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  1. It finally happened:



  2. On Intense, (nearly??) every gym leader uses one, with later leaders having both Megas and a Z-move. I know Venam had a Z-move, so it's like that from the start on Intense.
  3. Flirting was a lot less destructive back in my day...

    1. seki108


      I was glad they gave this bit of WhiteBird shipping since they only really got to interact in that one episode.

    2. Wolfox


      Where Winter learned a lesson about Qrow.

      TO quote Glynda: He's Always Drunk!"

  4. Daily 2hu videos

    Touhou as a fighting anime, where fists replace danmaku??? It's more likely than you think. Fluid animation throughout, though Meiling's face looks a tiny bit off but that could be just style difference. I like the slight alterations to most everyone's outfits to make them more melee gear. Also, a lyrical adaptation of 'U.N. Owen was her?' is always welcome. Can't embed it (maybe because of the subs), so I'll just post the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxCLyVoA-OA
  5. DJ Arch quest

    No prob. Did you get it ok? Good luck with the rest
  6. DJ Arch quest

    Go to pokegear and hit online. Make an online ID. Log in and go to trade tab. Tell me what your user ID is and then hit the 'wait for request' option.
  7. DJ Arch quest

    You have good timing. I can trade right now, if you can get on in the next 5 or 6 minutes. Bring anything I can get rid of afterward.
  8. @Wolfox When a gimmicky, grindy Gen 1 challenge run has less bugs and glitches than an Insurgence one.



  9. Daily 2hu videos

    An animation based on Touhou 14. Music is just an instrumental track this time, and I can't even tell if it's an actual Touhou track (the title suggests from 7 but I can't check now). Admittedly, I mostly wanted to have some representation of the newer characters, the animation is good. I wonder if this ever came to be (since it is a PV-preview); will look into it later.
  10. Mini FMW update-  It seems Ekki Shiki isn't a fan of RNG chance either, since she'll find a way to hit you no matter what.........Hard-standard ramps up her Personal Skill's effect to obscene levels, with her casting the Strike (100% accuracy) spirit if there is any doubt she won't hit.

  11. I thought that was the implication in the show, since it only responded to Chariot's selfless desire and allowed her to wield it. When she 'lost her way' as it were, the rod abandoned her (like many sentient magical objects tend to do) and didn't resurface until it felt a soul like Chariot. My interpretation of the Grand Triskalion was that it was a sort of contingency in case the magic from the tree of Yiggdrill ever faded and the Rod was the key to it all (though some of that might be reading into vague comments). Either way, that was pretty much implied to be the Rod's sole purpose and so it left once its duty was complete. Also, just a nitpick, but all of this is still all Season 1. Just because Netflix decided to call the second cour "Season 2" to split up releasing it doesn't make it so according to Trigger. Just in case someone sees "LWA season 2 announced", now no one will be confused
  12. Daily 2hu videos

    Almost forgot about this for a bit there This one is another opening for a anime project, though this one is a completely original idea. Aside from the steller animation, this also paints a very funny/interesting modern A.U. that I would love to see fully realized. Memes, a few Jo-jokes toward the end, and mecha all in one. The song is apparently based on a real Touhou one from Immaterial Power, but I don't know that one well enough. Have to give it extra praise for also having more recent characters in the mix of characters, even if just in the background (Seiga, Clownpiece, Sumireko, ect) @Wolfox I'll at least tag you for the Dio/Sakuya jo-joke (about at 1:10)
  13. Ame--->Abe Ame has gone from future Pokemon overlord to resurrected honest president. Jan--->Jak Changed to silent protagonist that eventually gets his edge on as a PS2 hero. I'll try to come up with something for the others later
  14. Apparently there was a RWBY AMA a few days ago; just found out.  Here is list of the relevant reveals (with links to the tweets), in case you haven't seen it.  Kind of disappointed they nixed one popular theory outright, but they did give a name for Qrow's weapon.  Also, @Alistair





    (I found it out trying to re-find this pic):


    The "In her dying moments" line makes me laugh every time I see and imagine it.  






    1. Wolfox


      The Harbinger. Good name for that weapon