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  1. Instead of dropping majority of the older pokemon I would like to see them to have a patch or a series of patching to allow them after elite four using something like PAL park, and implement something like the Smogoon tiers they have the technology to do so and it would keep them from having to ban certain pokemon. I honestly don't care for any of the gimicks except for maybe the alola form pokemon but in the end didn't care too much about those either. I would like them to do something similiar to gen four and expand on pokemon using evolutions to bring relevence back to some older but decent pokemon or just older pokemon in general like dunsparce
  2. I have one in the middle of puzzle to get to dessert town, choose to battle Taka not very good team comp currently though but all I have been using are trained will that work?
  3. I can delevel my aggron or my toxicroak or both for you
  4. Sorry nut I will take a try at calling Seki now
  5. @Commander First team I'd like to submit is for Episode 8 For Episode 7 Please check Oricorio wanted Sensu style not sure if I got that correct or not
  6. your game back. I unfortunatly had to progress it a bit so you've just talked to the police chief and have initiated Conin Rouge 3 spot hiding but it works now GAME.rxdata PS Let me know when you have downloaded it so I can delete it off my attachments
  7. Wrong person to quote you should of quoted @JudasTrooper Judas if you have anything specific in mind regardless of nature or anything else check out my guild 8th St Black market
  8. A lot of the more experienced people are working in development so we're not getting much help over here. I don't feel confident enough to attempt to do anything with it as I am very inexperienced with rpg maker but I will attempt to do something tomorrow will let you know how it goes kay? Keep in mind that I promise nothing
  9. @Eigengrau Our boy @Vinnie is currently making a video series walkthrough. https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45474-guess-im-starting-a-walkthrough-then/
  10. Ops sorry, my bad was having a kinda off day
  11. First of all trades should be asked for in online play Second of all server is currently experiencing troubles Third All three are available in the current episode https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Deino_Special_Encounter
  12. 7th st you can buy them for shards first one goes for 2 red past that they are random colours and amounts up to 5
  13. Reborn online play servers are currently down if  anyone see when they are back up and running please let me know

  14. Wigglytuff can be found on route 4 and breed Or if your still on in about 3h I will trade you one
  15. https://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41661-item-guide-v18-void-kissed/ During the day in the renovated Peridot ward where the factory you tagged up with Fern was there are 2 brothers in the top left corner should be available no later then after Adrienne
  16. Let me know if you want me to middle man, I can be on when they have been posting or see if they post thier save for the shared PC cause I assume you have it if not I do and can send you 2 mooks and move them in myself Ps I stole one of your trades they wanted Ditto and Piopole
  17. No problem I was having issues with notifications as well so figured I'd try and help you I have one I can grab off a backup since I have one for myself with decent IVs thats shiny if you need one
  18. @MegaRekhytX it procs the notification. I have my settings set so whenever I post a comment it notifies me unless I manually take off follow it seem to work better that way then if I just manually follow
  19. Are you still accepting teams? Was thinking of submitting a couple theme teams for the fun of it
  20. Shared PC You clear your last box in the PC then upload your file Alternatively you can use a mod to generate them like sandbox or aronfairs mod both are easy to install and remove just remember in Aronfairs you have to enable it through options menu
  21. @MegaRekhytX try tagging or quoting the person it generally works better if you need instructions on how to tag let me know
  22. Speed breed you have alt on and as they hatch it shows the sprite then you can nickname as for static encounters unless you have to battle it currently there isn't a way
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