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  1. Want to play the game after a while and downloaded 18.4.1 to my new laptop. However game z says: "Script 'RGSS2&MKXPCompat' line 72: Errno::ENOENT occured. No such file or directory - Data/Animations.rxdata" However the issue is that the normal version of the game does not even open. Clicking it simply doesn't do anything. I have restarted my device, Redownloaded the game but the issue persists. The normal game app doesn't even respond. Any idea what's the problem?
  2. Absolutely, it's working perfect again. Thanks a lot!!!!
  3. I did however the issue persists I really don't understand why though. You could make it work easily by the looks of it, but even after downloading again it persists.
  4. Got Rock climb and did some exploration and ended up in amethyst cave. I did the whole side-quest with the terminals and ended up doing the mom battle, after winning however I lost to the rift chandelure and when getting back to the previous healing point the screen shows only the art of rift chandelure and nothing else. The MC still moves around and interacts and even opens the menu but there is 0 visibility. Loading previous files doesn't work so I ask your help. Here is an example and the last save file. Thanks in advance good people!! Game - 333 - Leia - 62h 40m - 7 badges.rxdata
  5. Xenoblade chronicles 2 = love


  6. Well on route 2 on the clustle puzzle where i must slide some clustles between 2 hills at first it worked but I lost on a battle and then I went back there, the clustle came out but it couldn't battle, or put it any powder soooooo. I'm stuck. Well now it got fixed so ok.
  7. Ok I will replace piloswine is ite with drapion but where is it? Is it available only via evolving skorupi?
  8. I have trouble with Radomus My team is Noivern 57 Quiet Air cutter Air slash Super Fang Shadow claw Meowstic 56 Calm Sucker punch Signal beam stored power psychic Golem 57 Gentle Magnitude Stone edge smack down Earthquake Pangoro 57 Gentle Body slam crunch sky uppercut Hammer arm Charizard 57 Bashfull wing attack flamethower flame burst dragon rage Piloswine 57 serious Rock smash trash blizzard earthquake I'm really stuck and i want help and I don't have any other good ones
  9. After I beat Amber I went to Narcissa's gym and she wasn't there and then I followed Mew, found the odd key and released the demon now what do I do, or is it over?
  10. I'm plaing Rejuvenation now, I'm busy.

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