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  1. DashingStorm

    E16's Community Release is now available!

    Incoming "when's e17 gonna release?" ... In 3, 2, 1..
  2. Or maybe 64? Iunno.. 65 sounds better.

    1. Christopher Robin
    2. Maelstrom


      counting is an overrated pastime.

  3. 65. :D Not 64, not 69. 65!

    1. EXLink32


      What about 66.6?

    2. Alistair


      calm down satan

    3. DashingStorm


      Unfortunately, 66 is not included.

  4. So this is what a stream raid feels like... http://prntscr.com/cqw01l

  5. [14:41:09] +DashingStorm: .helix Dash4Pres? [14:41:09] #BreloomBot: Without a doubt.

  6. DashingStorm

    Showdown Replays

    This guy said I was bad at mons. Or in his words "not good at this". http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-429728533 Okay.
  7. DashingStorm

    Showdown Replays

    Crisp. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-421958075
  8. Pokemon anime never ceases to disappoint. ._.

    1. not Azery

      not Azery

      understatement of the century.....

      I mean, finally, a chance for closure. Everything was set up perfectly. And they BOTCHED IT.

    2. BlueMoonIceCream


      20th anniversary anyone?

    3. Ragnar


      Atleast they're consistent lol.

      but seriously tho, Fuck whoever writes this shit.

  9. DashingStorm

    Showdown Replays

    ez plays ez game imo :/ http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-413599181
  10. There's a fucking Squirtle somewhere near my house. Somewhere.

    1. Lord Chespin

      Lord Chespin

      I found a Squirtle yesterday, but it got away... ;~;

  11. DashingStorm

    Showdown Replays

    I think Raikou may or may not be broken a little bit. Because 6-0? http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-385955726
  12. Sephiroth can kindly go fuck himself http://prntscr.com/bfsreq

    1. dragoniteborntacoz


      Bow down to your lord

      Oh my god giant sword

      I destroyed the dinosaurs

      Just because I was board


  13. Never trust store retailers. Just got scammed after buying Overwatch from a retailer near me. -__-

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    2. Hukuna the Undying

      Hukuna the Undying

      I'm pretty sure the retail version of Overwatch was only ever 40$ USD. Well, unless it was whatever that special edition was called.

    3. Swampellow


      The special edition was 60$ USD.

    4. Cepheus


      Normal Edition should be 40$/€

      ORIGIN-Edition should be ~60$/€

  14. DashingStorm

    Summer Party 2016!

    Disappoint. This is exactly the reason why people who aren't from the US are somewhat upset. There's a bunch of active members living in Europe, Asia and Australia, who may or may not be able to attend these because of certain timezones, or people who have to work on the Sunday afterwards. Not gonna say that I'm not upset, because I'd like to be able to be a part of this party, but guess what; Europeans don't really benefit from this.
  15. Casual FFVII stream, it's been at least 8 years since I last played this game... http://twitch.tv/dashinggames :]

  16. tfw you're on AuSLove's stream and get this beauty: http://puu.sh/pcKiO/ac766eb78f.jpg :0

    1. YinYang9705


      You lucky son of a bitch

    2. Exalted


      thats fully competitvely viable cool

    3. Cobalt996
  17. DashingStorm

    ~The Reborn Quotebook~

    [22:18:43] Arkhidash: Okay serious question now [22:18:47] Mr. Mojo Ark: I need a medic [22:18:48] Arkhidonger: This is universal, arkuro [22:18:48] +Kuro­tsune: It is literally impossible for me to suck. [22:18:49] Arkhidash: Will the real Arkhidon please stand up [22:18:52] Arkhidash: I repeat [22:18:54] • Arkhizumi stands up [22:18:58] CoolGirl Ravenholt: Oh well I'll play along [22:18:58] Arkhidash: Will the real Arkhidon please stand up [22:18:58] • Arkhincredible stands up [22:18:59] • Arkhidonger stands up [22:18:59] • Mr. Mojo Ark stands up [22:19:00] • Arkhiarkhi stands up [22:19:01] +Kuro­tsune: I lost my mouth in a freak accident [22:19:03] Arkhidonger: I was the first to appear [22:19:03] • Arkhidon'tcare stands up [22:19:05] • ArkhiDW stands up [22:19:06] • Arkhidone stands up [22:21:22] Arkhidon'tcare: We are one, we are many. We only grow in numbers. [22:21:24] Arkhiphone: Cool those jeys, Kuro [22:21:25] Arkhidonger: option c [22:21:30] Arkhidone: We are legion [22:21:30] Arkhincredible: we are legion [22:21:30] ArkhiStar: All three at the same time [22:21:32] Arkhimaid: in that roder [22:21:32] ArkhiDW: all the above sounds good [22:21:33] Arkhincredible: INCREDIBLE [22:21:33] Arkhidash: We are one [22:21:34] Arkhidone: We are Arkhidon [22:21:36] Arkhidonger: I am unique Solaren joined [22:21:38] Arkhincredible: we do not forgive [22:21:42] Arkhiarkhi: Join us, Arkhikuro [22:21:43] Arkhiwont: Man it must be tough to be like that [22:21:44] Arkhifast: One of us. One of us. [22:21:45] Arkhizumi: what the heck [22:21:47] Arkhikill: im completely original [22:21:53] +Quіnn: What in the hell did I come back to [22:21:56] Arkhikill: heaven [22:21:57] Arkhizumi: one of us [22:21:58] Arkhiphone: Oh, hey [22:21:58] Arkhincredible: one of us [22:21:59] Mr. Mojo Roo: Reborn [22:21:59] +Etesian: somethitn bad [22:22:00] Arkhidonger: Arqui [22:22:00] Arkhidash: One of us [22:22:00] Arkhidone: Join us Quinn [22:22:04] Arkhidone: One of us