing Okay, so New Years' Resolutions aren't for everyone, and neither is this event. Nevertheless, the new year is a new opportunity for growth, and for those of us seeking to improve ourselves, there's no sense in passing it up. Still, isn't it unfortunate how few people actually stick to their resolutions? Too often they just fall by the wayside forgotten for all time. So we're trying to fix that. In this new event, we'll be asking for everyone's resolutions well in advance, and come the party, each person will be partnered up with a new pal and the intent to help keep each other on track for each other's goals through out the coming year! We'll open call for resolutions and partners on 12/18, and announce the pairings at the party based on who has the most compatible goals to help each other out. From there on out, the work is up to you, but at worst you make a friend, and at best you make strides together! Secret Cyber Santa An old tradition of our own that's fallen by the wayside in favor of more casual exchanges in the last few years... The Secret Cyber Santa is a chance for users to offer whatever they can give over the internet that might bring a smile to the faces of others. This could be some spritework, a drawing, a song, or whatever else one can work out to transfer through solely digital methods! Gift cards and other monetary things are allowed for the generous, but this is not expected to be a primarily financially-based event so set your budgets and expectations accordingly. Participants will prepare their gifts or plans therefore and come to the event where they'll then be paired up person by person to trade their items. It's okay to hold off on making a drawing, for instance, until hearing what the person you receive at the party actually wants as one! Just be sure to make it in good time afterwards and be considerate to everyone else's thoughts and energy! Lie Alive Snowdown This one is a totally brand new tournament event based on the famous 2-truths-1-lie get-to-know-each-other game... but this time we're taking the classic icebreaker to a breakout single elimination tournament! Your knowledge of others or your total anonymity could be your greatest weapons. Can you sift through the confusion, find the solution, and lie your way to the top of the chain and emerge the sole solstice survivor? A prize awaits whoever makes it to the end! Winter Wondertrade Another recurring ruse from previous parties, we'll be encouraging a wondertrade tirade all day long from everyone in the community and out of it! We'll kick things off with a full set of custom moveset event Pokemon, so trade in to trade out and get those Pokemon circulating! With all non-legendary Pokemon and then some now in the game there's no telling what you might get! Super Secret Santa This one's another leaf out of MP's book. It's always been a tight-knit community, and part of that has been thanks to the trust and generosity they show to each other each year through this event. The chief difference between this and the Secret Cyber Santa is that this one is on full stakes! Participants will be expected to spend their own money (suggested price range no more than $25 USD or ~ £/€20) and must be willing to share their addresses with the event coordinator, and whomever happens to be selected as their Santa. Because of the more delicate logistics of this scenario, we will be putting some limits on this event: Due to shipping costs, only users in the US and the EU will be accepted. We will be running one ring of the game in each of those two locations. To reduce risk of dropped gifts, only Veteran users on the forum may participate. We will be capping the entries at around 15 players for each region. Unlike Secret Cyber Santa, this will be taking place largely before the party, and throughout the party we'll encourage everyone who took part to take pictures of what they've gotten and share who gave it to them! But that means the timing beforehand is pretty tricky: A sign up thread will be posted on 11/23. Sign ups will be open for 5 days only! In order to sign up, all participants will need to provide their address and a wishlist to the event coordinator! On 11/28, Santas and Secrets will be assigned. Please don't dally in getting the gifts! You'll get your target's wishlist too so knowing what to get should be no trouble! As a recommendation, please have your gifts sent out by 12/7! We'll encourage you to provide shipping receipts to us just so there's no confusion about whether something was actually sent or not. Then on the party day, we can all share what we got! Provided everything has shipped in time. If anyone ends up not receiving a gift for some unholy reason-- don't worry-- we'll cover you. No Santa left behind. Game Room Taboo A new addition to Reborn's party game's repertoire from a twist on an old, classic game! Players will be given a keyword as well as a handful of no-good words, and have to make the other players guess their keyword in a limited amount of time without tripping over the no-good ones! If you're not careful, we might just eliminate words altogether. We'll have two showings for this game, one for the EU crew, and one for the NA. Queen's Game The Reborn Party staple, best described as Truth or Dare without the Dare! King's Game is making a permanent retirement from our official party game line ups, but this one is here to stay for the winter season. It's been run for years, and everyone who's played it knows-- what happens in Queens' Game stays in Queens' Game. ...Unless you use it as an edge over your opponent in Lie Alive, but hey, that's on y'all. Super Smash Ultimate Tournament The much-awaited game is coming out just a couple precious weeks before then, and thanks to the go-getterness of a certain Go-dot, we'll be wasting no time kicking up a tournament right on it! Dust off your mains or fire up your new picks, these melee match-ups promise to provide a top tier brawl to the bitter end! And the usual... Mafia, Hunger Games, Cards against Humanity and BGO are all fair game for any user who wants to rally the forces of darkness to them, and we'll have that Ring-Jinglin' Music going all the live long way. All in all we're looking to serve up an evening you won't want to miss out on! Whether you stay for the whole shebang or just a few hours, come by and say hi, or get your holly jolly smack down spirit on! It's all coming together on December 22nd!
  13. can sans undertale be my fire emblem rep of choice? i dont think anyone i reallllllllly care about that much has any chance of being popular enough to make it in (i'd say camilla but lol wyverns in smash....) so i'll just back cass up for lyn.
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    i refuse. but in a shocking turn of events ame will predict noobly
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    what's up it's an ame here also wtf is the font doing ??? i guess we subscript now we also ame what up cass a winner cuz she the best cool solviera next ok