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    • Lots of love rejuv team.for your hard work. But please please please can anyone tell me is version 13 comming this month or not.
    • Absolutely B R E A T H T A K I N G ! 😱    You are awesome ! @Ruby Red   So difficult to choose one a favorite.. God.. I'd say Nova though.    Thannnnk you !! 
    • Both wallpapers to be used as part of "introbg" pictures of Forest Guardian.   Delicia about to devour a tall Blue Moon Ice Cream Emily packing up stuff to start her adventure   Again, such pictures may not last forever due to occasionally cleaning up my attachment quota to free up some space, but I did post those pictures in DeviantArt. I might also include it in SporkEnhancements folder.
    • -Snowdin Road   Toriel swallows heavily.   Dolly, however, simply wheezes with silent laughter, heaving like it's the funniest joke he's ever heard.   The child looks uncomfortable with this.     "Be silent," Toriel demands, plucking the doll from the child's arms with her fingertips, as if it were a dirty rag.   "Really, whatever punishment this one needs, being made whole is more than enough."   "The memory of saying such nonsense would be agony for a monster capable of compassion."   Dolly grins coyly, unable to take the threat seriously.   "My child, I will be confiscating this, before Rachel finds good reason to destroy it," she says coldly.   "No matter Rachel's words, the results are the same.  Asgore must be stopped," she says with finality.     Toriel outright scowls, an unfamiliar look on her face that silences Dolly.   She glances at Rachel with a compassionate look moments later.   -     Sans acts as if he didn't hear any of the discussions previously.   -Waterfall   Jun's wanderings lead her to one of several places: A place with a turtle monster A place with a small bird A place with snails and a ghost A house that looks like a fish   The River Person.
    • Deciding that following after Lucine would be an extremely bad idea, Jun simply shrugged, and elected to go off deeper into the waterfall area to continue their search for the others. It's not like any of the four still back at the hotlands seemed like they weren't ready for a fight, unless Ignia died that is.
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