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  1. I'm not sure if you or @Wolfox would be interesting in this (or have already seen it or some version of it), but I'll post it anyway.   I was going to put this on Wolfox's page, but I can't find a way to tag you, even if I copy/paste the second letter.





    1. seki108




      and here I thought Know Your Meme was the only site where I would ever have to complain about a lack of editable comments

  2. Inferno Cop really is Studio Trigger's glorious shitpost to the anime community (pardon my language).  I love how they spent 30 seconds of a 3 minute episode to advertise the soundtrack in-universe.


    I wish that the two episodes at the 2015 and 2016 Trigger panel were recorded, but at least this year's was

    1. seki108


      Not to mention 8 minutes of credits in the last episode.......which triples the episode length.


  3. Welcome to this section of the internet
  4. Episode 7 is literally Kill La Kill. Why have I put off watching this for a year?



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    2. seki108


      Space Patrol Luluco, the only anime where 13 episodes equivalent to 5 Seasons.


      Luluco is offically "Miss Trigger, complete with Diebuster-style costume (maybe a slight bit of Flcl too).


      Transitioning to LWA (TV) with the ending there.

    3. seki108


      "Miss Trigger"

    4. seki108


      See you next Trigger probably an hour to two.

  5. Watched the first two episodes of Space Patrol Luluco.....what is this fever dream?  Definitely a Studio Trigger work.

  6. 1 Hello Darkness, my old Friend
  7. 236
  8. Dead fictional characters never get any rest..........At least they didn't try that magic trick where you turn Pennies into quarters........





    (that was the best description I could come up, so don't read too much into it)

  9. No problem. Have fun!
  10. If I remember correctly, first you have to unzip the download for the emulator and then run/install the exe file (you might have just downloaded the exe, which is all the same). Then, once the emulator is installed, find where it is located on your computer. There should already be an empty folder named "Bios". Copy and unzip any bios you have in that folder. I've never gotten a firm answer on whether to unzip the game file or leave it as a zip. I've had it work both ways. Probably create a folder for games and unzip the file file there. Once you start the emulator, you'll have to choose the Bios you want. I'm assuming your running the english version, so try a US bios. Once setup is done, first click the CDVD tab and find your ISO with Iso selector. System tab has options to run the game.---usually, I choose the 'fast' option since it has a better succes rate for some games. You might have to start it once without an ISO selected to format the memory cards. In this case, run it on 'full'
  11. SRW is a turned based strategy, so it's probably about the level of most RPG's. OGG (seen below) is probably the most graphically intensive game I've tried on Pcsx2. With each game, you usually have to play a bit with the settings. Just google "ps2 bios" for options to get the bios. I downloaded a complete collection so I could play both Japanese and English region games.
  12. I've only ever used PXSX2 and have had overall positive experiences with it (usually at at least 55 fps). While I've only played Super Robot Wars games (and certain cutscenes make the frames dropped), I've been playing on a 6 year old laptop. On a good computer, it should be golden......don't know about the controller though, since I just got used to some key configuration.