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    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    So I decided to give it a whirl and I managed to get through Julia with this team though only three played a critical role: Thoughts on the game through picture first: Now for the written part: So let's talk about the glaring issue: exp and grinding. You need to have your team prepped way ahead of time otherwise exp will be way too low and you'll have to spend a bunch of time grinding off of Grand Hall trainers. I was able to get all of them but Linoone who was 13 to the levels they were with 0 grinding. I suggest adding a bit more levels, mons, or something to the pre Fern areas to help adjust for this. This is the worst area of the game for exp handling to the point I've had to fix it again and again that I kind of know it like the back of my hand. All vital Pokemon to train, average level for fights, ect. That's the main issue I noticed. Now let's get to the fights: Fern: It's a first boss and he has some coverage and moves but you should be able to get a second stage Pokemon and destroy him easily. It's just fine...barring what I mentioned above. Having to dig up and grind from every trainer just to stand a chance is a bit tiring. Not his fault though. Meteor Grunts: Something I already have taken note of is that a lot of care was put into the Meteor Grunts. While I just slapped and combined the new and old teams, all of these are very different but still use some old Pokemon. These guys are definitely going to be trouble later given the Pokemon they use. It's a really nice touch and I think the effort there was pulled off quite nicely. The grunts probably are going to be more memorable that way. Battle for the Bombs: I feel like this battle was toned down a bit as I remember Lunatone and Solrock being more threatening. It's not a big deal since it's a random battle but I felt like commenting. Aster and Eclipse: I'm going to be honest, this fight was a tad disappointing as it's easier than Fern by a large margin. They could use a bit of a buff if you ask me. It's a 10 v 4 and Fern is actually competent. I think giving them a couple more mons might be a bit too much and evolving Elekid and Magby definitely would. I'd say touch up their stats to make them last a little bit longer. Julia: This is the kind of stuff that'll give people nightmares until morning. I saw the level 14 Minun and thought this wouldn't be bad, but ho boy I was very, very wrong. If you have two or three 2nd stagers, this fight probably won't be too bad especially those familiar with Redux, but there is one Pokemon I feel may be way too strong. Electrode. Is it invincible, no? But it can one shot probably 1/2 of your team and there's not much you can do about it. It took me a while to get the right strat down, but it really only worked since I had a speed boost Combusken. I could've probably done it with Mightyena and Raticate though since those are beasts but I would have had to go out of my way to grind them. This fight I feel is fine, but on one condition: Zigzagoon is the only option in the mix mon (aka remove Pachirusu). That Pokemon really helps Pokemon be useful that'd otherwise be worthless. I'll be honest here: this mod is probably more fitting for the title Hardcore than what the actual Hardcore was for (hence why I changed the name). From the Julia fight alone, it is really, really well done to the point I could see little flaw in Julia and her strats were very, very on point. It really is a mod that separates the men from the boys. I guess the best way is that if you think Redux is at least manageable and not that difficult then try this one out. It's definitely worth trying out just from the little bit I tried. As for me playing more, maybe down the line since I got a lot on my plate. We'll see. Also sweating bullets here 'cause this might be better than Redux
  2. No one's lit as Ang-ston

    No one's thicc as Ang-ston

    No one's ice is as incredibly cold as Ang-ston

    For there's no maid in church as holy

    Perfect, pure paragon

    You could ask any Mabe, Cera, or Esther

    And they'd tell you which church they want to belong


    ...Just read the new Rejuv Chapter. It'll explain itself. Full version in next chapter if this gets 15 upvotes.

  3. Note: Due to my images host's site crashing I had to re-upload them all. While doing that I added some post commentary labeled with this mark: >>> Hi there. Some of you may know me from doing the hardcore mod over in the Reborn thread. Well...a long, long time ago I played bits of Rejuv and just got burned out due to so many issues I had with Rejuv. Well, I decided to give this another shot because Rejuv had a lot of good things I liked, but the issues eventually made me put it down. So this time we're doing something interesting so that I may actually finish this game as well as give a piece of my mind a bit of feedback regarding issues I had with the game and if they're still there. Don't worry, I'm still going to keep this entertaining since this is a semi screenshot run. It's just that not every post is going to be about a battle but more like an LP of the game. Anyways let's get started: Prologue: This is Starting to Look Like a Shipwreck So I didn't screenshot any of the prologue since it's kind of the same old same old stuff from before. At first I didn't like the Zorua story at the start but when I saw the reference I really liked it as it adds a nice touch. I also don't have an issue with anything in the Marianette (I think I spelled that right) flashback except for one thing. It takes focus away from the protag and is something kind of contradicting the silent protag. You see the purpose of a silent protag is to immerse yourself into the game and more or less become that character. Kind of difficult to do when you know something that the protagonist doesn't. You also almost always want to keep it in their perspective only. Breaking that immersion really hurts the idea of a silent protag, however, some characters are designed to be not the player and are normally quiet, but Rejuv I doubt was going for that. Anyways, I still think that portrait is beautiful and the graphics are pretty good here. I'll go into graphics a bit more in a second as it's actually interesting. So now we're at the... (Hello Gorgeous! What's your name?) If this is somehow not Zumi's work I'd be surprised since it's her art style, but she looks so, so much better than Amaria. I really disliked Amaria's design so I approve of the new and improve Amanda. Anyways we're going with regular mode as I'm not sadistic enough to try and go through Rejuv intense while talking about all kinds of things. Also we're going with the standard boy so you're going to see this guy a lot: Yeah...this really isn't my style. Not really a hat person so let's try this... Shit! I forgot to screen cap there. Give me a minute: (That's better. Much Better). Yes, this crappy sprite of mine does have a small purpose. It does help separate Reborn and Rejuv's art styles a bit as I'd say some of Rejuv's NPCs are super well detailed compared to Reborn's since anytime this sprite stands out is a good thing. Also, it is fun to be me in the game. Not much to talk about here still so let's move on: (I'm pretty sure I'm old enough to be your mom.) Not much really changed storywise here that I remember, but everything felt less memey or pop culture which I felt was an improvement. Also pretty sure that hidden item that's easy to miss got moved making it easier. Thank you, Jan. Thank you. Now I don't have to have nightmares knowing I missed a good item early on. I like the layout and design a lot more as it feels a lot more unique and is easier to traverse. TBH, I thought I was going to dread this part, but it didn't feel that bad this time. Maybe because it was prettier. But... (You know what they say: Shippers gotta ship) I know it's a standard, but the NPCs really aren't all that interesting imo. They're the kind of people you can go wild and through more logic out the window compared to the main story. They aren't bad, but more like meh. (We can play a game of Blackjack if you want to try and win it all back. I am a gambler after all). Kind of odd how certain NPCs don't move for the banquet, but whatevs. I missed a few screencaps of the piano girl floor as honestly that bit looks amazing with the backdrop. So much better than the previous design which I think was just a floor. It also makes a bit more sense how the piano came tumbling down later but uhh I'll let the logical fallacies go on that one as it's entertaining. But uhh... (Pieces of metal can control wild animals. The more you know.) An RPG fallacy that even some very good game designers fall into is trying to explain game mechanics in the plot. It sounds silly which this kind of did honestly. I had a hell of a time trying to explain level limiter in hardcore so I can't be too hard here. Just for future game makers of the world, avoid this at all costs. You'll thank me later. I don't have much to talk about until the plot kicks in but... (Seriously look at the difference in art quality. You can see the heavy details on the random NPC so well. Yes, a random NPC.) Rejuv has plenty of graphic inconsistencies and some stuff looks absolutely amazing and other stuff looks...flat is the best way to put it. What I will give so much props to is that the custom tilesets feel so much better than the public and free stuff. I know some stuff was borrowed from Reborn, but most of it feels like it was made just for Rejuv and Rejuv only. That's something I didn't feel in Version 6. And yes, that's the last version I played iirc. It's been a long time. Anyways time for something new: (Tentacles popping up from the ground. I don't like where this is going) I'm glad the Harry potter reference was removed from the bomb part, but...the shading here is a nice little touch that's new. A lot of stuff got changed here and uhh...not sure how I feel about it. I liked all the little boys people getting grabbed by these things as it gave a feeling of intimidation, but this whole new setup does feel a bit more pleasing in terms of animation. The water levels rising was such a cool little touch. (I don't know if it's the sprite or not, but every time I walk I suddenly become Jesus. 10/10 best game ever). I actually liked the boat scenes a lot better now and I really didn't like the previous two versions. I don't even think you really need the password thing at this point as it's not as bad as before and the layout makes it pretty quick paced. Wish the NPCs were a wee bit more interesting, but I thought everything else was fine. And now thanks to a magical fire bird we can move onward! (Thanks Magical Fire Bird! Sorry that Gen VII killed your usefulness) I don't remember what it was like in the early days, but I swear this is the only area in the game that never changed. Never really liked it since well the true city is like 2 minutes away and nothing really goes on here. Well sidequests, but that's a long topic for later and we get to see me get my butt kicked...since Pelipper is gone But yeah, I'm going to stop here now: (The more I look at this building, the less sense it makes. I think the old one was more fitting). Now as a warning, I barely know anything about Gen VII so this is going to certainly be an experience. I know the mons and what they're kind of known for, but that's pretty much it. I'm not sure what starter I'm going to pick though so you guys can humor me. Only ones I won't pick are Chimchar, Typhlosion, Torchic, and Froakie as I do like a challenge. Oh yeah I almost forgot about this:
  4. Chapter 49: Cera Minting the Past I'm still terrible at chapter names, but what else is new. So one thing I want to clear up is the whole "Because I'm complaining about a battle means that I'm terrible at the game." Really? I have gotten slightly worse over time just not spending as much time on Pokemon, but I'm probably better than people may take me credit for. I'm also worse than people take me credit for. Spending god knows how long on a mod for a "harder" version of Reborn has done me both good and harm, but that's not the point. When I say I have an issue, I'm not pulling things out of my ass as you may expect. Let this sink in: Crawli, other than Narcissa (which was by pure luck), is the leader who took me the least attempts, but I still said he was too hard. I'll recap every leader fight with how many attempts it took (or a rough guess) me along with my thoughts of the designs: V9 fights- Venam (2 attempts) - It's a good first fight since we've had enough battle to get the hang, but nothing in this fight is too punishing other than possibly Toxic Spikes. Seviper is a good ace pretty much making it the main threat and the true challenge of the fight. Keta (1 attempt) - due to the quests being available beforehand, this fight is very easy to blow through so whatever challenge was there was kind of blown away. I liked to think of it more as Keta not being able to focus due to having a very unclear head shown by his spirit half in the grotto. It didn't earn a badge so it didn't really matter all that much. I do think keeping it to singles right now is a wise choice since it appeals and helps newer players get better at the game slowly. Revenant Keta (1 attempt) - I loved the idea behind this fight as it was a "trim the fat" kind of fight. I really think keeping it to 3 really strong Pokemon probably would've worked better, but I know it's supposed to be a WLL reference in the new version. I was using a weak team (remember, we don't have all that many good options for newer players) so I thought it was just right, but it's easy to see why other people could think it was too easy. Marianette (5 attempts) - To sum it up: The fight was the Bewear and nothing else. Everything just felt so underwhelming compared to that which is kind of think heavily nerfing the Bewear and giving everything else a decent boost would have made it work rather well. Mostly just nerf Bewear though. Narcissa (1 attempt) - This is a just right kind of boss since she didn't hit too hard, but she wasn't easy to take down either. If you had a type advantage you could make great use of it and be rewarded for playing smart. This was a very fun fight and I was worried it was going to be outrageously hard, but it really wasn't. I had a team with a huge advantage against her so it should be kind of easy then. Valarie (3 attempts) - So something of importance is that post Narcissa is not a very friendly area to grind Pokemon off of to get leveled up or even close to proper levels. This was added with the fact you were kind of soft-locked into a small area of the game. So while Valarie might be considered too easy, there was a lot of stuff that if she was too hard would pretty much turn people really off of this game considering we were in a very, very story heavy scene with little else. You could pretty much beat her with any team so long as you planned your moves and steps. V10 fights- Valarie (2 attempts, but didn't win) - The Qwilfish steamrolled through my entire team that was 5 levels above it. Qwilfish is not a weak Pokemon, but when someone gives advice of "Just have something that can take it out" pretty much as advice to win the battle, is that really a good battle? The game probably had a lot of changes in the previous areas, but bloody hell this was a huge step in difficulty from V9 Narcissa. This fight would've broken me and the run would've stopped if not for the V9 fight existing. I don't even know how good or bad the rest of her Pokemon are because I didn't have a single thing to handle the Qwilfish. Crawli (2.5 attempts) - Okay, so the first one was kind of a meme because I had two Pokemon who would've absolutely dominated Shelly and Bennet in Reborn get absolutely destroyed because I wasn't expecting something of that level to be thrown. So that was a reset after round one. Anyways, the issue isn't so much his design, but from a defensive perspective. We don't have a very attractive set of Pokemon to the casuals and this team hits very, very hard so you could be brutally annihilated due to A) the sticky web move B) Fire Damage being severely crippled due to rain, and C) Rock Slide flinch fun. You need a team more tailored to take it down which fortunately you do have access to older areas now. It definitely could use some toning down because that's a lot of things thrown at you which none of the other fights really did before to that extreme. Angie (5 attempts) - She's just right, but a little on the hard side. If you have type advantages, you can make really good use of them to combat against her. Fire type were pretty crippled because I didn't destroy the field, but there's so many ways to try and stop her that it doesn't feel restricted or limited and you could use almost any team to win with little worry. I've only felt 3 of 9 Gym leaders or a third were really an issue. Valarie and Crawli kind of are the ones to take note and that was the switch over to V10 so of course I'm going to assume all the other leaders before followed this idea. The game had a HUGE shift in difficulty which it's kind of like going from E17 Serra into E18 Serra which due to a mechanic change made her quite a bit more difficult. I'm not sure if that was a good change as the more difficult a game is, the less people are interested in it (and if anyone says Dark Souls, I will cut you). More vocal people would like it better because they have all already been through this with Reborn so it would come off as way too easy unless the difficulty was amped a bit. Y'all are gonna think I'm stupid for suggesting this, but I think there's a way we can meet in the middle and it's like very little work to do. So the modes are: Casual Mode (aka Easy) Normal Mode (Reborn Style) Intense Mode My suggestion would be to change them to this: Normal Hard Intense You would set this selection through a loop given a little bit of a description of what each one does (which is why you wouldn't have to put Reborn Style on Hard) before confirming if this is the difficulty you want. Afterwards, I'd leave a message that the difficulty can be changed at any time using a gym terminal (or whatever those things are called). I told you, it probably sounds rather stupid without context so let me just break it down and explain. The big change is there's no "easy" mode as while it still is the same difficulty, the game doesn't treat it so much like it's frowned upon which people new to these kinds of games would probably jump to first to try this game out. Hard mode would read "for experienced players" more or less and people who are very familiar with Pokemon would pretty much jump towards that one and...it no longer needs to be compared to Reborn. You also can't complain so much about something being too hard on hard. Intense is for the thrill seekers. The most crucial thing for this to work is the ease of access to the difficulty levels. I'm not sure if the option being in the menus is too glitchy or not but there's really no point in the difficulty change being that tedious and hard to do. Those Jan ports are a good location if the options menu is not possible or practical. So many games with difficulty options are doing it this way and there's really no justified reason not to. What, are you worried that someone is going to lower the difficulty just to get past a boss so they can keep having fun? More often then not, someone might try playing on harder difficulties for fights since there's now consequence in doing so and they can just adjust the difficulty back down in case it's too hard. This sounds like such a pointless change, but it's worked time and time again. Players are curious and it's just like pressing the red button. Someone's going to push it. I probably would've done some of the intense leaders or at least showcased them a bit with my ass being handed to it, but it's just a pain to change it right now. And changing the difficulties and giving descriptions would give me a better idea what is trying to be designed in terms of difficulty as right now I'm just going off it trying to be like Reborn for battles as it is Reborn Style. Also my impression of what people who don't like this run think of me: *hurr durr* Rejav sux Melia ass so bad. Y u gutta chan all dat shit az it waz better before. Alzo da baddles sux even more azz 'caz zey 2 hurd far me. I ez fanny guy. Plah Reducks instad of zis sit game. *hurr der durr* So fun fact: I am too tired to argue with people by the end of each chapter so I have a hard time even caring to respond back to those kinds of people. If you hate the run, don't read it or better yet, make your own. Your perspective might start changing afterwards. And ain't nobody going to be complaining about a third big Rejuv run on the website. I don't mind being third or fourth or whatever either. Plus you talking about this run only benefits me. And anything I say pretty much brings more benefits than harm to Rejuv. I just want to clear that up as anything I say or do really only hurts me and not so much the game. And besides, it is kind of funny or pitiful if someone gets mad at someone getting mad at a video game or hating it. It's almost like my opinion matters. But seriously, I know there's a lot of things I do that can be annoying or aggravating which I do try to be more self-conscious to avoid but I don't filter my thoughts too often. I've also done plenty jumping the gun. So let's talk about the other thing: Redux. I am working on both simultaneously and after spending a long time on both it's hard to do one without talking about the other. Do I think it's the best thing ever? Well it was originally me just designing Reborn the way I wanted to play it so I hope I like it, but it's flawed and definitely has bundles of issues some of which I'd love to fix but I don't want to put in the hours focusing no fixing them. I could shred on my own work and make it look like trash if I wanted to revealing certain things and such, but what's the fun in that. I probably won't mention it here anymore but I ain't gonna be quiet about the Rejuv battles though. It probably does give you impressions that I hate them...and it's not exactly the case. I hound Alex and Azery for the changes they made because they are literally doing the same thing I am, but for a much broader audience. I just did a QA (quality assessment) test of Serra just yesterday and what probably would've felt fine for them, I ended up nerfing, not because it wasn't beatable, but because she was doing too much damage and there weren't enough counters to properly combat that. She lost about 4 levels on each Pokemon and a number of items were changed. That was a fight that was perfectly acceptable, but I felt should be nerfed. It's not something you get good at in the snap of the finger. Going into a fight with a really bad team is such a good way to QA test because it gives you a better idea of what needs changed and adjusted. And believe it or not, Serra is still on my radar for a second run because I'm not particularly fond of how she fights, but she passes for right now. I'm not saying to do things my way, but since there are two people dedicated to the system it should be able to be more consistent in difficulty. I say Valarie and Crawli are too hard, but in reality it could be that Angie is too easy. All I know is that it set itself to be like Reborn so that's the benchmark I have to use when comparing. That's something I'll sort out before talking about future battles though. I'm also a proud supporter Pokemon Memeborn. Anyways, this may sound contradictory but while I tell people who hate the run not to read it, it doesn't mean I don't take what they say into consideration. If you have a point, you have a point no matter what and sometimes you can take that and use that to your advantage. I'm not going to lay off so much on the rants (considering what's coming), but I will try to find something else to do other than the constant bashing. Wow, I really need to stop talking so much. Now let's get back to the new and improved, but actually just the same show but lamer run: (That's certainly one way to open a chapter) (Hold on...let me look at that sprite) I see what the spriter was going for but it looks a little off tbh with it being an L. A fitting L, but a weird one nonetheless. Not really sure what you can do to make it look like his hair was burned off. Tiny details are sometimes night impossible to do. Also, Ninetales . When are you gonna gimmie mine, Jan? (Elder...we vandalized a home. I think that's at least justified for a temporary ban) (Wow, he thinks lighting someone's hair on fire is an offense. Isn't like an everyday college occurrence?) (For the love of god, Texen. Don't put disturbing images in my head) ("And I advise you to shut the hell up" would've been a classic line) (Absolutely nothing. No really, she did almost nothing) (Did he just...kick an old lady into the water? I don't know if this man is bold or stupid) (Did she just go down a waterfall and live? How did she not stop? How fast is this current? How is she alive?) We should check on her. But first, (I have never been so happy to see a Pokemon Center. Veigue can only live for so long) Btw, this is how battles work in a nutshell for me: (Well she went down 3 waterfalls down a fast current so...she's perfectly fine) (That's as close to getting a girl wet as Texen...this is a family friendly run, I promise) (Weren't there like 20 witnesses? Why isn't anyone doing anything? Oh right. Nobody does anything in Rejuv outside of Melia) (I would like to be Sensei now. Though Master Sensei Commander just sounds like a weird title to compensate for something) (Contracts. It's always some bloody contract.) (...Why couldn't you be Sensei? You are the only down to earth character in Rejuv) (Aww...btw, what did Texen even get a degree in? He sounds like one of those theater kids) (I uhhh...kind of know, but I don't know why that would be a reason not to. This whole plot is confusing) (Oh thank the heavens. Aelita used her brain. If certain others did that, we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in now) (Why do I think of Gogo from Final Fantasy every time I see that word. I have no idea why) (Those Garfuas are everywhere, man. Jenner probably has some stuffed in his closet) (It's Reburst, but lame. Never read the manga, but it looked cool enough) (Cue the fetch quest in 3...2...1...) (So what do we have to do to get you down there?) (Who could she have...Vivian?) (Dark Magic is definitely not something to be messed with. Just ask Fire Emblem...except Fates. That doesn't count) (I suddenly don't think this is a good idea. Shouldn't we at least go see what Saki is doing? She had a decent idea...no. Of course not) (Silly Aelita, people are treating you like a child because you are one. I didn't know you wanted me to baby speak to you) (Says the girl who got one-shot by a Mewtwo, passed out from being choked by a Gengar, got captured and tortured in Prison, had to be dragged around by Valarie, and took a month just to get one gym badge. You've got a great reputation). (Pretty sure Sheridan means "This place sucks. Let's burn it down and build a resort.") (If annoying her to death actually works...) (Wow, that actually worked. Maybe if I annoy Geara enough he'll throw Nim at me to stop) (Something tells me the opposite is going to happen to all of us. I mean the game is hyping these things up left and right. They are way more hyped than the gym battles.) (No, we are going right here and right now. I want my stone and I want it now) (Thank you, Jan for the instant warp) You know what I don't understand, why are we stuck with the most boring characters of the whole selection for the main cast? I mean the elder isn't like the most exciting but even she's way more interesting then Melia. It's really hard to find those scenes boring as it shows le gasp character growth of Aelita realizing she's matured and doesn't need the elder aka her mother figure as much anymore. This is stuff I've been asking for on characters over 20 chapters ago. Texen was also here for the perfect amount of time not overstaying his welcome as being here for too long on screen might end up making him very stale. I'm just trying to find words because I have been so pessimistic due to the slog I kind of forgotten what a nice story experience is in Rejuv. It's simple, down to earth, and it actually makes sense. Its when stuff like this comes up that I kind of wish we had a talking protagonist in Rejuv in contrasts to the so many chapters before where I'm glad they didn't because we don't need anymore cockstrocking Melia. I don't hate Melia, but she would have been a much better deuteragonist over the protagonist. I will make something clear: the playable character does not have to be the protagonist but usually are due to the player controlling them. Robin and Chrom are probably the best example of what Melia and the player should be. Why does Robin and Chrom work where Melia and the player don't. Yeah, yeah we aren't talking about Awakening's story, but Chrom and Robin make a pretty good pair which is a bit harder to argue. They work because they complete each other. Robin helps Chrom get out of jams and Chrom supports Robin and encourages them to keep going no matter how rough things get. And despite those two being some of the weakest main characters in terms of depth, that idea works so well and why so many people like the two (and always think of them as best bros). Melia and the PC are best described as Goku and Krillin. How's it feel to be worthless? It's probably just better to leave this where it is at, but if someone goes "alright, we're actually going to dedicate a lot of time to fixing the Blacksteeple and Terajuma segments, does anyone have suggestions?" that'd be a rather amusing attempt to fix what is pretty much agreed upon the worst part of Rejuv. And add that Saki path already, Jan. (Pretty sure underground city above a town has been done like 1,000 times. We just assume something is below half the time nowadays) I know what I said so don't correct me. (Who the heck is Tommen? I don't remember him. Actually, I don't think grunts have names) (Battle time?) (Okay, hold the phone) It says his name is Tommen and then it's ???. How has this mistake not been spotted for like 2 years? (Yes, I know. I saw your name before) (Dully noted. Get better ink next time, buddy) (Sheer determination and vines is my guess) (This guy has been here a month. Talk about hardcore. Everyone probably thought he was dead) (Wait, how do we even know the Magma Stone is here? Are we during this out of pure hope?) (If it was, where's Crescent when you actually need her? I probably could bug her to giving us the stone) (Huh. That was easy) (And convenient.) (Oh he has that book that translates text. If only it worked for Kanji. My life would be complete) (Aren't those the gen...IV HGSS heal tiles? Can't remember if it's Gen IV or V) (Actually it might be FRLG Lavender Tower. It's been so long since I played that game) (That seems easy enough. I don't mind doing it. Not like anything bad happens to people standing on switches) (I don't mind standing on the switch) (I seriously don't mind sitting one out. I usually do all the work for nothing anyways) (Yes, it will. You're one of the few people in the game I actually like.) (That's true. I hate standing in one place for a long time too) (It's hereditary. That and I'm the only one with a high success rate here. Guess I have no say) (Okay. Guess we're teaming up with Granny) (You're doing great. I'll be back after an hour.) (If someone told me I'd still be working on this run after a year, I wouldn't have believed them. WHY DOES THIS THING TAKE SO LONG TO DO?) (Is this the Shouta thing or some WLL? Don't answer that) (Oh no...Snoop Dog, he's returned. Yeetder, what have you done?) (Does some nerd want to explain this for me because I thought heat rose or something so it wouldn't be centuries old.) (We shall. If you weren't an old lady, I'd be making so many innuendos about now) (They really should drag Madelis's ass back here and see the damage she's done and lock her up down here. I think that's a fitting end to a character like her) (Meh. I predict it'll be an easy battle. I have Veigue after all. Nothing can stop him...except Qwilfish) (Oh look dying maids. We totally haven't seen that before) (How does that even....that's a stupid question. Just more nonsense in a world of nonsense) (...Yep. Time to go. Let's just leave and find Saki. I'm sure she has a good idea by now. Or a bad one. Either way it'll work in my favor) (Gee...what did you think would be behind a 1000 year old sealed door? A dry mushroom?) (You probably should've had that message left outside the door) (Remember this, I'm going to use it against Jan later) (And of course it's in a single Pokeball. I call hax) (Well she did kill half her own men) (Can I pay it in hearts instead? Love makes the world go round...and gives everyone else points) (Ask anyone. I really don't know the meaning of giving up as every time I quit, I just come right back) (Isn't that what Frenchera said? Actually, I feel like a lot of characters have said this) (You want to kill us, but you tell us to stand back...brilliant strategy there. 10/10 planning) (So he's supposed to be scary, but he's really not. He only nearly destroyed the world once. Just once. Then another time brought havoc due to earthquakes. Third time he was just a troll appearing on the box art but not being in the game. He really likes to ruin stuff.) (Garufans have some really weird hobbies. Why would you spend so many resources trapping Groudon? Don't tell me they also did it to Regigigas?) I just find it amusing Groudon is trapped while Giratina was just roaming around casually. (Who the heck would complain about getting a legendary? It's a legendary.) (Oh joy another legendary Pokemon battle. My favorite...not) Getting real tired of this theme. Real tired. So yeah, because I do less caption I rant less. Coincidence? I think...actually totally. Unless I see something really big that I want to talk about right that second, I'll probably save my thoughts mostly towards the end of a chapter or a really big scene. But...here's the problem: we've seen this song and dance in the game multiple times. Remember Amethyst Cave? This is pretty similar to that scenario. And random NPCs dying is just done so much I don't think it even is given much thought. Angie did sacrifice the rest. These are merely props. I'm going to use Cold Steel as an example of what a character vs a prop dying feels like. This is CSII spoilers so if you plan to play the game don't read this: I think another pretty iconic death was in Ocarina of Time with the unknown soldier who you talk to hearing his last words before he died simply doing his job. That is one thing that I will criticize Reborn and Rejuv on is just tossing deaths left and right that the big ones really aren't as impacting. Sure it's mostly baddies that die, but it's not different then when they were alive, is there? Rejuv does this a little bit better by giving more random NPCs more personality and stories though some are not quite so clear. It's all these minor NPCs that save what save what I'd say would be a sub-par experience. Don't take that as an insult please. Rejuv is a very, very flawed game and not admitting that would just be pure ignorance. What I can't really decide is if it's a good game held back greatly by its negatives or is a mess which manages to show it can be good or even great. Actually, now would be a good time to explain my feelings towards this game. I don't hate Rejuv. And many of my negative thoughts would be more on the lines of forgettable over flaws if I was doing a normal playthrough. This run is like a second trip through this game letting me catching things I missed and maybe see things in a new light I wouldn't normally. I probably would speak better of Rejuv because of this run than I would if I played it like a normal player. A lot of things I complain about other RPGs can do and even some of my favorites do it as much if not worse, but I do think it's better to point that out than to be silent. So one thing I didn't talk about is the maid game which I hated at first but I kind of like the crystal hunt looking back even though it technically is just pointless padding. Then the game goes and does stuff that I'd even say surpasses a lot of what Reborn does. One of them was the theater play. This created a rather polarizing experience as when the game is good it's a blast, but when it gets bad, it really, really drags on. Normally, I have a pretty good idea if I'll really like a game or not by this far into the game...this is a first where I still don't know. Rejuv is a good Fan-game and probably going to be one of the best and a rather unique way to approach the story being very anime inspired making for some vibrant visuals throughout the game. As a game in general, Rejuvenation had potential to be better than Reborn. When you play a variety of RPGs, you normally don't talk about hacks and fan-games because there is a giant field and most of those are considered terrible. Reborn is among the best of the best in terms of how well made fan-games are, but it's not one that's really easy to approach so casually. It more or less has just the right amount of difficulty to attract and keep people around, but sometimes goes overboard with its dark elements. Rejuv isn't as dark and does thrown in a lot of RPG staples. It should be the more approachable game regardless of quality. It lacks polish. That's the problem. The difficulty is skewed to make sure fights are harder, and the story is hit or miss with it only being remembered by how ridiculous it gets which some is very unintentional. It's a fun game, but it needs more focus and fleshing out in early parts to keep players wanting to continue. And that all goes back to Terajuma. Seems that that's the one thing that's the most criticized and complained about. So for a fun challenge, let's say I was in charge of designing a complete revamp of the Terajuma segment. There are some restrictions though: I cannot change the player's path, I cannot add or change the order of the battles, and I cannot add any characters to the cast that weren't involved before. This'll be a fun challenge as I try to make going through Terajuma a blast to read or die trying. That's a full scale chapter so don't expect it to come out soon though. Redoing the wall scene easily is going to be my favorite thing. That'll be a fun nod to one of my favorite movies. Now let's go back to doing a run. (Wow...she's kind of cute. Why do I have a thing for crazed cultist maids?) (Maybe I should have brought a better team) (Well that backfired) (Now come! My noble steed shall pull us to victory) (The beast has been slain. Onward, my steed. Yah!) I love this Gastrodon. Why haven't I used one of these sooner? I really didn't think Sir Pearl would pull his wait but he's surprised me. I'm tempted to make him a permanent spot on the team...after the Grass leader. Walter, Loewe, and Veigue are the only permanent members so far. I'm considering dropping a bunch of guys from the train list. We'll see. (I think it's dead, Cer) (...You took it down in a Poke ball...) (I just beat your master in a battle. How does that make me weak?) (Yep. And I'm guessing Cera is out of Pokemon thanks to that thing) (Okay, getting sick of this cultist and Arceus stuff) Not really against this on Jan, but if you make a fan-game, for the love of everything don't make a cult group or a crazed or evil church organization. That trope has been driven almost to death. It was cool I'd say 8 or so years ago, but so many games have done something around it that it's just predictable and boring. It's actually abnormal to have church do things like sermons and helping the poor. It's also a kind of boring and lazy way to make an antagonist. Their drive against the protagonist is the obsession of a higher entity to believe what they are doing is for the greater good. If you do try it, at least make them more down to earth or sane. There's plenty of ways to actually go about it. Though I will say I am a bit disappointed Angie is going to return. I really think her being a small antagonist with a very minor role was perfect and bringing her back would simply dampen her character or make her not likable. The most familiar example I can think of is Corey and he someone how survived his suicide and showed up later in the story. His role is done and it was short and simple. That brings me to Cera. I'll talk about her in a little bit. (Isn't that a spot in heaven or something? I dunno. Never read the Book of Arceus) (Well that was convenient) (Joy. She's about to get the Magma...) (Well that's different) So it's a minor detail, but I would've preferred if we actually controlled the character to pick the stone up. It's not a major complaint, but we are a silent protagonist and it's important to feel like we're in control of ourselves. On the other hand, I do like that our character actually accomplished something instead of being a worthless loaf like many of the other cast members. (What is she doing with that old lady?) (Oh joy, we have to make a choice here. Just let the hostage go and nobody gets hurt) (Guess we're going to let grandma die) (Yes, I need it to save Nim to cross lava which I totally haven't been able to do for the last few chapters) (Pretty sure the rest have no idea about this plan, but whatever. Yes, I have to save them) (...That too is a fair point) (Oh boy, I'm not sure what to do...though I should probably keep the stone) (I'm going to leave a bunch of space while you take a guess at what I chose) While I do kind of know what the consequences of the choices are, I'll always pick what I believe is I would choose for a first run. So which one do you think I picked? Any guesses? I mean it's pretty obvious given the captions Also, how is your day? It's night for me so I'll say it was nice. What's your favorite color? Or your favorite hobby? I mean I gotta fill this blank space up with something. At least it isn't song lyrics Or poetry. Bleh. Poetry. Do you think this is enough space? I think it's enough space. Time for the results: (Yes, I gave the stone to her) (Please don't kill the old lady...please don't kill her anyways) (On the bright side, I don't think Angie will hate me as much. Maybe she'll be on my side...still a better ally than Venam) (Don't ever come back) So I believe the elder actually dies if you don't give her the stone. While I do have the lava board, I probably wouldn't have given it to her anyways as I figured there'd have to be some other way to get that TM later. Also, I totally would've traded it for that Groudon. Anyways, the elder may be old, but there's still a lot of questions left and she is the one piece of Sheridan that is keeping the place together or at least Aelita together after all that happened. Both the stone or the elder may turn out to be useful later as well. Cera likely will not care about the stone after Angie's return so we may be able to retrieve it later. We cannot revive the dead. It may sound stupid to give up the stone, but we aren't that desperate yet as we had a couple other options. I kind of wish Saki would've stepped in and save the day as that would've tied in nice with the story, but sadly that didn't happen and we get something else. We'll get to that when we get there. There is something else to talk about: Angie. I said I wish Angie was gone, but I actually feel this should've happened the way it happened. What I wish happened was an extra scene where you see Cera free Angie, but Angie dies due to the overexertion of her powers. She said she was close to death when Kress froze her. That would then leave Cera all alone with her purpose in life stripped away from her. That's a dangerous character you don't know what to expect from and rather interesting to see what became of her during the whole offscreen time. If you didn't give Cera the stone, Cera would then still be desperate to find a way to save her even if she knows in her heart it's pointless as she's going to perish soon due to the event that unfolded. It's much more interesting to let Cera develop over simply letting her be second fiddle to Angie which we know what to expect from her. I think this was a good way to actually divert expectations as Cera feels like a nothing character which her playing a bigger role than Angie would have been a nice surprise. (Yes, you said that already. So did Keta. You should really play more importance in your life over being a martyr here) (If it's inevitable, then it doesn't sound so much like a made a bad choice) (Probably not for a few versions) (Well I just had a couple heated moments...I'll stop) Love how we just leave the unconcious Groudon there instead of trying to catch it. (NOPE!) (Don't be. I made my choice) I can't really judge how well the choice was but it was an interesting idea. If it doesn't add anything later, it's a skewed choice where it tells the player material is more important than people kind of cancelling the morality of the choice. If letting the elder die is part of a good ending, that'll bother me a little bit. I hate when killing off characters is the right choice. (Maybe she's sleeping. She has a habit of passing out after an intense battle) (Nope. Still don't see her) (I was just kidding...geeze) (No, just...wait if she passed out, how did we get out? Was it that soon?) (That's not possible. Remember what he said) (Oh no. Not this again) (...It's almost as if we have short term memory.) I hate flashbacks of things that happened 10 minutes ago. It's lazy and annoying. Now if it happened like 10 or 20 hours ago with easy to miss information, that's a bit of a different story. Even then, that's still stretching it. (Don't tell me it's some eternal sleep. I ain't kissing that girl to wake her up) (......Well at least it isn't a guy) (What did we do?) (Great, now I have to play hide and seek) (Well that was easy) (Am I going to have to face him in a boss battle? I didn't think Gnosis existed in this game) (And he vanished) I have no idea what happened and I don't care. Tommen didn't really have a personality anyways. I...also suddenly remembered Derogs random powers thing. Do you want to know what I got? I got the greatest power of all: Not having to bathe every day. I've been reading previous parts since I caught up. I just wanted to check one thing about the choices and saw that. I also just read what happens if you keep the stone...I'm going to use a spoiler box which I don't think you should read: I really should not have read that. So I do take back what I said on that choice. It's good to provide a big decision like that when it means something. I kind of think that was a dick move as it really should have ended the same way regardless if you're going to make the other choice have no consequences. I'm not mad about my choice because that's on me. I just can't believe that. This game is a rollercoaster to talk about. It does a lot of really good things then one of these slams you in the face. So I guess we see Angie regardless. We were so close. So close but I screwed it all up by looking at the other choice. I think the golden thing is that a future story segment could have been avoided is if the player ran and fought uhhh...Cera for the piece of Magma Stone. Like that's such a simple solution, but we got what's coming up eventually. I'm done and over that for right now. From a story perspective at that moment, I like the handing her the stone option as it flows better. I think this sums it up: Days I've gone without losing it in a rant: 0 Sigh... (I think we both need a drink right about now) (Oh backstory, wonder if that's going to be covered in WLL or V10) (I fucked up. I fucked up real hard. I'm as bad as Melia. Wait, no I'm not. She is the reason I'm doing this whole convoluted thing) (The others are going to kill me. But nobody wanted to go with Saki's plan) (If we listened to Saki, nobody would have had to die) (...Even when I don't lose somebody I lose somebody. WHY DOES EVERYBODY I LIKE LEAVE ME?) (.......Great. Now we'll have to find some ancient magic to undo it or something) I'm going to be honest, I don't think Aelita is permanently dead or in this state. She's an important character and those seem to find ways to get out of situations like this through one asspull or another. If Aelita is actually dead or permanently out of the story, I would have been impressed pulling off the balls to do that. I mean stuff like this is very common, but actually staying dead is a different story. But I wouldn't have guessed they would've thrown something like this at you randomly in the middle of a segment. Then again, I wouldn't have guessed Texen either. (...Gonna guess that's supposed to be "and" there) (Remind me to do this because I probably would totally forget.) (I feel like even more shit because I got nothing out of this. She died for nothing) (Oh right because I totally have a bunch of Shadow Pokemon on me. Oh wait we haven't seen any in who knows how long) (...uhh...we have plenty of time. I don't think Geara and Zetta are going to do anything to Nim. You can't catch a fish without the bait) So I think how they killed off Aelita right now is actually really good. It gives a premise that the Garufa are not good people and more likely are dark corrupted souls. It's kind of like Fire Emblem's dark magic in a sense. I know some people probably aren't a fan of this and the whole people having powers but I actually think it's a fascinating idea that can work really well...if done right. It's still too early to tell on that concept's execution but it is something that can go horribly wrong given it's a Pokemon game. The redesign of this place was spectacular and a great improvement. I didn't even know this was pretty much just a tiny cave originally. Some people may not like the added padding but I think it was a good choice, but it was needed much, much earlier in the game to break up the story segments. We've been jammed with a lot of dialogue and story at a very continuous rate which is due to how steamlined the game focused on being. It's Orre fever in a way. Because there's not much exploration to break up the story and side stories, it can be draining when things are meh or just okay. It can lead those things to be worse than they are which is Blacksteeple and Terajuma in a nutshell. And these added a lot more dialogue and padding on top of a pretty padded story. I see what was trying to be done but it's just draining and simple things can set people off like mad. I don't hate Rejuvenation as I said before. There's a lot to be improved upon (some which probably isn't possible within reason), but there's only two things I really, really hate now that I've cooled off and kind of have adapted to the abrupt changes the new version shifted to. The first is that magma stone choice. It was a good idea, bad execution over such a trivial thing. It's not a choice, but a "Fuck you" for picking one option. The other is just Venam. I don't think she's a good character due to having nearly 0 development despite being a character with some of the most screentime, she actually dampens good aspects of other characters, and she's all over the place to the point I don't even think Jan knew what he wanted to do with her. Melia may be an easy to dislike character, but at least she's consistent. I think now is the best time to do an analysis and try to say why Venam is the way she is. I really hope Jan explains or fleshes out why Venam is the way she is because that isn't normal. **** Venam is a scarred child whose happiness burned from a single building. She is not one who easily got close to others and on that day she lost who two closest friends and an already cold person grew colder. It tore her up and changed her as she got older. Those memories didn't go away as while she still kept the rocker image inside herself she decided to take on a rebel persona. In a sense, she was an unlikable beast. And beasts tend to be lonely creatures. This beasts hated being lonely so she did the one thing she knew that'd grab attention. She acts like an obnoxious brat so that others would take notice of her being this daring bad to the core rulebreaker. This got the attention of two people: Sam and Evan (whatever her two random friends were) as they loved this daring bad girl and all the crazy things she did. She was happy or so she thought. Two others came into her life: one was a boy with illusions of becoming a savior. Another was a blonde girl who knew nothing of the world she lived in. The two would become close, but she'd become especially close to the girl who loved her for who she is and not what she thinks she is. Time had changed and once again she was happy. Though there were those who were concerned about this radical behavior. Jan and Venam's Mother (Chasity) probably pushed Venam into a leader role to try and help her mature out of this rebel stage. And then the blonde girl suddenly vanished, but Venam was not worried. She was, but she knew Melia was invincible and nothing could take her down. She was a tough girl but she couldn't show her feelings so she put on an act. She was tough and had a funny way for asking for help. A new trainer was there for her friend, but she still wanted to make sure they were really a friend. They were and this trainer and her other friend went on a search for this blonde girl, and were stricken with terrible news. It seemed the invincible Melia had met her end. At first, Venam did not believe what she was hearing and took her anger out on Zetta. On the inside, she was weeping, but could not show that as everyone would think of her as weak and pathetic. She simply kept up the tough act and said they'd get revenge in time. It is unknown how she spent her time while we were away on our adventures but one could likely take a good guess that it had to do trouble. And trouble was there when we saw her again. This time in the form of a mansion. And this time the stakes were ever higher. Their souls were the playthings of a madman only escaping because of fate in the form of a little girl. This was the final straw for her two other "friends" as they realized this fun thrill ride was unhealthy especially with how close to being killed and Venam would do it all over again it seemed. She didn't learn a damn thing after all. Venam out in anger and rage for even more of her friends leaving her. Was it truly at them or herself? After all, she was the one who put others in danger for the thrill. One would think events such as these would change one's outlook on life, but she was a beast only good at one thing and that's what she'd continue to do. Only this time, she was truly alone. Though there was one word that stun her: Saki. That was an old wound she was not ready to come back to yet. Our paths would cross once again when Venam set sail for Terajuma. This time it was to scam people out of their money. She was in for a surprise when what was lost had been found. Venam had many emotions running through her head with a bit of anger taking charge only to swing fully back to joy. Perhaps there was more, but an outsider such as ourselves wouldn't be able to tell from a glance. And something odd happened as Venam was willing to stop her wicked ways in order to keep a friendship strong. Likely she would've given up all the money to be with Melia if she had to. The two likely had a grand time while we did all the work finding out where to go next. It's actually due to how the earlier drafts of the story, but Venam in the original most likely had to keep doing her job as the gym leader or something. Not important. Besides the Melia and Venam stuff ain't that interesting both considering in and out of them developing a romance. Now switching back to story mode. And now we return to Venam to grab her most valued treasure: A CD given to her by Amber. While Amber may have treasured it, I believe it to be something much more to Venam. One would call it a coping mechanism. Venam never had much of a happy life after the original trio were separated. This CD was one thing that made her happy and certainly wasn't something she'd part with. She decided the best way to handle this situation was to turn these next few segments into an episode of desperate housewives. Gonna switch back to normal me from now on because there's a lot to explain that's not ambiguous guesses. So Venam and Amber are hostile to each other, but when Amber falls through, Venam worries which is out of character for her. She didn't show as much worry for her two rando friends or even Melia. She jumps down and the two aren't as nasty towards each other. I believe that it's actually a broken friendship where neither one is willing to be honest with the other to renew it despite both secretly wanting the old times back. Amber and Venam are two sides of the same coin so what we see in Amber can often be applied to Venam. Both are likely very unhappy and the reason they can't get along is due to an event that happened in the past (we'll find out later). Nobody knows what happened, but Amber believe Venam framed her to get rid of her. Venam didn't, but Amber isn't willing to believe that. We are missing one piece of the story: why Venam? I believe Venam did something reckless that set off a fire but it was clearly framed by neither of them. It just looked like Venam did something. Anyways, Amber runs off and Venam says she'll go talk to her. I believe this is out of pity or realization Amber might be feeling the same way she does. Then the spite cycle continues. Amber blames Venam for ruining her life, but Venam is pissed for being blamed for something she didn't do. And Venam did the Venam thing and took one of Amber's Pokemon out of anger. Venam's a weird character and maybe that's her way of getting back at being treated wrong. And now we get to the 4 way fight. I don't know what Saki's deal is in this whole situation, but there's one detail that really is one to take note of. Amber lashes out on Melia for being a perfect child. Melia is Amber's replacement. Amber likely knew about Melia way before her first meeting but we'll get to that in a future chapter. Venam responding back that she doesn't care about what Amber calls her, but don't go after Melia can be taken a number of ways. The first is the real one which is that she's slowly falling in love with Melia and wants nothing bad to happen to her. The way I would've liked it to be is something meaning "She's not your replacement, so don't take it out on her. Take it out on me instead." It gives off that Venam still cares about Amber and that maybe there's a slight chance they can resolve this decade cycle of hatred. The Angie segment would actually be really good to help solidify Venam as being this caring girl who puts her friends above anything, but this is unfortunately Melia. I really like the idea of Venam being a really caring girl hiding her true self becoming a tough rebel chick because that's what will get her attention and bring her "friends". She always would be a problem child because you can be a troublemaker and still care deeply about your friends. It just means you have a harder time making it. This is Melia so now for the reveal of what Venam's character pretty much is really like. She's a bad egg because she can be a bad egg. She only acts differently around Melia out of love in Terajuma. She's willing to change her ways and go to the extremes just to be with her. Classic Beauty and the Beast type story starring Angie as Gaston. I want to clear something up as well. Venam acts differently towards Melia than any other character in the game, including Ren. This does not mean someone's in love. Does that mean everything I said holds some ground? Not really. That's just a draw-up of what Venam could be like and means nothing without events or hard context to support it. Small ambiguous events aren't going to cut it. My Ren write-up had support from multiple characters and especially using Narcissa to tie it all up. Venam and Melia happening is fine, but I don't find that type of character interesting. Hopefully that'll tie you over for a while. Next time though, it's sidequests and honestly, I think these next two chapters might be my favorites to talk about.
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    That's not really anything to go off of being honest here. He could have meant anything by it such as her personality. Though there are things pointing towards Valerie being his daughter. There were two things but talking about them is like asking me to open up a can of worms right before a new episode release. Basically Melia says at Blacksteeple that Valerie is similar to Neved. It's ridiculous to think this other than the fact that Valarie hates heat and swam at Blacksteeple no problem.
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  7. Hello and welcome to my little page which is now the third page designed for this mod. I'm not sure if you are and oldie or newbie, but all are welcome here so long as they enjoy pain and suffer...I mean like playing vidja gamez. And here's the thing most of you came here for: Download Link What is Pokemon Reborn Redux? Pokemon Reborn Redux is a mod that is designed with the intention of mixing the old and the new with Reborn along with some other various features to make what people generally consider a harder version of Reborn. Back in the old days, Reborn leaders didn't have field effects and team cores was the primary focus in which teams consisted of strategies and counters. Combine this with field effects and you have some very interesting leaders and difficulty. What are some feature included in Redux? Level Limiter: Remember how annoying it is when a Pokemon overlevels and disobeys you? Well you won't have that problem with that as once a Pokemon hits the level cap for that given leader, they will no longer gain any experience. It's basically just like if they were at level 100 so no need to worry about EV problems either. TM Breeding: Due to the popular feature removed in E12, it was brought back as a mechanic in Redux. Basically, you can transfer TM moves onto baby Pokemon if you're really into maximizing your mons. Multiple fights for each leader: Every leader carries more than one team. Some are more difficult than others. You'll have to see for yourself what leaders pack and may find yourself struggling even. A Party System: While still in the works, you can recruit trainers into your group and carry around multiple teams. Some trainers may even interact with them. I do have a few surprises in store for this feature but I'll remain mute for the time being until they are fleshed out and fully implemented. Many Altered Events and Dialogue: Many changes have been made to this game including new event mons added earlier into the game, characters gaining more important roles, and even some main story scenes being altered due to a team change. It helps making a second journey into Reborn seem a little bit more fresh. A Story Synopsis: Have you ever put down a game and wonder what the heck you were doing and have nowhere to go. Never fear! This little handy menu feature gives you an update on your adventure whenever something big happens. Though...it seems our protag may be using it as a stress relief activity. There's also a field effect guide text found within the game in case you wanted to know about that. And yes, it is updated to the current episode with all those changes. How will I go about releases? Once the public release is out, I will begin working on converting Hardcore's E16 content and scripts in Redux's game file. I did this before with Hardcore E15 which was a bit rough due to poor planning. What I did before was flesh out the game from the start until Luna for a mid-release, however, that seemed to cause a lot of issues both in the game and communication wise (let alone my stress level skyrocketed). For Redux, I will be working one episode at a time based on Reborn's episodes (ie Episode I will stop at Julia, Episode II will stop at Florinia), but I'm slowing it down and aiming to get an episode release every month or two. What is in this Release? The current release goes up until the second gym leader. While the game can still be played and continued, the mod has only been tested up until that point. Anything beyond that point is entering at your own risk.
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    Pokemon Reborn Redux [Mod][E7 Released]

    My issue is the actual get going as when I get going, I get going. Speaking of which... Redux E18 is technically playable now from beginning to end. Everything from the E16 version is back (with a couple alterations), but there's still a couple things I have to do. The only big things left are the new Party members as well as adding and adjusting Pokemon for the older party members. There's also one other feature that needs to be added, but that's it. Once that's done, it's off to refining the fights and bug testing. And trying to remember things I forgot. You cannot fathom how many custom events I have made and had transfer over. There probably was over 100. A good chunk needed to be edited. Adding those master fights in definitely was not a snap of the finger, unfortunately. Skipping E17 was probably a very, very smart move on my part because this took hours to do. It'll take a little bit less time to transfer for E19, but it's still hours. That's how much custom stuff was put into Redux. I'm not going to promise a December nor January release yet, mostly because there are things I want to fully implement and add, but I still haven't decided if it'd be on a first release or maybe another release in maybe a year or so. That's not planned stuff or anything. Also, I realized I put in way too much effort into a mod, but some of the silly things I enjoy doing. One of my favorites is making Jim Guy quotes for all the leaders. It's a bit of flavor text when I could easily have done generic copy and paste events for all of it. Then again, I don't really gain much from making 3 variants of each gym leaders. Gotta love the holes my ego digs me into. Then there's the fact my brain doesn't let me do things the easy way...without a war. It already stormed up another 3 things I need to get done before a release. Though I do bear some bad news. The best Hardcore character was axed from the game. Let us pay tribute to his passing:
  9. P3 FES is the best version of P3 to play despite the not being able to control characters. The portable version cut out a bunch of content like walking around areas and all that but it's still a playable version. Just frustrating. I'd honestly say go straight to 5 to start out since P4 Golden is the only other good starting place. They aren't too bad though except for P3 you will die...a lot. Gotta love death spells that cause instant game overs. Or play Cold Steel. It's similar enough to a Persona, right?
  10. Commander

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    @Paperblade Thank you for being a voice of reason. I think the main issue we both agree upon is there is an issue with the exp drought and perhaps not the battle itself. If I'm making a poor assumption that's fine too. I try to think of the perspective of the average player playing this game for the first time and not go with my own personal thoughts because hell, I think pretty much all of us here would have an easy time going at it again since we know what to expect and can prepare. One thing not mentioned is that we can get access to so many good healing items like revival herbs which can make fights much easier. I think with that you can plow through with an underleveled team.
  11. Commander

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    Are you implying they wouldn't make a field to reduce super effective damage on a defensive typing? Steel is overall pretty slow so it's probably going to have something like that.
  12. Commander

    Opinions on the Gauntlet (E18 Spoilers)

    Let's break this down a little bit differently from a mechanics standpoint: I'm not going to jump the gun and say that the fight has to be nerfed as we still have the finale to go through which if it's a joke thanks to that, then we should absolutely push to nerf that fight more. Solaris and Hardy are both great and well done fights...nobody talks about them though or are pumped to talk about that climatic finish. Nerfing the gauntlet though would have backlash. Been here long enough to know any nerf is going to have a huge crowd cry out on why the game is so easy now. It's a war no matter what you do, but I do think Ame kind of got the message and it'll likely be toned down again for the finale. She did nerf it twice already. Due to that, I probably should retest it one of these days to see where it can be toned down other than dropping their levels even more. The fight should at least preserve some difficulty at the very least.
  13. I just decided to throw in the old randomizer in Rejuv and this...was one of the encounters:




    Perhaps this is fate.

    1. Commander


      It happened twice...



  14. I'd sacrifice Chrom for Sandbag...what do you mean Sandbag isn't a Pokemon...fine. Hitmontop. I was going to go with Hitmonchan, but we don't really gain much from any Pokemon. Both these series are bloated and show off pretty much everything. Hitmontop is an oddball Pokemon and brings something new. A Pokemon that focuses on kicking and spin techniques. Its final smash could be a reference to the pinball games even. Can't really say how to build him since he has options like brick break being a shield breaker. And of course, he'd be spin to win.
  15. Commander

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    (Takes a deep breath) The z ring and mega ring are separate items that for Reborn Marc changed the script to combine the two into a single item. Depending on the script, they could be given separate or together simply by changing the item requirement to activate them. I don't know how it looks nor Jan's plan what to do when giving it out. Most likely it'll just be the Mega Z-ring instead of separate. Edit: Did not realize Z ring could mega evolve in the canon games. Still haven't beaten Gen7
  16. Commander

    A theory about Lin

    All of that work for one meme...you have made me proud.
  17. Commander

    HELP!: Something Wrong With These Ditto...

    Hi there. It is unfortunate, but so long as it fits the filter system, a hacked Pokemon is still counted as a legal Pokemon. And by hacked, it usually means someone used the debug tools built within the game to create such Pokemon. The good news is that you don't have to worry about having them as you won't get banned or anything. It unfortunately happens and sometimes can ruin the magic of the game's systems, but don't worry as having a Pokemon will never get you banned here. If however you mess around the scripts and trade illegal Pokemon like Groudon you will get locked from online. You have to tamper with the script files to do that and if you don't know what that means, it likely means you are safe from a ban.
  18. A new Rejuv chapter came out and introduced a new villain. His name is...



  19. Ask and you shall receive: Even if you didn't ask. This was just a good way to put this here Yeah, yeah it's techincally against the rules, but am I the only one who actually thought this guy was funny? I'm not one who likes to support this, but I fucking kind of deserved that. Since I cannot give him a like, I shall rename Magneton Yeetder in honor of this man. Though I am a tad disappointed he didn't have the balls to say it on his official account. I also forgot I got owned by a Linoone. I'm terrible at this game, but we all knew that already. And do you know why I picked Magnezone... So he can suck on Yeet nutz. (It's not Commander if there isn't a godawful joke) But seriously guys, don't do this because it's against the rules. Honestly, I don't care so much because I've expected this kind of stuff to pop up for a while and all it does is give me material to work with (I do tend to roll with the punches). I don't promote this kind of behavior (which I kind of am...but it's Yeetder) but if you say something, I'm not going to report or delete it. I might ask you to stop if an argument breaks out, but that's it. If you think I'm a shithead, feel free to call me a shithead. And also, I too lose a lot of brain cells making these chapter. I'm more impressed on how much of the run he's read. That's probably planned DLC for the cheap price of $29.99. It's also required for the true ending. Padding isn't a bad thing as long as it's good. Radiant Dawn Part 2 was pure padding but it was sure fun. I don't think it was that big of a deal as Nim simply was just good bait and they really had nothing better to do. Madame X thought they were dead and if they came back empty handed they'd be dead so them waiting a month on the mountain probably wasn't that big of a deal. They spent a year in the dark realm already so what's one more month. Yeah, yeah, I know the whole Madelis thing debunks that, but it's not that ridiculous when you think about it. Where else could they hide and devise a plan? I...like Texen's hair as weird as it is. It reminds me a bit of the birdkeeper's from HGSS or FRLG. I can't remember which one or was it DPPt? I can't really judge poor Texen's team as the only thing he did was Metal Sound with Lucario. I forgot to mention I LOVE the idea of pummeling a gym leader like that as it's so different than the norm. The logic behind it was a bit off, but everything else about that whole thing was fantastic. Jan has a talent for the simple and fun stuff which I think people don't realize that's a lot of what I love about Rejuv, but the plot is just such a big focus it may come off as I hate the entire game. I was just drained but I really should have went into more details. As for the Aelita battle, it was more my team over anything. It was just kind of something dealing with a Drain Punch Conk with...lefties I think (hell if I remember everything). I think Scrafty had Drain Punch as well. Mienshao I know took up some Hyper Potions which lasted even longer with Bounce. Then Hawlucha did the same thing with Bounce. It must've come off more than "Well that was annoying and kind of reminded me of Ren." It's not that bad and Joker could've come in an had an easy time. --------------------------------------------------------------------- As for what Az said, I'm just going to say I read parts and kind of move on. I'll at least correct a couple things: The level limiter is a shared script between Redux and Rejuvenation which the code is nearly identical with the only differences being slight alterations both made by Fish. I haven't looked as Insurgence's but that one is likely different. The original one I made was rather messy and poor but it gave the idea across there was a better way to go about things. And when I say Fish, I mean Sardines. If we want to talk about where the level limiter originated, I know the original Fire Emblem is one of the earliest with the class system. I think I deserve at least some credit bringing it to the Reborn community, but whatever. I do know the ends and outs of the system quite well, but it doesn't matter. Think what you want to think on the matter as it won't change or help the issues with it. Something I like to do is watch what people say. That's where most of my ideas and changes come from. Sometimes I overreact, but that doesn't mean I don't take notes. Everybody who picks up a fan-game pretty much knows how to play Pokemon. Nobody is bad at Pokemon either. So if one person is struggling, more likely than not somebody else is in the same boat. It's the why someone is complaining is more important. Instead of pointing out someone is factually wrong, think about why they feel that way. What does proving me wrong help the game in any ways? At the end of the day, it's simply food for thought. And yeah, I've taken feedback and criticisms from Rejuvenation (both on and off the site) on the system and am looking for ways to address and try to give something for those guys to work with. I have a few ideas that people may like they aren't big changes, but small things always help. As for the Audino thing, I'm surprised you didn't pull up any of the pre blacksteeple posts about mean complaining how much a pain in the ass it was to grind the old fashioned way. If there's an easy way to grind, I'm going to take the easy way over worrying about having enough Exp and a good team for a boss/bosses. We saw how well that went with Crawli...and Maria. Just saying it might be a bit too easy to grind. It's not a terrible thing, but it really pushes away from establishing an official team. What are my main 6 Pokemon I use? If you guessed Walter, Loewe, Gaius, Veigue, Pancha, and SEC, I'd be surprised. --------------------------------------------------------------------- And now for the main show: Chapter 48: Return of the King I want to start off with this: This run has hit over 20k views and that's a lot of replies. Some people may say that's not that much or most of the replies are probably mine, but I really do want to say thank you. Without all of that, I probably would have upped and quit a long time ago...which some of you probably would like. I won't name any names...*cough* Yeetder *cough*. And as a bit of advice to others: going the extra mile does really pay off even if it may feel like too much work. We've come a long way and this journey has changed us...except not really. Only change is me slowly growing more insane after each chapter...and less funny. I blame it on my evil twin, Yeetder. When in doubt, blame Yeetder. I'm going to have way too much fun with this chapter. And as a warning, Yeeter grows stronger the angrier I get so I must control my temper or else he may become too powerful. At all costs, you must keep me away from Venam. The world must not experience such evil. I fear it may bring an end to it. So this time we shall have a nice relaxing episode over the usual. (Judging from all the debris from the nearby island, I'd say probably not) (Yeah, I just tried it and it didn't work. Looks like we're stuck here) (This elevator is sexist. Of course it does what the woman wants and not me) (If it's another factory, I'm going to leave and find something to...I should check the orphanage. I wonder if Mosley is doing alright.) (Oh thank god it's not another factory) (...oh no. NO! NO! NO!) His power...I feel his power rising but I can't take it. Why does he have to be here? Well, we've handled worse. Let's just get this over with. That Saki path is looking mighty fine right now though. (Does anyone in this game not lie and deceit? Besides you, of course) (Couldn't we have stepped over him? No? Okay.) (You seem...different. This is a surprising improvement) (Are we still in Carotos? It doesn't look like it.) (I'd ask what he'd gain from being in an abandoned mountain, but this is SEC we are talking about. You never know what is coming out of his mouth) (Madelis really didn't think this SEC thing through, did she? On second thought, a mobile SEC would be scary.) (How did Cera get past you? That's what I'd like to...oh right telepor...why did she need the elevator?) (No, I think Aelita has improved. Still rash, but less rash and more obedient. It's like training a puppy. The annoy you until they start listening...and she's cute) (That was...really short. Huh. Why couldn't the rest of this segment be like that?) (There's the SEC we know and love. Well know, not so much love) (Please have a Shadow Pokemon. We haven't seen one of this in like forever) (And here he shall go) (It's 6v3, buddy. You were going to lose) Only reason I have screencaps is because I surely thought he'd have a Shadow Pokemon. Well that was disappointing, but hey, I can't complain too much. He did give us one of our main members...who's not here right now. (Except Team Xen. They deserve to die for what they're...oh yeah that's your boss...you do deserve to die) (Great. At least bring Shadow Pokemon next time. It at least helps the suffering) (Don't tell me we're traveling to the past. That's the only way he'd know what's yet to come. Unless he's from the fu...no more time talk. It's a headache) (Good grief. Even Aelita was sick of dealing with him) (Time? I'm pretty sure we have all the time in the world given Geara and Zetta are very, very patient. They must be practicing a recital) Something I didn't realize when making the band joke was Jenner was in a band going back to WLL. I only played Chapter 1 but that has potential to being one of my favorite fan projects. I know it's a lot of work, but I'd love seeing another side game like that. I also really want to know what happens, but I gotta wait to catch up T_T. (I'm having deja vu. Didn't you way that the first time we came here? I'll take poison over lava though) (How did this happen? Man, that factory must really have taken a lot of fuel to function...wait didn't it function on lava? I really need to reread that segment) (This'll be the third most awkward date I've been on. The first two involve a certain blonde girl) (I'm wondering what the skunk is referencing. Oh well have another shiny I'm not going to catch) And I had a 50% chance of heading away from the plot...turns out I went the wrong way: (I'm pretty sure we have no idea where we're going) (Oh look it's the stalker squad) (I see what you did there, Jan) Deborah and Esther are not the most known but pretty important Biblical figures in the Bible. It's kind of a nod what Jan based the idea of Arceus being based off of the Catholic Church. I should've looked at the other maid names to see if they shared the same theme. Though I only know who Esther is due to the Veggie Tales Movie. Those things really did a good job and are fun to watch. (I don't think Aelita even knows who these guy are) (She has herself to blame for that. She was the one who invited me to her church then imprisoned me) (Something tells me it won't be that easy) (We're so going to lose this race. I already went the wrong way to trigger this event and have to go back) (That looks like something a 5 year old scribbled. What even is that supposed to be?) (Oh boy, I remember the last time I played a game with a maid. It wasn't fun.) (...No, this isn't fun) (Let's not.) Before we do that, there's something important we need to read: (Ouch! That's a terrible way to die.) (...So that's why my feet have this burning feeling. I thought it was just a rash) And part 2: (This mountain is beyond saving at this point. Man, you gotta feel so bad for Keta) And part 3 since I missed it: (Only Sandile can be found here) (Soon, I'll come for you, random TM) After one pain in the butt search later (I can only do so many before I lose it), (No, that was an awful game. Do you see the high encounter rate here? Do you think it's fun dealing with that? "Use a repel" they say. Those cost money.) (...............Are you the daughter of the maid I did in the past? Or did she do me?) (This is why you don't stick your dick in crazy) (Yeah, I don't think I need to explain what happened here) As a side note, Wisp Bone learned Flare Blitz. He finally has a fire stab. (Finally. Now I can get out of this blasted mountain) (The only thing immune to corruption is corruption itself...that can only mean...) (Be careful, Aelita. I think this is Yeetder's lair) I know I should be making fun of a user, but some regular here made an account purely to flame me. I think it's fair game at that point since it's not a real person. No, Yeetder is a state of mind. (Sure...but first...) (So we get both the bomb and the wave here. Nice!) (Do you think the ancients will mind if I take a pee break here? It's those blasted waterfalls) (Don't mind me. I'm just going to ignore you for a second) (What do they mean by...) (Oh, now I get it) Finally, it's been like forever since we did a puzzle. (Wait, weren't you just downstairs?) (Well obviously the front door is to progress the plot so let's just keep go...) (OH NO! NOT YOU AGAIN! GO THE HELL AWAY!) This really is Yeetder's lair. Only he would bring something so evil into such a sacred ground. (...I really should've brought a better team) (At least I can Veigue Endeavor + Ice Shard Cheese it) (Well that wasn't too bad) (.......Let's go back to the entrance...something tells me I'm not supposed to be here) I think this is a glitch due to the fact you can get to the end before doing this scene: (Oh it's magic. It must be evil magic. That is the only explanation) (Aelita, do you really think that's going to work? Remember what happened in Goldenwood. I swear if you pass out on me again, I might submit myself to Yeetder) (At least you now resort to violence more. Violence solves everything...except saving Nim) (Sure. Whatever. Just stay out of my way.) (Give up. These people can't be reasoned with. They offer themselves as sacrifices when they lost a Pokemon battle) (Oh look, she's speaking your language now) (And to the trash, go the spoiled) (And now we do puzzles. Hooray!) (I'm pretty sure Saki is working on a plan. There's also Plan B. We're not screwed) (Again, we're like the slowest people in Aevium. They'll probably be done by the time I get it.) (And now it's puzzle time) (That was a pretty easy puzzle) (Just a what? A ruse? A game? A run made for entertainment purposes?) (Correction: I'm doing the running. Aelita is just sitting there bossing me to move statues. This is bad for my back) (You guys really want Angie back. Wasn't she kind of about to die?) (...I like the other one better. Can we have her again?) (...Aelita, forgive me for all the terrible things I've said about you in the past. You are so much better then the rest of the Melia gang) (And battle time. This will probably be rather easy) (...Of course I get burned) (And paralyzed) (Pretty sure Loewe KO'd whatever that was) (I really should've brought Gaius with me. Damn water types) (Well at least that is over with. Hopefully I'll be able to heal soon) (Well I beat both of them in a battle so all that's left is Cera) (YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! ANOTHER ONE! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!) Only one being is so evil he'd throw a second one just to make me suffer even more. So I don't have it but Loewe was the only one able to do damage and barely lived to activate Torrent Aqua Jet. All I have left was Veigue with 1 HP and this happened: (It's a crit hit wonder) Yep. I barely won due to a critical hit. I'm not dealing with running back through that mountain so this is what my team looks like: (This is why you should always bring a grass type. Damn maid) And now time for more puzzles: (Oh good the last puzzle. I don't know how much more I can take) (Wait...did I do the wrong puzzle?) (._. All of that work just for this. What a great reward.) (After 15 tries due to Veigue dying, I got it on the first try. Too easy) I'm really stubborn on the healing. And now for the other puzzle: (Well that was rather easy) So what I actually did was screencap the answer statues and use them as a reference where what goes where. That's one nice thing about the forums. It's not a difficult puzzle as all you have to worry about it making a wrong move locking a statue in the wrong spot. Still, I had a lot of fun with that. At least it isn't a headache level Ame puzzle. Some of those are brutal. (PLEASE NOT ANOTHER STATUE!) Thank the lord there wasn't another one. I would've had to backtrack to heal. (We are probably a couple miles underground. This whole thing could collapse on us easily. So no, no need to worry) (I never could figure out how to get down to get that TM) (The only good thing in this situation is there's not a character in sight that I hate....I don't want that to end) (Eh, I was distracted by puzzles. I can't keep myself away from those babies) (...Why do we need a flashback of this? We were there like 5 minutes ago) (Go away Esther. Nobody loves you. Not even Angie) (...We literally had no other way to go) (Oh look, all of this was for nothing) (This should be an obvious answer. I wonder what the other options do) (It was probably Yeetder's doing. He can't make it too easy to get his treasure) (I do like the emphasis thing here) (I have a book. Does that count?) (Well that was disappointing, but we had a puzzle so all is forgiven) (Who would ever know...Crescent. Oh Crescent, where are you? We need your Deus Ex Machina powers right about now) (Oh yeah. I've missed that old lady. I wonder how she's taking all of this. Aelita and I did kind of go off the grid for like a month) (Huh. We just had a chapter without a major battle. That feels anticlimatic. At least this isn't Blacksteeple where we went chapters without battles) So two things: The first is that I stopped the chapter here because it leaves just enough for the next part. I usually go with 200-400 pics trying to finish on a climatic battle, but sometimes it just doesn't work that way. The other thing is that I'm probably surprisingly silent on this segment. Other than getting my ass kicked by what are probably considered easy fights, there really isn't anything I had to say. The Texen segment was great, but this was just really meh. It's not bad, but it just means everything passes, but I didn't see anything that stood out too much. The SEC segment was short and to the point which I liked better than...our other experiences. I will say that this Aelita is better than the older Aelita as her character traits aren't blown out of proportion. She's still headstrong, but not to the degree she was. That's a good level for a main character and I honestly kind of wish she was the protagonist now. She's a likable character, she has quite a bit of development, and still has a lot of room for growth. She also has good chemistry with the PC and they bounce of each other rather well. And yeah, yeah, the guy who likes circle jerking Rejuv isn't complaining because he can't find anything to complain about. I...really do have a self-destructive mind. It's a good thing I don't listen to my conscience. Next 3 chapters whenever they come out will certainly be quite the treat. It may be more surprising then me seeing a third Kingdra statue. Fuck those things.
  20. But...you're the main character you can't die. Oh wait that's Melia. RIP Sean. What a shitty way to go. Doing all of this crap and accomplishing nothing in the end. And let's be honest, I'm pretty sure your plan would have worked out so much better. Hell, I probably would've said "Here's your damn woman, now give me mine and stay out of my way." And besides, did anyone really think Geara was going to follow through on that bargain? If he had Melia, that's all he needed and it didn't matter what happened afterwards. And I shall end this on one last note: I looked back at the Reborn season finale then looked at this and you can really tell where you've improved. You knocked it out of the park and had me laughing my ass off with you going edit crazy. One thing still puzzles me: couldn't the Zoroark have made an illusion of a gagged Melia instead of tying ropes around it? I probably shouldn't have said that considering everyone that died because of not trying it. The only thing that was changed was Sean throwing his belt to save his Pokemon. The protag does fall into the lava. I'm not kidding. It's even worse if you realize he's probably dipped more time into Rejuvenation than a vast majority of players. These chapters don't write themselves, people.
  21. Commander

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    So I'll be blunt that I kind of really don't use the Mega or Z rings simply because I've kind of fallen off of Pokemon past Gen V. So my value in their worth is probably much lower than other people's. I just think Megas looked cool and it was as close to old Pokemon getting new evolutions as we're ever going to get. Gen 8 will throw something new and broken to us later. Anyways, there is one point I do want to make: I really hope you don't follow the Reborn philosophy of how Megastones and Z-crystals are handed out. I'd rather it be the reverse and we don't find Megastones and Z-crystals until after we obtain the Rings because it is a tad annoying picking up all these things and them being nothing more than collectibles. It always feels better when you pick up something that you can use and can consider using. This is getting a bit off topic though so I'll stop. Jan pretty much said everything I more or less agree on. If you want to continue, I'd say make a thread in the Fan-game Expose as I'm sure quite a few people would chime in.
  22. Commander

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    The simple way to put it is that adding either in just adds a layer of balance needed. It definitely is possible to balance Megas around V7 or V8 areas but I don't think the devs are willing to go through with it. At first, I was a hard ass about it being available in Hardcore/Redux, but now I don't care so much so it'll stay where it is. There's actually another reward that people probably will be shocked I even am willing to give them. It breaks a lot of the difficulty, but personally after a certain point it's fine imo. If they complain about a game being too easy using mechanics they worked hard for, it was them that used it in the first place. We could go either way with this argument as there's pros and cons to both. The thing about the Mega Ring and Z-ring is the fact it's controllable so I don't see why everyone is so stubborn to make it available so late. It's worthless without the Megastones or Z-crystals anyways and some Pokemon need Megas or they fall off as worthless and by the point you get the mega, nobody is going to use it. Z-crystals are a different story since any Pokemon can slap one of those on and use it. Specialty crystals like Pikachu's really could be brought in and used so there's no excuse pushing it so late again. In fact, most people who play Reborn won't even have this item by the time they finish the game and won't even know it's obtainable in the game. Let that one sink in. There's a lot of questionable variable there with that logic as even a normal Druddigon would be a major threat for a first gym and pretty much be the equivalence of Florinia's Cradily but stronger. This is going off the basis the first gym is fought in the 20s. Even with fairies that thing is nasty and could shred a few of those into pieces. Anyways, the best way to teach players is to make them rethink what they're doing or destroy their brain. Beat 'em dead before they start. Best trick is to throw them something that isn't too threatening so long as you don't go full offensive. If you teach a player a bit about defensive tactics and their benefits, they'll keep that in mind and use it later. It's a good old show, don't tell type tutorial. Don't worry too much about the available Pokemon so long as it's enough and more to figure out how to take a boss down. Explaining stuff ain't going to do any good. I don't know why so many games bog down up to and over an hour of tutorials when they rarely do much. There's no good way to do it, but there's ways to get creative so players at least learn about it. The two simple ones should be have some random trainers make good use of the field but an easy enough battle that it doesn't last or drag out too long. Another one is to throw a quiz early in the game asking questions regarding fields which a player could study up and read to get a nice reward. That's the simple fix. The true issue isn't the inclusion of field effects, but of how little impacting and involved they are. They were mostly used in boss fights up until E18 areas which trainers with one or two Pokemon used them. This idea is a bit too little too late unfortunately as most of the time players are thrown into an unfamiliar field effect right at a big boss. Some people will hate it while others might not mind due to being thrown into an unfamiliar experience and having to learn through trial and error. It's more important on the design side though because most of these fields are ingrained in my head after doing revision after revision look up what the effects do. Going to have to agree to disagree. Adding all the mechanics of a game at once is just going to fly over everyone's head so slowly adding more and more keeps things interesting and adding even more layers to the gameplay. A simple one is each tower that's cleared allows for the main character to use a brand new power or spell. Big mechanic changes or additions shouldn't happen later than the 70% mark since that gives enough time to be familiar and adapt towards it. One I can think of off the top of my head is Tales of Graces f's Accel mode brought in for the postgame content (it's a long story though). I think the bigger issue is the fear that adding a game changing mechanic like Megas may ruin the game's experience since the game won't be as difficult. Personally, I felt that way at first but nowadays I stopped caring and probably would say late game is a good place to put it as I don't think megas and z-moves really add that much enjoyment. I can make good fights without megas, z-moves, or seeds even, but they are there so I'll still use them. Of course I'm aiming for a harder variation in a mod. For a normal game, it doesn't matter so much because a game being easier doesn't make it bad. In fact, more people will actually find it enjoyable. I think people need to get it through their head harder does not mean better. Anyways, I don't think it really matters too much since a handful of Pokemon are going to fall off regardless such as Spinda, Stunfisk, Garbodor, Electrode. All of them are still usable but they fall off.
  23. ...I got nothing. Chapter 47 is out so enjoy a teaser of what's going to happen in chapter 48:



  24. I might have to go back and look at the V10 segments of the old Dr. Jenkel areas because I know he was played off as being completely bonkers and we loved him for that. I hope he at least has the "She's hot." line for the one sidequest. I wanted a male donphan with Sturdy, Ice Shard, and Endeavor. It could have been modest and 0IVs all around and I still would've used it. And besides, I'd rather not waste a few hours for something that would not really alter the game experience anyways. It was made as a one off joke for Madame X, but sadly we can't do that anymore. Why would I have spent more time on something I was going to only use once? He's just still around because I got tired of dealing with a lot of this BS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 47: No Texen while driving I'm going to be blunt right now: I ended up grinding pretty much all my reserve Pokemon up to the cap due to the experience I had with this game. It's ironic all these changes were to drive away from Audino grinding, but I'm still Audino grinding because personally the game is a bit on the way too hard side for me anymore. I don't want to deal with the game's difficulty as much anymore tbh. V9 was such a good step in the right direction and I'd consider playing it again. V10 though did a lot of things to streamline it but those leader fights just...yikes. Angie was okay but I'm just not feeling it. I don't mind grinding a little bit and it really only takes about half an hour to train about 14 mons. Probably will train them to level 55 or whatever the cap is before leaving the island. And here comes the hypocrisy: I don't like the new system as much. "But Commander didn't you pioneer this system?" Yes, yes I did...but I didn't at the same time. The idea behind it was to make sure that there was rarely a shortage of exp, but keep it to a reasonable level to where you have to manage your team. I really don't agree with that Exp Share. I have to turn it off to stop from leveling up too quickly as there's really almost no point to turn it off. It was a problem in Gen VI and VII and the issue is still there. You're not managing Exp, you're simply using whatever Pokemon KOs stuff easier until the hard battles where you start stratigizing more. In theory, this is a great system but it just makes trainer battles really, really boring. It's great for mass grinding though, but I'm more of the guy who believes you should only stick to 5-6 Pokemon slowly rotating some out until you start finalizing your team. It's not bad, but it just doesn't give the Pokemon adventure feel like it should. Then again, there's a lot of little core details that make a Pokemon experience that Reborn had that Rejuv lacks. That kind of made me realize something that can really sum up my thoughts: Reborn feels more symbolic of a Gen I-III designed game with its structure but with an actual in-depth story while Rejuv feels more symbolic to the Gen V-VII type games. Reborn is more innovative for its times adding on features that really shake the formula (some of which are highly questioned due to the features) and is really about exploring and getting lost to find new and interesting stuff. It rarely tells you where to go only giving hints on where the story will happen. Rejuvenation is quite a bit more linear and more about the flashiness then the depth. It's much nicer to play and more with the times, but it just lacks the same soul the base game had. It doesn't take much to see why I prefer Reborn as while that game certainly has more faults, it's the pros the really keep me going...even through the glass gauntlet. And now, let's get back to the good part: So let's see where's a good spot to sto...477...btw, I hit 1.4k pics and I haven't even been to Valor Mt yet. This is gonna be a long episode. But this is better than the hell that is the Crawli and Angie segments. I'll take another Blacksteeple over that again (I at least enjoyed parts of that and think it can be salvaged and made great). Oh pics...I should do that more. (How the...I'm...she literally should not have gotten sick that...oh right it's been a month or so. Surprised she's not dead) (I say we let her die. That'll at least get two annoyances off my back. Not like Venam would help if Melia weren't here) (Wait...why did I come here again? Oh right, get that bitch off my bed this instant) (Okay, I just want to say something here...) This makes no sense when you think about it. Why would she only freeze the TM shop with a random special kind of ice but everyone else turned out fine? Easy fix would be that they'd need some super powerful heat source to make the TM but...this is Terajuma so let's stop being logical. It just makes the suffering worse. Just like the fact you can't get Vulpix yet. Well the good one at least. (Magic. Magic is the solution to everything in this game.) No seriously, it is. It's not an awful concept to work with but...it let's a writer go free range with ass pulls. I'll let Stan Lee explain this one: It's obviously a joke, but there is something to take away from it. When you establish ground rules towards an unnatural concept, it becomes more relatable and easier to connect with. The Garufa stuff and Melia's power to literally do anything just seem like supernatural powers given to people with little to no explanation. Sure it's draining energy from Pokemon but does anybody really care about that. Who's actually excited or interested reading more into Angie's powers, Crescent's, or whatever that one girl from the Library quest's ones are? And before anyone says Pokemon are to blame, I've seen plenty of RPGs who use unnatural magic mechanics (like Cold Steel) which conflict with traditional magic and modern day "magic". It can work, but most Pokemon players really don't care about story so it wouldn't be a surprise if they didn't care enough to dig deeper. You'd be surprised how many people randomly spout something out just because they don't like it in their "Pokemon games." "Hey Commander, you seem to complain a lot about this game. If you hate it so much, why are you still playing it?" That random stranger, but I cannot actually answer that. The best way I can is that I only hate about half this game. V1-5 (Yes, even Blacksteeple) were actually fine. I think it's a valid complaint that the story stretches itself thin in the worst possible ways. V1-4 were condensed and clean segment from start to finish wrapping up what they started. Sure there were bumps but the good outweighed the bad. Blacksteeple was just disappointing. It wasn't awful but it was draining just how dull it was and whatever good impacts were stripped away at a moment's notice. It just made it long and tedious...but Wall Senpai made it better. She makes everything 10 times better (even if 10x0 is still 0). So now we go back to Terajuma. What is wrong with Terajuma? Look at this scene, it really sums it up quite well. First off, you've got a grade C or D main cast with all of the more interesting ones getting pushed aside. We have Venam, Valarie, Melia, and Saki which Melia is the best one. Very weak characters make for a very weak storyline. All the other characters get shoved out or less involved. Angie, the main villain of this segment, is pretty weak, but she works. The main issue though is this "Melia is the main character" role you keep hearing. She's not, you still are. However, you are treated like a complete nuisance. In a way, it's your fault it's taken all this time to save Nim since Melia could go save her at any time. She has to baby you and tell you everything you need to do to help her. So we're pretty much getting dragged around while Nim is in danger because we're incompetent. It's a terrible segment and if the rest of the game is like that, tell me now so I can jump ship. What about previous areas? Didn't we need help then? Yes, we did. We've gotten ourselves into jams, but it's different. All of the previous times were characters working together and I mean actually working together instead of being prop pieces. Aelita was helping us investigate Keta and the mountain, Mosley was helping us stop Geara, Keta freed us and asked for our help since he knew he didn't stand a chance alone. Saki, Valarie, and Adam worked with you to help get out of prison. Melia is a bit different as she doesn't really want you. The only reason she does is purely due to backup as a safety net. And the rest of the cast kind of lets her just shit on you because she's the leader and she's stress. They also simply follow blind orders from this questionable girl. Let's just move on because after this section it gets a hell of a lot better...which is why I'm somehow still playing this game. We really need to just boot Melia from the screen for someone else...literally anybody. Even...Venam. (Meh, they are insignificant and probably dead) (..........Excuse me, what the fuck) If I was frozen fucking solid, I'd take whatever amount of pain you throw at me to be able to move and walk. This is actually not a terrible plan, but that's a stupid reason not to go through with it when we don't have any other means to resolve it. Oh no, they broke an arm or a leg. At least you're now alive. (...When Saki is the voice of reason, you know shit has hit the fan) (...I suggest it for plan a) (Venam, I think this exposure to Melia has damaged your brain a bit. And why isn't Valarie chiming in...whatever) (...I'm pretty sure Melia isn't even sick...whatever. Just to be shoving anything down my throat. I already experience that enough around Dr. Jenkel) (....Saki is the only reasonable person here, let that sink in) (......................................................................................................) Can I please just get off this island? This is beyond stupid. Geara and Zetta aren't even that threatening and have been waiting this long. Do you really think they are going to try something? If they were they would've done it by now. And Madelis is...being Madelis. (...You are going to be right here, Val. If something happens, you better be able to tell or know. Whatever. Couldn't you find a doctor if you're really worried. This is a bloody resort. Things happen.) (Saki, I'm only going to say this once: you are my favorite of the four in this room right now.) (She fucking flew off the ship. Did you expect her to grow wings and fly back to you?) Saki is literally the only reason we are even here and alive. I don't like Saki, but this is just...I didn't think we could go any lower than we already did but here we are. I feel bad for Saki now. I feel bad for a character I dislike...the world really is coming to an end. (........................Why do I even talk about this game's story anymore?) She's a carefree girl, but when things are serious she takes them serious in her own not serious way. She's a troublemaker and has caused issues and annoyances, but she has her heart where it needs to be when it really matters. And everything she said made a lot of sense yet these two reject her without hesitation. And since time is of the essence, I don't know why they don't go with Saki's plan as breaking through the ice in a destructive manner seems the most reasonable solution. I get when a story takes a long time when you are supposed to be in a hurry for a segment because that's just how game logic works, but when you mention it back in the story and reasoning, it doesn't work. We're not in a hurry so why mention it now? I can't even think of anything positive to say because pull hell this is one really forced scene. GET ME OFF THIS ISLAND, NOW! (If you need me for something, just ask, Saki.) (Yep. She's pissed) (...I just want to say something for a moment) I don't blame Saki for being pissed off. She was being serious but simply being treated as a child who doesn't know any better. That actually would be for a good character development moment, but this is Rejuv and that's not going to happen. I kind of know what happens next so this is disappointing. A good Saki development moment would have made up for whatever this is since the payoff often is worth the irritation of sloppy writing sometimes. (Well my one good solution just walked right out the door, thanks) (...If you all somehow get trapped in a fire, don't expect me to barge in and save you. Have a nice day) Well, I guess there's nothing to do now but end the...chap... (Oh good another character I'm indifferent to. Something tells me I don't have a choice) (What the heck are you looking for anyways?) (Of course it's me) (And somehow you pokemon were able to level up this whole time despite having not badges. Makes sense) (..................................Thanks for reminding me I only have 11 more to go. Excuse me while I cry in the corner) (Sure, what could possible go wrong) Spoiler: It goes horribly wrong. (That's nice of you.) (So Mienshao U-turned into this thing) (Well that escalated quickly) (RIP Loewe) I don't have Joker on me otherwise this would be rather easy. Or Reini. Conk did a number on me. (Oh look. That's an easy Pokemon to heal spam on) (Of course that's my luck) (Of course that's my luck) (Well at least Pancha managed to do something. That doesn't happen a lot) (This is going to be a long battle) (BEHOLD! My trusty steed shall save the day) (Like a boss) (Good job Walter for missing a Rock Slide. Way to make my life harder) (I'm also out of paralyze heals) (This should be easy...) (Christ what did you give these things) (Veigue can easily take this thing down) (............Sigh...and you wonder why I grind to the cap before starting a segment) That was...really, really annoying. This is the Ren issue all over again. Her Pokemon have their best movesets more or less and all have leftovers adding to more tedium than difficulty. Add Bounce to the equation and you've got a very, very annoying fight as it probably took an extra 15 minutes it shouldn't have to beat her. It wasn't difficult but since I forgot my team is rather weak to fighting it just added to the time spent. And please don't give everything leftovers as it adds time watching the heal animations go off only adding to the tedium. Yeah, yeah, I use healing items. I really only have super potions though. (I just want to go to the hot spring and forget about everyone. I'm a broken man who's been shattered thrice) (Oh joy another lady to give me errands) (...do I know you? You look oddly familiar) (Reina...that's a name) (Get out of here right now. You're not welcomed here) (...Ren had a sister? Can I join your search? Seems better than whatever this is) (Nobody tell her I'm the reason he left...or are you talking about Gearen City...this plot is confusing at times) (Oh boy more folklore...wait is this Anju/Angie?) (I'd tap that...Reina, not the prince. We only got to see her face just now) (So we need to find a rock. That sounds easy enough) (If it can melt anything, how are we going to be able to grab it?) (Made up stories are rarely made up from nothing. Still think this is tied in with Anju) (...Great. Where's Saki? I'm starting to think her plan sounds better and better each minute then this goose chase) (By the way, your brother is in Grand Dream City. Just thought you'd like to know) (Doubt it. People like to randomly never appear again) (Eh, it's only unique for being my first name. My last name is Je...oops that's spoilers) (She seemed pretty normal to me. Probably a good fit to Melia's harem) (Oh joy, it's the goose hunt) (Well as long as I can get away from the terrible trio) But before we do that: (I needed this. I really needed this. Who knew this resort business could be so stressful) And now we visit an old friend we haven't seen in a long time: (Hey, I'm so glad you remember me. Good to see you're still here) So I actually have a slight complaint. I know we have all these conveniences to help travel around, but why don't we actually have fly? Seriously. Reborn there was a good story reason due to the lockout, but we need to travel back and forth so much it just seems more convenient to just give the players fly now instead of all this mumbo jumbo teleporting stuff. Just saying. (Was this stairway here before? It's been a while so I don't remember) (.....................................................................................................Go away, Amanda) (Nope, I don't want any part in this) (I'm getting out of here before it's too late) (Fine. I'll progress the plot a little bit) (I'm not in the mood for jokes.) (That's it, I'm done. Go home. End of chapter) (That's something we haven't seen in a while. That was when we first entered Sheridan, right?) (....What about the Poison badge? She doesn't seem to be around, does she?) (.............Wait, what?) Aelita isn't family...that's ominous. Very ominous. (Yeah. Way to let me deal with all your problems. Thanks, Amanda) (Maybe you were adopted? Oh wait you'd have adoption papers. That's something better to not ask) (This isn't going to end well) (Well this is a change in scenery. What happened in the mon...these last few wait a minute...) So it took two weeks to return from the warp fun times. Add 3 days for the blacksteeple. And I don't remember how long we were out at see. Does that all add up to just a month? Someone do the work for me there because I don't want to go find that screenshot. (...Well it is full of perversion and self loathing) (...I got them from a thrift shop for 99 cents) (This guy must really be a narcissist with that many pics on the walls. I only have one of myself, personally. True beauty can only be portrayed in the best of the best pics which these locks deserve) (Remind me to never go to any of his if they're that bad) (...Even the music is terrible) (I legit don't know how that is...is that an Angie poster?) (Seriously...wait are you that guy who tried to capture me at the piers. You asshole) (I'm having Electrode flashbacks) (Why is it here? How did it get here?) (Well at least he has qualifications) (It was the scotch, hun. Ain't no magic in this house.) (Yes, you probably were) This dialogue is so much better than Terajuma. Let's stay here forever. (There's a lot more beer pong and togas) (Yes, yes it is. But if it gets you women, then nobody is going to say no to that...except me. I have too many lady problems in my life for another) ('ey, finally someone doing something. This should happen more often.) (I...wow what a spoiled ass.) (Wow...just...wow) (...Acid as in the drug, the dangerous chemical, or the acidity level like in lemons. It's very confusing what you mean) (How did this guy get the job again? They could've asked me. I'm like Keta's best bro.) (I don't even think this guy even know what a responsibility is. What was his major? Bachelor's in Art?) Something tells me I'm going to get flamed for that. Oh well. (...WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THOSE BENEFITS, ELDER. I WOULD HAVE SIGNED UP FOR IT!) (Well he at least has a brain) (Great, now we have a hissy fit between two toddlers) (Wait, I didn't think you could ban anyone? This ain't a Tales game) (Well that was easy) (Yeah, she probably would have lost anyways) (Wait, when did she say my name? Well I guess I am kind of like a celebrity. Just ask Team Xen) (I probably am) (Says the child to the other child. We could've avoided this completely if you just...didn't lose your temper) (And the ride never ends.) (Wait, why am I banned? You're the one causing trouble) (Maybe in the next episode) (Did you know Tesla has a lot of money?) Tesla...there's something about her I should talk about. Eh, I'm sure it'll come to me eventually. (This is the me in the Rejuv world as I totally have to do that all the time for my sisters) (Oh look it's characters I never wanted to see again. Will we ever win?) (Inevitable revival...good to know.) (That would be a good way to end this but let's continue) I like Texen as he's actually a character with a personality though not one that's well liked. I would talk more about it but I'm drained from Melia and the whole Terajuma debacle, but just know this segment is actually really good and enjoyable. (Uh, if he doesn't we can push the two girls out of the way to enter the cave. You just did it to one what's another one going to hurt?) (Something tells me this will be really dumb) (Aelita and thinking. Those are two words that don't go together) (Oh hey it's Jim. Aren't you supposed to be in HCHQ? Though I guess you do need a side job due to earning minimum wage) (........................That's rather rude) (We're making a whole bunch of assumptions here) (...I'm not normally like that towards other guys, but okay) (Great vandalism. All I need to do is murder and I've broken all the laws I can) (I thought we were done with the contrived plots) (I am imagining this guy the a New Jersey accent. 'ey we're working here. Bah! Forgedaboudit!) (Yeah. We went through the second easiest gym puzzle in this game. Keta's was easier) (His family must be bakers) (Money is power as they say) (I didn't know you were a connoisseur of walls as well. Very well, we shall feel the walls together) (Just a warning that I'm an expert. I've been working up to the day Wall Senpai and I reunite) (MMm...now that's the stuff) (I'll touch something else if you'd like~) If Texen and in-game Commander had an actual conversation, it'd probably be glorious since they both have egos and I could see Mander teasing Texen so much. That or be enthralled by those hot steamy walls he's touching so hard. (I'm dying. I could totally see Texen and I getting along. Though I do it in a not serious manner) (Besides, she's way more into Melia's) (She found a hole) (Wall know the answer to that) (I thought you didn't want to take responsibility. And that is doing that...aren't we here to battle?) (...HALF A MILE! That's definitely not half a mile. We're probably not even a quart of a mile) That's a nonsensical measurement but what do I know. (Finally, now I can get revenge for the whole Aelita fight) (Babe, I'm a weird magnet and you're pulling me in) (I'm part redneck. You don't question a redneck as they do some of the weirdest things) No seriously, I'd say a good chunk of my family tree are rednecks. I'm literally the only one of two gamers in my entire family tree which I at least know 100 of them. There was a third but he died due to a car crash. I think one of my uncles is only going to be alive for a few more months and my great grandma died 3 years ago. A number of them are in questionable health and one is in an asylum. There's a reason I don't really ask much about my family history. I have plenty of stories though despite that. (So let's see how good he is) (I really like his vs sprite for some reason. And no, I'm not paying money to get a VS sprite) (How did I?) (Well that was obviously anticlimatic) (Wow, did I do that?) (I just told you what was wrong with me. I inherited 50% of my genes from crazy and 50% from rednecks. That's not a good combination) (Probably both) (Eh, it looks fine to me) (What the hell did Neved do to screw you up...I just realized THE PONYTAIL IS BACK! HOOORAY!) I missed the ponytail so much. (The battle didn't even last...oh yeah Veigue may have done that) (Okay, now I have to say something) So this is basically one of those things where you didn't have a say or choice on a questionable matter. I don't think any of us would destroy a guy's gym just because he's an ass one time. It's pretty childish and rather off putting that we'd do this simply because Aelita told us to over a stupid reason. We didn't even know if Texen would allow us or not. Aelita just assumed that. This is more of an annoyance and should be a major complain but is minor or not even an issue...due to the dogpile mess we already have. If this was the biggest issue in the game, I'd say it would be doing fine or on the right track. (Oh look, he's pissed you destroyed his gym) (To be honest, I think that's a fair request since we did destroy his gym. Though I wouldn't if he didn't let me in the cave) (Yes, yes it did) (I love how demonic it looks now) This is why I'm okay with how it turns out because it's a visual thing. Good visuals can often make up for poor executed storytelling or even mediocre ones. That's just something to take good note of which is often why I sometimes say story doesn't matter. Execution does though. I prefer a good story over strong visuals, but if a game has good visuals effectively used then it's about as good in my eyes. (We did something bad. Wait, I did something bad) (Oh god...I killed another wall. How will I ever explain this to my waifu) (I hope those workers are okay...they are going to need overtime pay to fix this though) (YOU ALMOST GOT US ALL KILLED! Thanks, Aelita. I'm starting to think Saki is the one with the brains in the group. Maybe she wanted to kill Amber to avoid an additional hassle) (How did she know the whole room wouldn't flood? Oh wait, she didn't.) (Get in line, buddy. Pretty sure all of Xen wants her dead for her dad) (You could say...he's really...hot headed. He's really inflamed by what just happened. This was a real scorcher) (Is LSPD Lumiose State Poloice Department. Or am I thinking too much of Crossbell?) (Better watch out because that's a burn coming your way) (We should probably get this done and leave as soon as possible) (Yes, onward...but first let's explore) (I...have no idea where I'm supposed to go) (Oh look a Cyndaquil Egg. Don't need it, but I'm not going to say no to that) (Too bad I'm not going to use it) I try to use Pokemon I've never used before just to keep that fresh experience. You can also see I played this part not all that long ago. I do try to not get too ahead of the game when making these parts. And honestly, I like Texen. He's like a perfect stereotypical frat boy which clashes with Aelita's rash and childish nature. This is the Rejuvenation I like. Not the whole big group trying to stop a big bad and going off together from plot point to plot point. Just simply silly conflicts with ridiculous resolutions like this. I don't care if it's a bit jarring because it's fun to see. It might be a month before the next chapter but I'll just let you know that the next few chapters should be better quality from me because there's a lot of stuff I liked from them. Also, I really like how my noble steed became an official member of the crew instead of just a surf sprite. RIP Unforunat though.
  25. RWBY V6 E5 Opinion in a nutshell: I liked the song for the fight scene...that's about it.