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  1. seki108

    Volume 6

    Her V.A. is likely still on call because of Chibi, so it's not completely unreasonable. The general concept of her being brought back has been explore by some fanworks, though most have had it be Grimm based. Definitely has drama/character growth potential. Still, wasn't the whole deal with the 'gods' is that they wouldn't be watching humanity, thus wouldn't be getting involved. Though maybe the light one will throw another bone after the dark one ragequit like an angry child.
  2. Before we thought it was Cinder. then we thought Raven. Now, I think Ozpin and Oscar

    1. seki108


      ...............by god, I hope we get an official answer someday because I can honestly see it working for any of the the three.

    2. DreamblitzX


      I've always interpreted as Salem talking to Ozpin, and then Ruby talking to Salem. I could see it being Oscar instead of Ruby, but I have a feeling Oscar wasn't even really planned when this was written. (like, the whole maidens story was apparently only written between season 2 and 3)

    3. Wolfox


      I guess Oscar was a happy accident that just happened to fit the criteria

  3. Despite having stuff to finish, I couldn't turn away listening about this glorious trainwreck of a kickstarter.



    1. SilverHelio


      I can relate big time

  4. Another good reason to finally finish Fantasy Maiden Wars surprisingly came up today.  Despite the creators apparently stating last year that FMW 4 would be their last work as a group (at least that's what the fan translation group surmized), Sanbondo seemingly announced today what many were hoping they would make: a remake that essentially combines the four games into one.  Looking back on old threads, a Fantasy Maiden Wars: Complete  (a reference to the SRW's classic era compilation  SRW:Complete) was considered unlikely given how different that the first two games were in mechanics and features. 



    I definitely have to wonder if the first 15 missions from the first game will allow two-person teams.........despite only having 9 playable characters at the time.  While I doubt they would add a whole other multi-character game (like Touhou 13-16), I do wonder if they won't include a few possibly relevant characters read: Doremy from them.  Hopefully at least they will touch up some of the old animations that many characters from the first game still had.........like all of Sakuya and base Keine attacks that did not look great beside animations the group did 7-8 years later.


    Still, I'm unreasonably hyped from this tweet, especially since it shows more characters will be getting varied facial expressions in the dialouge boxes.  It took till the last game for Reimu (the true main character of Touhou) to get as many expressions as Marisa (the second option in mainline games except the first), so it was already an obvious area that need improving.  I'm glad they showed it off with the Akis, though.





  5. Well, let's get one of these last Puppet Dance Performance posts out of the way.  This one is both more organized yet not as organized.  While I will be trying headers to separate things, most of this update will be covering the many sidequests, rebattles, and such, which is partly an excuse to post a lot the screenshots I took for some reason.  I blame Commander's rejuv run that I occasionally catch up on.  Only the first two headers are the "required sidequests" which you need to complete to continue onto the post-game story and its conclusion.  Pretty much most spoilers are groups of screenshots this time around with occasional comments in the middle, so it isn't the usual 'one picture per spoiler'.



    Mid-Production Edit:  More than an hour and a half in to putting this together I realized this was way too much work for something that isn't going to get looked at and doesn't matter for much, so most of the of the 'random sidequests' don't have screenshots past a certain point......you can probably tell I started at the bottom for the 'random' stuff.  I did post a link to the unfiltered Imgur galleries for those, and put one or two relevant screenshots in spoilers (mostly just Vs sprites).  There's a reason I put this off for more than a week.


    I may do the post story stuff, but after this I don't know............at the very least, I definitely won't try to type/sort it out all at once again.



    Intro- Waking Up

    After falling asleep after beating the god of Makai (basically the E4 champion fight), we get an awakening from a tsundere Reimu and get another of round of being told "explore to find some interesting things".





    The tsun tsun still isn't quite dere dere yet.









    Good luck Marisa.









    Mandatory Sidequest 1- SDM's Secret Younger Mistress

    Even without hints, the Scarlet Devil Mansion is usually a good place to start.  And as soon as you warp there, you are greeted with rain, instead of the usual fog.  Given canon, not a good sign.  Apparently in the base game, Flan only made the breif cameo she did back during your first trip to the SDM, where you didn't even interact.  Thank goodness for expansions.




    Too bad, silent main character duties call!



    I know I beat both you and your mistress before, but this is just plain rude.



















    All three of the 'Four of a Kind' battles have Flandre with one of these three expressions

       MDuYfoe.png     iaS9Mhh.png    E6Eamj6.png



    Naturally, Flan has her own little gimmick, same as in canon though at least she isn't making us explode just because.  Each battle has there own theme, with Fire, Illusion, and Earth/Ground types being the type used in each.  I remember I had the most trouble with the first, since I didn't have something super effect to hit them with and two of my puppets were Steel type.  Also, everyone is at around my level now, in the mid 60's.


    After the mini-gauntlet, Flandre decides to take us on herself, with a team consisting of all three variations of her puppet.  Unless I'm mistaken, they are all heavy hitters (though not necessarily wall breakers), with the main differences being typing and speed.












    The next playdate with Flan will be further down the page, though technically I haven't finished it......eh. 


    The main thing this little sidequest does is open up the game's version of Breeding, though it isn't quite the same.



    Mandatory Sidequest 2- Netherworld Investigation, Another Cherry Blossom Incident?!

    One of the new things unlocked is three new locations to warp to with the Gap Map, two of which were mentioned earlier.  Title should say where we are.....and you start at quite a cheery place.






    A ways up the extra long staircase, one your rivals (Marisa) is already there and challenges you.  Outside of higher levels and finally having a Mima puppet (which is unfortunately the worst type in the game), she hasn't changed much........except for her Alice puppet going full stall with the team I had.  If I had a fire type that could out-damage it's healing or if my fighting type wasn't fragile and weak to Steel it would have been easier.  After getting off a Will-O-Wisp, Aya was able to sweep in and finish the job.  At least she's a good sport about it and decides to instead try beating me to solving this potential incident.














    Further up the stairs is the gardner/gatekeeper/bodyguard/cook/ect who is obligated to try to stop us from entering.  As stated earlier, Nether (Ghost) is the worst type in the game so a team full of them won't be helpful.







    The outside has this neat cherry blossom falling effect that constantly happens.  Marisa goes to raid investigate the mansion of the Netherworld administrator, but doesn't find anything worth stealing related to the incident.  There is a lot of dango items though (heals 50 HP).






    The battle with the mistress of the Netherworld mansion isn't too hard either for the same reasons above.  She did have a bulkier Yukari puppet, but it was only slightly more of a speedbump.  Amusingly, they made the predictable 'Yuyuko eats too much' joke by giving her leftovers.  Well, she isn't the mastermind, so time to look elsewhere.





    To the North of the place is the Cherry Blossom tree that caused the main conflict in Touhou 7, so that's the last place to go.  Cutely, upon reaching the place, you see a lot of Lilly White puppets just wandering around.  This is about the only time you see a puppet walking in the overworld on it's on.  Plus, they are of the cute fairy, who is also nearby lamenting that it's not Spring.














    At the base of the tree is the only stationary puppet, so it's not exactly hard to deduce.  You get a surprise battle against a wild puppet that releases itself from the Pokeball equivalent............and is LEVEL 99.......and is not style changed (evolved).  Just image a level 99 Ratata.....it was about the same, even with the bad EXP.  Sadly, the cherry blossom effect ends in all the areas, but you get another incident case.......what it's doing here, who knows.  


















    Flandre's Playdate 2

    WAY too many screenshots, but this is a series of tasks/games where you can either complete the task or face a fairy maid opponent.  Aside from being a very nice "And Then There Were None" reference with the bears and having some very cute unique sprites, it was mostly just fun................until the last one where you face Flan 1V1 with her team in the high 90's.......yeah.  At least they finally gave her a unique theme here.



    Here are some highlights as well as her theme








    Fairy Court


    1f4D0Mv.png aDecYzP.pngyo7LQri.png

    Big Teddy









    A Dream Trip to Hell


    A cute inclusion of the Lunar Invader trio  52GdHAq.png












    Meeting the Yakumos: The Story of How I beat up a Cat, Fox, and Hag Maiden

    After going back to beat up Chen, she gives a hint about the Gap Map having new places, just in case you didn't see it.  Beating Yukari unlocks online battles, which I would be tempted to check out if my team didn't suck from a competitive standpoint










    Ice Cave Exploration

    While the Ice cave is more about getting items related to breeding and a good TM, there are two battles here, with Cirno and Letty.  Cirno has three puppets of herself at level 99.  Almost THE STRONGEST.  Letty had all the representatives of the seasons as her puppets, which was a nice touch.










    Small Encounters and Rematches

    ---I had about three to five more, but this is taking WAY too long


    • A Romp Through Heaven

    Meeting Iku and Tenshi, the latter of which claims to be behind the incident to get us to fight her......and then get mad we didn't tell her we already resolved it.












    • A Retread Through Old Hell

    Now you can re-do the mirror match against Satori as many times as you want.  Welcome to leveling up once you are done with rematches.  Also, we can fight Orin and her cats, while Okku forgets if we are allowed through or not









    • Curious Reporter

    An Aya rematch.  Another user of Power Aya








    • Makai Rumble 2

    This would more belong at the end of next update, but there isn't anything plot relevant here.  Even if I had prepared a team to counter what I faced last time, it would have been pointless since so much was different.  Aside from Shinki, they all had fairly different teams and strategies, and thankfully no Salvo (Skill Link) this time around.  Shinki was quite hard, with all her puppets at 97 and above, with the only level 100 puppet.  For these battles, I didn't hesitate to heal, and Shinki finally had me use two Max Revives.





















    1. seki108


      @SilverHelio  On the off chance to you want to look at any of this long post, since it's been bumped off the front page.



      If you are instead more interested in a cute bullied sheep, look here: 





      Also, good luck on your first round of college exams, since it's around that time.



    2. SilverHelio


      Oh, is that Meiling I see? 😉 


      For a fairy with the word "hell" in the name, Eere, Jeshua, and Clownpiece sure are adorbs.


      And it sure that time of the semester: finals. I'll pull through.....somehow.

      Good luck to you too, you're almost there~

    3. seki108


      Yep, she's where the name came from.  While technically not a dragon (probably), ZUN never specified what type of youkai she is, so her being Chinese themed made many fans go with dragons.......with Pandas being a close second.  Even time where she isn't actually a dragon, she does have dragon motifs/backgrounds/ect.  I never really tried out the canon Touhou fighting games, so I don't remember if she had any dragon themed attacks there







      Even Fantasty Maiden Wars, being rich in the non-ecchi style of fanservice that Super Robot Wars is known for, gave her new finisher some dragons.  Plus her likely best person skill in the game is called 'Scarlet Devil's Dragon'.  Set to start at the right time:






      They really made the original NPC character portraits in this game cute, though Clownpiece is the canon one of the bunch.  Fairies will be cute, regardless of setting........usually.



      Still a bit to go, but getting closer.........

  6. Seems the Fantasy Maiden Wars translation team is really trying to power through the rest of the game, given this is the third stage they dropped this month.  Stage 76 of 77 plus the bonus stages afterward.  I really need to restart/finish the last few stages before they get there.  Prepare for maximum sheep bullying.




    I just made the subbed event this chapter start at the important part.  New combo attack right before the last stage.





    Finally we get a good video of the rest of cute sheep Meeko's attacks, though they didn't add the old ones in.....at least they put the link to their other video of the older ones (first of these spoilers).  Still cute at first with the new ones..........






  7. So, Firewall Dragon was actually banned.  I never even got to make a 'I wish I had that level of immunity' on here before it was hit.



    1. SilverHelio


      Looks like Ancient Fairy Dragon was also banned 😞 

    2. seki108


      Yeah, it was banned back in May or so (going by the date of the below timeset video).  Good job Luna.




    3. Wolfox


      Ancient Fairy was, at one point, the "worst" of the signer dragons, maybe second to Black Winged. now it's the only one that's been banned, with Black Rose only being limited for a bit. Konami just made a little girl cry.

  8. Make sure to take the item off if you want it. Eidt: No prob
  9. What is your trade ID?
  10. I'm here, if you can still trade. Just give me a minute to open the game.
  11. Well, my town just had a Christmas parade, where they highlight for me was a guy in some plastic Pikachu costume bouncing/dancing to a heavily bassed remix of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".  Quite a funny sight.

  12. The fact that Netflix has confirmed it is making a live action Cowboy Bebop TV series fills me with a certain kind of despair.  I guess at least it will be harder to fuck up something more akin to a light sci-fi (loosely) with heavy western influences than something like Death Note or ATLA.  I can't say I have any real expectations though.......

  13. Next time we are both on, I'll trade it to you. Either @ me or I'll at you if I notice. Sorry that I couldn't get on again in time.
  14. This only works for older saves apparently (those started in ep 16 or before), so if you still need one, I can trade you the one for this quest.