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[Day Phase 3] Clue Mafia: Who Killed Quinn?

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Clue Mafia! My name is Quinn and I will be your game host. Let's get right into all of the information (credits to @Myrmidon Divergent for the formatting and the information under: What is Mafia? & Rules).


1. What is Mafia and How is the Game Played?


This is just a synopsis of general mafia! This mafia game is totally different in playstyle so take this information with a grain of salt.


Mafia is a social deduction game which requires analyzing, cooperation, and looking through lies. There are two main factions in a mafia game: the Uninformed Majority [Town], who have to find others of their kind while hunting for the mafia, and the Informed Minority [Mafia], who have a private chat and plan there on how they should trick the town and whom they should kill. There may also be Third Party or Independent roles, which have different agendas and win conditions.


At the beginning of the game, players receive a PM or a DM (in some cases) with their role and alignment.

There are two major phases in a Mafia game:

(1) The Day Phase – Typically lasting 48 hours, players use this opportunity to discuss about several things, which may include the outcome of the previous phases, behavior of players, and flow of the game; the ultimate goal in the day phase is for the Town players to find the Mafia slowly while Mafia players have to blend in carefully. Before the day ends, players must vote for a player whom they want to be eliminated on grounds of suspicion and the player receiving the most votes will be eliminated.

(2) The Night Phase – Typically lasting 24 hours, the thread is considered “locked” at this point and players may not comment at all. Instead, players with night actions, special abilities related to their role, may use these to aid their faction. The Mafia also discusses in the private chat on whom to dispose of.

The game continues until one of the major factions attains their win condition or unless it is no longer possible.

What makes this different from a normal game of Mafia?

(1) This is a semi-closed setup – roles to be used are unspecified (although there is a list of potential roles).

(2) Players may have the liberty to choose the character they want to play as; though, they may also let RNG decide. (read the section on roles to find out how this works)

(3) Roles and alignment will be revealed when someone dies, along with the official Role PM.


2. Opening Narrative to this Game


Quinn had just purchased a new glorious mansion and she was ready to decorate it for a welcoming party for the closest of her friends. However, days after, news broke that she was murdered! Nobody was able to figure out who did it, and the best detectives set out to his mansion to figure out the case. As they all stepped in, trying to be the first to solve the case, an unknowing force slammed the doors shut and they would not budge. The detectives were shocked and unsure what to do, they tried every exit but there was no way out. Shortly after, a voice came booming over them. “You have to figure out who killed Quinn, or it will be your lives next.” 


3. Factions/Story Characters


There are no factions however! This game is unlike any other Mafia game. You will work with all the other players to try and figure out who killed Quinn (me), I will be a player in this game as an aid to you all. The way victory works though is only survivors "win."


Story Characters
Quinn’s Ghost - Quinn (who will host) is the ghost that provides information to others throughout the game. She also gives day/night phase posts.
Divergent - The head sheriff of the town. He will be the one accepting the accusations of the players and using his precise skill to figure out if it’s incorrect or not.
Alistair - The reporter on the scene of the case. He reports to the public what is going on in the mansion as the plot develops.


Jace Stormkirk


The Last Lament (Gun)
Krystoff’s Morningstar
Battered Bloody Machete


Master Bedroom


*Visitable Rooms But Not Suspect Rooms, Still Have Information*
Laundry Room
Trophy Room


Possible Combinations: 45


4. Phases/How To Play


There are three phases for this mafia game.
Phase 1, Room Selection: Lasts 18 hours, you have 18 hours to select a room and if you fail to choose one you are RNG thrown into a room. Why 18? Cause 12 is too little but 24 is too much. This phase can end early if rooms are all submitted quickly.
Phase 2, Night Phase: Your night action takes place, if you are someone who picks a target or object you select that now. This phase lasts 24 hours.
Phase 3, Day Phase: Players get a synopsis of how the night went, then discuss with each other what the next step is. Role Claiming is banned (this is to balance out characters like Eran and LykosHand) and you are not allowed to state where you are going each night (more balance). Romeo & Juliet will have a special private chat to discuss where to go each night together. You also submit your accusation on the case if you have one; this voting will be explained next. This phase lasts 48 hours.


Players choose whether or not they would like to vote on what they think happened in this case. They are allowed to abstain from voting at all every other day phase. For instance, if the first day players decide not to vote then the next day they must. As for accusations, players will be informed cryptically if a part of the combination is correct/incorrect. How voting works? You will submit your vote as such:
[Killer] X
[Weapon] X
[Room] X
[Nominee] Player Name

*X = What you decide to vote
There can be all kinds of votes but the most voted combination is what is chosen. If there is only one of every submitted combination, what is selected is at random. As for nominee, you choose who will be making this accusation as there is a downfall when the accusation is incorrect. The nominee is killed.


Information & Curses
The way information is given in this game is in clues and riddles. Nothing will be outright but as the game progresses clues will become more clear and piece together better. The impact of the clues and information gained is weighted on how many players gained information that night, to help in balance. If only one clue is gained it will be more impactful rather than if say five were gained. I will be balancing this as the game progresses. 
Curses can inflict players negatively and create some poor situations. When a curse is released from Axel’s action, it has the chance to inflict just him (50%), two random people in the room (25%), or every one in the room (25%). Possible curses are:
Backwards Curse: Player must speak backwards during the entire day phase.
Sleeping Curse: Player will fall asleep the next night phase.
Poisonous Curse: Player will slowly die from poison. If they are not curse protected in the night phase the curse was released, or the next night phase, they die at the end of the following day phase (curse lasts day after -> night after -> second day after).
Confusion Curse: All information learned that night is lost.

When a curse is released, if DigitalAmber is in the room the curse is released in all players will be safe from it.


5. Roles


The way roles act is very different to your typical mafia game! These are the best detectives around, they all have a special trait about them that creates their action. Each night the character visits a room, and their action interacts with whatever character visits that room with them. Each role has a generic reaction with most, but special interactions with a couple other roles based on their personalities. During the day phase, you are not allowed to state where you’re headed room-wise unless you are Romeo / Juliet. The more detectives in one single room, the better chances you have to uncover some critical information for solving the case. It is not always guaranteed to get anything useful in the night but there is always some development in the day! The night action is more to play around and have fun with these unique roles I have created as the point of this game is to work together and you can only talk with each other in the day~


Corso, the Mystery - The ominous aura that surrounds Corso creates an enigmatic feeling about him. Each night e interacts with all visitors in the same room as he by confusing them, making any information they learn cryptic. Of course, players during the day are allowed to share this cryptic information and work together to try and decipher it. Solar, Cataline, and Dorothy do not get confused by Corso. Tristah gets confused and runs into two people rather than one. Helena gets so confused her information learned becomes unable to comprehend.


DigitalAmber, the Jokester - DigitalAmber is the jokester of the group, he makes others in the room with them laugh and eases tension. Those in the room with he will have a clear head and any negative effects will be lost. If Corso is with DigitalAmber, the joke becomes hard to comprehend resulting in mass confusion on those even immune to Corso. Luna and Dorothy do not care for jokes and receive no effect from DigitalAmber.


Alphagar, the Sleuth - Alphagar sleuths around in the room she visits, checking every corner and has an 80% chance to pick up some sort of clue that may be helpful in finding out the mystery. DigitalAmber distracts Alphagar with jokes if they are in the same room. If Eran is in the room, he follows Alphagar and picks up a second clue for himself. 


Cataline, the Pure - Cataline is a pure being who focuses on protecting everybody. Anybody in the room with Cataline is protected from sudden death that could occur during the night. Veronica, however, despises Cataline’s pure and calm nature and refuses any protection thus Veronica does not receive any save if the death is against her.


Eran, the Follower - Eran is a follower, who follows whomever he is in the room with. Eran has a two-part night action. He chooses a room, then he is informed who is in the room with him and he gets to pick who to follow. *It is told as “There are X People in this room with you. Choose which number person you would like to follow.” the number will correspond to the order players told me they wanted to enter said room.*  When following he amplifies the role’s action either doubling its effects in a special way. Each effect will be listed below. However for the roles that will block his choice: if Sirah is in the room he is mesmerized by her beauty and can not do anything that night. If Alphagar is in the room he default follows Alphagar. If DigitalAmber is in the room he lounges around laughing to the jokes.
*The people in the room will be told to Eran by player name not role so he will not know what role he follows.
Corso: Amplifies confusion confusing everybody regardless of who else is in the room.
DigitalAmber: Default block. He sits with Digital and does nothing.
Alphagar: Default follow. He follows Alphagar giving him a 10% chance to pick up information. 
Cataline: Turns the protection into an even stronger force field that will protect Veronica despite her stubborn nature.
Axel: Eran breaks open one of the other two objects Axel did not open, regardless of whether Axel got information already.
Anastasia: Eran asks why Anastasia is sad all the time and causes her to cry.
Sirah: Default block, he’s mesmerized by Sirah and lusts after her having thoughts in his mind.
Solar: Eran cheers with Solar, and if Luna is around he prevents them from arguing.
Luna: Eran and Luna bump into each other.
LykosHand: Eran follows LykosHand and protects LykosHand, causing him to take whatever would have happened to LykosHand to happen to Eran.
Newt: Eran follows Newt, only in the room they’re in together, and asks him about the town of Z distracting him lowering his chance to find information by 10%.
Kaya: Eran just sits with Kaya and listens to her tale. All tales amuse him.
Tristah: Eran encourages Tristah to be more careful, causing Tristah to only bump into two rather than three people.
Dorothy: Eran follows Dorothy, admiring her work, giving him a 20% chance to pick up information.
Veronica: Eran gets in Veronica’s way and she threatens him. If he follows her a second time, she knocks him unconscious making him unable to speak the next day. If he follows her a third time, he is killed by the host’s RNG kill.
Romeo/Juliet: Eran spends time chatting with them about their relationship, causing them to not do what their night action is.
Sailboat: Eran keeps bugging Sailboat to talk to him, causing Sailboat to lose focus and not get any information this night. 
Helena:  Eran follows Helena, distracting and confusing her, lowering her chance to find information in half.


Axel, the Brute - Axel is a brutal fighter who believes in brawn over brains. Due to this, when he is in a room he ignores everybody there with him and chooses to break open Object 1, 2, or 3, when in the room. One of the three objects contains information to assist in the case, one contains a curse, and one is empty. Curses are listed above in the Base Information section. If he is in the room with Corso he loses focus and does not complete his action.


Anastasia, the Crybaby - Anastasia may be a strong detective but she is also very emotional. She has a lot inside that makes her cry over very small things. When she enters a room, she has a 50% chance to pick up some information for the case and a 50% chance to get emotional and begin crying resulting in nothing else being performed. If LykosHand, Solar, or DigitalAmber are in the room and she begins crying they will cheer her on to move forward giving only the chance to find information (still 50%). 


Sirah, the Beauty - Sirah is the prettiest detective out there, but behind the charm and beauty is a very strong mind. Sirah’s beauty unfortunately distracts some of her fellow detectives but she can not be bothered to worry about that. Each night when she enters a room, she lights up the place with her glowing presence and helps certain detectives in the room to have better chances at getting clues for this case. She helps Axel by changing his options from three objects to two objects eliminating the cursed object. She helps Newt guiding him to a specific spot of the room upping his current chances of gaining information by 10%. She helps Tristah from bumping into others allowing him to not mess anybody up that night. 


Solar, the Light - Solar, Luna’s lighter twin, is much more optimistic and cheers those on in the room with her. When she’s in the room she cheers assisting all those in the room with her boosting their odds for positive outcomes in their actions. All positive chance %’s are upped by 20 and negatives are lowered by 20 (Example: Anastasia has a 70% chance to find information 30% chance to cry). She also influences the host, if the host’s target is in the same room as Solar the chance to give information is at 70% and the chance of a kill is at 30%. If in the room with Luna, she argues with her sister causing her to lose focus on the cheer making it ineffective.


Luna, the Dark - Luna, Solar’s darker twin, is the pessimistic half who believes this is a pointless case and they will all end up dead. When she visits a room, she focuses more on finding an escape route believing they will not find any real clues. Due to this searching, she will butt heads with those moving around the room and cause those she bumps into to lose focus and make their action null. If she is in the room with Alphagar, Eran, Dorothy, Helena, and/or Sailboat, she will bump into them 100% guaranteed (if multiple are there she bumps into all of them). If Solar is in the room, she argues with her sister causing her to lose focus on the search making it ineffective and she will no longer bump into anybody.


LykosHand, the Protector - LykosHand aims to keep everybody safe, and looks after Anastasia primarily as he is from the same department as her so he works with her closely back home. When he enters the room he is informed on who is in the room with him and he chooses to protect one player from whatever negative effects may come into contact with them and he takes it for himself. If a curse is going for his target he takes it, if a death comes at his target he takes it, if a form of a block comes at his target he takes it and blocks the blocker from doing anything else that night (for instance, if he protects Eran and Luna is in the room, he will stop Luna and she will not bump into anybody). If he protects Anastasia, he gains immunity from death/curses.


Newt, the Town Gem - Newt, the head detective of Z, is the Town Gem. The town roots for him to solve this case and make it out alive as the case progresses. Fueled by determination to make his town proud, he is able to visit two rooms in the night and has a 30% chance to pick up information in each room. If he fails to get information in the first room it becomes a 50% chance in the second room. If he enters the first room and Corso is in it, he is confused and does not get to visit the second room. 


Kaya, the Tale Teller - Kaya loves passing down tales she’s learned as a kid in order to entertain the others and ease their nerves. Each night she visits a room and chooses to tell a: Happy Tale, Sad Tale, Mysterious Tale, or Scary Tale. Each tale has a set amount of roles it interacts with and the ones she pleases with her tale gives them encouragement creating a 10% chance to find some sort of clue for the case. If you tell a tale that encourages Solar she shares the encouragement with her cheer, making it a 25% boost to everyone rather than 20%. Eran does not receive these effects.
Happy Tale: DigitalAmber, Cataline, Solar, LykosHand, Newt
Sad Tale: Anastasia, Tristah, Romeo, & Juliet
Mysterious Tale: Corso, Luna, Dorothy, & Sailboat
Scary Tale: Alphagar, Axel, Sirah, Veronica, & Helena


Tristah, the Klutz - Tristah is a bit of a klutz and overall mess. He trips over his own two feet. When in the room, he will accidentally bump into someone else (RNG Based) in the room with him and cause them to lose whatever information they may have gained that night. The only roles immune to this are Axel, Dorothy, & Sailboat. Newt loses all information if it happens in his second room and he gained information in both rooms.


Dorothy, the Prodigy - Dorothy is a world known prodigy. At the age of 7, she is in one of the highest esteemed detective departments being extremely knowledgeable for her age. Every night in the room she finds a piece of information to help the case, this is guaranteed at 100%. If she is cheered on by Solar it breaks the 100% and she gets a 20% chance to pick up a second piece of information. If she is in the same room as Sailboat or Veronica she becomes more intrigued in them and loses focus on the case resulting in not learning information on the case.


Veronica, the Vengeful Spirit - Veronica has a bit of a sad background to her, losing her parents in a fire that the crime still has yet to be solved. Nobody knows who caused the fire but she is certain it was murder and is vengeful in figuring out who killed her parents. She feels this murderer is behind her parents’ murder and is ready to cut down anyone who comes at her. She is immune to night death but also can not receive night information from the host. When in a room, she follows her instincts and is drawn to one spot of the room where she has a 40% chance to learn information guaranteed on the killer. If she is in the room with Corso, she is confused and ends up in deep thought about her parents resulting in learning nothing. If she is with Tristah and he bumps into her, she shoves him onto the ground causing him to be unconscious and not able to speak the next day.


Romeo, the Charmer - Romeo and Juliet are separate roles but will share the same description. Working together in the same industry for years, they fell in love and are the modern day Romeo & Juliet where they feel they can not live without each other. Together, they must discuss in the day with their lover where they plan to go in the night and must choose the same room. If they do not, Romeo poisons himself and Juliet stabs herself, believing one another is dead and not able to live without each other. If they do choose the same room they work together to work out any conflicts. If Solar and Luna are arguing, they stop the argument. If Tristah bumps into anyone, they help recover the information lost. If Corso is in the room however, they get confused as to why they are there and just sit on the ground while everybody runs around. 


Juliet, the Hopeless Romantic - Romeo and Juliet are separate roles but will share the same description. Working together in the same industry for years, they fell in love and are the modern day Romeo & Juliet where they feel they can not live without each other. Together, they must discuss in the day with their lover where they plan to go in the night and must choose the same room. If they do not, Romeo poisons himself and Juliet stabs herself, believing one another is dead and not able to live without each other. If they do choose the same room they work together to work out any conflicts. If Solar and Luna are arguing, they stop the argument. If Tristah bumps into anyone, they help recover the information lost. If Corso is in the room however, they get confused as to why they are there and just sit on the ground while everybody runs around. 


Sailboat, the Silent - Sailboat is an intriguing individual, he does not speak with the others much. *The player who gets Sailboat can choose to be in character and not speak much in the day phase but that is not required nor recommended.* He prefers to keep to himself rather than socialize, thus being extremely focused on this case. Each night when in the room, he is able to sense something that seems off to him. There is an 75% chance to gather information in regards to the weapon used in the murder but that is the only topic of information he learns. He can not lose said information, and if Corso confuses him the chance to find information drops to 50% and it still comes back as cryptic. 


Helena, the Confused - Helena is a bit of a scatterbrain who gets confused easily. She unfortunately isn’t much helps in many cases but she saw this as an opportunity to prove herself. Each night she grows more confident than the last. She starts at a 10% chance to gain information in the room she’s in and it increases by 10% each night. If in the room with Tristah, she and him will bump into each other regardless causing both of them to completely lose track of what they were doing.


6. Summary of Roles & Actions


I know it's a lot to swallow so here's a recap for ya!


Corso: Clue Jammer. Can screw up clues others receive depending on who is around.


DigitalAmber: Status Healer. Cures curses but also can create mass confusion if around Corso.


Alphagar: Information Gatherer. Has a high chance to get a clue to help solve the case.


Cataline: Guardian. Protects others from death except Veronica.


Eran: Follower. Follows one in the room with him and mimics their action in a similar way. See his role for each special interaction.


Axel: Meathead. Does not care for anyone but Corso, can gather information or curse one or more players in the saame room as him.


Anastasia: Information Gatherer + Standby. 50/50 Shot to get info or do nothing. Can have standby taken away by other players.


Sirah: Helping Hand. Helps specific roles in their actions.


Solar: Cheerleader. Boosts others in the room.


Luna: Roleblocker. Bumps into 1 or more player in the room with her.


LykosHand: Bodyguard. Protects one player in the room with him from death/curse each night.


Newt: Information Gatherer. Can gain information up to 2 times every night.


Kaya: Special Cheerleader. Can help certain players in the room each night depending on choice.


Tristah: Roleblocker/Information Theft. Can block others and cause all information between them to be lost that night.


Dorothy: Information Gatherer. Has a 100% chance to gain information each night; special case: if Veronica/Sailboat are in the room she is blocked.


Veronica: Information Gatherer. Low chance information gatherer with interactions to Tristah & Corso.


Romeo & Juliet: Helping Hands. They try to assist others in the room from being hostile with one another.


Sailboat: Special Information Gatherer. Moderate chance to gather information, only on weapon.


Helena: Special Information Gatherer. Gradually becomes a better information gatherer over time. Does not gain anything if she comes into contact with Tristah.


7. Rules


(1) The Reborn Forum rules apply here.

(2) All Player Discussion must be kept in the thread; mandated special private chats may also be utilized. Other forms of contact outside of these such as Private Chats without the Host’s permission, IRL contact, and other methods are not allowed.

(3) Day Phase lasts for 48 hours. Players must make at least 2 posts and vote per day phase. Failure to meet this requirement for two day phases (even non consecutive) will result in replacement or mod intervention.

(4) Voting is done in the format: [Eliminate] Player Name or in similar formats. Changing of votes may be done in this format: [Unvote] Player Name. All votes must be placed in bold or they are not counted. In the case of a tie in votes, a no lynch will ensue.

(5) Night Phase lasts for 24 hours. Players are not allowed to comment in the thread. Violation of this rule will result in warning (1st offence) and disqualification (2nd offence).

(6) Sharing of Role PMs – through screenshots, verbatim copying, or other forms – to other players is illegal. Consequences will be given to violators.

(7) If you are eliminated in any way, you may have a final post, that will not reflect critical game information such as night actions and the like.

(8) Actions – day or night – should be sent to me via PM (Forums) or DM (Discord).

(9) Editing of posts is discouraged. If you have minor corrections, you may do so, but if you wish to have additions, you must make a new post or quote your previous post if you wish to highlight the addition.

(10) Respect the host and other players! Have fun!


This game of Mafia is molded after the board game: Clue! A fun murder mystery game that if you have never played I recommend playing; you do not need to have Clue knowledge/skill to play this however.


*I know it's a lot of information to swallow so if you have questions please ask!*

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Also: whyaminotisthatlistofpossibleroles


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I will have to reread this later. 

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A new twist in this game, not a child's play.....I'm in however by being a child.......

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This kind of mafia game is a first for me... b-be gentle Quinn-senpai '-'

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Whodunnit? I bet it's was...

Newt in the Trophy Room with Last Lament. 



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That detective Corso lol

I know this isn't my kind of game (assuming there is one), but it's too interesting to miss it

I'm in

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Hi I'm the town gem

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rare chance to play these days so am in!

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oh wait i'm a suspect 



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After having read all this, I'm in a lot of trouble

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Currently 13 Players, I have 7 more slots left & any others after will be allowed to sign up as substitutes! If you wish to only sign up as a sub that is allowed just say so~


If your post was "Liked" by me I have seen your post to join. @Psychic Bean Sheep Soso I'm not sure if you want to join or not with those posts


Players Signed Up

1. Alphagar (through Discord)

2. Paul25

3. Alistair

4. DigitalAmber

5. Corso

6. BandorKitty

7. Newt

8. March Hare Divergent

9. Bok Choi

10. Mr. Knighty

11. sailboat

12. LykosHand

13. NickCrash











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I'm in! (also nick tfw different themes have a slightly different shade of gray for the background of the posts (even for highlighted posts))

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This game looks difficult af for my small brain. But I’ll try it anyway. In.

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Can I still joineth

(also, same as Nicki)

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you suckz

Sure i;m in

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