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  1. seki108

    Rate the avatar above you!

    9/10 Great pic of Kainé
  2. Well, first day of Autumn is here. 






    The time of the best Touhou sister pair is now


    Source of new profile pic: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=70667091








  3. This is good to see. I would have been extremely disappointed if Konami had forgotten Yusei's signature face marker (again)

    1. seki108


      Also, to add more timing hilarity to the new physical banlist adding the lotus card that the Yubel event just introduced to DL, Akiza is getting new support right around the time she's being added to duel links.  Wonder if some of the new Harpie support from the same Waifu-pack will be added along with some of the backlogged Harpies?  Duel Links mixes old and completely new (Fur Hires), so it isn't impossible.

    2. Wolfox


      yeah. my big hope is that they don't limit Jack's synchro's to just his 5d's ones and maybe add his Manga and Arc-V ones. that is what makes and break his viability as someones main (though I don't really care as considering I remain the Dutch Jack Atlas I'm gonna main him regardless)

  4. Well, Ultimate Nightmare get.  Kind of disappointed it didn't get a playmat, since the second Yubel form got the event one.  I guess having 4 different Yubel playmats might have been a bit much though (since both the Yubel monster and character got one).   It is a bit of a conglomerated mess, design-wise, but it might have looked cool on a mat.




    Now time to another 4 days for the paradigm shift and whatever the end-of-the-month Espa Roba event will be.

  5. seki108

    Mega Ring, am I screwed?

    I can trade the Loudred to you if you are still on. I use a backup for the Mega Ring trades, so don't trade anything you don't want deleted
  6. Perfect




    1. uberle


      I knew what this was going to be just by the word "perfect"
      And it is





  7. The hits keep coming and they don't stop coming.  Hopefully something meaningful will come of this.



    1. Wolfox


      part of me hopes EA will learn from this. another part knows they won't

  8. seki108

    Cute picture thread

    reminder that putting images in spoiler tags on an image heavy thread like this REALLY helps out with the page loading times
  9. 733934f930e6fd10b72c8ac86caff4523bdd28c4

    If I were to give Weiss any ace card, it's this one.


    1. seki108


      Adding voices to comics you've read before really gives them a new life.

    2. Wolfox


      yup. honestly one of my favorite White Rose comics.

  11. Random thoughts on Yubel event in Duel Links so far:


    Overall, a nice way to transition over from GX to 5Ds, even though there are still future events and characters for DM and GX still.  Just a bit of a 'final hurdle' kind of feel, even if it's really not.



    I like both Yubel mats so far, both the one for summoning Yubel 100 times and the event playmat.







    Yubel's be my new favorite summoning animation in the game. Simple, but menacing.  Not going to say for sure since a few more should be coming up soon.  





    I really like the event themes, both general overworld theme and the battling Yubel theme.  Fits the atmosphere surrounding Yubel.








    I'm not as keen on the redubbed voice.  I'm ok with the new voice actress, but I miss the distortion effect they gave the voice in the dub.





    Unfortunately, most of Yubel's level up rewards are either cards you get in the event or mostly useless (sometimes both).  Such a shame.



    Waiting a few days between each part is a bit tiring.  Still have to wait another day for the level 50 event to get Terror Incarnate and another four days for level 60 to get Ultimate Knightmare which I wonder will get a playmat as well. 


    At least Yubel is rather quick to unlock as a character and unlocked automatically if you fullfilled the requirements before the time Konami set.

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    2. Wolfox


      hopefully, there will be a little love for the Rival ace cards. New Red Dragon Archfiend Alt Art When!

    3. seki108




      Well, it seems the DL icon has changed already; definitely marking a paradigm shift here.  5 days until 5d's drops (though technically less than that probably---depends on the exact time they drop it).  I guess they just added a buffer day between the Yubel event ending and 5D's dropping for effect or something.

    4. Wolfox


      around 5 days for 5d's. I 100% doubt Konami sees the irony in that

  12. seki108

    Ep 17 Arclight Quest Help

    Enjoy the Mega Ring and be sure to take off the item
  13. seki108

    Ep 17 Arclight Quest Help

    Sure. Do you already have a trade ID?
  14. Thank you so much for this!! Finally a piece with Yuuka and my favorite grass type. Bonus memes are always nice, so no need to appologize
  15. Well, that thankfully turned out to be fairly underwhelming for my area.