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  1. this would be conceptually difficult for a lot of reasons, such as how pokemon only seem to be discovered or researched much in the modern era, and how to work around new technology like pokecenters not necessarily existing. also we know from the 4th movie that pokeballs even 40 years ago were fundamentally different so there are many problems to sovle-- in addition to the graphical burden of making period-appropriate resources but i'd be so for it. someone please hit me up with that electro swing OST. i'm counting on more games using that style. thanks bye
  2. What exactly is that "function code crawl"?

    not positive yet-- it would not be immediately transferable at least since Reborn's field-specific and leader-specific things would need to be removed. the bigger issue aside from function codes is the larger structure changes we've made to the AI method. i don't know if that's easily portable or not but as far as i know it's limited to that AI script section meaning it might be. I'd look into it after it's complete because if it is practical to share I'd certainly be interested in doing so.
  3. What exactly is that "function code crawl"?

    y'all are on the right track basically any move that does something like paralyze or boost stats or make electric terrain or block critical hits has a unique function code according to what it does. for instance flamethrower and ember share a function code because they both just burn, but there's a separate one for fire fang since that's burn and flinch. they tell the code how to process moves in battle, and now we're teaching the AI what they are and how to consider them properly. in base essentials most function codes have no logic for them. the AI has no clue what to do with them. so, this is true for Reborn as well. even for those moves which do have logic, it is grossly incomplete. so we are redoing all of them. out of ~350 total function codes for all moves we are doing 119 before releasing E17. we will continue to work on them during E18. the function code crawl is me writing a more complete logic flow for each individual function code and also teaching them how to consider field effects properly. so far 60 have been finished. then marcello will convert my logic into code. since i have selected some of the more common codes, my hope is that E17 AI behaviour will be much more intelligent over all. of course, we will probably have to tweak numbers for proper behaviour over time, but at least it would have half a clue what's going on, and why you shouldn't use calm mind on a contrary pokemon, fern.
  4. Pixxxxx~ ^.^

    pixpixpixpix! pixpix pixpixpix, pipipipipipipix pixpixpixpix pix pix pix pix pix pix pix pix pixxixpixx?
  5. sad reacts only but not really, because this is one of those like, six lines i mentioned on the right. basically it's the AI section. cuttin' into it like a rotom-c. so a few things that have generally been done recently: tv dialogue for new epsiode is , furfrou forms are and the groomer is in glamazonia salon-- actually i guess i can post those here. and uh. weather is ! we fixed the bugs with E16's systems. it turned out to be super simple. it'll rain less now. rain is fake news anyway. wait i'm-- well ok. have some frous. i refuse to accept that that 'frou' is pronounced like 'true' though. that's the real fake news. okay so stepping forward i train my laser sights on AI specifically function codes because that stuff is incomplete and also largely never existed in the first place. its basically the thing that tells it when specific move effects are a good idea. it doesn't have no idea-- but it has bad ideas most of the time, and no idea the rest of the time. there are ~350 function codes in the game, and for E17 we will be choosing to focus on 118 of them. the rest will be finished in E18. so basically i have my work cut out for me if i want this to happen soon. guess i had better get started ^^
  6. 7287394d301110a0b7e45bb4dac0a69e.png

    1. Finish the story

    2. Finish miscellaneous stuff that isn't worth mentioning

    3. Alpha Test

    4. Fix bugs from Alpha Test

    5. Beta Test

    6. Fix bugs from Beta Test

    7. Check to make sure no trainers use Mega Rayquayza

    8. Community Release

    9. Bug Fixes from the Community Release

    10. Public Release

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    2. Amethyst


      y'all stretchin
      all puzzles and sidequests etc are done 
      and scripted? not much scripting needed
      my pc already broke
      i've already been to the corner
      like we're through it. we're there. 

    3. CynTheSylveon


      1. Name

      2. 10

      3. Things

      4. Left

      5. To

      6. Do

      7. That

      8. Aren't

      9. AI



    4. Busti


      1. Animations
      2. Furfrou forms

      3. Bugfixes

      4. DPTG chapter 1

      5. Starlight chapter 1

      6. Go on vacation

      7. Win the lottery

      8. Become the first female president of the USA

      9. Build a spaceship

      10. Found the answer to life, the universe, and everything!


    after like a million years actually a new public video what's up come see one of my favorite games from my childhood

    1. pyrromanis


      I know you are the master of forgetting things, but I didn't expect you to remember you had a youtube channel! :o

    2. FairFamily


      Well thank you Ame for the video.  It is nice to see such an old game. I can clearly see some elements that have seeped through and have been polished in of my favorite games grandia 2.

  8. oKAy hi so what's up all my fresh fellas lovely ladies and enchanting enbies we're here with another episode of not Pokemon Reborn cuz that shit ain' ready to release yet BUT the story is pmuch done "but ame if story is so done why come it not full hunder persent on right tab???" an excellent question, hypothetical asker who's typing style belies the validity of their question. that's because although i've gone through and done all the story parts that i can so far, there's still a few minor holes i need to go back and fill in. i couldn't do that before due to things like the maps not being completed, or some script issues we're just now getting sorted out. there's also a bit more eventing stuff that i'll need to do when all the maps are finished too. then there's sundry things like the tv dialogue, bug fixes... oh, also i'm making sprites for all of the furfrou forms after deciding to care noticing that we didn't have anything for that yet. plus AI... so- there's still a significant handful of things to do before release. however, once those few things are knocked out, we're going to have a grand old time. do not hype yourselves yet though; the time for that will come yet.
  9. E17 Redone Intro

    that was actually me mocking marcello tbh dont tell him
  10. I'm trying to get online everyday to work for a little monies on a site called MTurk. So, I should be able to reply to you every day if I can keep up this job thingy. Wish me luck!

    <3 the new Reborn intro btw! It's amazing. > u <

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    2. CynTheSylveon


      Status updates can't be edited on desktop either. 

    3. Sweet Power Baby
    4. Amethyst


      ,,,,,,,oh. so they can't. 
      well then.
      don't i feel silly. 

  11. E17 Redone Intro

    this is my favorite response tbh
  12. Daycare without lvl-up

    if nothing else we'd probably want to make it so that it just always produces eggs with the moves it was deposited with i think that's how it was in... 6th gen? maybe? but yeah it can definitely be improved from where it is right now, can't promise that's something that'll happen soon tho
  13. Aight I got a HUGE problem. I tried Re-installing Pokemon Reborn re-installed the fonts TWICE yet nuffin' worked. Basically I uninstalled the Fonts to see if that'd trigger the music,BIG mistake. Re-installed em' and it didn't work. The problem this causes is that whenever I go into the Pokemon Menu it doesn't show their HP and Level. In battles it doesn't show the HP Level OR the names of the moves. For example a Moonblast would just be 2 pink on the side and white in the middle. With NO move name. PLEASE help. (P.S great job on the new into)

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    2. Damien


      Already used up my trial in march.

    3. Amethyst


      My only thought is that the fonts must not have reinstalled properly or something-- have you restarted once installing them? did you double click or copy/paste to control panel? whatever the answer, try the other way just in case. if you go to the options menu can you choose a different font that works? (granted seeing theoptions menu is difficult but you can reach it from loading screen and just try scrolling left/right on each option row to see if anythign changes)
      I don't really have a definite answer for you as certainly reinstalling the fonts should work so it might just take some playing around with it. 

    4. Damien


      Welp,i'll just have to try it. If it works then hooray I can play Pokemon again!

  14. hello this is Skyter97... sorry for breaking the law about im not to write about.... the same thing twice policy. i did it cause im playing pokémon rejuvenation. but i can,t talk to the  second gym. and i really wanted to get some answers why i couldn.t. i knew the was a glich or something.... but know i know i can.t write about the samething twice... if you could help me with this problem i would be really happy.  

    1. Nice Day

      Nice Day

      your topic actually got two answers that might fix the issue. if you tried that solution and it didnt work, youre allowed to post that in the topic and ask for more advice.


      its not prohibited to post multiple times in the same thread- it just isnt allowed to post two times right after another without anyone else replying in between.

    2. CynTheSylveon


      Also, IIRC Ame has only played about an hour of Rejuvenation, so she probably doesn't know about the bug you're experiencing. The best person to contact about issues concerning Rejuvenation, if the solutions in the thread don't work, would be Jan, who created the game.

    3. Skyter97


      Thanks guys but.. know im stuck in a cell at some prison.. can someone help me.. i don.,t want to delete my save file again:(