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  2. Spent most of my free time today reading cute Touhou doujin and fanart.  Not a bad way to spend it, though I haven't played any more in Fantasy Maiden Wars in about a week.   I guess I don't want it to get too stale, like playing too many Pokemon games in a row.





    Why is Marisa/Nitori not a more popular ship?




    1. DreamblitzX


      sounds wholesome =)

  3. It's something, at least:


    1. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      Certainly shows that we've had some impact. l don't think they will hit their desired goal of sales and hopefully this does in some way lead to some better things in the gaming industry.

      The cynic in me says not too much, cause they'll slow roll their way to what they want and try to seek it past us. But, l suppse we just need to be more viligent as consumers in the future.

  4. After months of asking, the video on the mon I wanted for finally came out.


    1. Jess


      @Wolfox Will probably appreciate this too!

    2. Wolfox


      Z-Belly Drum Azu. also known as the blue bunny of death

  5. Unless you got one as a Jackpot starter, Eevee is only available after Ep 16 story is complete, from the Kimono sisters event. Like in Reborn, you can get Sylveon after leveling up Eevee at Max happiness, while it knows a Fairy type move (learned at level 9). Snivy is only available as a starter at the moment, unless I am remembering incorrectly.
  6. Idea for postgame (USUM spoiler)

    Looker really can pretty much be fit anywhere, since he is just an International Police agent. It doesn't feel too weird for him to be in either Reborn or Rejuv, since they are kept to side missions. Other than that, it's probably better just to reference canon characters from time to time.
  7. I just noticed I've been signed in anonymously for the last few days.......oops.

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    2. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      @HongaarseBeer Signing in anonymous means your name doesn't show up in the online list and your last visited date is shown as the last visit date where you weren't anonymous. Ex: I'm normally signed in anonymous except for once when I forgot, which was July 6 and that's why that's my last visit date.

    3. HongaarseBeer
    4. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      l mean l always set it on purpose so *shrugs* pretty much always have it on lol.

  8. Out of these three, Helix is the only one worthy of being a god. Could Goomy or Arceus has led to ATV earning the title of 'Dragonslayer'? I don't think so. Only it and the Dome have shown to lead the Pokemon world through different times of crisis. Of course, the master of Black Holes will always be the truest of all. Praise Gardevoir! No Gods. No Kings. Only Mon.
  9. The first time I saw Pokemon was sort of randomly. At one of the very few town baseball games I went to (aside from the ones I played in during first grade), I saw an older girl (maybe 12 or 13) playing something on some kind of device. I had never seen a Gameboy before so it and Pokemon (Blue??) fascinated me. The anime wasn't out yet (I don't think), so the entire concept fascinated me. Some months later, I convinced my parents (somehow) to buy me a Gameboy Color, along with my first two games: Pokemon Red and Super Mario Bros Deluxe. From there, I was an ardent pokemon fan for years, religiously watching the anime and buying most of the Gamboy games (Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Fire Red). Going past that, both social stigma and just the franchise not fascinating me as much anymore, I quit Pokemon for the most part (though I still occasionally caught news of something online----literally adding a Poke-God, Legendary Trainer Tobias, PETA's shenanigans, people bitching about Gen 5 mons). It wasn't until the two big news pieces of Gen 6 that I was dragged back into Pokemon after a good 7 to 8 years: Fairy Typing and Mega Evo. While it took a while for me to actually get into the new games (since I remember the DS emulator at the time was buggy), I eventually played Gen 5, specifically the first game; they really did feel like I was back playing Gen 1, using only mons I knew nothing about. While interest waned until I got into romhacks, I was back into Pokemon (for good?????)
  10. Belgium takes a good step on the gaming issue of Lootboxes.  Maybe the U.S. and other European countries will take note and take a similar stance (if it pans out past the 'investigation' stage).



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    2. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      hmmm, l think you overestimate people's ability to do so. Time and time again things like this happen. Keep in mind... we're at this point for a reason.


      There's plenty of other games with this type of stuff in them that are full price titles and there's plenty of other practices that are horrible for consumers out there yet we eat them the fuuuuuuck up. ((season passes, preorders, etc)). There's pushback right now. But, how long will it really last?

    3. seki108


      As the person who makes the videos I keep posting has said in other videos, EA just took a giant step forward and then a small step back (though now they've scaled back more until people calm down..........and due to the amount of casual games who don't care about the continued corruption that will still buy their game, regardless).


      Weren't people pissed about insubstantial DLC in game when it was a new concept,  until people became so used to it that it's just "the norm" now?  Now most microtransactions, except for the scumiest, are getting casually accepted until a company REALLY fucks up.....and dial it back for a while.  Lootboxes are just the next extension (which some people are already getting used to and excepting as 'industry practice', unfortunately).


      At least that's my take on this........

    4. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      ^ that's my point pretty much. lt's the endless cycle and it keeps happening over and over and over. l might be cynical as hell but l'm right to be in this case. The triple A industry... is a dirty one.

  11. Well, your profile pic made me think of this meme pic I saw earlier





    1. Nyaagisa The Maid

      Nyaagisa The Maid

      Guys have simple mind. They saw a waifu material, they like it…

  12. r.i.p.  (rest in pieces)





    1. Wolfox
    2. seki108


      it will never NOT be too soon

    3. Wolfox


      unless Pennie returns. but till that day it will never not be too soon

  13. Anyone know how to add custom music to the game?

    I didn't really look into the mod, so I thought it was a mod that helped put custom music in. My mistake.
  14. Anyone know how to add custom music to the game?

    Not sure, but maybe this will help if nothing else works: There have been other threads about this before, if you search for them.
  15. Why are the SHIFT keys suddenly forcing me to go back a page...........I would put a question mark there, but that would force it back.


    Does anyone know how to stop this.  I'll look it up anyway, I just wanted to ask

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    2. seki108


      I wish I wasn't out of points to give today......  I know it doesn't matter really, but I still wanted to.

    3. Hooligan


      Don't worry! I'm fine with this! I really like to help people, like many people here. We don't really need anything in return. These are only respect points, but I'm okay with my 29 points in one month and half. :)

    4. Hooligan


      Oh, thank you for the point! It was not really needed, but it makes me having 30 Respectable (Reputation) Points. :D