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  1. ^ this, and not even "arguably." It's called Reborn for that reason, you know. Back in the day we had the cheesy Poké-Place name and when it died the first time and came back it gained the signature "Reborn" on it. After that it just got tackier and tackier, going from Reborn to [Reborn] to [[Reborn]] to {{Reborn}} and at that time I think the only concern is when Ame would run out of ways to stylize it. That said, that sort of thing does happen but should we worry about it? I don't think so. Even if the game were to end up shut down somehow Ame has another project in the wings that I'm sure she'll be much more excited to work on than a tired old Pokemon game. And when all else fails, what Felix said: we'll take the memories with us elsewhere.
  2. I'm glad you think so after such a short time! Same to you, friend. I sure do remember that. But that's okay in the end you were worth letting them go to [: Bet. Fish if you think I'm not taking that aggro head-on and positioning myself like a tank until I die or lose aggro you've got a big storm('s eye) coming. Also, likewise [:
  3. There IS no diversion button Inuki!! i don't have space for it. You're right though, and hopefully your hours of perspective continue to positively influence you as they have been doing recently. On that note, in a surprise twist, I'm going to flip this reply on its head and make it about you instead! I don't say enough how proud of you I am for making the decisions to improve yourself and your overall setting even if sometimes you still feel like you're stuck with some un-great ... opinions ...... from a certain someone. As someone who obviously struggles to do the same it's another point in your favor that we are in fact not the same person; instead of me just being inherently cooler and better than you at things like before, you've done a lot of catching up and showed that you are, in fact, one (1) real MVP. Not that you ever weren't. The whole "single most important event" thing goes both ways you know. ... And no, I haven't forgotten your No Blissey rule yet. @Comm: give him meme posts anyway he deserves them @Zumi: the first and second times were also charms. my attack is -6 and I hope you're going to accept responsibility. @Pyon: thanks dad
  4. Happy Birthday Ikaru 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  5. everyone wish @Inuki a happy birthday or else

    or else nothing really but he is very good and deserves the kindness of every person unconditionally 


    i would have posted a topic but it's well past midnight and the tradition is ruined i've failed everyone.

  6. You have a super unique style! It's the kind of distinct that I feel like I could see it somewhere in passing and be like "oh ruby did this," if that makes sense A+
  7. Hi, could you please unarchive my Ground Monotype thread? I've been told you're the one to approach about this.

    Also, how long does it take for a thread to get archived because of inactivity?

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    2. Gentleman Jaggi

      Gentleman Jaggi

      Ah, thanks for the info.

    3. Ikaru


      Done, sorry for the wait. It might take a bit to process but after that it should be good.

    4. Gentleman Jaggi
  8. It is ... vaguely associated with this topic what with people potentially being unable to find things that are definitely out there; I believe the reason for this is that archived results aren't displayed. At that point the best we can do is remember which sub-forum it was in and look manually. Which is gross. As for the rest it looks like everyone else understands it so thank you all.
  9. Not this thread, I specified the development blog. That's where they'll be able to follow progress, if with nothing beyond Ame's occasional comments below the progress bars. If someone doesn't have an answer themselves, they can link that at least. If the answer isn't there it might not be anywhere.
  10. You've managed to miss the entire point of the post. This is not to prevent newcomers from asking the same question nor "**** us" (whatever that's supposed to mean...). This is to establish that we are expected to be patient with new users asking questions for the first time. We have the answers and we've seen these questions a thousand times but they do not and they have not. It is incredibly off-putting to be ridiculed or have dumb inside jokes thrown at you instead of an actual answer to the question that you put yourself out there to ask. It's not solely about the game either. Additionally, there's still a negative preconception of new users in your last message which is exactly what we're looking to avoid. The latest person to introduce themselves barely even mentioned the game and when they did it was solely to say they weren't familiar with it. The rest was a perfectly legitimate introduction. Again, the point is not the repeated questions that we may or may not have the answers to, the point is the manner of response. Instead of "It'll be out when it's out" or "everyone time someone asks ame delays it hehe xdddd," direct them to the devblog page on the site. Answer legitimately. "We don't know any better than you do, but you can keep up with it with the rest of us here." "This post details the new testing process; it's currently in the beta phase and should be done with that soon, and after that it will be available to the community as a whole." I'm sure Amethyst appreciates the kind words but that is only a fraction of what this post is for. And I don't think making fun of each other is the example she intends for us to lead by. Please don't make it sound difficult as if you have to "control yourself." It isn't. Give an answer they're looking for or say nothing.
  11. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

    1. Paul25


      Happy Birthday! ^_^ 

      Wishing you a day full of wonderful surprises :D 

    2. Zarc


      Happy birthday ;) 

    3. BRS swag

      BRS swag

      Happy birthday

  12. new computer, sat with the default wallpaper for a while out of lack of inspiration, stumbled onto a gem today, it's yukino again:
  13. can confirm he was very frustrated with graphics gale
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