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  1. Here are a couple pictures showing whats wrong... I redownloaded the game and tried it again but the same thing happened
  2. Yeah I'm redownloading the base game and them I'm gonna transfer save data and try unzipping the modpack back in again. Do i have to move the game.rtx file at all or do I just leave it alone?
  3. Hi I recently tried downloading an SVM modpack for Pokemon Reborn. However, I tried putting the files in while the game was running on accident and now whenever I open up by bag or pokemon menus there's a black background and no text. Can somebody help?
  4. So recently I've seen a lot of people playing pokemon reborn on youtube and some can see little blue marks where hidden items are. I'm wondering how to make this possible for my game. I have the itemfinder btw
  5. Oh I see I need the other three parts to the key which I get by going through the area in luna's gym
  6. yeah idk I think i need the crystal plug? idk if its the same or not
  7. nothings working, I think I need a different key because the crystal is green
  8. Yes? Is there an exit or room somewhere?
  9. Ok so I'm about to fight luna and I'm wondering if I can find the yureyu key before I fight her? I need to evolve my charjabug but I can't without the key. Please help and respond with what I need and where it is.
  10. Hello, I just beat Radomus in a super clutch victory, and I've already completed the gang storyline so that when I talk to Archer he says, "You should find the entrance at the aparment on 3rd and Dhalia no problem," but it is still locked and the lady still says theres no admittance. Please help? Oh Nevermind, I was at the wrong building lol sorry
  11. Thanks, It looks like I need to start grinding again....woohoo Who should I replace in my team for Hypno?
  12. Ok so when I heard there was a second poison gym I was like, "oh cool this should be fine i can tank with this golem I have," but boi was I wrong. Before I rant here is my current and most successful team so far. Torterra - lv 45 Earthquake Crunch Synthesis Razor Leaf (Garbage) Swoobat - lv 45 Psychic Heart Stamp Air Slash Air Cutter Sandslash(Alolan) - lv 43 [Note I didn't evolve this I just caught it tonight] Ice Ball Metal Claw Defense Curl Slash Arcanine - lv 45 Flamethrower Fire Fang Heat Wave Crunch Zebstrika - lv 44 Spark Thunder Wave Discharge Charge Beam Golem - lv 44 Rock Smash Self Destruct Earthquake Smack Down Now heres the problem. I can take down Nidoqueen and Salazzle by leading with swoobat/arcanine and psychic/crunch through them. But then they are low and die from a sludge wave. Then with arcanine down I can't deal with venosaur easily due to it having stomping tantrum and wrecking my sandslash. Golem can usually tank everything except for drapion and his aqua tail. I'm currently going to go get a nidoking, and I have a lv 30 Hypno with psychic terrain in my box that I'm considering leveling up. I want to keep Sandslash alive for dragalge and I don't necessarily want to lead with arcanine but shes the only one fast enough to kill nidoqueen before stealth rocks gets set up. Please help.
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