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And today we are doing an installment of "fun with transformations":

In canon games most Form changing abilities do not work if obtained with transform/imposter (so stance change, power construct etc.) now this is a little sad but i think i realize now why.

In this game stance change etc. do "work" after gaining them with transform/imposter, in a certain definition of "work", the ditto (or other transform user, say eevee) will turn into the mon, and when it triggers an ability, using stance change as an example, it will transform, but it will basically revert to being ditto (or whatever mon it was before using transform) but with the moves of the transformed mon, so transform into aegislash shield, click an attack, transforms into ditto (presumably form 1) with "stance change" and the aegislash's moves.
TLDR: Transform janks up completely when it transforms into a mon with a form changing ability

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