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  1. seki108


    It was pushed back because it was too good for that early.
  2. Well, the 'Tabletop RPG' event in Duel Links is fairly entertaining, the a bit slow if you don't pay for the stamina upgrades.  Still, it's a good change of pace from the repeat events and we get this thing as on a playmat, so at least its ascetics are put to good use (and it fit's the Bakura RPG theme).





    However, the lottery rebalence is horrible.  Sure, they are giving up to 10 gems from a draw again, but that won't matter with how slow the event coins are gathered.  You'll be lucky if you get 3 copies of each event UR/SR card this time around.  

  3. seki108

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    No prob How dare.......
  4. seki108


    18 I remember when we almost made it to the Gen 7 numbers.
  5. seki108

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon!

    I don't know where it is now, but Ame mentioned in one her notes on the development page that it was getting pushed back quite a ways. It may still be in there, just in the post-restoration part.
  6. seki108

    Tell Me Your Favorite Pokemon!

    Too bad Ame pushed Magnamite WAY back this episode because it too versatile/powerful too early
  7. TEAM LADS! + Ryan

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    2. seki108


      I guess, though I'll see Micheal as the oldest brother of the group until he becomes a dad himself in a few months.

    3. Wolfox


      he already is a dad tho. Iris Jones is his firstborn and now Taylor Jones (name not confirmed and will most likely be deconfirmed) is on his/her way

    4. seki108


      Wow I'm out of the loop or time really sped up.  The extra life with the pregnancy announcement was the 2016 one apparently........where has the time gone?????   I really mostly pay attention to the Let's Plays and even then I only watch some of them anymore......


      This genuinely shocked me, since it seems like it hasn't been that long since that announcement.

  8. Randomly found out we had a Facebook page and this was in the 'Related Pages' section......alright.  



    (the rest of it is Yugoslavia, btw)


    1. Zarc


      Lol , i totally forgot about this page 

    2. SilverHelio


      And I had no idea about this page 😅

  9. seki108

    Ame Rates Every Pokemon's Cuddle-ability

    I got this one, though there might have been more than one variation Can't wait for more of Ame's judgements Edit: Because I got the image of @Amethyst judging Pokemon in a judge's stand, behold Ame, the Yamaxanadu (or just Yama if you don't want to bite your tounge saying it). Behold the work of 3 minutes in MS Paint.
  10. Well, this came out, though you've probably already watched it.



    1. DreamblitzX




      Man, I love his character design, but his personality really is the worst isn't it.

    2. Wolfox


      Hadn't seen it yet, actually. Went to bed early cuz of a sore throat.

      his character theme sounds awesome, his design is awesome and his personality is one I love to hate

    3. Luke


      whooooo Rwby!!

  11. seki108

    Rate the avatar above you!

    7/10 Titania is a good choice I just realized I never did my tradition of posting here whenever I changed my pic a week or two ago. Might as well before I decide to change it again
  12. seki108

    End of my Anonymity

    Welcome to these forums! Hopefully you will enjoy your time here.
  13. remember when Peri was a "badguy"


  14. Wow, mid evening stitches are so much fun...........Relatively minor and could have been worse, but still painful.  Even dull looking things can be quite sharp against a fleshy elbow.

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    2. seki108


      Not sure if you saw the extended version after I updated.  The metal part inside a computer chair arm can be quite sharp, no matter how dull it looks.  I'm honestly shocked at how deep it looked, but it only needed 3 stitches.


      Definitely some burning pain and apparently the tetanus shot will be sore tomorrow. 

    3. SilverHelio


      I'm sorry that happened to you Seki. I really hope you recover quickly.

      (Btw, check discord)


    4. Wolfox


      oof, get well soon