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  1. 5iv

    I'll keep popping back on in hopes of catching you.
  2. 5iv

    Just one more order..........let's see if I can hold to that
  3. If you don't mind me asking, is the shiny Chancy you mentioned available for trade? I am interested in it and the Wobbafett. I have a Adament 5IV Magicarp (16 spec attack) and a Timid shiny 4IV Staryu (17 def, 29 spec def). Sorry Wolfox. I can throw in a life orb or eviolite if needed. @Kid Goku Updated the stats, added the natures, and added the end.
  4. No problem. Good luck. Maybe you can use that mon eventually too.
  5. Oh, ok; that makes sense. I'll be right on. Should I wait for a request or send you one?
  6. You can buy them in 7th street, but I can trade you one if you really need it.
  7. It's as Alex said above. The only way we might get it is if Amethyst specifically give Gastley the move when it becomes formally available in the game again. Though that has about as chance as Wish Chancey or Surfing/Flying Pikachu.
  8. Just feed it to Eevee. It restores health and maxes out the happiness.
  9. Look, I'm content with Trubish; I was just pointing out a technicality. I already have enough Helioptile and don't have room for random shinis (boxes are still approaching critical fullness), but thank you for offering.
  10. It's still almost perfect, so I'm good. I haven't looked into what kind of attack it is.
  11. I mean, I though I was trading for the perfect shiny Trubish, but this was is close enough I suppose.
  12. We're somewhat desynced, so I just saw a black screen. I'm waiting again, if you want to try again. These servers are ridiculous. @Rochi Well, I'm glad it worked this time. Enjoy your soon to be Sylveon and thanks for the trash bag. Sorry about the technical difficulties, but they are pretty common on here.
  13. I was sending a request at the same time, so it desnced. I'll just wait this time. @Rochi Waiting
  14. Sent the request again @Rochi Tell me when to resend. The last two didn't get responses on your end.