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  1. I want to grind money for fossils, crests etc but I spent most of my money in revival herbs, potions and berries. Is there a place where I can farm money?
  2. I can’t wait for tar to get drowned by amaria. Will she she be the new best girl? Ttar has a thing for girls who tries to kill him Or will she be hated badly for wasting ttar’s time exploring the maze gym? what I like about him is that he tries to solve puzzles without googling it.
  3. What was titania doing with that team meteor near route 1 anyway?
  4. Has he ever continued playing the game after he lost the nuzlocke? He quits gaia after losing and went on a hiatus in insurgence
  5. He got lucky against aster and eclipse or maybe he knows the game mechanics that in double battles, they try to kill your Pokemon that has red HP. At at the beginning of the episode he said that he’s done but still proceeds as nuzlocke. i wonder what his reaction will be if he sees kiki gets shashed by garchomp. He actually hates her right now
  6. He’s losing some members this battle if not all. Even if if he loses the nuzlocke I’m still impressed he reached this far without losing too many members. His kiki tactics is good. Not to mention his Belly defense is so impressive I actually used a swallot in my newest playthrough
  7. He ran out of potions. Can he even survive the next victoria surprise attack?
  8. I forgot what were Cal’s pokemon On that battle. I think he has a charizard and magmortar? Can his kiki survive a stab fire boosted attack while getting damaged by the field and probably outspeed
  9. True people say that kiki will wreck him but IMO before he would even reach kiki he’d be toast after facing cal.
  10. I can’t go back to kristiline town. my Pokemon were underleveled against angie so I left the town.. I updated my game to the current version but now I can’t seem to go back to kristiline town. i tried using the boat but it can only send me to the other places I’ve visited. Talking to the captain won’t help me either. pls help I don’t want to restart all my progress
  11. He’s underestimating the game. His luck won’t help him in this game. he beat insurgence with lots of luck. Maybe he thought this game would be the same. hopefully he quits it in the next episode. Watching him kinda stresses me too lol
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