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  1. gonna chime in and also say that the difficulty doesn't feel quite right. The game is cheating and the super stacked against you, but I don't mind that. I play on intense set/no items and am expecting to get trashed a lot. What I do not like is that when I try out strategies to counter certain bosses it just straight up doesn't work. Like for example I tried to beat Hazuki with several strategies (am playing mono dark so no access to trick room of my own): 1. I wreak my brain and in the end try to change the field up with topsy turvy into glitch field for nature power to get access to trick room-> field can't be changed :/ 2. I try to beat her with a lot of bulky mons do some theorycrafting with the ps damage calculator to see how the battle might play out -> her mons for some reason have negative speed EVs and all the time I invested into breeding was for naught. In the end I had to use debug mode and cheese her with 5x iron ball + Destiny bond. Just one example of many. Like others said the game feels too much like it became a fishing event for best rng.
  2. I did a full v13 intense mode no item mono dark type run and some (if not most) of the battles felt like freaking raid bosses. Anyway, things got so ridiculous to the end of the game (like what the hell are negative Speed EVs on Hazuki!?!) i had to cheese Hazuki and Saki with Destiny Bond. For Saki I had to run a team of 5 Cacturne with Iron Ball +Destiny Bond and Spiky Shield, for Saki I again ran 5 Houndoom with Destiny Bond. Early game power houses where definetly A-Raticate with Hustle (+Sucker Punch) and Skuntank with Acid Spray to soften up threats. I was also surprised in mid game by Drapion and Obstagoon.
  3. I kinda thought that the interceptor with being described as a being from another world and able to change fate is non other than our selves (in the 4th Wall Breaking sense). The deceased person inside of a doll is imo the fact that Crescent seemed to have created the MC from a black box and thereby possibly resurrecting the souls of all the MCs inside a fake? body, like done with the black boxes before on saki/val/adam Idk, this update was a lot of story plot twists to digest gonna look some more things up
  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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      thank you :)

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      You're welcome!

  5. Hi there, no hardstuck per se, but was wondering if anyone could teach my mons Whirlpool. I really wanna use it for my Erick fight but the TM is still bugged in patch 13.02 and no one is able to learn it by TM. So if someone could teach my Obstagoon (and possibly 2 Greninja) in my current Team Whirpool by removing their respective first moves (sand attack/rock tomb/bounce) I would be quite happy. Many thanks and to hoping the next patch fixes this soon. Edit: nvm, found the debug mod and did it myself :)
  6. Am doing a intense mono dark type run and am currently walled by her. I bullshitted my way through keta/marianette with hax but Valarie is a different kind of evil. Not being able to return to the mainland really hurts, especially because there are no damn pokemon that give speed ev on terajuma. Her primarina with 60 base speed just outspeeds nearly all my mons :/
  7. and here my dumb ass thought not earning money in early game was a new feature of intense mode xD
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  10. Did you fight perhaps on the crystal cavern field? You should check the field effects if so, because rock attacks can get random additional typing while fighting on those fields
  11. Decidueyes Hidden Ability "Long Reach" seems to be bugged, occasionally decidueye or its opponent miss 100% accuracy moves like leaf blade or sucker punch. Fights were on forest field and decidueye was holding a miracle seed, if that helps anything... Since i changed its ability to overgrow 100% accuracy moves never missed
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