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  1. (Well, @lifesapity ninja'd me. @HongaarseBeer97 The bottom one is still not showing up for me.) Ok, RWBY definitely gets a 9/10. What started off as an attempt to create Monty's vision has become much more than what I originally thought it would be. This last season raised my expectations quite a bit more, with the extra worldbuilding Thoughts on this animation:
  2. What's kept you in the community this long (not the best way to word this question, but I think you get the idea)? What is your favorite food (personal curiosity)?
  3. True it is a rather used trope, though in some cases such as this one, it reeks of abandonment. Parents and distant role models should be separate categories. Potential One Piece spoiler below (War Arc)
  4. 21 Why Poison Jab, why?
  5. I only know the most popular theories of named characters are: Giovanni (extra/non-canonical support), Bruno, and that one guy with the Chickorita in the Sevii Island special. Or it's just 'mysterious character only mentioned once'....which is probably the case. Wow, I never thought I would find a statement that made me think said father could be more of an ass.
  6. Mamoswine was my MVP in this match.
  7. Whoever made it, made it recently (as in I remember saving it with the past month). It was just their attempt at seeing if the actual pieces of the City itself fit together (factoring in some re-sizing). It wasn't meant to include anywhere outside the city proper. Yet again, I leave out crucial details and just labeled the image without considering the implications. I really suck at explaining things. Anyway, assuming they were just starting, all they really need is a map of the city..........maybe
  8. Somebody pieced together a somewhat accurate map using the in-game files, although a little resized. I will credit the person if I find them, but here is the image, which I reuploaded. It might not be detailed, but it's the best I've seen.
  9. Everything is working fine now. Thank you for your quick response. I'm glad it wasn't a case of me overlooking something obvious.
  10. She isn't. The inside only has these two NPC's:
  11. I don't want to ask about every little thing, but it's been 3 hours, so I'm going to ask. How do you get past the officer blocking the Onyx ward, telling you to go to Hardcore HQ while they search a crime scene? Nothing unique happens when I enter the building or talk to the scientist. I started the 'party' system after saving Obsidia (but before talking to the officer) and have found silent Fern while searching for how to proceed.
  12. Macargo