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  1. I tagged them so one or the other should contact u or post here
  2. U can't breed it to get the mon @seki108 or @Vanitas should be able to help u
  3. the one right by the cascades? any crustle can be woken with rage powder then knocked out to reset it
  4. @AntonyJr Route 3 caves. need to beat Amaria to enable rock climb get rock climb shortly after It's currently physically impossible to get back to city till you beat Ciel
  5. They mean at beginning when you choose your starter Get your egg from saving the day care couple and the one on the slums both can have some good Pokemon egg for daycare is in onyx ward to the left of the arcade a girl has it inside
  6. You would have needed to breed the 7th St one if you missed the one in where the hiker now lives I will be on in a bit if your still on DM/PM me as this section of the forum is for information only about locations
  7. Titanias whole wonderland area won't allow for weather changing
  8. You might have @Waynolt or @Commander might have a more definitive answer for you, they have a lot more experience especially regarding mods. you might get away by finding an unlatered script but I have no idea
  9. Just before Hardy's gym after you've done the city you people come back to the city the house next to the PC asks for a password. No problem is part of the puzzle reward PS I only did the Pokemon location guide
  10. @the prof Redownload reborn and get updated mod You shouldn't have to change the script data. Waynolts mod doesn't need for it to be replaced The scripts is what's causing the issue in this case
  11. You on later in like an hour or so?
  12. Wrong place this belongs in online play, normally bi would trade u one but I don't wanna get back up to go downstairs yet
  13. Check in the item guilde It has items listed by location
  14. After clearing Argate City go back to the building above spyce and on the first room will be 3 shoots go down any of them
  15. I didn't know that, thought it was like every other starter starts as pure typing other then Bulbasaur I believe
  16. It can be worth it, I would still recommend long reach as an ability though Don't evolve it before Julia though. Using grass starters can be tough in the beginning
  17. check my signiture out second link in spoiler questions about locations belongs in on the hunt this area is for battles/trades
  18. Okay I am ready as well My user is Snorlax @Airis have a good day/night
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