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  1. Once you're filling confident enough with breeding mechanics, you should probably try out breeding for specific IV spreads for Hidden Power (HP), so why don't you try out a Hidden Power Ground Larvesta to start? =3
  2. Right out of my head I definitely don't miss that Chrysolia Forest lag. Just had to point that out
  3. Personally, I dislike the idea. If you just want to get rid of a bunch of mons, just go ahead and release them, as introducing such mechanics is basically "release X mons for a reward!" Also, I think I've heard somewhere that the bottlecaps/hyper training stuff will not be avaiable (someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though).
  4. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    I decided to rewatch both Episode 3 and the World of Remnant bonus episode regarding the Four Maidens and I came up with the following though: Assuming Salem and Oz are the only ones that are allowed to perform magic as of the day the Gods erased humanity, this fact immediately hints that Oz is probably the one that gave the maidens their powers. What'cha y'all think? Also, am I the only one that's expecting Ruby's mom, Summer Rose, and Weiss' sister, Winter Schnee, to be the Summer and Winter maidens, respectively?
  5. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    @DreamblitzX I think it's pretty much like Resident Evil where certain creatures mutates/develops a trait/ability based upon where it lived/lives so it can survive/fulfill its role. I don't think Salem would purposedly engineer a Grimm to achieve something. It just doesn't feel like her character, I'd say. @Wolfox As for my favorite Grimm: The Apathy was hella dope concept-wise, but assuming the same Nucklavee was the one that destroyed the village that Ren and Nora lived, I gotta go with him solely for its relevance to the plot. Also I can't wait to see Watts battling tbh. Watts vs Maria when.
  6. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    So...regarding E6:
  7. HUEnd

    Starters eggs

    He meant this lady:
  8. Probably not, considering there's only back sprites for characters that are either the main one (duh) and the ones that partner up with you at some point of the game.
  9. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    E3 was quite an episode, but
  10. We're probably getting our coveted rematches in E19 on the Nightclub, so I'd say modding rematches shouldn't be a concern.
  11. HUEnd

    Volume 6

    So I just watched E2 and...
  12. Thank god y'all got a replacement for Skala. Shame she's not B4 tho.
  13. Hi I'm alive tho idk how I'll play with my current schedule Zodiac-themed team for the funsies #Edit: and my personal favorite cuz y not and it didn't even start yet so I guess I can still edit this lel
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