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  2. I actually never noticed the dots until now lol. That's funny. I have no idea what their purpose is but welcome to the forums!
  3. Simple Swoobat and Lycanrock (Midday) are extremely strong, if you're ever having trouble pick them up. I also recommend looking at this guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Dk0g5bVs0B4JNuSR-f4AAFIeWQozHosKFS-wPao9bc/edit It is a full guide of everything in Rejuvenation, from items to battles to events. It is the most helpful resource that I think exists for Rejuvenation.
  4. If you're doing a flying monotype what is stopping you from using Honchkrow? If you EV it in speed and attack it is definitely able to KO the mons that Radomus uses to set up trick room, and with moxie sucker punch you just sweep.
  5. This is awesome. I can't wait to replay Desolation once Episode 5 comes out.
  6. Check out this link, it should help https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/24930-swm-modular-modpack-e182/
  7. Once the city has been restored there will be more move tutors that require shards.
  8. Make sure that you talk to Victoria/Kiki before you go into the volcano. You won't be able to drain the lava until you do.
  9. This fight for me is definitely the hardest in the game, I hate it so much. I was able to beat it with a rain team but there are probably better ways. FYI, water moves are only lowered in power if the pokemon using it is grounded, so do with that what you will. I recommend using a Pelipper and some swift swim mons and you should be able to beat it. Ludicolo and Kingdra are pretty good. Grass mons likes like Torterra and Tangrowth also work well. With that box I don't think you're ever going to beat Ryland unless you build a whole new team.
  10. Just do the grand hall on the weekends (friday, saturday, sunday). There are many trainers that give good exp during those days.
  11. It is definitely possible, I've done it myself. Just email yourself your most recent save file, then download it on your other computer. Once you do that you can place the file into your "Saved Games" folder in "Pokemon Reborn" and name that file game.rxdata.
  12. The game actually tells you how! Just get a poison type to suck up the toxic spikes and more importantly catch a Woobat in the sewers. Also, if you're going to use a geodude catch one with sturdy, sand veil is so much worse. Since it's still early in the game it won't take much to level it up.
  13. Your team's typings aren't that great. Arcanine is useless with Blaziken, and Meowstic is useless with Starmie. Just put them in rotation until you get to fight where you will need them. You should should swap them out for either your Hippowdon, a steel type (I recommend Aron), a grass type, or a dark type. Your movesets also could use some improvements. All of your mons can be taught better moves from the move relearner which you should have access to now. Blaziken can learn High Jump Kick from the move relearner so replace Double Kick with that. It can also learn Fire Punch and Flare Blitz, both much better than Blaze Kick. If you're going to continue using a Meowstic, Female is much better than male. The moveset is extremely versatile, and having a defensive mon is a waste for most battles. For NIdoqueen, replace Venom Drench with Venoshock or Sludge Wave, Poison STAB is much better than lowering stats. Toxic Spikes isn't that great either, maybe swap that out for Superpower for a strong physical move. Arcanine doesn't need Heat Wave. Crunch or Outrage is better but it seems you evolved it without learning those moves so that moveset is fine. Meowstic is fine. A pretty useless mon at that point in the game so I would either swap it out or start using a female meowstic which has a better movepool. Ampharos shouldn't have Electro Ball without Thunder Wave and with Discharge. It's a pretty useless move. Swapping Electro Ball for T-wave or Signal Beam is probably your best bet. Could you post a screenshot of your boxed mons? I'd like to see if there's any I could recommend for your team or to put on rotation.
  14. There are so many things that easily deal with from the first point in the game that you battle Sirius, it shouldn't be that broken. Just get a Luxray.
  15. What I did was send out Gigalith with Sand Stream to get rid of hail and clefable with mist to get rid of the field. Lycanroc is great in this battle too. If you're still having trouble ev train your mons if you haven't already.
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