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  1. Well i'm having a bug where it desn't let me move and literally nothing is happening it happened when the game said script is taking to long to load saved game in distant time where the kids said heeheheheeh then mosely appeared then it closed the game and saved so when I go back on the save i'm stuck
  2. Ok so I am in distant time and I'm at the part were Mosely and the children attacked me and Melia the game did this script is taking too long to load then said saved game and when I opened the game again I was stuck I couldn't move and no one was talking all I can do is quick save (D) pls help I want to continue
  3. I just want to know did anyone snoop in melia's diary I just heard you can (maybe I would have saved and read it then went back to the save) But can someone tell me what it said (not to be sneaky)
  4. Should I replace my ampharos for silvally- electric? Or should I replace roserade to my silvally - grass?
  5. Reborn Issam


    So they're just stuck in there forever? Or maybe in e19 we need to go into the void and save them
  6. Reborn Issam


    If you have Blake the ruby ring ciel would've been sucked up in the black hole meaning she died right? Well if she did why isn't there a replacement for her???
  7. I hate doing this I have being circling around for 10 mins and a new place should open up but it hasn't there is one but it's empty and I have no idea how to do this.....
  8. I was thinking of getting rid of noibat it sucks so much it is so slow and gets one hit ko also should I use a togekiss
  9. I'm having a hard time with kiki the hard part is the medicham and gallade my team is Infernape, Roselia, noibat, Swampert, Metagross and ampharos. Pls don't ask how I have Metagross and Swampert they were both from trades and yes I know 3 of my Pokémon have ground weaknesses should I add a ghost type just for this battle?
  10. should I just replace Gliscor with something else?
  11. No I beat Corey and have a shiny gligar I got it from a trade and I don't have any other choice for a ground move :/
  12. Well Gliscor can't learn earthquake as a tm because it's not a thing in e18 and will be in e19 and earth power's move tutor is before the 8th gym meaning I won't have any ground type moves on it any help?
  13. sorry about the posts :'
  14. I'm having a difficult time battling Taka and zeL there exeggcute and glaceon are easy because my monferno and noibat easily sweep them there both lv 30 well monferno is lv32 noibat is lv30 but the hard part is there espeon and chatot because first if my monferno's attack doesn't oh ko the chatot, espeon will use psybeam bringing it down to red and then the chatot uses chatter to oh ko my monferno and if it does oh ko the espeon will use psybeam bringing my monferno to the red and i have no potions and can't buy any because I have £46 on me :c and then when he brings out the pulse tangrouwth
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