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  1. Finished Re-watching LWA (Asenshi subs of course) while soft resetting, so now I am watch Flip Flappers.  I was debating My Hero Acedemia, but I wanted to see that when I wasn't possibly distracted seeing if I got a Shiny Mew.  


    Also, comparing 13 episodes to 13 ep + a currently airing season makes a better track of time I am wasting (and when to give up).  


    I think this is a classic case of Sunk Cost Fallacy at this point, but I struggle on even knowing this.

    1. Wolfox


      I think MHA Would be better to completely focus on

  2. Glad I'm not the only one (though others seem to agree) that the 2003 anime had it's merrits. While I think 2009 (and the later manga) had a more structured plot and gambit pileups, I think I prefer 2003's ending because it's much more outright emotional and melancholy (or at least not as outright happy). Agreed. The episode afterword where Ed sees him waving from the train station always gets me.
  3. ........I mean, welcome to these forums. Out of curiosity, which version: the 2003 or 2009?
  4. Re-watched some of Little Witch Academia again while soft-resetting for a Shiny Mew in Insurgence.........Why make the shiny rate as unbearably absurd as canon games while still making the shiny charm still be available after completing the dex (after all one-time pokemon are caught)?  


     Hell, it's probably worse since there is not a breeding solution like the Matsuda method for the Pokemon that can breed.  And Pokepon is not a better soultion: it might have better shiny rates, but the inability to soft-reset and the 30 minute wait time makes it seem like a much longer process.


    Granted, most of the old Pokemon still seem to go by canon shinies (if the sewage-green freebi Dieno is anything to go by), but so many decent shinies are behind this wall.....

  5. These two attack demonstration videos for the Royal Heart Breaker attack (SRW OGs) always make me laugh at how ridiculous the concept is (although the editing is top notch).







    Original version:




  6. Pokemon Word Chain


    Why must you hurt us this way @Njab? 1
  8. searching for fangames

    Still haven't finished either of them. Anyway, here is a link to the different versions: http://legends-of-the-arena.wikia.com/wiki/Downloads
  9. searching for fangames

    The most out there I've played are Legends of the Arena (abandons gym system and replaces with a series of tournaments--might be similar to the Colseum series) and Super Pokemon Eevee Edition (which combines Final Fantasies's battle system into a Pokemon game). Can provide links in a minute, though googling is faster
  10. Insurgence's Pokepon is a very bad nature resetter.  After 9 times of sending my Adament   Delta Venasaur in for a nature change, all I've gotten are items (including 3 worthless pearls).  I know it's a 1/12 chance for a nature chance, but holy hell is it inefficient.  I guess I should be thankful it exists at all, but it's so damn frustrating.

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    2. Jess


      It bloody Shell Smashed and proceeded to kill 3 of my mons, ultimately costing me the fight first try! Her feeding it full restores didn't help very much either.

      Based on how hard it hit with Frustration, I'd say that Harmony sucks as a Fairy trainer...

    3. seki108


      I guess I'm lucky the A.I. was too stupid to use the move it should have that go around.  I might have still been able to outspeed it next turn to finish it off in that case (assuming it was holding a White Herb to restore it's Defense); Durant was holding a Metranome, so it probably had enough though.


      Frustration was the move it used against me (thus the only move I knew about).  Very strange they didn't go with Return, since there aren't any benfits to Frustration.  


      Looking at the Insurgence wiki page for her, last episode she used a Miccicno since D. Crustle probably wasn't in the game.......they sure made a different kind of roadblock.

    4. Jess


      Ι was expecting the Noel-like Cincinno that she used in my first run, ages ago, but was in for a nasty surprise! It also knows Play Rough and maybe some Ice type move. In mine, I run Shell Smash, Return, Play Rough and Aurora Beam, just because it has nothing better so far (level 55).

  11. Are genderless pokemon worth the fuss?

    True, I forgot about that brick wall and glass canon.
  12. Melia & Main Character love story

    @Snowy Amine ( MC Kapper) At least someone agrees with my initial post that the OTT is the best option. PS: Also, can't quote on this thread anymore for some reason
  13. Are genderless pokemon worth the fuss?

    Maybe for a something like Mettagross or Magnazone. Otherwise, probably no.