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  1. As we're having access to the PBS file... She has a lvl 65, timid natured, perfect IV and EV trained Typhlosion. If I made no mistakes, its speed should be at 215.
  2. Could it be that the Pick Up-component isn't properly working? Maybe it was just bad luck, but when I first started my current run with one Pick Up mon in my team, as well as later on with 2 such mons in my team in which I did some 50ish battles, I never found any item. If I tried to run the original Scripts (without any mod) or just disabled the Pick Up mod resulted in me finding an item in literary my first battle. So, is PickupQOL bugged or did I just had terrible luck (I mean, 0,8^50 is basically 0%)?
  3. So far, I finished to Monoruns in Reborn: Grass and Fighting, with an Ice one ongoing, but as I modded a few mons in there, I'm not going to talk about it. In Grass, you probably want to train a lot of different mons. I started my run back in E16, so the game changed quite a bit (I think the AI improved as well, so walling Tangrowth with a Bulletproof Chespin might not be easily possibly) and with the addition of Gen VII, you have even more mons to choose from. Throughout my run, I probably trained 20 or more different mons to handle different situations, as I found it hard to use a small amount of members to cover everything (e.g. I needed different strategies to handle Charlotte, who turned out to be one of the easiest leaders for me, surprisingly, while Titania was by far the hardest). I think E18 content was the first instance I managed to beat everything with just one team (or I should rather say with 7 Pokemon, as I bred one mon with Wide Guard to keep my sanity against Hardy while setting up), of which three members are helpful throughout the game (in my case, Chesnaught, Roserade and Ludicolo (who I only started to use around Shelly, though, because I wanted Energy Ball in its movepool), but Whimsciscot would be a fourth member, if you get it via Mystery Egg/mod it in if you're unlucky). If I compare that with Fighting (started in E17, so slightly different experience), I had a rotation of maybe 10 or a bit more mons I used, with a relatively stable rotation after Samson ( of which only Charlotte gave me major problems/I had to differ in my strategy, funnily enough compared to my Grass run). I guess choose what ever Type to like/know something about (which I did with Grass) or use a type you want to experiment with (in my case, Fighting). If you plan a bit beforehand, I'm sure you'll be able to beat the game (e.g. I've seen people succeed in mono-steel and heard of people managing Water/Electric/Ghost). I found Grass fun and voted for it, but I imaging the rest is fun as well but I guess you need to be an early-game masochist to like Water/Steel lol Have fun in your run~
  4. Neco

    Team Troubles

    Toxicroak (and I guess Heliolisk/others as well) with Dry Skin and an Elemental Seed heal a lot and can tank much of her Team. Throw in some Electric coverage (field boost) and you have a fairly easy Match. What @Yahen said helps too, but my Toxicroak walled her the last time I fought her.
  5. @haribob You don't need to beg to continue your adventure. If you don't do it, somebody else will free you. And about Garchomp... If my memory serves me right, somebody picked the Murkrow line. Which can have Perish Song as Egg move and Prankster as an ability. With this combination, pretty much every 1 Pokemon Boss is doomed. Garchomp should only be a challenge if you want to battle him without a cheesing strategy, but it's still something you could beat one way or the other.
  6. Yes, Staryu is the only Psychic as far as I know.
  7. While I do like to rotate the Pokemon I'm using throughout different games/saves, there are two I tend to use a bit more frequently than others. The first would be Gardevoir, guess we heard enough reasons why it's awesome? In short, one of my favourite mons since Gen III (if not my favourite one). My second choice would be Roserade. Nice offensive and supportive utility and, at least for me, always nice to have. It saved me quite a few times- reason enough for me to use it whenever possible.
  8. About the Team... in my Grass mono I run Reshiram and had to face her in singles (I voted twice for doubles, but she seems to do what she wants in this route). It was still Community release, but her team was: Rotom-W, Ludicolo, Kingdra, Swampert (She didn't use mega), something I forgot from the top of my head and her Lapras. If the Reborm wiki is correct, she should now have a Wishbuckler instead of the Mon I forgot. At least with a Team full of Grass pretty manageable. Anyways, well done with with those 2 leaders. Will be interesting to see how you'll handle future leaders (:
  9. Merry Christmas to y'all

  10. The moment you realize E17 is available, but you still have to finish 2 novels and a drama for university... Where's free time when you need it xD

    1. Chickens


      Free time is an illusion

  11. Meowth carry them for sure and I guess some other as well, but don't quote me on that.
  12. Actually, wild Meowth may carry Quick Claws and can be found from the start. You definetly only have to wait to access them if you really want (;
  13. Breed yourselve a Paras with Leech Seed and seed Garchomp via focus sash or quick claw. Switch to low level Pineco with sturdy and out stall Garchomp (ls should heal enouh to activate sturdy each turn). Boring, but a method which should work too^^
  14. About Wormadam: I think you can get every form before Julia actually. If my memory serves me right, I had all cloaks while training my Budew in my Mono Grass run. I think the underground railnet is the trash cloak and the different alleys sand (or vice versa).
  15. I @Jess Ice attacks easily destroy it. On the glitch field it can handle those attacks relatively easy from physical attackers, but otherwise the fourtime weakness utterly devastates this dragon.
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