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  1. Battles and using Pokemon I normally don't use. Like Zindril, I am very attached to my Dusknoir. Plus I enjoy actually getting to see a damn shiny once in a while.
  2. So I only ever completed Pokemon Yellow(played a little Ruby and Black) and am now playing fangames for the heck of it. On a scale of 1-10, how worried should I be about this?
  3. Barbara is the most painful loss yet and TNT was the funniest yet. Most of the Mewtwo fight was pretty funny. BTW I hope you saved the last Will and Testament text cause you're gonna need that later.
  4. I'm sure that whatever issue Keta had will be quickly resolved and you'll get your badge in no time. It's a good thing this is the internet because I could not say that with a straight face irl.
  5. Thanks to Caz your hard work, I appreciate the hours of entertainment you've given me. Speaking of which I should probably finish Episode 3 now that 4 is out...
  6. Here's my theory: At the beginning of the game Maria asks her Mom read her the story about the Zoroark and the Pangoro. In it, Zoroark loses Pangoro's friendship by turning into its dead mother as a really bad prank. At first I thought that this story was to foreshadow something with Melia and the MC. Maybe she uses her own Zoroark to transform into Nancy in order to try to fool the player into doing something. But that action seems way too drastic and cruel for Melia to do. I remember reading a post somewhere on this forum which pondered why our Soul Stone didn't collect Nancy's soul. It is possible that it didn't because Nancy didn't have a soul (hence all the comments made towards her by Nastasia). But maybe our soul stone didn't collect her soul because Madame X's did. Perhaps she'll use her to try to fool or gain leverage over the MC. By the way, good job on defeating her. I probably could never manage that as I am a scrub. And I just get way too attached to certain Pokemon (Mr. Mime insisted he come along! I gotta use him!)
  7. I didn't give the line much thought. It was just a joke, and one that got meto smirk once I realized how most of the gyms leaders in caught up in the plot somehow. Now that I think about it, we might have also actually gotten one of the gym leaders thrown in jail. Wonder how she'll react to that.
  8. After beating Angie and running from her I had a game breaking bug after the Venam-Kreiss conversation. They talk like normal but at the end Venam just walks through Kreiss but he doesn't move. Then I am frozen and can't do anything. Maybe this is karma for me not saving him. EDIT: Game proceeded fine when I decided to free Kreiss
  9. I visited Venam's house before fighting Crawli. There are two of her Moms. One on the bottom floor that I can't interact with and one on the top floor that I can talk to.
  10. I enjoyed V8. Tried to work through the redesigned Terajuma first but my impatience led me to stop before Crawli and go blast through the new story content. I didn't think about it at the time but Krystal being the champion does make sense. I was wondering when we'd start seeing the champion mentioned and it feels about time for that to start coming up given how many badges we have now. I wish I hadn't forgotten her dialogue during her earlier side quest but I guess I'll just do it again with my Terajuma save. I teamed up with Erin because she knew Aelita. Aelita is currently my favorite NPC so I thought teaming up with her might give me more information about her. I appreciate Erin's blunt attitude. So I exposed Flora because I have no real reason to like Bladestar given that my only interaction with them was getting thrown into a cell. And, at this point, the main character has had some pretty bad experiences with prisons and cells. Besides, after being captured so many times it felt amusing to get someone else caught. I'm actually most interested in seeing where Venam ends up going as a character. It wasn't the focus of this update but it's clear something is brewing there. My thoughts on redone Terajuma so far: Much improved! The extra dialogue between Braixen and Adam was really needed since they have just kind of been there. Now I actually care about them a little. Before the game didn't give me much reason to. The new way Venam returns to the story is amusing. I don't really like her but even I smiled when DOGARS played as a Yacht pulled in. Misc thought on other stuff in the game: It's almost certainly nothing but the line Melia says when are fighting her for the first time "Wait, this isn't how it was suppose to go" seems really suspicious now given that time travel shenanigans are now happening.
  11. I left the building to go get strength and it didn't reset for me.
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