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  1. pokemon conquest 2 WHEN gamefreak

  2. q: how is this thread still going
  3. oshawott and treecko currently crash the game in the starter room, as their receive event has them misspelled as "oshawatt" and "treeko", respectively.
  4. when the graveyard is set up just right

    1. doombotmecha


      Reanimator decks are awesome. There's nothing more satisfying than dumping tons of expensive beatsticks into the graveyard and then out onto the field.

    2. Skull Servant

      Skull Servant

      skull king is kind of special in that aspect as its a big beatstick (with the correct setup) but actually isnt expensive at all to summon. just takes a while to get going but speed duels has given a skill that benefits the skull servants to the point where they might actually be meta contenders which is awesome.

  5. pokemon alabaster has been positively surprising me the more i play. its refreshing to see a game i initially wasnt too keen on actually impressing me in a positive manner for once.


    game still got its faults, a lot of them even, but its still in development so im willing to overlook it. and the early SIGNIFICANT route split has made me way more forgiving towards it.

  6. cWE9RzV.png



    final verdict on tri master after finishing it:

    fucking terrible pile of dogshit with one small glimmer of hope- some of the characters are actually written surprisingly well (kent, reina).


    the remainder of the game needs to fucking go though.

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Would you rather play this game again or have to eat at one of the restaurants from Kitchen Nightmares at the standards they were before Gordon helped them?

    2. Skull Servant

      Skull Servant

      probably the former because while it was fucking terrible i at least had some kind of fun playing it. it was the fun kind of bad. just like full moon.


      then theres stuff like mega adventure or fucking green remix which i tried just now. holy shit those are terrible. i have never hated my existence this much.

    3. Plok




      0/10 IS MY VERDICT

  7. after multiple hours of playing mario royale over the span of three days i have yet to actually make it to the end of one of these levels


    i think its pretty safe to say i suck massive donkey dick at mario


    or platformers in general

  8. more like inactivity feed ayy lmao

    1. Zumi


      thank u for ur contribution

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