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    Book/Novel Recommendations

    Here are a few: -Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennesee Williams (technically a play, but still really enjoyable to just read) -The Wheel of Time Series (if you're prepared to read 13 very long books) -Homefire by Kamila Shamsie- A really interesting modern version of Antigone from the perspective of a modern Muslim family. Good luck with finding more books!
  2. Here you are. The silver ring should be in the right pocket now. Game.rxdata
  3. mde2001

    Midsummer Modding

    Welcome to the team guys! Sorry that I have been in such a busy patch of the year that I haven't been around to help welcome you to our team. It's a super well deserved promotion for all of you! If I ever start being as active as I should be again I can't wait to work with you all!
  4. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  5. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  6. Yeah, this thread is reborn only. To get a rejuv issue fixed repost your file in this thread.
  7. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  8. Try a couple more backups. Save files can corrupt in batches occasionally, so you sometimes need to go back a couple. It'd be really rare for all of your backups to be corrupted though, so hopefully you'll only need to try 2 or 3 more.
  9. mde2001

    Lifetime Warning System

    As of 11 June 2018, we have introduced a lifetime warning point system. If you have read this announcement, there is no new information in this thread. It is here as a reference to ensure people to access all the information they need to about warnings in the site inquires subforum. In the past we've operated under a system in which a user must acquire 10 active warning points to be banned. However, we have decided that this system is outdated as users almost never reach the threshold, which allows bad behavior to continue without any substantial consequences. Under the new system, bans will be assigned once a user has acquired 10 non-etiquette warning points since the creation of their account, whether or not they have expired. Warning points will still expire, and all of our other consequences still operate based on active warning points. In conjunction with this shift, etiquette warnings such as double-posting, necroposting and unnecessary posting no longer have warning points attached to them. These warnings do not count towards the lifetime warning count. Repeat offence versions of the warnings still carry warning points, however these do not contribute to the lifetime warning count. They are only for temporary punishments such as mutes. For a full list of warnings and what category they fit into look here. This new ban system is not applied retrospectively, and no users will be considered for bans based solely on warnings given before 11 June 2018. However, if another non-etiquette warning is acquired, previous points can be taken into consideration when determining whether or not to ban someone. Overall: -Users will be banned once they reach a total of 10 non-etiquette warning points over their time on the forums/discord/server. -This does not apply retrospectively until a user requires another warning point -Non-repeat versions of etiquette warnings now have no warning points attached to them. Repeat versions still have points but do not contribute to the lifetime warning count.
  10. mde2001

    [Corrupted] Game wont start

    NoMethod errors are a product of save file corruption. The only way to fix this is using a backup save, meaning you'll lose a bit of progress. You can find information on how to use them here. If you still get the error with the most recent backup, try going a few back as save files sometimes corrupt in groups.
  11. Here you are. Replace your file with this one Game.rxdata And here's yours Game.rxdata
  12. mde2001

    Game is failing to load, requesting backup

    Your save file has unfortunately been corrupted. The only way to fix this is using a back up save, which you can get instructions on how to use here:
  13. mde2001

    E3 2018 Favourite Games & Conferences

    I generally wasn't excited by much in E3 this year, because I'm only really a nintendo person and don't like Smash. The Xenoblade 2 story DLC looked incredible and was definitely the highlight of the nintendo direct for me. That being said, I'm most excited for the Tales of Vesperia remake, as I've been super interested in playing that for a while but have never had a console to play it on.
  14. mde2001

    The Life Sentence

    For server related issues, generally the best way to let us know is by messaging a discord moderator/ admin with screenshots of the offending section. If you're trying to report a forum user whose behaviour has been toxic, just pick one example and feel free to leave links to the others within your post. Its quite intentional that you need to leave a post, as in the end we do need a solid example to warn for. While a warning can be taking more than one post into consideration we still need it to start somewhere. I'm sure there used to be a way to report accounts, but I think we got rid of it. So if the issue is something on the profile, just pick their most recent post and put the fact that you're warning about the profile in the text and we'll keep that in mind.
  15. I've lowered the water for you. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  16. Here you are. Replace your file with this one. Game.rxdata
  17. mde2001

    Lost Exp.Share, please help

    I've added it in for you! No need for Sayia to get stressed by it when she wakes up! Replace your old file with this one and the EXP share will be in the bag. Game.rxdata
  18. mde2001

    Low Framerate (10ish FPS?)

    The game runs at 20fps at max, but you should be able to get more than 10. Some of the maps in Reborn City are quite large and can suffer from a lot of lag, although this is less of an issue than it used to be. Try not to have too many programs running in the background while you're playing reborn, as even really good computers experience lag when playing reborn for some reason if there are too many other programs running. If battles are really lagging, there's an option of disabling animations which speeds things up a fair bit, but that shouldn't be necessary with a computer like your one.
  19. There's not a lot you can do to avoid save file corruption (which is what you were experiencing) but its also pretty rare so hopefully won't happen again. Try to avoid leaving the game tab open in the background when doing other things though, as I've found that that sometimes seems to increase your chances of something going wrong. Good job on using the backup though! That's the only solution we could have recommended anyway!
  20. mde2001

    So does anyone feel like the combat is too static?

    I do understand your point, but there are a couple of reasons why we can't make every move as flashy and amazing. Firstly, flashy moves that go across the screen take longer to animate and drag out the process (which has already been going on for years) even further. Secondly, in order to make movement smooth, we would need to be adding an extra 1-2 seconds to each animation and we've already received some complaints about our animations causing the game to go too slowly, so if we did it for hundreds of moves, the game's pace would be even slower. Finally, we also try to think of a move's power and rarity when animating it. We want to create a clear visual difference between things that are used really regularly that are relatively low power, and things that should be inflicting a lot of damage. This doesn't always correlate with movement across the screen, as for moves like flame charge, it just seemed like the right idea to have it go across as the concept in my head relied on that. Overall, I do really understand your desire for more movement, and in an ideal world we probably would be able to have it, but I wouldn't get your hopes up, as the animations project has already been going on for several years, and going through the add movement to every contact move would bloat this process even further.
  21. mde2001

    Corrupted file

    Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do to uncorrupt a save file. Do you have any older backups? If so, try one out as sometimes saves corrupt in groups and you have to go back a few files. If you don't have an older one or they have corrupted as well, there's unfortunately no way to recover your progress as corruption is the one thing we have no way to fix.
  22. Your save file has been corrupted. The only way to fix this is using a backup save. You can read about how to use them here.
  23. Okay I've played through the initial interaction with Blake which has caused him to leave the building but Shelly's still there and you're meant to look for clues in his apartment now. Unfortunately during this bit of dialogue you have to make a decision between giving Blake the ring in exchange for the waterfall TM and information about heather or refusing to cooperate with him. I picked the option of giving him the ring for you, if you would prefer to go the other way, that's fine. If you download this and find that your game variables have sorted themselves out and you you are alone in the room with shelly, let me know and I can play through it again for you and pick the other option. If it still hasn't worked I'll keep thinking but I have very limited idea of what I'd try next. If it has worked its worth watching a video of the scene you missed. Its pretty short but has a bit of story relevant stuff in there. Game.rxdata
  24. Okay... that's really weird. I've redownloaded the file I sent you and its working fine on my end. I've also checked the in game variables and the way they are set Blake should be in the apartment, so I'm genuinely not sure why he wouldn't be appearing on your end. I don't think it will make a difference, but check to see if you're playing the latest version of the game, which you should be able to check from the screen that appears when you initially open the game- it will say rust thicker than water. If you are playing on the latest version or updating doesn't fix anything (which is likely) let me know and I'll try to have more of a think, but the fact that it isn't working currently is really odd to me.
  25. Download the file I've given you, then copy and paste it into the folder where you found your file in the first place. It should ask you if you want to replace the existing file, at which point you say yes. Make sure that the file is just Game.rxdata and you've removed any numbers that might have appeared after downloading it. Then when you load up the game you should be in Blake's apartment and he'll be there with Shelly.