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  1. It showed a Snorelax in the trade menu, so it should hatch into a Snorelax, barring a major glitch. Anyway good luck getting the other mons.
  2. Meh, I'll just hatch it myself.
  3. I'll still take it. I've been logged on so just tell me when to send a request. Once again, egg moves
  4. I have plenty of Togepi, if you want. I would be interested in the munchlax.
  5. Enjoy your Eevee and ice cream (this maxes out happiness, so Esp, Umb, and Sly are quicker to get). Also, be mindful that all of it's current moves are egg moves; if you overwrite them, they can't be re-learned.
  6. It does this sometimes. If you are waiting now, I will resend.
  7. Sent a request to Tina. Edit: Exited because you did not answer. My username is Seki108. Just tell me exactly when you are sending or waiting.
  8. I can trade you a 5IV Eevee for the mienfoo. Do you want a higher attack or special attack?
  9. Inkay
  10. Klefki
  11. Ok, just PM me or reply here when ready.
  12. Espeon
  13. Now in post-restoration reborn, they are just found in the grass in Obsidia Park.
  14. Just passing through again. Good luck getting Mikey back.......On the off chance: Mikey??
  15. @Tyrael90 No problem. Enjoy your infant dragon. If you want one of the other psudos I mentioned, just tell me later