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  1. so close for Ryan

  2. seki108

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    Demo for now.
  3. seki108

    Phoenix Rising Discussion

    While Staryu probably is the best overall and Arcanine is a proven great partner, I'll probably try Petill when I get around to playing this. Probably not the best choice, but I've used Arcanine too much in the past. Plus, I already have the nickname picked out for Liligant.........and depending on what other mons are available......well, I'll see then......
  4. Crowler is determined not to drop even 1 good card today.  Little Yugi has gotten 2 skill drops but not 1 SR or UR card yet.

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    2. seki108


      Well, I can stop my incessant bitching now.....still going to go for a Knight or two and a spare Ancient Gear (since Crowler won't get to Level 35 to get that spare one for a while).



    3. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      I have absolutely no idea, though my crowler drops have been rather decent. havent attempted to farm him since he became a permanent gate duelist, though, mainly because I already had most of his drops more than six times (barring gear golem because it wasnt a card drop when the events were going on).

    4. seki108


      In the end, I got one Gear Golem before I called it quits;  never got a single Knight or that mechanical owl thing.   This is why I've been aiming for 3 of everything from the few wondering duelist events since I started play.  I'd rather get their drops for free than have to spend resources on them later.

  5. seki108

    No dude with link stone at grand staircase

    He should appear in front of the Grand Staircase around that time, unless it was removed in Ep17. I remember he was definitely there in EP 16 whenever you go down the ladder after Team Meteor.......or maybe when you come back up
  6. I just looked at the event details on a whim, and they actually reference the meme.  Tristan's voice has transcended memedom.



    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow




  7. While it doesn't cover everything, this should help you out some at least
  8. Shenanigans. Also, how did no one nail Gavin in the Nose?

    1. seki108


      I'm not sure, since it's about half of his mass.

    2. Wolfox


      that nose has it's own gravitational pull (which is how he keeps messing up his beers) known by fans as the "Gavitational pull"

  9. I never understood... Edgar is the one in the Hole. the Maze was in a hole

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    2. Wolfox


      true. surprises me that Gavin didn't just dive into lava in the Kill Gavin assignment

    3. seki108


      I honestly never considered that option...........too bad he didn't just to see if Ryan would allow it

    4. Wolfox


      Ryan would, cuz Gavin would have killed Gavin

  10. In just a few more hours, the Sun will rise........I mean the event for Tristin's voice will start.

    1. Wolfox


      that's not funny tristin!

    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      remember- if you lose the duel, you lose your soul.

  11. I reached ep 89

    1. seki108


      The rein of the Mad King has come

  12. seki108

    Ep 16 file

    If you are asking for an episode 16 download link https://mega.nz/#!dnwA2AQA!2T8ozMKkX0WLZHOjkK2QpaJhQ6deM-1VsQW8r8My4uU If you are asking for an Ep 16 save file: https://mega.nz/#!Zu4whboJ!bWS6T1K3K5BrP5csJDfcCZin-uCfk38AvRvFXmcicPk The save is from right before I updated to Ep 17
  13. seki108

    Move Tutor/Egg moves

    You should be able to re-learn it at the move re-learner in Obsidea
  14. seki108

    Loudred and Makuhita

    I can trade you next time we are both on.
  15. Are your meme services "Fur Hire"?



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    2. seki108
    3. Wolfox


      knowing Konami the archetype is either gonna be extremely good or a straight meme

    4. FairFamily


      The archetype is pretty decent, I played it in the past. The gimmick is that one "fur hire" can summon another "fur hire" monster. Each "fur hire" monster can active their effects when another "fur hire" monster is special summoned.


      The boss monsters are the exception to this theme and get their effect while special summoned plus a protection/negation effect.


      So the goal is to create a chain of summons where one monster summons another monster which triggers their own effect which ends with the boss monster which triggers on its own.


      Another cool thing you could do was to special summon a "fur hire" monster (preferably a boss monster) during your opponents turn to trigger your monsters effects during their turn.